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Gary Barr Family History Search Page

Updated October 1, 2011

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My name is Gary Barr. I created this web site to share my family history. My hope is that you may see common names and be interested in sharing information. I have not updated the on-line database herein for several years but I do have maintain updated information off-line as it becomes available. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail (link shown throughout the web site) and I will try to answer any requests or questions. – Thanks, Gary

The Gary Barr Family History Search Page can be seen in two formats:

(1) A fully Searchable Family Tree with many ancestors.

(2) A Descriptive Family Narrative of basic ancestors.

It is cautioned that some of the information found in the above databases may be listed without documented proof as to its accuracy. This was done since it was the best information obtained at the time. It was hoped that this would either promote discussions to support or deny the information or at least encourage further interchanges among the interested parties to resolve any conflicts.

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