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Letter written by Ann Marie Reilly Stanley to Alice Reilly Zimmerman (daughters of Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd & William Thomas Reilly. 
1317 - 14 Ave.  Altoona, PA
July 31, 1933

Dear Alice, Zim and all:

Just a few lines to let you know we rec'd your letter and was glad to hear from you.  I thought you and Zim both had forgot how to write.  You were so dam long in answering.  But I hope you are all well.  We are all O.K.  Hamer called me up Saturday.  Mom wanted us to come up.  I asked him what for and he said Jude was sick.  But it was to dam far for us to walk so I stayed home.  Jim isn't working so I don't know if Jude is sick or not.  If she is, she isn't very bad or they would at least call a person up I think.  Matt was over in Pittsburgh Friday a week ago.  He came back Monday last week.  He is looking for Port to come after him any day now.  He has the promise of a job in where Port works.  There is nothing doing in this dead place.  There was a big wreck here last night.  One man was killed.  Matt and the kids saw the wreck.

I did a big washing today I am pretty tired.  The lady in Bart's house got a new baby girl last Saturday morning at 1 o'clock.  I just came from there.  I go down every day to see them.  I didn't go down yesterday and they told me about it tonite.  They have just the too girls.  They were like you they wanted a boy.  But he was like Zim, he didn't know how to go about it. Ha Ha.  The first one they called Gloria and this one they call Patty Lou.  I don't think you know them Harshberger is their name.  They are just young and very nice people.  Kathryn is expecting hers in August sometime.  She is coming down to the Altoona Hospital.  Dr. James Taylor is her Doctor.  They can have all they want but I pass.  Bess said Marie you and I are not in style.  I said to hell with that G.D. Style.  Like Bess said if a woman would have the first one and a man have the second one there wouldn't be no third.  It would be finished.  Jimmie got himself a little white pup today and he calls it Nellie.  It is the cutest thing.  But it is a She Dog.  Alice if you happen to notice the bare spaces on the oppisite pages this is what did it.   Bess just sent me down a quart of home brew right off the ice and was it good.  It tasted like more.  If I make any I always give them some and if they make any they give us some.  Our water has a terrible taste too and it is terrible hot here.  We almost bake.  I didn't dampen my clothes for if it is as hot tomorrow as it was today I am not ironing.  For I have to heat my irons on the stove.

Well Jimmie starts to school this term.  Won't he be the corker.  I pity the poor Sister don't you.  Mom got her Hotel License.  I haven't been up since the 4 of July.  Then we just took a ride up and back.  How is Zimmie's work.  I hope good.  You have the car I don't see why you couldn't come up.  Well as usual I have ran out of news so I guess I will have to quit.

Well don't make it so dam long in answering this time.  Well I will close with love from all to all.

Kisses for the kiddies from Jim & Paul    XXXXXXXXXX

Ans soon
People mentioned in the letter:

Zim = Thomas Zimmerman
Hamer = Hamer Patterson, Mattilda Reilly's husband. Mattilda was sister of Marie, Jude, Alice, 
Jude = Julia Reilly Parrish
Jim = James Reilly, brother of Alice, Marie, Jude, Mattilda

Gloria = Gloria
Patty Lou = Patty Lou

Matt = Matt Stanley
Port = David Porter Stanley, Matt's brother

Jim = Jim Stanley, youngest son of Matt & Marie Reilly Stanley
Paul = Paul Stanley, oldest son of Matt & Marie Reilly Stanley


Source: Alice Zimmerman Piccirillo, Ridgway, PA
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