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Carty Family Research - Anne Carty Clonan

Research furnished by Hibernian Research Co. Ltd, Ref - K - 972/FD, 17  February 1998

Anne Carty was born in County Meath around the year 1800. Previous research has identified her marriage to Matthew Clonan in the Roman Catholic parish of Kildalkey in 1830 and the birth of eight of their children in the subsequent years. Sometime after the death of her husband in 1849 Anne emigrated to the US with her children.


The aim of this search was to identify the place and family of origin of Anne Carty. There are various difficulties associated with this search. As the name of Anne’s parents and siblings are not known it would be difficult to distinguish between several persons of the same name. Also few parish registers date from before 1810 and many registers from well after this date. Hence it is unlikely that there is any surviving record of the birth of Anne Carty. However as marriages normally took place in the parish of the bride, it is likely that Anne was from the parish of Kildalkey. As such this search concentrated on this area.

Griffith’s Valuation

In order to produce accurate information necessary for local taxation, a great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland or Griffith’s valuation as it is known was carried out between 1848 and 1864. It provided for a uniform valuation of all property in Ireland to be based on the productive capacity of the land and the potential rent of buildings. The Valuation is arranged by county, barony, poor law union, civil parish and townland, and lists every landholder and every householder in the country. County Meath was surveyed in 1855.

The Catholic parish of Kildalkey is a much larger area than the civil parish of the same name. The Catholic parish contains the following civil parishes:


A basic Index to Griffith’s Valuation, the Index of Surnames has been produced which records the surnames that appear in each parish.

The Index of Surnames records a total of thirty seven entries for the name Carty/Carthy in Griffith’s Valuation for County Meath. Of these, six occur in the barony of Lune and within this area three in the civil parish of Kildalkey. There are no Carty entries for the other civil parishes of Killaconnigan, Killyon and Castlerickard.

The three entries for the name Carty in the parish of Kildalkey were identified. All of these entries appear in the townland of Ballynadrimna and relate to the following names:

Townland of Ballynadrimna

John Carty junior,
Laurence Carty,
Mary Carty
John Carty.

Ordinance Survey Map

The first detailed mapping of Ireland was carried out in the 1830s. These maps, produced on a scale of six inches to one mile, show each townland and the plots contained therein.

Ballynadrimna and Corballis were situated relatively close to each other and it is quite possible that a marriage could have taken place between the Carty and Clonan families. The absence of other Carty families from any other part of the large Catholic parish of Kilkdalkey also suggests a connection between these two families.

(Using Valuation Office records it would be possible to identify the specific plots within each townland held by each family. However this Office is closed for two to three months while it moves to new premises.)

Roman Catholic Parish Register

The parish register of the Catholic parish of Kildalkey only dates from 1837 for baptisms, marriages and deaths and as such would not record the baptism of Anne Carty. The baptism register for the years 1837 to 1845 was searched for any entry which might relate to other members of the Carty family of Ballydrimna. However no such entry was identified within this period.

It might be worthwhile pursuing marriages and deaths in this register. However any entries located would not confirm the relationship of Anne Carty to Ballynadrimna.

Census of 1901 and 1911

The only census which have survived intact for the entire country are those of 1901 and 1911.

These census were searched for the townland of Ballynadrimna. At these times there were no persons named Carty living in this townland.

There is a large amount of earlier census material for parts of County Meath but none of this relates to the parish of Kildalkey.


Circumstantial evidence suggests that Anne Carty was from the townland of Ballynadrimna which is situated close to the townland of Corballis where her husband lived. It is unlikely that this connection can be positively proved.

Due to the relatively late starting date of the parish register for Kildalkey it has not proved possible to confirm the connection between Anne Carty and Ballynadrimna. A search for further local sources failed to locate any record which might confirm such a connection.

However the name Carty is quite rare in this part of County Meath and there are no other Carty entries in Griffith’s Valuation for the parish of Kildalkey outside Ballynadrimna. There is no record in the parish register of Carty children for this period.

By 1901 there is no record of the Carty family in the townland of Ballynadrimna.

Further Research

The possibilities for further research into the Carty and Clonan family are quite limited. When the Valuation Office reopens it would be possible to identify the specific plots held by the Carty and Clonan families in Ballynadrimna and Corballis respectively.

Sources Consulted

Index of Surnames, County Meath

Griffith’s Valuation, Parish of Kildalkey

Parish Register, Kildalkey

Ordinance Survey Map, Kildalkey

Census of 1901 and 1911, Ballynadrimna.

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