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From: "Hamilton County [TX] Business Guide and Directory" First

Edition, August 1, 1937


Abbott, T. R., Trucker, Hamilton,

Allen, H. W., Attorney, Hamilton,

Allen, J. W., Laborer, Hamilton,

Allen, Stanley R., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Andrews, Alvis, Laborer, Hamilton

Anglin, Irvin, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Anglin, W. G., Farmer, R2, Hamilton

Arnett, Bratton, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,,

Anglin, G. C., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Arnett, R. K., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Arnett, W. W., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Applewhite, Mrs. J. J, Hamilton,

Atkinson, C. C., Hotel Prop., Hamilton,

Atkinson, Mrs. J. A., Hamilton,

Awalt, Geo. P., Jr., Laborer, Hamilton,


Bailey, R. L., Farmer, Hamilton,

Bailey, H. D., Farmer, Hamilton,

Barfield, Henry, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Barnes, G. N., Laborer, Hamilton,

Barnes, J. A., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Barrow, J. G., Laborer, Hamilton,

Bankston, J. D., RR Express Agt., Hamilton,

Bass, C. N., Blacksmith, Hamilton,

Baxley, Mrs. J. M., Hamilton,

Beall, T. R., Insurance, Hamilton,

Berry, A. J., Laborer, Hamilton,

Blansit, Clem, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Blansit, I. R., Farmer, Evant Star, Hamilton,

Blue, W. Clancy, Car Salesman, Hamilton,

Boone, Miss Bessie, Hamilton,

Boultinghouse, A., Mill Employe, Hamilton,

Boyd, J. H., Blacksmith, Hamilton,

Brandon, T. A., Farmer, Hamilton,

Burns, N. E., Farmer, Hamilton,

Busby, R. L., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,


Campbell, Mrs. O. H., Hamilton,

Carter, Mrs. Julius, Hamilton,

Chambliss, Bullard, Mill Emp., Hamilton,

Chapman, N. P., Laborer, Hamilton,

Christian, S. E., Retired, Hamilton,

Chumney, Mrs. Ollie, Hamilton,

Chumney, Roy, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Claggett, F. B., Painter, R2, Hamilton,

Coalson, Sim, Hiway Employe, Hamilton,

Coalson, W. L., Serv. Sta. Emp., Hamilton,

Coldiron, L. H., Lunch Stand, Hamilton,

Connell, Albert, Laborer, Hamilton,

Collier, Mrs. M. A., Hamilton,

Corrigan, Bradford, Ins. Salesman, Hamilton,

Coston, Geo., Drug Clerk, Hamilton,

Coston, W. M., Road Foreman, Hamilton,

Coston, W. R., with Winn Egg Co., Hamilton,

Cowan, James W., Laborer, Hamilton,

Cox, C. H., Carpenter, Hamilton,

Crews, W. C., Retired Printer, Hamilton,

Curtis, W. J., Implement Dealer, Hamilon,


Dancer, J. A., Barber, Hamilton,

Dansbee, S. D., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Davis, O. W., Bottling Works Mgr., Hamilton,

Dempster, Brownie, Baker, Hamilton,

Davenport, J. J., Gin Employe, Hamilton,

Douglas, Mrs. I. N., Hamilton,

Drake, F. C., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Drake, J. P., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Drake, J. L., Salesman, Hamilton,

Drew, L. W., Laborer, Hamilton,

Drew, J. P., Laborer, Hamilton,

Driver, Mrs. R. A., Hamilton,


Earls, Jim, Rock Mason, Hamilton,

Ellis, Mrs. J. L., Hamilton,

Emmett, James A., Furniture Dealer, Hamilton,

Emmett, Mrs. Thos., Hamilton,

Endebrock, Walter, Road Emp. R2, Hamilton,

Eppler, Mrs. E. R., Hamilton,

Eppler, W. H., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,


George, J. O., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Gilliam, J. P., Car Dealer, Hamilton,

Gregory, I. A., Hay Bailer, Hamilton,

Greele, Edgar E., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Griggs, C. R., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Griggs, Herbert, Garage Op., R1, Hamilton,


Hall, Mrs. J. S., Hamilton,

Hamrick, Buck, Laborer, Hamilton,

Harris, Frank, Trader, Hamilton,

Hartgraves, Ben, Janitor, Hamilton,

Harvey, J. J., Produce Dealer, Hamilton,

Havens, Mrs. N. J., Hamilton,

Haynes, G. P., Farmer, Evant Star, Hamilton,

Haynes, Miss Emma, Evant Star, Hamilton,

Heasley, Dorr, Mechanic, Hamilton,

Hedgpeth, D. R., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Hedgpeth, Mrs. W. L., Hamilton,

Hedgpeth, Vernie, Mechanic, Hamilton,

Higdon, S. T., Laborer, Hamilton,

Hohertz, Edward, Laborer, Hamilton,

Howard, E. S., Laborer, Hamilton,

Hughes, R. V., Baker, Hamilton,

Hunter, Tom, Laborer, Hamilton,


Jeschke, Albert, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Jeschke, Ben, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Jones, H. F., Station Op., Hamilton,

Jordan, E. E., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Jurney, J. C., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Kelly, Neal, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Kelley, R. B., Nightwatchman, Hamilton,

Kinsey, Mrs. O. W., Hamilton,

Knorzer, Fred, Laborer, Hamilton,

Knorzer, G. C., Laborer, Hamilton,

Knorzer, Martin, Retired, Hamilton,


Lane, Tommie, Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Linch, D. J., Laborer, Hamilton,

Livingston, Mrs. J. M., Hamilton,

Longino, Geo., Farmer, Evant Star Rt., Hamilton,

Langford, Mrs. N. A., Hamilton,

Lyons, J. T., Laborer, Hamilton,


Mack, J. C., Retired, Hamilton,

Massingill, Miss Etha, Hamilton,

Mayfield, Truett, R2, Hamilton,

Meeks, G. B., Hatchery, Hamilton,

Miller, Mrs. Ruby, Hamilton,

Moore, Mrs. E. B., Hamilton,

Moore. G. F., Blacksmith, Hamilton,

Moore, L. E., Retired, Hamilton,

Moore, O. B., Car Salesman, Hamilton,

McAnelly, W. B., Barber, Hamilton,

McCall, T. B., Carpenter, Hamilton,

McCutchen, J. C., Farmer, Evant Star Rt., Hamilton,

McKie, Jim, Meat Cutter, Hamilton,

McKinley, Mrs. Merle L., Hamilton,

McKinley, W. H., Clerk, Hamilton,

Muse, B. M., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,


Neal, Boyd, Laborer, Hamilton,

Neal, J. M., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Newsom, W. C., Grain Buyer, Hamilton,

Newton, V. A., Farmer, Evant Star Rt., Hamilton,


Onstott, Mrs. E. D., Hamilton,


Parsley, A. O., Laborer, Hamilton,

Parsley, C. E., Laborer, Hamilton,

Pendleton, F. W., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Perry, Alvin, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Perry, Jeff, Bookkeeper, Hamilton,

Petree, H. L., Laborer, Hamilton,

Pierce, S. K., Trader, Hamilton,

Pierson, John, Clerk, Hamilton,

Pierson, Miss Johnnie, Hamilton,

Pierson, O. W., Ins. Salesman, Hamilton,

Pointer, W. E., Retired, Hamilton,

Price, Carl, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Price, John H., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Pruitt, E. B., Sr., Retired, Hamilton,

Pruitt, J. F., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Pruitt, J. V., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Raibourn, C. C., Laborer, Hamilton,

Rains, Mrs. S. A., Hamilton,

Rains, C. S, Jeweler, Hamilton,

Reich, G. J., Laborer, Hamilton,

Roberson, N. A., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Roberson, W. T., Retired, Hamilton,

Ross, S. G., Farmer, Evant Star Rt., Hamilton,

Rost, C. L., Barber, Hamilton,

Rush, D. L., Retired, Hamilton,

Russell, Joe T., Filling Sta. Emp., Hamilton,


Sadler, E. C. Station Op., Hamilton,

Schneider, B. A. O., Farmer, Hamilton,

Schooler, Joe, Trucker, Hamilton,

Secrest, Miss Babe, Hamilton,

Shannon, Mrs. Hattie, Hamilton,

Siems, Otto, Laborer, Hamilton,

Smith, A. E., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Smith, L. A., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Smithie, W. M., Laborer, Hamilton,

Sommerfeld, Alfred, Laborer, Hamilton,

Stanford, Joe, W. W. Veteran, Hamilton,

Stanford, Walter, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Stephens, J. T., Laborer, Hamilton,

Stidham, W. O., Produce Dealer, Hamilton,

Stifflemire, Mrs. G. W., Hamilton,

Stribling, E. P., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Stribling, J. T., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Stribling. W. J., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Summerford, J. I, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Taylor, A. H., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Taylor, Clyde, Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Taylor, D. T., Laborer, Hamilton,

Taylor, Walter, Laborer, Hamilton,

Thompson, J. M., Merchant, Hamilton,

Thompson, L. A., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Tipple, Ernest, Laborer, R1, Hamilton,

Tomlinson, C. M., Contractor, Hamilton,

Tomlinson, H. H., Contractor, Hamilton,

Townson, J. H., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Tune, Mrs. W. B., County Treasurer, Hamilton,

Tylor, A. E., Laborer, Hamilton,


Vollentine, C. H., Rancher, Hamilton,

Voss, Darmit, Hiway Employe, Hamilton,

Voss, Odolph, Hiway Employe, Hamilton,


Wade, C. N., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Walker, R. J., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Walton, Mrs. J. B., Hamilton,

West, C. C., Tailor, Hamilton,

Whitaker, J. R., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

White, J. H., Mill Employe, Hamilton,

White, Ray, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Willeford, A. H., Clerk, Hamilton,

Williams, D. H., Hiway Employe, Hamilton,

Williams, Edgar, Filling Station Employe, Hamilton,

Williams, E. L., Farmer, Hamilton,

Williams, G. M., Farmer, Evant Star Rt., Hamilton,

Williams, H. T., Plumber, Hamilton,

Williams, Hobdy, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Williams, James R., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Williams, J. L., Farmer, R2, Hamilton

Williams, Mrs. Simmie, Hamilton,

Williams, N. Y., Farmer, Hamilton,

Williams, Roy, Rock Mason, Hamilton,

Williams, W. C., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Wilson, Mrs. Lois, Hamilton,

Wilson, Mrs. W. A., Hamilton,

Woods, L. O., Road Employe, Hamilton,

Woolsey, W. T., Laborer, Hamilton,

Wright, Grant, Road Employe, Hamilton,


Young, T. W., Laborer, R1, Hamilton,



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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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