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My earliest known Gartner ancestors were Valentin and Gertrud Gärtner.  (They were my ggggggg grandparents!) Both were born about 1670 and lived in Wiepertz, Hesse, Germany.

Weiperz, Hesse, Germany

My great, great grandfather, Andreas (Andrew) Gärtner was born in Weiperz, but moved to Veitsteinbach-Kiliansberg when he married his first wife, so many of my ancestors lived in this town.

Veitsteinbach, Hesse, Germany

In 1971,Veitsteinbach and 6 other small villages (Oberkalbach, Eichenried, Heubach, Mittelkalbach, Niederkalbach, and Uttrichshausen) were consolidated under the name of "Kalbach."  Although they are now under one governmental unit, each village still has its own identity.  The total population of Kalbach is 6,155.  (I do not have a population figure for Veitsteinbach itself.)

I would like to acknowledge all the helpful folks on the web lists and message boards, but especially Gary Gaertner, a veteran Gaertner researcher for more than 30 years.  Gary took the time to share his research with me,  and all of the Gartner research from "the old country" that  you see here came from him, and his German cousin, Marga.  Gary and Marga spent a lot of time researching the church records in Germany.  Thank you, Gary and Marga!

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