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Letter written by Ann Marie Reilly Stanley to Alice Reilly Zimmerman (daughters of Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd & William Thomas Reilly. 

1317 - 14 Ave.  Altoona, PA

June 21, 1933

Dear Sis & all:

Just a few lines to let you know I read your letter. Glad you got home safe. Sorry I am late in answering. But better late than never. l How are you all. We are all well. Matt is up the mountain. He got a couple of days work up there. I had Jimmy vaccinated last Friday. I am going to start him to school this year. Matt had one dayís work in 3 weeks for Martin. So you know his work isnít picking up any. Matt is going to Pittsburgh the last of the week to look around for a job.

Mom was down Monday they have not got their license yet. Today is Eddieís birthday Sunday was Momís. Aunt Mag had a chicken dinner for Mom Sunday. She ask me a couple of weeks ago what I was going to get her for her birthday. I told her the same thing she got me. It is terrible hot here the last couple of days. Well Alice I donít know any news?? So I will close. Ans soon. From Marie.

People mentioned in the letter:

Matt = Matt Stanley, Marie Reilly's husband
Jimmy = Jim Stanley, Matt & Marie's youngest son
Aunt Mag = Margaret, sister of Mary Matilda O'Dowd Reilly (Granny) 
Eddie = Eddie Reilly, brother of Marie, Alice, Jude, Matilda Reilly
Mom = Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd Reilly
Martin ?

Source: Alice Zimmerman Piccirillo, Ridgway, PA
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