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From: "Hamilton County [TX] Business Guide and Directory" First

Edition, August 1, 1937


Voting Precinct No.22....Hamilton


Adams, Doll, Clerk, Hamilton,

Adams, W. C., Meat Market, Hamilton,

Alexander, T. S., Laborer, Hamilton,

Anglin, J. T., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Anderson, J. G., Farmer, Hamilton,

Anderson, M. C., Farmer, Hamilton,

Andrews, Norbert, School Teacher, R1, Hamilton,

Andrews, O. S., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Askin, C. C., Laborer, Hamilton,


Babbitt, Jeff, Laborer, Hamilton,

Ballou, Miss Alice, Hamilton,

Bankston, Mrs. Alice, Hamilton,

Beal, B. T., Retired, Hamilton,

Blue, H. D., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Bingham, J. H., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Bollier, W. A., Laborer, Hamilton,

Bollier, A. B., Road Employe, Hamilton,

Brewer, S. L., Laborer, Hamilton,

Brown, Albert, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Brown, J. H., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Bullard, Mrs. Cora, Hamilton,

Burch, Miss Bertha, Hamilton,


Campbell, Mrs. Emma, Hamilton,

Cates, R. L., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Cathey, T. W., Laborer, Hamilton,

Chambliss, Edgar, R1, Hamilton,

Clemmer, A. A., Shoe Shop, Hamilton,

Clemmer, J. B., Retired, Hamilton,

Clemmer, J. M., Retired, Hamilton,

Cole, Bolding, Farmer, Hamilton,

Cole, Jim, Farmer, Hamilton,

Cooper, N. A., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Couch, W. P., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Crain, Mrs. J. W., Hamilton,

Crain, R. V., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Cropper, Mrs. J. M., Hamilton,

Cowan, Jeff, Laborer, Hamilton,


Durham, Mrs. D. M., Hamilton,


Earls, W. F., Road Worker, Hamilton,

Easterling, W. H., Trader, Hamilton,

Evans, G. L., Trader, Hamilton,


Ferguson, B. B., Ranchman, R1, Hamilton,

Ferguson, W. C., Truck Driver, Hamilton,

French, W. M., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Fulbright, James, Carpenter, R1, Hamilton,

Fulcher, Berry, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Gann, Mrs. C. C., Hamilton,

Gardner, Price, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Gordon, Mrs. Nora, Hamilton,

Gray, G. W., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Grice, A., Plumber, Hamilton,

Grisham, C. E., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Hanson, Cecil, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Harris, D. G., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Harrison, Lee, Tinner, Hamilton,

Hatfield, G. E., War-Veteran, Hamilton,

Hedgpeth, O. N., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Holmes, Orville, Mechanic, Hamilton,

Hopkins, Marvin, Laborer, Hamilton,


Jackson, K. E., War Veteran, Hamilton,

James, W. T., Photographer, Hamilton,


Key, A. O., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Key, C. H., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Kinsey, Mrs. S. A., Hamilton,

Knellinger, G. H., Retired, Hamilton,

Koether, Henry, Farmer, Hamilton,

Kornegay, George, Farmer, Hamilton,

Kunkel, A. O., Farmer, Hamilton,

Kunkel, Herman, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Kunkel, Mrs. Emma, Hamilton,


Lane, Dural, Barber, Hamilton,

Leeth, G. D., Public Weigher, Hamilton,

Linton, Ben, Farmer, Hamilton,

Livingston, H. G., Farmer, Hamilton,

Little, Mrs. L., Hamilton,

Looney, E. W., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Looney, G. M., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Looney, J. M., Trader, Hamilton,


Main, Mrs. C. V., Hamilton,

Main, Ray, Bottling Works Emp., Hamilton,

Martin, S. W., Trader, Hamilton,

Martin, W. W., Laborer, Hamilton,

Mason, R. W., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Massingill, David, Farmer, Hamilton,

Massingill, Ira, Farmer, Hamilton,

May, Mrs. Addie, R1, Hamilton,

Middleton, John, Printer, Hamilton,

Morris, D. C., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Moore, W. W., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Moran, Jack, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

McAnelly, Mrs. Annie, Hamilton,

McAnelly, W. S., Retired, Hamilton,

McCollum, S. S., Highway Employe, Hamilton,

McCullough, W. C., Highway Employe, Hamilton,

McKandles, W. T., Laborer, Hamilton,


Neal, Mark S., Highway Employe, Hamilton,

Nix, Freeman, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Nix, W. S., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Norwood, Jess J., Trucker, Hamilton,


Oates, Art, Farmer, Hamilton

Oates, J. B., Farmer, Hamilton,

Oates, J. W., Farmer, Hamilton,

Oates, W. W., Farmer, Hamilton,

O’Bannon, Foy, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

O’Bannon, Malcolm, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

O’Bannon, Preston, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Parrish, A. B., Bot. Works Employe, R1, Hamilton,

Perry, G. M., R1, Hamilton,

Pittman, C. L., Hiway Employe, R1, Hamilton,

Pool, J. R., Printer, Hamilton,


Reed, A. B., Trader, Hamilton,

Redden, A., Farmer, Hamilton,

Reich, Henry, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Renken, C. J., Groceryman, Hamilton,

Reue, Mrs. F., Hamilton,

Riley, Mrs. W. B., R1, Hamilton,

Roberts, L. B., Retired, Hamilton,

Rosentreter, Henry, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Ross, A. W., Gardner, Hamilton,


Schmidt, T. F., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Schneider, W. O., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Schrank, Mrs. Emilie, R1, Hamilton,

Secrest, G. H., Lbr. Yard Employe, Hamilton,

Sellers, D. M., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Siems, Alex, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Siems, Gus, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Siems, Walter, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Simpson, R. T., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Smith, Mrs. Mae, Hamilton,

Sommerfeld, Amandus, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Stiefflmire, G. R., Electrician, Hamilton,

Stifflemire, M. W., Electrician, Hamilton,

Strickland, C. W., Grocery Mer., Hamilton,

Sullivan, W. E., Farmer, Hamilton,


Taylor, E. M., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Teague, Glyn A., Farmer, Hamilton,

Thompson, J. H., Ginner, Hamilton,

Thompson, Sam, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Toland, Miss Effie, Hamilton,


Upham, J. E., Laborer, Hamilton,


Vansickle, R. P., Laborer, Hamilton,


Wagner, S. E., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Watkins, Mrs. Elizabeth, R1, Hamilton,

Watson, W. T., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Wenzel, Arthur, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Wenzel, Waldemar, Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

White, T. L., Rawleighs Prod., R1, Hamilton,

Whittenton, A. G., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,

Williams, Hugh L., Farmer, Hamilton,

Williams, Mrs. B. F., Clerk, Hamilton,

Williams, J. M., Jr., Furniture Dealer, Hamilton,

Williams, S. F., Filling Sta. Op., Hamilton,

Willeford, J. N., Carpenter, Hamilton,

Willis, A. E., Jr., Farmer, Hamilton,

Woods, R. C., Farmer, R1, Hamilton,


Young, L. H., Laborer, Hamilton,

Young, R. B., Farmer, Hamilton,

Young, T. R., Laborer, Hamilton,



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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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