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Voting Precinct No. 7....Hico


From: "Hamilton County [TX] Business Guide and Directory" First

Edition, August 1, 1937


Ables, G. R., Laborer, Hico

Adams, J. M., Clerk, Hico

Ables, L. H., Laborer, Hico;

Ables, M. M., Farmer, Hico R3

Alexander, Albert, Filling Station, Hico

Allen, J. D., Farmer, Hico R3

Anderson, Mrs. G. H., Hico

Autrey, O. W., Laborer, Hico

Autrey, J. W., Retired, Hico.

Bailey, Roger, Cafe Operator, Hico

Barbee, Mrs. W. A., Hico

Barbee, Claude, Laborer, Hico

Barnett, T. W., Farmer, Hico R3

Barnett, J. W., Laborer, Hico

Bass, R. E., Laborer, Hico

Battershell, V. C., Farmer, Hico

Bess, W. A., Retired, Hico;

Bingham, Mrs. J. W., Hico;

Bird, V. H., Real Estate, Hico, R4;

Black, Mrs. Kate, Ready-to-Wear Shop;

Blair, L. P., Laborer, Hico;

Boatwright, B. M., Farmer, Hico R2;

Bolton, P. B., Farmer, Hico R6;

Bowles, R. M., Hotel, Hico;

Box, T. J., Farmer, Hico, R3;

Boyett, J. L., Farmer, Hico R2;

Bradfute, Ed, Laborer, Hico;

Brannon, H. K., Farmer, Hico, R6;

Brewer, Miss Emma, Hico;

Brewer, E. J., Farmer, Hico R7;

Brown, W. H., Laborer, Hico;

Brown, A. A., Ready-to-Wear, Hico;

Brown, W. A., Laborer, Hico;

Bryan, J. S., Retired, Hico;

Bullard, Elmer, Laborer, Hico;

Bullard, D. C., Farmer, Hico;

Bullard, L. F., Farmer, Hico;

Bullard, Edgar, Farmer, Hico;

Burker, A. E., Farmer, Hico R3;

Burker, J. J., Farmer, Hico, R3

Bush, J. Z., Farmer, Hico R6.

Carpenter, Mrs. Mollie, Hico;

Cassiday, W. C., Farmer, Hico R2;

Caulder, A. J., Laborer, Hico;

Chapman, J. H., Farmer-Stockman, Hico R2;

Chenalt, Miss Florence, Stenographer, Hico;

Chenault, Mrs. J. F., Hico;

Cheney, W. M., Retired, Hico;

Christopher, George, Clerk;

Clepper, J. P., Farmer, Hico R2;

Cole, M. A., Farmer, Hico R4;

Cole, N. C., Laborer, Hico;

Collier, J. T. (---), Hico;

Columbus, J. P., Farmer, Hico, R3;

Columbus, Mrs. S. L., Hico R3;

Connally, C. E., Hico;

Connally, H. C., Farmer, Hico, R2;

Connally, J. T., Farmer, Hico R1;

Connally, N. H., Farmer, Hico;

Connally, R. C., Retired, Hico;

Corbett, A. M., Hico;

Cotton, W. V., Cafe Op., Hico;

Cox, D. L., Hico;

Crafton, F. S., Hico;

Crist, G. W., Hico;

Crist, Mrs. Rhoda, Hico;

Crump, W. J., Retired, Hico;

Cude, T. H., Farmer, Hico;

Cunningham, Mrs. H. C., Hico

Currie, Mrs. Annie B., Hico.

Davis, Jim H., Farmer R2;

Davis, John, Laborer, Hico;

Davis, John H., Laborer, Hico;

Dawson, Mrs. N. J., Hico;

Diltz, C. D., Hico;

Diltz, J. D., Hico

Dorsey, R. A., Banker, Hico;

Doty, J. B., Laborer, Hico

Douglass, J. I., Farmer, Hico, R3;

Driskill, R. J., Farmer, Hico R3

Driver, G. C., Farmer, Hico R3;

Driver, H. D., Farmer, Hico R3.

Edward, Jess, Laborer, Hico;

Elkins, C. D., Filling Station Op., Hico;

Elkins, W. D., Hico;

Elkins, W. H., Theatre Op., Hico;

Everett, S. W., Salesman, Hico

Eubank, J. T., Jr., Filling Station Op., Hico

Fairy, Mrs. Margaret, Hico;

Fallis, Frank, Pool Hall Op., Hico,

Farmer, John M., Clerk, Hico;

Faulk, Mrs. M. J., Hico;

Faubion, Oswald S., Farmer, Hico R3;

Fewell, A. A., Merchant, Hico;

Fewell, Mrs. M. B., Hic

Ford, W. E., Hico;

Foust, W. D., Farmer, Hico, R1

Foust, Mrs. W. W., Hico, R1;

French, Roy, Garage, Hico;

Funk, J. L., Hico

Fulford, S. E., Farmer, Hico R3.

Gage, W. D., Hico;

Goad, J. H., Carpenter, Hico;

Goodman, J. L., Tailor Shop Op., Hico;

Gordon, Fred, Farmer, Hico R3;

Gordon, K. E., Hico;

Graves, J. W., Hico;

Graves, Mrs. J. M., Hico;

Green, Mrs. Sarah Frances, Hico;

Gregory, F. G., Farmer, Hico, R3;

Gregory, J T., Barber, Hico;

Green, J. J., Hico;

Green, W. J., Laborer, R3;

Green, W. N., Hico;

Greer, B. W., Farmer, Hico, R6;

Greer, Geo., Hico;

Gregory, W. P., Farmer, Iredell, R2;

Griffis, Tom, Farmer-Teacher, Hico R1;

Grimland, Ray, Laborer, Hico;

Grubbs, Miss Mable, Hico;

Grubbs, S. M., Hico;

Guthrie, W. B., Farmer, Hico R4

Guyton, J. A., Hico.

Hail, W. R., Hico;

Hall, T. M., Hico;

Hancock, J. W., Retired, Hico;

Hardin, J. P., Laborer, Hico;

Hardy, George, Clerk, Hico;

Hardy, W. B., Barber, Hico;

Harelik, Morris, Merchant, Hico;

Harris, E. S., Farmer, Hico, R4;

Harrison, J. Earle, Bank Clerk, Hico;

Hawes, Dr. V., Dentist, Hico;

Hefner, E. R., Laborer, Hico

Hefner, Warren G., Engineer, Hico;

Hefner, Mrs. T. A., Hico;

Hefner, T. D., Laborer, Hico;

Hendrix, T. G., Laborer, Hico;

Herrin, J. C., Farmer, Hico R4;

Hicks, G. W., Farmer;

Hicks, J. H., Farmer, Hico R6;

Hicks, L. A., Farmer, Hico R2;

Higgins, Jno., D., Hico;

Hobgood, H. F., Farmer, Hico, R6;

Hodnett, Mrs. W. M., Farmer, Hico R2;

Holley, E. H., Laborer, Hico;

Holliday, G. E., Farmer, Hico, R3;

Homer, Mrs. Laura, Hico;

Homer, W. R., Laborer, Hico;

Hooper, Grady T., Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Hoover, Bob, Hico, R1;

Horsley, Wm., Hico;

Horton, Elmer, Hico;

Horton, Mrs. M. E., Hico;

Howard, H. H., Hico;

Howard, Leonard, Clerk, Hico;

Howard, Mrs. W. A., Hico;

Howard, R. L., Laborer, Hico;

Howell, Mrs. D. G., Hico;

Howerton, Mrs. C. E., Hico;

Hudgens, Mrs. W. W., Hico;

Hudson, L. L., Hico;

Hughes, Mrs. M. M., Hico;

Hughes, T. G., Barber Shop, Hico;

Hughes, A. E., Hico;

Hughes, J. A., Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Hunter, Sam, Route 4, Hico

Hunter, Mrs. Mark, Farmer, Hico R3

Hyles, C. F., Farmer, Hico, R6

Hyles, Fred, Farmer, Iredell R6.

Jaggers, D. J., Farmer, Hico;

Jaggers, L. A., Farmer, Hico R3;

Johns, Buford, Farmer, Hico R3;

Johnson, Make, Farmer, Hico R3;

Johnson, M. H., Farmer, Fairy R3

Johnson, S. S., Farmer, Hico R2;

Johnson, T. L., Farmer, Hico R6

Johnson, W. L., Hico;

Jones, H. D., Hico;

Jones, J. D., Car Dealer, Hico

Jones, J. J., Fairy, Tex.;

Jordan, F. D., Farmer, Hico R5

Jordan, L. J., Cotton Weigher, Hico.

Keller, H. E., Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Killerbrew, H. M., Rancher, Hico;

Killerbrew, J. T., Rancher, Hico;

Kilgo, Herman, Farmer. Hico R3;

Kilgo, W. C., Farmer, Hico R3;

Killion, J. D., Farmer, Hico R3;

Killion, J. D., Jr., Farmer, Hico, R3;

Kilpatrick, G. L., Farmer, Hico R6;

Kirkland, J. D., Laborer, Hico;

Kirkland, Sam, Laborer, Hico

Knight, H. D., Farmer, Hico R2.

Lambert, N. A., Farmer, Hico R2;

Lane, C. B., Hico;

Lane, Lawrence, Hico;

Latham, J. H., Farmer, Hico R3;

Langston, E. P., Cafe, Hico;

Langston, Mrs. Lenora, Hico;

Lane, J. C., Rancher, Hico R7;

Latham, G. A., Rancher, Hico;

Leach, Willard, Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Leeth, Fred, Cafe, Hico;

Leeth, J. W., Gin, Hico;

Lester, C. E., City Marshal, Hico;

Linch, W. R., Shoe Shop, Hico;

Little, T. U., Hico;

Lively, Bryant, Laborer;

Lively, Ed, Farmer, Hico R6;

Looney, Mrs. Agnes, Hico;

Lovell, Mrs. Elisa, Hico;

Lowev, Raymond, Garage, Hico;

Luckie, W. H., Laborer, Hico;

Lucky, J. R., Farmer, Hico R1

Lynch, W. P., Hico

Malone, W. M., Farmer, Hico;

Marrow, Arthur, Hico;

Massengill, S. R., Hico;

Meador, Chas., Laborer, Hico;

Meeks, B. L., Hico, R1;

Meeks, J. H., Farmer, Hico R1;

Moore, Sid, Filling Station Op., Hico;

Moore, T. S., Hico;

Melton, Mrs. M. E., Hico;

Mullens, Ed, Hico;

Mullens, J. L., Hico, R7;

Moore, John L., Farmer, Hico;

Morris, G. P., Farmer, Hico R1;

Mullican, Mrs. Nettie, Hico R7;

Munnerlyn, G. H., Mechanic, Hico R7;

Munnerlyn, T. A., Mechanic, Hico ;

Murray, J. E., Farmer, Hico R6.

McAnelly, Norman, Farmer, Hico R3;

McCullough, E. E., Rancher, Hico;

McCullough, Mrs. Margie, Hico;

McDaniel, C. C., Hico;

McElroy, Mrs. H., Hico R1;

McElroy, Lon, Farmer, Hico R1;

McElroy, R. L., Farmer, Hico R1;

McKeage, C., Hico;

McKenzie, H. L., Hico;

McLarty, Melvin, Farmer, Hico R3;

McLarty, T. R., Farmer, Hico;

McLendon, Carroll, Farmer, Hico R3;

McQueen, A. J., Hico.

Needham, W. E., Laborer, Hico;

Newton, R. F. D., Laborer, Hico;

Norwood, G. W., Laborer, Hico

Nix, Teddy, Teacher, Hico R3.

Oakled, C. R., Hico;

Oakley, J. T., Farmer, Hico R2;

O’Brien, Mrs. M. E., Iredell, R2;

O’Brien, W. O., Farmer, Iredell R2;

Odell, A. C., Farmer, Hico R2;

Ogle, C. E., Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Ogle, J. F., Farmer, Hico R6

Ogle, R. J., Farmer, Hico

Oliver, Miss M. P., Hico.

Pace, W. H., Farmer, Hico;

Paddock, Will C., Farmer, Hico R3;

Palmer, H. G., Farmer, Hico R6;

Parker, J. H. L., Farmer, Hico R3;

Parker, Mrs. E. J., Hico;

Parker, Hardy, Farmer, Hico R3;

Parmore, W. L., Farmer, Hico R1;

Patterson, Cone, Farmer, Hico R1;

Patterson, E. G., Cafe, Hico;

Patterson, Leslie, Farmer, Hico R7;

Patterson, R. F., Farmer, Hico R3;

Patterson, W. S., Farmer, Hico R2;

Persons, Mrs. J. T., Hico;

Petty, Mrs. W. D., Hico R6;

Petty, R. W., Hico;

Phillips, A. L., Blacksmith, Hico;

Phillips, Joe, Farmer, Hico;

Phelps, Mrs. Fairy, Hico;

Phillips, W. G., Hico;

Phillips, W. M., Hico;

Pickett, N. C., Farmer, Hico R6;

Pierce, Weldon, Farmer, Hico R6;

Pitts, W. T., Clerk, Hico;

Platt, Mrs. Willie, Hico;

Pool, Jessie Miller, Farmer, Hico R3

Pool, Miss Oran Jo, Hico R3;

Porter, Mrs. P. P., Hico;

Poteet, T. A., Laborer, Hico;

Powell, M. E., Hico;

Powers, G. T., Garage, Hico;

Powledge, Geo. W., Farmer, Hico R7;

Powledge, L. A., Farmer, Hico R7;

Prater, B. A., Farmer, Hico;

Prater, J. C., Barber, Hico;

Proffitt, Doyle, Hico;

Profitt, D. R., Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Profitt, S. L., Hico;

Pruitt, Ben, Hico;

Pryor, Mrs. R. C., Hico;

Ragsdale, F. C., Car Salesman, Hico;

Ragsdale, J. N., Market, Hico;

Rainwater, B. F., Hico;

Rainwater, F. L., Farmer, Hico;

Rainwater, Jim, Farmer, Hico R3;

Rainwater, J. R., Farmer, Hico;

Rainwater, Marion L., Farmer, Hico R3;

Rainwater, M. L., Furniture, Hico;

Rainwater, M. Leon, Hico;

Ramons, Mrs. Gladys, Hico R5;

Ratliff, Wallace, Retired, Hico;

Reddock, V. E., Farmer, Hico R7;

Reison, Mrs. Annie, Hico;

Relliham, Mrs. Ella M., Hico R5;

Rhoades, W. S., Hico;

Rich, Mrs. L. A., Hico R6;

Richbourg, C. D., Clerk, Hico;

Richey, C. B., Laborer, Hico;

Roberson, L. W., Hico;

Roberson, S. L., Farmer, Hico R5;

Roberts, Billie, Hico;

Roberts, C. E., Farmer, Hico R5;

Roberts, Wiley C., Retired, Hico;

Rodgers, J. P., Jr., P. O. Clerk, Hico;

Ross, I. J., Jeweler, Hico;

Ross, W. M., Hico;

Rusk, G. C., Farmer, Hico R1;

Rusk, J. M., Barber, Hico

Russell, C. A., Farmer, Hico R1.

Sanders, H. E., Hico;

Sawyers, Mrs. Katheryn, Hico;

Seales, N. A., Hico;

Scott, A. F., Hico;

Seago, J. J., Farmer, R3;

Seay, A. D., Hico R2;

Segrest, Mrs. A. O., Hico;

Segrest, Cecil, Retired, Hico;

Segrest, V. J., Teacher, Hico R3;

Sellers, Mrs. Lela, Hico;

Shafer, Earl, Hico;

Sharp, P. M., Farmer, Hico R6;

Shelton, C. W., Hico;

Simanton, J. A., Oil Salesman, Hico;

Simons, A. D., Hico;

Simons, F. H., Farmer, Hico R2;

Simpson, W. L., Farmer, Hico R1;

Slaughter, J. E., Farmer, Hico R3;

Smith, Frank, Hico;

Smith, G. W., Hico;

Smith, Mrs. Harvey, Hico

Smith, R. E., Hico;

Smith, Mrs. S. A., Hico;

Snoddy, Cash, Farmer, Hico R2;

Spaulding, Neal, Laborer, Hico;

Spaulding, V. L., Painter, Hico;

Spauling, Miss Irene, Hico;

Spauling, W. C., Hico;

Spinks, C. L., Hico;

Spinks, Dewey, Laborer, Hico;

Standley, J. F., Farmer, Hico, R1;

Stanford, A. C., Farmer, Hico R2;

Stanford, C. W., Hico;

Stringer, G. W., Clerk, Hico;

Stubblefield, W. A., Farmer, Hico R3;

Suitt, Mrs. Emma, Hico

Suitt, Mrs. F. L., Hico.

Tabor, Ira N., Farmer, Hico R1;

Tabor, Paul, Farmer, Hico R1;

Tabor, W. E., Hico;

Teague, I. J., Merchant, Hico;

Thompson, Frank, Laborer, Hico;

Thompson, Jim, Farmer, Hico R3;

Talliver, Chas., Farmer, Iredell, Texas;

Trammell, John, Farmer, Hico;

Trantham, Lee, Hico;

Trantham, L. F., Hico;

Trantham, R. A., Farmer, Hico;

Turlington, O. R., Hico;

Turplin, J. E., Laborer, Hic

Tyler, C. E., Farmer, Hico

Vickery, A. A., Carpenter, Hico.

Waggoner, Mrs. Annie, Hico;

Wall, Leslie, Clerk, Hico;

Wallace, M. Y., Cattle Dealer, Hico;

Walker, M. P., Farmer, Hico;

Walker, T. A., Hico;

Waldrep, Mrs. Cassie, Hico;

Warren, J. I., Farmer, Hico R7;

Whisenaunt, H. Y., Farmer, Hico R2;

White, Mrs. Dan, Hico;

Whitlock, J. W., Farmer, Hico R2;

Whitson, O. E., Farmer, Hico R3;

Whittlesey, Mrs. J. H., Hico;

Wilbanks, Mrs. O. M., Farmer, Iredell, R2;

Williams, B. F., Constable, Hico;

Williams, H. M., Laborer, Hico

Williams, J. M., Laborer, Hico;

Wilson, C. J., Hico;

Wilson, E. A., Hico;

Wilson, Hubert, Filling Sta. Op., Hico;

Wilson, John L., Laborer, Hico;

Woodard, J B., Produce Business, Hico;

Woods, Mrs. M. E., Hico;

Wren, H. W., Laborer, Hico;

Wren, O. W., Laborer, Hico;

Wren, Mrs. V. W., Hico;

Wright, Mrs. Cora, Hico;

Wright, J. D., Rancher, Hico; and

Wright, L. D., Laborer, Hico,

Young, Mrs. Ludie, Hico.


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