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Oliver Lines of Descent from Olivers from Union County, New Jersey in the YellowGreen Group

This web page was first mounted on November 24, 2009 by Sheila Schmutz. and updated on October 25, 2012.

This is a private webpage that is connected to the Oliver Y DNA Project of Family Tree DNA. Please address corrections and additions to her. If you wish to correspond with other participants whose lines are shown, she will forward your message to them.

This webpage focuses only on the men who are highlighted in YellowGreen or Group 04, among the many Oliver men who have been tested thus far.

Note that the names of the participants and their Fathers are not shown to protect the privacy of the individuals. If individuals do not wish their line to be shown at all, please contact me and I will respect your wishes.

Some of the genealogy presented here was entered by the participants on an FTDNA page and/or a linked page from the site hosted by the former adminstrator of the Oliver Y DNA project, the late Mr. Pat Oliver. Some was shared via email for posting on this website.

The chart above illustrates the lines of the 3 men who have been Y DNA tested at FTDNA and match, and a fourth man tested by Genebase for a set of markers that overlaps the one used by FTDNA. There are 3 markers out of 67 that differ between 13776 and the other two men tested by FTDNA, 17163 and 38429. This suggests that their common ancestor could be several generations back.

Common Ancestor

Although the common ancestor of all of the men in the YellowGreen Group is not yet known, at least two of the men descend from William Oliver who was born about 1630 in Connecticut and died in 1694 in Union Co, NJ. Although, I have been unable to find many records for his descendants until John Milton Oliver who was born in 1794 in PA and died in 1863 in Washington Co, PA, please see the excellent gedcom by Lovanne Horsman posted to RootsWeb in 2006 with wills for several of his descendants.

Another participant descends from Samuel C. Oliver who was born in 1790 in Morris Co, NJ and died on 28 April 1866 in Greene Co, PA. His wife Hester was born in 1809 in PA.

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