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"Hamilton County [TX] Business Guide and Directory" First

Edition, August 1, 1937



Adams, Clyde, Farmer, Carlton

Adans, L. H., Farmer, Carlton

Allred, S. F., Farmer, Carlton

Amelunge, Alvin, Farmer, Carlton

Amelunke, Edwin, Farmer, Carlton

Anderson, Carroll, Ranchman, Hico, R6

Anderson, Mrs. Lillie, Carlton

Anderson, O. F., Ranchman, Hico, R6


Bain, C. H., Farmer, Carlton

Baird, J. H., Farmer, Carlton

Beadles, Roland, Druggist, Carlton

Bingham, T. H., Rancher, Carlton R1

Birdson, Mrs. Rosa, Carlton

Brann, G. W., Farmer, Carlton, R1

Brannan, J. C., Farmer, Hico, R6

Briley, W. W., Car Dealer, Meridian, Tex

Brimer, R. L., Retired, Carlton

Brown, I. F., Farmer, Carlton

Bullard, L. R., Farmer, Carlton

Butler, Mrs. R. C., Carlton

Butler, S. O. Farmer, Carlton

Byrd, Cecil, Laborer, Carlton

Byrd, Mrs. I. B., Carlton

Byrd, J. E., Farmer, Carlton


Calder, B. I., Farmer, Carlton

Calder, F., Farmer, Carlton

Calder, R. M., Farmer, Carlton

Calder, V. E., Farmer, Carlton

Cantrell, E., Retired, Carlton

Cantrell, Mrs. Fannie, Carlton

Carroll, H. C., Druggist, Carlton

Carter, H. G., Farmer, Hico, R6

Carter, J. H., Farmer, Hico, R2

Cathey, H., Farmer, Carlton

Caudle, B. T., Retired, Carlton

Chick, Preston, Auto Salesman, Carlton

Childress, J. T., Farmer, Hico, R6

Cook, R. C., Laborer, Carlton

Cox, J. C., Farmer, Carlton

Currey, J. B., Farmer, Carlton

Currey, J. G., Jr., Farmer, Carlton

Curry, W. M., Farmer, Carlton


Davies, Wilmer, Farmer, Carlton

Dooley, W. R., Farmer, Carlton, R1

Duzan, A. E., Auto Dealer, Carlton


Edwards, Mrs. J. L., Carlton

Edwards, Mrs. T. H., Carlton


Finley, Mrs. J. C., Carlton

Ford, Herman, Farmer, Hico, R6

Ford, Mrs. Jessie, Carlton

Ford, R. D., Jr., Farmer, Carlton

Fox, W. B., Laborer, Carlton


Garner, J. J., Farmer, Carlton

Gibson, Mrs. A. L., Carlton

Gibson, Claud, Laborer, Carlton


Hawkins, Mrs. Memrie, Teacher, Carlton

Henderson, R. D., Farmer, Hico R6

Henderson, W. J., Farmer, Hico R6

Herrington, Miss Mollie, Nurse, Carlton

Hoover, H. H., Retired, Carlton

Howerton, C. H., Farmer, Carlton

Hubbard, S. L., Farmer, Hico R6


Jackson, S. R., Farmer, Hico R3

Jones, Geo. B., Car Dealer, Carlton

Jordon, Fern, Farmer, Carlton


Kavanaugh, C. C., Farmer, Carlton

King, C. H., Farmer, Hico R6

King, J. S., Farmer, Hico, R2


Lackey, G. R., Farmer, Carlton

Lackey, Mrs. Lola, Carlton

Lefevre, Clyde, Farmer, Carlton

Lemund, J. S., Farmer, Hico R2

Lewis, Walter, Farmer, Carlton

Lowe, J. B., Farmer, Carlton

Lowery, R. L., Farmer, Carlton

Luker, E., Farmer, Hico, R6

Lynch, Miss Pattie, Carlton


Minter, J. S., Farmer, Carlton

Morgan, Dock, Farmer, Carlton

Morgan, J. W., Farmer, Carlton

Moss, W. A., Farmer, Hico, R2

Murdock, Miss Ethel, Carlton

McCarty, H. F., Farmer, Hico, R6

McCarty, Mrs. J. F., Hico, R6

McDaniel, R. L., WPA Clerk, Carlton

McEntire, J. R., Retired, McGregor, Tex

McGuire, N. N., Farmer, Carlton

McKinney, Mrs. S. N., Carlton

McKenzie, Mrs. J. A., Carlton

McKenzie, Mrs. J. W., Carlton

McKey, T. J., Laborer, Carlton

McPherson, B. B., WPA Clerk, Carlton


O’Neal, Mrs. M. C., Carlton


Parrish, W. J., Farmer, Carlton

Pollard, J. O., Farmer, Carlton

Prater, Mrs. Cora, Carlton

Prater, J. V., Farmer, Carlton

Pruitt, S. M., Farmer, Carlton


Reeves, Lee, Laborer, Carlton

Reich, Mrs. Chas. J., Hico, R6

Roach, T. G., Laborer, Carlton

Roberts, T. T., Hico, R6

Roberts, W. S., Farmer, Hico, R2

Rodgers, Miss Alice, Carlton

Rodgers, Miss Nettie, Carlton


Salmon, E. L., Farmer, Carlton

Salyer, J. M., Farmer, Carlton

Sharp, Bailey, Farmer, Carlton

Sharp, Watt, Jr., Farmer, Hico, R6

Sharp, Watt, Sr., Farmer, Hico, R6

Shipman, Milton, Farmer, Carlton

Short, J. W., Farmer, Hico, R6

Slaughter, M. D., Farmer, Hico, R2

Smith, B. L., Retired, Carlton

Smith, Edgar, Laborer, Carlton

Smith, Mrs. J. D., Carlton

Smith, J. L., Retired, Carlton

Smith, R. A., Retired, Carlton

Smith, Mrs. R. A., Carlton

Sowell, Gertrude, Teacher, Carlton

Sowell, R. J., Drugs, Carlton

Stapp, Mrs. R. G., Carlton

Stephens, G. L., Farmer, Carlton

Stevens, J. D., Salesman, Carlton

Stevenson, W. F., Retired, Carlton

Stockham, Emmett, Farmer, Carlton

Stockham, G. C., Farmer, Carlton

Strain, G. A., Indian Gap, Texas

Strain, Mrs. J. R., Indian Gap, Texas

Stringer, J. C., Farmer, Carlton

Stuckey, H. B., Merchant, Carlton

Stuckey, P. F., R-Farmer, Carlton


Taylor, M. K., Farmer, Carlton

Thetford, Fay, Farmer, Carlton

Thompson, D. D., Farmer, Carlton

Thompson, T. C., Merchant, Carlton

Tinsley, E. J., Farmer, Hico, R6

Tinsley, J. S., Farmer, Hico, R6

Tinsley, W. H., Farmer, Carlton

Tull, Mrs. Cora, Carlton

Turner, Mrs. Marie H., Hico, R6

Turney, H. L., Barber, Carlton


Vaughn, Douglass, Farmer, Carlton

Vinson, Anson, Farmer, Hico, R2

Vinson, Mrs. Eula, Hico, R3


Walton, M. R., Farmer, Hico, R2

White, C. T., Farmer, Carlton

Wilson, M. W., Farmer, Carlton

Wright, G. C., Farmer, Carlton

Wright, N. F., Farmer, Hico, R6

Wright, W. T., Farmer, Carlton


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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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