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Pottsville Voting Precinct No. 14

From: "Hamilton County [TX] Business Guide and Directory" First

Edition, August 1, 1937


Baxter, C. J.
, Farmer, Pottsville

Baxter, E. F., Farmer, Pottsville

Baxter, E. L., Farmer, Pottsville

Baxter, E. M., Farmer, Pottsville

Blom, J. A., Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Brannon, H., Farmer, Hamilton

Bratton, J. M., Farmer, Hamilton

Bullard, A. L., Farmer, Indian Gap, R1

Bullard, Jack H., Farmer, Indian Gap, R1

Burks, Chas., Farmer, Pottsville

Burks, M. C., Farmer, Pottsville

Burks, P. A., Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Burks, W. A., Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Burns, Frank, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Burns, J. B., Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Busch, Hugo, Farmer, Caradan, R1

Calloway, Mrs. C. C.
, Farmer, Pottsville

Christianson, A. J., Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Christianson, John, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Christianson, Ted, Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Colwell, R. E., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Couch, A. M., Farmer, Pottsville

Couch, H. N., Farmer, Pottsville

Cox, Joe B., Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Douglass, Theodore
, Farmer, Indian Gap, Route 1

Dutton, B. R., Farmer, Energy

Eilers, Henry
, Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Eilers, Mrs. H., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Eilers, Walter, Farmer, Hico R3

Eilers, W. M., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Erdmann, A. M., Farmer, Pottsville

Fergusson, W. H.
, Farmer, Pottsville

Freeman, W. H., Farmer, Indian Gap, R1

Fuqua, Ben, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Fuqua, Bill, Farmer, Pottsville

Fuqua, J. C., Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Fuqua, John N., Farmer, Pottsville

Fuqua, Newman, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Ganske, John
, Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Ganske, Willis, Farmer, Pottsville Star Route

Glover, Jay, Farmer, Pottsville

Grabarschick, Mrs. M., Pottsville

Grabarschick, Willie, Farmer, Pottsville

Griffis, Miss Mary, Pottsville

Gromatzky, Mrs. E. E.. Pottsville

Gromatzky, L. P., Merchant, Pottsville


Harris, Willis, Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Hartgraves, Guy C., Teacher, Hamilton, Route 2

Helbert, J. P., Farmer, Pottsville

Holmes, D. W., Retired, Pottsville

Hurley, G. W., Jr., Farmer, Pottsville


Jackson, Lewis, Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Jameson, J. I., Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Jameson, Ottis, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Jenkins, Herbert, Farmer, Pottsville, R3

Jernigan, B. J., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Jernigan, W. J., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Johns, Albert, Farmer, Pottsville

Johns, Henry, Farmer, Pottsville

Johns, Robert, Farmer, Pottsville

Jones, Loy, Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Karasek, Ed
, Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Karasek, Tom, Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Kemp, Floyd, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Kemp, T. B., Retired, Hamilton, R2

Kopp, Miss Minnie, Pottsville

Krueger, Henry, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Kuklies, Arthur A., Farmer, Pottsville

Kuklies, Edwin, Farmer, Pottsville

Kuklies, Mrs. R. J., Pottsville

Lee, Aubrey
, Serv. Sta. Op., Pottsville

Lee, Jesse, L., PWA, Pottsville

Lee, Roy, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Middleton, C. R.
, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Middleton, Joe, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Miller, Bert, Farmer, Pottsville

Moore, H. I., Hotel Mgr., Trinidad, Texas

Moore, J. S., Retired, Pottsville

McAnelly, Ervin, Bus Driver, Pottsville

McAnelly, G. T., Farmer, Hamilton, R2

McKinley, J. H., Farmer, Hamilton, R2

McPherson, Claude, Clerk, Pottsville

McPherson, Sam, Farmer, Hamilton

Nauret, Chas., Farmer, Pottsville

Nettleton, Burton
, Cafe Op., Pottsville

Northcutt, H. B., Pottsville

Northcutt, J. W., Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Oustad, M. E.
, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Petree, Joe
, Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Pietzsch, G. A., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Rea, Miss Anna
, Pottsville, Texas

Riewe, T. W., Farmer, Caradan, R1

Rudolph, Alex, Farmer, Pottsville

Rudolph, Gus, Farmer, Pottsville

Rudolph, Henry, Farmer, Pottsville

Schrank, L. E.
, Farmer, Pottsville

Schulz, C. E., Farmer, Pottsville

Simmons, Gerrell, Farmer, Pottsville

Simmons, J. D., Retired, Indian Gap

Simmons, Olin, Farmer, Caradan, R1

Smith, Bill, Indian Gap

Smith, Dan, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Smith, Robert, Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Sohm, Mrs. F., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Sohm, Walter, Farmer, Pottsville

Spaeth, Carl, Mechanic, PottsvilleSpivey, Orville, Farmer, Pottsville

Stanley, M. L., Farmer, Indian Gap, R1

Stegemoller, Louis, Retired, Indian Gap

Tabers, Bob
, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Terrell, W. F., Farmer, Pottsville

Trimble, J. W., Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Tune, C. J., Farmer, Hamilton, Pottsville Star Route

Waldrep, S. T.
, Farmer, Hamilton, R2

Wallace, J. M.
, Farmer, Pottsville

White, B. F., Retired, Hamilton, R2

Woodard, Mrs. R. W., Hamilton, R2

Woosley, Arvel, Farmer, Pottsville

Yates, John
, Retired, Pottsville

Zeiss, C.
Farmer, Pottsville

Zeiss, Willie, Farmer, Hamilton, R3

Zschiesche, Arnold, Farmer, Hamilton


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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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