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Pulltight was an early town/village on the Leon River northeast of Hamilton.  Perhaps it was near the  McDermott place.  William Snell lived at Pulltight.

Pulltight was first called Snow Mill.

In 1876 Pulltight, the village sometimes called Old Hamilton had two stores, a blacksmith shop, and a few houses. One of the stores was Beekman and Forrester’s store. --Hervey Chesley

From James B.  and Charlene Livingston Rose--"Alton and Jerry Livingston say Pulltight was about where Joe Harris now [2001] lives.  It is on what is now CR302 about half way between 22 and CR301 and about a mile or so from Snow's Mill.  Jerry and Alton say they heard it was called Pulltight because the old man that run the store was so tight and that he pulled everybody for money. 

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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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