Auguste Ulmanek was the son of Joseph Ulmanek and Maria Kadlubek. Born 28 March 1910, in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, he was the youngest of Joseph & Maria's four children. The Ulmanek family returned to Jablonka, Slovakia when Auguste was very young. When his father died shortly after their arrival in Jablonka, Maria decided to return to Pennsylvania. Back in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, many years later and with the aid of her second husband, also named Joseph Ulmanek, Maria was able to bring three of her four children back to the United States by the mid 1920's. Maria's daughters, Mary and Cecelia returned in October 1923 and her son, John returned to Gallitzin by 1925. When Maria's second husband died in 1926, she was not able to bring Auguste back to Pennsylvania. Auguste continued to live with relatives in Jablonka. In the late 1950's he corresponded with his brother John, who still resided in Gallitzin. Auguste later married and had twin daughters, Marysia and Milka (dressed alike) shown in the above photo. The others in the photo are unknown.
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