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From: "Hamilton County [TX] Business Guide and Directory" First

Edition, August 1, 1937

Voting Precinct No. 1....Hamilton


Allen, Mrs. Geneva, Hamilton,

Allison, Edward, Laborer, Hamilton,

Anderson, H. A., Minister, Hamilton,

Angerman, Willie, Farmer, Hamilton,

Appleby, J. T. Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Appleby, Floyd, Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Askins, C. P. Farmer, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

Ash, Dee, Rt. 3, Hamilton, .

Ashmore, G. W., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Atchley, John N., Farmer, Hamilton,

Atkinson, J L. Mechanic, Hamilton,



Baker, J. T., Mechanic, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

Baker, O. C., Mechanic, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

Barker, O. K., WPA Supt., Hamilton,

Barfield, J. T., Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Barnett, E. C., Trucker, Hamilton,

Barnett, J. W., Trucker, Hamilton,

Bennett, V. H., Farmer, Hamilton,

Berry, Chas., Farmer, Hamilton,

Bethke, Mrs. Helena, Hamilton,

Blackwell, E., Clerk, Hamilton,

Blackwell, Mrs. Lillian, Hamilton,

Bosse, Ben, Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Braun, Robt., Clerk, Rt. 1, Hamilton,

Brazil, Roy, Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Brock, T. E., Laborer, Hamilton,

Brock, S. J. Laborer, Hamilton,

Brown, C. M., Trucker, Hamilton,

Brown, G. R., Farmer, Hamilton,

Brown, J. L., Produce Man, Hamilton,

Brumbelow, J. B., Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Brunk, Geo., Merchant, Hamilton,

Bullen, Mrs. M. D., Hamilton,

Burnham, G. A., Section Foreman, Hamilton,

Burris, J. T., Farmer, Hamilton,

Butler, Curtis, Tailor, Hamilton,

Butler, J. E., Dr., Vet., Hamilton,



Collett, C. F., Laborer, Hamilton,

Carpenter, J. A., Barber, Hamilton,

Cash, Mrs. Georgia, Clerk, Hamilton,

Cathey, L. L., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Cathey, Mrs. Virgie, Hamilton,

Cathey, Ted, Farmer, Rt. 3 Hamilton,

Center, J. D., Filling Sta. Op., Hamilton,

Chambliss, Walter, Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Chastin, C. M. Farmer, Hamilton,

Chesley, Hervey, Court Reporter, Hamilton,

Christian, C. F., Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Clabaugh, S. N., Retired, Hamilton,

Clark, Norman, Clerk, Hamilton,

Claunch, W. B., Ins. Agent, Hamilton,

Clayton, W. F., Barber, Hamilton,

Clemmer, W. H. Laborer, Hamilton,

Coalson, Jim, Laborer, Hamilton,

Cody, W. C., Tinner, Hamilton,

Cole, J. H., Farmer, Hamilton,

Cole, W. C., Farmer, Hamilton,

Coleman, M. V., Mason, Hamilton,

Collier, S. O., Cook, Hamilton,

Collier, Walter, Clerk, Hamilton,

Conner, J. T., Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Copeland, Kay, Car Salesman, Hamilton,

Cowling, B. E., Farmer, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

Cropper, James, Bíkeeper, Hiway, Hamilton,

Crumley, B. T., Farmer, Hamilton,

Cunningham, Mrs. G. E. Clerk, Hamilton,


Dancer, Tom, Barber, Hamilton,

Deaton, J. S. Minister, Hamilton,

DeHart, C. E., Constable, Hamilton,

DeHart, E. T., Farmer, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

DeHart, G. T., Farmer, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

Delaughter, M. V., Painter. Hamilton,

Dixon, Z. R., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Doggett, Miss Nell, Teacher, Hamilton,

Donahoo, Lee, Laborer, Hamilton,

Donahoo, Mrs. P. O., Hamilton,

Douglas, Dale, Teacher, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Dunlop, John, Jr., Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Dunlop, John, Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Dunn, Mrs. S. A., Hamilton,

Durham, G. O., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Durham, W. A., Welder, Hamilton,

Dutton, Mrs. O. A., Teacher, Hamilton ,


Eidson, Mrs. C. E., Hamilton,

Embry, Ambrose, Farmer, Rt. 3, Hamilton,

Embry, Carl, Retired Sailor, Hamiton,

Evans, Mrs. A. O., Hamilton,

Evans, Mrs. W. D., Hamilton,

Evers, B. J., Laborer, Hamilton,


Fagan, Mrs. H. J., Hamilton,

Feldman, H. A., Farmer, Hamilton,

Ferguson, Mrs. Addie, Hamil ton,

Ferguson, W. P., Hatchery, Hamilton,

Felts, Mrs. Nellie L., Hamilton,

Fletcher, B. E., Plumber, Hamilton,

Freeman, N. B., Groceryman, Hamilton,

Fulcher, E. E., Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Fuqua, Russell, Clerk, Hamilton,


Gardner, Winford, Farmer, Hamilton,

Gerald, P. M., Merchant, Hamilton,

Gibson, Mrs. Emma, Hamilton,

Glass, O. C., Oil Distributor, Hamilton,

Golightly, Geo. B., Chevrolet Dealer, Hamilton,

Graham, L. D., Laborer, Hamilton,

Graham, M. B., Painter, Hamilton,

Grant, R. L., Retired, Hamilton,

Grant, W. M., Farmer, Hamilton,

Graves, Fred P., Rancher, Hamilton,

Griggs, Ralph, Stockman, Hamilton,

Grisham, C. V., Laborer, Hamilton,

Gromatzky, E. C., Farmer, Rt. 2, Hamilton,

Grumbles, Willie, Laborer, Hamilton,

Gunn, R. T., Truck Drive, Hamilton,


Hafley, U. H., Cafe, Hamilton,

Hafley, W. E., Meat Market, Hamilton,

Hale, T. J., Trucker, Hamilton,

Hamilton, Mrs. G., Hamilton,

Hamilton, Leslie, Maintainerman, Hamilton,

Hamilton, R. P., Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Hancock, Ernest, Maintainerman, Hamilton,

Harris, Mike, Salesman, Hamilton,

Harris, Mrs. A. J., Hamilton, .

Hartin, George, Clerk, Hamilton,

Hartin, W. S., Laborer, Hamilton,

Harvey, Mrs. Laura, Hamilton,

Harvey, Mrs. Mattie M., Hamilton,

Havens, M. E., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Hayes, Miss Lucille, Teacher,

Hedgpeth, Cleve, Cattle Buyer, Hamilton,

Hedgpeth, J. W., Drayman, Hamilton,

Hedgpeth, Tom, Salesman, Hamilton,

Henderson, Sam, Laborer, Hamilton,

Helbert, P. C., Hamilton,

Helbert, P. C., Farmer, Hamilton,

Hill, Earl, Teacher, Hamilton,

Hill, Jack B., Painter, Hamilton,

Hill, S. O., Plumber, Hamilton,

Hiller, W. E., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Hohertz, W. T., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Holloway, J. W., Laborer, Hamilton,

Holmes, J. T., Blacksmith, Hamilton,

Honeycutt, H. A., Farmer, Hamilton,

Hovey, H. F., Farmer, Hamilton,

Hovey, H. V., Laborer, Hamilton,

Hubble, Slim, Laborer, Hamilton,

Huddleston, W. P., Ginner, Hamilton,

Huffman, G. B., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Hunt, J. W. Ranchman, Hamilton,


Jackson, B. F., Farmer, Hamilton, 

James, Alton, Prop. Camp Hamilton, 

Jeffrey, B. J., Farmer, Hamilton, 

Jeschke, Herbert, Farmer, R2, Hamilton, 

Johnson, Marion, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Johnson, Martha Bell, Hamilton,

Jones. F.. G., Stationman, Hamilton,

Jones, F. S., Filling Sta. Op.. Hamilton,

Jones, J. Frank, Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Jones, J. M., Clerk, Hamilton,

Jones, Miss Leila Mae, Hamilton,

Jones, O. F., Cattleman, Hamilton,

Jones, Pat, Mattress Maker, Hamilton,

Jones, R. K., Mgr. Bilbo Truck Line, Hamilton,

Jones, V. A., Farmer, Hamilton,


Kasting, Fred, Mechanic, Hamilton,

King, Mrs. J. E., Seamstress, Hamilton,

Knudson, Oran, PO Clerk, Hamilton,

Koen, Mrs. A. P., Hamilton,

Krueger, Albert, Tractor Man, Hamilton,

Krueger, Mrs. E. F., Hamilton,

Krueger, F. A., Rancher-Farmer, Hamilton,

Kuykendall, O. W. Farmer, Hamilton,


Lee, A. J., Farmer, Hamilton,

Lee, R. E., Merchant, Hamilton,

Lewis, A. D.. Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Lewis, W. A., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Licitt, E., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Little, A. A., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Little, Edward, Clerk, Hamilton,

Little, O. M.. Farmer, Hamilton,

Loyd, Chas. O., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Lucas, John, Rancher-Farmer, Hamilton,

Lyons, J. R., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,


Maddox, Jack, Barber, Hamilton,

Main, Mrs. L. A., Clerk, Hamilton,

Manning, C. S., Mechanic, Hamilton,

Martin, J. G., R-Farmer, Hamilton,

Martin, J. W., Hauler, Hamilton,

Martin, Omer, Laborer, Hamilton,

Mattys, Herbert, Mechanic, Hamilton,

Melton, Mrs. John M., Hamilton,

Melton, Stevens, Carpenter, Hamilton,

Menzdorf, R. F., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Messer, Mrs. Mary, Hamilton,

Mikle, T. E., Garageman, Hamilton,

Moore, H. M., Landowner, Hamilton,

Morgan, Arlee, Farmer, Hamilton,

Morgan, E. P., R-Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Morgan, H. W., Janitor, Hamilton,

Morris, H. W., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Mosley, Louis, Laborer, Hamilton,

Mullenix, C. M., Prop. Own., Hamilton,

Munday, E. V., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Munday, Kenneth, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Munday, J. E., Farmer, Hamilton,

McAnelly, G. C., Rancher, Pottsville Star Rt.,

McCaleb, J. C., Laborer, Hamilton,

McCarty, H. W., R-Farmer, Hamilton,

McClendon, B. H., Shoe Shop, Hamilton,

McCrary, J. A., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

McCrary, J. H., Rancher, R3, Hamilton,

McKinley, W. C., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,


Naunderf, Olga, Carpenter, Hamilton,

Newsom, J. D., Jr., Laborer, Hamilton,

Nichols, Herman, Laborer, Hamilton,


Onstott, W. C., Carpenter, Hamilton,


Parrish, Hugh, Clerk, Hamilton,

Parrish, J. N., R-Farmer, Hamilton ,

Patterson, E. O., Clerk, Hamilton,

Patterson, A. L., Clerk, Hamilton,

Pederson, Jens, Rancher, R3, Hamilton,

Pederson, Pete, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Perkins, J. E., Rancher, Hamilton,

Pflueger, B., R-Farmer, Hamilton,

Phelps, A. W., Tinner-Plumber, Hamilton,

Phelps, Mrs. B. D., Hamilton, .

Phelps, W. P., Laborer, Hamilton,

Pierson, Olaf, Barber, Hamilton,

Pigg, C. W., CCC, Hamilton,

Porterfield, C. L., Carpenter, Hamilton,

Porterfield, J. D., Farmer, Hamilton,

Porterfield, J. D., Farmer, Hamilton (listed twice),

Poston, F. W., Artist Painter, Hamilton ,


Raley, R. L., Cotton Buyer, Hamilton,

Ray, Norman, Builder, Hamilton,

Ray, J. C., Tombstone Mfg., Hamilton,

Ray, Joe, Tombstone Workman, Hamilton,

Redden, C. C., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Redden, F. W., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Redden, G. C., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Reed, Oda, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Rice, Miss Bessie, Teacher, Hamilton,

Rice, E. R., Butcher, Hamilton,

Rice, Miss Edith, Hamilton,

Rice, Miss Margaret, Teacher, Hamilton,

Richardson, J. L., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Richardson, W. J., Laborer, Hamilton,

Roberts, John, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Roe, Cecil, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Rosentreter, Louis, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Rost, John, Barber, Hamilton,

Rush, L. L., Laborer, Hamilton,


Sargent, Mrs. E. E. Hamilton,

Scheu, J. E. Laborer, Hamilton,

Secrest, Mrs. Mollie, Clerk, Hamilton,

Seilheimer, Paul, Farmer, Hamilton,

Sellers, O. R., Clerk, Hamilton,

Sexton, Mrs. Annie, Hamilton,

Shaffer, J. L., Laborer, Hamilton,

Sharp, Virgil, Laborer, Hamilton,

Sheldon, J. J., Laborer, Hamilton,

Shipman, J. W., R-Farmer, Hamilton,

Shockley, T. J., Merchant, Hamilton,

Short, Homer, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Short, W. H., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Shown, B. F., Laborer, Hamilton,

Seilheimer, W. F., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Sikes, W. E., Former Cafe Op., Hamilton,

Sims, W. G., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Simmons, A. H., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Simpson, D., Jr., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Smith, Albert, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Smith, C. R., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Smith, J. W., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Smith, W. T., Drayman, Hamilton,

Snoddy, Mrs. Ethel, WPA Clerk, Hamilton,

Sparks, Edgar, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Sparks, James, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Sparks, J. M., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Stamps, J. T., Laborer, Hamilton,

Stamps, L. V., Laborer, Hamilton,

Standley, J. W., Retired, Hamilton,

Stanford, H., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Stanford, Mrs. Maggie, WPA Clerk, Hamilton,

Standefer, H. C., Carpenter, Hamilton,

Stidham, E. E., Gro. Clerk, Hamilton,

Stidham, J. A., Gro. Clerk, Hamilton,

Streger, O. W., Oil Distributor, Hamilton,


Taber, Lonnie, Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Talley, Mrs. J. H., Hamilton,

Taylor, Mrs. Tom, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Thomas, Hal J., Salesman, Hamilton,

Thompson, W. B., Laborer, Hamilton,

Thornton, J. M., Farmer, R2, Hamilton,

Thornton, J. W., R-Farmer, Hamilton,


Waggoner, J. J., Miller, Hamilton,

Walker, Miss Annie Pope, Teacher,

Wall, Neal, Laborer, Hamilton,

Webb, R. L., Singer, Hamilton,

Weir, Cecil, Laborer, Hamilton,

Weir, R. A., Rock Mason, Hamilton,

West, Charles, Tailor, Hamilton,

West, Paul, Drug Clerk, Hamilton,

West, William L., Baker,

White, Dal, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

White, Raider, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

White, Roy, H.H.S. Coach, Hamilton,

White, W. J., Laborer, Hamilton,

Wilcox, Clarence, Farmer, Hamilton,

Williams, Mrs. Lydia, Hamilton,

Williams, Mrs. Stella, Hamilton,

Williams, Winifred, P. O. Employe, Hamilton,

Williams, W. J., Farmer, R3, Hamilton, .

Witt, W. M., CCC Hamilton,

Witzscher, O. L., Truck Driver, Hamilton,

Wren, J. W., Serv. Sta. Op., Hamilton,

Wren, Mrs. Lela, Hamilton,

Wright, C. B., R-Farmer, Hamilton,

Wright, J. N., Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Wright, Mrs. Lona, Hamilton,


Yates, Gus, Drayman, Hamilton,

Yates, John, Drayman, Hamilton,

Young, Jim, Farmer, R3, Hamilton,

Young, Mrs. J. J., Hamilton,

Young, Welburn, Laborer, Hamilton,

Young, W. F., Laborer, Hamilton,


Zimmerman, Fred, Farmer, R3, Hamilton, .



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