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Standing l-r are Leota, father David, and Martha--also known as "Mattie." In front are mother Allie and Nora

- - Allie & David Durham sitting, the Durham boys are: (standing l-r): Tom, John, Bill, Harold, and Charles


Our Durham family roots were in Pennsylvania and Delaware. The earliest known member of the family was John Durham, born in Delaware in 1813. He married Mary Stone of Pennsylvania in 1837 and they settled in Perry County, Pennsylvania, where they farmed and raised their 11 children.

Their sixth child was David, born in 1848. When he was 28, David went to Iowa, and it was there that he met and married Alathea "Allie" Norman in 1876. Although she was born in Iowa, her mother's family -- the Merritts -- were from North Carolina. Little is known about her father's Norman clan.

Although David's mother in Pennsylvania wrote and encouraged her son to return to Pennsylvania, it was not to be. David and Allie had 13 children, most of them born in Iowa, near Cherokee. However, in about 1892, they moved to the Norfolk, Nebraska area for several years, before picking up and moving farther west to Dawes County, Nebraska and Crook County, Wyoming.

While a few of their children died young, most grew to adulthood. The undated photographs to the left show David and Allie with their daughters in one picture -- and their sons in the other.

Many of their family still live in the Devil's Tower region of Crook County, Wyoming, but most of the descendants of David and Allie Durham have scattered far and wide.

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