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Oliver Lines of Descent from Olivers in the Violet Group

This web page was first mounted on December 12, 2009 by Sheila Schmutz. and updated on December 18, 2009. This is a private webpage that is connected to the Oliver Y DNA Project of Family Tree DNA. Please address corrections and additions to her. If you wish to correspond with other participants whose lines are shown, she will forward your message to them.

This webpage focuses only on the men who are highlighted in Violet or Group 12, among the many Oliver men who have been tested thus far. By November 22, 2012 there were 9 men with an "Oliver" male ancestor who are a close match at 12 markers. The detailed data on their markers appears on the Oliver Y DNA project homepage under Y-DNA results.

Mr. 82723 and Mr. 236455 share a grandfather who changed his name from Oliver to Bond.

Five men from this group have been tested at more markers, and the match breaks down after 12 markers. All have more than 2 differences at 25 markers. This either indicates that their common ancestor was very, very long ago or that their common ancestors came from the same area or even village, but were not the same man.

Note that 154606 has a different Oliver line (the Cyan Group) among his ancestors too. However, that line passed through a female Oliver who married a male Oliver in Caldwell Co, KY.

Note that the names of the participants and their Fathers are not shown to protect the privacy of the individuals. If individuals do not wish their line to be shown at all, please contact me and I will respect your wishes.

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