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Gazzam, Frederick and Associated Families

(Adams, Douglass, Outler/Outlaw, VanDeusen, Walker)

Welcome to my website.

I've dedicated this site to my paternal Grandparents, Franklin Eugene Adams and Ruth Mary (Frederick) Nissen. Without my Grandmother I would not have completed a lot of my research. She was a fantastic lady and a wonderful role model. She is missed greatly.

My research began with a search for relatives of my paternal Grandfather, Franklin Eugene Adams. He passed away when my father was a small child. After his passing, with distances and time, contact with the Adams line slowly disappeared. I began posting messages trying to locate my Grandfather's siblings and my father's older half-brother and half-sister. You can imagine my awe when I received three messages one evening from my Grandfather's brother and two of his children. We had a small family reunion and met my Great-Uncle George and his wife, Aunt Jane. After meeting them and talking to cousins, I'm proud to say we have a grand family. Although I never knew my Grandfather Franklin, I know he was a very kind and considerate man. Uncle George shared stories with us about the family which I hope to post on a separate page in the near future.

I hope you will enjoy my website as much as I have enjoyed creating it to share my family with others. Please check back often as I have lots to add. Feel free to contact me using the link below.

Site Index

Ancestry of Franklin Eugene Adams

Ancestry of Ruth Mary Frederick

Biography of Antoinette Elizabeth Gazzam and John Stanley Frederick

Descendants of William Gazzam

Ruth Mary (Frederick) Nissen
Photo Collage of Ruth Mary Nissen

Photos of Ruth Nissen's Children

Photos of Ruth Nissen's Grand and Great-grandchildren

Franklin Eugene Adams - photos and WWII medals

Adams Family Reunion Photos

Additional Ancestor Photos

My visit to The Miami Woman's Club Jan 2003

My visit to The Miami Woman's Club Jan 2005 **COMING SOON**

Family Cemetery Sites

Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN - Adams Family Lot

Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN - Rodgers Family Lot

Miami City Cemetery, Miami, FL - Frederick Family Lot

Northview Cemetery, Dublin, GA - Outler/Walker Family Lots

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