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Letter written by Ann Marie Reilly Stanley to Alice Reilly Zimmerman (daughters of Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd & William Thomas Reilly. 
1317 - 14 Ave.  Altoona, PA

April 21, 1932

Dear Alice Zim & Dotsie  

Just a few lines to let you know we received your letter the other day and was glad to hear from you. Hope you are all well we are all feeling pretty good. Paul & Jim were both real sick but are well now. Matt  has a couple of day work for Martin now and then. But every little bit helps along his work isnít no good at all yet I donít think it is going to be any good either. Did you know Alice the Federal agents got poor mom and Sarah and them again? But they are all out of jail now on $4,000 bond. They half to go to Pittsburgh for their trial. But they havenít heard when it will be yet. Mom was in the Johnstown Jail from Friday nite till Monday. Joe Bombocci got out Saturday. The fellow that runs the West End Hotel. Sarah didnít get out till Tuesday. They just got beer at Moms and Sarah. But see they had a buy on them before. Jim was down yesterday an told me they had got out alright. I was worried so dam bad about poor mom I couldnít work. We saw it in the paper Saturday so we went up and cam home Sunday nite. It sure is a hell of a business to be in Jim said. Jude was to be arrested last nite for that wreck. I have not heard how she made out yet but Pete would fix that up for her for it happened in Cresson. Well Jimmie said to tell you he would like to see Dotsie. Just wait till the new baby arrives Dotsie will scratch its eyes out for taking her place. So you  and Zim were fooling around were you. What were you doing playing tag now you are it huh? Alice I got Aunt Mag all kinds of seed down at the Red Cross you know they were giving them to ex servicemen. So Harry Watt is giving her half his lot so she is going to make gardens for me of course I will let her have half. I donít know of any more news to tell you only I think your are having pretty dam tough luck. Rotherts Were pretty cute. They never even came after the stove. Well I donít want it it is no dam good to me setting here disconnected. It is like an empty whiskey bottle. I canít use it! 

Well Alice Ans soon and come home when you can. This is the third letter I have answsered tonite. My fingers are stiff. I have too more to ans. But they will have to wait till after Saturday until I get some stamps. Well Alice I will ring off for this time ans soon

From Marie & all  

Kisses for honey bunch from Jim & Paul  


People mentioned in the letter:
Zim = Thomas Zimmerman
Dotsie = Dolores Zimmerman
Jude = Julia Reilly Parrish
Matt = Matt Stanley, Marie Reilly's husband
Jim = Jim Stanley, youngest son of Matt & Marie Reilly Stanley
Paul = Paul Stanley, oldest son of Matt & Marie Reilly Stanley
Pete = Pete Parrish, Jude (Julia) Reilly's husband
Mag = Margaret, sister of Mary Matilda O'Dowd Reilly (Granny) 
Mom = Mary Magdalene (Granny) O'Dowd Reilly

Harry Watt ?
Sarah ?

Joe Bombocci ?
Martin ?
Source: Alice Zimmerman Piccirillo, Ridgway, PA
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