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Letter written by Ann Marie Reilly Stanley to Alice Reilly Zimmerman (daughters of Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd & William Thomas Reilly. 

1317 - 14 Ave.  Altoona, PA
June 8, 1932

Dear Alice, Zim & Dotsie:

    Just a few lines to let you know we received your welcome letter just now.  So I thought I would ans right away.  I wondered why you did not write.  I thought you were sick or something.  Matt, I and the kids are all O.K. hope this finds you all the same.  Matt worked one week on the Wopsy road $3. per day.  But you have to take it out in groceries.  We will eat anyway.  But we owe gas and light bills.  I am afraid they will shut them off.  But if they do we will burn our coal stove and use oil lamps.  They can't keep a working man down.  I wrote to Mr. Hoenstine to try to get the American Legion to pay them for me.  But they won't pay gas or light bills.  So he got me January's rent payed.  So that's that.  But every little bit helps doesn't it.  I bet you missed the week Zimmie was layed off.  Matt don't have a bit of work at Martin's.  Yes, Alice, we were up home for Xmas, didn't come home until Sunday nite.  We had a swell time.  Brownie came down after us Xmas morning.  But I had a cute tree for the kids at home here.  It was more like Xmas this year for all of us.  Paul and Jim got shoes, stockings, oranges, apples, each a pound box of Cassidy's Candy chocolate, and a turkey dinner, ice cream and cake at the Shriner's.  Paul's shoes fit him, Jim's shoes just fit Matt they gave him a big five.  Lizzie sent us too big boxes of stuff.  I got five bucks for Xmas.  Uncle Lewis sent me a box of this writing paper and envelopes and a book of stamps from Colorado.  It is a swell box of writing paper.  Lizzie sent Jim a big truck in a box by itself and she sent me a beautiful scarf.  I gave it to Jude.  Mrs. Harlow gave us a box of chocolate candy.  I gave it to Mom.  This is what Lizzie sent Matt too pairs of nice silk hose and too nice ties Paul a green sleeveless jacket to ware under his leather coat, it is like felt, a tie too pairs hose an India game a pair of leather mitts, candy, nuts and oranges and cakes. 

    She sent Jim a pair of leather mitts 3 pairs of hose a big truck, candy, nuts, cakes and orange and me a scarf and she wanted to know what we needed if we need underware or clothes and what size we take and she would send them after Xmas.  But I just told her what size of dress shirts Matt takes.  But she will send more than shirts.  She will send Paul some clothes for school for she said she would.  They had a nice tree up home.  There hasn't been any of them down this week.  They don't have license for their car yet.  They were all well last week up there.  I have not saw any of them since.  Pete Harlow gave Jimmie a big poke of mixed candy for Xmas. I washed yesterday.  I have to iron today.  When are you coming up again.  I hope soon.  Tell Dotsie Jimmie sends her a big kiss here it is X.  He wants to know how his goil is and when is she coming to see him, is she coming Friday, what time. 

    So you have still got Scarlet fever down there yet.  No, Matt did not get that papering job.  We saw it alright.  But that job was taken before the ad was dry in the paper.  He was working on the road anyway.  Well Alice, news are sort of scarce here to so I guess I will quit for this time.  Ans soon with love to you all from Marie Matt Paul & Jim.

    XXXXXXX all for Dotsie from Jim & Paul

    P.S.  Did you see the piece in the paper about Father Cox and his Army going to Washington.

Well so long  ans soon.

Alice, I said what is Alice's number.  Paul said 256 Eichenlaub Ave*.  Matt and I had a good laugh.

*Address actually Euclid Ave.
People mentioned in the letter:

Zim = Thomas Zimmerman
Dotsie = Dolores Zimmerman
Brownie = Francis (Brownie) Reilly
Jude = Julia Reilly Parrish

Matt = Matt Stanley
Jim = Jim Stanley
Paul = Paul Stanley
Mom = Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd Reilly
Uncle Lewis = Louis Reilly
Lizzie = William Thomas Reilly had a sister, Elizabeth. This may have been Marie's aunt.

Source: Alice Zimmerman Piccirillo, Ridgway, PA
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