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"The effectual reverent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) availeth much."

Offertory Prayer, 
December 5, 2004
Jane Crouch

Holy Spirit,
Wise and loving God:

You have always sought to teach us.  Through the prophets, Scripture, and Your Living Word, You reveal the truths of human life, what we need to know.  So that we can better understand Your Will, You sent Jesus to show us how to live and to save us from our sins.  Thank You for Your patience and Your grace.

Now, Father, as we bring our gifts to this Your church, we seek Your wisdom and guidance as we live and work each day in Hamilton.  May each one of us be the vessel through whom others can learn about You.  May our love be contagious and our theology be true.

We pray in Jesus' Name.


October 10, 2004

Jane Crouch

Holy Father God:

Here we are this beautiful October Sabbath Day in the quiet stillness of this hour in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, Hamilton, Texas.

Today, Father, we need the strength and guidance of Your Holy Spirit to face the sadness and shocks of the last few weeks.  We don't understand unspeakable tragedy--lives cut short, families and friend grieving--their lives forever changed in an instant,

Both here in Hamilton and around the world, the loss of men, women and children break our hearts and frighten us.  We ask, Father, that You bless those who hurt, that You fill us with courage to face these difficult days.  And, in all of this, please help each of us to see the needs of our city and indeed the whole world through the compassionate eyes of your son, Jesus Christ.  Fill us with Your presence so we can know the light of Your love in our sometimes very dark world.

This morning, our Father, please help each of us to still our racing thoughts from our busy lives to focus this hour on You--to worship You with the praise of beautiful music, the spoken word and our own very personal and private prayers.  May each person ind here today Your peace that passes understanding.

For it is in the name of Jesus we pray.



   September 26, 2004

Jane Crouch

Our Holy Father, maker of heaven and earth and God and Father of us all:

We come to this beautiful place of worship this morning humbly knowing that we know so little about the depth, breadth, and height of Your love for us.

We ask Your forgiveness for our human frailties and failures.  We thank you for the precious gift of Your son, Jesus Christ, who not only saved us from our sins, but provided a pure example of what You created each of us to be.

Father God, lift us through Your Holy Spirit to a new level of love and devotion to You and toward our neighbors, both here in Hamilton and throughout the world.  Our world is difficult, but we seek to live as Jesus taught.  Help us to overcome those barriers of our sinful nature that would block Him from living fully in us.

We ask Your blessings on these good people who've come today to First Baptist Church in Hamilton to worship You and to learn how we can best serve you.

Not our will but Yours be done.  We praise Your holy name.


February 22, 2004
Offertory Prayer

Jane Crouch

Gracious Father in heaven:

Thank you for this beautiful winter day and for all that have come to this Your church to worship and learn about you.

All knowledge, all wisdom, and all purpose in life comes from You.  In the best of times, when we depend on the wonder of Your forgiveness, grace and provision, we know that to be true.  In troublesome times, we try to run ahead of You to make our own way in this world.  We forget Your assurances of Your divine presence and undeviating support.

Help us, Father, to so live our lives in Your presence that every thought we think is guided by Your Holy Spirit.  We ask that You bless each person here today and that that blessing further Your work in this community.  And, please bless with the knowledge and comfort of your love those who could not be with us.

Thank you for Jesus who is our Savior and model for all things good and true.

For it is in His blessed name we pray.


December 28, 2003
Closing Prayer

Jane Crouch

Dear God and Father of us all:

Thank you for bringing every member and visitor here today to this, your church.  You have so richly blessed and encouraged us through the beautiful observances and celebrations of the Holy Week just passed.  What  a privilege it is to be held in the saving grace of Christ Jesus and to walk in fellowship with those who follow Him as Lord of their lives.

Again and again we are reminded of how You sent Your son to save us from sin, to renew our spirits, and to equip us for service wherever life may take us.  As we prepare to begin another New Year, help us to respond to Your love in obedience and faithful service.  Help us to live the fruits of the Spirit:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  May our lives better reflect the loving character of our Lord in all that we do and say from this day forward.

For all of life's blessings and especially for Your gift of hope to each of us, we thank you.


October 5, 2003
Offertory Prayer

Jane Crouch

Gracious Father in Heaven:

Here we stand in this place blessed by the glory of this fall day, the beauty and holiness of this sanctuary, the freedom to worship You as we choose and with those who've come to be with us.  Thank you for what they bring to this, Your church.

We ask Your continued blessings on this congregation and its efforts to find the right person to lead us.  We ask that You empower with courage and wisdom the Pastor Search Committee who represent us in those deliberations.  Holy Father, grant all of us love, patience and strength as we support the committee and continue Your work in this community.

May we be faithful to your calling.  Help us to see and understand the needs of people in Hamilton and courageously follow Your will as we serve this church and those who come here.

For we know in Your Word You've promised that "All things are possible through Jesus Christ Our Lord who strengthens each of us."

Thank You for every blessing in our lives and now for the opportunity to freely contribute to the work of Your church both here and around the world.

In the name of Jesus we pray.







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