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  I am pleased you have chosen to visit this web page.  If anyone would like to give advice or translate this page into your native language, your help will be accepted and appreciated. The current translations are are by Josep M. Gassiot Sala. A Gracious Web Graphics Artist in Catalan. Catalan is an autonomous country that is part of  what the world calls Spain. The French Translation is still computer generated until someone volunteers to translate it properly.

I want to let those looking for information on Gasiot-Gassiot-Gassiott to know that there are others following the same endeavor. Eventually, I hope this page can evolve into an electronic archive for any and all information anyone with a variation on the Gassiot name would like to submit.

Currently, living Gassiots have been located in France, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. My cousin Roger has traced the USA branch of our family (arrived 1820's) from America back to England, to France and Spain. There is another branch in the USA (arrived after 1900). I call the former the Francis Branch and the later the Gaston Branch, after the first person I know of in each branch, to arrive in the USA.

In the USA the Francis Branch holds a reunion normally on the Saturday after the 4th of July. Any Gassiot descendant is welcome.  If you would like more information, to be added to the list, or update your current information please use the message center or mail me.

Events/Comments From All Over
Hello Jean in Catalonia, Spain Hello to Carolyn Walters and Family in California
Hello Laurent in France Howdy, Mark E. Gassiot in Cyber Space
Hi Tim Gassiott in Dayton, Texas Hello, Norma Rasbeary in Groveton, Texas
Hi  Tom Harper in  Plugerville,Texas Hi, Juanita Arnold in Mt. Vernon, Texas
Hello, Herica Loayza Ayala, Peru Hello, Joan and Lourdes,Barcelona, Spain
THANK YOU, Josep M in Vic, Barcelona  In the USA The Gassiot Reunion is Scheduled for  July 8th
Dwight Duggins and Teresa Gassiott-Duggins are the proud parents of  Jason - a 9lb 3oz. bundle of joy. 

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