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The Commissioner’s Court and the City Council in joint session, Thursday morning made resolutions providing for the establishment of a relief canning plant at Hamilton immediately. Plants are already in operation at Hico and Carlton and it was felt necessary by Court and Council to provide similar facilities to serve the people of this end of the county. Due to the drought the preservation of food is assuming an important part not only in the relief program but with the individual farmer. The average farmer does not have the money to buy cans at this time and is forced to lose his surplus food. Under the relief canning program the farmer furnishes the produce; the canning plant furnishes the equipment, cans, and labor. For services rendered the canning plant retains 50 percent of the vegetables canned and makes only a nominal charge of 1/2˘ per can returned to the customer. This charge covers fuel, seasoning, soaps and other miscellaneous expenses.

Willie E. Collins, local engineer is in charge of all canning operations in Hamilton county. He advises the News that a building will be moved in from the State Park and relocated just east of the old City Hall now occupied by the Relief Department. Equipment will be installed over the weekend and the plant will be ready to operate at 6 a. m. Wednesday morning. All people desiring to have products canned should make arrangements the day before so there will be no delay in the preparation of the product for canning. Orders will be taken by phone until Wednesday, thereafter the Hamilton Canning Plant. [That is all of the article.]

he Hamilton County News, Vol. IV, Number 11--Section One

Historical and Trading Expansion Issue

W. F. Billingslea, Editor-Publisher


June 29, 1934


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