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Oliver Lines of Descent from Olivers in the Cyan Group of the Oliver Y DNA Project

This web page was first mounted on November 28, 2009 by Sheila Schmutz. and updated on December 5, 2011. This is a private webpage that is connected to the Oliver Y DNA Project of Family Tree DNA. Please address corrections and additions to her. If you wish to correspond with other participants whose lines are shown, she will forward your message to them.

This webpage focuses only on the men who are highlighted in Cyan Blue or Group 01, among the many Oliver men who have been tested thus far. This page is dedicated to the late Willis Pat Oliver, who administered the Oliver Y DNA project from September 2003 to his death on August 15, 2009. He was a member of this group. Much of the genealogy pertaining to this group, was posted on his website in linked pages.

Additional genealogy was provided through a gedcom file prepared by Lois Rundle. Her nephew is also a member of this group.

Note that the names of the participants and their Fathers are not shown to protect the privacy of the individuals. If individuals do not wish their line to be shown at all, please contact me and I will respect your wishes.

By December 15, 2009 there were 16 men who matched in the Cyan group. Most men in this groups have been tested for 37 markers, but 3 have only been tested at 12 markers. None of the members of this Cyan Group differ by more than one marker.

Please email me if you are a member of this group. A computer glitch has caused the loss of emails for many members.

Common Ancestor

The men who match in the Cyan Group thus far all descend from William Oliver born in Maryland before 1693. I am not able to provide much information about this person. This research was done by others. A son of this man, Leonard Oliver was born about 1725 in Maryland and died after 1790. I am thus far unable to find any census record or tax list record for this Leonard. His son Leonard Oliver, Jr. was born in MD in 1767 according to the 1850 census, so it fits that his father lived in MD then.

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