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Haplogroup C

Haplogroup C is extremely rare in Britain. It is thought to have originated in Central Asia -

like P, Q, R and other rare haplogroups - and to have dispersed both East and West.

Haplogroup C is the haplogroup to which the many "descendants" of Genghis Khan

reputedly belong, and is also found in India and Southwest Asia.

C Haplotype #1

The top Old World frequencies for the partial haplotype below include the Uigurs (or Uyghurs) of China, an area

settled by the Goths in Sweden, Iran, Northern Italy, expatriate Lithuanians in Poland and Kurds in Iraq. Since these

matches are not filtered by DYS385a,b values, there is a strong chance of convergence with other haplogroups,

but the samples cited above could reflect an origin among steppe nomads such as the Indo-Iranians (e.g.,

Scythians and Sarmatians) and the Huns. This haplotype could have come to Britain with Sarmatians or

Alans or other Roman troops of Asiatic descent.

19 389i 389ii 390 391 392 393 385a 385b
14 - - 24 9 11 12 - -

Geographical Locale

Leuven, Belgium 4.42
Urumqi, China [Uigur] 3.23
Ostergotland-Jonkoping, Sweden 2.38
Tunis, Tunisia 1.85
Chengdu, China [Han] 1.82
Tehran, Iran 1.25
Bonn, Germany 1.11
Caceres, Central-West Spain 1.09
Ecuador [African-American] .98
Veneto, Northern Italy .83
Bialystok, Poland [Lithuanians] .81
Kurds, Iraq .79
Sanaa, Yemen .79
New York City [Hispanic-American] .67
Ethiopia [Amharic] .58
Mexico City, Mexico .56
Rio Negro, Argentina [European] .45
Wroclaw, Poland .45
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [European] .41
Munich, Bavaria .39
London, England .35
Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemburg .23
Buenos Aires, Argentina [European] .15

C Haplotype #2

The only Eurasian match for this haplotype falls in Andalucia - a part of Spain historically settled by the Moors.

The haplotype may originally have come to Britain from South Asia, by way of the Middle East.

19 389i 389ii 390 391 392 393 385a 385b
14 - - 24 9 11 13 11 13

Geographical Locale

Andalucia/Extremadura, Spain .26