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COTTAGE HILL was southwest of Shive on CR 512 and about 10 miles southwest of Hamilton




Cottage Hill Baptist Church was one of the founding churches of Hamilton County Baptist Association on 4 July, 1877, at Cottonwood Springs. Cottage Hill Baptist Church closed about 1939.  On May 21, 1909, Mr. Main donated land for the erection of a Baptist church.  On February 24, 1952, James David and Jenny (England) Yates obtained a Quit Claim Deed for the cemetery, sold the church building, and donated the land to the cemetery.

Mary "Polly" Register Kincheloe, who died 12 April, 1938, was the last surviving charter member of Cottage Hill Baptist Church.  Mrs. Kincheloe named a son after Presley O'Keefe. Cottage Hill Cemetery remains near the site of the Cottage Hill Baptist Church.

Early pastors included:

D. I. Haralson, 1879

Presley O’Keefe, 1881, 1883--1884

W. N. White, 1886--1889

Early church clerks included:

J. W. Key, 1881

J. Miles, 1883

John Myles, 1884, 1887

W. G. Webb, 1885

W. C. Webb, 1886

John Myers, 1888

Jno. Miles, 1889

Early messengers to the annual association meeting were:

1878--D. I. Haralson, J. W. Key, S. V. Sumrald

1879--D. I. Haralson, S. V. Sumrald

1881--J. H. Connell, J. W. Key

1884--S. V. Sumrald, J. D. Sexton, W. Tankersly

1885--S. V. Sumrald, J. D. Sexton, M. A. Quindler

1886--Elder Presley O’Keefe, Brethren Tankersby, Sexton Coley

1887--S. V. Sumrald, J. H. Connell

1888 and 1889--S. V. Sumrald, J. E. Smith

Allen Boone DeHart was the pastor of Cottage Hill Baptist Church from 1931 through July 30, 1933. On 8 August, 1932, Miss Leota Williams, Miss Selma Journey, and Mrs. Henry Bedthkie were added to the membership.

1907 HCBA Minutes

1908 HCBA Minutes

1909 HCBA Minutes

1910 HCBA Minutes

1911 HCBA Minutes

KINCHELOE, MARY "POLLY" (REGISTER), last charter member







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