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Constant Woodworth Lineage

There are several gaps in the written record of Constant Woodworth's lineage, but DNA tests have
proven this line originates from Walter Woodworth who emigrated to Scituate, Massachusetts in the
1630's. A probable lineage can be proposed as this:

Walter Woodworth
   Joseph Woodworth
      Joseph Woodworth
         Jedediah Woodworth
            Jedediah Woodworth
               Constant Woodworth b. c. 1786 CT

Very little is known about Constant Woodworth and his family. Here is a brief summary of what
I have found in hopes someone may connect with this family:

The first reference to Constant Woodworth's life is a land purchase along the "Mile Strip" of the
Niagara River. Lot #98, consisting of 162 acres, was purchased at auction in Albany, NY in 1805.
Whether Constant ever lived on this land is unknown, as the next time his name surfaces is in the
War of 1812 where he served at Sackett's Harbor, NY as part of the NY Militia. It is unknown where
he is living at this time. His name has also not been found in the 1810 census. He was probably not
married yet in early 1810 (or only recently married) and may have been living with relatives at the
time. In 1820 he buys land in Gaines, Orleans Co., NY where he is also listed in the 1820 census with
a wife and 4 sons under the age of 10. In 1828 he sells this land and buys land in Washtenaw Co.,
Michigan. In the 1830 census he is living in Panama, Washtenaw Co., Michigan with a wife and 5 sons
under the age of 20. On this farm in Salem he spends the rest of his life, dying in February of 1850.
His son Orange then acquires this farm and remains there until his death in 1907. The names of his
sons and wife are unknown at this time, since they died or left home before the 1850 census. Orange
acquired the farm after Constant died so he is most likely a son. Deleware C., who died before
Constant is also probably a son since he is listed next to Constant in the state census. Whitely is also
probably a son, since he lived in Salem before Constant's death and Whitely, a very unusual given
name, just happens to be the maiden name of Constant's mother.

Little is know about Constant, but a glimpse of his early life can be seen in the Revolutionary War
pension papers of his parents, Jedediah and Adah. In the pension application there are many
affidavits of his neighbors attesting to the fact this was a large and very poor family. Constant is
mentioned by name in the recollections of a lifetime neighbor, along with several of his siblings. His
father, Jedediah, was remembered as a drunkard, unable to hold a job, and "mean tempered" when
under the influence. Adah is recalled as a saintly woman, who did sewing and washing as a means
to bring in a little income. Their posessions were few, and it has been suggested that the children
may have been bound out when they became old enough, or perhaps raised by relatives. The neighbor
recalls that the older sons removed to northern New York when they became of age, so perhaps
Constant moved there also for a time. The affidavits of Adah's pastor and the town clerk confirm
the fact that the church records and town vital records were missing for this time period so no birth
record can be found for Constant. From the 1850 mortality record we can estimate he was born about
1786 in Connecticut.

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