Briner Family History

This history is compiled from several sources. Sections are taken directly from the writings of Sarah Briner Hines evidently done on the occasion of the Briner family reunion in 1908. Sarah was the daughter of John Briner and Sarah Henry Briner and niece of Jacob and Maria Ott Briner. Records researched by Viola Briner, great granddaughter of John Briner and Sarah Henry Briner, supplied the major part of the additions. Briner Family History (ISBN 0-9602156-2-X) by Forrest D. Myers assisted by Jerry A. Clouse and published in Pennsylvania provided some of the information. Interestingly, a discrepancy exists between the records of the Ohio Briners and the Pennsylvania Briners. The Ohio Briners list FREDERICK BRINER as being born in Germany and immigrating to America. The Pennsylvania Briners list Frederick (Johann Friedrich) as being born to GEORGE MICHAEL BRINER and ANNA CATHARINA LOY Briner on September 8, 1762 in Berks Co. Pennsylvania, and baptized September 12, 1762 at Dunkel's (New Jerusalem) Church by Pastor Schumacher. The source for information on recent generations is the Gates family of Sidney and Shelby, Ohio. Enjoy with me the words of Sarah Briner, then in her early fifties, in 1908.

In writing a family history, one's mind goes back to those primitive days when the voyage across the mighty Atlantic was made in the sailboat, often taking weeks and even months to complete the perilous journey. We of today with our modernly equipped ocean steamers, fitted out as luxuriously as any parlor, can hardly imagine what such a voyage with its perils and hardships must mean. Let your minds revert with me to one of those early voyages. Imagine yourselves now upon the mighty sea, hundreds of miles from land in either direction and depending only upon the wind to reach your destination; think now of the storm in all its fury breaking upon you in that frail craft while in mid-ocean; the masts seem straining from their base as the ship leaps from billow to billow and it seems to you impossible that it can ride out such a storm in safely; but the storm subsides and you find yourselves for days in almost the same place as indicated by the ship's chronometer, the wind not having been strong enough to carry you forward or else taken you around in an almost complete circle-, and these were not all the hardships to endure for you were oft times scantily supplied with food and clothing, but onward goes your craft and finally the longed-for land is sighted. You cast anchor, perhaps to endure as great or even greater hardships in this new country. Who is there among us today who would be willing to undergo these perils and hardships for the benefit of our children and our children's children? I dare say not one. Yet in those early days many a strong heart braved those stormy seas and laid the foundation for the home and firesides of today.

Not least among these early pioneers comes our ancestor, Frederick John Briner, (sometimes Breiner) the first. Born in Germany, of German parentage, he emigrated to America in early manhood (probably about 1755). The earliest printed record in this country as of July, 1957 is an account of his purchase of a pair of pincers at public auction from the personal estate of Hugh Paugh in April, 1777. The war record of Frederick Briner included severalyears in service to his adopted country.
His name appears in a general muster roll of the Third Battalion of Northhampon county Militia in 1778. (4) He was also listed on two records of the roll of July 9, 1781, (5 & 6) an undated roll in 1782, (7) the roll of May 3, 1784, (8) the roll of May 5, 1785, (9), and the undated Depreciation Day. (10)
He married Maria Catharina (also known as Mary and Polly) and settled in Berks Co., Pa. where he is listed in the first U. S. Census in 1790. To this union was born three children, John, Henry, and a sister. Henry and the sister (Mrs. Wormley) married and remained in Pennsylvania. Henry's family consisted of one son, Henry, who settled in Lucell, Ill. His descendents still live there. The sister's family consisted of five children, all deceased but one, Mrs. Hull, who resides in Pennsylvania. Henry and Mrs. Wormley's descendents live in Pennsylvania and Illinois. Although the land and tax records show that Frederick was a farmer, (16 & 17) he is alvo said to have been a minister. (19)

JOHN, the eldest son of John Briner, the first, was born in Berks Co., Pa. September 20, 1786. He served in the War of 1812, our second war with England in asserting our Independence and he showed gallant service. He married Elizabeth Lyons (born Sept. 29, 1788), and the family consisted of eight children, four boys and four girls. With his family he came to Ohio in the spring of 1832.

Once again I must take you back to those early days of travel when steam cars, electric cars and automobiles were unknown. Loading all their possessions into two wagons they start on their journey over the mountains and through the forests, often cutting their way as they went. Me thinks, I see them now, footsore and wary, wending their way through deep and rugged passes, over rocky and barren mountains, cooking their meals over a fire built by the wayside. Finally, after seven weeks of this kind of travel, they stopped two miles east of Shelby. Here he purchased three farms, later occupied by his sons, JACOB, John and Henry. Their hardships were many, and we are told that during the first harvest of this Briner family, they had but one loaf of bread, their food consisting chiefly of potatoes and other garden vegetables. We have no record of any adventure with the American Indian, although the redskin was frequently seen in this locality, the greater part of the land at that time being covered with a dense forest. By the dint and energy of John Briner and his sons, these farms were soon cleared and are now some of the best in Richland Co., Ohio. John Briner, the second died March 31, 1863.

The names of his children I now give with number of their descendents respectively, reaching to the comprising six generations:
John, the eldest son was born in Perry Co., Pa. May 23, 1813. Perhaps it was he who was confirmed on Easter, 1826 at Loysville, Perry County. He died on Nov. 26, 1892, aged 79 years, 6 months, and 3 days in Richland Co., Ohio and buried in the London-Drunkard- St. Peter's Cemetery, Jackson Township, Richland Co. He spent his youth on a farm. On December 25, 1834, he married Miss Sarah Henry born Nov. 25, 1811 or about 1817 per age listed in 1870 federal census, died Sept. 22, 1893, age 81 years, 9 months, and 27 days per tombstone, in Richland Co., Ohio buried with John.

JACOB BRINER, (my great-great grandfather) the second son, was born in Cumberland, later Perry Co., Pa. August 19, 1815. When 17 years of age he came to Richland Co., Ohio with his parents. Here he married MARIA OTT (born June 30, 1827 in Wurtenburg, Germany, my great-great grandmother) on March 18, 1844 and moved to a farm one-half mile east of Shelby. Es family consisted of eight children, three daughters and five sons. He died Oct. 6, 1897 at the age of 82 years, I month, and 15 days.

Catherine A. the eldest daughter was born May 21, 1846. On Jan. 3, 1867 she was married to Thos. H. Sherrick and settled on a farm adjoining that of her father where she still resides. They have two daughters. Esther M. born Feb. 24, 1868; married to Valley C. Keck on Dec. 13, 1888, resides on a farm two miles south of Shelby. They have one son, Charles Wynn, born Oct., 21 1895. Clara A. born March 30, 1874- married Harry A. Dick, May 11, 1895, resides at home. Their only child died in infancy.
Margaret Elizabeth, the second daughter was born Oct. 7, 1848 and died Sept., 15, 1850, age 1 year, 11 months and 8 days.
Maria A., the third daughter was born Aug. 1, 1851 and died Dec. 11, 1866, age 15 years, 4 months, and 8 days.
Conrad I., the eldest son was born May 2, 1854. Married Clara Zumro March 8, 1881. To this union were born four children, two sons and two daughters. The eldest son died in infancy. Esther born July 26, 1887, died August 21 1887, aged 3 weeks and 5 days. Cletus V. born Nov. 7, 1890 and Eva L. born Aug., 17 1892 reside at home with their parents in Shelby.
John Willard, the second son, born Jan. 6, 1857, died Feb. 23, 1859, Aged 2 years, 1 month and 17 days.

GEORGE WASHINGTON (my great-grandfather) third son, born Feb. 13, 1860 in Richland Co., Ohio, died Sept 2, 1933 in Richland Co., buried in Oakland Cemetery, Shelby, Ohio. On February 22, 1883 in Fichiand Co., Ohio he married NANCY GUMP born April 24, 1861 to Josiah Gump and Pricilla Cline in Richland Co., Ohio on Feb. 22, 1883. Nancy died May 7, 1937 of injuries resulting from a fall from a railroad bridge. To this union were born six children, four daughters and two sons as follows:

1. Alice Faye born Dec. 2, 1883 at Shelby, Ohio. Married Geo. McGinley Nov. 24, 1904. Alice died Dec. 11, 1971. at Long Beach, Calif. Buried Dec. 14, 1971 in Oakland Cemetery, Shelby. George was born March 18, 1883 in Shelby, died April 29, 1947 at Mansfield, Ohio, buried with Alice and Grace M. McGinley, died Oct 23, 1962; George is the son of Amos E. McGinley, born 1854, died 1911 at Shelby, buried in the Myers Cemetery, Richland Co., Ohio, and his wife Orrilla "Rillie " Morton, a teacher, born 1842, died 1909, buried with Amos - in vame plot are Nannie G., 18 72-1956, and Hany E., 1880-1947). George was an insurance agent
2. Frank G. Briner born January 4, 1885.
3.BERTHA FERN BRINER born June I5, 1888, married February 23, 1913 in Richland County, Ohio to GARLAND WESLEY GATES (died Dec. 10, 1918 in the Spanish Flu epidemic son of HENRY HURSH GATES and his wife, VERDA CREVELING; Garland is buried in Oakland Cemetery, Shelby, Ohio). In the 1930ís, Bertha married Charlie Reed Bertha and Garland had one son:

GARLAND JUNIOR GATES born May 12, 1916 in Galion, Ohio, died in Shelby, Ohio June, 25, 1988 buried in Sandusky Cemetery West Liberty, Ohio, married May 15, 1942 in Shelby, Ohio to IONA BELLE JOHNSTON (born December 13, 1921 at Scotts Bluff Nebraska to JOHN CLEMENTS JOHNSTON and his wife, INEZ ERZINGER). Garland and Iona had five children:

David Alan Gates born June 8, 1943 in Shelby, Ohio, married July 2, 1966 in Dayton, Ohio to Arlene M. Calico (born October 6, 1941 at Dayon, Ohio to Robert Arnold Calico and his wife Opal Mays).
David and Arlene are retired public school teachers.
David and Arlene had:
Michael Alan Gates born February 15, 196 7 in Dayton, Ohio married July , 1997 to Kristine Hassler (born August 13, 1966 at Souix Falls, Iowa to Lowell Hassler and his wife Naomi Castle). Mike and Kris had:
Jordan MacKenzie Gates born June 9, 1998 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Deven Rhys Gates, born August 25, 1999 in Colorado Springs.
David and Arlene also had:
Lisa Arlene Gates born September 16, 1970 in Dayton, Ohio.

Patricia Kay Gates born Nov. 2, 1945 in Shelby, Ohio, married 1967 at Ganges, Ohio to Robert Saltzgaber (born Nov. 19, 1945 to Robert Saltzgaber and his wife Marge Urich) (Richand Co)
Pat and Rob had:
Patti Anne Saltzgaber born May 12, 1971 in Shelby, Ohio.
Tiffany Marie Saitzgaber born December 2, 19 76 in Shelby, Ohio, married in Shelby, Ohio to Charles Hill (born Jan. 18, 1974 to Charles Hill and Mary Moise)
Tiffany and Charles had:
Christian Hill born December 9, 1998 in Columbus, Ohio

Garland John Gates born Nov. 6, 1955 in Shelby, Ohio

Bruce Reed Gates born April 11, 1957, in Shelby, Ohio, died.Jan 25, 1995

Carl Jeffrey Gates born Nov. 1, 1961 in Shelby, Ohio

4. Newton 1869 - 1979, Married Gladys Young. Newton and Gladys had Bill and Nancy. Newton and Gladys resided on the farm purchased by JACOB BRINER

5. Lula Ruth Briner, born June 5, 1894, died March 26, 1975. Married May 2, 1914 to Morris Cline. They resided in Youngstown, Ohio. Lula and Maurice had: Robert Maurice Cline

6. Mildred Briner Dec. 25, 1905 - Married Arthur Neal. They resided in Mississippi, later Florida. Mildred anArthur had: Skip

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