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Border Reiver DNA - Geographical Match Tables

This web page provides a guide to all the geographical match tables we have derived so far from YHRD

(the international Y-Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database) for each of the haplotypes in our Border Reiver

DNA database.

These match tables are organized onto web pages that include a general discussion of a particular haplogroup

or haplotype variation. The match tables themselves list the locales where a haplotype is found in YHRD, sorted

in descending order by the frequency of its appearance. We also speculate briefly on the possible origin of

that haplotype, and how it may have come to Britain.

Guide To Haplogroup R1b Match Tables

Guide To Haplogroup I Match Tables

Guide To Match Tables For Miscellaneous Haplogroups

Guide To Haplogroup R1b Match Tables

The chart below shows the links to the R1b Geographical Match Tables by haplotype category.

These links include several web pages for the Atlantic Modal Haplotype, whose basic marker values for

DYS19/388/390/391/392/393 are 14/12/24/11/13//13, several for haplotypes that exhibit different values for

the DYS390 STR marker (such as "North Sea Celtic" haplotypes with DYS390 values of 23), and a few each

for haplotype variations based on different values of DYS19, DYS391, DYS392 and DYS393.

Please note that, since many haplotypes could fall into multiple categories, some may appear under a web page

for one category, but not under another. For instance, a haplotype with a DYS19 value of 15 and a DYS390 value

of 25 might appear on the "DYS19=15" web page, but not on the "DYS390=25" web page, and vice versa.

Please also note that some of these Match Tables were created in the spring of 2004 and have not yet been changed

to keep pace with updates to the YHRD database. Rest assured that we are working to revise these old tables, but

the process will take some time.

Finally, visitors to our web site are advised not to take our own guesses about the origins of various haplotypes

too seriously. These are, after all, pure supposition in many cases - especially for R1b haplotypes - and are meant to

be suggestions, not assertions. Wide reading in history and the latest archaeological research informs our opinions,

but that doesn't entirely immunize them from subjectivity or even flights of fancy. It is our aim to generate interest

in the potential diversity of British origins, not to make definitive declarations. We could apply the scientific principle

of "parsimony" and state cautiously that all R1b in Britain is mostly likely of native origin, but everyone else does that

- and, besides, that is no fun. We prefer to fire the imagination with "what if" scenarios.

Match Tables For R1b Haplotype Variations
Haplogroup AMH DYS389i,ii=13,29 (Part 1)
Haplogroup AMH DYS389i,ii=13,29 (Part 2)
Haplogroup AMH DYS389i,ii=13,30
Haplogroup AMH Miscellaneous (Part 1)
Haplogroup AMH Miscellaneous (Part 2)
Haplogroup R1b DYS19=13
Haplogroup R1b DYS19=15
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=21 or 22
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=23 (Part 1)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=23 (Part 2)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=23 (Part 3)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=23 (Part 4)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=25 (Part 1)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=25 (Part 2)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=25 (Part 3)
Haplogroup R1b DYS390=25 (Part 4)
Haplogroup R1b DYS391=10 (Part 1)
Haplogroup R1b DYS391=10 (Part 2)
Haplogroup R1b DYS391=10 (Part 3)
Haplogroup R1b DYS391=12
Haplogroup R1b DYS392=12
Haplogroup R1b DYS392=14
Haplogroup R1b DYS393=14
Haplogroup R1b DYS393=12 (Possible ht35 - Part 1)
Haplogroup R1b DYS393=12 (Possible ht35 - Part 2)
Haplogroup R1b Possible ht35 Analysis & Discussion

Guide To Haplogroup I Match Tables

The chart below shows links to the "I" Geographical Match Tables organized by subclades, which include I1, I2a and

I2b. Our speculations about the origins of the haplotypes at these links, once again, are not meant to be taken to heart.

Match Tables For Haplogroup I Subclades
Haplogroup I1 (Part 1)
Haplogroup I1 (Part 2)
Haplogroup I1 (Part 3)
Haplogroup I1 (Part 4)
Haplogroup I1 (Part 5)
Haplogroup I1 (Part 6)
Haplogroup I2a (Part 1)
Haplogroup I2a (Part 2)
Haplogroup I2b (Part 1)
Haplogroup I2b (Part 2)
Haplogroup I2b (Part 3)
Haplogroup I2b (Part 4)

Guide To Match Tables For Miscellaneous Haplogroups

The chart below shows the links to the Geographical Match Tables for all other haplogroups in the Border Reiver

DNA database. These include R1a, G, J2 and E1b1b - as well as haplogroups that are far rarer in our data set.

Match Tables For Miscellaneous Haplogroups
Haplogroup C
Haplogroup E1b1a
Haplogroup E1b1b
Haplogroup G
Haplogroup J & J2
Haplogroup K
Haplogroup N & N3
Haplogroup R
Haplogroup Q
Haplogroup R1a (Part 1)
Haplogroup R1a (Part 2)
Haplogroup R1a (Part 3)

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