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1608 Settler of Jamestown, Virginia

and His Descendants (ca. 1580-1998)




There are numerous questions about descendants of Capt. Thomas Graves. There is often inadequate documentation and differences of opinion about the interpretation of the evidence that does exist. Several of these issues have been addressed in an Appendix to this genealogy. They include:

Francis Graves (#7), youngest child of Capt. Thomas Graves. A question has been raised as to whether this was a son or a daughter, and the present answer is that it is a son.

William Graves (#222) who married Sarah Smith. There has been a question on which William this is, and his line of descent from Capt. Thomas Graves.

Descent of Thomas Graves (#122) and John Graves (#121) of Spotsylvania Co., VA.

Identification and descent of Joseph Graves (#123), brother of Thomas Graves (#122) born 1691.




Thomas Graves (1), gentleman, arrived in Virginia in October of 1608, coming from England in the ship "Mary and Margaret" with Captain Christopher Newport's second supply. Although John Card Graves (R-515) states that Thomas was accompanied by his wife Katherine, sons John and Thomas, and eight others, including Henry Singleton and Thomas Edge, most other historians agree that he did not bring his wife and children over until later. It is likely that he did not even marry Katherine until 1610, and his first child was born about 1611.

Thomas Graves was one of the original Adventurers (stockholders) of the Virginia Company of London, and one of the very early Planters (settlers) who founded Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in North America. He was also the first known person named Graves in North America. Captain Thomas Graves is listed as one of the original Adventurers as "Thomas Grave" on page 364, Records of the Virginia Company of London, vol. IV. Although the Records of the Virginia Company state that in 1622 was granted "a patent to Thomas Graves of Doublin in the Realm of Ireland, gent.", this may be a clerical error. As stated in the original charter of the Virginia Co. of London, the first Adventurers to Virginia were to be from the city of London.

King James I of England, on April 10, 1606, granted letters patent (charter) to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers, Richard Hakluyt, Edward-Maria Winfield, Thomas Hanham, Raleigh Gilbert, William Parker, and George Popham, in whose names the petition for the charter to the Virginia Company of London had been made, for the founding of two colonies in Virginia.

In 1606 the name Virginia designated the North American coast north of Spanish Florida. The First Colony was to "begin their first plantation and place of their first sojourning and dwelling in any place along the aforesaid coast of Virginia or America where they thought it suitable and convenient, between the aforesaid thirty-four and forty-one degrees of the aforesaid latitude." The Second Colony was to locate at some point between thirty-eight degrees and forty-five degrees of northern latitude. (Rec. Va. Co., vol. IV, p. 368)

The First Colony (consisting of knights, gentlemen, merchants and others of the city of London) made a settlement at Jamestown on May 13, 1607, which became permanent. The Plymouth grantees (from the English cities of Bristol and Exeter, the town of Plymouth, and other places) established the Second Colony at Sagadagic (on the coast of what became Maine) in August 1607, but abandoned it in the spring of 1608.

On May 13, 1607, Captain Christopher Newport's fleet of three small ships, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery, with 105 colonists, reached the site of this first permanent English settlement, and called it James Towne. Captain Newport returned to Jamestown on Jan. 8, 1608 with the first supply in the John and Francis. The Phoenix, commanded by Captain Francis Nelson, which had sailed as part of the first supply, finally arrived on 20 April 1608. More than half the settlers died that first winter.

Captain Newport sailed again for England and arrived at Blackwell May 21, 1608. Capt. Nelson returned to England in the Phoenix early in July 1608, with requests from Virginia to be sent by the second supply. Capt. Newport left England in the Mary and Margaret, a ship of about 150 tons, with the second supply, probably in August of 1608. Many sources give the arrival date of this second supply as being early in October 1608. We do know that it was after Sept. 10, 1608.

A comparatively complete record, with the names, of the little band of first planters who came in 1607 and the two supplies of 1608 is given by Captain John Smith in his Historie. These three expeditions brought a total of about 295 people -- the first settlers numbering about 105, the first supply 120, and the second supply about 70. Of the whole number, 92 are described as "gentlemen."

Regarding the title of "Captain" which is attached to Thomas Graves in Virginia historical records, he had no such designation in the Charter of 1609 wherein all the Adventurers (stockholders) of the Virginia Company are listed, and is shown by Captain John Smith on his arrival in Virginia simply as "Thomas Graves, Gent." Thus it appears that he acquired the title of Captain after arriving in Virginia.

Thomas Graves early became active in the affairs of the infant colony. On an exploring expedition he was captured by the Indians and taken to Opechancanough. Thomas Savage, who had come to Virginia with the first supply on the John and Francis in 1608, was sent to rescue him, in which he was successful.

The winter of 1608-09 was much better than the previous winter, but soon after Capt. John Smith returned to England for medical treatment in October 1609, the "Starving Time" reduced the population of about 500 to no more than sixty men, women, and children. In June of 1610, the survivors were in the process of abandoning the settlement, when Lord Delaware arrived as governor of the colony. From that time on, there was apparently no further serious thought of abandoning the town. However, even by 1616, the colony had a total population of only 351, of whom 81 were farmers or tenants.

In 1617 the Virginia Company, hoping to expand population and agricultural production in the colony, encouraged private or voluntary associations organized on a joint stock basis to establish settlements in the area of the Company's patent. The Society of Smith's (or Smythe's) Hundred (later called Southampton Hundred) was organized in 1617. In addition to Captain Thomas Graves, the Adventurers included Sir Thomas Smith, Sir Edwin Sandys, and the Earl of Southampton. Soon after April 29, 1619, Governor Yeardley wrote to Sir Edwin Sandys: "I have entreated Capt. Graves, an antient officer of this company, to take charge of the people and workes."

Capt. Thomas Graves was a member of the First Legislative Assembly in America, and, with Mr. Walter Shelley, sat for Smythe's Hundred when they met at Jamestown on July 30, 1619. The time of Capt. Thomas Graves' removal to the Eastern Shore is not known. It was, however, after August 1619, since he was then a representative from Smythe's Hundred to the first meeting of the House of Burgesses. It was also prior to Feb. 16, 1623, for "A List of Names: of the Living in Virginia, Feb. 16, 1623" shows Thomas Graves "at the Eastern Shore". His patent for 200 acres on the Eastern Shore is of record 14 March 1628 (Patent Book No. 1, p. 72, Land Registrar's Office, Richmond, Va.). This land was in what was then known as Accomack, now a part of Northampton Co. It was granted by Dr. Thomas Pott, Governor of Virginia, and was on the eastern side of the Bay of Chesapeake, westerly of the lands of Capt. Henry Flute, an explorer of the Bay, "by virtue of the adventure of five and twenty pounds paid by the said Capt. Thomas Graves to Sir Thomas Smyth, Treasurer of the Virginia Company." He paid a "quit rent" of one shilling for fifty acres, payable at the feast of St. Michael the Archangel (Sept. 29) each year on a part of his land.

In the census of February 1625, Capt. Thomas Graves was one of only 51 people then living on the Eastern Shore. He was put in charge of the direction of local affairs later in 1625. In Sept. 1632 he, with others, was appointed a Commissioner "for the Plantacon of Acchawmacke". He was one of the Burgesses to the Assembly, representing Accomac, for the 1629-30 session and the 1632 session. He attended many of the meetings of the Commissioners, but he was absent from Dec. 30, 1632/3 until Oct. 23, 1633/4. It appears that he was out of the country.

The old Hungars Episcopal Church is located about seven miles north of Eastville, on the north side of Hungars Creek. Hungars Parish was made soon after the county was established, and the first minister was Rev. Francis Bolton, who was succeeded by Rev. William Cotton. The first vestry was appointed in 1635. The first vestry meeting was on Sept. 29, 1635, at which Capt. Thomas Graves headed the list of those present. The first church edifice was erected in 1690-95 and was still standing around 1900, one of the oldest churches in the country. In addition to Capt. Thomas Graves, the other persons named by the court as vestrymen of Hungars Church were William Cotton, minister, Obedience Robins, John Howe, William Stone (first Protestant Governor of Maryland), William Burdett, William Andrews, John Wilkins, Alexander Mountray, Edward Drews, William Beniman and Stephen Charlton.

Captain Thomas Graves died between November 1635 when he was witness to a deed and 5 Jan. 1636 when suit was entered against a servant to Mrs. Graves (Adventurers of Purse and Person, pp. 188-189). His birth date is not known, but is believed to be about 1580. That would have made him only about 55 years of age at his death.

Very little is known about Katherine, wife of Capt. Thomas Graves. Her maiden name may have been Croshaw. (There was a Raleigh Chroshaw, Gent., who arrived with the second supply with Thomas Graves.) Just when she came to Virginia is not recorded. She and her children are not included in the 1625 census of the Eastern Shore, although Capt. Thomas Graves is. The patent granted to John Graves (son of Capt. Thomas Graves) on Aug. 9, 1637 states that the 600 acres granted to him in Elizabeth City was "due in right of descent from his father Thomas Graves, who transported at his own cost himself, Katherine Graves his wife, John Graves the patentee, and Thomas Graves, Jr., and 8 persons." (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent.) The 50 acres assigned for each person transported shows they came after 1616. The other 8 persons transported did not include any members of Capt. Graves' family. The girls, Ann, Verlinda, and Katherine obviously came later, and Francis was born in Virginia. The last reference to Mrs. Graves shows her living at the Old Plantation, Accomac, as of May 20, 1636.

Since Captain Thomas Graves had been active in the affairs of Virginia from his arrival, the absence of any mention of him during certain periods indicate he had returned to England. This is also confirmed by patents issued to him and to others in which he is mentioned. Mrs. Hiden stated: "Even a cursory reading of Northampton (formerly Accomack) records reveals how frequent were the trips to England, Ireland, Holland, and New England" of those living on the Eastern Shore. Mrs. Hiden also stated (R-509, p. 34): "We know from the land patents that Capt. Thomas Graves made several trips out of the country, to England presumably, and on one of his return voyages his family accompanied him."

Thomas Graves was probably unmarried when he arrived in Virginia in 1608. He was young, and adventure was probably the reason for his coming to Virginia. He was obviously educated, of some "social status" and financial means, and a leader.

It is likely that he returned to England, possibly in Oct. 1609, either on the same ship with Captain John Smith (who left Virginia for England for treatment of his wounds resulting from an explosion), or on one of the other seven ships which arrived in Virginia in August 1609. In that way he would have missed the "Starving Time" of the winter of 1609-10, which so few survived.

He may have then married in England in about 1610, fathered John Graves and Thomas Graves, remained in England for several years, and returned to Virginia prior to the formation of Smythe's Hundred in 1617, or possibly a little later. It is known that he was "entreated to take charge of the people and workes" at Smythe's Hundred in April 1619, and was there then.

Also, there is no record of his being in Virginia after the meeting of the Burgesses in July-August of 1619 until he is shown as living on the Eastern Shore in 1623. It seems reasonable that he was in England at the time of the Indian Massacre of March 1622, and upon returning to Virginia settled on the Eastern Shore where it was less perilous to live. The fact that he fathered three children, the girls, during this period certainly lends support to his being in England. (R-14, R-501, R-515)

Children - Graves

+2. John Graves, b.c. 1611, m. ------ Perrin, c. 1624 or later, d.c. April 1640.

+3. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1616, wife unknown, d.c. 1674.

+4. Verlinda Graves, b.c. 1618, m. William Stone, d. 13 July 1675.

+5. Ann Graves, b.c. 1620, m(1) William Cotton, before 10 July 1637, m(2) Nathaniel Eaton, by 1642, m(3) Francis Doughty, 8 June 1657, d. 2 March 1683/4.

+6. Katherine Graves, b.c. 1622, m(1) William Roper, c. 1636, m(2) Thomas Sprigg, 3 March 1650.

+7. Francis Graves, b.c. 1630, m(1) ------, m(2) Jane Maguffey, d.c. 1691.






John Graves (2) was the oldest son of Captain Thomas Graves. In the absence of documentation, Mrs. Hiden estimated his birth in one instance to be "by 1605" and "not later than 1616" in another. Based on all available evidence, it seems likely that he was born about 1611. He was almost certainly born in England, since he did not receive land as an "Ancient Planter." All persons in Virginia prior to 1616 received an additional 50 acres. He was "of age" (21 years of age or older) before 19 Feb. 1634/5, for he had sued John Parramore (Accawmacke 1, p. 26), proving he was born at least by 1614, and on that date the Acchawmacke Court's decision was "John Parramore ordered to pay a debt of 100 lb. tobacco to John Graves".

(Note: On p. 48 of Louise Graves' book (R-501) is a comment that should be taken into consideration, since it indicates the possibility that he was not yet 21 in 1634/5. "It was the custom for the boys in Virginia to be married anywhere from 16 to 21 and the girls from 15 or 16 to 18 years of age. It is sad to relate, but life expectancy and the average age at death was around age 35 in those days, although many lived to be very old, even as in the present. It is noted that in almost all the wills of the period, while the testator's property did not usually come into the control of the male heir until he was 21 years old, yet sometimes the testator would declare that his son was to be considered 'of age' when he reached 16.")

John Graves died intestate in Elizabeth City County, possibly in April 1640. His death was between 29 May 1639, when he patented land, and 30 April 1640, when William Parry was named his administrator and bond was made (Northampton Co., Book 2, p. 281). Capt. Roper, William Cotton and Capt. Stone, brothers-in-law of John Graves and administrators of the estate of Capt. Thomas Graves, were originally appointed administrators of John Graves' estate, but in April 1640 they resigned and William Parry was appointed.

John Graves seems to have been the only one of his name in the county. Because most of the early records were destroyed, very little information is available about him, but land records and patents do reveal some facts.

On 9 Aug. 1637, John Graves patented 600 acres in Elizabeth City County near the upper end of the Back River, "due in right of descent upon his father Thomas Graves who transported at his own costs himself, Katherine Graves, his wife, sons John Graves, the patentee, and Thomas Graves, Jr., and 8 persons, Henry Singleton, Thomas Edge, Robert Phillips, Thomas Griggs, Thomas Phillips, Francis White, William Symber, Jone Packett." This patent is proof that Capt. Thomas Graves did not bring his family until after 1616, for had they come earlier they would all have been "Ancient Planters" and entitled to 100 acres each instead of 50 acres. This patent was near the lands of Capt. Adam Thoroughgood and east of the dwelling of Ohner Van Kirk. In 1638 and 1639 he received additional patents.

The holdings of John Graves were near the York County line and almost directly opposite Hungar's Creek in Northampton Co. (formerly Accawmacke) on the Eastern Shore, where his father had lived and where his sisters were still living at that time.

The wife of John Graves is not known, but John Card Graves stated (R-515): "He married a daughter of the illustrious Perrin family, large property owners, and prominent in Virginia history." He gave no basis for this statement. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+8. Ralph Graves, b. by 1629, m. Rachel Croshaw, c. 1652-4, d. 9 May 1667.

+9. William Graves, b. by 1631, married, d. before 1668.

+10. Thomas Graves, b. by 1631, m. Elizabeth ------.

11. Sarah Graves, m. Thomas Dipnall (Burgess from James City Co., Va. in 1654), by 1661.

+12. daughter, m. William Grenther.


Thomas Graves (3) by some accounts was born about 1617, probably in England. He died about 1675 in Gloucester Co., Va., and left his land to his sons Thomas, Jeffrey and William. He settled in Gloucester Co., Va., and acquired large tracts of land there, part of which was granted in 1657. He patented 53 acres and later 240 acres in Gloucester Co., also 300 acres in Lancaster Co., Va. He was known as "Thomas Graves, Sr. of Timberneck Creek, Gloucester Co., planter." The name of his wife is not known, although it is believed to be Elizabeth (or Katherine). (R-515)

Children - Graves

+13. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1639, m(1) Mary ------, before 1677, m(2) Elizabeth ------.

+14. Jeffrey Graves, m. Dorothy ------, before 1680.

+15. William Graves, m. Mary ------, by 1686.

16. Mary Graves (given by John Card Graves, but not by most other sources).


Verlinda Graves (4) was born about 1618 in Va., and died 13 July 1675 in Charles Co., Md. She married Capt. William Stone before 1640, perhaps about 1634 or 1638 in Va. He was born about 1603 in Lancaster, England, and died 21 Dec. 1660 in Charles Co., Md. He was Governor of Maryland, the first Protestant Governor, Capt. of Colonial Service, and the third Colonial Governor appointed by Lord Baltimore in 1648. (R-120, R-141, R-168)

Children - Stone

+17. Thomas Stone, b.c. 1638, m. Mary ------, d. 1676.

+18. John Stone, b.c. 1642, m(1) Elizabeth Warren, m(2) Eleanor Bayne, d. 1698.

+19. Elizabeth Stone, b.c. 1650, m. William Calvert, 1662, d. 1707.

20. Richard Stone

+21. Mary Stone, b.c. 1656, m(1) Benoui Thomas, m(2) Robert Doyne, 1674, d. 1656.

22. Catherine (or Katherine) Stone


Ann (or Anne) Graves (5) was born about 1620, and died 2 March 1683/4 in Charles Co., Md. Her will was proved 18 July 1683 in Charles Co., Md. She first married Rev. William Cotton, son of Andrew Cotton and Joane ------, before 10 July 1637 in Hungar's Parish, Accawmack (or Accomac) Co., Va. He died in 1640. There is a tradition in the family that he was a son of widow Joan Cotton of Bunbury, Cheshire Co., England, and was granted 350 acres of land on the main branches of Hungar's Creek, adjoining the lands of his brother-in-law, Capt. William Stone. This consisted of 100 acres for personal adventure of himself and wife and 250 acres for the transportation of five persons to Virginia, viz. Eleanor Hill, Richard Hill, Edward Eason, and Domingo and Sambo, negroes. William Cotton was succeeded by Rev. John Rozier.

Ann secondly married Nathaniel Eaton, son of Richard Eaton, about 1641 (by 1642). Nathaniel was assistant to Rev. Rozier, and was previously the first head of Harvard College. He went to Virginia after his dismissal from Harvard. He fled from his creditors in Virginia about 1647, deserting his family, and died in 1674.

Ann thirdly married Francis Doughty, son of Francis Doughtie, on 8 June 1657. He died about 1683. He, like Ann's first two husbands, was Rector of Hungar's Parish. She later went with him to Rappahannock Co., where he was Rector of Sittenbourne and South Farnham Parishes in 1665. (R-114, R-515)

Children - Cotton

+23. Verlinda Cotton, b. 1638, m(1) Thomas Burdett, 1 Sept. 1658, m(2) Richard Boughton.

Children - Eaton

24. Samuel Eaton, d.c. April 1681 (Charles Co., MD).

25. Nathaniel Eaton

26. Alexander Eaton (?)


Katherine (or Catherine) Graves (6) was born about 1622, and died on or before 1668 at Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., Maryland. She first married Lt. (later Capt.) William Roper about 1636. He was also a resident of Accawmack (Northampton Co.) on Virginia's Eastern Shore, and a burgess representing that county. His plantation was on a small neck of land with a waterfront location. Here he carried on a profitable trade. He died about 1650 in Va.

After Capt. Roper's death, Katherine married another neighbor, Lt. Thomas Sprigg, son of Thomas Sprigg and Katherine Griffin, on 3 March 1650/51. They were both living in Northampton Co., Va. at the time. Thomas Sprigg was born in 1630 in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, and died in 1704 at Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., Md. His will was probated 29 Dec. 1704. After Katherine died, he married Eleanor Nuthall in 1668.

Shortly after Katherine's marriage to Thomas Sprigg, they moved to the new colony of Maryland, where her brother-in-law, William Stone, had gone as governor. Thomas Sprigg's land certificate in Maryland shows that he transported himself, his wife Katherine, Verlinda Roper, Nathaniel Sprigg, and several others. Verlinda Roper was Thomas's young stepdaughter; Nathaniel may have been an infant son -- no other record of him has been found.

Sarah Sprigg is listed by some writers as a daughter of Katherine Sprigg and by some as a daughter of Thomas Sprigg's second wife. In 1770, Thomas Sprigg executed a deed of gift which identified Sarah as his oldest daughter. Sarah was already married and even had a married daughter, Sarah Pearce Beall, who was also mentioned in the deed. When we consider ages and dates, it seems likely that Sarah was from her father's marriage to Katherine Graves Roper. (See Md. Hist. Mag., VIII:75.)

Thomas Sprigg, Jr. is shown as the son of Katherine Sprigg in Adventurers of Purse and Person, pp. 190, 192. His birthdate is uncertain, but was probably about 1665. One possibility is that his mother died at or soon after his birth, and he was brought up by his stepmother, Eleanor Nuthall Sprigg.

In Maryland, Katherine and her family settled first in Kent Co., and then across the bay in Calvert Co. (R-11, R-116)

Children - Roper

27. William Roper; given a calf in the will of his godfather William Burdett.

28. Verlinda Roper

Children - Sprigg

29. Nathaniel Sprigg, b.c. Dec. 1650 (by Jan. 1658) (Northampton Co., VA), died young.

+30. Sarah Sprigg, b.c. 1657, m(1) John Pearce, m(2) Enoch Coombs, d.c. 1736.

+31. Thomas Sprigg, b.c. 1665, m. Margaret Mariarte, c. 1690, d.c. 1738.


Francis Graves, Sr. (7) was born about 1630 in Virginia, and died about 1691 (before 5 Aug. 1691). The birth date of Francis is inferred from the fact that he was still a minor and described as "orphan of Capt. Thomas Graves decd." in 1642. From this date until 1672 we have no information about Francis. According to Mrs. Hiden, it is likely from the associates his family chose that he spent some time in Gloucester Co., Va. before settling in Essex Co. It is also probable that he lived in Essex Co. before patenting land there, and that the 714 acres he patented 10 Oct. 1672 (S.L.O. 6, p. 436) "on the south side of the river, part on the branch of Gilson's Creek and part on Hoskins Creek adjoining Mr. Beverley's corner," represented a choice of location rather than just the reward for transporting 14 persons.

He married Jane Maguffey (or McGuffy or Maguffy) before 28 Nov. 1678. Her maiden name may have been Davenport, and she may have first married Mr. Maguffey, secondly Francis Graves, and thirdly John D. Doughty. The marriage of Francis to Jane was his second (according to Mrs. Sue Davis). At the time of his marriage to Jane he gave certain cattle to his step-children, John and Jane Maguffey and Elizabeth Davenport (Old Rappahannock Records, Deeds and Wills 6, p. 57). The original deed is preserved among the loose papers of Essex Co. and shows Francis Graves's firm signature.

In 1694, after Francis had died and Jane had remarried John Doughty, this new husband deeded certain property to Jane's sons, Francis, Richard, and Thomas Graves (Essex Deeds and Wills 6, Reverse of book, p. 296). Doughty died between 1704, when he is listed in the Quit Rent Roll (Va. Mag., vol. 33, p. 262), and 1715, when Francis and Thomas Graves (sons of Jane and Francis) appear on the list (Essex Quit Rent Roll 1715, Archives Div., Va. State Library).

According to The Diary of Robert Rose, p. 320, Francis Graves, Jr., who died in 1748, had a nephew Benjamin Graves who had been overseer, first for the Rev. John Bagge on Thomas Button's "Range" plantation in Essex Co. in 1726 and earlier, and then for Parson Rose at the glebe in Essex Co., Va.

It was suggested that Francis was not a son of Capt. Thomas Graves, but of someone else, and that there was a Frances Graves who was a daughter of Capt. Thomas Graves. This has been shown to be not correct. See the Appendix at the end of this book for a detailed discussion of this. (R-14, R-20, R-506, R-507, R-518)

Children - Graves, by first marriage

+32. John Graves, m. Johanna ------, d. 1720.

Children - Graves, by Jane Maguffey

+33. Francis Graves, Jr., b. 1679, m. Anne Reynolds (?), 1699, d. 1748.

+34. Richard Graves, m. Hannah Consolvo, d.c. 1730.

+35. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1684-5, m. Elizabeth Moody, c. 1708-10, d.c. 1742-3.






Ralph Graves (8) was born at least by 1629 (probably about 1625), as he witnessed a deed in 1650 in York Co., Va., and died testate 9 May 1667 in York Co., Va. (according to the Bruton Parish Register). He married Rachel Croshaw (or Crosher), daughter of Major Joseph Croshaw, about 1654. Joseph Croshaw was a son of Raleigh Croshaw who arrived in Jamestown in 1608 on the ship "Mary and Margaret" with Capt. Thomas Graves. Ralph Graves made a trip to England in 1652 for his father-in-law, Major Joseph Croshaw.

After Ralph died, his widow married Richard Barnes, and died 20 April 1669. Richard died in Jan. 1674/5. Joseph Croshaw deeded to Ralph and Rachel 2000 acres of land in New Kent Co., Va. on 23 Dec. 1654. Joseph was Justice of the Peace in York Co. in 1655, member of the House of Burgesses in 1659-60, and died 10 April 1667. The will of Ralph Graves, dated 5 May 1667, proved 29 July 1667 in York Co., Va., names oldest son Ralph, youngest son William, eldest daughter Anne, youngest daughter Mary, wife Rachel, and uncle Richard Croshaw, executor. In his will, he mentioned that he was in the prime of life, but feeble in body. His will bequeathed his 1000 acre homeplace in York Co. to his wife and then to his son, Ralph Graves, Jr. In 1675, Ralph, Jr. petitioned to be appointed guardian of brother William, denied. (R-14, R-515)

Children - Graves

36. Anne Graves, b. before 1668, probably d. by 27 Oct. 1666.

+37. Ralph Graves, b. 24 July 1653, m. Unity White, d. 1694.

38. William Graves, b. 2 March 1665.

39. Mary Graves, b. before 1668, d. 27 Oct. 1666.

40. Martha Graves, d. 27 Oct. 1665 (or 1666).


William Graves (9) was born by 1631, since he patented land in York Co., Va. in 1652. He died before 1668 (York Co., Book 4, p. 178) when Rachel Graves, wife or widow of his brother Ralph, appeared on behalf of her son Ralph as next of kin to Ann Graves, daughter of William Graves, deceased. This proves William had no other surviving children, since they would have been Ann's heirs. It also proves that Ralph (8) was the oldest brother of William, and Ralph (37) was the oldest son of Ralph (8). This follows the English inheritance laws of that time. William received a grant of 80 acres in York Co. on 13 Oct. 1656. (R-14)

Children - Graves

41. Ann Graves, d. by 1668.


Thomas Graves (10) was born by 1631. He was an adjoining land owner to his brother William in 1652 in York Co. (Adventurers of Purse and Person, p. 189). He married Elizabeth ------. On 26 May 1684, a judgement was granted Thomas Graves (York Co., Book 6, p. 580). In August 1695, Thomas and Elizabeth Graves witnessed a deed (York Co., Book 1665-1701, p. 26). The Virginia Quit Rent Rolls of 1704 show a Thomas Graves in King William Co. with 100 acres. King William was a new county, having been formed from King and Queen Co. in 1702. (R-14)

Children - Graves

+42. John Graves, b.c. 1665, married, d. after 1737.


Daughter (12) married a Mr. Grenther (perhaps William Grenther), according to the estate settlement of Ralph Graves (8). (R-14)

Children - Grenther

43. William Grenther, d. by 7 Sept. 1667.



Thomas Graves (13) was born about 1639. His death date is unknown. He was still living in 1707 when he had lot no. 1 in the new town of Gloucester. He first married Mary ------ before 1677 (possibly about 1669). They lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.

He and his brother Jeffrey inherited large tracts of land which their father had patented. This land was beyond the head of Timberneck Creek, and between Severn and the Indian Road. As part of their inheritance, they also received a tract of 400 acres in Abingdon Parish on 6 March 1675/6. Thomas had other large grants in Westmoreland and Gloucester counties.

He secondly married Elizabeth ------. The christening of all the children listed below was recorded in the records of St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Mary ------

+44. John Graves, christened 1677, m. Rebecca ------, probably d. by 1716.

+45. Robert Graves, born or christened 4 Feb. 1682/3, m. Mary ------.

46. Mary Graves, christened 19 Aug. 1685 (or 1674?).

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth ------

47. Frances Graves, b. 1698.


Jeffrey Graves (14) married Dorothy ------ before 1680. They lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. He and his brother Thomas had the several grants of land mentioned above. (R-515)

Children - Graves

48. Elizabeth Graves, b. 21 May 1680, probably died shortly after birth, although this could have been a birth date and the date for the second Elizabeth could have been the bapt. date for the same child.

49. Elizabeth Graves, b. 15 May 1681.

+50. Jeffrey Graves, b. 24 May 1683, m. Elizabeth ------.

51. Sarah Graves, baptized 1 July 1688.


William Graves (15) married Mary ------. They lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. The baptisms of all the following children were recorded in the records of St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish. The gap in the baptismal dates of the following children is suspicious, but perhaps the family was not of the parish from 1689 to 1700. (R-14, R-515)

Children - Graves

52. John Graves, bapt. 26 Dec. 1686, d. early.

+53. William Graves, bapt. 29 April 1688, m. Martha (or Elizabeth?) ------, d. by Oct. 1756.

54. John Graves, bapt. 5 June 1689, m. Elizabeth ------.

55. Benjamin Graves, bapt. 28 April 1700.

56. Rebecca Graves, bapt. 27 Sept. 1702.

57. Robert Graves, bapt. 4 Feb. 1704.

58. Susanna Graves, bapt. 6 April 1707.

+59. Edmund Graves, bapt. 4 Jan. 1709, married.



Thomas Stone (17) was born about 1635 or 1638 in Accomac Co., VA, and died in 1676. He married Mary ------. (R-186)

Children - Stone

60. William Stone, b.c. 1666, m. Theodosia Wade, d. 1731. She d. 1747.

61. Richard Stone


John Stone (18) was born about 1642 and died in 1698. He first married Elizabeth Warren. He secondly married Eleanor Bayne. (R-186)

Children - Stone, by Elizabeth Warren

62. Capt.) Thomas Stone, b. 1677, m(1) Martha Haskins, m(2) Katherine Boughton, d. 1727. She d. 1750.

63. Matthew Stone, b. 1679, m. Rachel Smoot, d. 1750. She was b. 1695, d. 1756.

64. John Stone

Children - Stone, by Eleanor Bayne

65. Walter Stone

66. Eleanor Stone

67. Elizabeth Stone


Elizabeth Stone (19) was born about 1650 and died in 1707. She married Hon. William Calvert, son of Gov. Leonard Calvert, in 1661/2. He was born 1642/3 in England, and died 10 Jan. 1682 in Maryland. See the book Descendants of the Virginia Calverts for more information on this Calvert family. (R-120, R-186)

Children - Calvert

+68. Elizabeth Calvert, b.c. 1662, m. James Neale, 20 Dec. 1681, d. 1684.

+69. Charles Calvert, b.c. 1664, m(1) Mary Howson, 1690, m(2) Barbara Kirke, d. 1733.

70. William Calvert, b.c. 1666.

+71. George Calvert, b.c. 1668, m(1) Elizabeth Doyne, 1690, m(2) Anne Notley, 1691 (?), m(3) Hannah Neale, d. 1699 (or 1739).

+72. Richard Calvert, b.c. 1670, m. Sarah ------, d. 11 Nov. 1718.


Mary Stone (21) was born about 1656 and died in 1682. She first married Benoui (or Benoni?) Thomas. He died, and she secondly married Robert Doyne, Esq., in 1674. He was the executor of the estate of Mary's mother. He was born in 1654 and died in 1680 (or 1689). (R-141)

Children - Doyne

73. Wharton Doyne

74. William Doyne

75. Sarah Doyne

+76. Verlinda Doyne, m(1) Samuel Taylor, m(2) John Brown.

77. Elinor Doyne

78. Mary Doyne, b.c. 1680, m. John Dawson, d. 1723. He was b. 1676, d. 1769.



Verlinda (or Virlinda) Cotton (23) was born in 1638 (or 1645) at Bunbury, Northampton Co., Va. She first married Thomas Burdett (or Burdette or Burdit) on 1 Sept. 1658. He was in the colony of Maryland before 1659, according to Early Settlers of Maryland by Gust Skourdas. He was born about 1635 in England, and died in Feb. 1666 at Nangemy Creek, Charles Co., Md. She secondly married Richard Boughton. She made a deed of gift to her Burdett children 20 June 1668, before her second marriage. (R-114)

Children - Burdett

79. Elizabeth Burdett, m(1) John Hamilton, m(2) Richard Chandler, 1683.

80. Frances Burdett, m. Col. Charles Ashton (?).

81. Parthenia Burdett, never married, d.c. 1697.

+82. Sarah Burdett, b.c. 1669, m. Gerard Fowke, 31 Dec. 1686, d. 1734.

Children - Boughton

83. Samuel Boughton, d.c. 1714 (Charles Co., Md.).

84. Virlinda (or Verlinda) Boughton

85. Katherine Boughton

86. Mary Boughton

87. Thomas Boughton



Sarah Sprigg (30) was born about 1657 (or 1660) in Northampton Co., Va., and died on or before 25 Nov. 1736 in Prince George's Co., Md. She first married John Pierce (or Pearce or Peerce), son of John Pierce and Sarah ------. He died before 1701. She secondly married Enoch Coombs. (R-116, R-117)

Children - Pierce

88. John Pierce, b. 1674, m. Mary ------, d. 1766.

+89. Sarah Pierce, b. 1675, m. James Beall, 1693, d. 1761.

90. Thomas Pierce


Thomas Sprigg (31) was born about 1665 in Maryland, and died about 1738 in Prince George's Co., Md. He married Margaret Mariarte, daughter of Edward Mariarte and Honor ------, about 1690. She was born about 1670 in Anne Arundel Co., Md., and died in 1739 in Prince George's Co., Md. (R-529)

Children - Sprigg

91. John Sprigg

92. Mary Sprigg

+93. Thomas Sprigg, b.c. 1695, m. Margery Wight (?), d. 1725.

+94. Edward Sprigg, b. 1697, m(1) Elizabeth Pile, m(2) Mary Belt, d. 1751.

+95. Priscilla Sprigg, b.c. 1698, m. Ralph Crabb, 22 Aug. 1716, d. 1759.

96. Eleanor Sprigg, b.c. 1699, m. Henry Wright, 1716.

+97. Margaret Sprigg, b. 1700, m(1) Francis King, m(2) Richard Keene, d. 1755.

+98. Elizabeth Sprigg, b.c. 1703, m(1) Josiah Wilson, c. 1720, m(2) Turnor Wooton.

+99. Osborne Sprigg, b. 1707, m. Rachel Belt, 11 July 1727, d. 7 Jan. 1750.



John Graves (32) married Johannah ("Hannah" or Joanna) ------. They lived in St. Anne's Parish, Essex Co., Va. He died 1720 in Essex Co.

The following discussion is from the Graves Family Newsletter, 1993, pages 30-31. The Graves ancestry of Jane Graves who married John Coffey is of considerable interest to the many descendants of this couple. An excellent book on the Coffey family was published in 1984 by Marvin D. Coffey, James Bluford Coffey, His Ancestors and Descendants in America, Vol. II - Ancestors. On page 31 of that book, he states: "About 1728 John Coffey married Jane Graves, the daughter of John Graves, deceased, and his wife Hannah... The origin of our Graves ancestors is far from clear... Unfortunately, we cannot identify our John Graves as one of [the known men named John Graves who were descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA]..."

"Coffey genealogists who have looked into our Graves ancestry claim that the parents of John Graves (d. 1720) were James Graves and his wife Jean Mayfield..." He goes on to provide evidence that casts doubt on this ancestry, however.

Jane is named as a daughter in the will of John Graves, dated 5 Sept. 1719 in Essex Co., VA. James Graves (Jane's brother) made a will in Essex Co., dated 10 Jan. 1724, naming his wife Jean as executrix but naming no children (making it unlikely that James could have been the father of John or anyone else).

The two previous Graves ancestries for Jane Graves that have been suggested have been through John2 Graves, son of Capt. Thomas Graves, and through Francis2, Francis3. Both of these have been shown to be very unlikely.

The possibilities are that John, the father of Jane Graves, was a son or grandson of one of the 3 sons of Capt. Thomas Graves, John, Thomas, or Francis. John2, b.c. 1611, d.c. 1640, didn't have a son John. Looking at his 3 sons: Ralph, b. by 1629, had no son John named in his 1667 will; William, b. by 1631, had only 1 daughter and no sons, per a 1668 document; Thomas, b. by 1631, had a son John who was b.c. 1665, d. after 1737, lived in King and Queen Co., VA, and was clearly not the father of Jane.

Looking at Thomas2, he had no son John. His son Thomas, b.c. 1639, had a son John, b. by 1677, d. by 1716, lived in Gloucester Co., VA, clearly a different John; son Jeffrey had no son John; William had a son John who was not baptized until 1689.

This leaves only Francis2, youngest son of Capt. Thomas Graves. Since the sons of Francis by his marriage to Jane Maguffey were born too late to be the father of John, John could only have been by a first marriage of Francis2.

The descent that is believed to be correct is: Capt. Thomas1 Graves; Francis2, b.c. 1630, d.c. 1691; John3, b. before 1678, d. 1720, Essex Co., VA; Jane4, b.c. 1701-05, m. John Coffey. On page 140, 1980 Graves Family Newsletter, is the statement, "Some authorities think Francis married an unknown first wife, leaving descendants living in Essex Co. prior to his marriage in 1678 to the widow Jane Maguffey." Since Francis was about 48 years of age when he married Jane Maguffey, it is certainly reasonable to think he had been married before that and had one or more children. In a letter to Kenneth V. Graves on 29 Feb. 1984, Mrs. Sue Davis of Benton, AR wrote: "John shouldn't be listed as a child of Jane Maguffey. He was by a first wife." Sue Davis was a very thorough researcher, and did much outstanding and reliable research on the Graves family. (R-14)

Children - Graves

100. Benjamin Graves

101. James Graves, m. Jean (or Jane) Mayfield, d. 1724 (Essex Co., Va. His will dated 19 Jan. 1724. She was dau. of Robert Mayfield (will dated 3 Dec. 1714, Essex Co., Va.).

102. Martha Graves

103. Ann Graves

+104. Jane (or Jean) Graves, b.c. 1701-5, m. John Coffey.


Francis Graves, Jr. (33) was born 1679 in Rappahannock Co., VA, and died in 1748 in Essex Co., VA. He married Anne (or Ann) Reynolds (?) in 1699. She may have been his second wife. She was living as late as 21 Oct. 1765, for on that date "on petition of Ann Graves it is ordered that James and Robert Reynolds, James Key and James Clark or any three of them divide the estate of Francis Graves deceased as devised in his will" (O.B. 26, p. 284). It is partly supposition that her last name was Reynolds, based on the fact that the Reynolds were neighbors and had a daughter named Anne.

They moved from Rappahannock Co., where Francis Jr. had been born, to Essex Co., VA, where they lived and died. The will of Francis Graves, Jr., made 25 June 1746, was proved 18 Oct. 1748 in Essex Co. (Will Book 8, pages 90-91). The following six children were all named in this will. Of his daughters, only Clara was married in 1748.

Francis and his brother Thomas continued to live in Essex Co., unlike their brother Richard who moved away. Their associates were the Reeves, Reynolds, Wallers, Hipkins, Colemans, Streshleys, Pamplins, Roanes, and Upshaws, though most of the exact relationships are not known. Most of these families came to Essex Co. from Gloucester Co., VA. (R-14, R-20, R-507)

Children - Graves

105. Jane Graves

106. Ann Graves; it has been said that Ann married John Satterwhite. However, the Satterwhite family generally say that John Satterwhite m. Ann Price, dau. of Robert Price and Elizabeth Brooke. (R-14)

+107. Clara Graves, m. Aaron Higginbotham, Sr., c. 1746.

+108. Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1733, m. Benjamin Higginbotham, 21 Feb. 1753 (or 1750), d. after 1790.

109. Mary Graves, b. 1788, m. Col. Hugh Mulholland, d. 17 April 1826 (Orange Co., N.C.). Her birth date does not fit with that of Elizabeth and of her supposed father Francis; should it be 1738?

+110. William Graves, b.c. 1724, m. Dorothy ------, d.c. 1809.


Richard Graves (34) left Essex Co., Va. between 1708 and 1714 (Essex O.B. 1708-14, pp. 608-609). He and Francis Shackelford had bought a sloop in partnership and they probably engaged in coastwise trade. Richard apparently died about 1730, since this seems to be the Richard Graves of Craven Precinct, N.C., who in his will, dated 11 April 1730, referred to nephews "Richard and Francis, sons of brother Thomas Graves in Virginia." In the Essex Order Book mentioned above, Francis Graves (Richard's brother) testified in Sept. 1714 that, since leaving Essex Co., Richard had sent him a small Indian boy in payment for a debt.

Richard took a prominent part in the affairs of Craven Precinct and was a person of recognized ability. In 1726 he represented the Precinct in the Lower House of the Assembly of N.C. (Colonial Records of N.C., vol. 2, p. 528).

He married Hannah Consolvo, daughter of Lawrence Consolvo. She had first been married to Farnifold Green. (R-507)

Children - Graves

+111. Mary Graves, m. Richard Nixon, Jr.

+112. Thomas Graves, m. Sara Turner, c. 1745, d.c. 1767.


Thomas Graves (35) was born about 1684-5, and died about 1742-3. He married Elizabeth Moody, daughter of John Moody and Mary ------, about 1708-10. She was born about 1690 and died about 1739.

From the will of Thomas' brother Richard, we know that Thomas had sons Richard and Francis. There seem to be no documents in Essex Co. that prove other children, but from the fact that John Graves qualifies as administrator we consider him the oldest son. He was not a son of either Francis or Richard, as their wills show, and his birth is too early for him to have been a grandson. By elimination, therefore, he was a son of Thomas. (R-23, R-507)

Children - Graves

+113. John Graves, b. 10 Dec. 1712, m. Susannah Dicken, 22 Nov. 1732, d. 30 March-2 June 1747.

+114. Richard Graves, b. by 1717, m. Elizabeth Hill, d. by 1771.

+115. Francis Graves, b. 1724, m. Susannah (?) ------, d. 23 March 1792.






Ralph Graves (37) was born 24 July 1653 (or about 1658) in York Co., Va., and died in 1694 (by Feb. 1694) in York Co. without a will. He married his cousin Unity White, daughter of Henry White of York Co., Va. and Mary Croshaw, and granddaughter of Major Joseph Croshaw. They lived in York Co., Va. After Ralph died, Unity married Thomas Cripps sometime after 25 June 1694. She died about Feb. 1695.

From his uncle, William Graves, Ralph inherited Skimino plantation, land given to his deceased sisters by their father, and also land inherited directly from his father. On 25 June 1694, Unity Graves, with William Jackson and her brother Henry White, secured administration of Ralph Graves' estate by filing a bond for 40,000 lbs. of tobacco.

The inventory of his estate mentions four horses, harness, cart, saddle, etc. It mentions his sons Ralph, Elijah, and Henry White Graves. A daughter Mary is also documented (how?). It is also likely that he had sons Joseph and John. Joseph was the one in the 1704 quit rent rolls of James City Co., and John who had children Susannah and Matthew, both born St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., later lived in Goochland Co. (However, according to Mrs. Sue Davis, the inventory of the estate did not list his children.)

In addition to the children listed, there were probably others, including one girl who married a Daniel. All the children were supposedly born in York Co., Va. (R-179, R-515)

Children - Graves

+116. Ralph Graves, m(1) Mary Pinkethman, m(2) Elizabeth ------, d. Feb. 1748/9.

+117. Henry White Graves, b.c. 1692, m(1) Mary Jones, m(2) Mary Williams, d.c. 1745.

118. Mary Graves, m. Richard Easter, by 1 March 1710/11.

119. Joseph Graves

+120. John Graves, b.c. 1677, m. Elizabeth ------.



John Graves (42) was born about 1665 and died after 1737. His wife's name is not known. There is no proof that this John was a son of Thomas and Elizabeth, but the ages were right, and there were no other known Graves of the right age to be the father of this John. He is obviously too old to be one of the Johns of the Abingdon Parish Register. Francis (#7) may possibly have had a son John by a first marriage, but this John died in Essex Co. in 1720. He was also in Essex Co. at the same time that John Sr. (#42) was in King and Queen and King William Counties. Two John Graves are in the 1704 Quit Rent Rolls, one in King and Queen Co. and one in King William Co. The one in King and Queen Co. might be the John bapt. 1677, Abingdon Parish, but it is also quite possible that both Johns are one and the same person. As deeds show, John Sr. (#42) was of King and Queen Co. in 1704 when he purchased land in King William Co. Therefore, it is quite possible that he is listed for both areas. The Quit Rent Rolls are obviously incomplete, as only seven Graves appear on them: Thomas and John in King William Co., John and Robert in King and Queen Co., Thomas and Jeffery of Gloucester Co., and James of James City Co. There should be many more.

There are several deeds that are crucial to establishing this line. They substantiate the birthdates of John Sr. (#42) and his son John Jr., and show that this is the same family that later settled in Spotsylvania Co. King William Co., Deed Book 1, pp. 195-7: John Clayton (or Clayborne) of St. John's Parish, King William Co., sells 100 acres on the north side of the Pamunkey River to John Graves of Stratton Major (Manor) Parish, King and Queen Co., 6 May 1704.

King William Co., Deed Book 1, p. 342: John Graves assigns over all rights, etc., to the above 100 acres on the Pamunkey to his son John, 20 March 1706/7.

Spotsylvania Co. Deed Book A, May 24, 1729. Thomas Gambrill of St. Margaret's Parish, King William Co. In consideration of 100 acres of land, a tract of land containing 200 acres in Spotsylvania Co. (one of the witnesses to this deed was Thomas Graves).

This deed does not describe the bounds of the 100 acres which John Jr. traded off in King William Co., but inasmuch as he was described as being of King and Queen and owning 100 acres in King William, it must be the same 100 acres assigned to him as a Deed of Gift by his father John Graves Sr. There are no other records showing the disposal of the 100 acres or of any other John Graves owning 100 acres in this section.

Spotsylvania Co. Deed Book F, p. 563, May 31, 1765. John and Frances Graves made a Deed of Gift to their son, Joseph Graves, specifically mentioning the 200 acres content and that it was purchased by them in 1729 from Thomas Gambrill.

Journal of the House of Burgess (1712-1726), p. 56: William Smith of King William Co. petitions for a bill to make good the title on entailed land he sold to John Graves Jr., 16 Nov. 1713.

It is obvious John Graves Jr. was of age by 1713 and most likely either of age or very close in 1706/7 when given the land on Pamunkey by his father. Therefore, John Jr. was probably born 1685-90 and was the oldest of John Sr.'s known sons. By this same reasoning, John Sr. must have been born by 1670 and more likely by 1665.

Although there is no record of John Sr. moving to Spotsylvania Co., Va., it is likely that he moved with his sons. In Spotsylvania Co. Order Book (1730-38), p. 501, 7 June 1737, John Graves is set free of any county levies, he being very ancient and unable to labor. There is no other John in the area to whom this description would apply. It is also more appropriate for a man born 1765 than the John who was probably baptized 1677. John Graves Sr. died sometime after 1737.

Thomas Graves, in his will of 1768, specifically mentions Joseph Graves (son of John Graves, Jr. of Spotsylvania Co.) as his nephew and makes him executor of his will. This proves beyond contention that John Graves, Jr. and Thomas Graves, both of Spotsylvania Co., were brothers and the sons of John Graves Sr. of King and Queen Co.

The evidence for Joseph Graves as a son is discussed in the section on Joseph and his family.

Miss Louise Graves, in her book referenced at the end of this paragraph, has an excellent discussion of the ancestry of this John Graves. On pages 47-50 of her book, she points out the errors in the lineage of this line in the publications of Mrs. Hiden and John Card Graves. She quotes Mr. John Frederick Dorman as stating, "The John Graves of King and Queen Co. who deeded 100 acres in King William Co. to his son is the only logical John Graves to be the father of Thomas and John Jr.... The deed of 1706/7 appears to be an adult John Jr., and if that is so we must put his birth as ca. 1685 and the father's birth back before 1665. This would make the father a contemporary of John Graves of St. Ann's Parish, Essex Co. (will 1719-20) who was of age when he purchased 200 acres there. Neither of these John Graves is identified in Adventurers of Purse and Person although they fall within the generations covered in that book. They must be either sons of Thomas Graves, Jr., or Francis Graves, or grandsons of John Graves, the eldest son of old Captain Thomas." (R-14, R-501)

Children - Graves

+121. John Graves, Jr., b.c. 1685, m. Frances ------, c. 1715, d. after 1772.

+122. Thomas Graves, b. 1691, m(1) Mary Perkins, m(2) Ann Davenport, d. 1768.

+123. Joseph Graves, b.c. 1715, m. Sarah ------, d. 1774.



John Graves (44) was christened 1677 in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. The most likely death date for John is by 1716, since a Rebecca Graves appears in the Essex Co., Va. estate settlement of Richard Brecknell in 1716 (not as an heir). No other Rebecca is known to fit this circumstance other than the wife of John. The payment to her for some debt indicates she was either single or a widow.

[The death date of 1747 given by John Card Graves is for John Graves (#113). A date of 1737 (from Mrs. Ethel Taylor) is from Spotsylvania Co. records, where a John Graves, very ancient, was exempt from taxes in 1737. This was John Graves (#42).]

John married Rebecca ------. She probably survived her husband, as indicated in the first paragraph. The children listed below plus a daughter Elizabeth were named by John Card Graves (R-515). Charles Hughes Hamlin (The Graves Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 4-6, and vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 2-5) agreed with John Card Graves, except that he did not list Elizabeth. (R-515)

Children - Graves

124. Rebecca Graves, bapt. 21 Jan. 1704.

125. John Graves, bapt. 9 March 1706, possibly d. 1747.

126. Edward Graves, b. 13 March 1709, m. Elizabeth Hollis, 7 April 1732. All dates from Abingdon Parish register.


Robert Graves (45) was born or christened 4 Feb. 1682/3 in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. He married Mary ------. They lived in King and Queen Co., Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+127. Thomas Graves, b. 19 Sept. 1714, m. Lucy ------.

128. Robert Graves, bapt. 14 Jan. 1717.

129. James Graves, bapt. 4 Oct. 1724. It is possible this is the James Graves who married Mary Copeland and died in Lincoln Co., Ga. However, there is no known documentation for this.



Jeffrey Graves (50) was born 24 May 1683. He married Elizabeth ------. In 1748, his lands in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. adjoined those of Ellis, Robert, and Joseph Coleman. Both of the children listed below were baptized in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish. (R-515)

Children - Graves

130. Thomas Graves, bapt. 21 Jan. 1704, probably m. Elizabeth Laffingham, 20 Oct. 1733.

131. Elizabeth Graves, bapt. 23 June 1706.



William Graves (53) was baptized 29 April 1688 in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. He married Martha ------. (His wife's name is given as Elizabeth in a Chesterfield Co., Va. deed.) They settled in Chesterfield Co., Va. His will, probated Oct. 1756, names his son William and Henry Marshall as executors, and mentions his grandsons Pliny and Arthur. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+132. William Graves, b. 4 July 1725, m. Sarah Cox, d. 24 Jan. 1776.


Edmund Graves (59) was baptized 4 Jan. 1709. An Edmund Graves appeared in Caroline Co., Va. records in the 1730's as a carpenter. In 1752 a John Graves appeared there and was involved in several lawsuits over the next several years. Although there is no documentation, descendants feel this is the line of Reuben, Esom, etc., of Halifax Co., Va. (R-14)

Children - Graves

+133. John Graves, b.c. 1735, married.



Elizabeth Calvert (68) was born about 1662 (or 1664) and died in 1684. She married Capt. James Neale on 20 Dec. 1681. (R-186)

Children - Neale

134. Mary Neale, b. 1683, m(1) Charles Egerton, Jr. (he d. 1703), m(2) Jeremiah Adderton (he d. 1713), m(3) Joseph Van Swearingen, m(4) William Peacen, d. 173-.


Charles Calvert (69) was born about 1664 (or 1672) in Maryland, and died in 1733 in St. Mary's Co., MD. He first married Mary Howson in 1690. He secondly married Barbara Kirke. (R-186)

Children - Calvert, by Mary Howson

135. Sarah Howson Calvert, b. 1694, m. Nathaniel Jones.

136. Anne Calvert, b. 1696, m. Thomas Porter. He d. 1714.


George Calvert (71) was born about 1668 (or 1663) in MD, and died in 1699 (or 1739) in Stafford Co., VA. He first married Elizabeth Doyne in 1690. He secondly married Anne Notley, possibly in 1691, although this date or some of the others are wrong if the first six children were really from the first marriage. His third marriage was to Hannah Neale. (R-186)

Children - Calvert, by Elizabeth Doyne

137. Charles Calvert, b. 1691.

+138. John Calvert, b. 1692, m(1) Jane Harrison, 1711, m(2) Mary Goslin, d. 1739.

139. James Calvert

140. Elizabeth Calvert

141. William Calvert

142. Thomas Calvert

Children - Calvert, by Anne Notley

+143. George Calvert, b. 1696, m. Constant (or Constance) Harrison, 1719, d. 1750.


Richard Calvert (72) was born about 1670 and died 11 Nov. 1718. He married Sarah ------. (R-186)

Children - Calvert

144. Robert Calvert; he is said to have migrated to Texas and founded Calvert City, TX, but he lived much too early to have done that; perhaps his descendants did it.

145. John Calvert, m. Mary Calvert.

146. Francis Calvert, m. Hannah Brent.



Verlinda Doyne (76) first married Samuel Taylor. He died in 1706. She secondly married John Brown. (R-141)

Children - Taylor

+147. Samuel Taylor, Jr., m. Mary Wight.



Sarah Burdette (or Burdett) (82), of Charles Co., Md., was born about 1669 at Nangemy (or Nanjemoy) Creek, Charles Co., Md., and died in 1734 in Charles Co., Md. She married Col. Gerard (or Gerrard) Fowke, son of Gerard Fowke and Anne Thoroughgood (daughter of Capt. Adam Thoroughgood and widow of Job Chandler), on 31 Dec. 1686. He was born (or christened) in 1662 in Charles Co., Md. (or in Va.), and died 1734 at Nanjemoy Creek, Charles Co., Md. His will was dated 6 Jan. 1734 and proved 20 Jan. 1734 in Westmoreland Co., Va. He was previously married to ------ Lomax, but there were no known children by this marriage. Source: Hayden, Virginia Genealogies; Fowke family Bible record from NGSQ, vol. 65. (R-10, R-114, R-174)

Children - Fowke

148. Gerard Fowke, died when about to be married.

149. Chandler Fowke, m. Mary Fossaker (or Tassaker), 1716, d. 10 Feb. 1745. Had three children.

150. Roger Fowke, m. Anne Stone. Had two children.

151. Ann(e) Fowke, m. Robert Alexander (of Stafford Co., VA).

+152. Frances Fowke, b. 2 Feb. 1691, m. Gustavus Brown, 1711, d. 8 Nov. 1744.

153. Catherine Fowke, m. Elsworth Bayne (of Charles Co., MD).

154. Elizabeth Fowke, never married.



Sarah Pierce (89) was born in 1675 in Calvert Co., Md., and died before 28 Nov. 1761. Her will was probated 28 Nov. 1781. She first married James Beall, son of Alexander Beall and Margaret Ramsay, in 1693 in Md. He was born in 1652 in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland, came to America in 1655, and died in 1723 in Md. His will was probated 10 Feb. 1723. They lived in Prince George's Co., Md. She secondly married Dr. John Haswell. (R-116, R-117)

Children - Beall

+155. Margaret Beall, b. 1694, m(1) John Brewer, Jr., m(2) Thomas Odell, c. 1714, d. after 1755.

156. John Beall

157. James Beall, b. 1698, m. Mary Ann Edmondson, d. 1733.

158. Nathaniel Beall, b. 1699, m(1) ------, m(2) Ann Murdock, d. 1757.

159. Sarah Beall, b. 1703, m. Reginald Odell, 21 Nov. 1723.

160. Robert Beall, b. 1705, d. 1740.

161. Joseph Beall, b. 1708, m. Rachel ------, d. 1798.

162. Zephenial Beall, b. 1720, m. Keziah Offutt, 1768, d. 1801.



Thomas Sprigg (93) was born about 1695 and died in 1725. He married Margery Wight (?), although some sources show him marrying Margery Beall. (R-529)

Children - Sprigg

163. Thomas Sprigg, b. 1715, m. Elizabeth Galloway, d. 1781.

164. Anne Sprigg

165. Edward Sprigg


Col. Edward Sprigg (94) was born in 1697 and died in 1751. He first married Elizabeth Pile, daughter of Dr. Richard Pile. He secondly married Mary Belt, daughter of Joseph Belt and Esther Beall. She was born in 1722. (R-529)

Children - Sprigg, by Elizabeth Pile

166. Dr.) Richard Sprigg, m. Elizabeth Wooton (dau. of Turnor Wooton and Agnes Chambers). Turnor Wooton later married Richard's aunt, Elizabeth Sprigg.

167. Margaret Sprigg, b. 1726, m. William Bowie, d. 1804.


Priscilla Sprigg (95) was born about 1698, and died in 1759 in Prince George's Co., Md. She married Ralph Crabb on 22 Aug. 1716. He was born in 1695 in Md., and died in 1734 in Prince George's Co., Md. (R-529)

Children - Crabb

168. Sarah Crabb, b. 1717, m. Robert Magruder, 1734.

169. Thomas Crabb, b. 1719.

170. Margaret Crabb, b. 13 April 1720, m. William Hilleary, 1735, d. after 1790.

171. Henry Wright Crabb, b. 1722/3, m. Ann Snowden.

172. Ralph Crabb, b. 1724.

173. Ellinor Crabb, b. 1726, m. ------ Lansdale.

174. Jeremiah Crabb, b. Oct. 1728, m. Lucy ------, d. 1777 (Anne Arundel Co., Md.). No children mentioned in his will.

175. John Crabb, b. 1731.

176. Edward Crabb, b. 1734.


Margaret Sprigg (97) was born in 1700 and died in 1755. She first married Francis King. She secondly married Richard Keene as his second wife. (R-529)

Children - King

177. Margaret King, b. 1718, m. John Hilleary.

178. Thomas King, b. 1720.

179. Cave King, b. 1722, m. Thomas Williams.

180. Francis King, b. 1724.


Elizabeth Sprigg (98) was born about 1703. She first married Josiah Wilson, son of Maj. Josiah Wilson, about 1720. He was born about 1696 in Md., and died in March 1726/27. She secondly married Turnor Wooton as his third wife. (R-529)

Children - Wilson

181. Martha Wilson

182. Margaret Wilson

183. Dr.) Henry Wright Wilson, m(1) Ann Wilson (his 2nd cousin), m(2) Agnes Lacy.

Children - Wooton

184. Mary Wooton, b. Nov. 1735, probably died young.

185. William Turnor Wooton, b. 1636/7, m. Ann Sprigg (#198), d. 1777.

186. Dr.) Thomas Sprigg Wooton, m. Molly Offutt. No children.

187. Richard Wooton, b. 1741, m. Martha Perry, d. 1777.

188. Singleton Wooton

189. John Wooton


Osborne Sprigg (99) was born in 1707, and died 7 Jan. 1750 in Prince George's Co., Md. He married Rachel Belt, daughter of Col. Joseph Belt and Esther Beall, on 11 July 1727. (R-529)

Children - Sprigg

190. Lucy Sprigg, b. 9 Jan. 1728, m. ------ Crabb.

191. Osborne Sprigg, Jr., m(1) Sarah Gantt, m(2) Mary Smith, m(3) Martha Craufurd.

192. Esther Sprigg, b. 15 Nov. 1730, m. Thomas Bowie, d. before 1749.

193. Rachel Sprigg, b. 1 June 1733, m. (Capt.) Thomas Harwood.

194. Priscilla Sprigg, b. 26 Sept. 1735, m. (Col.) Barton Lucas.

195. Joseph Sprigg, b.c. 1736, m(1) Hannah Bowie, m(2) Margaret (Weems) Elzey.

196. Elizabeth Sprigg, m. Thomas Watkins.

197. Gen.) Thomas Sprigg, b. 1747, m. Elizabeth Belt, 1780, d. 1809. He was a member of Congress.

198. Ann Sprigg, m. William Turnor Wooton (#185).



Jane Graves (104) was probably born about 1701-05. Her name was given as Jean in her father's will (?), but the names Jean and Jane were often used interchangeably. She married John Coffey, son of Edward Coffey (or Coffee) and Ann Powell, probably about 1728, in Essex Co., Va. Edward died testate in Essex Co., probate 20 March 1716, naming sons John and Edward, both under age 16, son Austin (although there is a possibility this is a daughter Austis or Austes), and daughters Martha, Ann, and Elizabeth. John died testate in 1775 in Albemarle Co., Va., naming his wife as Jean. (Incorrect information is shown in The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, vol. 3, p. 464.)

John was born no earlier than 1700 in Essex Co., Va. (since he was under 16 when his father died), and died in March 1775 in Albemarle Co., Va.

Jane and John lived in Spotsylvania Co., Va. (where many records were lost when the courthouse was burned in the War Between the States in 1865) and also in Albemarle Co., Va.

It has been believed by some that Jane and John had another daughter, Martha Elizabeth Coffey, who married John Cleveland. However, that is not correct. Elizabeth Coffey, daughter of Edward Coffey and sister of John Coffey, is the one who married John Cleveland. This couple lived most of their lives at Blue Run, Orange Co., Va., and had several famous sons, most notably Col. Benjamin Cleveland of Revolutionary War fame.

Also, at least one source (R-20) states that John Cleveland was born 1701, died 1786, and married Martha about 1720. These dates would have made it impossible for Martha to be a daughter of Jane and John. Mr. Coffey (R-522) has concluded (after thorough examination of the evidence) that John Cleveland was born 31 July 1714 in Gloucester Co., Va., died in Nov. 1778 in Blue Run, Orange Co., Va., and married Elizabeth Coffey on 20 April 1734. She was born about 1714 in Essex Co., Va.

The first 6 children listed below were born in Essex Co., Va., Reuben was born in either Essex of Spotsylvania Co., and Benjamin was born in Spotsylvania Co., Va.

Further information on Jane Graves and John Coffey and all their known descendants is given in James Bluford Coffey, His Ancestors and Descendants in America, vol. II, by Marvin D. Coffey, 1984. However, as an aid to people trying to connect to this ancestor, the next 4 generations after Jane and John Coffey are given in this book also. (R-14, R-20, R-29, R-522)

Children - Coffey

+199. James Coffey, b. 4 July (?) 1729, m. Elizabeth Cleveland, c. 1750, d. Sept. 1786.

+200. William Coffey, b.c. 1731, m. Elizabeth Osborne, c. 1758, d.c. 1828.

+201. John Coffey, b.c. 1733, m(1) Dorcas Carter, m(2) Nancy Richardson.

+202. Edmond Coffey, b.c. 1735, m. Nancy Barnett, d. 1808.

203. Winifred Coffey, b.c. 1739, m. Nicholas Moran.

+204. Thomas Coffey, b. 7 March 1742, m(1) Elizabeth Smith, m(2) Sarah Fields, d. April 1825.

+205. Reuben Coffey, b. 1744, m. Sally Scott, d. 1818.

+206. Benjamin Coffey, b. 1747, m. Polly Hayes, d. 4 Jan. 1834.

+207. Elizabeth Coffey, m. Thomas Fields, d. after 1807.



Clara Graves (107) married Aaron Higginbotham, Sr., son of John Higginbotham and Frances Riley, not later than 1746 (possibly 1739) in Amherst Co., Va. He was a brother of Benjamin who married Clara's sister Elizabeth. He was born in 1715 in Va., and died in 1785 in Amherst Co., Va., since his will was proved 3 Oct. 1785 in Amherst Co.

Aaron was a Captain in the Amherst Co., Va. Militia in 1769. He was also a Church Warden and Vestryman of Lexington Parish, Amherst Co., Va. (R-518, R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+208. Samuel Higginbotham, b.c. 1745, m. Jane Satterwhite, c. 1769, d. 1803.

+209. Mary Ann Higginbotham, b. 11 Oct. 1749, m(1) Henry Franklin, Jr., m(2) Benjamin Arnold.

+210. Aaron Higginbotham, Jr., b. 1752, m. Nancy Croxton, 4 Dec. 1775, d. 1794.

211. Tamasin Higginbotham, m(1) Robert Howard Cash, Jr., m(2) William Sandidge.

+212. Margaret Higginbotham, b.c. 1758-63, m(1) Edward Cox, m(2) Thomas Morrison, 2 June 1783.

+213. Frances Graves Higginbotham, m. Joseph Higginbotham Morrison.


Elizabeth Graves (108) was born about 1733 in Essex Co., Va., and died after 1790 in Elbert Co., Ga. She married Benjamin Higginbotham, son of John Higginbotham and Frances Riley, on 21 Feb. 1750 (or 1753) in Albemarle Co. (now Amherst Co.), Va. He was born about 1728 in Goochland Co. (now Amherst Co.), Va., and died in 1791 in Elbert Co., Ga. His father, John Higginbotham, was born 1695 in St. Philip Parish, Barbados, and died 1741-44 in Goochland Co. (now Amherst Co.), Va. Benjamin was a brother of Aaron Higginbotham who married Elizabeth's sister Clara. Benjamin moved his family to what became Elbert Co., Ga. from Amherst Co., Va. about 1784. Thomas Higginbotham, his uncle, moved to Georgia from Virginia in 1751. All the following children were born in Albemarle Co. (or its successor, Amherst Co.), Va. (R-18, R-518)

Children - Higginbotham

+214. Ann Higginbotham, b.c. 1752, m. Jacob Higginbotham, 18 Oct. 1772.

+215. Caleb Higginbotham, b.c. 1755, m. Mary Ann Cash, before 1775, d. 1823.

+216. Benjamin Higginbotham, Jr., b.c. 1758, m. Mary Gatewood, 21 Jan. 1782, d. 3 Sept. 1810.

+217. William Higginbotham, b.c. 1761, m. Dorothy Sandidge, before 1784, d. 1842.

+218. Joseph Higginbotham, b.c. 1763, m. Frances Higginbotham, 17 Dec. 1788, d. 1817.

+219. Francis Higginbotham, b.c. 1765, m. Dolly Gatewood, 2 Dec. 1783, d. 26 March 1829.


William Graves (110) was born about 1724 (as proven by oath in Henry Co., VA) in Essex Co., VA, and died about 1809 in Franklin Co., VA. He married Dorothy ------ (probably Smith, of the Peyton Smith family). They moved to Pittsylvania Co., VA about 1773, in the area of Pigg River.

There has been some confusion between this William Graves and #284. See the Appendix of this book for an article from the Graves Family Newsletter, 1984, pp. 36-41, discussing the results of extensive research that shows that this William Graves was not the William Graves (#284) who was a son of Thomas Graves who was born 1691 and married Ann Davenport, but rather a son of Francis Graves, Jr.

Other misconceptions and areas for further research and evidence are listed below.

(R-14, R-19, R-179, R-186, R-515)

Children - Graves

220. Francis Graves, never married. He served in the Rev. War as lieutenant and quartermaster. He received a grant of 2560 acres on 29 Nov. 1783 and 160 pounds 18s 8d for 84 months of war service. The land was in Sumner Co., Tenn. He died without wife or children, and his co-heirs were his brothers Peyton and William Graves.

+221. Nancy Ann Graves, b.c. 1753, m. William Swanson, Jr., 1776, d. 25 July 1830.

+222. William Graves, b. 9 July 1755, m. Sarah Smith, 5 Nov. 1782, d. 24 Feb. 1836.

223. David Graves, b. 1757, m. Nancy Pinkard, 27 Jan. 1793, d. 20 Aug. 1833.

224. John Graves; this may be the father of William L. Graves, ancestor of Mr. Charles D. Fonville.

+225. Peyton Graves, b. 1767, m. Charlotte Pinkard, 11 Nov. 1788.

+226. Mary Graves, m. Nathan McGuire Swanson.

227. Catherine Graves

228. Jane Graves



Mary Graves (111) married Richard Nixon, Jr., daughter of Richard Nixon and Elizabeth ------. (R-218)

Children - Nixon

229. Garthry Nixon

230. Mary Nixon

231. Richard Nixon

232. Thomas Nixon, b.c. 1746, m. Christian Williams, before 1770.


Thomas Graves (112) died about 1767 in Craven Co., N.C. He married Sara Turner, daughter of Robert Turner, about 1745.

Sara secondly married John Fonvielle (or Fonville) by 1774. (R-14, R-60)

Children - Graves

+233. Richard Graves, m. Ann Dawson, d. May-June 1774.

234. Thomas Graves

+235. Hannah Graves, m. William Brice Fonvielle, c. 1760.

236. Elizabeth Graves, may have married a Henry (see will of Elizabeth Graves Henry, Feb. 26, 1819, Will Book 3, p. 256, Craven Co., N.C.).

+237. Mary Graves, m. Simon Bright, c. 1771.

238. Ann Graves, m. Charles Crawford, 24 May 1783.

239. Sara (or Sarah) Graves, may have married a Lovett or a Howard.



John Graves (113) was born 10 Dec. 1712 (family Bible record) in Essex Co. (later Spotsylvania Co.), Va., and died between 30 March 1747 (date of his will) and 2 June 1747 (date of probate in Spotsylvania Co., Va.). He may have been named for his grandfather, John Moody, and his middle name may have been Moody. He lived all his life in Essex Co.

He married Susannah Dicken on 22 Nov. 1732. She was probably a daughter of Isaac Dicken. She was born 14 June 1714, and died in 1784 in Culpeper Co., Va. After John died, she married Henry Chiles. Henry had first been married to Mercy Webb. (R-5, R-507)

Mrs. Davis says it is possible he was born 1706, as per Hamlin, and the Bible birth dates are incorrect (possibly caused by a descendant making the entries). That possibility could place John as #125, son of John Graves who was christened 1677. (R-14)

Children - Graves

+240. Thomas Graves, b. 14 Nov. 1733, m. Sarah Delaney, c. 1752, d. 1810.

241. Rebecca Graves, b. 4 Sept. 1735.

+242. John Graves, b. 19 Dec. 1737, m. Ann Rice, 30 Nov. 1760, d. 8 Dec. 1825.

+243. Isaac Graves, b. 2 Sept. 1741, m(1) Mildred McWilliams, before 1773, m(2) Elizabeth Cowherd, 1772, m(3) Jemima Holliday, c. 1791, d. 1818.

+244. Jemima Graves, b. 21 March 1743/4, m. James Chiles, by 1764.

+245. Edward Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1746, m. Sarah Rice, c. 1769, d. Feb. 1832.


Richard Graves (114) was born by 1717 and died by 1771. He married Elizabeth Hill, sister or half sister of Richard Hill. Richard Hill died testate in 1764, Essex Co., Va. In his will he named Sarah, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Graves. (R-14)

Children - Graves

246. Sarah Graves

+247. Richard Graves, Jr., b.c. 1735-40, m. Susannah ------, d. 1797.


Francis Graves (115) was born in 1724 and died 23 March 1792. He married Susannah (?) ------. (She may have been Susannah Longest, possible daughter of Timothy Longest, mentioned later in this section.)

His land seems to have been in the same neighborhood as that of his uncle, Francis Graves, and he associated with the same families. In 1757 (Deed Book 27, p. 321) he and William Reynolds, William Watkins and Leonard Hill witnessed a deed from Thomas Coleman to Richard Hill. The next year he bought of Samuel and Ann Cross 62 acres devised to said Samuel by the will of his father, Joseph Cross, who bought this land Feb. 19, 1744/5 from John Cheek of Drysdale Parish; witnesses: John Garnett, Jr., Joseph Cross, William Southworth (Deed Book 28, p. 79). In 1762, he bought from John and Mary Garnett 48 acres purchased by said Garnett in 1746 of Thomas Hobson (Deed Book 29, p. 83). In 1763 (Deed Book 29, p. 220) he bought 47-1/2 acres in South Farnham Parish, adjoining John Hill, Graves and Watkins, from Richard Holt, Sr., and Mary his wife of King and Queen Co. The Garnetts and Graveses had long been neighbors, and in 1751 (Deed Book 25, p. 131) Reuben and Sarah Noell for love and affection had deeded "to our brother John Garnett, Jr." land adjoining lands of "Ann Graves widow of Francis Graves," John Satterwhite, Philip Sanders and Ann Dickie, widow. In 1761 (Deed Book 29, p. 10) Thomas Davis, tailor, of the Parish of Nottoway, Co. of Amelia, sold to Francis Graves (husband of Susannah) of South Farnham Parish 100 acres in St. Ann's Parish which John Davis, father of said Thomas, purchased of George Coleman, adjoining John Garnett; wit.: Leonard Hill, James Evans, Richard Hill, Jr., and Martha Beazley.

The obituary of Francis Graves (Richmond, Va. Gazette and General Advertiser, April 4, 1792) is as follows: "Died on Friday" March "23rd at his seat in Essex after a long and painful illness which he bore with a deal of fortitude. Mr. Francis Graves in the 68th year of his age much lamented by all those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance."

His will (Essex Will Book 14, p. 285) mentions son Francis, to whom is left "the land I purchased of Thomas Davis"; daughter Luca Spearman; son Rice, who receives "land I purchased of Richard Holt and also that purchased from Samuel Cross to John Hill's line"; and daughter Betty Graves. The wording of these bequests shows that the sons were not at this time residents of Essex. The only mention in Essex that has been found of Rice is when with wife Elizabeth and Susannah Graves he witnessed on 21 Dec. 1779 the will of Timothy Longest. The will was proved 19 Dec. 1781 by Rice and Elizabeth Graves. Susannah, most likely, was Rice's mother, and had died in the interim. Francis's will mentions no wife, so he evidently was a widower. (R-507)

Children - Graves

+248. Francis Graves, b.c. 1746, m. Martha Johnson, 19 Aug. 1783, d. by 1806.

249. Luca Graves, m. James Spearman.

+250. Rice Graves, b.c. 1750, m. Clara Satterwhite, c. 1772-77, d.c. 1822.

251. Elizabeth ("Betty") Graves






Ralph Graves (116) first married Mary Pinkethman, daughter of William Pinkethman. He secondly married Elizabeth ------. He died in Feb. 1748/9.

Ralph increased his holdings by purchasing 825 acres in Charles Parish known as "Boar Quarters"; also three plantations from George Baskerville; and 130 acres from John Hillyard. His will dated Feb. 11, 1748/9, was proved May 15, 1749, and in his will he described himself as "of Bruton Parish." (R-179, R-515)

Children - Graves

+252. William Graves, b. by 1728, m. Ann Brown, d. 1782.

253. Henry Graves, never married, d. 1758 (will, York Co., Va.). He named his mother, brother, and sisters in his will. He inherited Skimino plantation.

+254. Richard Graves, m. Dyonisia ------, d. by 12 Jan. 1769.

+255. Richard Croshaw Graves, b.c. 1734, m. Elizabeth Valentine, c. 1760, d. after 1792.

+256. Unity Graves, m. William Hilliard, d. 3 Dec. 1759.

257. Elizabeth Graves, m. Ralph Stone, d. 1761 (York Co., Va.).

258. Ralph Graves, Jr., d. before Feb. 1749. He witnessed a deed for his father as Ralph, Jr.


Henry White Graves (117) was born about 1692 in York Co., Va., and died about 1745 (between 1743 and 1746) in Virginia. He first married Mary Jones, probably a daughter of Rice Jones and Elizabeth Croshaw. He secondly married Mary Williams. She was a daughter of Lieut. Col. John Williams and his wife Mary Keeling of York Co., Va., who later moved to Hanover Co., Va.

According to Delbert Cox, Henry White Graves and family moved to Granville Co., N.C., in the 1750's with a relative, Samuel Henderson, and Henry White Graves died in Granville Co. (This seems to contradict the information given above.)

Much of the information about Henry White Graves and his descendants is from Barbara Graves Billings, although she does not make any claims for a first marriage to Mary Jones. For additional information, see The Graves Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 10-16. The information from the John Card Graves manuscripts is very confused and does not agree with this.

According to Mrs. Hiden (R-524), "Henry5 Graves of Hanover Co., Va. patented land there in 1731 (S.L.O., Book 13, p. 173). When he sold this land three years later with consent of his wife Mary, it is described as adjoining Major Leigh, John Saunders, Capt. Crawford and other lands of Henry5 Graves (Hanover Rec., 1730-35, p. 128). In 1730 (Goochland D.B. 3, p. 90) John Williams, Sr. of Hanover, had sold to his son, John Williams, Jr., 425 acres on the north side of James River on the branches or meanders of Tuckahoe, part of a patent granted him on Oct. 31, 1716. This was witnessed by Henry5 and Ralph6 Graves. On 10 Sept. 1737, John Williams, who had now moved to Goochland, sold 293 acres more of the same patent to Henry5 Graves of Hanover (ibid, p. 92). In 1743 (Car. O.B., 1741-46, p. 204), John Daniel of the York Co. family and who owned land in Hanover, paid Henry5 Graves 145 lbs. tobacco for one day's attendance at court as a witness for him, coming and going 40 miles. He died between this date and 1746, for in the latter year, Ralph6 Graves appeared as a tithable for Mary Graves (Goochland Loose Papers, Archives Div., Va. State Library). He seems to have been twice married, first to a daughter of Rice Jones and Elizabeth Croshaw, probably Mary. By this marriage there was at least one child, Ralph6, born probably about 1710."

In addition to the proven children of Henry5 Graves of Hanover Co., Mrs. Hiden believed he had yet another son whose widow, Elizabeth, was the grantor in the following deed (see p. 264, R-524).

In Mecklenberg D.B. 2, p. 4, on May 10, 1767, Elizabeth Graves of St. James Parish of said county, for love and affection, bound herself in the penalty of double the amount to give to her son Thomas Graves when he should attain the age of 21 years the sum of 30 pounds current Va. money; the witnesses were Henry6 and Elijah6 Graves, whose ancestry was previously discussed. This bond of Elizabeth was probably given preparatory to a second marriage. In 1779 (Lunenburg D.B. 13, p. 206), Andrew Gregory of Mecklenburg for 30 pounds current money sold to Thomas Graves of Lunenburg 100 acres lying on Juniper Creek adjoining Samuel Jordan, Edward Slaughter and Joseph Johnson. In 1798 (ibid, D.B. 18, p. 44), Thomas Graves and Sarah his wife of Mecklenburg and William Townsend and Elizabeth his wife of Lunenburg to Samuel Jordan of Lunenburg for 100 pounds current money convey 100 acres on the branches of Juniper Creek adjoining James Shelbourne, David Wood, Jeremiah Slaughter, Young Slaughter and Edward Slaughter. From the above, it would seem Thomas's mother secondly married William Townsend and had some rights in this 100 acres, else she would not have joined in the deed. We do not know the date of Thomas's removal to Mecklenburg, but it must have been after 1790, at which time he was residing in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co., with 3 tithables (Sunlight on the Southside, p. 240). (R-14, R-110, R-515, R-524)

Children - Graves, by Mary Jones

+259. Ralph Graves, b.c. 1710, m. Judith Womack, d. by 18 May 1762.

260. Mary Graves, m. ------ Cook. There was a Mary ("Molly") Graves who m. John Cook 9 Dec. 1799, Northampton Co., Va.

Children - Graves, by Mary Williams

+261. Sarah Croshaw Graves, b. 1735, m. Thomas Barnett, 3 Feb. 1754, d. 20 Jan. 1814.

+262. Rachel Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1734, m. Benjamin Hendricks, 16 Oct. 1750, d. 27 Dec. 1800.

+263. William Graves, m. Mary ------, d. 1786.

+264. Elizabeth Graves, b. 28 Jan. 1741/2, m. Joshua Coffee, 11 Aug. 1767, d. 1804.

+265. John Williams Graves, m. Mary (Jones?), d. 1788/9.

+266. Henry Graves, m. Rachel Lewis, c. 1760, d. 1797.

+267. Elijah Graves, m. Lucretia Chappel, by 1774, d. 1798.

268. Mary Graves, b. 1726, m. John Christmas, d. 14 April 1810 (Orange Co., NC). John was b. 1720, Hanover Co., Va., d. 1783, Orange Co., NC. He named Mary as his wife in his will. Although Henry White Graves named a daughter Mary in his first marriage, it would not be unusual for him to repeat the name in his second group of children. There is some belief that John may have married Rachel Graves.

+269. son, m. Elizabeth ------.


John Graves (120) was born about 1677. He married Elizabeth ------. Because of the formation of new counties and acquiring new land, records of this family are found in Albemarle, Caroline, Goochland and Spotsylvania counties, VA. (R-14, R-230)

Children - Graves

270. Thomas Graves

+271. John Graves, Jr., m. Lucy Adams, before 1743.

272. Elizabeth Graves

273. Mathew Graves, b. 1710, m. Susannah (or Susanna) Adams. Moved to Goochland Co., VA.



John Graves, Jr. (121) was born about 1685-90, and most likely about 1685, as shown in the deed discussed in the section on his father. He was probably born in either York Co. or New Kent Co., Va. He died after 1772. He married Frances ------ about 1715. The first record of John's arrival in Spotsylvania Co. is found in Deed Book A, p. 405: John Graves, Jr. of St. Stephens Parish, King and Queen Co., purchases 200 acres of land in Spotsylvania Co. for 100 acres of land in King William Co. from Thomas Gambrill of St. Margaret's Parish, King William Co., 24 May 1729; wit: Thomas Graves. This deed is the key to the relationships of the Graves of King William Co. and King and Queen Co. to those who were later in Spotsylvania Co. It proves that John Jr. of Spotsylvania Co. is the same John Jr. who received the 100 acres from his father in King William Co. in 1706. It also proves that Thomas Graves (#122) was a brother of John Jr., and therefore also a son of John Graves Sr. In 1765, John and Frances deeded this very same land to their son Joseph, reserving a lifetime tenancy for themselves (Spotsylvania Co., Deed Book F, p. 563). This Joseph is named by Thomas Graves as his nephew and an executor of his will, confirming that John Jr. and Thomas were brothers.

John Graves Jr. owned land in several counties, which he gave as gifts to his sons over the years, but he maintained his original Spotsylvania Co. residency as witnessed by the above deed. Frances died between 1765 and 1772. John died sometime after 1772 when he made a final gift to his son Joseph. (R-14, R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves

+274. Elizabeth Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1720, m. William Sandidge, d. 6 Jan. 1826.

+275. Thomas Graves, b. by 1724, m. Elizabeth ------, d. 1792.

+276. James Graves, b. by 1722, m. Sarah ------, d. 1781.

+277. Joseph Graves, b. by 1725, m(1) Sarah ------, m(2) Frances Coleman, d. 12 May 1785.

+278. John Graves, b.c. 1725, m. Mary McGehee, by 1761, d. 17 Nov. 1798.

+279. Ann Graves, b.c. 1725, m. John McGehee, by 5 Aug. 1743, d. before 2 Nov. 1798.

280. Frances Graves, m. Joseph Bush, d. before 1809. He died in 1809. He secondly married Mary Ann ------. His father was Philip Bush of Orange Co., Va. They had 9 or 10 children.


Thomas Graves (122) was born in 1691 (based on a deposition, Caroline O.B. 1746-54, p. 362), and died in 1768 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. Mrs. Hiden states: "in the absence of documentary proof, we can still feel confident that Thomas Graves was the son of a John Graves who had lived in King and Queen Co. but was of the Gloucester Co. family, born about 1670, son of Thomas and Mary Graves, son of Thomas, son of Capt. Thomas."

Thomas Graves consistently maintained his residence on the Pamunkey in Spotsylvania Co., Va. His wife Ann (or Anne or Sarah Ann) has generally been thought to be a Davenport, daughter of William Davenport and Anne Woodruff, but Mrs. Hiden thought she was more likely a Clark, or of that family connection. Mrs. Taylor says she was born before 1696. She lived until 1782, and during the Revolution she furnished supplies to the Continental troops.

It appears that Thomas Graves first married Mary Perkins by 1715, and had by this marriage only three children, two daughters and one son. His wife then died and he remarried by no later than 1721. The son was John Graves, but the names of the daughters by this first marriage are not known. The source for these statements is a record from the Bible of Solomon Graves, son of Rev. Barzillai Graves (who died 1827). A copy of the Bible record was made by the N.C. Archives in 1971. A detailed discussion of this is in the Appendix of this book.

The will of Thomas Graves (Spotsylvania Co. Rec. Will Book D, p. 318) was dated 17 Oct. 1767, probated 6 June 1768, but final settlement was not until July 1802. Thomas is credited with a total of 16 children. However, the estate settlement plainly states there were only 15 legatees. There were probably other children who died before reaching adulthood. There is some question about some of the following children, and additional proof is needed. Mrs. Ethel Taylor suggests that there may also have been another child named Sarah.

Children - Graves, by Mary Perkins

+281. John Graves, b.c. 1715, m(1) ------ Herndon, m(2) Isabella Lea, c. 1752, d. 18 Jan. 1792.

Children - Graves, by Ann Davenport

+282. Thomas Graves, b. by 1721, m. Isabella Susan Bartlett, by 1751, d. 18 Nov. 1801.

+283. Solomon Graves, b. by 1723, m. Sarah Winfield, c. 1746, d.c. 1785.

+284. William Graves, b. 1720-30, m. Mary ------, d.c. 1791.

+285. Richard Graves, b.c. 1725, m. Lucy Davenport, 1750, d. after 1788.

+286. Susanna Graves, b. by 1740, m. William Pettus, 1759, d. by 1802.

+287. Rice Graves, b.c. 1729, m. Jane Young, 1751-2, d. 1814.

+288. David Graves, b.c. 1730, m. Agnes Holloway, d. Jan. or Feb. 1808.

+289. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1735, m. William Lea, d. by 1809.

+290. Rosanna Graves, m. John Spencer.

+291. Eleanor Graves, m. Thomas Kimbrough, c. 1747.

292. Louisa Graves, m. Thomas Pulliam. He was son of Thomas Pulliam Sr. who died testate, Spots. Co., 1758.

+293. Robert Graves, b.c. 1735-40, m. Jean ------.

294. Jonathan Graves, married, d. by 1768. He probably married a Davenport, since a William Davenport was made guardian of his son William.

295. Mary Graves, m. ------ Campbell (?). John Bostick signed receipts for her in all disbursements from her father's estate.


Joseph Graves (123) migrated from Orange Co., VA to Rowan Co. or Surry Co., NC prior to 1771, probably 1763-1769. (Surry Co. was formed from Rowan Co. in 1770.) He married Sarah ------. He may only have had the one child listed below, since she is the only one mentioned in his will. His will in Surry Co., NC was dated 12 July 1774 and proved in August Court 1774. In it he mentioned his wife Sarah, his daughter Mary, and his son-in-law Benjamin Cleveland. It leaves portions of his estate to his daughter's two sons, Absalom and John Cleveland, and states that Benjamin Cleveland, husband of his daughter, be executor of his estate.

Joseph lived in Orange Co., VA, and later on Roaring Creek, Rowan (later Surry, now Wilkes) Co., NC. (Wilkes Co. was formed from Surry Co. in 1777.)

Mrs. P. W. Hiden found a 1752 Orange Co. land sale by a Joseph Graves with the consent of his wife Sarah. Mrs. Hiden thought this was Joseph6, son of John5 and Frances, and nephew of Thomas5 who married Ann Davenport, descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA. That Joseph Graves was b. by 1725 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 12 May 1785 in Orange Co., VA, m(1) Sarah ------, m(2) Frances Coleman. However, that is not possible, since that Joseph died 1785 in Orange Co., VA, whereas the Joseph Graves of interest died 1774 in Surry Co., NC. The Joseph Graves who died 1785 was also too young to be the father of Mary, since she was born about 1738.

A discussion of the evidence for Joseph Graves as a son of John Graves is in the Appendix to this book.

[Prior to determining the ancestry of this Joseph Graves, the following speculation was being pursued: It does appear possible, however, that the Joseph Graves of this genealogy was related to the Joseph Graves who married Frances Coleman. David Graves, son of Thomas Graves and Ann Davenport, was in Surry Co., NC by 1762, before moving to Shelby Co., KY, and it is likely that other members of this family also lived in Surry Co., NC for a few years. Maybe the John4 Graves who was the father of John and Thomas had another son who had a son, Joseph6 Graves. Perhaps, also, there were two men named Joseph Graves in Orange Co., VA, one who married Sarah, and the other who married Frances Coleman (with no first marriage to a Sarah). These possibilities need to be explored. There was also another John Graves (genealogy 56) who died about 1764-68 in Orange Co., NC, may have had a wife Frances, and could have been the father of Joseph Graves.] (R-205, R-210, R-211)

Children - Graves

+296. Mary Graves, b.c. 1738, m. Benjamin Cleveland, c. 1758-60, d. 1800.



Thomas Graves (127) was born 19 Sept. 1714, and was baptized 15 Dec. 1714.

He married Lucy ------. She died 7 Oct. 1760 (Abingdon Parish register, Gloucester Co., Va.). The Abingdon Parish register lists all the following children as born to Thomas and Lucy.

It has been said that Thomas first married Elizabeth Laffingham on 20 Oct. 1733. However, this was probably another Thomas, probably Thomas (#130), son of Jeffrey. (R-515)

Children - Graves

297. Mary Graves, bapt. 10 Oct. 1736.

+298. William Graves, b. 2 March 1738, m. Ann ------.

299. Thomas Graves, b. 2 March 1741-2.

300. Susannah Graves, b. 4 May 1744.

301. John Graves, bapt. 4 Sept. 1745.

302. Elizabeth Graves, b. 1747, bapt. 29 Feb. 1748.

303. Jeffrey Graves (twin of Robert), b. 9 June 1751, bapt. 14 July 1751.

304. Robert Graves (twin of Jeffrey), b. 9 June 1751, bapt. 14 July 1751.



William Graves (132) was born 4 July 1725 in Chesterfield Co., Va., and died 24 Jan. 1776. His will was dated 17 Jan. 1776. He married Sarah Cox, daughter of Henry Cox and Mary ------. She was born 10 July 1732 and died 12 Feb. 1791. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+305. King Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1750, m. Mary ------, d. 1791 or later.

+306. Arthur Graves, b. 19 Nov. 1752, m. Frances Eanes (?), 22 Dec. 1803 (?), d. 28 April 1831.

+307. Charles Graves, b. 20 Dec. 1754, married.

308. Martha Winifred Graves, b. 27 Dec. 1756.

309. Frances Graves, b. 11 June 1759, m. ------ Batte (?).

+310. William Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1761, probably never married, d. 1780 or later.

311. Henry Graves, b. 16 July 1763.

312. Pliny Graves, b. 1765.

313. Matthew Graves, b. 14 April 1767, d. 1787.

314. Sarah Graves, b. 23 March 1770.

315. Benjamin Graves, b. 15 July 1773.



John Graves (133) was born about 1735. He moved to Halifax Co., Va. in 1771. Some sources have stated that he moved from Spotsylvania Co., Va., but this seems to be in error, according to Mrs. W. E. Mayberry. The only John Graves of Spotsylvania Co. she has found is a descendant of Capt. Thomas Graves' son Francis.

Two of his sons, Easom (or Esom) and Reuben, moved to Jackson Co., Tenn. about 1800.

In Family Puzzlers, p. 14, issue no. 837, Nov. 3, 1983, is a query about three brothers, John, Esom, and Jonas Born, born about 1760, who were from Germany. This raises the possibility that Esom is a German name and that this family has German connections (possibly through John Graves' wife?).

The family of Alva Graves (page 119, 1983 Graves Family Newsletter) was apparently connected with this family. Alva may have been a grandson of John Graves. (R-41, R-43)

Children - Graves

+316. Reuben Graves, b. 23 May 1760, m. Elizabeth Yarbrough, 28 Nov. 1786.

+317. Esom Graves, b.c. 1764, m. Judith Parrott, 11 Jan. 1787, d. 1843.

318. Polly Graves, m. Akin Roberts, 1794.

319. Frances Graves, m. Jon Shepard.

320. William Graves, m. Rebeckah East, 27 March 1781.

321. Winfield Graves



John Calvert (138) was born about 1692 in Stafford Co., VA (or in MD), and died in 1731 in Prince George's Co., MD (or in Prince William Co., VA). He first married Jane Harrison in 1711. He secondly married Mary Goslin. It is not certain which children were by which wife. (R-120, R-186)

Children - Calvert, by Mary Goslin

+322. Thomas Calvert (alias Harrison), b. 1709, m. Sarah Harrison, b. 1754.

+323. George Calvert, Jr. (alias Harrison), b.c. 1712, m(1) Anne Crupper, 1739, m(2) ------, d. 1782.

324. Burr Calvert (alias Harrison), b. 1716, m. Jean (or Jane) ------, d. 1787.

325. Cecilius Calvert

326. William Calvert

327. Elizabeth Calvert

328. Jacob Calvert, b. 1720, m. Sarah Crupper, d. 1772.


George Calvert (143) was born in 1694 or 1696, and died in 1750 in Culpeper Co., VA. He married Constant (or Constance) Harrison in 1719. She was born in 1697 and died in 1739 or 1740. (R-186)

Children - Calvert

+329. Obediah Calvert, b. 1719, m. Mary Gosling, 1739, d. 1805.



Samuel Taylor, Jr. (147) married Mary Wight. Their surviving children are listed below. (R-141)

Children - Taylor

330. Verlinda Taylor

+331. Priscilla Taylor, m. James Wilson, 1760.

+332. Susanna Taylor, m. Joshua Naylor.

333. Joshua Taylor



Frances Fowke (152) was born 2 Feb. 1691 in Charles Co., Md., died 8 Nov. 1744 at Dipple, Stafford Co., Va., and was buried in Stafford Co., Va. She married Dr. Gustavus Brown of "Rich Hill", Charles Co., Md., son of Gustavus Brown and Jane Mitchelson, in 1710 or 1711. He was born 10 April 1689 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland, and died of apoplexy in April 1762 at "Rich Hill". His will was dated 9 Dec. 1755 and was probated 12 May 1762 in Charles Co., Md. After Frances died, he married Margaret (Black) Boyd, widow of an Irish gentlemen and merchant of Port Tobacco, Md., in 1746-7. The children by his second marriage were: Gustavus Richard Brown, b. 17 Oct. 1747-8, m. Peggy Graham, 15 May 1769, d. 1804; Margaret Brown, b. 1749-50, m. (Hon.) Thomas Stone, after 1762, d. 1 June 1787. Source: Hayden, Virginia Genealogies. (R-10, R-114, R-174)

Children - Brown

334. Gustavus Brown, b. 7 Dec. 1711, d. 8 Sept. 1712.

335. Frances Brown, b. 29 July 1713, m. (Rev.) John Moncure (of Scotland), 18 June 1741.

336. Sarah Brown, b. 29 Aug. 1715, m. (Rev.) James Scott (of Westwood, Dettingen Parish, Va.), c. 1738.

337. Mary Brown, b. 8 Dec. 1717, m(1) Matthew Hopkins, c. 1732, m(2) Henry Threlkheld, c. 1736.

338. Christian Brown, b. 29 Aug. 1720, m. John Graham, 13 Aug. 1742, d. 17 Sept. 1742.

339. Gustavus Brown, b. 5 Sept. 1722, d. 13 Sept. 1722.

+340. Elizabeth Brown, b. 5 Oct. 1723, m. Michael Wallace, 27 April 1747.

341. Richard Brown, b. 2 Dec. 1725, m(1) Helen Bailey, c. 1750, m(2) ------ (Black) Key, m(3) ------ (Smoot) Hawkins.

342. Gustavus Richard Brown, b. 30 May 1727, d. 9 June 1727.

343. Jean (or Jane) Brown, b. 1 June 1729, m. (Rev.) Isaac Campbell, before 1755, d. 1784.

344. Cecillia (or Cecelia) Brown, b. 1730-1, m(1) (Dr.) John Key, before 1755, m(2) (Maj.) Thomas Bond, before 1761.

345. Ann Brown, b. 1732, m(1) (Rev.) Samuel Claggett, c. 1750, m(2) Robert Horner, 11 May 1758, m(3) Samuel Hanson, 3 Aug. 1764 (?).



Margaret Beall (155) was born in 1694 in Prince George's Co., MD, and died after 1755, probably in SC. She first married John Brewer, Jr. After his death, she secondly married Thomas Odell, son of Thomas Odell and Sarah Ridgely, about 1714 (or 1722?). He was born 7 Jan. 1692/3 at Darnells Grove Plantation, Prince George's Co., MD (or South River Hundred, Anne Arundel Co., MD), and died after 1763 in Newberry District, SC. He and Margaret inherited an estate from the Bealls called "Baldi Christi". Later the family moved to Newberry, SC, where Margaret and Thomas died. (R-116, R-117, R-121)

Children - Odell

346. William Odell, b. 1714 (Prince George's Co., MD), d. 1799.

347. Rachel Odell, b. 1717, m. John Prather, 1735, d. 1784.

348. Thomas Odell, b. 1719, m. Kaisiah ------.

349. Sarah Odell, b. 1720, m. John Duckett, d. 16 April 1815 (Newberry Dist., SC).

350. Mary Odell, b. 1724, m(1) Hilleary Williams, m(2) Regnal Odell, d. 1805.

+351. James Odell, b. 1725, m. Martha Prather, c. 1747, d. 1770-3.

+352. John Odell, b. 1728, m. Eleanor Duckett, d.c. 1795.



James Coffey (199) was born 4 July (?) 1729 in Essex Co., Va., and died in Sept. or Oct. 1786 in Wilkes Co., N.C. (will dated 16 Sept. 1786, proved Oct. 1786). He was a Baptist minister, and also a Revolutionary War patriot, but no records have been found for his service. He married Elizabeth Cleveland, daughter of Alexander Cleveland, on 30 Aug. (?) 1750 in Orange Co. or Albemarle Co., Va. She was born in Feb. (?) 1726/27, and died in 1826 or 1827 in Bedford Co., Tenn. Their first 8 children were probably all born in Albemarle Co., Va., and the last 2 in Amherst Co., Va. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+353. Elizabeth Coffey, b.c. 1751, m. Robert Whiteside, c. 1770, d. 1811-12.

+354. John Coffey, b.c. 1753, m. Mary ------, c. 1773-4, d. 27 Dec. 1825.

+355. Archelaus Coffey, b.c. 1755, m. Eleanor Wade, c. 1775, d.c. 1783-4.

356. James Coffey, Jr., b.c. 1757, probably never married, d. probably N.C. or Tenn.

+357. Martha Coffey, b.c. 1758, m. Mastin Durham, 1774, d.c. 1826.

+358. Reuben Coffey, b. 16 Sept. 1759, m. Mildred Morris, d. 4 March 1842.

+359. Ambrose Coffey, b. 1762, m(1) Mildred Moore, m(2) Elizabeth Rice, m(3) Polly Garner (?), d.c. 1818.

+360. Eli Coffey, b. 1 March 1763, m. Hannah Allen, d. 5 Sept. 1847.

+361. Rice Coffey, b. April 1766, m. Sarah Bradford, 1790, d. 24 July 1853.

+362. Joel Coffey, b. 1770, m. Martha Coffey, 22 Aug. 1793, d. Dec. 1826.

+363. Lewis Russell Coffey, b. 18 Nov. 1772, m. Bidant Moore, 10 Dec. 1795, d. 29 Sept. 1850.


William Coffey (200) was born about 1731 in Essex Co., Va., and died before 28 March 1828 (date will was proved) in Nelson Co., Va. He married Elizabeth Osborne (or Osborn) about 1758, probably in Albemarle Co., Va. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+364. Osborn Coffey, b. 29 July 1759, m. Mary Nightingale, 15 Feb. 1783, d. 31 March 1840.

365. William Coffey, Jr., m. Polly Rippeto, 2 Nov. 1790.

366. Winnefred (Ureney?) Coffey, m. Thomas Hayes, 29 March 1792 (bond 28 March 1792).

367. Mildred ("Milley") Coffey, m. Samuel Collman (or Coleman), 1783.

368. Elizabeth ("Betsey") Coffey, m. John Bridge, 15 Sept. 1795.

369. Edmond F. Coffey, b.c. 1773 (age 72 in 1845), m. Elizabeth Burger, 3 April 1802.

+370. Jane Coffey, m(1) ------ Anderson, 16 Dec. 1819, m(2) ------ Fitzgerald.

371. Margaret Coffey, m. ------ Monroe.

372. Mary Coffey

373. Frankey Coffey


John Coffey (201) was born about 1733 in Essex Co., Va. He first married Dorcas Carter, daughter of John Carter. He secondly married Nancy Richardson. There is no positive identification of his children or whether he had children by both wives. He probably had other children in addition to those listed below. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+374. Meredith Coffey, b.c. 1760-70, m. Esther ------, c. 1797, d. 1838.

375. Thomas Coffey, b. 1766-84 (age 26-45 in 1810).

376. Sally Coffey, m. Benjamin Rhea, 9 Feb. 1802 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

377. Jenny Coffey, m. Levi Miller, 23 Sept. 1806 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).


Edmond (or Edmund) Coffey (202) was born about 1735 in Essex Co., Va., and died in 1808 in Nelson Co., Va. He married Nancy Barnett in Albemarle or Amherst Co., Va. She died before 27 April 1829, probably before 23 March. Their first 4 children were married in Amherst Co., Va., and the last 2 in Nelson Co., Va. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

378. Edmund S. Coffey, b.c. 1773, m. Tildy Fitzgerald, 3 Jan. 1798, d. after 1845.

379. William Coffey, m. Betsey Giles, 18 April 1800.

380. Reuben Coffey, m. Nancy Giles, 5 Sept. 1801.

381. Amelia ("Milley") Coffey, b.c. 1772, m. John Campbell, 22 Feb. 1793.

382. Nancy Coffey, m. Joel Campbell, Sept. 1817 (bond 29 Aug.).

383. Polly Coffey, m. John Steel, 28 Aug. 1819.


Thomas Coffey (204) was born 7 March 1742 in Essex Co., Va., and died in April 1825 in Wilkes Co., N.C. He first married Elizabeth Smith about 1762, probably in Albemarle Co., Va. He secondly married Sarah ("Sally") Fields about 1778-9, probably in Albemarle Co., Va. All the children by the first marriage were born in Albemarle Co., Va., and all the children by the second marriage were born in Wilkes Co., N.C., although the birth place for Sally was not stated. (R-522)

Children - Coffey, by Elizabeth Smith

384. Elizabeth Coffey, b. 25 Oct. 1763, m. David Allen, d. 1850 (Owen Co.?, Ind.). Moved to Owen Co., Ind. in 1828.

+385. John Coffey, b.c. 1765, m. Hannah Wilson, 3 Oct. 1796, d.c. 1812.

+386. Thomas Coffey, b.c. 1767, m(1) Margaret Coffey, m(2) Nancy Pendley.

+387. James Coffey, b. 1772, m. Delilah Ferguson, 31 Aug. 1799, d. 1840.

388. Mary Coffey, b.c. 1775, m. William Coffey, 3 July 1796. See #413 for descendants.

+389. Smith Coffey, b.c. 1776, m. Hannah Boone.

Children - Coffey, by Sarah Fields

390. Martha ("Patsy") Coffey, b.c. 1780, m. (Rev.) James Dowell, 3 Sept. 1807, d. Indiana.

+391. William Coffey, b. 29 Nov. 1782, m. Annie Boone, 16 Oct. 1804, d. 21 May 1839.

+392. Reuben A. Coffey, b. 15 Sept. 1785, m. Polly Dowell, 1805, d. Feb. 1854.

+393. Elijah Coffey, b. 1788, m. Polly Hull, d. 1865.

394. Sally Coffey, b.c. 1792, m. Samuel Thomas Stewart, 2 March 1824, d. N.C.

+395. Lewis Coffey, b. 25 May 1796, m. Harriet E. Powell.

+396. Jesse Coffey, b.c. 1798, m. Winnifred Crumpton, 22 Dec. 1821, d. 1858.

+397. Larkin Coffey, b. 18 Feb. 1800, m. Catherine H. Wilson, 9 Jan. 1826, d. 12 Jan. 1881.

+398. McCaleb Coffey, b. 22 Aug. 1803, m. Elizabeth Collett, 1 Feb. 1828, d. 17 Feb. 1881.


Reuben Coffey (205) was born in 1744 in Essex or Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died in 1818 in Burke Co., N.C. He married Sarah ("Sally") Scott before 1772, probably in Albemarle Co., Va. Most of their children went to Owen Co., Ind. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

399. John Coffey

+400. Reuben Coffey, b. 1772, m. Naomi Hays, 7 Feb. 1797, d. 30 Nov. 1851.

+401. Joseph Coffey, married, d. 1835.

402. Jesse Coffey, b. 1840.

403. Elizabeth B. Coffey, b. 30 July 1776, m. John Green (or Thomas Roper?), d. 5 March 1868 (Greene Co., Ind.).

+404. Elijah Coffey, b. 11 March 1779, m. Mary Abby Dyer, 23 Sept. 1803, d. 3 Sept. 1863.

+405. James D. Coffey, b. 23 Oct. 1786, m. Hannah Alloway Strange, d. 27 Oct. 1868.

406. Nancy Coffey, b. 10 Sept. 1788 (Globe, Burke Co., N.C.), m(1) ------ Durham, m(2) Joel Anderson Dyer, d. 19 April 1866 (Ind.). Ancestor of Abby Dyer Griffin, early Coffey genealogist.

+407. William H. Coffey, b. 1789, m. Mary Faulkner, d. 17 Oct. 1844.

408. Thomas Coffey, d. before 1838. No children.

+409. Benjamin Coffey, b.c. 1790 (?), m. Exa Saphronia Stepp, 1816, d. 1843.

410. Jane Coffey, m. James Webb.

411. Sally Coffey, m. Samuel Curtis.


Benjamin Coffey (206) was born in 1747 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 4 Jan. 1834 in Hawkins Co., Tenn. He married Polly Hayes, possibly a daughter of Jesse Hayes. According to the 1790 and 1800 censuses, they had 5 male and 4 female children. The first child listed below is proven, the next three are probable, and the last five are possible. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+412. John Coffey, b. 15 Oct. 1776, m. Elizabeth Rucker, d. 15 March 1845.

+413. William Coffey, b. 1778 (?), m. Mary Coffey, 3 July 1796.

+414. Bennett Coffey, b.c. 1779, m. Sally Ferguson, 5 Feb. 1805, d. by 1858.

+415. George Coffey, b.c. 1782, m. Margaret Rucker.

416. Jesse Coffey

417. Jane Coffey, m. Joel Coffey, 22 Aug. 1793, d. Sept.-Oct. 1839. See #362 for descendants.

418. Ann Coffey, m. Alexander McKinsey, 28 Oct. 1793 (Wilkes Co., N.C.).

419. Sarah Coffey, m. James Coffey, 30 Aug. 1794 (Wilkes Co., N.C.).

420. daughter


Elizabeth ("Betty") Coffey (207) died after 1807. She married Thomas Fields, brother of Sally and son of Richard Fields and Elizabeth Murrell. Elizabeth and Thomas moved to Wilkes Co., N.C. Thomas was active in the Yadkin Baptist Church, holding the office of clerk and later that of deacon. His will in 1807 listed wife Betty and the following children: James Crumpton, William Fields, Reuben Fields, Betsy Penley, Winifred Humphrey, Polly Humphrey, and Sally Penley. Presumably the first "child" is a son-in-law, and all children were by Elizabeth Coffey. (R-522)

Children - Fields

421. daughter, m. James Crumpton.

422. William Fields

423. Reuben Fields

424. Betsy Fields, m. ------ Penley.

425. Winifred Fields, m. ------ Humphrey.

426. Polly Fields, m. ------ Humphrey.

427. Sally Fields, m. ------ Penley.



Samuel Higginbotham (208) was born not later than 1747 (possibly 1745) in Albemarle Co., Va., because he was a member of a jury in 1768 and had to be at least 21 to serve. He died intestate in 1803 in Elbert Co., Ga., and was buried in what is now known as the "Hop Brener Place" which is about four miles north of Elbert, Elbert Co., Ga. There is a government marker on his grave.

Samuel married Jane Satterwhite, daughter of John and Ann Satterwhite of Essex Co., Va., not later than 1770 (probably about 1769) in Essex Co., Va. It is believed by some that Jane's mother was Ann Graves (#106), sister of Clara Graves. However, it is more likely that she was a daughter of John Satterwhite, Jr. and Ann Price. Jane was born about 1750 in Caroline Co., Va., and died after 1790 in Elbert Co., Ga.

The civil and military positions held by Samuel Higginbotham included the following: member of a jury in Amherst Co., Va. in 1768; Lieut. in the Amherst Co., Va. Militia in 1769; Lieut. in the Rev. War, acting as a recruiting officer in Va.; Capt. in the Rev. War for Amherst Co., Va. in 1780; Church Warden and Vestryman for Lexington Parish, Amherst Co., Va. in 1781; tax collector in Lexington Parish, Amherst Co., Va. in 1782; Deputy Sheriff in Amherst Co., Va. in 1784; Major in the Amherst Co., Va. Militia in 1785; Colonel in the Amherst Co., Va. Militia in 1787. He moved to Georgia with his family in 1792. He was delegate from Elbert Co., Ga. to the Constitutional Convention in 1795. (R-65, R-69, R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+428. John Satterwhite Higginbotham, b. by 1771, m(1) Ann Stanton Higginbotham, 17 Dec. 1792, m(2) Martha Ricks, 5 Nov. 1826, m(3) Sarah Lourimore, 30 March 1834, d. 1842.

+429. Ann Higginbotham, b. 8 May 1772, m. William Fortson, 7 Aug. 1794, d. 21 April 1852.

430. Aaron Higginbotham, b.c. 1778, m. Clary G. Morrison, d. 1860.

+431. Volata Higginbotham, b. 1779, m. George Turman, 1796, d. 1838.

432. Clarysia Higginbotham, m. Stephen Cheatham, 5 April 1810.

433. Blackley (or Blakely) Higginbotham, b. 1785-89.

434. Samuel Higginbotham, Jr., m. Elizabeth ------.

+435. George Green Higginbotham, b. 15 July 1791, m. Sarah Fortson, 20 Feb. 1817, d. 6 May 1859.


Mary Ann Higginbotham (209) was born 11 (or 17) Oct. 1749. She first married Henry Franklin, Jr. He died in 1782, since there is a record for a court held on June 3, 1782, in which Mary Ann is mentioned as the executrix of the estate of her late husband, Henry Franklin, Jr. He was a Revolutionary soldier. Mary Ann secondly married Benjamin Arnold. (R-521)

Children - Franklin

436. Reuben Franklin, m. Matilda Harrison, 2 Nov. 1796.

437. Aaron Franklin

438. Jasper Franklin, b. after 1761, m. Polly Brockman, 27 Oct. 1796.

+439. Peachy Franklin, b. 1771-78, m. Susannah Dillard, 20 March 1799.

440. Antony Franklin, b. after 1777.

441. Henry Tarleton Franklin, b. after 1778, m. Jane Moss, 12 Dec. 1809.


Aaron Higginbotham (210) was born in 1752 and died intestate in 1794. He married Nancy Croxton, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Croxton, on 4 Dec. 1775. She died in 1823. Aaron was commissioned an Ensign in the Amherst Co., Va. Militia on 3 July 1786. In the inventory of his estate he was called "Captain", but no record of such a commission has been found. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

442. Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 11 July 1778, m. James Shields, 1 March 1797, d. 7 Sept. 1837. He was son of John Shields and Margaret Finley.

+443. Absalom Higginbotham, b. 2 May 1781, m. Mary C. Sandidge, 16 Nov. 1806, d. 7 July 1866.

+444. Sallie Higginbotham, b. 23 Sept. 1783, m. Washington Hill, 20 July 1803.

+445. Nancy Higginbotham, b. 12 June 1786, m. James Hix, 7 Nov. 1809.

+446. Aaron Higginbotham III, b. 23 Feb. 1789, m. Elizabeth Steward Sandidge, 22 May 1817, d. 8 March 1852.

447. Clara Graves Higginbotham, b. 1 Dec. 1791, m. Lindsey Sandidge, 16 Dec. 1811.

+448. Johannah Croxton Higginbotham, b. 26 Jan. 1794, m. George Washington Higginbotham, 27 June 1822, d. 4 Sept. 1860.


Margaret Higginbotham (212) was born after 1757. She first married Edward Cox on 14 Dec. 1778. She was under 21 because she received consent to marry from her father. Edward died in 1780. He was a Revolutionary soldier. His name appears with the rank of sergeant in Muster and Pay Rolls of different companies of Capt. Samuel Jordan Cabell and Capt. Benjamin Taliaferro. On Feb. 24, 1778, Edward Cox received his discharge from the Virginia Militia. Margaret secondly married Thomas Morrison on 2 June 1783. He died in Nelson Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Cox

449. Clary Cox, b. after 1759, m. Edward Ware Jopling, 19 Nov. 1805. She was under 21 in Oct. 1780, when a court of Amherst Co., Va. appointed her mother, Margaret Cox, her guardian.


Frances Graves Higginbotham (213) married her first cousin, Lieut. Joseph Higginbotham Morrison, in Amherst Co., Va. He was a son of William Morrison and Rachel Higginbotham. She died by Oct. 7, 1796, because for that date there is a Certificate of Marriage by the Rev. William Crawford for Joseph H. Morrison, widower, and Mary Walker, widow. Frances and Joseph had 7 children -- 3 sons and 4 daughters. (R-521)

Children - Morrison

+450. Mary Dandridge Morrison, b. 1784, m. James Reagan, Jr., 1805, d. 1839.



Ann Higginbotham (214) was born about 1752. She married Jacob Higginbotham, son of Joseph Higginbotham and Ann Smith, on 18 Oct. 1772. The record of this marriage was obtained from an application for a pension made from Elbert Co., Ga. on 21 April 1855 by Jacob's son, John, for the heirs of Jacob Higginbotham because of Jacob's military service in the Revolutionary War.

Jacob died intestate in January 1836. William Pulliam was appointed the administrator of his estate by an Elbert Co., Ga. court on 7 March 1836. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+451. Hannah Higginbotham, b. 27 Aug. 1773.

452. James Higginbotham, b. 13 Feb. 1775, d. 1827.

453. Jacob Higginbotham, Jr., b. 6 July 1776.

454. John Higginbotham, b. 9 Jan. 1778.

455. Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 14 Jan. 1780.

456. Jane Higginbotham, b. 3 March 1782, m. William Maxwell, d. 1863.

457. Joseph Higginbotham, b. 27 Feb. 1784, m. Elizabeth G. Taylor, d. 1824.

458. Benjamin Higginbotham, b. 27 Feb. 1784. Probably a twin bother of Joseph.

459. Caleb Higginbotham, b. 3 April 1787, m. Ann M. Bryant (?), 15 July 1812.

460. Anne Higginbotham, b. 11 Dec. 1788.

461. William Higginbotham, b. 13 Sept. 1790, m. Susannah Bonds (?), 29 Dec. 1814.

462. Riley Higginbotham, b. 22 Sept. 1793.

463. Frances G. Higginbotham, b. 11 Dec. 1796.


Caleb Higginbotham (215) was born about 1755 in Albemarle Co. (now Amherst Co.), Va., and died 1823 near Holmesville in Pike Co., Miss. He married Mary Ann Cash before 1775 (probably about 1772). Caleb moved to Elbert Co., Ga. (to that part that later became Madison Co., Ga.) in 1791. His brothers and sisters had preceded him there by moving with their father, Benjamin, in 1784 to what became Elbert Co. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

464. Aaron Higginbotham, b. 1772, m. Elizabeth Metts (?), c. 1810, d. 10 Nov. 1858.


Benjamin Higginbotham, Jr. (216) was born about 1758, and died by 3 Sept. 1810 in Elbert Co., Ga. (or Wilkes Co., Ga.). He married Mary Gatewood, daughter of Larkin Gatewood of Amherst Co., Va., on 21 Jan. 1782. She was probably dead in 1809, because Benjamin did not mention her in his will dated 20 May 1809. The will was proved 3 Sept. 1810.

He served as a captain in the Revolutionary War, and was at the siege of Yorktown. He moved from Va. to Ga., probably after 1783, since his name does not appear in the Amherst Co., Va. census records after 1783. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

465. Sarah Higginbotham

466. Anne Higginbotham

467. Elizabeth Higginbotham

468. Mary Higginbotham, b. July 1785 or 1786, m(1) Charles Carter, m(2) John C. Flynn, 19 March 1829 (La.). She lived in Elbert Co., Ga. and Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, La., where she died.

+469. Benjamin Graves Higginbotham, b. 17 Feb. 1788, m. Mary Foster Lollis, 2 Jan. 1812, d. 23 April 1862.

470. Peter Higginbotham, b. after 1790, m. Jinny Howard, 4 Feb. 1813.

+471. Larkin Higginbotham, b. after 1790, m. Polly Howard, 12 Jan. 1815.


William Higginbotham (217) was born about 1761 in Amherst Co., Va., and died in 1842 in Shannonville, Perry Co., Tenn. He married Dorothy ("Dolly") Sandidge, daughter of John Sandidge and Keziah Gatewood of Amherst Co., Va. They were already married in 1784, because in an October Court for that year William Higginbotham and Dolly, his wife, acknowledged a deed to Thomas Powell (Amherst Co., Va. Order Book, 1784-1787, p. 404). She was born about 1765 in Amherst Co., Va., and died after 1830 in Perry Co. or Hardin Co., Tenn. They lived in Va., then Ga., and finally Tenn.

William served in the Revolutionary War. From Hardin Co., Tenn. he submitted an application for a pension, dated Jan. 31, 1829, to the Pension Bureau, Washington, D.C., that states he "enlisted Amherst Co., Va., Jan. 6, 1777, as Sergt. in Capt. Samuel J. Cabell's Co., 6th Va. Regt.; again enlisted Dec. 1778 and served to the end of the war in Capt. James Mabon's Co., 2nd Va. Regt...." His claim was allowed. (R-147, R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

472. William G. Higginbotham, b. 1785, m. Polly Eveston, 26 Sept. 1808 (Elbert Co., Ga., d. after 1850 (Marshall Co., Miss.).

473. Caleb Higginbotham, b. 1780-90, m. Frances Smith (?), 15 Dec. 1807 (Williamson Co., Tenn.).

474. Pulliam Higginbotham, b. 1790-1800, m. ------ McCracken, d. after 1840 (Poinsett Co., Ark.).

475. Benjamin Higginbotham, m. Rebecca ------, d. after 1860 (Clark Co., Ark.).

476. Jane Higginbotham, b. 1795, m. Ephraim Kelley.

477. James Higginbotham, b.c. 1796, m. Jane L. Holt, c. 1816 (Bedford Co., Tenn.), d. 1873 (Bedford Co., Tenn.).

+478. Dolly D. Higginbotham, b.c. 1798, m. Elisha Kelley, 7 Oct. 1812, d. 1856.

479. Joseph Higginbotham

480. Nancy Higginbotham, m. Jesse G. Christian, d. 1841 (Green Co., Ark.).

481. Middleton Higginbotham


Joseph Higginbotham (218) was born about 1763, and died in 1817 in Feliciana Parish, La. He married Frances Higginbotham, his first cousin, daughter of Moses Higginbotham, on 17 Dec. 1788. He served in the Rev. War as a soldier from Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

482. Bartlett (or Bartley) Higginbotham, m. Tabitha Oliver, 10 Jan. 1811 (Ga.).

483. Lindsey Higginbotham, m. Elinor Higginbotham, 22 Dec. 1817 (La.). She was his 2nd cousin once removed. Her sister Rebecca married Lindsey's brother Willis.

+484. Willis Higginbotham, b. 6 May 1792, m. Rebecca Higginbotham, d. July 1861.

485. Frances Higginbotham, m. John Kerr.

486. Sarah Higginbotham, m. Andrew Dreher, 21 Dec. 1826 (Clinton, La.).


Francis Higginbotham (219) was born about 1765 in Va., and died 26 March 1829 (or 9 Dec. 1828) in Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, La. He was under 21 on Dec. 1, 1783, because on that date his father gave his consent in a marriage bond for Francis to marry Dolly Gatewood, daughter of Larkin Gatewood of Amherst Co., Va. They were married on 2 Dec. 1783, because there is a certificate of marriage by the Rev. Benjamin Coleman for them on that date. Francis' brother Benjamin married Dolly's sister Mary.

The name of Francis Higginbotham is recorded in an April 1782 court of Amherst Co., Va. as a claimant for public services rendered during the Rev. War. He was appointed as guardian of Mary Higginbotham, daughter of his brother Benjamin, by an Elbert Co., Ga. court, dated 7 Jan. 1811 and recorded on 11 Jan. 1811 (Will Book 1809-1812, p. 116). Francis lived in Wilkes Co., Ga. and Clinton, La., and owned land in Clinton. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

487. Martha Higginbotham, m. George Carter, 15 July 1812.

+488. Caleb Higginbotham, b.c. 1785-90, m. Ann Minerva Bryant, c. 1810, d. 8 May 1829.

+489. Lawson Higginbotham, b. 24 July 1794, m. Elizabeth McCants, 11 April 1822, d. 12 Jan. 1860.

+490. Cleaton Higginbotham, m. Mary McKneely, 17 April 1820, d. Aug. 1822.

491. James C. Higginbotham, may have never married.

+492. Amy Higginbotham, m. Isaac McD. Reily.

493. Lucy Higginbotham, m. Durrell Stodgehill.



Nancy Ann ("Nannie") Graves (221) was born about 1753, and died 25 July 1830 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. She married William Swanson, Jr. He was born in 1750 in Goochland Co., VA, and died 25 May 1827 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. (R-186)

Children - Swanson

494. William Graves Swanson, III, b. 1777, m. Elizabeth Muse, d. 1840.

495. Mary ("Polly") Swanson, b. 1778, m. George Tuggle.

496. Francis Swanson, b. 1779, m. Frances Chatten Muse, d. 1852.

497. Sarah Swanson, b. 1783, m. Thomas Pinckard. He was b. 1777, d. 1825.

498. Dorothy Swanson, b. 1785, m. Samuel Allen Muse.

499. Frances ("Fannie") Swanson, b. 1787, m. Joel Muse, d. 1858.

500. Elizabeth Swanson, b. 1790, m. Henry Lawson Muse, d. 1866.

501. Nancy Swanson, b. 1793, m. John Muse, Jr.

502. Clary Swanson, b. 1795, m. George Hutcherson.


William Graves (222) was born 9 (or 7) July 1755 in Virginia, and died 24 Feb. 1836 in Manack, Lowndes Co. (or Autauga Co.), Ala. He married Sarah ("Sally") Smith on 5 Nov. 1782 in Bedford Co., Va. (Another source has said the marriage was in 1783 or 1784.) She was a daughter of either Peyton Smith of Pittsylvania Co., Va., or Charles and Nancy Smith. Sally was born in 1760 or 1761 and died 2 Oct. 1841. They were both buried in the Manack Cem., Lowndes Co., Ala.

According to R-268, Sally was born 1761 in Bedford Co., VA, and died 12 Oct. 1841 in Lowndesboro, AL. She first married William Baker. She was a daughter of Charles Smith and Nancy ------, and was descended from immigrant Christopher Smith as follows: Christopher1 Smith, b.c. 1601, arrived in the Returne at age 23 and was in the muster of Thomas Godby in 1624 for Elizabeth City, m. Elizabeth Townley, Lawrence2, b. 29 March 1629 in Burnley Parish, Lancashire, England, m. Mary Hitchen, Charles3, b.c. 1670, m. Dorothy (possibly Peyton), Robert4, b.c. 1701, m. Elizabeth ------, Charles M.5, b.c. 1740, m. Nancy ------, Sarah6, b. 1761.

William served as a wagon conductor of military supplies in John Fontaine's Co. of Henry Co. Militia, which on 11 May 1781 was ordered from Henry Co. to the assistance of Gen. Greene at Hillsborough, N.C. After the Revolutionary War, he moved to Washington Co., Ga., and took up land, where he and his family lived until 1817. There is on record in the Ga. State Archives at Atlanta, the following grant, which may have been his original land grant in Georgia: "Graves, Willam - 287-1/2 acres in Washington Co., 17 May 1784. Warrant No. 1192, p. 4." This portion of Washington Co. later became Oglethorpe Co.

In the winter of 1817, William Graves and most of his family moved from Oglethorpe Co., Ga., and settled near Manack Station, Lowndes Co., Ala., where he died. His will is dated 23 Feb. 1836, and is recorded in Book C, vol. 3, p. 347, 1834-1838, at Prattville, Autauga Co., Ala. All their children were born in Ga.

Alabama Records, Vol. 206, Autauga County, Alabama, compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones Ganrud, abstracts William's will. His inheritors are: His grandson, Young William Graves, his wife, Sarah, and his "children and their heirs as follows: viz to the heirs of the body of Mary Alexander, the heirs of the body of Susan Clark, to Sally Varner and the heirs of her body; to Dorothy Fitzpatrick and the heirs of her body; to Martha Shelton and the heirs of her body; William Graves, Jr. and his heirs; to Charles Graves and his heirs; to David Graves and his heirs; to P.S. Graves and his heirs ... that William Graves, Jr. and David Graves ... be my executors..." (R-100, R-165, R-252, R-268)

Children - Graves

+503. Mary Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1783, m. William Edmond Alexander, 1801, d. 21 June 1835.

504. Susan ("Suckey") Graves, b. 15 May 1785, m. ------ Clark.

505. Frances (or Francis) Graves, b. 25 May (or March) 1787, d. 25 Dec. 1798 (Ga.).

+506. William Graves, b. 27 Dec. 1788, m(1) Mary Young, 15 Dec. 1808, m(2) Mary B. Durham, 17 Sept. 1823, d. 11 Nov. 1854.

507. Sarah ("Sally" or "Sallie") Graves, b. 7 Nov. 1790, m. Frederick Varner (?), 27 June 1808.

+508. David Graves, b. 7 May 1792, m. Mary Russell, 31 March 1812, d. 10 April 1836.

509. Nancy Graves, b. 28 Dec. 1793, d. Aug. 1794.

510. Charles Graves, b. 11 Aug. 1796, m. Mary Taylor, 3 Jan. 1817, d. 27 March 1827.

+511. Peyton Smith Graves, b. 3 March 1799, m(1) Aurelia G. Bruce, 1827, m(2) ------ Brantley.

512. Dorothy Graves, b. 20 Feb. 1801, m. Bird Fitzpatrick, d. Ala.

513. George Graves, b. 9 April 1803, d. 16 March 1810.

+514. Martha S. (or F.) Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1805 (or Sept. 1813?), m. Stephen Shelton, 17 May 1822.


Peyton Graves (225) was born in 1767 (or 1755) in Caroline Co., VA, and died at age 81 or 82 on Pigg River, Pittsylvania Co., VA, probably in about 1836. He moved to Franklin Co., and afterwards to Pittsylvania Co., VA. He married Charlotte Pinkard, daughter of John and Jane Pinkard, on 11 Nov. 1788 in Franklin Co., VA. She was born about 1765, and was a first cousin of Nancy Pinkard. Peyton appeared on the tax roll as a captain. He was a farmer. (R-179, R-186, R-515)

Children - Graves

+515. Jane Graves, b. 1790, m. Thomas Brome Jefferson, 19 Jan. 1807, d. 1855.

+516. John Graves, b. July 1794, m. Mildred Hicks George, 9 May 1817, d. July 1844.

+517. William Graves, b. 1795, m. Lucy Berger, 12 May 1818, d. 28 July 1841.

+518. William Washington Graves, b.c. 1805, m. Mildred Berger, d. 1875.

+519. Ann Graves, b. 1800, m. Elisha Greer, 16 March 1818.

+520. James Graves, b.c. 1801, m. Denny Witcher, 16 May 1818, d. 23 Sept. 1859.

+521. Peyton Graves, b.c. 1804, m. Nancy B. Hurt, 5 April 1824, d. 9 July 1836.

+522. Francis Graves, b.c. 1808, m. Elvira A. Edwards, 19 Nov. 1838, d. after 1871.

+523. Thomas Graves, b. 1811, m. Joanna Witcher, 12 Aug. 1828, d. 1871.


Mary ("Mollie") Graves (226) died by 1820. She married Nathan McGuire Swanson. He was born in 1748. (R-186)

Children - Swanson

524. Graves Swanson



Richard Graves (233) married Ann Dawson. He died testate in May or June 1774 in Craven Co., N.C. They had no children. His will was dated May 3, 1774, Craven Co., N.C., and probated June 4, 1774. It names nephews Graves Bright (son of Ann Graves and Simon Bright), and Richard Fonvielle (son of Hannah Graves and William Brice Fonvielle); wife Ann (Dawson); mother Sarah Fonville. (R-60)


Hannah Graves (235) married William Brice (or Rice) Fonvielle (or Fonville) about 1760 in Craven Co., N.C. (R-14, R-60)

Children - Fonvielle

525. Richard Fonvielle, b. before 1774.


Mary Graves (237) married Simon Bright about 1771. Charles Fonville says that Simon Bright married Mary's sister Ann, and Mary may have married a Lovett or a Howard. (R-14, R-60)

Children - Bright

526. Graves Bright, b. before 1774.

527. Sarah Bright, m. Francis Marion Fonville, 1761.



Thomas Graves (240) was born 14 Nov. 1733, and died in 1810 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va. He married Sarah Delaney, daughter of John Delaney (or Dulaney) and Frances Stanton, about 1752. Frances Stanton was a daughter of Thomas and Sarah Stanton. The will of Thomas Stanton, dated 2 Oct. 1741 (Orange Co. Rec., W.B. 1, p. 177), mentions daughter Frances Delaney, and the will of John Delaney, dated 28 April 1800 (Madison Rec., W.B. 1, p. 409), mentions daughter Sarah Graves. This will also mentions Thomas Graves, proving that he was alive in 1800, and could not possibly be the Thomas who died in 1792, as stated by Hamlin.

Sarah died before 1810. They lived in what is now Wolftown, Madison Co., Va. It was known as Culpeper Co. when he settled there on the Rapidan River. The mill of Thomas Graves, built 1780-1790, is still standing at Graves Mill, Madison Co., Va. The following children are all listed in the will of Thomas Graves, dated 28 April 1809, probated 22 March 1810 (Madison Rec., W.B. 2, p. 240). All their children were born in Culpeper Co., Va. (R-103, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

528. Susannah Graves, b. 1758, m. Capt. Angus Rucker (of the Rev. Army), 23 Aug. 1806 (Madison Co., Va.). He was born 1752 and died 1836.

+529. John Graves, b. 28 Oct. 1760, m. Elizabeth Eddins, 23 Dec. 1788, d. 1828.

+530. Thomas Graves, Jr., b. 4 Sept. 1762, m. Mourning Burruss, 5 Feb. 1791, d. 1833.

531. Sarah Graves, b. 17 Aug. 1764, m. William Hume. They moved to Ky.

+532. Joel Graves, b. 4 March 1766, m. Sarah Graves, 20 Dec. 1794.

+533. Benjamin Graves, b. 24 Jan. 1767, m. Elizabeth Collins, 10 Sept. 1796.

534. Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. 14 Sept. 1769, m. Abraham (or Abram) Eddins (of Madison Co.), 16 March 1796 (Madison Co., Va.). He was a son of Joseph Eddins, Jr. and Sarah Blakey.

535. Elizabeth Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1771, m. James Clark, 2 Feb. 1807 (Madison Co., Va.). He was a son of Reuben Clark and Bathsheba Sampson. They lived in Richmond, Ind. There is some confusion with a Liza Graves, b. 1 Dec. 1787, who supposedly m. James Clark and may or may not be the same as Elizabeth.

+536. Elijah Graves, b. 3 Sept. 1773, m. Sarah Gaines, 1 March 1797, d. 1800.

537. Lydia Graves, b. 23 May 1775, m. Joel Eddins, 22 Dec. 1795 (Madison Co., Va.). He was a son of Joseph Eddins, Jr. and Sarah Blakey. They lived near Richmond, Ind. There was a Moley or Molly Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1776, who may be the same as Lydia.

538. Ann ("Nancy") Graves, b. 20 Oct. 1779, m. George H. Allen, 18 March 1806 (Madison Co., Va.). He was the first High Sherriff of Madison Co., Va. Either Ann's birthdate or that of her brother Asa must be wrong, since they are too close together.

+539. Asa Walker Graves, b. 25 Jan. 1780, m. Sarah Kirtley, 3 March 1815, d. 17 Feb. 1840.

+540. Jane Graves, b. 1 Dec. 1783, m. Edwin Cuddin Davis, 30 Jan. 1811.


John Graves (242) was born 19 Dec. 1737, and died 8 Dec. 1825 in Boone Co., Ky. He married Ann Rice, daughter of William Rice and Sarah Helms of Culpeper Co., Va., on 30 Nov. 1760. She was born about 1740 and died 8 Dec. 1825 at age 86. The will of William Rice, probated 17 April 1780, gives property to his daughters, Ann and Sarah, wives of John Graves and his brother Edward. Ann Rice was born 21 Nov. 1741, and died 12 Nov. 1826 in Boone Co., Ky. They moved from Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va. to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797. Their entire family of children and grandchildren went with them or moved soon afterwards.

They went down the Ohio River in small boats and landed on the Kentucky side at North Bend opposite the place where President William Henry Harrison later made his home. The whole country through which they went was one vast wilderness. Cincinnati at the time was only a military post. John Graves was a man of tall, slender form over six feet in height, was upright in all his dealings, peaceable and polite, of strong and fervent religious character. (R-5, R-39, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

541. Sarah Graves, b. 6 Sept. 1761 (Culpeper Co., Va.), m. Edmund (or Edward) Garnett, 1 June 1787 (Culpeper Co., Va.), d. 15 Sept. 1824 (Boone Co., Ky.). He was born 25 April 1760, and died 11 Sept. 1826 in Boone Co., Ky., son of Rev. James Garnett.

+542. William Graves, b. 10 June 1763, m. Peggy White, 9 Feb. 1804, d. 7 Aug. 1807.

543. Susannah Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1764, m. George Gaines, 18 Dec. 1788 (Culpeper Co., Va.), d. 17 March 1845. He was born 20 Oct. 1768 (or 1766) in Orange Co., Va., and died 28 June 1839 (Boone Co., Ky.). Grandparents of Absolom Graves Gaines, former President of St. Lawrence Univ.

+544. John Graves, b. 19 Jan. 1767, m(1) Hannah Cave, 1 Aug. 1790, m(2) Elizabeth Eve, 1820, d. 13 Aug. 1824.

+545. Absalom Graves, b. 28 Nov. 1768, m. Felicia White, 18 Dec. 1789, d. 17 Aug. 1826.

+546. Anne Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1771, m. Daniel James, 2 June 1789, d. 15 May 1840.

+547. Joseph Graves, b. 20 June 1773, m. Malinda Watts, 4 May 1812, d. 22 April 1836.

+548. James Graves, b. 1 March 1776, m. Mary Walker, 1797, d. 12 July 1835.

+549. Edward Graves, b. 20 June 1778, m. Nancy Willis, 17 Sept. 1801, d. 11 Sept. 1852.

+550. Stephen Graves, b. 17 June 1781, m. Elizabeth Eve, d. 11 Sept. 1818.

+551. Jeremiah Graves, b. 10 April 1784, m. Elizabeth Kelly, 23 Dec. 1806, d. 2 Nov. 1849.

+552. J. Reuben Graves, b. 18 May 1786, m(1) Elizabeth Willis, 7 Jan. 1808, m(2) Lucinda Geohagen, 1840-50, d. 24 July 1872.


Isaac Graves (243) was born 2 Sept. 1741 and died in 1818. He first married Mildred McWilliams before 1773. She died about a year after their marriage, at the birth of a child who died in infancy, so there were no surviving children.

For his second wife, he married Elizabeth Cowherd (pronounced Coward), daughter of Jonathan Cowherd and Sarah Kirtley, in 1772. She was born 28 Nov. 1751 and died 18 March 1791.

For his third wife, he married Jemima Holliday, daughter of Joseph Holliday and Betty Lewis, about 1791. She was born 29 May 1754 and died 5 Feb. 1836.

Isaac Graves was a prosperous farmer and accumulated a large landed estate. He settled most of his sons on farms adjoining his home plantation in Orange Co., Va. He owned many negroes and kindly cared for them when they grew old. He provided private schools for his children, who received excellent education for that day. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Cowherd

553. Sarah Graves, b. 5 July 1773, m. Joel Graves, 20 Dec. 1794, d. before 1818. For descendants, see #532.

+554. Jonathan Graves, b. 17 Nov. 1774, m. Margaret Long, 1799, d. 4 Aug. 1849.

+555. Claiborne Graves, b. 13 Dec. 1776, m. Sarah Tandy, c. 1798, d. 8 Dec. 1839.

+556. Jacob Graves, b. 1 Feb. 1779, m(1) Fanny White, 20 Sept. 1800, m(2) Mary Walker, d. 6 July 1854.

557. Drusilla Graves, b. 28 (or 27) Jan. 1781, m. George S. Boxley, 18 Jan. 1797 (Orange Co., Va.), d. 11 Aug. 1854.

+558. Francis Graves, b. 22 May 1783, m. Drusilla Cowherd, 20 Nov. 1807, d. 4 Oct. 1858.

559. Elizabeth Graves, b. 15 Aug. 1785, never married, d. 23 Dec. 1802.

+560. Isaac Graves, Jr., b. 8 June 1787, m(1) Elizabeth Plunkett, 18 May 1821, m(2) Nancy H. Mansfield, d. 1845.

+561. Colby Graves, b. 5 March 1789, m. Jane Vivion Ferguson, d. 1852.

Children - Graves, by Jemima Holliday

+562. Winifred Graves, b. 5 Aug. 1792, m. Spottswood Dabney Crenshaw, 18 June 1816.

+563. Lewis Holliday Graves, b. 6 Sept. 1793, m. Frances A. White, 18 Feb. 1819, d. 30 May 1868.

564. Jemima Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1794, d. in infancy.

565. Edward Graves, b. 7 Jan. 1796, d. 4 April 1812.

+566. Nancy Graves, b. 7 Dec. 1797, m. Benjamin Cason, 6 Oct. 1818, d. 20 Sept. 1878.

567. True Graves, died young.


Jemima Graves (244) was born 21 March 1743/4. She married James Chiles by 1764. He was a son of her stepfather, Henry Chiles, probably by his marriage to Mercy Webb. They had 9 children. (R-133)

Children - Chiles

+568. James Chiles, Jr., b. 12 April 1765, m. Mary West, 1785, d. 8 Oct. 1804.


Edward Graves (245) was born 19 Aug. 1746. He married Sarah Rice about 1769. She was a daughter of William Rice and Sarah ------ of Culpeper Co., Va., sister of Ann Rice who married Edward's brother, John Graves. They lived in Culpeper Co. when he and his wife on 9 Oct. 1769 conveyed property willed to him by his father. He died Feb. 1832. His wife died several years before that. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+569. William Graves, m. Elizabeth Davidson.



Richard Graves, Jr. (247) was born about 1735-40, probably in Essex Co., Va., and died in 1797. His will was dated 28 April 1797, and proved 25 Sept. 1797 in Orange Co., Va. He married Susannah (or Susanna) ------ about 1769. She died probably in 1801 (and definitely by 24 July 1806) in Orange Co., Va. (R-6, R-23)

Children - Graves

+570. William Graves, b. 1761, m. Betsy Hilman, 22 Dec. 1796, d. 1851.

+571. Thomas Graves, m. Ann Grady, 17 June 1788.

+572. Ann Graves, b.c. 1777, m. Thornton Foushee, 22 July 1791, d. by 1829.

+573. Susannah Graves, m. George Morris, 7 April 1795.

574. Sarah ("Sally") Graves, m. Uriel Hilman, 11 July 1797 (Orange Co., Va.).

575. James Graves, b. after 1776.

576. Lydia Graves, m. Samuel Mason, 29 Oct. 1804 (Orange Co., Va.).

+577. Joanna Graves, b. 11 March 1783, m. John Oakes, 14 April 1807.



Francis Graves (248) was born about 1746 and died by 1806. He married Martha Johnson on 19 Aug. 1783 (Henrico Co. Marriage Book). She died by 1806.

Francis Graves, aged 36, a merchant, was listed in 1782 as having been a resident of Richmond, Va. for 7 months (Heads of Families, First Census of the U.S., 1790, State Enumerations of Va. from 1782 to 1785, p. 111). He had dealings in several counties, and is found in Halifax and Louisa Co. records, as well as in Richmond.

His parentage is proved by the following: Essex Deed Book 34, p. 87, March 28, 1794, Francis Graves and Martha his wife of Richmond to James Sale of Essex for 130 pounds current money all that parcel of land in St. Ann's Parish which my father Francis Graves purchased of Thomas Davis March 8, 1761, beginning at land formerly owned by John Garnett decd. and by him sold to Francis Graves and others containing 99-1/2 acres, reserving 1/2 acre for a graveyard and liberty of traveling there on foot. Witnesses: E. Davis, James Spearman, Samuel Griffin.

Despite search, nothing definite is known of the place or date of death of Francis and Martha Graves, though both were dead by 1806. In that year (Chancery Court, Richmond, Book 4, p. 560) John Addison and Elizabeth his wife, formerly Elizabeth Graves, Francis Graves and Samuel Graves, "which said Francis, William and Samuel are children of Francis Graves decd. and infant under the age of 21 by John Addison their guardian," conveyed to Joseph Higbee a certain lot in Richmond known as "Rof's Tenement." With reference to these children of Francis, there is information about only one, Francis Jr., who never married and died in Goochland Co. in 1858. In the 1850 census, he was listed as "aged 60, born in Va., farmer." (R-507)

Children - Graves

578. Elizabeth Graves, m. John Addison.

579. Francis Graves, b.c. 1790 (Va.), never married, d. 1858 (Goochland Co., Va.).

580. Samuel Graves


Rice Graves (250) was born about 1750, and died about 1822 in Goochland Co., Va., where he had moved prior to his father's death. He married Clara ("Clary") Satterwhite, daughter of John Satterwhite and Ann ------, of Essex Co., Va., about 1772-1777. She died after 1829.

He served in the Revolutionary War. Rice Graves, rank not shown, Capt. Webb's Co., 7th Va. Regt., commanded by Col. Alexander McClenachan. He enlisted for two years, date not shown. His name first appears on the company muster roll covering a period from Dec. 29, 1776, dated May 21, 1777. The company muster roll for Feb. 1778, dated Valley Forge, March 7, shows him discharged Feb. 14. (Adjutant General's Office, War Dept., Washington, D.C.)

He lived in the Parish of St. James Northam and was a vestryman there in 1799. In his will (Goochland Records, Deed Book 25, p. 97), dated Jan. 16, 1813, and proved nine years later, he mentions daughters Ann, Franky, Harriott and Spottswood; son James; granddaughter Eliza Nuckolds, daughter of Patsy Nuckolds; son Thomas E.; and wife Clary, who he desires "shall be maintained genteelly out of the whole of my estate." (R-507)

Children - Graves

581. Ann Graves, m. John Satterwhite, 20 July 1820 (Goochland Co., Va.).

582. Franky Graves

583. Harriott Graves (daughter)

584. Spottswood Graves (daughter)

+585. James M. Graves, m. Mary M. Clements, 14 April 1807.

+586. Martha Graves, m. Andrew Knight Nuckolds, 8 March 1801.

+587. Thomas E. Graves, b.c. 1790 or 1795, m. Nancy Carden, 17 May 1820, d.c. 1840-50.






William Graves (252) was born by 1728 and died testate in 1782 in York Co., Va. He married Ann ------ (probably Brown or Browne), recorded in the register of Bruton Parish, York Co., Va. She seems to have predeceased her husband. The tax records show that he owned land in James City Co. He succeeded his father as surveyor of the highways. He was for some years a justice of York Co. In 1779 he was appointed sheriff.

His will was dated 19 Aug. 1781 and proved 17 June 1782 in York Co. His plantation home was in James City Co. His son Ralph Graves and brother Richard Croshaw Graves were appointed executors of his estate.

(Could this William be the grandfather of Henry Winfrey Graves, as discussed in The Graves Family Newsletter, 1980, pp. 138-140?) (R-14, R-179)

Children - Graves

+588. Ralph Graves, m. Letitia Powers, d. Feb. 1795.

+589. John Graves, m(1) Alice Pierce, 1789, m(2) Martha Cobb Brown, d.c. 1800.

590. Henry Brown (or Browne) Graves, m. Mary Quarles. She was dau. of Major James Quarles. They lived in King William Co., Va.

+591. Mary Graves, m. Isaac Winfrey, 6 Oct. 1775.

+592. Susanna Graves, m. ------ Powers.

+593. Sally Graves, m. James Hill, 21 Dec. 1787.


Richard Graves (254) inherited land on the Chickahominy River, James City Co., Va. He was a minor when his father died in 1748/9. He died by 12 Jan. 1769. He married Dyonisia (or Dionysia) ------. They lived in New Kent Co., Va. The births of all the following children were listed in St. Peter's Parish register, New Kent Co., Va. By 1763 he was living in York Co., Va., having purchased from his cousin, Henry Graves of Goochland Co., 250 acres in Bruton Parish, which he sold in 1766, and returned to New Kent Co. where he died. (R-179)

Children - Graves

+594. Charles Henry Graves, b. 1 June 1753, m. Patsy ------.

595. Mary Graves, b. 6 Feb. 1755.

+596. William Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1756, married.

+597. Ralph Graves, b. 8 March 1758, m. Molly Powell, 23 March 1775.

598. Sarah ("Sally") Cobb Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1759.


Richard Croshaw Graves (255) was born about 1734 in New Kent Co., Va., and died after 1792 in New Kent Co. He was a minor when his father died. He inherited "Indian Fields" from his father. He married Elizabeth Valentine about 1760 (and definitely before 1771). She was a daughter of Joseph Valentine, whose will was recorded in York Co., Va. in 1771. She was born in York Co. They lived in New Kent Co., Va., where he was living in 1792. He commanded New Kent and Charles City counties militia during the Revolutionary War. (R-6)

Children - Graves

+599. William Graves, m. Tabitha Walker, 3 Dec. 1795, d. 15 April 1807.

+600. Richard Graves, b.c. 1772, married, d. 31 March 1835.

+601. Joseph C. Graves, m. Angelica ------, d.c. 1816.

+602. Edmund Valentine Graves, b. 1780, m. Elizabeth Southall, d. 1827.

603. Polly Graves, m. Furness Bullifant.

604. Elizabeth Graves, m. Joseph Christian.

605. Henry Graves, d. Oct. 1780 (under 21, smallpox).


Unity Graves (256) married William Hilliard of New Kent Co., Va. She died 3 Dec. 1759. (R-515)

Children - Hilliard

606. William Hilliard, b. 20 Jan. 1755.

607. Mary Hilliard, b. 19 Oct. 1757.



Ralph Graves (259) was born about 1710, and died testate by 18 May 1762 in Goochland Co., Va. He married Judith Womack of Goochland Co., daughter of William Womack. They lived in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co. His will dated 25 Nov. 1761, probated 18 May 1762, devises all his property in Goochland Co. to his wife Judith, land and negroes in York Co. to his son Henry, and personal estate to his daughters. (R-14, R-515))

Children - Graves

608. Henry Graves

609. Mary Graves, m. James Curd, 20 Nov. 1766.

610. Sally Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1756, m. Barrett Price, 25 (or 20) Aug. 1771. He was b. 17 April 1749.


Sarah Croshaw Graves (261) was born in 1735. She married Thomas Barnett on 3 Feb. 1754 in Goochland Co., Va. They settled in Granville Co., N.C., where he died in 1780. His will was probated in May 1780. Sarah died after that date, probably 20 Jan. 1814. (R-82)

Children - Barnett

611. Thomas Barnett

612. William Graves Barnett

613. John Barnett, b. 13 April 1762 (Va.).

614. James Barnett

615. Joseph Croshaw Barnett

616. Mary Barnett, m. Ransome Glover, 1792 (Granville Co., N.C.).

617. Elizabeth Barnett, m. Stephen Terry, 1785 (Granville Co., N.C.).

618. Ann Barnett

619. Sara C. Barnett

620. Rebecca Barnett, m. Zachariah Allen, 1795 (Granville Co., N.C.).


Rachel Graves (262) was born 30 Dec. 1734 in Hanover Co., VA, and died 27 Dec. 1800 (or 1 Dec. 1806) in Chesterfield Co., SC. She married Benjamin Hendrick (or Hendricks), son of William Hendrick, on 16 Oct. (or Dec.) 1750, probably in Hanover Co., VA. He was born 3 (or 30) June 1730 in Hanover Co., VA, and died in March 1818 at age 88 in Chesterfield Co., SC. He secondly married Mrs. Sarah Smith, previously wife of Robert Smith, in 1816 (notice in Georgetown Gazette, Georgetown, SC, in 1816).

According to deed records, Benjamin and Rachel were of Hanover Co., Va., before buying land in Granville Co., N.C. They next moved to Mecklenburg Co., Va., with Rachel's brother Elijah Graves and their mother Mary Williams Graves. Benjamin and Rachel went to Anson Co., N.C./Chesterfield Co., S.C. before 1800. They are shown on the tax roll for Anson Co., N.C., in 1790.

The Bible does not list all the children of Benjamin and Rachel, since it belonged to one of their children or grandchildren. It only lists Mary and David. (R-90, R-92, R-93)

Children - Hendrick

621. Mary Hendrick, b. 13 Aug. 1759, m. John White, Feb. 1775.

+622. John Williams Hendrick, b.c. 1760, m(1) ------, m(2) Ann ------ (Baker?), d. June 1821.

623. Asa Hendrick

624. Thomas Hendrick

625. William Hendrick

626. Gustavus Hendrick, b. 6 March 1768, m. Pharuba (or Pharabe) ------, 16 Dec. 1792, d. 22 Aug. 1810 (Anson Co., NC).

627. David Hendrick, b. 25 March 1772, m. Phoebe Martin, 10 Oct. 1798, d. 1852. She d.c. 1854 in Union Parish, LA.


William Graves (263) married Mary ------. He died in 1786, leaving a will recorded in Granville Co., N.C., Will Book 1, p. 492.

Children - Graves

628. Mary Graves, m. Henry Hester, 1774 (Granville Co., N.C.).

+629. Elizabeth Graves, m. Henry Montague, d. April 1832.

630. Henry Graves, m. Nancy Daniel, 2 Dec. 1789. She was dau. of Josiah Daniel and Elizabeth Jordan.

+631. William Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1762, m. Anne Neal, 23 Dec. 1790, d. 15 Jan. 1847.

632. Lidy Graves, m. Thomas Steel, 1789 (Granville Co., N.C.).

633. Nancy Graves

634. Martha Graves, m. Robert Johnson Steel, 1795 (Granville Co., N.C.).

+635. Anna Graves, b.c. 1770, m. Leonard Daniel, 1789, d. 1850.

+636. Nathaniel Graves, b. 11 Nov. 1767, m. Frances Montague, 1798, d. after 1850.


Elizabeth Graves (264) was born 28 Jan. 1741/2 in Hanover Co., Va. (according to John Card Graves), and died in 1804. She married Joshua Coffee, son of Peter Coffee, on 11 Aug. 1767. They were living in Mecklenburg Co., Va. in 1772, and settled in Granville Co., N.C. in 1775. Joshua was a Captain in the Revolution, serving from N.C. He was born 20 Jan. 1745/6 in Prince Edward Co., Va., and died 8 Sept. 1797. Elizabeth moved to Tennessee in April 1798.

Children - Coffee

+637. Thomas Graves Coffee, b. 1769, m. Mary Knight, 10 July 1787, d. 1846.

638. William Coffee, b. 1768.

639. Elijah Coffee, b. 1770.

+640. John Coffee, b. 2 June 1772, m. Mary Donelson, 3 Oct. 1809, d. 7 July 1833.

641. Mary Coffee, b. 1774, m. Simpson Harris, d. 1839.


John Williams Graves (265) married Mary (Jones? or Moore?). He was a Captain. He died in Granville Co., N.C. in 1788/9, and left a will. Mary then married John William Daniel, a first cousin to John Williams Graves.

Catherine Graves is included in the following list of children by Mrs. Billings because of a Granville Co. record, dated 1802, in which Mary Graves, widow of John Williams Graves, gave property to John Graves, Ralph Graves, William Graves, James Hart, and Groves Howard (Granville Co. W.B. 7, p. 453). All of the other children mentioned were sons, or the husband of a daughter. Since the will of John W. Graves requested that his property be divided among all his children, it is reasonable to assume that Groves Howard was the husband of their daughter Catherine Graves. However, other sources say Catherine was the daughter of John Herndon Graves of Caswell Co. Based on the will of John Herndon Graves, which lists Katie Howard, it seems more likely that she is his daughter. The first two children listed below were born in Mecklenburg Co., Va., and the last three were born in Granville Co., N.C.

Children - Graves

642. John Graves, m. Penelope Hunt, 1796.

643. Ralph Graves, m. Elizabeth Hart, 1795.

644. William Graves, m. Polly Hester, 1798.

645. Rebecca Graves, m. James Hart, 1789.

646. Catherine Graves, m. Groves Howard, 1792.


Henry Graves (266) married Rachel Lewis, daughter of David Lewis Jr. and his first wife Rebecca Stovall, about 1760, probably in Albemarle Co., VA. She was born about 1745 in Albemarle Co., Va, and died in 1803. He died at Grassy Creek, Granville Co., N.C. in 1797, will dated 12 July 1797 in Granville Co., NC. He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. (R-251)

Children - Graves

647. Betsy Newberry Graves, m. Obediah Farrar, c. 1799 (Granville Co., N.C.).

+648. David Graves, b.c. 1772, m. Nancy Hunt, Dec. 1796.

+649. Mary Graves, b.c. 1760, m. Lewis Yancy, c. 1786.

+650. Ralph Graves, b. 26 Oct. 1764, m. Elizabeth Briggs Graves, 26 Feb. 1789, d.c. 1825.

651. Rachel Graves


Elijah Graves (267) married Lucretia Chappel (or Chappell) by 1774. He lived in Bute Co., N.C., and moved to Mecklenburg Co., Va. after 1770. He died in 1798, apparently murdered by a negro man named Nathaniel. His will is recorded in Mecklenburg Co., Va. He served in the Revolution, and was commissioned as Captain in the Mecklenburg Militia on 12 Feb. 1781. The first two children listed below were born in Granville Co., N.C., and the last three were born in Mecklenburg Co., Va.

Children - Graves

652. Dolly Graves, m. John Pittard, 1804.

653. Lucretia Graves, m. Ralph Chandler, 1797.

654. Nancy Graves, m. John P. Finch, 1795.

655. Howell Graves, m. Elizabeth Hunt, 1801.

656. Elizabeth Briggs Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1773, m. Ralph Graves, 26 Feb. 1789, d. 1822-3. For descendants, see #650.


A son (269) married Elizabeth ------. He had apparently died by 1767 and Elizabeth probably married again soon after that to William Townsend (see the discussion in the previous generation for his father). A William and Elizabeth Townsend cosigned a deed with Thomas and Sarah Graves. (R-77, R-524)

Children - Graves

+657. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1746-66, m(1) Sarah ------, m(2) Henrietta Greenwood, 6 March 1828, d. 1838 or 1839.



John Graves, Jr. (271) was born in the early 1700's. He married Lucy Adams, daughter of Robert Adams, before 1743. They lived in Goochland Co., VA. (R-230)

Children - Graves

658. Adam Graves, m. Mary Holland, 4 May 1769.

+659. John Graves, m. S. ------, before 1778.

660. William Graves



Elizabeth ("Betty") Graves (274) was born 14 Feb. 1720 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 6 Jan. 1826 in Green Co., Ky. She married William Sandidge (or Sandridge), son of William Sandidge and Anne Pulliam. He died testate in Albemarle Co., Va., probated July 1777. His will was dated 16 Jan. 1776, and mentioned all his children.

A note of interest concerning the Sandridge name is that the original spelling is Sandwich, pronounced Sandage or Sandige. The letter "r" was added to the spelling of the name during the Revolutionary War period, reason unknown.

According to R-256, there was another child named Nancy Sandidge, born 1762. (R-14, R-138, R-511)

Children - Sandidge

+661. Mary Sandidge, b.c. 1748, m. Littleberry Lane.

662. Elizabeth Sandidge, b.c. 1750, m. William Rowe.

663. Stephen Sandidge, b.c. 1752, m. Sarah Henderson.

664. William Sandidge, b.c. 1754, m. Susannah Spencer, d. 1786. William died testate in Albemarle Co., Va. He named one son Augustine, and asked his brother to take him.

+665. Ann Sandidge, b.c. 1756, m. Gideon Carr.

+666. Mildred Sandidge, b.c. 1756-58, m. John Hall, c. 1776, d. after 1821.

667. John Sandidge, b. 25 Nov. 1760, m. Mary ("Polly") Wood, d. 27 July 1832 (Wilson Hill, Greene Co., Ky.). She was born 1760 or 1762 in Louisa Co., Va., and died 4 March 1824 at Wilson Hill, Ky.

668. Susannah Sandidge, b.c. 1764, m. William Thurman, d. before 1826.


Thomas Graves (275) was born by 1724, as his father, John Jr., gave him 200 acres on Muddy Run in 1745 (Orange Co., VA Deed Book 10, p. 24, 1745), and he would have had to have been at least 21 to own land. Thomas and his wife Elizabeth sold this land on 22 April 1757. By then it had become part of Culpeper Co., VA (Culpeper Deed Book C, p. 3). It is possible that Elizabeth was the widow Elizabeth Simms. In commenting on this, Mrs. Sue Davis said: "Mrs. Hiden thought it possible that Elizabeth was also called Ann and a daughter of Thomas Sims who died testate 1785 in Culpeper Co., Va., naming a daughter Ann Graves. This seems unlikely, as Thomas and Elizabeth's daughter married Zachariah Sims, son of Thomas Sims, who died 1785. If Ann were her mother, she would have married her uncle." However, the fact that one of their grandchildren was named Thomas Sims Graves raises the question of whether he may have been named after his great-grandfather.

Thomas Graves died in 1792 (before 18 June 1792, the date his will was proved), testate, in Culpeper Co., VA. Elizabeth had died before this date, since she was not named in the will.

According to tradition, Thomas and Elizabeth had 13 or 14 children. The first 9 children listed below are named in the will of Thomas, and the will gives no implication of other children. Although Mrs. Hiden credits Thomas with several other children, Mrs. Sue Davis (R-14) knew of no evidence to support this. (R-12, R-14, R-511, R-512)

Children - Graves

+669. Thomas Graves, b. Sept. 1747, m(1) Martha Ryan, possibly m(2) Mary Mason, 1795, d. 12 March 1834.

+670. Lewis Graves, b.c. 1750, m. Rebecca ------, d. 1810.

+671. Elizabeth Graves, b. 1752, m(1) Zachariah Sims, m(2) John Creecy, d. 1839.

+672. Philip Graves, b.c. 1760, m. Elizabeth Jones, 25 Sept. 1785.

+673. James F. Graves, b.c. 1765, m(1) Elizabeth Pratt, c. 1782, m(2) Elizabeth Parnell, 8 Sept. 1809, d. Dec. 1811.

+674. Joseph Graves, b.c. 1767, m. Nellie Branham (?), 1800 (?) (Culpeper Co., Va.).

675. Henrietta Graves, b.c. 1769, m. ------ Hudson.

676. Mary Graves, b.c. 1770, m. ------ Haynes.

677. Anne (or Frances?) Graves, b.c. 1771, m(1) Richard Wait, m(2) ------ Jones. Lived in Abbeville Dist., SC.

+678. William Graves, m. Sarah Fisher.

+679. John Graves, married.

+680. Charles Graves, m. Ellender ------, d. March 1798.

+681. Richard Grant Graves, married.


James Graves (276) was born by 1722 and died in 1781. He married Sarah ------. James left a will, recorded in Culpeper Co., Va., Book B, p. 416, bequeathing to the following: son John; daughter Mary, wife of Richard Parks; daughter Jael, wife of William Jones. Also mentioned was James Parks as executor, and son John who married Lucy Farquson 10 May 1772 (Genealogical Notes, by Slaughter). (R-38, R-511)

Children - Graves

+682. Mary Graves, m. Richard Parks, c. 1765.

+683. Jael Graves, m. William Jones.

+684. John Graves, b. 4 Sept. 1745, m(1) Lucy Farquson, 10 May 1772, m(2) Catherine West, 1795, d. 24 June 1824.


Joseph Graves (277) was born by 1725 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 12 May 1785 in Orange Co., Va. He was working in an iron foundry in Orange Co., Va. when he died. His will was probated in 1786. He first married Sarah ------. He secondly married Frances ("Frankey") Coleman, daughter of John Coleman (1723-1764, who supposedly served three years in the Revolutionary Army, but, if so, his death date must have been later) and Eunice ("Nicie") Hawes (1725-1807, daughter of Samuel Hawes and ------ Spencer). Frances was born Dec. 1744, and died Dec. 1843 in Fayette Co., Ky. (although John Card Graves said she died in 1828). Joseph received from his parents deeds of land and chattels on 2 June 1762 and 31 May 1765. After he died, his wife and children went to Ky. and settled near Lexington in the early part of the 19th century. All the following children are supposedly by Joseph's marriage to Frances. (R-57, R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves

+685. Nancy Graves, b. 27 May 1765, m. James Coleman Goodwin, 6 Sept. 1782, d. 12 Aug. 1844.

+686. John Coleman Graves, b. 13 April 1767, m. Elizabeth Parrish, 26 Oct. 1790, d. 14 April 1840.

+687. Joseph Graves, b. 16 July 1769, m(1) Mary Goodwin, 26 Oct. 1790, m(2) Fanny Waller, 2 Nov. 1815, d. 6 June 1826.

+688. Benjamin Franklin Graves, b. 1771, m(1) Mary Boxley, m(2) Polly Dudley, d. Jan. 1813.

+689. Sally Graves, b.c. 1774, m. William Ball Chinn, d. 12 Feb. 1832.

+690. Polly Graves, b. 1776, m. Joseph Chinn, d. 1819.

691. Eunice ("Nicie") Graves, b. 1778, never married, d. 18 April 1857.

+692. George Graves, b. 21 March 1780, m(1) Mary Blaydes, 14 Aug. 1800, m(2) Polly Coleman, 16 Aug. 1814, d. 6 Sept. 1831.

+693. Hawes Graves, b. 1782, m(1) Eunice Hawse Blaydes, m(2) Ann Bibb White, d.c. 1859.

694. Thomas Coleman Graves, b. 1785, never married, d. 22 Jan. 1813. Col. in War of 1812. Killed at Battle of River Raisin.


John Graves (278) was born about 1725 and died 17 Nov. 1798 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. He married Mary McGehee, daughter of Samuel McGehee of Louisa Co., Va., by 1761. He was living in St. Martin's Parish, Louisa Co., Va. on 31 Oct. 1761. He afterwards lived in Spotsylvania Co., Va. He received several gifts of land in St. George Parish from his parents in 1761 and 1766, and he made many gifts to his children in 1794 and 1797. (R-511)

Children - Graves

695. Samuel Graves, b.c. 1774-1776. Moved to Fayette Co., Ky.

696. John Graves, b.c. 1774-1776.

697. James Graves, b.c. 1774-1776, m. Elizabeth Ashton Garrett (?), 17 Nov. 1802 (?).

698. William Graves, m. Susannah Arnold, by 1797, d. 1819.

699. Susanna Graves, m. ------ Wigglesworth.

+700. Mary Graves, b.c. 1770, m. Lewis Partlow, c. 1792, d.c. 1825.

701. Elizabeth Graves


Ann Graves (279) was born about 1725 and died before 2 Nov. 1798. She married John McGehee by 5 Aug. 1743. He died in 1801, and his will was proved in Louisa Co., Va. (R-511)

Children - McGehee

+702. William McGehee, m. Levinia Smith.

703. John McGehee, b. 15 March 1749, m. Mary Stewart, 2 Feb. 1775, d. 4 June 1825.

704. Augustine McGehee, m. Sarah Wyatt, Feb. 1790. She secondly married Matthew Thompson.

705. Edward McGehee, m. Frances Lumsden, 28 Aug. 1781.

706. Elizabeth McGehee, m. ------ Bond, before 2 Nov. 1798.

707. Mary McGehee, unmarried at 2 Nov. 1798.

708. Susannah McGehee, m. ------ Mallory, by 2 Nov. 1798.

709. Agnes McGehee, unmarried at 2 Nov. 1798.

710. Sarah McGehee, unmarried at 2 Nov. 1798.

711. Lucy McGehee, m. Reuben Cason, 15 Oct. 1790 (Louisa Co., Va.).

712. Barbara McGehee, m. Richard Groom, 9 March 1795 (Louisa Co., Va.).



John Graves (281) was born about 1715, and died 18 Jan. 1792 in Caswell Co., N.C. Mrs. Hiden believed that John may have married twice and that his first wife may have been a Herndon. All authorities agree that John married Isabella (or Isabel) Lea. John Card Graves states that Isabella was related to the Herndon family of Va. Mrs. Louis Balthasar states that Isabella was a daughter of James Lea and Ann Herndon (which would provide the Herndon connection and make the idea of a previous marriage less likely), and that she was married to John in 1752 or 1753. If this marriage date is correct, then there must have been a previous marriage for John Herndon Graves to have been born in 1749. A pedigree chart showing the supposed ancestry of Isabella Lea is below (from Norma Rogers, R-226). (There are serious errors on the chart for the ancestry of John Graves.)

According to a genealogy compiled by Charles T. Stamps, father of William T. Stamps (R-179), John's first wife was Catherine Herndon.

John and Isabella moved from James City Co., Va., where most of their children were born, to what is now Caswell Co., N.C., and settled on County Line Creek in the vicinity of what is now Yanceyville. Deeds to John of property there, dated 4 Oct. 1771 and 2 April 1772, are on record. (R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves

+713. John Herndon Graves, b. Sept. 1749, m(1) Nancy Slade, 5 Feb. 1770, m(2) Elizabeth Coleman, d. 28 Aug. 1829.

+714. Mary Graves, b. 26 Jan. 1754, m. John Kerr, d. 22 Feb. 1831.

+715. Thomas Graves, m(1) ------, m(2) Hannah Simmons, d. before 1800.

+716. Barzillai Graves, b. 12 Dec. 1759, m. Ursula Wright, 10 April 1783, d. 14 July 1827.

+717. Ann Graves, m. Bartlett Yancey, d.c. 1851.

+718. Solomon Graves, b. 29 April 1766, m. Frances Byrd Lewis, d. Oct. 1830.

+719. Azariah Graves, b. 29 Oct. 1768, m. Elizabeth Williams, 3 June 1790, d. 1 March 1850.

+720. James Graves, b. 1772, m(1) ------ Wright, m(2) Mary Slade, 15 April 1800, d. 1 July 1826.

+721. Isabella Graves, m. Thomas L. Slade, 12 Dec. 1782.


Thomas Graves (282) was born by 1721 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 18 Nov. 1801 in Fayette Co., Ky. (According to John Card Graves, he died about 1822.) He married Isabella (or Isabel or Arabella) Susan Bartlett, sometimes called Susan, by 1751 in Va., probably Louisa Co.

The marriage date is indicated by an Orange Co., Va. deed dated 24 Oct. 1751, Thomas Graves and wife Isabella of Orange Co. sell to William Warren 150 acres on Negro Run of Northanna River, signed by Thomas Graves Jr. and Isabella (X) Graves. Thomas had purchased this land in May 1751 from William and Ann Lea of Louisa Co., Va.

Isabella was a daughter of William Bartlett (d. 1775) and Susanna (or Susannah) ------. William Bartlett was a son of Thomas Bartlett of Spotsylvania Co., Va. Isabella was born about 1737 or earlier in Spotsylvania Co., and died April 1818 in Fayette Co., Ky.

Thomas Graves lived in Spotsylvania Co., then in Orange Co., Va., where he was Constable in 1754, and later he is found in the records of Louisa Co., Va. In Louisa in 1777, his name appears on a tax list being charged with 7 tithables (History of Louisa Co., by Harris, p. 169). About 1784 or 1785 he moved to Fayette Co., Kentucky, where he bought and settled on a 700 acre tract of land (bought from Gen. William Christian of the Revolutionary Army) situated about five miles north of Lexington, Ky. He was a cooper. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and also contributed to the cause by furnishing food and supplies to the Continental troops. He was at the battle of Yorktown, and later stated that he had witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis there (History of Kentucky, by Collins). At one time his home was headquarters for General Lafayette (History of Fayette Co., Ky., by Perrin).

In a suit filed in Fayette Co., Ky., Oct. 1788, "Henderson vs. Graves", Thomas deposed that "sometime before I moved to Kentucky, my son William purchased for me, from John Henderson of Orange Co., 10 bbls. of corn which was sent to Fredericksburg for salt." Although Thomas Graves died in 1801, his estate was not settled until 1819, and settlement is recorded in Fayette Co. Will Book E, p. 40. A brief abstract of his will, made in Fayette Co., is as follows: I desire my just debts be paid, to my son William Graves 500 acres situate on Licking in the co. of Campbell, the title to me made by Lewis Craig, Sr., also the money he has collected from my father's estate by virtue of a power of attorney from me to him, the said William for that purpose. To my son Bartlett, a negro man named Charles, also the one half of 700 acres on Green River, part of 1000 acres purchased of Hubbard Taylor. To my son John, the tract whereon I live at the death of my wife Isabel Graves, also all my lands on the south side of Ky. river except 300 acres to James Randolph and Rosannah his wife, and the one half of 700 acres to Bartlett Graves. To daughter Rosannah Randolph 300 acres. To daughter Isabel Hall 150-1/2 acres land situate in Campbell Co. and on the Ohio adjacent Wood and Ware. To my daughter Ann Hancock a negro named Rachel. To my daughter Sally Graves a negro named Dinah. To my daughter Mary Beeler a negro named Jane. To my daughter Liddy Graves a negro named Eve. To my loving wife Isabel half of land whereon I live with the mansion house and certain personality. Sons John and Bartlett Graves and friend Bartlett Collins to be executors. Witnesses: James Martin, William Dickey, Jeremiah Buckley. (R-24, R-510, R-515, R-517)

Children - Graves

+722. William Bartlett Graves, b. 19 Oct. 1755, m. Ann P. Pettus, 3 Feb. 1778, d. 7 Jan. 1818.

+723. Ann Graves, b. 22 July 1756, m. John Hancock, 7 May 1774, d. 6 March 1846.

+724. Isabella Graves, b. 1764, m(1) John Hall, by 1801, m(2) William Nash.

725. Rosannah (or Rosanna or Roxanna) Graves, b. 1765, m. James Randolph, d. by 1819. According to John Card Graves, this daughter was named Polly. He also said James Randolph was a near kinsman of Hon. John Randolph. They remained in Virginia.

+726. Bartlett O. Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1766, m(1) Frances Lane, 16 April 1787, m(2) Kitty Patterson, 1793, m(3) Elizabeth Leathers, 1806, d. 1855.

+727. Mary Susan Graves, b.c. 1766, m. Samuel Beeler, 11 June 1790, d. 3 Nov. 1851.

728. Sarah ("Sally") Graves, b. 1768, m. Samuel Graves (#751), 17 Nov. 1783 (Louisa Co., Va.). Moved to Fayette Co., Ky., where she died. No children.

729. Lydia Graves, b. 2 Oct. 1769, m. John Graves, 23 Dec. 1784, d. 7 Sept. 1856. For descendants, see John Graves (#750), son of her uncle Richard.

+730. John C. Graves, b. 2 March 1775, m. Margaret Cloud, 1792, d. before 14 Aug. 1848.


Solomon Graves (283) was born in 1723 or before in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died about 1785 in Sussex Co. (previously Surry Co.), Va. His will was dated 17 March 1784 and proved 17 Feb. 1785. He married Sarah Winfield or Wingfield, daughter of Sarah and William Winfield, about 1746. She died about 1802, also in Sussex Co., Va. Her will was dated 26 June 1801 and proved 4 Feb. 1802 in Sussex Co. Solomon was a farmer. He bought land in Surry (later Sussex) Co., where he lived until he died. Their first four children were born in Surry Co., and the others in Sussex Co., Va. (R-63, R-510)

Children - Graves

731. William Graves, b. 5 Oct. 1747, died young (Surry Co., Va.).

732. Thomas Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1749.

+733. David Graves, b. 11 Nov. 1750, m. Martha Moore, c. 1772, d.c. 1821.

734. Anne (or Ann) Graves, b. 12 Dec. 1752, m. Marcus (?) Pennington, 28 July 1769 (Sussex Co., Va.).

+735. William Graves, b. 13 Nov. 1754, m(1) Rebecca Williamson (?), m(2) Susanna ------, d.c. 1816 or 1820-21.

736. Sally Graves, b. 26 June 1760, m. John Pennington, 20 (or 26) Dec. 1786 (Sussex Co., Va.), d. 28 July 1811.

737. John Graves, b. 22 May 1762, m. Sarah Parham, 1 Dec. 1780 (Sussex Co., Va.). She was a dau. of Nathaniel Parham.

+738. Rebecca Graves, b. 30 July 1764, m. William Chambliss, Jr., 27 March 1782.

739. Martha ("Patsy" or "Patty") Graves, b. 21 June 1768, m. Thomas Williamson, 17 Sept. 1785 (Sussex Co., Va.), d. 30 May 1828 (Williamson Co., Tenn.). He was a son of Arthur Williamson.

+740. Richard Graves, m. Dorothy Blunt, 21 Aug. 1783, d. Dinwiddie Co., Va.

741. Polly Graves, m. Balaam Freeman, 13 Aug. 1789 (Sussex Co., Va.), d. by 1798 (Sussex Co., Va.).


William Graves (284) was born about 1724 (?), and died between May 1790 and Aug. 1790 in Henry Co., VA. He married Mary ------. There has been some confusion between this William Graves and #110. (R-510)

Children - Graves

742. William Graves, Jr.; probably went to Fayette Co., KY. It has been believed by some that this was the William (#221) from whom Gov. Bibb Graves was descended.

+743. Thomas Graves, b. by 1769, m. Elizabeth Lanier, 16 Dec. 1800, d. 1844.

744. Elizabeth ("Betty" or "Betsy") Graves, b. after 1763, m. Robert Anderson, 4 Sept. 1794 (Henry Co., VA), d. after 1801.

745. Nancy Graves, b.c 1762, m. James Pasbury, 10 May 1784 (Henry Co., VA,), d. after 1801.

+746. Susannah Graves, b.c. 1763, m. Joseph Martin, Jr., 24 Feb. 1784, d. 9 March 1837.

747. John Graves, b. after 1764, d. after 1801. Resident of Fayette Co., KY in 1799.

+748. Mary Graves, b.c. 1759, m. Green Bouldin, 1787.

+749. Sarah Graves, b. 1775, m. Thomas East, 12 Aug. 1790, d. 4 Jan. 1866.


Richard Graves (285) was born about 1725, and died after 1788 in Fayette Co., Ky. He married Lucy Davenport in 1750. They moved to Fayette Co., Ky., and settled 8 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. They took 30 slaves with them. (R-179, R-510)

Children - Graves

+750. John Graves, b. 18 Dec. 1757, m. Lydia Graves, 23 Dec. 1784, d. 31 Oct. 1843.

751. Samuel Graves, m. Sarah Graves (#728), 17 Nov. 1783 (Louisa Co., Va.). She was his first cousin. They moved to Fayette Co., Ky. No children.

752. James Graves

753. William Graves, m. Judith Harrison, 29 Dec. 1779 (Louisa Co., Va.). She was a daughter of Joseph Harrison.


Susanna (or Susannah) Graves (286) was born by 1740 and died by 1802. She married William Pettus, son of Dabney Pettus and Ann Overton, in 1759. He was born in 1729, and died in 1798 in Spotsylvania Co., Va.

According to The Pettus Family, compiled and edited by A. Buhmer Rudd, 1957, pp. 22ff, it is more reasonable that William Pettus was the father of William Pettus who married Susanna Graves. This is based on the connection with the Hart name and family, and other evidence.

William Pettus (who married Susanna) moved to Louisa Co., Va., where his father's brother John lived. In 1751, William Pettus witnessed a deed (Book A, p. 444) when his uncle bought 214 acres on Elk and Little Rocky creeks. In 1756, John Pettus sold this 214 acres to William Pettus (Book B, p. 96). This was in St. Martin's parish. Valentine calls him "of Trinity" in 1773 (Trinity was made from St. Martin's) and "of Spotsylvania" in 1788 (Valentine, pp. 103, 426). He was known as Col. William Pettus of Louisa, this because he served in the militia of Louisa Co. before the Revolution and was a militia Colonel after the war. He was on the Committee of Safety in 17-- in Louisa Co. He finally settled in Spotsylvania Co., Va., probably because his wife's people were there.

In 1772, Ann Graves, mother of Susanna (Graves) Pettus, gave a negro girl to her granddaughter Barbara Pettus (Crozier, pp. 153, 296). Col. William Pettus's will, dated 18 Sept. 1795 and proved 4 Dec. 1798, listed children: Barbara, Anne, Susan, Louisa, William, Joseph, James, and Hart. The last child was called "Hart" in will and deeds, but Hart always signed as Overton Hart and married as Overton Hart. (R-44, R-109, R-510)

Children - Pettus

754. Ann P. Pettus, b. 1 Feb. 1760, m. William Bartlett Graves, 3 Feb. 1778, d. 12 Oct. 1815. For descendants, see #722.

755. Barbara Pettus, m. John Arnold, 1775. Went to S.C.

+756. William Pettus, b. 1764, m. Lucy Waters Pettus, 9 Feb. 1784, d. 1813.

757. Susanna Pettus, m. John Davenport. Went to S.C.

+758. Joseph Pettus, b. 6 June 1773, m. Lucy Graves, 12 Dec. 1796, d. 2 Jan. 1853.

+759. Louisa Pettus, b. 1780, m. Aaron Arnold, 1803, d. 1844.

+760. Overton Hart Pettus, m. Barbara Cosby, 1795, d. 1812.

761. James Pettus, m. Louisa Anna Shotwell, d. 1820.


Rice Graves (287) was born about 1729 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 1814 in Louisa Co., Va. In Spotsylvania Records, O. Book 1738-49, p. 466, June 7, 1748, he is called "Rice Graves, son of Thos. Graves Sr." and would hardly have been so designated had he then been 21 years of age.

He married Jane Young, daughter of John Young and Christian Bruce, about 1751-2. (John Card Graves said this was his second marriage.) Jane died in 1812.

We next find Rice as defendant in a chancery suit brought by Thomas Graves on Feb. 6, 1752 (Spots. Rec., O. Book 1749-55, p. 166). In 1759, he was appointed to serve under John Robinson, surveyor of roads (Spots. Rec., O. Book 1755-65, p. 140). In 1760, as Rice Graves of Spotsylvania Co., he bought from William and Mary Macon of New Kent Co. 190 acres "on North Anna River of Pamunkey" (Louisa Rec., Deed Book D, p. 31), and probably moved at once into Louisa Co. Parenthetically, it might be remarked that all the members of this Graves family had their habitat, so far as can be determined, either on the north side of the Northanna River in Spotsylvania Co., or on the south side in Louisa Co. Not until John ventured into North Carolina did any of them stray far from this river. In 1772, Rice added more land to his holdings (Louisa Records, Deed Book D-1/2, p. 375), and in 1777 we find him listed with five tithables (Harris' History of Louisa Co., p. 169). Rice was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was administrator of his mother's estate, 15 Aug. 1782. He was on the first U.S. census in 1783 in Essex Co., Va., and his family then consisted of four whites and three blacks. In 1806 (Louisa Rec., Deed Book K, p. 253), describing himself as old and infirm, he appointed his son John to act as trustee in an equal division of his property among his children. In Deed Book L, p. 225, July 10, 1809, two of his sons, Thomas and Benjamin, release their brother John, who was trustee, from further responsibility. In the settlement of the estate as returned by John Graves (Will Book 5, p. 572, July 10, 1815) occur these entries: "Aug. 1812, to pd. Absalom Waller for preaching Mother's funeral", and "Aug. 1814, to pd. Wm. G. Hiter for preaching Father's funeral." (R-21, R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves

+762. John Graves, m. Mary Ragland, 24 Aug. 1795, d. 1843.

+763. Thomas Graves, b. Oct. 1763, m(1) Mary Chilton, 25 Aug. 1785, m(2) Marley P. Walthall, 19 Oct. 1842, d. May 1847.

+764. Benjamin Graves, b.c. 1765, m. Sallie Cole, d.c. 1846.

765. Elizabeth Graves, m. Enos (or Uriah) Tate, 12 Oct. 1772 (Louisa Co., Va.), d. 1807. He may have been a son of Zimri Tate, although John Tate gave consent for the marriage.

+766. Richard Graves, m. Sarah Arnett, 20 Nov. 1780, d. by 1811.

767. Susanna Graves, m. James Chiles, 20 Dec. 1785.

+768. Mary Graves, m. William Arnett, 27 Dec. 1781.

+769. William Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1768, m. Lydia Ann Williams, 2 May 1793, d. 12 Dec. 1852.

770. Lucy Graves, m. Joseph Pettus, 9 Feb. 1784. See #758 for descendants.

771. Nancy Graves, m. Lewis Johnson (?), 16 Oct. 1820 (Louisa Co., Va.). Nancy made her home near Huntsville, Madison Co., Ala. Her will dated 6 Aug. 1827 gave her sister Lucy Pettus a negro woman, to her niece Maria Graves a negro woman, to Thomas Arnett a negro boy, gifts to the heirs of her deceased niece Susannah Long, to James O. Pettus a negro man and some furniture; to her sister Catherine Graves a negro man, all of her household and kitchen furniture, stock of horses, cattle and hogs, and her land; and appointed her nephew James O. Pettus executor. It is likely that her sister Lucy Pettus and family, Thomas Arnett, and her sister Catherine Graves, were then living in Madison Co., Ala., instead of Ky.

772. Catherine ("Kate") Graves, unmarried in 1815.


David Graves (288) was born about 1730 in Louisa Co. (or Spotsylvania Co.), Va., and died in Jan. or Feb. 1808 in Shelby Co., Ky. He married Agnes Holloway. She outlived David. By the settlement of his estate, they had two sons and four daughters.

David was in Surry Co., N.C. by 1762, when his son Edmund was born, and moved to Shelby Co., Ky. as one of the early settlers. He is said to have served in the Revolutionary War.

In the Louisa Co., Va. Loose Papers, there is a bond dated Oct. 22, 1766 from John Day to David Graves. On Sept. 20, 1779 in Surry Co., N.C., David witnessed a deed. In Fayette Co., Ky., a David Graves is listed with 2 tithables, and in the first tax list of Shelby Co., Ky., David is listed with 220 acres on Buck Creek.

The Shelby Co., Ky. Grantor Deeds, 1789-1838, records that David gave a "deed of Gift" to Thomas Martin, his son-in-law, on May 25, 1807, 196 acres on Guist. Then on Feb. 8, 1808 there is an agreement from Thomas Martin marked "division."

David's will, on record in Shelby Co., was written 9 Jan. 1808, and was produced in court on 8 Feb. 1808. His children are not listed in the will by name, but his granddaughter, Agnes Conely, is given a "two-year old mare and saddle and a bed and furniture such as his wife Agnes shall give her."

David also states that his wife, Agnes, shall have the possession of his estate during her natural lifetime. He wills that his daughter, Elizabeth Leatherman, shall receive an equal portion but it is to be lodged in the hands of Richard Graves for her use and under his direction. His son Richard is to be the executor.

On June 18, 1819 the heirs of David are mentioned in a court order about a certain tract of land in Shelby Co. on Beech Creek containing 248 acres.

There may also have been a daughter who married William Burgin. (R-70, R-510)

Children - Graves

+773. Edmund Graves, b. 1762, m(1) Nancy ------, m(2) Judith Holloway, d. 12 July 1834.

774. William Graves, b. 1763. (May not be a child of David.)

+775. Elizabeth Graves, b. 1775, m. John Leatherman, 3 Feb. 1797, d. 10 June 1846.

+776. Richard Graves, b. 1776, m. Nellie Tilley, 26 Dec. 1797.

+777. Susannah Graves, b.c. 1780, m. Thomas E. Martin, 28 Aug. 1801, d. 19 Sept. 1851.

+778. Samuel Graves, b. 10 July 1791, m. Priscilla Hedden, 11 Jan. 1813, d. 7 March 1840.

779. daughter, m. William Burgin.

+780. daughter, m. William Connelly.


Nancy Graves (289) was born about 1735, and died by 1809 in Wilkes Co., Ga. (Mrs. Hiden had suggested the possibility that this was Catherine or Katherine Graves.) She married William Lea, brother of Isabella Lea. They moved to and lived in Caswell Co., N.C. William died testate May-July 1794 in Wilkes Co., Ga.

Nancy is not documented as a daughter of Thomas and Ann, but there is circumstantial evidence. A daughter did marry a William Lea, and this William was a brother of Isabella Lea who married John Graves. The names used in this family are names used by this Graves line. (R-14)

Children - Lea

781. Thomas Lea, m. Sally Lea.

782. John Lea, m. Elizabeth Bradley.

783. Jonathan Lea, m. Mary Hightower.

784. Nancy Lea

785. Solomon Lea

786. Rosanna Lea, m. Gene Sherwood, d. before 1809.

787. Sarah Lea, m. William Roper, d. before 1794.

788. Jean (Jane) Lea


Rosanna ("Ann") Graves (290) married John Spencer. They lived in Albemarle Co., Va. (R-14, R-510, R-511)

Children - Spencer

789. John Spencer

790. Sharp Spencer

791. Abraham Spencer

792. Thomas Spencer

793. Elizabeth Spencer, m. Dr. Melvin.

794. Anna Spencer, m. Thomas Maupin, 10 June 1784 (Albemarle Co., Va.).

795. Sarah Spencer, m. David Maupin, 13 Oct. 1785 (Albemarle Co., Va.).

796. Rosanna Spencer, m. Thomas Naylor, 16 Jan. 1799 (Albemarle Co., Va.).

797. Mary Spencer, m. Chapman Maupin.

798. Susannah Spencer, m. William Sandidge (#663). He d. 1786. A Susannah Sandidge m. Daniel Maupin on 27 Feb. 1792. This is possible 2nd marriage for this Susannah, but could be Susannah (#668), the sister of William, instead.


Eleanor Graves (291) was born in VA. She married Thomas Kimbrough, son of John Kimbrough and Elizabeth Bradley, about 1747. He was born in 1690 (is this date correct? -- seems rather old to have married in 1747 and had many children), and died in 1777 in Caswell Co., NC. The probate of his will in 1777 is recorded in Book A, p. 25. They moved from Spotsylvania Co., VA in 1764 to Orange Co., NC. When Caswell Co., NC was formed from Orange Co. in 1777, the family was living in the new county. (R-127, R-195, R-510, R-511)

Children - Kimbrough

+799. John Kimbrough, m. Mary ------.

+800. William Kimbrough, m. Elizabeth Gooch, 1770, d. 1816.

801. Robert Kimbrough

+802. Thomas Kimbrough, m. Elizabeth Graves, 29 March 1792.

803. Graves Kimbrough; probably afflicted in some way, as his father made special provision for him in his will.

804. Sucky Kimbrough, m. Edward Nowell.

805. Sarah Kimbrough, m. Leonard Brown.

806. Mary Kimbrough, m. John Bryant.

807. Betty (or Betsy) Kimbrough, m. Robert Bruce.

808. Nancy Kimbrough, m. Henry Turner.

809. Franky (or Frankey) Kimbrough, m. Caleb Carmon (or Carmen or Cameron).


Robert Graves (293) was born before 1755, based on the 1800 census for Chesterfield Co., S.C., showing him in the 45 and over age category. Based on the birth dates of his children, his birth date may have been 1735-1740. His wife may have been Jean ------, since she was cosigner with him on one deed. Most of the following evidence is from Mrs. Sue Davis (R-14).

Although most of the evidence is circumstantial, it appears that Robert is the father of at least the following three children. He is the only Graves in S.C. land records to be in the right place at the right time. The probability that he is a son of Thomas and Ann (Davenport) Graves also explains the Davenport name for many of his descendants.

Robert Graves was the only Graves in Chesterfield Co. records during at least 1770-80, as evidenced by the deeds listed below. Chesterfield Co. was created from Craven District. Both Lewis and Richard Graves owned land on Thompson Creek in Anson Co., N.C., just across the state line.

S.C. Memorials (land grants): A memorial exhibited by Robert Graves for a tract of land containing 250 acres in Craven Co. on the north side of Great PeeDee adjoining Lipham, Husband, Wise and Claudius Pegues, certified 7 Nov. 1770, granted 15 March 1771.

A memorial exhibited by Robert Graves for 150 acres on Thompson Creek, waters of PeeDee, bounded by vacant sides. Surveyed 1 Oct. 1771, granted 28 Nov. 1771.

Charleston, S.C. Deed Records (all S.C. deeds prior to the Revolution were filed in Charleston), Book C, p. 78, Robert Graves to James Blanton. Lease and release for 250 acres, 1 July 1772, Parish of St. David, County of Craven, land granted 15 March 1771, north side of PeeDee, bound by Lipham, Husband, etc.

signed Robert Graves

Jean (x) Graves

Family papers or oral tradition in the Sholars family say Lewis Graves had brothers Richard and John. Records seem to bear this out. Richard Graves gave testimony to Lewis' service in pension application. He witnessed an Anson Co., N.C. deed of Lewis Graves. He signed a receipt for Lewis on S.C. Stub Indent. John Graves also witnessed an Anson Co. deed. John lived in the same district in Hancock Co., Ga. and in Jasper Co., Ga. as Lewis. He was also a codefendant in a law suit with Lewis in Hancock Co. (R-14)

Further information on Robert Graves and all his known descendants is given in Robert Graves of Anson Co., N.C. and Chesterfield Co., S.C., by Kenneth Vance Graves, 1980. (R-516)

Children - Graves

+810. Lewis Graves, b. 17 July 1760, m. Ann or Amy Worthen, 1781, d. 1839.

+811. John Graves, b.c. 1763, m. Rebecca Harris, d. 1851.

+812. Richard Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1765, m. Nancy ------.



Mary Graves (296) was born about 1738, and died in 1800 at Fort Madison, Pickens Co., SC. She married Benjamin Cleveland about 1758-60. He was born 26 May 1738 in Blue Run, Orange Co., VA, and died 15 Oct. 1806 in Fort Madison, Pickens Co., SC. They were both buried on the Cleveland Plantation, Fort Madison.

Col. Benjamin Cleveland moved from VA to Yadkin, Rowan Co., NC about 1763 (Rowan became Surry Co. in 1770 and Wilkes Co. in 1777), and lived there until after the Revolution. Benjamin lost his home in Wilkes Co., NC through a faulty title, and then moved to Pendleton District, SC, on the Tugaloo River, where he was a judge, as he had been in NC.

Col. Benjamin Cleveland was "the famous Colonel of Indian Wars in NC and of the Revolution at the Battle of King's Mountain, and the terror of Tories whom he hanged without ceremony." Cleveland Co., NC and the town of Cleveland, TN are named for him.

It has been incorrectly believed by some that Benjamin Cleveland had Graves ancestry, descended from Jane Graves, a great-granddaughter of Capt. Thomas Graves of VA through Thomas's son Francis. It was believed that Jane Graves and John Coffey had a daughter, Martha Elizabeth Coffey, who married John Cleveland. However, that is not correct. Elizabeth Coffey, daughter of Edward Coffey and sister of John Coffey, is the one who married John Cleveland. This couple lived most of their lives at Blue Run, Orange Co., VA, and had several famous sons, most notably Col. Benjamin Cleveland of Revolutionary War fame. This ancestry is discussed by George A. Martin in "Virginia Cleveland Ancestor Discovered", Nat. Gen. Soc. Quarterly, vol. 46, no. 3, Sept. 1958, p. 152.

One account says: Col. Ben's only daughter married General Wyly of Iredell Co., NC, and their son, General James Rutherford Wyly, was a distinguished officer of the War of 1812. He married Sarah Hawkins Clark, granddaughter of Gov. John Sevier of TN, who was a General at King's Mountain. It is possible that Col. Ben's daughter, Jemima, was adopted; that would explain why she was left out of his will.

At least the two sons were born in Albemarle Co., VA. (R-20, R-204, R-205, R-208, R-209)

Children - Cleveland

+813. Absalom Cleveland, b.c. 1759, m. Martha Harrison, 11 Nov. 1782, d. 1838.

+814. John Cleveland, b. 1760, m. Catherine (Slocum) Montgomery, 9 June 1781, d. 1810.

815. Jemima Cleveland, b. 1765, m(1) James Wyly (or Wyley), 1780, m(2) Evangelist Eddards, m(3) Daniel Cleveland, d. 1810 or 1832 (LA).



William Graves (298) was born 2 March 1738. He married Ann ------. (R-14)

Children - Graves

816. William Graves, bapt. 25 Dec. 1775.



King Graves (305) was born 23 Nov. 1750 in Chesterfield Co., Va. He married Mary ------. He was a lieutenant in the Va. Militia on 25 Oct. 1775, and a vestryman of Dale Parish Episcopal Church. His will, dated 22 June 1791, names his brother, Charles, executor. He lived near Chesterfield, Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves

817. William Graves


Arthur Graves (306) was born 19 Nov. 1752 (or 23 Nov. 1750) in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died 28 April 1831. He may have married Frances ("Fannie") Eanes on 22 Dec. 1803 in Amelia Co., VA (according to the IGI). They lived in Chesterfield Co., VA.

However, the marriage date of 1803 is very late for a first marriage. Arthur would have been over 50 at that date. The children of Arthur listed below were getting married themselves by 1800 or soon after. It seems much more likely that if Arthur Graves married Frances Eanes in 1803, he was either a son of this Arthur or of one of the brothers. Until more evidence is provided, he will be shown as a son of this Arthur Graves, even though this compiler believes he is more apt to be a son of one of Arthur's brothers, since a fairly long list of the children of this Arthur is shown below. (R-221, R-515)

Children - Graves

+818. Matthew Graves, b. 7 Nov. 1780, m. Martha Bruce, 14 March 1814.

+819. William Graves, m. Euphan Armistead.

820. Thomas Graves

821. Leroy Graves

822. Alice Graves, m. William B. Clark, 18 Oct. 1804.

823. Elizabeth Graves, m. Mathew Watson, 18 Sept. 1804.

824. Dorothy Graves, m. Daniel Belcher, 18 March 1811.

825. Rebecca (or Mary Susan) Graves, m. Bolling Branch, 19 Feb. 1800.

+826. Arthur Graves, m. Frances Eanes, 22 Dec. 1803.


Charles Graves (307) was born 20 Dec. 1754. He married. (R-14)

Children - Graves

827. Ann Field Graves, m. Collin McRae.


William Graves (310) was born 24 Sept. 1761 in Chesterfield Co., Va. His will, dated 23 Jan. 1780, mentions mother Sarah, brothers and sisters, Benjamin, King, Arthur, Charles, Henry, Sally, Martha Winifred, and Frances Batte. (R-515)



Reuben Graves (316) was born 23 May 1760 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Yarbrough on 28 Nov. 1786. He may have secondly married Rhoda ------.

From Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, vol. II:FM: "Graves, Reuben, S-3408, Virginia Line, sol lived in Halifax County, Virginia enl, sol was born 23 May 1760 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, in 1805 he moved to Wartrace Creek in Jackson County, Tennessee and he applied there 2 October 1832 aged 72. Rhoda former widow W3542, MA line, See Silas Ball." (R-213)

Children - Graves

+828. Rice Graves, b.c. 1790-92, m. Candice ------.

829. Harrison Graves

830. Marshall Graves

831. Nancy Graves, m. ------ Moreland.

832. Lucy Graves, m. ------ Sweezy.

833. Patsey Graves, never married.

834. Edna Graves, m. George Teele.


Esom (or Easom) Graves (317) was born about 1764, probably in Halifax Co., Va., and died in 1843 in Tenn. He married Judith Parrott, daughter of John Parrott and Ruth ------, on 11 Jan. 1787 in Halifax Co., Va. She was born about 1776.

Their marriage was recorded in the Daily Marriage Book of Halifax Co., Va. The will of John Parrott, father of Judith, dated Feb. 18, 1777, Book 1, page 181, lists children of John and Ruth Parrott. A deed in Halifax Co., Va. shows that John Parrott owned 240 acres on Lawson Creek in that county. Records of Oct. Court, 1795, show John Graves sold 47-3/4 acres to Reaves adjoining land of "Esham" Graves. The clerk misspelled many other words in the deed, in addition to Esom's name.

Esom and Judith moved to Tenn. about 1800. Court records of Dec. 15, 1800 for Smith Co., Tenn. show his election as grand juror. Deeds of 1800 and 1808, Smith Co., Tenn., show him owning land on the north side of Cumberland on the water of Wartrace Creek.

A Smith Co., Tenn. deed shows Reuben Graves owning land adjoining that of Esom Graves. A petition for Overton Co., Tenn., established 1806, lists Esom Graves, Beman Graves, Reuben Graves, Charles Graves, and John Graves. Esom Graves was listed in the 1820 and 1830 censuses for Smith Co., Tenn. (R-41, R-43)

Children - Graves

+835. Beman Graves, b. 13 Jan. 1788, m. Susannah Pate, 25 Aug. 1814, d. 12 July 1865.

836. Jeremiah Graves, b. 1790.

+837. John Parrott Graves, b. 1792, m. Sarah Huse Barton, c. 1828, d.c. 1858.

838. Parasidia (or Parasida) Graves, b. 1794, m. Booker Pate.

839. Henry Michelberry Graves, b. 1796.

+840. Elizabeth Graves, m. John Burke, d. 1834.

841. daughter, m. Joel Holliday.

842. James L. Graves, b. 1803, m. Sara Holloman.



George Calvert (323) was born about 1712 or 1715 in Stafford Co., Va., and died in 1782. He first married Ann (or Anne) Krupper (or Crupper) in 1739. He secondly married ------. (R-120)

Children - Calvert, by Ann Krupper

+843. George Calvert, b. 6 Feb. 1744, m. Lydia Beck Ralls, 7 Feb. 1764, d. 22 May 1821.



Obediah Calvert (329) was born about 1719 and died in 1805, both in Prince William Co., VA. He married Mary Gosling in 1739. She was born in 1725 and died in 1785. (R-186)

Children - Calvert

+844. Jesse Calvert, b. 1740, m(1) Susannah ------, m(2) Mollica Brown, c. 1765, d. 1802.

+845. Obediah Calvert, Jr., b. 1743, m. Catherine ------, 1764, d. 1809.

+846. Lydia Calvert, b. 1750, m(1) George Mills, 1783, m(2) Obediah Cooksey, d. 1844.

847. George Calvert, b. 1758, m. Priscilla ------, d. 1830. She was b. 1763, d. 1838 in Fairfax Co., VA. He was in the Rev. War.

848. Samuel Calvert, b. 1760 (Prince William Co., VA).

849. John Calvert, b. 1785 (Prince William Co., VA).

850. Margaret Calvert, m. John Mills.

851. Constant Calvert, m. James Peake.

852. Betsey Calvert



Priscilla Taylor (331) married James Wilson in 1760. (R-141)

Children - Wilson

853. Samuel Wilson, b. 1761.

854. Sophia Wilson, b. 1764.

855. James Wilson, b. 1766.

856. Josiah Wilson, b. 1768.

857. William Wilson, b. 1770.

858. Mary Wilson, b. 1772.

859. Joshua Wilson, b. 1774.

860. Priscilla Wilson, b. 1776, m. James Naylor, 1797. See #861 for descendants.


Susanna Taylor (332) married Joshua Naylor. He was born in 1745 and died in 1816. (R-141)

Children - Naylor

+861. James Naylor, b. 1774, m. Priscilla Wilson, 1797, d. 1841.

862. Joshua Naylor

863. Benjamin Naylor

864. Ann Naylor

865. Susanna Naylor



Elizabeth Brown (340) was born 5 Oct. 1723 at "Rich Hill", Charles Co., Md., died at "Ellerslie", King George Co., Va., and was buried at Falmouth, Va. She married Dr. Michael Wallace of "Ellerslie", King George Co., Va., son of William Wallace, on 27 April 1747. He was born 11 May 1719 in "Galrigs", Ayr (or Galrigs, Ayrshire), Scotland, and was indentured to Dr. Gustavus Brown 18 March 1734. He died of dropsy in Jan. 1767 at "Ellerslie", King George Co., Va. His will was dated 8 July 1760 and probated 4 June 1767 in King George Co., Va. All their children were born at "Ellerslie". Source: Hayden, Virginia_Genealogies. (R-10, R-114, R-174)

Children - Wallace

866. daughter, b. and d. 11 July 1748.

867. William Wallace, b. 20 Nov. 1749, d. 10 Jan. 1750.

868. Gustavus Brown Wallace, b. 9 Nov. 1751, never married, d. 17 Aug. 1802.

+869. Michael Wallace, b. 8 June 1753, m. Lettice (Smith) Wishart, 8 June 1775.

870. James Wallace (M.D.), b. 26 Sept. 1755, d. 12 Dec. 1790 (Jacksonborough, S.C.). No children.

871. William Brown Wallace, b. 26 July 1757, m. Barbara Fox, 22 March 1787, d. 1833.

872. Rebecca Wallace; no children.

+873. John Wallace, b. 19 Jan. 1761, m(1) Esther Gaines, 1782, m(2) Elizabeth Hooe, 1792, d. 4 May 1829.

874. Thomas Wallace, b. 19 Jan. 1761, m. Mary Hooe (daughter of Howson Hooe), 10 Nov. 1791, d. 6 June 1818.



James Odell (351) was born in 1725 at Baldi Christi Plantation, Prince George's Co., Md., and died in 1770-73 in Prince George's Co. He married Martha Prather, daughter of John Smith Prather and Elizabeth Nuthall, about 1747. She was born 20 April 1730 in Prince George's Co., Md. She secondly married Robert Lezenby. James and Martha lived in that part of Prince George's Co. which later became Montgomery Co. (R-116, R-117)

Children - Odell

+875. Mary Odell, b. 16 Jan. 1748, m. Thomas Duckett, d. before 18 July 1822.

876. Eleanor Odell, m. ------ Robertson.

877. Elizabeth Odell, m. ------ Garrett.

878. Margaret Odell, m. ------ Rogers.

+879. Thomas Odell, b. 17 May 1752, m(1) Elizabeth Garrett, m(2) Gracie Austin, 1778, d. 25 Aug. 1827.

880. Rachel Odell, m. David Beall.

881. Martha Odell, m. Joseph Jeans.

882. Sarah Odell

883. Regnall Odell

884. Charlotte Odell

885. John Prather Odell, b. 1750-5, m. Mary Bourland, alive in 1832 in S.C.


John Odell (352), sometimes known as "Hoppin John", was born before 1740, probably 1728, in Prince George's Co., Md., probably died by 1794 in Newberry Dist., S.C., and was buried in the Odell family cemetery. He married Eleanor Duckett (or Hendrix).

They moved to what is now Newberry Co., S.C., by 1768, the date of his first land grant. He received a grant of 200 acres from King George III, dated March 22, 1769. He served as a private in the S.C. Militia during the American Revolution. He died before June 5, 1794, the date his widow Eleanor received papers of administration for his estate. (R-121)

Children - Odell

886. James Odell

+887. John Odell, Jr., b. 5 Nov. 1771, m. Rebecca Hendricks, d. 5 Feb. 1830.

888. Eli Odell

889. Sarah Odell

890. Martha Odell

891. Ruth Odell



Elizabeth ("Betty") Coffey (353) was born about 1751, probably in Albemarle Co., Va., and died in 1811-12 in Wayne Co., Ky. She married Robert Whiteside, son of William Whiteside and Elizabeth Stockton, about 1770 in Albemarle Co., Va. He was born 22 Feb. 1743 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died in 1810. (R-522)

Children - Whiteside

892. James Whiteside, b. 21 July 1771, d. 24 April 1848.

893. William Whiteside, b.c. 1773, m. Lavina Singleton, d. 1824.

894. Jonathan Whiteside, b. 13 April 1776 (Amherst Co., Va. or Burke Co., N.C.), m. Thankful Anderson, 19 July 1796 (Madison Co., Ky.), d. 1860 (Tenn.).

895. Robert Whiteside, m. Betsy Dick, (Wayne Co., Ky.).

896. Mary ("Polly") Whiteside, m. Isaac Davis.

897. Joel Whiteside, m. Sally Lunch.


John Coffey (354) was born about 1753 (or 13 Feb. 1755?), probably in Albemarle Co., Va., and died 27 Dec. 1825 in Wilkes Co., N.C. He married Mary ("Polly" or "Molley") ------ about 1773-4. She was born 18 Dec. 1755 and died before 1825. Their first two children were born in Va., and the others were probably born in Wilkes Co., N.C. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+898. Levi Coffey, b. 19 Dec. 1774, m. Dorothy Edmundson, 18 Aug. 1799, d. before 1850.

+899. Lewis Coffey, b. 12 Jan. 1777, married, d. after 1850.

+900. Sarah Coffey, b. 1 May 1779, m. Michael Israel, Jr., 26 Feb. 1800, d. 26 Aug. 1842.

+901. Elizabeth Coffey, b. 10 Jan. 1782, m. Archelaus Alloway Strange, 23 Nov. 1802.

902. William Coffey, b. 17 May 1784, m. Sarah ------, d. after 1850 (probably in Gwinnett Co., Ga.).

903. James Coffey, b. 23 Oct. 1786.

904. Celia (Sealy) Coffey, b. 19 --- 1789, m. ------ Smith, d. before Aug. 1825.

905. Nancy Coffey, b. 14 July 1791, m. Thomas Pendley, 10 Sept. 1818.

906. Eleanor Coffey, b. 9 Jan. (prob. 1793-4), m. Jesse Crumpton (or Compton), 10 Feb. 1819.

907. John Coffey, b. 5 July 1796.

908. Polly Coffey, b. 5 Feb. 1799.


Archelaus Coffey (355) was born about 1755 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died by 1784, probably 1783, in Wilkes Co. (?), N.C. He married Eleanor Wade, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wade, about 1775, probably in Amherst Co., Va. She was born about 1755 and died before 1830. After Archelaus died, she secondly married Jesse Shasteen on 22 Nov. 1785 in Amherst Co., Va., and had more children. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+909. James M. Coffey, b. 20 July 1776, m. Frances Lane, 16 Jan. 1804, d. 7 Jan. 1849.

+910. John Waid Coffey, b.c. 1778, m. Mary Harbord, 29 Dec. 1801, d.c. 1834.

+911. Jane Coffey, b. 22 June 1782, m. William Harbord, 28 Jan. 1802, d. 2 or 3 Oct. 1862.


Martha Coffey (357) was born about 1758 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died before 12 Aug. 1826 in Wayne Co., Ky. She married Mastin Durham in Feb. 1774 in Albemarle Co. He was born in 1755 in Hanover Co., Va., and died 1 Aug. 1844. (R-522)

Children - Durham

912. Molly Durham, b. 7 Feb. 1775.

913. James Durham, b. 8 Feb. 1777.

914. John Durham, b. 29 March 1779.

915. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Durham, b. 29 Sept. 1781, m. ------ Boone.

916. Selah Durham, b. 29 June 1784 (N.C.), m. Ebenezer Fairchild, 4 Feb. 1804 (Burke Co., N.C.), d. 12 Aug. 1874.

917. Sally Durham, b. 11 March 1787.


Reuben Coffey (358) was born 16 Sept. 1759 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died 9 June 1842 in Wayne Co., Ky. He married Millie Morris (according to tradition) about 1782. (Reuben is said by another source to have married Rachel Hayes, daughter of John Hayes and Millie Maderas.) At least the first four children were born in Wilkes Co., N.C. (R-134, R-522)

Children - Coffey

918. Eleanor Coffey, b.c. 1783, m. ------ Hisan.

919. Sally Coffey, b.c. 1785, Joseph Owens.

920. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Coffey, b.c. 1786, m. Thomas Sumpter.

921. James Coffey, b. 1790, m. Sally Sumpter, 7 July 1810, d. 1870-80 (Flat Rock, Ky.).

+922. Anna Coffey, b.c. 1795, m. Washington Owens (?).

923. Rachael Coffey, m. Burnett Elam, 23 July 1820 (Wayne Co., Ky.).

924. Polly Coffey, m. ------ Giddens.

925. Oliver Coffey, m. Sally Ramsey, 18 Oct. 1815.

926. Austin Coffey, b.c. 1796 (Wilkes Co., N.C.).

927. Naomi N. Coffey, b.c. 1805 (Burke Co., N.C.), m. Summers Wright.


Ambrose Coffey (359) was born in 1762 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died in Sept. 1818 in Pulaski Co., Ky. He first married Mildred ("Millie") Moore, daughter of Jesse and Alley Moore. He secondly married Elizabeth Rice in 1812. He thirdly married Polly Garner (?) before Sept. 1818. There were children by the first two marriages but none by the third. (R-522)

Children - Coffey, by Mildred Moore

928. James Madison Coffey, d. 25 June 1833 (Miss.).

929. Jesse Coffey, b. 1792, d. 11 Feb. 1835 (Tenn.).

930. Thomas Jefferson Coffey, b. 16 Feb. 1805 (Burke Co., N.C.), m. Malinda Graves Williams Haley, d. 1 Nov. 1858 (Brazoria Co., Texas).

931. George Washington Coffey, b.c. Dec. 1806, m. Mary Catherine Isler, d. 17 March 1840 (Jackson, Miss.).

932. Holland Coffey, b. 15 Aug. 1807, m. (Mrs.) Sophia Suttenfield, 29 Jan. 1839, d. 5 Oct. 1846 (Texas).

933. Hiram Coffey, d. 19 Jan. 1836 (Miss.).

934. Alice Coffey, b. Burke Co., N.C.

935. America Coffey, b. Burke Co., N.C., m. Samuel Lusk.

936. Mildred Coffey, b. Burke Co., N.C.

937. Myra Coffey, m. ------ Edmondson, d. 3 Sept. 1835 (Tenn.).

938. Elizabeth Coffey, m. George Washington Jewell, d. Jan. 1843 (Warren Co., Tenn.).

Children - Coffey, by Elizabeth Rice

939. Christopher Greenup Coffey, d. 19 April 1861 (Jackson, Miss.).

940. Emily Coffey


Eli Coffey (360) was born 1 March 1763, probably in Albemarle Co., Va., and died 5 Sept. 1847, probably in Johnson or Pettis Co., Mo. He married Hannah Allen, daughter of David and Hannah Allen, before 1790. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

941. James Coffey, died in infancy.

942. Allen Coffey, died in infancy.

+943. Asbury Madison Coffey, b. 25 July 1804, m. Mary Bradford, 22 July 1828, d. 28 Nov. 1897.


Rice Coffey (361) was born in April 1766 in Amherst Co., Va., and died 24 July 1853 in Wartrace, Bedford Co., Tenn. He married Sarah ("Sally") Bradford in 1790. She was born 22 June 1770 and died 3 Sept. 1840. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

944. Jerusha (or Joenash) Coffey, b. 4 May 1792 (N.C.), never married, d. 10 March 1810 (Bell Buckle, Bedford Co., Tenn.).

945. Elvira Coffey, b. 14 May 1794 (N.C.), never married, d. 10 July 1849.

946. Henry Bradford Coffey, b. 12 July 1796 (N.C.), m. Sarah Edmonson, d. 11 April 1864 (Jackson, Ala.).

947. Mary C. (or G.) Coffey, b. 12 Oct. 1797 (N.C.), m. John Kendall (?), d. 22 Oct. 1878.

948. Weightstill Avery Coffey, b. 1801 (N.C.), never married, d. 1837.

949. Alexander Hamilton Coffey, b. 1803-4 (N.C.?), m. Nancy E. (or Mary) Weatherly (or Matherly?), d. 1864 (Bedford Co., Tenn.).

950. Martha ("Patsy") Coffey, b. 1805-6 (or 1808) (Tenn?), m. Alex Yell (or Bell?), d. 1845.

951. Benjamin B. Coffey, b. 1809-10 (Tenn.), m. (Mrs.) Mary E. Roach (or Beach), d. 1864.

952. John Reid Coffey, b. 27 March 1814 (Wartrace, Bedford Co., Tenn.), m. Mary Ann Cross, 21 Aug. 1849, d. 21 March 1896 (prob. Jackson Co., Ala.). She was b. 28 Dec. 1831, d. 8 Sept. 1897.


Joel Coffey (362) was born in 1770 in Amherst Co., Va. (or Wilkes Co., N.C.), and died in Dec. 1826 in Wayne Co., Ky. He married Martha ("Patsy" or Jane) Coffey (#417), daughter of his uncle Benjamin Coffey, on 22 Aug. 1793 in Wilkes Co., N.C. She died in Sept. or Oct. 1839 in Randolph Co., Mo. Joel had a limited education, but wrote well and managed his business affairs well. He was a farmer and was also in the construction business. In addition to the children listed below, there may also have been an Elizabeth (or Rachel). (R-175, R-522)

Children - Coffey

+953. Nathaniel Coffey, b. 1796-1804, m(1) Louisa Durham, 1823, m(2) Nancy Clark, after 1830, d. 1880-1890.

954. Alvina (or Elvira) Coffey, m. Martin Wright, 27 March 1828.

955. Carolina (or Caroline) Coffey, b.c. 1819 (Wayne Co., Ky.), m. Noah Summers.

956. Martha L. Coffey, m. Perry M. Stacey, 19 Feb. 1835.

957. Frances ("Franky") Coffey, m. Andrew Jackson Jones.

958. Henry B. Coffey, m. Sarah Ann Isbell, 24 (or 3) Jan. 1838 (Wayne Co., Ky.).


Lewis Russell Coffey (363) was born 18 Nov. 1772 in Amherst Co., Va., and died 29 Sept. 1850 in Wayne Co., Ky. He married Bidant ("Biddie") Moore, daughter of Jesse and Alley Moore, on 10 Dec. 1795 in Wilkes Co., N.C. She was born 3 May 1775, and died 13 Jan. 1851 in Wayne Co., Ky. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

959. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Coffey, b. 1797-8 (Wilkes Co., N.C.), m. Richard Northcraft Cullom, 17 March 1819, d. 5 Dec. 1868 (Tazewell Co., Ill.). He was b. 1 Oct. 1795, d. 4 Dec. 1872.

960. Mary ("Polly") Coffey, b. 19 Oct. 1800 (N.C.), m. Joshua Oatts, 4 Jan. 1821, d. 29 March 1855 (Wayne Co., Ky.).

961. James Lewis Coffey, b. 12 Sept. 1802, m. Sarah Alloway Strange, Feb. 1829, d. 7 Aug. 1855.

962. Henderson Coffey, b. 8 Oct. 1804 (Wilkes Co., N.C.), m. Minerva Alexander, 27 Aug. 1827, d. 8 Dec. 1868 (or 6 Dec. 1866).

963. Edward Northcraft Coffey, m. Rachael A. Isaacs, d. before 13 April 1850.

964. Rachael Coffey, b.c. 1809, m. Thomas Jefferson Jones, 1829-30.

965. Shelby Coffey, b. 12 (or 19) Aug. 1811 (Wayne Co., Ky.), m. Zerilda Emarine Meadows, d. 2 Sept. 1863.

966. Jesse Moore Coffey, m. Elizabeth Ann Smith (or Elizabeth Griffin), 1832, d. Aug. 1835 (Wayne Co., Ky.).

967. Benjamin Franklin Coffey, b. 10 Dec. 1816, m. Mary Ann Worsham, 11 Oct. 1842, d. 11 May 1868.

968. Thomas Coleman Coffey, b. 1819, m(1) Mary ("Polly") Havens, 11 Dec. 1839, m(2) Patience Jane Miller, 23 Aug. 1848, m(3) Sarah Havens, m(4) Mrs. Amanda Jane Hudson Stone.

969. Cleveland L. Coffey, m(1) Mrs. Bradshaw, m(2) Sophronia Oatts, d. 26 Oct. 1834.



Osborn Coffey (364) was born 29 July 1759 in Va., and died 31 March 1840 in Casey Co., Ky. He married Mary ("Polly") Nightingale, daughter of Mathew Nightingale, on 15 Feb. 1783 in Amherst Co., Va. She was born in 1761 and died in 1847. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+970. Jesse Coffey, b. 26 May 1784, m(1) Tabitha Riffe (or Rife), m(2) Elizabeth Rife, 16 Feb. 1805, d. July 1850.

971. Elizabeth Coffey, m. Christopher Riffe, 9 May 1806.

972. Patsey Coffey, m. George Portman.

973. Matthew Coffey, b.c. 1790 (Amherst Co., Va.), m. Nancy D. Adams, 29 July 1823 (Lincoln Co., Ky.), d. before 1830. She d. 1854, Schuyler Co., Mo.

974. Lucy Coffey, b.c. 1792.

975. Richard N. Coffey, b.c. 1790-95, m. Catherine McCormick, 29 May 1820 (Lincoln Co., Ky.).

976. Osborn Coffey, m. Jane Bell, 1829.

977. William Coffey

978. John Coffey, m. Catherine Bryant, 2 Sept. 1843 (Lincoln Co., Ky.).


Jane Coffey (370) first married ------ Anderson on 16 Dec. 1819. She secondly married ------ Fitzgerald. (R-522)

Children - Anderson

979. Joshua Anderson

980. Sallie Anderson

981. Winnie Anderson

Children - Fitzgerald

982. Perry Fitzgerald

983. Asbury Fitzgerald



Meredith Coffey (374) was born about 1760-70 (perhaps 1769) in Albemarle Co. or Amherst Co., Va., and died in 1838 (or 25 May 1841) in Grainger Co., Tenn. He married Esther (or Hester) ------ about 1797. She was born about 1776 and died after 1840. All their children were born in Grainger Co., Tenn. (R-128, R-522)

Children - Coffey

984. John Coffey, b. 18 Oct. 1798, m(1) Rebecca Ragsdale, 24 Feb. 1821, m(2) Jane Hopper, d. 1870-76.

985. Anna Coffey, b.c. 1800, m. Jacob Arnett, 3 Nov. (or 11 Dec.) 1819 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d.c. 1876-80.

+986. James Coffey, b.c. 1803, m. Sally Fielding, 14 Dec. 1825, d. before 10 Sept. 1851.

987. Dorcas Coffey, b.c. 1800-02, m. Jubal Mitchell, 26 Jan. 1840 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

+988. Joel Coffey, b.c. 1806, m. Elizabeth Grubb, 5 Feb. 1829, d. before 10 Sept. 1851.

989. Mariann ("Mira") Coffey, b.c. 1809, m. Hardiman Sparkman, 6 Aug. 1827 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

990. Eliza Coffey, b.c. 1817, m. Henderson Sparkman, 16 Feb. 1834 (or 1838), d.c. 1854.

991. Mary Coffey, m. Henderson Dyer, 29 (or 30) Oct. 1838 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

+992. Mahalia Coffey, b. 29 March 1820, m. Samuel Crain, 11 Aug. 1838, d. 29 Sept. 1876.

993. Rice Coffey, b.c. 1815, m. Elvira Trogden (or Trogdon), 16 (or 17) June 1839 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d.c. 1850-60. Moved to Crawford Co., Mo.



John Coffey (385) was born about 1765 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died about 1812 in Wilkes Co., N.C. He married Hannah Wilson on 3 Oct. 1796 in Wilkes Co., N.C. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

994. Eliza Coffey

995. Cassandra Coffey

996. Wilson (or William) Coffey

997. Rebecca Coffey

998. Jane Coffey


Thomas Coffey (386) was born about 1767 in Albemarle Co., Va. He first married Margaret Coffey. He secondly married Nancy Pendley. (R-522)

Children - Coffey, by Margaret Coffey

999. Joshua Coffey

1000. Sallie Coffey

1001. Winnie Coffey

Children - Coffey, by Nancy Pendley

1002. Perry Coffey

1003. Asbury Coffey


James Coffey (387) was born in 1772 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died in 1840 in Wilkes Co., Va. (or N.C.?). He married Delilah Ferguson on 31 Aug. 1799 in Wilkes Co., N.C. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1004. Thomas Coffey, b. 1804.

1005. James Coffey

1006. Lovancy Coffey

1007. Marvel Coffey

1008. Eli Coffey, m. Caroline Story.

1009. Myra Coffey

1010. Louisa Coffey, m. John Jackson, 15 Aug. 1820 (Wilkes Co., N.C.).


Smith Coffey (389) was born about 1776 in Albemarle Co., Va. He married Hannah Boone. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1011. Squire Coffey

1012. Morgan Coffey

1013. Athan Coffey

1014. Sallie Coffey

1015. Leland Coffey

1016. Isaac Coffey

1017. Millie Coffey


William Coffey (391) was born 29 Nov. 1782 and died 21 May 1839, both in Wilkes Co., N.C. He married Annie Boone on 16 Oct. 1804. She was born 26 July 1785. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1018. Daniel Coffey, m. Clarissa Estes.

1019. Wilborn Coffey

1020. Celia Coffey

1021. Gilliam Coffey

1022. Calvin Coffey, m. Mary Greene.


Reuben A. Coffey (392) was born 15 Sept. 1785 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died in Feb. 1854 in Indiana. He married Polly Dowell, daughter of George Dowell, in 1805. This family all moved to Monroe and Owen counties, Ind. in 1832. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1023. Alfred Martin Coffey, b.c. 1807, m. Jane Coffey.

1024. Albert Coffey, b.c. 1810, m. Sarah Goodnight.

1025. Cornelius Coffey, b.c. 1812, m. Margaret Smith.

1026. Emily Coffey, b.c. 1814, m. William I. Curtis.

1027. Malena Coffey, b.c. 1816, m. Wilson Coffey.

1028. Luther Coffey, b.c. 1818, m. Myra Crisp.

1029. Rufus Coffey, b.c. 1820, m. Charlotte Allen.

1030. Miriam Coffey, b.c. 1822, m(1) John Sanders, 30 Sept. 1849, m(2) J. H. Buchanan.

1031. Shelton Coffey, b.c. 1825, m. Dicey Sanders.

1032. Judson Coffey, b.c. 1830, m. Caroline Rone.


Elijah Coffey (393) was born in 1788 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died in 1865 in Ga. He married Polly Hull. They moved to Ga. in 1835. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1033. Anderson Coffey

1034. Minerva Coffey

1035. Newton Coffey

1036. Starling Coffey

1037. Alphonse Coffey

1038. Elvira Coffey

1039. Milton Coffey


Lewis Coffey (395) was born 25 May 1796 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died in Owen Co. (?), Ind. He married Harriet E. Powell. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1040. Sarah Coffey

1041. Martha Coffey

1042. Mary Coffey

1043. Richard Coffey

1044. Amanda Coffey

1045. Jasper Coffey

1046. Sephronia Coffey


Jesse Coffey (396) was born about 1798 in Wilkes Co., N.C. Although he may have died unmarried, this is probably the Jesse who married Winnifred Crumpton on 22 Dec. 1821 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died in 1858 in Ga. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1047. Lewis E. Coffey, b.c. 1826.

1048. William Coffey, b.c. 1829.

1049. Eli Coffey, b.c. 1832.

1050. Martin Van Buren Coffey, b.c. 1834, m. Francis (or Frances?) Pettit, 24 Feb. 1859 (Pickens Co., Ga.).

1051. John Coffey, b.c. 1840.


Larkin Coffey (397) was born 18 Feb. 1800 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died 12 Jan. 1881 in Owen Co., Ind. He married Catherine H. Wilson on 9 Jan. 1826 in Wilkes Co., N.C. They moved to Owen Co., Ind. in 1833. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1052. Susan Coffey

1053. Sylvester Coffey

1054. Lorenzo Coffey

1055. Jason Coffey

1056. Sarah Coffey

1057. Adolphus Coffey

1058. Elzy Coffey


McCaleb (or Caleb) Coffey (398) was born 22 Aug. 1803 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died 17 Feb. 1881 in Caldwell Co., N.C. He married Elizabeth Collett on 1 (or 5) Feb. 1828 in Burke Co., N.C. They lived near Patterson, N.C. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1059. Thomas Jefferson Coffey

1060. Charles L. Coffey

1061. Sarah A. Coffey

1062. John E. Coffey

1063. Mary Lou Coffey

1064. Margaret Coffey

1065. William Columbus Coffey

1066. Martha E. Coffey

1067. Henry C. Coffey

1068. James E. Coffey

1069. Frances Caroline Coffey

1070. Rachel M. Coffey

1071. Julia Jane Coffey

1072. Laura Louise Coffey

1073. Buddie Coffey



Reuben Coffey (400) was born in 1776, and died 30 Nov. 1851 in Owen Co., Ind. He married Naomi Hays on 7 Feb. 1797 in Wilkes Co., N.C. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1074. Hiram Coffey, b. 1802, m. Charlotte Stansbury, 19 April 1827, d. 1889.

1075. Alfred Coffey, m. Rachel Fulling.

1076. Celia Coffey, m. James Sharp.

1077. Minerva Coffey, m. Gilbraith Neil.

1078. Thomas R. Coffey, m. Sarah Rocket.

1079. Denzia Coffey, b. 1812, m. William Mayfield, d. 1842.

1080. Isom Coffey, b. 1814, m. Martha Smock.

1081. Nancy Coffey, m. John Fullen.

1082. James W. Coffey, b. 1819, m. Theresa Wampler, d. 1885.

1083. Temperance Coffey, m. ------ Moreland.


Joseph Coffey (401) married. He died in 1835. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1084. Sarah Coffey, m. Larkin Calloway.

1085. Margaret Coffey, m. Tyre Webb.

1086. Nancy Coffey, m. William Gragg (or Cragg?).

1087. Enoch Coffey, m. Prudence Cragg, 15 Dec. 1831 (Burke Co., N.C.?).

1088. Elisha Coffey

1089. Zacheus Coffey

1090. Matilda Coffey, b. after 1817.

1091. Luchia Coffey, b. after 1817.

1092. Brice Coffey, b. after 1817.


Elijah Coffey (404) was born 11 March 1779 in Globe, Burke Co., N.C., and died 3 Sept. 1863 in Owen Co., Ind. He married Mary Abby ("Polly") Dyer on 23 Sept. 1803 in Ashe Co., N.C. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1093. Lucinda Coffey, b. 8 Aug. 1804, m. Emanuel Falkner, 30 Sept. 1838.

1094. Allen Coffey, b. 21 Sept. 1806 (Globe Settlement, Burke Co., N.C.).

1095. Alfred Coffey, b. 18 May 1809, d. 11 June 1885.

1096. Amos Coffey, b. 12 June 1811, m. Martha K. Niell, 11 Feb. 1834.

1097. Jane Louisa Coffey, b. 12 June 1813 (Globe Settlement, Burke Co., N.C.).

1098. Albert Coffey, b. 7 Dec. 1815, m. Caroline Hall, 28 Jan. 1841.

1099. Joel Anderson Coffey, b. 10 June 1818 (Tenn.), m. Charity McDonald, 12 Dec. 1847, d. 21 March 1901.

1100. William Trimble Coffey, b. 17 Dec. 1820 (Ky.), d. 19 March 1879.

1101. Wiley H. Coffey, b. 27 Feb. 1823 (Ind.), m. Harriet McDonald, 10 June 1849.

1102. Malinda Caroline Coffey, b. 6 March 1825 (Ind.), m. Isaac Franklin, 25 May 1845.

1103. Nancy Emmaline Coffey, b. 25 Sept. 1827 (Ind.), d. 19 March 1904.


James D. Coffey (405) was born 23 Oct. 1786 in Globe, Burke Co., N.C., and died 27 Oct. 1868 in Owen Co., Ind. He married Hannah Alloway Strange. She was born 18 Feb. 1790 and died 14 Dec. 1871. They moved to Indiana in 1834, first to Monroe Co., then to Owen Co. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1104. Archelaus (or Archelius) Coffey, b. 1 March 1810 (Wilkes Co., N.C.), m. Rachael Wilson, 23 Jan. 1834 (Ashe Co., N.C.), d. 27 Dec. 1900 (Ind.).

1105. Sally Coffey, b. 12 Feb. 1812, d. 22 Feb. 1861.

1106. Abraham Coffey, b. 26 April 1814 (Wilkes Co., N.C.), m. Sally Green, Nov. 1835, d. 23 Aug. 1885.

1107. Mary ("Polly") Coffey, b. 9 (or 19) July 1816 (N.C.), m. Anderson B. Mills, 28 April (or March) 1859 (Owen Co., Ind.), d. 18 Oct. 1909 (Owen Co., Ind.).

1108. Riley Coffey, b. 27 June 1818, d. 27 Aug. 1855.

1109. John Davidson Coffey, b. 4-10 July 1821 (Ashe Co., N.C.), m(1) Mary Whisanand, m(2) Mary A. Mayfield, 1847, m(3) Mary J. Ridge, 1874, d. 5-15 Jan. 1909 (Ellettsville, Ind.).

1110. Elvira Ann Coffey, b. 27 Oct. 1823, m. George W. Starnes, 5 July 1853, d. 19 March 1880.


William H. Coffey (407) was born in 1789 in Globe, Burke Co., N.C., and died 17 Oct. 1844 in Owen Co., Ind. He married Mary Faulkner. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1111. Mary Ann Coffey, m. David H. Allen, 9 May 1859.

1112. Silas Coffey, b. 23 Feb. 1839, m. Carolyn Byles, 1 Nov. 1864, d. 6 March 1904.

1113. John Coffey

1114. Isaac Coffey

1115. James L. Coffey, b. 9 June 1834, m. Elizabeth Litton, 30 Sept. 1855, d. 6 Nov. 1890.

1116. Oliver N. Coffey, b. 2 Dec. 1832, m. Elizabeth Litton, 30 Jan. 1851, d. 30 Dec. 1900.

1117. Serena T. Coffey, b. 1846, d. 1 April 1855.


Benjamin Coffey (409) was probably born about 1790 in Globe, Burke Co., N.C., and died in 1843 in Owen Co., Ind. He married Exa Saphronia Stepp in 1816. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1118. Jesse Coffey, b. 18 Nov. 1818, m. Lucinda Burpo, 12 Feb. 1840.

1119. Lawson Coffey, b. 15 Aug. 1820, m(1) Mary Litton, 1 Feb. 1851, m(2) Eliza Campbell, 1856, d. 7 Aug. 1904.

1120. Nancy J. Coffey, b. 1823, m. David Allen, 22 Dec. 1842, d. 3 Feb. 1866.

1121. Sally Ann Coffey, b. 1838, m(1) William Litton, m(2) George Luggett, m(3) Ira Graham.

1122. William W. Coffey, b. 15 Nov. 1830, m. Malinda Litton, 7 Feb. 1850, d. 18 June 1865.

1123. Milton Hiatt Coffey, b. 14 Nov. 1831, m. Cynthia J. Nicholas, 1 June 1858, d. 25 May 1915.

1124. Matilda C. Coffey, b. 9 Aug. 1837, m(1) Elijah Miller, m(2) Calvin Lyman, d. 15 April 1917.



John Coffey (412) was born 15 Oct. 1776, probably in Rowan Co., N.C. (the area that later became Burke Co.), and died 15 March 1845 in Grainger Co., Tenn. He married Elizabeth Rucker, daughter of Colby Rucker. She was born 6 Jan. 1787 and died 22 March 1855. Their first 3 children were born in Wilkes Co., N.C., and the others in Tenn. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1125. Ausburn (or Ausborn) Coffey, b. 11 (or 14) Jan. 1805, m. Matilda Dalton, c. 1830, d. 30 Dec. 1876 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1126. Colby Coffey, b. 23 Aug. 1806, m. Mary Adams, 22 May 1830, d. 17 June 1888 (Estill Co., Ky.).

1127. Benjamin Coffey, b. 8 Feb. 1808, m. Nancy Hayes, d. 8 May 1867 (Rockcastle Co., Ky.).

1128. Nancy Coffey, b.c. 1811, never married, d. 20 Nov. 1896.

1129. John Jackson Coffey, b. 12 Jan. 1812, m. Alsy (or Elsie) Nash, 7 July 1839 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d. 15 Oct. 1877 (Rockcastle Co., Ky.).

1130. Elizabeth Coffey, b. 1821, m(1) Nathan Whitsett, 30 Nov. 1839 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), m(2) George W. Hayes, 20 Feb. 1845 (Grainger Co., Tenn.). Nathan d. 22 Jan. 1842, Grainger Co., Tenn.

1131. Sarah Lucinda Coffey, b. 1822, m. William Coffey (son of George Coffey), 21 March 1840 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d. 4 Nov. 1895 (prob. West Plains, Mo.).

1132. Margaret Coffey, b. 28 Feb. 1825, m. Isaac Bullen, 7 May 1844 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d. Rockcastle Co., Ky.

1133. William M. Coffey, b. 31 Oct. 1828, m. Ellen Nash, 12 June 1849 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d. 9 Aug. 1893 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1134. Catherine Coffey, b. 10 Aug. 1834, m. ------ Sweet (?), d. probably Cass Co., Mo.


William Coffey (413) was born probably in 1778 or possibly 1774-5 (if his father married about 1773-4). He married Mary ("Polly") Coffey (#388), his first cousin, daughter of Thomas Coffey and Elizabeth Smith, on 3 July 1796. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1135. Austin Coffey, m. Betsy Hawkins.

1136. William Coffey, m. Margaret Robbins.

1137. Elijah Coffey, m. Elizabeth Robbins.


Bennett Coffey (414) was born about 1779 (age 71 in 1850) and died by 1858. He married Sally Ferguson on 5 Feb. 1805. There may have been other children in addition to those listed below. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1138. Caswell Coffey, b.c. 1806 (N.C.), m. 3 or 4 times (one was Martha Campbell), d. 7 Sept. 1882 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1139. Joel Coffey, m. prob. Sarah Mullins, 5 Nov. 1855 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1140. Jesse Coffey, b.c. 1828 (Tenn.).

1141. Louisa Coffey, b.c. 1831 (Tenn.).


George Coffey (415) was born about 1782 (age 68 in 1850). He married Margaret (or Marguerite) Rucker, probably sister of Elizabeth Rucker and daughter of Colby Rucker. Margaret was born in 1789-90. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

1142. Mira Coffey, b.c. 1810, m. John Hipshire.

1143. Thomas Coffey, b.c. 1812.

1144. Delphia Coffey, b.c. 1815, m. Timothy Dalton, 29 Dec. 1828 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1145. Mary Coffey, m. Jack Dalton, 2 Sept. 1833 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1146. William Coffey, b. 20 Jan. 1817, m. Sarah Lucinda Coffey (dau. of John and Elizabeth Coffey), d. 15 June 1878.

1147. Elijah Coffey, b. 23 Feb. 1820, m. Rebecca Shockley, 11 Jan. 1840 (Grainger Co., Tenn.), d. 13 July 1890.

+1148. Matilda Coffey, b. 13 March 1821, m. Tandy W. Dalton, 27 Aug. 1835, d. 28 Oct. 1886.

1149. Malinda Coffey, b.c. 1823, m. Cleveland Coffey, 11 Nov. 1839 (Grainger Co., Tenn.). Not certain Malinda belongs in this family.

1150. Mahalia Coffey, b.c. 1828, m. Enos Shockley, 21 Jan. 1846 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1151. Emily (or Emeline) Coffey, b.c. 1831, m. Wainright Shockley, 20 Feb. 1851 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).

1152. Louisa Coffey, b.c. 1834, m. William Shockley, 18 March 1851 (Grainger Co., Tenn.).



John Satterwhite Higginbotham (428) was born no later than 1771 in Amherst Co., Va., and died in 1842 (or 1843) in Elbert Co., Ga. He first married Ann Stanton (or Staunton) Higginbotham, daughter of Capt. John Higginbotham and Rachel Banks, on 17 Dec. 1792 in Amherst Co., Va. She was born 22 Dec. 1773 in Amherst Co., Va., and died after 1807 in Elbert Co., Ga.

He secondly married Martha Ricks, daughter of Joel Ricks and Mary Bunn of Nash Co., N.C., on 5 Nov. 1826 in Greene Co., Ala. (No record of this marriage has been found. It is in the Ricks book.) Martha was born about 1800 and died before 1835. Joel secondly married Rhoda Barnes in 1810.

John thirdly married Sarah ("Sally") Lourimore on 30 March 1834 in Elbert Co., Ga. She died in 1855. Her will was dated 18 July 1855 and proved 3 Sept. 1855 (Elbert Co., Ga., Will Book A, Folio 152). (R-65, R-69, R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Ann S. Higginbotham

+1153. Mary Stanton Higginbotham, b. 25 Nov. 1793, m(1) Jacob Brown, m(2) James Tait, 27 July 1819, d. 22 Dec. 1881 (or 1832).

1154. Ann R. Higginbotham, m. William Scales, 16 (or 18) Dec. 1828.

1155. Frances Higginbotham, m. Sterling M. Shackleford, 16 July 1833.

+1156. Clara Green Higginbotham, b. 4 Feb. 1805, m. Thomas Hilley, Jr., 13 May 1828, d. 5 May 1882.

+1157. Lucy Higginbotham, m. Robert B. Mann, 27 July 1833.

1158. Thomas Higginbotham

1159. Jane Satterwhite Higginbotham, b. 28 July 1797, m. Elijah Benson Norman, 3 April 1821, d. 7 July 1884.

1160. Sarah Banks Higginbotham, b. 15 March 1801 (Elbert Co., Ga.), m. Tilman Brawner, 13 Aug. 1822 (Elbert Co., Ga., Will Book L, 1816-1824, p. 480), d. 4 April 1856 (Calhoun Co., Ark.). 6 children.

+1161. John Green Higginbotham, b. 3 March 1807, m(1) Sarah S. Thornton, 25 Oct. 1827, m(2) Eliza Jane Baxter, 25 Feb. 1872, d. 6 Feb. 1893.

Children - Higginbotham, by Martha Ricks

+1162. Jerusia Jane Higginbotham, b. 24 Aug. 1829, m. James Calloway Campbell, 1 Dec. 1846, d. 30 May 1915.

1163. David B. Higginbotham, b. 1828 (Elbert Co., Ga.).

+1164. Martha Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 16 Dec. 1830, m. Thomas Jefferson Bond, 1 Dec. 1846, d. 14 Jan. 1913.


Ann Higginbotham (429) was born 8 May 1772 in Amherst Co., Va., and died 21 April 1852 in Green Co., Ala. She married William Fortson on 7 Aug. 1794 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was born 28 Feb. 1774 in Va., and died 9 Jan. 1846 in Green Co., Ala. (R-172, R-521)

Children - Fortson

+1165. Fortson, m. Mary Ann Elizabeth Richardson, 4 Feb. 1827, d. 6 Jan. 1892.


Volata (or Violetty) Higginbotham (431) was born in 1779 and died in 1838. She married George Turman, son of James Turman and Martha Seale, in 1796. He was born in 1778 and died in 1840.

On p. 406, Will Book N, Elbert Co., Ga., there is a marriage bond for Samuel H. Fortson and Vilate Higginbotham. It is not known whether the Vilate mentioned in the bond is the same as this Volata but, if so, she may have remarried. (R-521)

Children - Turman

1166. Permelia A. Turman, m. William Pulliam.

1167. Sam Turman, m. ------ Fortson (or Foster).

1168. Jefferson Turman, m. Frances Smith.

+1169. Marian Louise Turman, b. 1808, m. John Pryor Hall, d. 1881.

1170. Seaborn Turman, died in infancy.


George Green Higginbotham (435) was born 15 July 1791 in Amherst Co., Va., and died 6 May 1859 in Clinton, Ala. He was married by John Willis, J.P., to Sarah Fortson on 20 Feb. 1817 (Elbert Co., Ga., Will Book L, 1816-1821, p. 106). George was a Major in the War of 1812, and was wounded six times. He served under Gen. Andrew Jackson (Alexander Brown's The Cabells and Their Kin). He moved to Green Co., Ala. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1171. Elizabeth Jane Higginbotham, b. 25 Jan. 1818, m. Henry Harrison, d. 22 Sept. 1859.

+1172. Nancy Higginbotham, m. O. J. Nuly.

1173. Arnetta Higginbotham

1174. Amanda Higginbotham, m. Henry Brown.

1175. Isabella Higginbotham, m. (Rev.) J. R. Webster, 28 April 1858. He was b. 6 Dec. 1827 and d. 12 Jan. 1860.

1176. George Higginbotham; was a captain in the C.S.A. during the Civil War.

1177. Benjamin Higginbotham; was a captain in the C.S.A. during the Civil War.

1178. Sarah Ann Higginbotham, b. 1 Oct. 1819, m. Bennet Smith Dickson, 18 Oct. 1837, d. 5 Oct. 1873.



Peachy Franklin (439) was born between 1771 and 1778, since he was over 14 and under 21 in 1792, when Jeremiah Franklin was appointed his guardian by a court of Amherst Co., Va. (Order Book 1790-94, p. 454). He married Susannah Dillard, daughter of James and Sukey Dillard.

He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He lived in New Glasgow, Amherst Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Franklin

1179. Susan Pitts Franklin, m. Mansfield Ware, 3 June 1824.



Absalom Higginbotham (443) was born 2 May 1781 and died 7 July 1866. He married Mary C. Sandidge on 16 Nov. 1806. She was born 26 Aug. 1789 and died 28 May 1871. Absalom's will was dated 11 Aug. 1860 and was probated 16 July 1866 (Amherst Co., Va., Will Book 17, p. 150). In his will he mentions his wife and children: daughter Nancy C., and sons James, Rufus A., Benjamin S., Absalom, Aron, and Paul. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

1180. Betty Ann Higginbotham, b. 5 Oct. 1807, m. Edmund W. Hill, 16 Aug. 1830, d. 26 May 1831.

+1181. Nancy Croxton Higginbotham, b. 4 Dec. 1809, m. Thomas B. Royster, 16 Oct. 1843, d. 5 Oct. 1865.

+1182. James Higginbotham, b. 5 Feb. 1812, m. Ann Eliza London, 17 Dec. 1835, d. 11 Sept. 1874.

+1183. Rufus Anderson Higginbotham, b. 14 March 1814, m. Sarah Elizabeth Hargrove, 16 Sept. 1837, d. 28 Dec. 1878.

+1184. Benjamin Sandidge Higginbotham, b. 21 Aug. 1818, m(1) Hester E. Paxton, 9 March 1843, m. Margaret A. Carter, 23 Jan. 1849 (?), d. 3 May 1903.

1185. Absalom Higginbotham, Jr., b. 3 July 1821, m. Elizabeth Tucker, 20 Nov. 1843. Her will was dated 15 Aug. 1884 and proved 20 Oct. 1884 (Will Book 21, p. 206).

1186. Thomas Higginbotham, b. 1 March 1824, never married, d. 21 Nov. 1841.

+1187. Aaron L. Higginbotham, b. 31 Dec. 1826, m(1) Sally Ann Sandidge, 25 Dec. 1856, m(2) Josephine Temperance Patterson, d. 9 Feb. 1886.

1188. Paul Higginbotham, b. 1 Nov. 1831, d. 26 Aug. 1864 (while serving in the C.S.A.).


Sallie Higginbotham (444) was born 23 Sept. 1783. She married Washington Hill on 20 July 1803. (R-521)

Children - Hill

1189. Toliver Hill

1190. Paulipe Hill, m. ------ Campbell.

1191. Eliza Hill, m. ------ Dillard.


Nancy Higginbotham (445) was born 12 June 1786. She married James Hix on 7 Nov. 1809. They moved to Kentucky, arriving in Bowling Green in Dec. 1842, and lived within 7 or 8 miles of James Higginbotham, Jr., son of James Higginbotham (brother of Aaron who married Clara Graves). (R-521)

Children - Hix

+1192. Edward Hix, b.c. 1815, m. Eliza ------.

+1193. Albert Hix, b.c. 1816, m. Mary Warren.

1194. Betty Hix

1195. Harriet Hix


Aaron Higginbotham III (446) was born 23 Feb. 1789 and died 8 March 1852. He married Elizabeth Steward Sandidge on 22 May 1817. She was born 26 Jan. 1796 and died 7 Jan. 1850. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1196. Alexander Brown Higginbotham, b. 23 June 1818, m. Eliza Frances Plunkett, 10 Dec. 1840, d. 1 Dec. 1888.

+1197. John James Higginbotham, b. 16 Jan. 1820, m. Susan A. Magann, 28 Nov. 1842.

1198. Nancy Croxton Higginbotham, b. 27 Oct. 1821, m. William Aaron Higginbotham, Oct. 1845, d. 16 June 1901. See #1208 for descendants.

1199. Robert Henry Higginbotham, b. 26 Sept. 1823, d. 1st Sat. of Feb. 1862 (Mt. Pleasant, Amherst Co., Va.). He moved to Ky., but returned to Amherst Co., Va.

1200. Sarah Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 11 Aug. 1826, d. 7 Jan. 1830.

+1201. Aaron Higginbotham IV, b. 11 July 1828, m(1) Martha Gladish, m(2) Celia Agnes Johnson, d. 23 Dec. 1871.

1202. Benjamin Willis Higginbotham, b. 15 April 1831, m. Angie ------. He died before his wife. Both were living in Guthrie, Okla. in 1906.

+1203. Leannah Jane Higginbotham, b. 13 May 1833, m. Charles L. McDaniel, 3 Dec. 1858, d. June 1878.

+1204. Elizabeth Ann Higginbotham, b. 2 Dec. 1834, m. William C. Bibb, 24 Dec. 1862, d. 23 Sept. 1874.

+1205. Cyrus William Higginbotham, b. 11 Sept. 1836, m(1) Henrietta Button, 15 Sept. 1862, m(2) Mary Howard, 31 Oct. 1871, d. 9 July 1922.

1206. Editha Higginbotham, b. 1 Oct. 1838, d. 25 July 1847 (or 1849?).

1207. Arthur Absalom Higginbotham, b. 23 March 1840, d. 20 Sept. 1840.


Johannah Croxton Higginbotham (448) was born 26 Jan. 1794 and died 4 Sept. 1860. She married Col. George Washington Higginbotham, son of James Higginbotham and Rachel Campbell, on 27 June 1822 in Amherst Co., Va. He was her first cousin once removed. He was born 20 Dec. 1783, died 30 April 1862, and was buried at Mt. Pleasant Cem., Amherst Co., Va. He first married Elizabeth Cashwell on 8 April 1810 in Amherst Co. Elizabeth died 2 July 1820.

George served in the War of 1812. He was called into active service on 2 Jan. 1814, and was stationed at Lambert's Point. He was in the 90th Regt., 3rd Brigade and 2nd Div. of the Va. Militia. While with the 90th Regt. in 1814, he was attached to the 6th Regt. of Infantry and stationed at Norfolk, Va. In civilian life, he was a school teacher. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1208. William Aaron Higginbotham, b. 7 May 1823, m. Nancy Croxton Higginbotham, Oct. 1845, d. 7 Nov. 1898.

1209. Ann Eliza Higginbotham, b. 9 May 1825, d. 8 March 1827.

+1210. Joseph Absalom Higginbotham, b. 31 May 1828, m. Hester Ann Ware, 20 Feb. 1867, d. 13 May 1904.

1211. Mary Frances Higginbotham, b. 22 Dec. 1830.

1212. Nancy Higginbotham, b. 18 Oct. 1833, d. 24 March 1848.

1213. Daniel Higginbotham, b. 23 Nov. 1836, d. 7 June 1862 (Richmond, Va.). He served in the C.S.A. during the Civil War, with Co. I, 19th Regt., Va. Volunteers. He died from a wound he received in the Battle of Seven Pines.

1214. Johannah Jane Higginbotham, b. 21 Nov. 1840, m. William R. Hill, 10 Sept. 1862, d. 15 April ----.



Mary Dandridge Morrison (450) was born in 1784 and died in 1839. She married James Reagan, Jr. in 1805 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was born in 1780 and died in 1855. They had 11 children. (R-506)

Children - Reagan

1215. Francis Washington Reagan, b. 1821, m. Sarah Cecilia Refo, 1845, d. 1865.



Aaron Higginbotham (or Hickingbottom) (451) was born in 1772 in Va., and died 10 Nov. 1858. He married Elizabeth Metts (?) about 1810. (R-170)

Children - Hickingbottom

+1216. John Hickingbottom, b.c. 1825, m. Jane Armstrong, 11 Jan. 1848.



Benjamin Graves Higginbotham (469) was born 17 Feb. 1788 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 23 April 1862 in Noxubee Co., Miss. He married Mary Foster Lollis, daughter of John Lollis, on 2 Jan. 1812. She was born 24 Nov. 1795 in Elbert Co., Ga. There is a marriage license bond in Elbert Co., Ga. for this couple dated Jan. 1, 1812. On the bond the bride's name is given as Polly Lollis. Both Benjamin and Mary were buried in Lloyd Cem., Noxubee Co., Miss. Benjamin's occupation was listed as planter in the 1850 census for Noxubee Co. He was a first lieutenant in the War of 1812. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1217. Benjamin Toliver Higginbotham, b. 26 Feb. 1813, m(1) Jane ------, 1840-50, m(2) S. Jane ------, 1850-60.

1218. John Lollis Higginbotham, b. 26 Dec. 1815.

1219. Mary Gatewood Higginbotham, b. 6 Sept. 1818.

+1220. Elizabeth Harriet Higginbotham, b. 9 Feb. 1822, m. ------ Whitehead, before 1850.

1221. Sarah Ann Higginbotham, b. 28 June 1825.

+1222. James Larkin Higginbotham, b. 10 Oct. 1828, m. Margaret Thomas, 19 May 1850, d. 31 May 1913.

1223. Richard Wylie Higginbotham, b. 24 Sept. 1833.

1224. Tabitha A. Higginbotham, b. 20 Jan. 1838.


Larkin Higginbotham (471) was under 21 in 1811, because in that year his first cousin John S. Higginbotham was appointed his guardian by an Elbert Co., Ga. court, dated Jan. 7, 1811 and recorded Jan. 11, 1811 (Will Book 1809-12, p. 116). He married Polly Howard on 12 Jan. 1815, recorded in the Court of Ordinary, Elbert, Ga. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1225. Larkin Higginbotham, Jr., b.c. 1814, m. Harriet ------, d. by 1899.

1226. Tirza Ann Higginbotham, b.c. 1818, m. ------ Potter, d. 27 July 1899 (Mirnard Co., Ill.).

+1227. Martha J. Higginbotham, m(1) ------ Jones, m(2) ------ McHenry, d. by 1899.

+1228. Madison Higginbotham, married, d. by 1899.

+1229. Elizabeth Higginbotham, m. Andy Weldon.

1230. Mahala Higginbotham, m. ------ Clary. Had children.

1231. Lervice Higginbotham, m. William M. English (Dickerson Co., Tenn., Marriage Records, 1838-49, p. 400).



Dolly D. Higginbotham (478) was born about 1798, probably in Elbert Co., Ga., and died in 1856 in Hardin Co., Tenn. She married Elisha Kelley, son of Elijah Kelley, on 7 Oct. 1812. He was born about 1795 in N.C., and died in 1858, probably in Hardin Co., Tenn. At least their first 6 children, and probably the others also, were born in Tenn. (R-147)

Children - Kelley

1232. Levicy Kelley, b. 3 May 1814, m. Moses Heskew, d. after 1880 (Gonzales Co. or Kimble Co., Texas).

1233. Rila G. Kelley, b. 16 Jan. 1816, m. Susan Rickman, d. after 1916 (Savannah?, Tenn.).

+1234. William Higginbotham Kelley, b. 9 Jan. 1818, m(1) Amanda M. Johnson, 11 Sept. 1849, m(2) Susan Abbigail Wood, 13 Sept. 1860, d. 20 May 1881.

1235. Kinchin Kelley, b. 4 Jan. 1820, m. Nancy M. McClarin, d. 6 Nov. 1886 (Hardin Co., Tenn.). Bur. Kelley Cem., Saltillo, Tenn.

1236. Lawson Kelley, b. 9 Feb. 1822, m(1) Nancy Glenn Cavy, 4 July 1846, m(2) Emily Allen, m(3) Nancy M. Miskernon. Bur. Whitesboro (?), Texas.

1237. Pleasant A. Kelley, b. 7 Dec. 1823.

1238. Martha Ann Kelley, b. 19 Dec. 1825, d. 20 March 1826.

1239. Louisa Kelley, b. 12 March 1827, d. 9 Jan. 1828.

1240. Lucinda Kelley, b. 11 Dec. 1828, m. Caswell Ashcraft.

1241. Albert Kelley, b. 24 Feb. 1831, m. Sarah ------, d. 26 March 1870 (Hardin Co., Tenn.).

1242. Dolly Kelley, b. 7 Aug. 1832 (Tenn.).

1243. Leonard E. Kelley, b. 25 May 1835 (Tenn.), m. Sallie J. Wilson, 2 Jan. 1875 (Gonzales, Texas), d.c. 1894 (Gonzales, Texas).

1244. Almerene Kelley, b. 12 June 1837.

1245. Almeda Kelley, b. 30 Sept. 1839, d. 19 July 1840.

1246. Mahala Thomas Kelley, b. 16 Jan. 1842.



Willis Higginbotham (484) was born 6 May 1792 in Hickman Co., Tenn., and died in July 1861. He married Rebecca Higginbotham, his second cousin once removed. His sister Elinor married Willis's brother Lindsey. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

1247. Elizabeth Higginbotham, m. Wesley Kelley.

1248. Frances Higginbotham, m. ------ Sparks.

1249. Martin Higginbotham, killed in Civil War.

1250. Rasom Higginbotham, m. ------ Goodwin.

1251. John James Higginbotham, m. Lucy Ann Taylor. Had 12 children.

1252. Joseph Higginbotham, m. Sarah Simons.

1253. Josephine Higginbotham, never married.



Caleb Higginbotham (488) was born about 1785-90 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 8 May 1829 in East Feliciana Parish, La. He married Ann Minerva Bryant, daughter of William G. Bryant of Va. and Indiana, about 1810 in Va. She died 17 Oct. 1833 in Indianapolis, Ind.

After the death of Caleb, Ann moved to Marion Co., Ind. She later returned to East Feliciana Parish and married John H. Scott on 9 Sept. 1831 in Clinton, La. She and her new husband then returned to Indiana where she died. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1254. Mary Higginbotham, b. 1814, m. William Sandel, 16 Dec. 1830.

+1255. Jane Higginbotham, b. 1816, m. Peter Alexander Boyd Williams, 16 Sept. 1834, d. 17 May 1880.

+1256. William G. Higginbotham, b. 7 March 1819, m. Sarah A. Palmer, 20 Dec. 1838, d. 9 March 1888.

1257. Martha Higginbotham, m. Thomas S. Carroll, 7 Jan. 1847 (Clinton, La.).

1258. Henrietta Clarissa Higginbotham, d. 17 Sept. 1836.

1259. Marian Louise Higginbotham, d. 11 Jan. 1832.

+1260. Leonora Higginbotham, b. 1824, m. John R. Collinsworth, 8 June 1843, d. 5 Oct. 1883.


Lawson Higginbotham (489) was born 24 July 1794 and died 12 Jan. 1860. He married Elizabeth McCants, daughter of David McCants, on 11 April 1822 in St. Francisville, La. She was born 30 Nov. 1804 and died 5 Nov. 1863. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+1261. David Francis Higginbotham, b. 19 Dec. 1822, m. Mary Jane Land, d. 20 Dec. 1898.

+1262. Cleaton Higginbotham, b. 29 April 1824, m. Celia Ann Hausey, 29 Sept. 1852, d. 25 March 1872.

1263. Jane Caroline Higginbotham, b. 2 Aug. 1825, d. 25 March 1845.

+1264. William Douglas Higginbotham, b. 26 July 1827, m. Ann Chapman.

+1265. Thomas Carter Higginbotham, b. 6 Feb. 1831, m. Belle Norseworthy.

1266. James Nathaniel Higginbotham, b. 4 Oct. 1832, d. 29 Aug. 1867.

1267. Lawson Higginbotham, b. 23 Sept. 1835, d. 27 Nov. 1840.

1268. John Flynn Higginbotham, b. 5 Feb. 1838, d. 13 Aug. 1839.

+1269. Charles Wesley Higginbotham, b. 5 Oct. 1839, m. Jennie Holt.

1270. Caleb Higginbotham, b. 22 Feb. 1844, d. 30 June 1867.

+1271. Samuel Riley Higginbotham, b. 22 April 1847, m. Mary Alma Martin, 12 Sept. 1883, d. 17 Oct. 1927.


Cleaton Higginbotham (490) died in Aug. 1822. He married Mary McKneely, daughter of Henry McKneely and Jane McCants, on 17 April 1820 in St. Francisville, La. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

1272. Thomas Francis Henry Higginbotham


Amy Higginbotham (492) married Isaac McD. Reily. He died in Jan. 1851. (R-521)

Children - Reily

1273. Martha N. Reily, m. Benjamin Fauver.

1274. Joseph C. Reily

1275. Catherine N. Reily, m. Isaac T. Felps.

1276. Archibald McD. Reily



Mary ("Polly") Graves (503) was born 3 Oct. 1783 in Washington Co., GA, and died 21 June 1835 in AL. She married William Edmond (or Edmund) Alexander, called Edmond, in 1801 in GA. He was born in 1768 in VA, and died 27 Dec. 1840 in Manack Station, Lowndes Co., AL.

According to R-270, Edmund Alexander was descended from Lord Stirling, William Edmund Alexander, who was born in 1726 in New York City, died in 1783, and was a Brigadier General in the Continental Army. He was descended from Sir William Edmund Alexander, the Earl of Stirling, who was born in 1567 and died in 1640. He was a Scottish poet, and was tutor to the Earl of Argyle, Prince Henry Frederick, and Prince Charles who later became King Charles I of England. He received a grant of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1621. He was Secretary of State for Scotland from 1626 until his death in 1640. He is the author of "Monarchicke Tradgedies," "Paracnesis to the Prince" (a poem written in 1604), and "Doomesday," a sacred epic. (R-244, R-268, R-270)

Children - Alexander

+1277. Sarah Elizabeth Alexander, b. 1806, m. Absolom Doster, d. 1893.

+1278. Peyton Smith Graves Alexander, b. 1812, m. Mary Preer Minter, 13 Dec. 1836, d. 1876.

+1279. William Edmund Alexander, Jr., m. Emily Young.

1280. Charles Alexander

+1281. Martha Susan Alexander, b. 1 May 1817, m. John Asa Whetstone, 20 Dec. 1832, d. 17 Oct. 1865.

1282. Matilda Alexander, m. Thomas B. Youngblood.

1283. Ethelbert Alexander

1284. Mary Adeline Alexander, m. Daniel Lake.

1285. Asbury G. Alexander


William Graves (506) was born 27 Dec. 1788 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga., died 11 Nov. 1854 in Lowndes Co., Ala., and was buried in Oakview Cem., Lowndes Co. He first married Mary ("Polly") Young on 15 (or 16) Dec. 1808 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. She died 19 Aug. 1821 in Lowndes Co., Ala. He secondly married Mary B. Durham on 17 Sept. 1823 in Lowndes Co. She was born 11 June 1800 in Clarke Co., Ga., died 16 Nov. 1850 in Lowndes Co., Ala., and was buried in Oakview Cem., Lowndes Co. William's first 4 children were born in Ga., and the others in Ala., at least the last 4 in Lowndes Co. (R-100, R-165)

Children - Graves, by Mary Young

+1286. Louisa Graves, b. 29 Nov. 1809, m. Joseph C. Mason, 5 May 1825, d. Nov. 1826.

+1287. Ann S. Graves, b. 4 May 1811, m. Thomas J. Varner, 21 July 1832, d. 6 July 1844.

+1288. Young William Graves, b. 9 April 1813, m(1) Mary C. Youngblood, 14 Dec. 1831, m(2) Sarah Ann (Graves) Clark, 12 Oct. 1839, m(3) Nancy A. Fisher, 7 May 1844, d. 1871.

+1289. Giles Nance Graves, b. 25 Feb. 1815, m(1) Martha Anna Brinson, 4 Jan. 1835, m(2) Margaret J. Burton, 4 Jan. 1860, d. 23 Dec. 1866.

+1290. Mary Ann Graves, b. 17 Aug. 1821, m. John R. Rogers, 5 Nov. 1841, d. 1858.

Children - Graves, by Mary B. Durham

1291. Martha E. Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1824, d. 28 Nov. 1825.

+1292. Sarah J. Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1825, m. Henry Hill Whetstone, 15 Dec. 1842, d. 1878.

+1293. Peyton Smith Graves, b. 25 Feb. 1827, m. Sarah Mildred McGehee, 1 Dec. 1852, d. 26 June 1892.

1294. Caroline C. Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1829, m. Andrew J. Caffey (or Coffey?), 9 (or 6) Dec. 1849.

1295. Jeremiah S. Graves, b. 18 Sept. 1830, d. 4 Sept. 1840.

1296. Charles J. Graves, b. 14 Sept. 1832, d. 7 July 1833.


David Graves (508) was born 7 May 1792 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died 10 April (or September) 1836 in Lowndes Co., AL. He married Mary ("Polly") Russell, daughter of Robert Russell II and Jane Jefferson Rutherford, on 31 March 1812 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. She was probably born in the early 1790's. He served in the War of 1812.

After David died, Mary married Abner McGehee on 20 March 1842 in Lowndes Co., AL. He was born in 1779 in Prince Edward Co., VA, and died in 1855 in McGehee's Switch, Montgomery Co., AL.

Alabama Records, Lowndes County, Alabama, Vol. 214, compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones Ganrud, Nov. 1964, p. 190: "Petition to sell the land of the Estate of David Graves dec'd. The widow of the decedent has received her dower. James Hinkle in right of his wife Martha, formerly Martha Graves. Sarah Ann Clark, formerly Sarah Ann Graves. Robert R. Graves, all of age. Susan J. Graves, Peyton T. Graves, Mary C. Graves and Dorothy L. Graves, last four all minors." (R-100, R-165, R-252)

Children - Graves

+1297. Martha Frances Graves, b. 19 May 1813, m. James Hinkle, 4 Jan. 1832.

+1298. Robert Russell Graves, b. 1814, m. Esther Gertrude Hinkle, 17 Sept. 1839.

1299. William R. Graves, b. 1 Dec. 1818, d. 21 July 1832.

+1300. Sarah Ann Graves, b.c 1812, m(1) George Clark, 29 May 1835, m(2) Young William Graves (#1288), 12 Oct. 1839.

1301. Susan Jane Graves, m. Thomas J. Judge, 17 Jan. 1833.

+1302. Peyton Talley Graves, m. Meleora Ann Andrews, 30 Sept. 1841.

1303. Mary Carrie Graves, possibly m. William Falcon.

1304. Dorothy Louisa Graves, b. 3 Nov. 1820 (or 1829), d. Oct. 1854.

1305. David A. (or M.) Graves, b. 1828, d. 1832.

1306. Charles E. Graves, b. 27 April 1831, d. 28 July 1834.

1307. Nancy Elizabeth Graves, died in infancy.

1308. Thomas Graves, died in infancy.


Peyton Smith Graves (511) was born 3 March 1799 in Lexington, Oglethorpe Co., GA, probably died in Texas, and was buried in Texas (or AL or LA). He first married Aurelia or Aurelay G. Bruce in 1827 in Wilkinson Co., MS. She died in 1829. He may have married second ------ Patterson in Baltimore, MD, but no record of this has been found. He married third (or second) ------ Brantley, daughter of Harris Brantley. He has not been found in the 1850 census for AL, LA, MS or TX, but he is in the 1860 census for Palestine, Anderson Co., TX. In this census, his initials are reversed as S. P., but it is definitely him, and his wife was born in MD. Perhaps she had first married a Patterson and was a widow when she married Peyton.

Peyton was one of the first Methodist Protestant ministers in the state of Alabama. (R-265)

Children - Graves, by ------ Brantley

1309. Harris Brantley Graves, b.c. 1831.

+1310. Charles W. Graves, b.c. 1835, m. Anne Alabama Graves, 5 March 1860, d. 20 Aug. 1874.

1311. Peyton Smith Graves, b.c. 1839.

+1312. Georgia Arlene Graves, b. 9 March 1845, m. Edward D. Hastings, 3 Oct. 1863.


Martha S. (or F.) Graves (514) was born 1 (or 12) Sept. 1805 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died in Lowndesboro, AL. She married Stephen Shelton on 17 May 1822. He was born in 1797. (R-268)

Children - Shelton

+1313. Sarah Virginia Shelton, b. 7 March 1827, m. William Walker, 19 May 1844, d. 20 Sept. 1874.



Jane Graves (515) was born in 1790 in VA, and died in 1855. She married Thomas Brome (or Broome) Jefferson, first cousin of President Thomas Jefferson, on 19 Jan. 1807 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He was born in 1787 in VA, died in 1862, and was buried in Missouri (or in Trigg Co., KY).

Since their son, John, is identified with his wife's family's long attachment to and residence in Campbell Co. (VA? or TN?), they probably lived around there. They seem to have been in Patrick Co., VA in 1830, and in Trigg Co., KY in 1850. They settled in MO, probably Montgomery Co. (R-186, R-188)

Children - Jefferson

1314. Peyton Graves Jefferson, b. 28 Nov. 1807, m. Nancy Pilson, 15 Jan. 1831, d. 5 July 1857.

1315. John Pinkard Jefferson, b. 8 July 1810, m. Sarah Frances Steptoe Brown. She was dau. of James Calloway Brown and Katherine Leftwich.

1316. James Harrison Jefferson, b. 4 Jan. 1812 (VA), m. Elizabeth Pilson, 17 Feb. 1831 (Patrick Co., VA), d. 10 April 1880. She was dau. of Richard Pilson and Rachel Harbour.

1317. Thomas Franklin Jefferson, b. 12 Sept. 1813, d. 8 Aug. 1815.

1318. Celena (or Celine) Ann Jefferson, b. 24 June 1815, m. Edmund Pendleton Malone, d. 8 April 1886 (Trigg Co., KY). He was b. 1807, d. 1894.

1319. Charlotte Jefferson, b. 26 Oct. 1817, d. 1819. Bur. Patrick Co., VA.

1320. William Starne Jefferson, b. 6 Aug. 1819, d. 1829 (Patrick Co., VA).

1321. Elizabeth Jane Jefferson, b. June 1821, m. Robert O. Malone, 7 June 1856, d. Trigg Co., KY. He was b. 1828, d. 1892.

1322. Frances Robertson Jefferson, b. 7 May 1823, m(1) Washington S. Noel, m(2) ------ Wyatt, d. Trigg Co., KY. He was b. 1819.

1323. Thomas Jett Jefferson, b. 30 Jan. 1829.


John Graves (516) was born in July 1794 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and died in July 1844. He married Mildred Hicks George on 9 May 1817 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. She was born 13 Aug. 1797 (or July 1796) in Pittsylvania Co., and died after 1850. They moved from Patrick Co., VA to Montgomery Co., MO in Dec. 1842. (According to another version, they lived in Patrick Co. until 1834, then moved to Pittsylvania Co., and were in MO by Oct. 10, 1840.) All their children except the last were born in Virginia. (R-179, R-186, R-515)

Children - Graves

1324. Pinkard Graves, died in infancy.

1325. Eliza (or Elizabeth) Charlotte Graves, b. 1823, d. 1893.

1326. Martha Jane Graves, d. at her grandfather's.

1327. Elias Hugh Graves, lost at sea in the Civil War.

1328. John Pinkard Graves, b. 1825, married, d. 1876. Had children, but they all died.

1329. Peyton Starn Graves, married, d. 1868. Had 2 daughters.

+1330. Mildred America Vashti Graves, b. 1832, m. ------ Steele.

1331. Esther Graves, b. 1836.

1332. Hadassah Ann Graves, b. 20 March 1837.

+1333. William Daniel Graves, b. 1838, married, d. 1872.

+1334. Witcher McHaney Graves, married.

+1335. James Madison Graves, b. 1842, married.


William Graves (517) was born about 1795. He married Lucy Berger, sister of Mildred Berger who married William's brother Washington, and daughter of Jacob Berger, on 12 (or 14) May 1818 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. She was born about 1797. He was a Justice of the Peace in Virginia. They moved to Montgomery Co., Mo. about 10 Nov. 1837. He died there 28 July 1841. (R-179, R-186, R-515)

Children - Graves

1336. Jacob Graves, died young.

1337. Dr.) Peyton Graves; a physician. Moved to Ark.

1338. David S. Graves, b. 1820, m. Lucy Dickenson. She was b. 1828, d. 1861. He was a lawyer.

1339. William James Graves, m. a Spanish lady, d.c. 1886. Served in the Mexican War. Located as a lawyer in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

+1340. Catherine Nowlin Graves, b. 1 July 1825, m. John Henry Palmer, 31 Aug. 1841.


William Washington Graves (518), called Washington, was born about 1805 or 1806 in Pittsylvania Co., Va., and died in 1875 in Montgomery Co., Mo. He married Mildred Berger on 14 (or 31) Jan. 1833 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. She was a sister of Lucy who married Washington's brother William. She was born in 1809 in Va., and died in 1849 in Montgomery Co., Mo. They moved to Montgomery Co. about 1840, where he lived until his death. (R-54, R-515)

Children - Graves

1341. Daniel Berger Graves, b. 1833.

1342. Martha Ann Graves, b. 1835, d. in Virginia.

+1343. David William Graves, b. 28 Feb. 1837, m. Julia Ann Crockett, 18 March 1863, d. 26 Dec. 1918.

+1344. Lucy Catherine Graves, b. 1839, m. Samuel Sherod Nowlin.

1345. Elizabeth Jane Graves, b. 1843, d. in Missouri.

+1346. James Francis Graves, b. 1849, m. Fannie Jefferson, d. 1905.


Anna (or Ann) Graves (519) was born in 1800 in VA. She married Elisha Greer on 23 April 1818 in Pittsylvania Co., VA (or 16 March 1818 in Bedford Co., VA). He was born in 1792 in VA. (R-186)

Children - Greer

1347. Charlotte Greer, b. 1821.

1348. Frances Greer, b. 1823.

1349. Francis Greer, b. 1830, never married, d. 1856.

1350. Thomas Greer, b. 1833.

1351. Pinckard Greer, b. 1835.

1352. John Greer, b. 1837.

+1353. Lucy Greer, b. 1838.


James Graves (520) was born about 1801, and died 23 Sept. 1859 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He married Denny (or Dinny) Witcher, daughter of John Witcher and Susan ------, on 16 (or 21) May 1818 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. She was born about 1801. The wills of James Graves, dated 11 Sept. 1839, proved 17 Oct. 1859 (Pittsylvania Co., Va., W.B. 2, p. 313), and of his wife Denny, dated 7 Aug. 1867, proved 9 Oct. 1874 (W.B. 3, p. 121), mention children Susan, Francis, and James. John Card Graves also mentions James, and also Lafayette (same as Francis), Thomas (could have been James T. A.), and America. The Bible of James and Denny only mentions the two sons listed below.

The names given by John Card Graves are probably from family records, and thus perhaps the ones that were used by the family, whereas the ones appearing in legal documents would tend to be more formal names. Therefore, there may not really be any disagreement between the two sets of names. (R-186, R-513, R-515)

Children - Graves

1354. Susan C. America Graves, m(1) ------ Clements, m(2) ------ Edwards.

+1355. Francis Lafayette Washington Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1830, m. Hoppie Ann Patricia Saunders, 3 Aug. 1854.

1356. James T. A. Graves, b. 23 March 1833, m. Charlotte Graves (#1365).


Peyton Graves (521) was born about 1804 and died 9 July 1836 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He married Nancy B. Hurt on 5 April (or 20 May) 1824 in Bedford Co., VA. She was born 13 Dec. 1807 in the southern part of Bedford Co. (R-179, R-186)

Children - Graves

+1357. Dollie Ann Graves, b. 1825, m. Harden Perkins Edwards, Dec. 1841, d. 1917.

1358. Lucy Graves, b. 1831, m. William Ellis.

+1359. William Fountain Graves, b. 26 Sept. 1832, m. Mary J. Johnson, 1856, d. 1923.

1360. John P. Graves, b. 1835. Lived in Roanoke City, Va.


Francis Graves (522) was born in Oct. 1808 and died after 1871. He married Elvira A. Edwards on 19 Nov. 1838 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. She was born in 1822. (R-186, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1361. Elizabeth ("Bettie") Graves, b. 1839, m. William Towler. Lived in Topeka, KS.

+1362. Charlotte Graves, b. 1840, m. Thomas Graves (#1356).

1363. Mary Graves, b. 1842, never married, d. 1846.

1364. Elvira Graves, b. 1844.

1365. William Daniel Graves, b. 1846, m. Hettie Johnson.

1366. Frances ("Fannie") Graves, b. 1848, m. James L. Witcher, d. 1936. He was b. 1839, d. 1916.

1367. Thomas James Graves, b. 1849, m(1) Katie Ann Saunders, m(2) Sallie Dyer.

1368. Gillie E. Graves, b. 1851, never married, d. 1866.

1369. Louisa Graves, b. 1853, m. Cole Ramsey.

1370. Rowena Graves, b. 6 Sept. 1855, m. Hardin Hairston Edwards, d. 7 July 1934. See #2767 for descendants.

1371. Francis ("Frank") Graves, b. 1857, m. May Ordineal. Lived near Menlo, PA. 4 children.

1372. Maude Graves, b. 1859.

1373. L. Catherine Graves, b. 1861, d. 1863.


Thomas Graves (523) was born in 1811 and died in 1871. He married Joanna Witcher, daughter of John and Susan Witcher, on 12 Aug. 1828 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. She was born in 1809, died 19 July 1862 in Pittsylvania Co., and was buried in Pittsylvania Co. They moved to Arizona. (R-186)

Children - Graves

1374. Thomas C. Graves



Major John Graves (529) was born 28 Oct. 1760 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1828. His will was proved 26 June 1828 in Madison Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Eddins, daughter of Joseph Eddins, Jr. and Sarah Blakey, on 23 Dec. 1788 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co., VA. Their first 3 children were born in Culpeper Co., VA, and the others in Madison Co., VA. (R-103, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1375. William Simeon Graves, m. Maria S. (or L) Yancey, 28 Aug. 1813, d. 1829.

1376. St. Clair Graves, b. 7 April 1793, never married. Will proved July 1877. Bur. Madison Co., Va.

+1377. Jane Graves, b. 1794, m. Adam Wilhoit, 10 Sept. 1815, d. April 1875.

+1378. Paschal Graves, b. 26 June 1796, m(1) Mary Beidler, 22 March 1819, m(2) Elizabeth W. Graves, 25 Aug. 1830, d. 28 Aug. 1860.

1379. Sarah Graves, m. (Col.) William P. Dulaney, 28 Sept. 1809. He married someone else as his second wife.

+1380. Abraham Graves, m. Rebecca Biedler, 27 Oct. 1825, d. 28 Sept. 1839.

1381. Ann (or Anna) Graves, m(1) Robert Beasley, 15 Nov. 1813 (Madison Co., Va.), m(2) James P. Sims (or Simms), 23 Sept. 1822.

+1382. Judith Graves, b.c. 1798, m. John W. Snyder, 28 Oct. 1816, d. 11 April 1869.


Thomas Graves, Jr. (530) was born 4 Sept. 1762 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died in 1833 (John Card Graves said about 1828). His will was proved 1 March 1833 in Madison Co., Va. He married Mourning Burruss, daughter of Thomas Burruss and Frances Tandy, on 5 Feb. 1791 in Orange Co., Va. He served in the War of 1812 and lost a leg. His residence was on the Rapidan River in Madison Co., Va. His wife and at least one daughter were buried on the family lot of his father at Wolftown, Madison Co. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1383. Frances Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1792, m. Reuben C. Sims (or Simms), 22 Oct. 1812 (Madison Co., Va.).

1384. Martha Graves, b. 2 March 1793, m. William (or Willis D.) Garth, 18 Dec. 1813 (Madison Co., Va.).

1385. Sarah Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1794, m. William Early, 22 Oct. 1812 (Madison Co., Va.).

1386. Ann Graves, b. 17 April 1797, died young.

1387. Catherine Burruss Graves, b. 3 March 1800, m. Joel Garnett, 3 Oct. 1823 (Madison Co., Va.). He was a son of Edmund and Sarah Garnett, b. 21 June 1788, d. 28 April 1858, Saline Co., Mo., where they had moved from Boone Co., Ky.

1388. Mary Louise Graves, b. 31 (or 30) Dec. 1801, m. John Vivion Webb, 19 Sept. 1820 (Madison Co., Va.), d. 18 May 1865. He was born 18 May 1797 and died 25 March 1855. They moved from Orange Co., Va., where their farm adjoined that of President James Madison, to Lafayette Co., Mo.

+1389. Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1805, m. Brightberry Garth, 9 Dec. 1824, d. before 1833.

1390. Edmund Thomas Graves


Joel Graves (532) was born 4 March 1766 in Culpeper Co., Va. He married Sarah Graves (#553), his first cousin, daughter of Isaac Graves and Elizabeth Cowherd, on 20 Dec. 1794 in Orange Co., Va. She was born 5 July 1773. She was disinherited on account of the marriage. They lived in Madison Co., Va. He may have secondly married Elizabeth Cowherd, who died before 15 April 1818. (R-179, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1391. James Thornton Graves, m. ------ Strall (maybe this is Strole?). Had children.

1392. Elizabeth Graves, m. Bennett Pravins.

1393. Hardin Graves, m. Mrs. ------ Wharton. No children.

+1394. Drusilla C. Graves, b. 11 Dec. 1798, m. John Strole, 4 Oct. 1819, d. 31 May 1882.

1395. Cynthia Graves, m. Humphrey Utz, 12 Aug. 1829 (Madison Co., Va.).

1396. Ann Graves, m. William Hammer.

1397. Susan Graves, m. Gustavus Blankenbaker.

1398. Frances ("Fanny") Graves, never married.

1399. Eliza Graves, m. Owen Thomas, 24 July 1818 (Madison Co., Va.).

1400. Jane Graves, m. Lawrence Pope, 27 Dec. 1827 (Madison Co., Va.). (John Card Graves said she married Lewis Crap, and moved west.)

1401. Joel S. (or A.) Graves, moved west.

1402. Sarah Graves, m. Lindsay (or Lindsey) Daniel, 3 April 1822 (Madison Co., Va.).


Benjamin Graves (533) was born 24 Jan. 1767 in Culpeper Co., Va. He married Elizabeth Collins, daughter of William Collins, on 10 Sept. 1796 in Orange Co., Va. In addition to the following children, there were probably others. They lived in Madison Co., Va. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1403. Alexander Graves, never married.

+1404. Lucinda Graves, b. 9 May 1798, m. Charles Lewis Yancey, 14 Oct. 1820, d. 5 Oct. 1879.

1405. Ann Graves, m. Richard P. Kinzie, 27 Jan. 1820 (Madison Co., Va.).


Elijah Graves (536) was born 3 Sept. 1773 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died in 1800. He married Sarah ("Sally") Gaines, daughter of Edmund Gaines, on 1 March 1797 in Madison Co., Va. After Elijah died, she married Abraham Lewis on 10 July 1806. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1406. Thomas W. (or S.) Graves, b. 1811, m. Mildred Thrift, 5 April 1825, d. 1888.

1407. Edward Graves


Asa Walker Graves (539) was born 25 Jan. 1780 (or 1781) in Culpeper Co., Va. (in what is now Wolftown, Madison Co., Va.), and died 17 Feb. 1840 in Wolftown, Va. He married Sarah ("Sally") Kirtley, daughter of Francis R. Kirtley of Madison Co., on 3 (or 7) March 1815 in Madison Co., Va. She was born 22 Feb. 1788, and died 9 March 1868 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va. They were both members of the Rapidan Baptist Church. He was a man of great force of character.

He owned more than 2600 acres in the Graves Mill section of Madison Co., Va., and was considered one of the aristocrats. He owned several large brandy and whiskey distilleries. Mint julep was his favorite drink. His guests were awakened with a glass of old cream toddy served by slaves. His house is still standing in Wolftown. All their children were born in Wolftown. (R-103, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1408. Thomas Sidnor Graves, b. 5 May 1816, m. Ann Moore, d. 24 Oct. 1883.

+1409. Sarah Ann Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1817, m. George Mason Reed Bohannon, 30 Nov. 1837, d. 21 Nov. 1847.

1410. Susan Marion Graves, b. 4 March 1819, m. George Washington Reedy.

+1411. Asa Wesley Graves, b. 3 Feb. 1821, m. Lucy M. Booton, 20 June 1854.

1412. Mary Jane Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1823, m. Manuel Strickler, 9 Sept. 1843.

+1413. Francis Edward Graves, b. 27 March 1825, m. Mary Peach Hamilton, 8 Dec. 1858.

1414. Amanda Thompson Graves, b. 5 March 1828, m(1) James Albert Lindsay, m(2) Alfred H. Carpenter.

1415. Cremora Jane Graves, b. 28 April 1830, m. Robert Andrew Jackson, 16 Nov. 1851, d. 28 Feb. 1830. Bur. Arlington, Va.


Jane Graves (540) was born 1 Dec. 1783 in Culpeper Co., VA. She married Edwin Cuddin Davis, called Cuddin (or Cuddon), son of Joseph Davis and Mary ------, on 30 Jan. 1811. He was born 30 Jan. 17-- in Greene Co., VA, died about 23 Oct. 1854 in Greene Co., and was buried in Stanardsville, VA. (R-187)

Children - Davis

1416. Edwin Cuddin Davis, Jr., never married.

+1417. Benjamin Franlin Davis, b. 3 Dec. 1821, m. Susan Anne Carden, 17 March 1853, d. 1910.

1418. William G. Davis, m. Mary C. Davis (#2861, his niece).



William Graves (542) was born 10 June 1763 (or 1762) in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died childless on 7 (or 17) Aug. 1807 (or 1808) in Boone Co., Ky. He married Peggy White on 9 Feb. 1804 in Orange Co., Va. She was a daughter of John and Polly White, and sister of Felicia who married William's brother, Rev. Absolom Graves. After his death, his widow secondly married William Bates. She died 25 Aug. 1845. They had no children.


John Graves (544) was born 19 Jan. 1767 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 13 Aug. 1824 at his home in Woodford Co., Ky. He first married Hannah Cave, daughter of Rev. Richard Cave (a Baptist clergyman of Woodford Co.) and Elizabeth Craig, on 1 Aug. 1790 in Woodford Co., Ky. Rev. John Taylor, in his "History of Ten Churches", speaks of her "great personal beauty, a close student of the Bible, a good singer, deeply pious and one of the most provident of wives." She died in 1819. He secondly married Elizabeth Eve, widow of his brother Stephen, in 1820. She died in 1824, a few weeks before her husband's death. (R-5, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Hannah Cave

+1419. Absalom Graves, b. 13 Sept. 1791, m. Elizabeth Graves, 5 March 1816, d. 6 Nov. 1866.

1420. William Hawkins Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1795 (or 1794), never married, d.c. 1817 (while on a visit to his brother Absolom).

1421. Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. 23 Dec. 1796, m. Sydnor Dale Hanks, 19 Sept. 1816, d. 28 Nov. 1886 (Greensburg, Ind.). He was born 29 Dec. 1793 in Woodford Co., Ky.

+1422. Reuben Graves, b. 18 Oct. 1799, m. Elizabeth C. Cox, 27 May 1822, d. 27 May 1842.

+1423. Richard Cave Graves, b. 19 May 1803, m(1) Lucy Mitchum, 10 Oct. 1824, m(2) Helen (Dillon) Scott, Sept. 1851, d. 16 Dec. 1895.

1424. Benjamin Taylor Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1805, m. Lucinda Scearce, c. 1840, d.c. 1842.

+1425. Joseph Craig Graves, b. 30 March 1808, m. Ann Q. Kirtley, 23 Dec. 1828, d. 16 Aug. 1878.

1426. Elizabeth H. Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1811.


Absalom (or Absolom) Graves (545) was born 28 Nov. 1768 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 17 Aug. 1826. He married Felicia White, daughter of John White and Polly ------, on 18 Dec. 1789 in Orange Co., Va. She was born 20 Nov. 1771, and died 19 Feb. 1851 at their home in Boone Co., Ky. She is said to have led a very devout and charitable life. They moved from Virginia to Kentucky with the rest of his parents' family. He was prominent in civil life before 1810, when he was ordained a minister in the Baptist Church. He became distinguished throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

The following is extracted from a sketch of this remarkable man (as quoted by John Card Graves), "written by Rev. A. C. Graves of Lebanon, Ky., who had studied and become perfectly familiar with his character." "In early life, there was about Absolom Graves a manliness and fascination which won the respect of all classes and foreshadowed the patriarchal position he was to occupy in the world. He was studious, devoting his leisure hours to self-improvement, and became the best educated young man in his community. His fitness for civil responsibilities was soon recognized and he was made Clerk of the Quarter Sessions in 1779, the year after Boone Co., Ky. was formed. He held that position until 1805, when the Circuit Court was formed and he was made clerk, which office he held until just before his death in 1826. He was ordained to the Christian ministry in 1812, and was Pastor of the Bullittsburg Baptist Church for many years, and the author of the hymn book entitled "Graves Hymns". He was known as an exemplary man and his life was a blessing to the world."

Speaking of him, Rev. John Taylor says, "Perhaps the Gospel of the Saviour never came better recommended by human character." It was said of him by one who knew him well, "He was a model for any man. He was the most upright, perfect man I have ever known in my life." He was a prosperous man and accumulated a comfortable property. He erected the first two-story brick house built in Boone Co., Ky., which, somewhat remodeled, was still standing back from the bluffs which overlook the Ohio River opposite the mouth of the Miami River which divides Ohio and Indiana around 1900. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+1427. Willis Graves, b. 12 Oct. 1790, m(1) Kitty Johnson, m(2) Sophia Conn, d. 11 Nov. 1834.

1428. Polly Graves, b. 22 March 1792 (Madison Co., Va.), m. Jeremiah Cave (of Woodford Co., Ky., son of Rev. Richard Cave and Elizabeth Craig), 1808, d. 28 June 1867 (Boone Co., Ky.). He was born 17 April 1780 and died 17 Feb. 1825.

1429. Nancy Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1793 (Madison Co., Va.), m(1) Richard Cave (son of Rev. Richard Cave and Elizabeth Craig), 1810, m(2) Robert Willis. Richard Cave was born 1790, and died 20 July 1818 in Boone Co., Ky. Robert Willis was born 7 April 1784 and died 23 June 1844.

1430. Elizabeth Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1799, m. Absolom Graves, 5 March 1816, d. 12 Nov. 1858. For descendants, see #1419.


Anne (or Ann) Graves (546) was born 15 Jan. 1771 in VA, and died 15 May 1840 in Boone Co., KY. She married Rev. Daniel James, son of Joseph James and Mary Field, on 2 June 1789 in Culpeper Co., VA. He was born 9 Jan. 1764 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died 28 April 1845 in Boone Co., KY. They lived in Madison Co., VA, and later in Boone Co., KY. He was a Baptist clergyman. (R-242)

Children - James

1431. Mary James, b. March 1790, m. ------ Garnett, d. Dec. 1823.

1432. Sarah James, b. June 1792, m. ------ Beckun or Bickum, d. 29 Oct. 1868 (VA).

1433. Henry F. James, b. July 1795, m. Frances Garnett, d. 10 March 1797.

1434. John Graves James, b. 1797, m. Anna Skinner, d. 1874.

1435. Henry F. James, b. 1799.

1436. Maria James, b. Oct. 1800, m. ------ Hickenson, d. 23 Aug. 1864.

1437. Ann James, b. Aug. 1802, m. Robert Powell, 20 Dec. 1821, d. 16 May 1887 (St. Mary's, Hancock Co., IL).

1438. Thomas James, b. April 1804, d. 5 Sept. 1833.

1439. Daniel James, b. Sept. 1806, d. 14 July 1814.

1440. Joseph James, b. Jan. 1811, d. 11 July 1829.

1441. Elizabeth James, b. Jan. 1813, m. ------ Jones.


Joseph Graves (547) was born 20 (or 2) June 1773 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 22 April 1836 in Boone Co., Ky. He married Malinda Watts, daughter of Johnson Watts and Susan Davis of Boone Co., Ky., on 4 May 1812. They lived in Boone Co., where she died 11 Oct. 1860. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+1442. Johnson Watts Graves, b. 26 Feb. 1813, m. Lucretia Souther, 28 Feb. 1833.

1443. Maria W. Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1814, m. John Leathers Graves, 4 Feb. 1836, d. 27 Dec. 1854. See #1963 for descendants.

1444. Owen Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1823, d. 18 Jan. 1823.


James Graves (548) was born 1 March 1776 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 12 July 1835. He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797. He married Mary Walker, daughter of Henry Walker of Woodford Co., Ky., in 1797. She was born 2 March 1782 and died 4 April 1830. Their home was near Burlington, Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+1445. Walker Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1806, m. Eliza Cave, 1828, d. 6 Oct. 1837.

1446. Sarah Graves, b. 12 June 1809, d. 17 June 1827.

1447. Richard Graves, b. 6 Dec. 1810, d. 15 June 1835.

1448. James Graves, b. 13 July 1812.

1449. John Henry Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1813, d. 5 May 1838.

1450. Henrietta Graves, b. 1 Oct. 1815, d. 11 Jan. 1832.

+1451. Franklin Graves, b. 17 Nov. 1817, m. Malvina W. Cave, 5 Jan. 1844.

+1452. Stephen Graves, b. 18 July 1819, m. Elizabeth Shropshire, 6 June 1853, d. 17 May 1863.

+1453. William Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1821, m. Kate Maddox, 5 April 1865, d. 24 Aug. 1880.

+1454. Milton Graves, b. 10 May 1825, married.


Edward (or Coward or Cowherd) Graves (549) was born 10 Oct. (or 20 June) 1778 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 11 Sept. 1852. He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797. He married Nancy Willis, daughter of John Willis, on 17 Sept. 1801 in Culpeper Co., Va. Edward owned a large and well improved farm near Bullittsville, Ky. He was a prominent and public spirited citizen, and was held in high esteem throughout the county in which he held the office of Coroner for many years. His apt and quaint sayings often became proverbs, many of which are still quoted. His widow was born 1786 and died 31 Jan. 1861. (R-515)

Children - Graves

1455. Polly Graves, b. 30 March 1803, d. 8 Feb. 1805.

1456. Eliza Graves, b. 5 Dec. 1804, m. John Terrill (of Boone Co., Ky.), 13 March 1823, d. 30 Sept. 1823.

1457. Hannah Graves, b. 4 Dec. 1807, m. (Rev.) William Whitaker, 15 Dec. 1825, d. 8 Sept. 1829. He was born 25 March 1793 in Scott Co., Ky. He was pastor of the Sand Run Church in Boone Co. for 40 years. He married again, and died 2 Aug. 1872.

+1458. John Willis Graves, b. 8 April 1809, m. Louisa Cave, 16 May 1832, d. 24 Feb. 1849.

1459. Sarah Graves, b. 16 April 1811, m. Owen Kirtley (son of Jeremiah Kirtley and Sally Johnson), 17 May 1832, d. 4 Feb. 1874. He died 22 June 1895 on the farm where he was born, and had lived for 88 years at North Bend, Ky.

1460. Ann Graves, b. 7 March 1813, d. 31 Jan. 1828.

1461. Emily Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1815, d. 25 Jan. 1829.

+1462. Jeremiah Graves, b. 14 Jan. 1818, m. Marietta Francis Willis, 27 Jan. 1847, d. 27 May 1896.


Stephen Graves (550) was born 17 (or 19) June 1781 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 11 Sept. 1818 in Scott Co., Ky. He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797. He married Elizabeth Eve, daughter of Rev. George Eve (of Scott Co.) and Elizabeth Johnson. Elizabeth (Johnson) Eve was aunt of Richard M. Johnson "who killed Tecumseh" and was afterwards Vice President of the United States. Her father, William Johnson, married a sister of Rev. Richard Cave of Woodford Co., Ky., whose daughter Hannah became the wife of John Graves, brother of Stephen. Stephen lived in Scott Co., Ky. His widow secondly married his brother John Graves in 1822. She died in 1824. (R-515)

Children - Graves

1463. Polly Graves, died young.

1464. Harriet Graves; went to Knox Co. with her uncle, Gill Eve, and died there unmarried.

1465. Elizabeth Graves, d. at about age 12.

1466. Milton Graves, d. in infancy.


Jeremiah Graves (551) was born 10 April 1784 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 2 Nov. 1849. He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797. He married Elizabeth Kelly, daughter of William Kelly and Nancy ------ of Scott Co., Ky., on 23 Dec. (or Nov.) 1806. They lived in Boone Co., where Elizabeth died 2 May 1828. They had no children. (R-515)


J. Reuben Graves (552) was born 18 May 1786 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 24 July 1872 in St. Marys, Ill. He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797.

He first married Elizabeth Willis of Boone Co., daughter of William Willis and Elizabeth Garnett, on 7 Jan. 1808 in Boone Co. She was born 13 Aug. 1788, and died 29 Aug. 1840 in St. Marys, Ill. Reuben was an enterprising businessman and was held in the highest repute for his moral worth and public spirit. In 1836 he moved to Hancock Co., Ill, purchased a large tract of land and founded the town of St. Marys. At a later date he founded the town of Colmar, two miles away on the C.B.&Q. Railroad.

Reuben secondly married Lucinda Geohagen between 1840 and 1850. She was born about 1820 and died 12 June 1886 in St. Marys, Ill. All Reuben's children by his first marriage were born in Boone Co., Ky., and by his second marriage in St. Marys, Ill. (R-13, R-161, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Willis

+1467. William Willis Graves, b. 18 May 1810, m. Ann Graves Garnett, 11 Sept. 1836, d. 1897.

+1468. Benjamin Garnett Graves, b. 27 May 1812, m. Sarah Frances Ingraham, 27 Dec. 1834, d. 1 Sept. 1846.

+1469. Joseph Addison Graves, b. 23 Feb. 1815, m. Cornelia Graves, 8 Oct. 1833, d. 18 June 1868.

1470. Ann Eliza Graves, b. 16 Oct. 1817, m. Joel Graves Garnett, 9 Oct. 1833, d. 14 Aug. 1890 (St. Marys, Ill.). Joel was a grandson of Sarah Graves, sister of Ann's father.

+1471. John James Graves, b. 18 Oct. 1819, m(1) Mary Jane Johnson, 1 July 1841, m(2) Orilla Landon Berry, 15 Sept. 1855, d. 30 Jan. 1910.

1472. Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 18 Dec. 1822, d. 23 July 1823 (Boone Co., Ky.).

+1473. Edward Dicken Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1825, m. Martha Ann Garnett, 19 Sept. 1847, d. 11 Nov. 1879.

+1474. Mary E. Graves, b. 16 April 1827, m. William Daniel Powell, 18 April 1844, d. 3 March 1877.

+1475. Isaac Newton Graves, b. 8 Aug. 1830, m. Cornelia Annette Ingraham, d. 22 Aug. 1889.

Children - Graves, by Lucinda Geohagen

1476. Doshe Graves, b. 9 July 1850, died young.

1477. Sarah Susan Graves, b. 19 Feb. 1854, m. Taylor Scott, 18 Aug. 1870.

1478. Lutie Kate Graves, b. 15 Nov. 1856 (or 1857), m. Jasper Elias Talbot, 9 Oct. 1879, d. 1889. 2 sons and 1 dau.



Jonathan Graves (554) was born 17 Nov. 1774 in Orange Co., Va., and died 4 Aug. 1849 at his home in Orange Co. He was four years old when his father took him to the camp of Revolutionary soldiers under Gen. LaFayette, near his father's home, and he always remembered the appearance of the camp and of Gen. LaFayette, who took him by the hand and spoke to him.

He married Margaret Long in 1799. She died 4 July 1853. They lived on a portion of his father's estate which was divided between him and his brother Jacob. He built a two-story frame home there in 1800. He named his place "Pleasant View" and afterwards added six or seven hundred acres to it.

The inventory of Jonathan's estate was recorded Nov. 1, 1849. Among other items, it lists by name and value 53 slaves. The total value of the estate not including land was $21,338.17. A brief sample: "half (of a) still owned jointly with J. Graves - $5.00; eight beds and bedsteads - $240.00." (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1479. Richard Perrin Graves, b. 2 May 1823, m(1) Lucy Frances Graves, 7 May 1747, m(2) Fanny Barbour Moore, d. 26 April 1894.

1480. Frances Elizabeth H. Graves, b. 11 Sept. 1824, m. William Graves Crenshaw, 24 May 1847. For descendants, see #1523.


Claiborne Graves (555) was born 13 Dec. 1776 and died 8 Dec. 1839. He married Sarah ("Sally") Tandy, daughter of Henry Tandy and Ann Mills, about 1798. She was born 3 June (or July) 1774 in Orange Co., Va., on a place adjoining "Pleasant View", and eventually forming a part thereof, and died 9 Aug. 1857. Claiborne Graves is said to have had a remarkable memory and was possessed of great mechanical ingenuity. He invented and built a stationary threshing machine long before such machines came into general use. He had the reputation of being strictly honorable and upright in all his dealings. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1481. Charles Tandy Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1799, m(1) Ann Rogers Webb, 18 Sept. 1821, m(2) Susan A. Campbell, 29 Sept. 1836, d. 22 Oct. 1878.

+1482. Elizabeth Catherine Graves, b. 2 Jan. 1801, m. William Lindsay Brockman, 21 Feb. 1821.

1483. George Washington Graves, b. 5 Dec. 1802, d. 24 Oct. 1803.

+1484. Frances Ann Graves, b. 28 July 1804, m. Samuel Lindsay Brockman, 23 Nov. 1825.

1485. Virginia Graves, b. 3 Dec. 1806, m. John White (son of Richard White of Greene Co., Va.), 22 Nov. 1830, d. 4 July 1841.

1486. Claiborne Giles Graves, b. 31 Oct. 1809, m. Philadelphia Waller, d. 1886. No children.

+1487. Albert Gallatin Graves, b. 2 April 1813, m. Frances Harrison.

+1488. Isaac Finks Graves, b. 21 April 1815, m. Margaret Ann Stevens, 25 Nov. 1835, d. 17 Nov. 1886.


Jacob Graves (556) was born 1 Feb. 1779 and died 6 July 1854. He first married Frances ("Fanny") White, daughter of Richard White, on 20 Sept. 1800. Fanny was an aunt of Frances White, who married Lewis Holliday Graves. He secondly married Mary Walker, daughter of John Walker and Mary Merry. She was born about 1781 and died in 1866. He lived in Orange Co., Va. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was commissioned Captain in 1814 by Governor James Barbour for the performance of some duty assigned him which "was done in a martial and military manner". (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Fanny White

+1489. Jeremiah White Graves, b. 9 Aug. 1801, m(1) Catherine S. Boxley, 4 Aug. 1831, m(2) Nancy R. Hunt, 8 Dec. 1841, d. 15 April 1884.

1490. John Graves, b. 7 May 1804, m. Marian Boxley, 1 May 1829. She was a daughter of John Spiller Boxley and Mary Wills Barclay. John and Marian lived in Greene Co., Va.

1491. Isaac W. Graves, b. 6 Feb. 1803, m. Eliza C. Brockman, 14 Nov. 1831. He was a planter.

1492. Elizabeth White Graves, b. 23 July 1805, m(1) ------ Eddins, m(2) Paschal Graves, 25 Aug. 1830. See #1378 for descendants.

1493. George Graves, b. 7 March 1807. Twin of Garrett.

1494. Garrett (or Garnett) Graves, b. 7 March 1807, m. Jane F. Graves (#1515). She was a daughter of Colby Graves and Jane V. Ferguson. He was a planter.

+1495. William Graves, b. 28 May 1809, m. Eliza Ann Thompson, 28 Jan. 1833, d. 1905.

1496. Jonathan Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1811, m. Ann Glass. Moved to Missouri or Texas.

1497. Frances Ann Graves, b. 10 March 1815, m. John Henderson, Jr., 5 Nov. 1832 (Orange Co., Va.). His father was John Henderson. They moved to Missouri. She is also reported to have married Lindsay Brockman.

1498. Susan (or Susanna) Jemima Graves, b. 10 Feb. 1817, m. Lindsay E. Brockman, 4 Feb. 1839 (Orange Co., Va.). She is also reported to have married John Henderson. They lived in Missouri.

Children - Graves, by Mary Walker

1499. James Walker Graves, b. 25 June 1826, m. Sarah Jane Graves (#2979), 12 Jan. 1847, d. 1856.


Francis Graves (558) was born 22 May 1783 in Orange Co., VA (according to the Douglas Register), was christened 13 July 1783, died 4 Oct. 1858 in Bengal, Taylor Co., KY, and was buried in the Graves family cemetery. He received a good education, and moved when a young man to Green Co. (now Taylor Co.), KY. He married Drusilla (or Ann Drucilla) Cowherd, daughter of James Cowherd (pronounced Coward) and Ann ("Nancy") Drucilla Young, on 20 Nov. 1807 (or 21 Nov. 1806) in Green Co., KY. She was born 20 June (or Jan.) 1791 in Orange Co., VA, died in April 1841 in Green Co., KY, and was also buried in the Graves family cemetery. They were first cousins. He accumulated a large landed property in Green and Taylor counties, and was known as an honorable and useful citizen. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church, and a liberal supporter and promoter of schools. (R-185, R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1500. James C. Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1808, d. 16 Feb. 1821.

+1501. Isaac Claiborne Graves, b. 22 Feb. 1809, m. Mary Elizabeth Sanders, 13 May 1830, d. 4 March 1883.

1502. Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 9 (or 7) Aug. 1810, m. Robert Henry Gaines (of Green Co., Ky.), 5 May 1829, d. 4 Jan. 1863.

+1503. Leonard Henry Graves, b. 13 Oct. 1812, m. Elizabeth Garnett Ingram, 26 May 1836, d. 22 March 1885.

1504. Mary Jane Graves, b. 28 July 1814, never married, d. 18 Jan. 1863.

+1505. William Graves, b. 10 May 1816, m(1) Margaret Ann George, 2 Feb. 1841, m(2) Mary Elizabeth Lillard, 1863, d. 28 Jan. 1894.

+1506. Francis Owen Graves, b. 4 Jan. 1818, m(1) Mary Walters, 1 Jan. 1851, m(2) Anna Y. Willis, 21 Sept. 1889, d. 5 Dec. 1893.

1507. Napoleon Bonaparte Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1820, d. 18 Jan. 1827.

1508. Sarah L. Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1822, d. 5 May 1841.


Isaac Graves, Jr. (560) was born 8 June 1787 in Orange Co., Va., and died in 1845. He left a will in Orange Co., Va. He first married Elizabeth Plunkett (or Brooks) on 18 May 1821. He secondly married Nancy H. Mansfield, daughter of Robert Mansfield. She was born in 1790. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves, by first marriage

1509. Amanda M. Graves, b. 1825, m. Isaac Lewis Graves, 18 Dec. 1845, d. 3 June 1871. See #1528 for descendants.

1510. Sarah A. Graves, b. 1828, m. Thomas C. (or E.) Waddy, 3 Jan. 1849 (Orange Co., Va.). He was born 1822.

1511. Elizabeth Graves, died young.

1512. Mary S. Graves, b. 1832, m. Thomas M. (or William Thomas) Mills, 21 Aug. 1852 (Orange Co., Va.), d. 1868. He was born 15 April 1829. He was a son of Nathaniel Mills and Catherine Draper.

1513. Susan Graves, died young.


Colby Graves (561) was born 5 March 1789 in Orange Co., Va., and died in 1852. He married Jane Vivion Ferguson, daughter of William Ferguson and Margaret Vivion. They lived in Spotsylvania Co., Va., where he had a large estate. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1514. William F. Graves; living in Cooper Co., Mo. in 1853.

1515. Jane F. Graves, m. Garrett Graves (#1494).

1516. Colby Graves, Jr. (listed by John Card Graves, but not by Mrs. Hiden).

1517. John Q. Graves

1518. Mildred A. Graves

1519. Virginia S. Graves

1520. Rosalie L. Graves

1521. Benton Graves, b. 1833, m. Susan Stubblefield, 19 Nov. 1865 (Orange Co., Va.). She was born 1836, and was a daughter of Thomas Stubblefield and Mary Hillman.


Winifred Graves (562) was born 5 Aug. 1792. She married Spottswood Dabney Crenshaw of Richmond, Va. on 18 June 1816. In addition to the three children shown below, there were also others. (R-507)

Children - Crenshaw

1522. Lewis Dabney Crenshaw

+1523. William Graves Crenshaw, b. 7 July 18--, m. Frances Elizabeth H. Graves, 24 May 1847, d. 24 May 1897.

1524. Elizabeth Crenshaw, m. James Henry Grant.


Lewis Holliday Graves (563) was born 6 (or 16) Sept. 1793 in Orange Co., Va., and died 30 May 1868 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va. He married Frances ("Fanny") A. White, daughter of Col. Richard White of Greene Co., Va., on 18 Feb. 1819. She was born 14 Nov. 1799 and died 27 Aug. 1882. Col. White served seven years in the Revolutionary War. Frances was a niece of Fanny White, who married her husband's brother Jacob. Lewis and Frances lived at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va. (R-507, R-515)

Children - Graves

1525. Francis Graves, b. 14 Nov. 1819, died young.

+1526. James Richard Graves, b. 9 Nov. 1820, m. Catherine A. Fritz, 27 April 1859.

1527. Joseph Henry Graves, b. 27 March 1822. Thrown from a cart and killed at age of 16.

+1528. Isaac Lewis Graves, b. 27 Nov. 1823, m. Amanda M. Graves, 18 Dec. 1845.

1529. Anne (or Ann) Elizabeth Graves, b. 12 June 1825, m. Robert B. Burrus (or Burruss), 30 Nov. 1847.

+1530. John Spotswood Graves, b. 8 Sept. 1827, m. Ursula Kendall, 6 March 1862.

+1531. Benjamin Franklin Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1830, m. ------ Pulliam.

1532. Winnifred (or Winifred) H. Graves, b. 12 Oct. 1832.

+1533. Thomas Edward Graves, b. 9 Jan. 1834, m. Louisa Brockman, 23 Dec. 1867, d. 1905.

1534. Joseph Clinton Graves, b. 23 May 1838.

+1535. Frances Catherine Graves, b. 20 Feb. 1842, m. William Notley Green, 20 Feb. 1868, d. 8 March 1889.

1536. Hugh Curran Graves, b. 30 Oct. 1844, died young.


Nancy Graves (566) was born 7 Dec. 1797 and died 20 Sept. 1878. She married Benjamin Cason on 6 Oct. 1818 in Orange Co., Va. He was born in 1797 and died 12 Jan. 1821. (R-507)

Children - Cason

1537. daughter, never married.



James Chiles, Jr. (568) was born 12 April 1765 in Va., and died 8 Oct. 1804 in Abbeville, S.C. He married Mary ("Polly") West in 1785. (R-133)

Children - Chiles

+1538. Lewis B. Chiles, b. 27 Nov. 1800, m. Caroline Elizabeth Merriweather, 31 Oct. 1822, d. 28 Sept. 1882.



William Graves (569) was born in Albemarle Co., Va. He married Elizabeth Davidson of Nelson Co., Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+1539. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1787, m(1) Judith Turner, c. 20 Nov. 1810, m(2) Phebe Ames, 1840, m(3) Elizabeth H. Nalley, 27 Dec. 1846, d. 28 April 1859.



William Graves (570) was born in 1761 and died in 1851. He married Betsy Hilman on 22 Dec. 1796. She was born in 1774 and died in 1854. (R-507)

Children - Graves

1540. Susannah Graves, b. 1797, never married, d. 1855.

1541. John Graves, b. 1801, d. 1855.

1542. Richard Graves, m. Sarah A. T. Oaks (or Oakes) (#1561), 2 Dec. 1828 (Orange Co., Va.).

1543. Anne Rufus Graves, m. ------ King.

1544. Thomas Graves, b. 1814, m. Bettie Ellen Stubblefield, 16 Dec. 1848.

1545. Robert Graves, b. 1817, d. 1852.

1546. William Graves, m. Eleanor F. ------.


Thomas Graves (571) married Ann Grady, daughter of William Grady, on 17 June 1788 in Orange Co., Va. (R-507)

Children - Graves

1547. Susannah Graves, m. William Beazley, 25 Nov. 1811.

1548. Polly Graves (?)


Ann ("Nancy") Graves (572) was born about 1777 and died by 1829. She married Thornton Foushee, son of John Foushee and Aphia Thornton (?), on 22 July (or 23 April) 1791 in Orange Co., Va. He was born about 1753, and died 1829 or early 1830 in Culpeper Co., Va. His will was dated 27 April 1829 and proved 15 Feb. 1830 in Culpeper Co. He had first been married to Rosa Hobbs. (R-23)

Children - Foushee

+1549. William Foushee, b.c. 1794, m(1) Mildred J. Thatcher, m(2) Mary Ann Pendleton, 20 July 1831, d. 15 Aug. 1839.

1550. Richard C. Foushee, m. Nancy Martin, 1817.

1551. Mary Foushee

1552. John Foushee

+1553. Lucy Ann Foushee, b.c. 1796, m. James Bowen, 6 Jan. 1814, d.c. 1861.

1554. Thomas Alexander Foushee

1555. Sarah Amanda Foushee

1556. George Foushee, m. Susan Foushee, 1819.


Susannah (or Susanna) Graves (573) may have been born about 1777. She married George Morris on 7 April 1795 in Orange Co., VA. He was born 29 March 1763 and died 15 May 1853. The children of George were the following, but it is not presently known which ones were by his first wife and which by Susannah (except for Tandy, who was definitely by Susannah): Dabney, Richard G., Polly m. ------ Musgrove, Sarah m. Wright Bibb, Susan, Ann, and Tandy Graves. (R-258)

Children - Morris

+1557. Tandy Graves Morris, b. 26 Jan. 1804, m. Harriett Elizabeth Mills, d. 24 Aug. 1872.


Joanna (or Joannah) Graves (577) was born 11 March 1783. She married John Oakes on 14 April 1807 in Orange Co., Va. He was born 22 Dec. 1781.

In a mimeographed book of Early Virginia Marriages is the following entry. "7 April 1807. John Oakes and Joanna Graves, daughter of Thomas Graves who is surety and makes oath Joanna is over 21. Married 14 April by Rev. Nathaniel Sanders, Baptist."

In an article by Mrs. P. W. Hiden (R-507, p. 668), it is stated that Joanna was one of the children of Richard and Susannah Graves. Considering that Richard Graves died in 1797 when Joanna was only about 14 years old, it is reasonable to assume that the Thomas in the marriage record was her older brother rather than her father.

All the children of Joanna and John were born in Va., probably Orange Co. The Oakes family sold their plantation in Orange Co., Va., and moved to Mansfield, Ohio in 1831. (R-156)

Children - Oakes

1558. Susan B. Oakes, b. 11 April 1808.

1559. James T. Oakes, b. 12 Sept. 1809.

+1560. Thomas Alexander Oakes, b. 5 June 1811, m. Mary Carter, 18 Oct. 1838, d. 5 March 1886.

1561. Sarah A. T. Oakes, b. 29 Jan. 1813, m. Richard Graves (#1542), 2 Dec. 1828.

1562. Ann G. Oakes, b. 14 Oct. 1814.

1563. Elizabeth I. Oakes, b. 6 Aug. 1817.

1564. Helen M. Oakes, b. 3 Sept. 1821.

1565. William T. Oakes, b. 15 Aug. 1823.

1566. John C. Oakes, b. 9 Sept. 1827.



James M. Graves (585) married Mary M. Clements on 14 April 1807 in Goochland Co., Va. James was not listed in the 1820 or 1830 censuses for Goochland Co., although in 1829 he with his wife Mary M. sold to Martin James land that had been bequeathed him by his father (Goochland Records); his mother Clara joined in the deed. (R-507)

Children - Graves

+1567. Clarissa Graves, m. Henry A. Houchins, 31 May 1826.

+1568. Rice E. Graves, m. Permelia Gregory, 19 Aug. 1833.


Martha ("Patsy") Graves (586) married Andrew Knight Nuckolds (or Nuckols) on 8 March 1801 in Goochland Co., Va. She must have died by 1813, since her daughter, rather than Martha, is named in her father's will of that year. (R-507)

Children - Nuckolds

1569. Eliza Nuckolds


Thomas E. Graves (587) was born about 1790 or 1795, lived in Goochland Co., Va., and probably died between 1840 and 1850, since he was not listed in the 1850 census. He married Nancy Carden of Nottaway on 17 May 1820 (Richmond Enquirer, 30 May 1820, p. 3, col. 6). She was probably a daughter of Jesse Carden who married Clary Satterwhite on 30 July 1801 in Goochland Co., Va.

Thomas served in the War of 1812 as a private in Capt. William M. Holman's Co., 7th Regt. (Gray's), Va. Militia. He served from 28 Aug. 1814 to 19 Feb. 1815 (Adjutant General's Office, War Dept., Washington, D.C.). (R-507)

Children - Graves

1570. John Graves, d.c. 1866. Bur. at "Locust Dale", Goochland Co., Va. The records of the War Dept. show that a John T. Graves, 1st Lt., Co. D, 44th Regt., Va. Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted 8 June 1861 at Isbells Store. He was appointed from Va. as Captain, Assistant Commissary of Subsistence, C.S.A., 18 March 1862, to take rank 3 March 1862, and assigned to the 44th Regt., Va. Infantry, C.S.A. Union records show that he was captured 3 April 1865 in hospital, imprisoned at Washington Street Hospital, Petersburg, Va., and was paroled by Provost Marshall of Petersburg, Va., 19 April 1865, as Captain on General William Tarry's Staff.

1571. Susan A. Graves, m. Thomas Jefferson Epes Parrish, 14 Dec. 1849.

+1572. Mary Magdalen Graves, b. 4 March 1826, m. Dabney Parrish, 4 Jan. 1849, d. 6 June 1906.

1573. Lucy Ann Graves, b. 1828, m. William Satterwhite (of Goochland Co., Va.), 7 Oct. 1848.






Ralph Graves (588) was Lieut. of foot in the York Co. Militia in 1777. He inherited the plantation his father lived on. He married Letitia Powers (or Power), daughter of Major John Power. He died in Feb. 1795. (R-179)

Children - Graves

1574. Nancy Graves

+1575. Letitia Powers Graves, b. 1785, m. John Mumford Gregory, d. 18 Aug. 1810.


John Graves (589) first married Alice Pierce, daughter of John Pierce, Esq., in 1789 in James City Co., Va. He secondly married Martha Cobb Brown (or Browne), daughter of General John Eaton Browne. They lived in James City Co., Va., on the plantation he inherited from his father. John Graves died about 1800 testate.

Children - Graves, by Alice Pierce

1576. William B. Graves; was a justice in Surry Co., Va.

Children - Graves, by Martha C. Brown

1577. John B. Graves, m. Amelia M. ------. In 1819 he was a student at William and Mary, and lived in Surry Co., Va. in 1837.

1578. Carolyn (or Caroline) Graves, b. 1800, m. Edward Dudley Richardson, d. Aug. 1861. He was b. 1791, d. 1835.

1579. Ralph Graves; no descendants.


Mary Graves (591) married Isaac Winfrey on 6 Oct. 1775. There were probably more children than the one listed below. (R-179)

Children - Winfrey

1580. Elizabeth Winfrey


Susanna (or Susannah) Graves (592) married ------ Power (or Powers). There were probably more than the two children listed below. (R-179)

Children - Power

1581. Sally Power

1582. Susannah Power


Sally Graves (593) married James Hill of King William Co., Va., on 21 Dec. 1787. There were probably more children than the one listed below. (R-179)

Children - Hill

1583. Sally Hill, m. David Timberlake (of Hanover Co., Va.), d. 1829.



Charles Henry Graves (594) was born 1 June 1753. He married Patsy ------. She died 27 Aug. 1831. He was a physician. He was a member of the Virginia Senate from Isle of Wight, Surry, and Prince George Counties in 1812, and was Grand Master of Masons of Virginia in 1813-15.


William Graves (596) was born 2 Aug. 1756. He married, and his children were all born in Lexington, Ky.

Children - Graves

+1584. Josiah Graves, b. 5 Dec. 1778, m. Sarah Lynn, 3 Sept. 1801, d. 25 Aug. 1829.

1585. John Graves

1586. George Graves; lived in Portsmouth, Ohio.

1587. Eleanor Graves, m. Nelson Rush (of Ohio).

1588. Mary Graves, m. Tillman Lewis.


Ralph Graves (597) was born 8 March 1758 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Va. His will dated 30 April 1794 described him as being "of Warwick Co." His will was proved in York Co., Va., Jan. 18, 1798. He married Molly Powell on 23 March 1775. (One source said Molly Powell married Ralph's brother Charles.) (R-179)

Children - Graves

1589. Richard Powell Graves

1590. Charles Henry Graves

1591. Polly Graves, b. 1783.

1592. William Powell Graves, d. 1829.

1593. Joseph Graves



William Graves (599) married Tabitha Walker, daughter of Freeman Walker and Sarah Minge, on 3 Dec. 1795. He died 15 April 1807 in Charles City Co., Va. His will was dated 18 Aug. 1805. A codicil was added 3 Aug. 1806, stating that since writing his previous will he finds that another child is to be born, and he wishes that if born and lives, that it is to share alike with his other children in his estate. The will was approved and recorded in the clerk's office of Charles City Co., Va.

According to John Card Graves, this William was a son of Joseph Graves, not Richard Croshaw Graves, and had children Joseph C., William W., Richard Freeman, Sallie Mingo (this is Elizabeth, listed below), and Robert Walker Graves. (More evidence needs to be included here.) (R-525)

Children - Graves

+1594. Joseph Croshaw Graves, b. 16 Oct. 1796, m(1) Sarah Henry Walker, m(2) Catherine Marrable.

+1595. William Wyatt Graves, married.

+1596. Robert Walker Graves, m. ------ Egmond.

1597. Elizabeth Sarah Minge Graves, m. Thomas Wyatt Walker.

1598. Melvina Graves

+1599. Richard Freeman Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1807, m. Martha Ann Smith, 1831, d. 2 Nov. 1875.


Richard Graves (600) was born about 1772, and died 31 March 1835 in New Kent Co., Va., according to the Richmond Whig. He married, and lived in New Kent Co. He was Justice of the Peace in 1804. He was also Colonel of the Militia, and Member of the Virginia Legislature for Charles City and New Kent counties. (R-515)

Children - Graves

1600. Hal Graves, d. before 1861. Moved to Ga.

1601. Croshaw Graves, d. New Kent Co., Va. This is probably the Richard Croshaw Graves who m. Judith Slater, 3 Nov. 1834 in New Kent Co., Va.

1602. Fleming Graves, d. before 1861. Moved to Ga.

1603. Edmund Graves, d. before 1861. Moved to Ga.

1604. Ralph Graves, d. before 1861. Moved to Ga.

1605. Joseph Graves, d. before 1861. Moved to Ga.

1606. Elizabeth Graves, m. Colliss Southall.

1607. child

1608. daughter, m. ------ Christian. A son was James Christian.


Joseph C. (Croshaw?) Graves (601) married Angelica ------. He died about 1816 in New Kent Co., Va. (R-14)

Children - Graves

1609. Henry Graves

1610. Croshaw Graves

1611. Bartholomew Graves


Edmund Valentine Graves (602) was born 1780 and died in 1827. He married Elizabeth Southall, daughter of William Southall.

Children - Graves

1612. Sarah Graves, m. Samuel Pryor.

+1613. William Southall Graves, b. 23 Sept. 1804, m. Elizabeth Major Brown, 23 March 1836, d. 16 March 1874.

1614. Elizabeth Armistead Graves, m(1) Llewellyn Christian, m(2) William Freeman Graves (#3163). See #3163 for children by second marriage.

+1615. Benjamin Croshaw Graves, b. 23 Jan. 1822, m(1) Betty Wyatt Walker, 1846, m(2) Elizabeth C. Graves (#3175).

1616. Harriet Ann Graves, never married.

+1617. Tabitha Rebecca Graves, b. 21 June 1814, m. Edmund Thomas Christian, 1838, d. 6 March 1856.

+1618. Richard Marshall Graves, b. 4 Sept. 1816, m(1) Jane Warren Walker, 20 Aug. 1844, m(2) C. Anna Otey, d. 7 April 1874.

1619. Mary Louisa (or Louise) Graves, m. James H. Crump. Twin of Margaret Ann.

1620. Margaret Ann Graves, never married. Twin of Mary Louisa.



John Williams (or William) Hendrick (622) was born about 1760 in NC, and died June 1821 in Wayne Co., Miss. He married at least twice. Only his last marriage to Ann (Baker?) has been proven. Baker is either her maiden name or that of a first husband. She was born 1755-74 in GA, and died after 1831. After John died, she married Obediah Hand. There may have been more children than those listed below. Only Rachel and Lucy are proven. (R-90, R-92, R-93)

Children - Hendrick

1621. Lucy Hendrick, b.c. 1775-84, m. Jacob Collins, d. 1823.

1622. Sarah Hendrick, m. James Horne. This child is speculation. John Williams Hendrick was guardian of Horne's 2 children, 1805, Barnwell Co., SC, no wife named.

+1623. Rachel Hendrick, m. Christopher C. Collins, d. 1836.

1624. William Hendrick; on Marion Co., MS census.

1625. Nancy Hendrick; there was a Nancy in Zion Baptist Church records, but could be Ann, the wife of John Williams Hendrick.



Elizabeth Graves (629) married Henry Montague, son of Latane Montague and Catherine Young, and brother of Frances Montague who married Elizabeth's brother Nathaniel. He was born about 1756 in VA, and died in Nov. 1831 in Rutherford Co., NC. She died in April 1832 at the home of their daughter, Polly, in Rutherford Co. They moved from Virginia about 1790, and settled in Rutherford Co., NC, near Green River.

The following tribute to the memory of Henry Montague is from the pen of his grandson, Major Henry M. Earle. It was written to the compiler in 1890. (This is taken from History and Genealogy of Peter Montague of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, Virginia, and His Descendants, 1621-1894, compiled and published by George William Montague.) Major Earle said, "I remember my grandfather, Henry Montague, well. He was an earnest and interesting man and prided himself upon his independence; he was just in his dealings, saved his money, and never went into debt. He always paid cash for what he bought and gave his offspring lessons in economy and industry. He was a regular communicant of the Baptist Church; was never known to use profane language and lived a well governed life. He attained his majority during the Revolutionary War and served in a cavalry company." (R-99)

Children - Montague

+1626. Nancy Montague, b. 1779, m. James D. Scott, 6 May 1803.

1627. Jane Montague, m. William Jackson. They lived in Spartanburg, S.C., many years. Their eldest son was born about 1806, and when he was 15 (about 1821) they moved to Miss. and then to Texas, where trace of them is lost.

1628. Mary ("Polly") Montague, b. 28 Feb. 1785 (VA).

+1629. Elizabeth Montague, m. Joseph Hawkins.

1630. Charlotte Montague, m. Thomas Miller (of Irish parentage). They had several children. The oldest, Aspasio Earle Miller, lived near Rutherfordton, N.C.

1631. Providence Graves Montague, b. 28 Oct. 1798.


William Graves (631) was born 10 Oct. 1762 in Granville Co., N.C., and died 15 Jan. 1847 in Tennessee, according to Barbara Billings. (However, John Card Graves says he died in DeSoto Co., Miss.) He married Anne ("Nancy") Neal, daughter of William Neal and Susanna (or Susan) ------, on 23 (or 28) Dec. 1790 in Mecklenburg Co., Va. Her name has been given as Nancy Anne Neal, but Nancy is usually just a nickname for Ann or Anne. She was born 16 March 1771, and died 13 July 1833 in Pulaski, Tenn. They moved from North Carolina to Pulaski, Giles Co., Tenn. about 1812. It appears that all their children were born in Granville Co., N.C.

Children - Graves

+1632. William C. Graves, b. 25 Dec. 1791, m. Elizabeth Amis, 10 Sept. 1811, d. 17 Nov. 1874.

+1633. Sterling Graves, b. 23 April 1793, m. Nancy Amis, 1817, d. 1837.

1634. Susanna (or Susan) Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1796.

1635. Nathaniel Graves, b. 7 Jan. 1798., m. Martha ------.

+1636. Alexander Graves, b. 6 July 1800, m. Ann Graves, 25 Dec. 1825.

+1637. David L. Graves, b. 6 March 1803, m. Minerva Ann M. Graves, 1836, d. 23 July 1859.

+1638. Grandison Grandville Graves, b. 10 Aug. 1806, m. Sarah Anderson Butler, 22 Oct. 1835, d. 13 Oct. 1875.

1639. Mary Graves, b. 1809, m. William C. Graves, 1832. See #1648 for descendants.

1640. Frances Graves, b. 1812.


Anna Graves (635) was born about 1770 in Granville Co., N.C., and died in 1850 in Rutherford Co., N.C. She married Leonard Daniel, son of Josiah Daniel and Elizabeth Jordan, in 1789 in Granville Co. They lived in Rutherford Co., N.C.

Children - Daniel

1641. Chisolm Daniel, b. 1790.

1642. Mary Daniel, b. 1793, m. Robert Barber, 1816 (Rutherford Co., N.C.).

1643. Nancy Daniel, m. John T. Baber (or Barber?), 1820 (Rutherford Co., N.C.).

1644. Elizabeth Daniel, m. James M. Black, 1829 (Rutherford Co., N.C.).

1645. Martha Daniel, m. John M. McKinney, 1834 (Rutherford Co., N.C.).

1646. Leonard Daniel, Jr., b. 1803, m. Cynthia McCrary, 1824 (Burke Co., N.C.).

1647. William Graves Daniel


Nathaniel Graves (636), referred to as Nathan by John Card Graves, was born 11 Nov. 1767 in Granville Co., N.C., and died after 1850 in Arkansas. He married Frances Montague, daughter of Latane (or Lattany) Montague and Catherine Young, in 1798 in Granville Co., N.C. She was born 4 Oct. 1779, and died 21 Sept. 1838 in Fayette Co., Tenn. She was a sister of Henry Montague who married Nathaniel's sister Elizabeth.

The family moved to Giles Co., Tenn. about 1814, and later lived in Fayette Co., Tenn. After his wife's death, Nathaniel lived with his son, Addison and family, and moved with them to Sevier Co., Ark. in 1852. Nathaniel died sometime after 1850 and is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in the old Graves Cem. in Howard Co., Ark. All the children of Nathaniel and Frances were born in Granville Co., N.C.

In researching this part of the Graves family, it was noted that several members of the family either married cousins or did not marry at all. According to tradition, one reason for this was that because of the large number of Graves families, they actually made up all or most of the community. As a result, no one except relatives lived in the area. Another reason was that the family was quite "well-to-do", owned large plantations and many slaves, and desired to keep the wealth in the family.

Children - Graves

+1648. William C. Graves, b. 1800, m(1) Mary Graves, 1832, m(2) Mary Graves, 1840, d. 1873.

1649. Catherine Y. Graves, b. 1802, m. John Kesterson.

+1650. Henry Young Graves, b. 1804, m. Mary Kirk, d. after 1880.

1651. Emily M. Graves, b. 1807 (Granville Co., N.C.), m. Robert Thornton. The first court of Fayette Co., Tenn. was held in Robert Thornton's home.

+1652. Addison Graves, b. 1809, m. Elizabeth Amis Graves, 1835, d. 1860.

1653. Minerva Ann M. Graves, b. 1814, m. David L. Graves, 1836, d. 1860. See #1637 for descendants.



Thomas Graves Coffee (637) was born 1769 in Virginia, and died in 1846. He married Mary Knight, daughter of Charles Knight and Mary Smith, on 10 July 1787 in Amelia Co., Va. She was born 1770 and died 1832. They lived in Prince Edward Co., Va., before moving to Lauderdale Co., Ala. in 1819.

Children - Coffee

1654. Elizabeth Woodson Coffee, b. 1788 (Va.), m. Stewart Jackson, 25 Jan. 1808, d. 1852 (Lauderdale Co., Ala.). 6 children.

1655. Jack (Jefferson?) Coffee

1656. Richard Smith Coffee, b. 1800, m. Sarah Fielder, 1819 (Madison Co., Ala.).

1657. Missiniah Coffee, m(1) Robert Wells, m(2) Samuel Mosely.

1658. Prudence Coffee, b. 1805, m. Thomas Crittenden.

1659. Mary Knight Coffee, m. Claiborne Mayes.

1660. Caroline Graves Coffee, b. 1806, never married.

1661. Joshua Coffee, b. 1808, m. Minerva Green.


John Coffee (640) was born 2 June 1772 in Prince Edward Co., Va., died 7 July 1833, and was buried in Coffee Cem., Lauderdale Co., Ala. He went to Tennessee with his mother in April 1798, and settled on the Cumberland River a few miles above Nashville. He was a General, and was known as the "Father of Tennessee." He married Mary Donelson, daughter of Capt John Donelson II and his wife Mary Purnell, on 3 Oct. 1809. She was 16 years old when they were married.

Children - Coffee

1662. Mary Donelson Coffee, m. Andrew Jackson Hutchings.

1663. John Donelson Coffee

1664. Elizabeth Graves Coffee

1665. Andrew Jackson Coffee

1666. Andrew Donelson Coffee, b. 1821, m(1) Ann Eliza Sloss, m(2) Mrs. Camilla Madding Jones, 1876, d. 1901.

1667. Rachel Jackson Coffee, b. 1826, m. ------ Dyas.

1668. Katherine Coffee, b.c. 1828.

1669. Emily Coffee

1670. William Donelson Coffee, b.c. 1830.

1671. Joshua Coffee, b.c. 1831, d. 1879.



David Graves (648) was born about 1772 (or 1776) in Hanover Co., VA, and died in Giles Co., TN.. He married Nancy Hunt in 1796 in Granville Co., NC. Their marriage bond was 19 Dec. 1796 in Granville Co., NC. Nancy was born 10 April 1776 near Oxford, Granville Co., NC, daughter of Memucan ("Muke") Hunt and Mary ("Polly") Wade. All their children were born in Granville Co., NC. (R-251, R-253, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1672. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1797, m. ------.

1673. Mary ("Polly") Graves, b.c. 1801, m. Robert Knott.

1674. Henderson Graves, b.c. 1803.

1675. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Graves, b.c. 1805, m. Nathaniel Steele.

1676. son, b. 1800-1810.

1677. son, b. 1800-1810.

+1678. Ralph Wade Graves, b.c. 1812 (or 1799), m(1) Sarah Dorsey Larsh, 1832, m(2) Clara Barnett, 1842, d. 1847.


Mary Graves (649) was probably born about 1760, and died about 1820 in NC. She married Lewis Yancey about 1775 (or in 1786). He was probably born about 1750 in VA, and died about 1819 in Granville Co., NC.

One source said he was son of Richard Yancey of Mecklenburg Co., VA. However Dennis J. Yancey (R-228) gave his ancestry as: (1) Mr. Yancey of Wales, (2) Charles Yancey of Hanover Co., VA, d. VA, m. Mary Leighton, (3) Charles Yancey, b. before 1684 (?), VA, d. after 1745, VA (?), m. Mary Bartlett, (4) James Yancey, b. early 1700's, VA, d. 1779, Granville Co., NC, m. Ann or Elizabeth Thornton (?), (5) Lewis Yancey.

In April 1996, Dennis Yancey wrote: Out of various sources which make reference to Lewis Yancey and Mary Graves, only one gave birth and marriage dates for Lewis, and that was a 1927 DAR submission paper of a descendant of Lewis Yancey (gave birth as 1736 and marriage date as 1758, and 1739 for wife Mary). But it seems evident that the dates were estimates and broad ones at that, apparently almost 20 years too early. I have very little information which would allow me to nail down a specific birth and marriage date. The only things I can go by are the following:

(1) Jane Yancey, Lewis's daughter, was married 28 July 1790. She had various children and in all probability she was married very young (about age 15?), putting her birth date at about 1775.

(2) The son, Henry Graves Yancey, whose birth date (on DAR records, of 1758) is also an estimate from the DAR form. Since Lewis and Mary only seem to have had two children, one would assume that Lewis and Mary are very close in age. Henry was first married in 1805. According to the 1810 census, he would have been born after 1765; the 1820 census shows him to be born after 1775. But it couldn't have been very much after 1775.

(3) The 1800 census of Granville Co., NC, shows that the oldest male in Lewis Yancey's household (assumed to be Lewis himself) was born before 1755; the female in the family (Mary) was born after 1755.

From the above information, my guess is that Jane Yancey was born about 1775 and her brother Henry Graves Yancey was born a few years later, and that Lewis and Mary were married about 1775. This could have put Mary's birth date about 1760. From the wills of Henry and Rachel Graves it would seem that Mary was the oldest child of Henry Graves, then Ralph, David, and Betsy, in that order. Her next brother Ralph Graves was born 26 Oct. 1764, according to Ken Graves.

My current guess is that Rachel (Lewis) Graves and daughter Mary (Graves) Yancey and daughter Jane (Yancey) Christmas were all married very young, but that all of them were the mothers of all the children of their husbands. (R-228)

Children - Yancey

+1679. Jane Yancey, b.c. 1775, m(1) William Christmas, 28 July 1790, m(2) John Green, 12 Oct. 1805.

+1680. Henry Graves Yancey, b.c. 1777 (or 1788), m(1) Elizabeth Royster, 15 Jan. 1805, m(2) Sarah Green, 10 April 1813, d.c. 1848.


Ralph Graves (650) was born 26 Oct. 1764, died about 1825, and left a will in Granville Co., N.C. He married Elizabeth ("Betsey") Briggs Graves (#656), daughter of Elijah Graves, on 26 Feb. 1789 in Granville Co. She was born 10 Oct. 1773 (according to John Card Graves) and died 1822-3. Ralph served a short time in the Revolutionary War at age 16, and was later a Captain in the Militia.

Children - Graves

+1681. Elijah Graves, b. 23 Jan. 1791, m. Areanna Stanford, 5 May 1812, d. 7 May 1869.

+1682. Henry Lewis Graves, b. 11 Jan. 1793, m. Mary Brown Dickens, 9 Feb. 1814.



Thomas Graves (657) was born between 1746-66, probably about 1760, since his mother made a bond on 10 May 1767 to give him 30 pounds current Va. money when he reached 21 years of age. We do not know the date of Thomas's removal to Mecklenburg Co., Va., but it must have been after 1790, at which time he was residing in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co., Va., with 3 tithables.

Thomas's children were by his first wife, Sarah, as it was not until March 6, 1828, as Thomas Graves, Sr., that he married Henrietta Greenwood in Mecklenburg Co. His will (Mecklenburg W.B. 14, p. 422), dated June 4, 1836, proved Jan. 21, 1839, describes him as "afflicted in body" and makes the following bequests: to wife Henrietta the tract whereon I reside, being the mansion house, to son Nathan my tract of land bought of Crowder, to daughter Mary Graves bed and furniture. The balance of my estate to be sold and out of the proceeds an annuity is to go to wife Henrietta, and the balance is to be divided between the following children: Betsy, Fanny, Patsy, Nancy, Jane and Thomas; to the heirs of my deceased son William, one shilling. At my wife's death her annuity to be divided between my children, Betsy, Fanny, Patsy, Nancy, Jane, Thomas, James and Nathan. Friend John P. Finch exor. Wit. Thomas B. Puryear, Reuben Harris.

Relative to this family are the following Mecklenburg marriages: Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Graves, 28 Dec. 1795; Henry Hastin and Fanny W. Graves, 19 June 1799; William Graves and Frances Elam, 14 Oct. 1795; Thomas Graves and Mary Harris, 26 Dec. 1808; James Graves and Phoebe Elam, 29 Dec. 1818. We have no marriage bond for Nathan, but the will of Samuel Hudson, dated June 22, 1828 (Mecklenburg W.B. 11, p. 400), mentions daughter Sally Graves, wife of Nathan Graves.

There is in Mecklenburg the marriage of Frederick Graves and Nancy Brandon on Dec. 20, 1800. Whether he was a son of Thomas, Sr., and predeceased his father is not known. Nor is it presently possible to positively identify Thomas Graves, Sr. However, the presumption that he was a grandson of Henry5 Graves of Hanover Co., Va., seems reasonable. (R-82, R-524)

Children - Graves

+1683. William Graves, m. Frances Elam, 14 Oct. 1795, d.c. 1821.

1684. Nathan Graves, m. Sally Hudson, 24 Dec. 1816.

1685. Mary Graves; either married a Graves, or not married in 1836.

1686. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Graves, m. Thomas Harris, 28 Dec. 1795.

1687. Fanny W. Graves, m. Henry Hastin, 19 June 1799.

1688. Martha ("Patsy") Graves

1689. Nancy Graves, m. John Flynn (or Flinn), 12 Dec. 1816.

1690. Jane Graves, m. Wiley Spain, 26 April 1821.

+1691. Thomas Graves, m. Mary Harris, 26 Dec. 1808 (or 1816).

1692. James Graves, m. Phoebe Elam, 29 Dec. 1818.



John Graves (659) married S. (probably Sarah or Susannah) ------ before 1778. They were listed in the 1810 Albemarle Co., VA census as both being over 45. Two of their 7 children, Sarah and Susannah, were ancestors of the Critzer family. (See Critzer-Drumheller Ancestors by Margaret C. Reese, Waynesboro, VA, 1979.) (R-230)

Children - Graves

+1693. Sarah Graves, b. 1778, m. John Toms, 22 April 1792, d. 16 Jan. 1857.

1694. Nancy Graves, b. 1781, m. Alexander Toms, 9 Sept. 1798 (Albemarle Co., VA).

1695. Susannah Graves, m. John Jackson, 11 Nov. 1799 (Albemarle Co., VA).

+1696. Richard Graves, b.c. 1773, m(1) Milly Murrell, 14 March 1796, m(2) Jane Fielding, 28 Feb. 1799, m(3) Cassandra Riggs, d. 11 Jan. 1849.

1697. John Graves, m. Lucy Turner, 17 Nov. 1807 (Amherst Co., VA).

+1698. Ann Graves, b.c. 1791, m. John Spears, 3 March 1812.

1699. Thomas Graves, m. J. Turner, 20 Nov. 1810 (Nelson Co., VA).



Mary Sandidge (or Sandridge) (661) was born about 1748 and died in 1809. She married Littleberry Lane. He died in 1807. (His name was given as William Lane by one source.) Reference for the information on this family is Layne-Lain-Lane Genealogy compiled by Floyd Benjamin Layne, pp. 123-124. (R-138, R-256)

Children - Lane

1700. Betsey Lane, m. William Faris.

1701. Unity Lane, m. Stephen Rowe (son of William Rowe and Elizabeth Sandridge).

1702. son, d. by 1790.

1703. son, living with his father 1799-1801.

1704. Nancy Lane, m. Hezekiah Faris.

1705. William S. (Sandridge?) Lane

1706. Lucy Lane, m. Dennis Reiley.

1707. Polly Lane, m. Nathan Sandage.

1708. Frances T. Lane, m. Pleasant Howard. She was his second wife.


Ann (or JoAnne) Sandidge (or Sandridge) (665) was born about 1756. She married Gideon Carr. He was born about 1750 and died 1844 in Dickson Co., Tenn. All their children were born in Albemarle Co., Va. (R-138, R-256)

Children - Carr

1709. Elizabeth Carr, m. James Wood.

1710. Sally Carr

+1711. Nancy Carr, m. William Cunningham, 24 Dec. 1795.

1712. Meekins Carr, m. Mary S. Hamner (or Hammer).

1713. Susannah Carr, m. Minor Bibb.

1714. Anna Carr, m. Thomas Gentry.

1715. John Bluford Carr, m. Susannah Hamner (or Hammer).

+1716. Mary Carr, b.c. 1787, m. James W. Carr, d. 1863.

1717. Martha Ann ("Patsy") Carr, b.c. 1791, m. Cornelius Beasley, d. 1886.

1718. Dabney Carr, m. Mary Appleberry.

1719. Micajah Walter Carr, m. Ann Thurmond.


Mildred ("Milly") Sandidge (666) was born about 1756 and died after 1821, both in Albemarle Co., Va. She married John Hall, son of John Hall, about 1776. He was born in 1748 and died after 31 Jan. 1833 or 1834, both in Albemarle Co., Va. He was a tailor, and served in the Rev. War. (R-174, 178)

Children - Hall

+1720. Elizabeth Graves Hall, b.c. 1778-80, m. John Keen, d. 6 May 1864.

1721. John Hall

1722. Richard Hall

1723. Mary Hall

1724. Jane Hall

1725. Peter Adam Hall, b.c. 1798 (Albemarle Co., Va.), m. Lucinda Burton, 4 May 1819 (Orange Co., Va.), d. 16 Sept. 1855 (Green Co., Ky.). She was b.c. 1803, Orange Co., Va., d. 18 Oct. 1855, Liletown, Green Co., Ky.

1726. Susan Hall, b.c. 1790-93 (Va.), never married.

1727. Nancy Hall, b.c. 1795, m. Harrison Powell.

1728. Mildred Hall, m. Richard Powell, 25 Dec. 1812 (Albemarle Co., Va.).



Thomas Graves (669) was born Sept. 1747 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died 12 March 1834 in Lincoln Co., Mo. He married Martha Ryan, and possibly Mary Mason (?) as a second wife in 1795 in Culpeper Co., Va. He moved to Bourbon Co., Ky., and was in Warren Co., Mo. in 1820. He was judge of the county court for Warren and Montgomery Cos., Mo. According to Mrs. P. W. Hiden, Martha Ryan may have been Thomas' second wife. She was first married to William Sims, who died in 1769. (R-12, R-511)

Children - Graves

+1729. Thomas Nelson Graves, b.c. 1774, m. Mary Mason, 20 Nov. 1795, d. 1882 (?).

1730. Elizabeth Graves

1731. Nancy Graves

1732. Lucy Graves

1733. Waller Graves


Lewis Graves (670) was born about 1748 or 1750 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in June 1810 in Laurens, Laurens Co., SC. Various deeds place his parents in Culpeper from the 1740's on. He probably lived in NC and/or SC. He married Rebecca ------.

Lewis is listed in the 1790 U.S. census of Laurens Co., SC as Lewis Greaves. He is found with this spelling elsewhere as well. In reading the will of his father, Thomas Graves of Culpeper Co., VA, one might interpret some of the wording in the codicil to mean a family tift had developed between father and son. Perhaps this was the reason for his adoption of an alternative spelling. Lewis is listed in this census as having one free white male over 16 (himself), 3 free white males under 16, 5 free white females, and 3 slaves. Based on this data, we can conclude he probably had 3 young sons, a wife, and 4 daughters.

On the same page of the census are found Elizabeth Simms, probably his sister who was widowed in 1789 and yet to marry Dr. John Creecy. She is listed with 1 male over 16, 4 males 16 and under, 5 females (including herself), and 4 slaves. Also on the same page is Aaron Stern (Starnes), the father of Rebecca Starnes, wife of his son Lewis.

The 1800 census for Laurens Co., SC listed Lewis Graves with 1 male 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45 (Lewis), 1 female 0-10, 2 females 16-26, 1 female 26-45, 6 slaves.

Even though Lewis Graves was a justice of the peace and probated many wills, he apparently died intestate. There is an estate sale in the records of Laurens Co., SC. His heirs are listed as George C. Madden, Fanny Graves, John Addams, and Lewis Graves. Administrators are William and Martin Graves. Purchasers were Rebecca and Fanny Graves. This estate sale occurred on 31 May 1810 (bundle 29, package 7, Laurens Co., SC). The doctor bill was paid to Dr. John Creecy. John Wait was appointed to appraise the estate. Another source has slightly different data. No date is given, but the administrators are the same William and Martin Graves. Heirs are not listed as such, but the following purchasers are named: Rebecah Graves, Wm. Graves, Lewis Graves, Fanney Graves, Martin Graves, Moses Madden, George Madden, Jacob Niswanger, John Adams, John Williard (?), Richard Golden, John Newman, William Crocker, John Creecy, John Boyce, Martin Shaw, James Sims, Martin Sims, George Morgan, John Wait, Joseph Bolton, William McFerson, Isaac Mosely, Larkin Gaines, Samuel Anderson, Thomas Brock, and Ebeneezer Harris. (Notice some of the spellings differ, but they were copied exactly as written.)

From another source, purchasers at the estate sale were: James Sims, John Sims, Joel Sims, John Wait, Phillip Wait,Dr. John Creecy.

Lewis had a sister Elizabeth (will of Thomas Graves, 1792; will of Dr. John Creecy; 1790 Laurens Co., SC census). Lewis also had a sister Frances Wait (will of Thomas Graves, 1792; will of Dr. John Creecy). Lewis was listed in the Culpeper Co. personal property tax roll for 1782 and 1783; 1 slave, Winnie. He was in SC in 1792, according to the will of Thomas Graves.

Pension application of John Wait, no. 7812, filed 1834, from Laurens Co., S.C., states he served from Culpeper Co., Va. Elizabeth Creecy gave testimony that she had known Wait for 62 years. (Elizabeth was widow of Dr. Creecy and widow of Zachariah Sims; see will of Creecy.) Witnessed by William Graves (son of Lewis Graves who died 1810). (R-196, R-202, R-520)

Children - Graves

1734. Lucy Graves, b.c. 1782 (prob. VA), m. John Addams, d. before 1850. She is not listed in the 1850 SC census, although her husband is listed in a pauper's home.

+1735. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1784, m. George Madden, d. 1850-1860.

+1736. Martin Graves, b. 1785, m. Anna ------, d. 1850-1860.

+1737. Lewis Graves, b.c 1789, m. Rebecca Starnes, c. 1810, d. 1857.

1738. Fanny Graves, b.c. 1790, no record found for a marriage.

+1739. William Graves, b.c. 1790, m. Peachy ------, d. 1850-1860.


Elizabeth Graves (671) was born in 1752 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1839 in Laurens Co., SC. She first married Zachariah Simms (or Sims), son of Thomas Simms and Rebecca Petty, in Culpeper Co., VA. He was born about 1748 in Culpeper Co., and died about 24 Aug. 1790 or before in Laurens Co., SC. After the death of Zachariah, Elizabeth secondly married Dr. John Creecy in Laurens Co., SC. He died about 15 Jan. 1812 in Laurens Co.

Zachariah Sims, husband of Elizabeth Graves, appears in Culpeper Co., Va. records.

Laurens Co. Will Book I, 1810-1818, section D-1, p. 13. John Creecy to wife Elizabeth and her children by Zachariah Sims, deceased: James Sims, Joel Sims, Zachariah S. Sims, and Fanny, wife of Jacob Clemmons. John Wait, executor, 15 Jan. 1812. Witnesses: John and Frances Wait.

From Abstracts of Early Records of Laurens Co., SC, 1785-1820, in Deed Book H: 2/4/1804-4/17/1806, Jesse Pugh and wife Lydia to John Creecy for 75 acres on Black Cr. of Reedy R. bordering on Ezekiel Andrews, John Wait & John Sims, Geo. Wharton. D. Anderson, JQ. D.R. (Dower Rights) of Lyda Pugh. In Deed Book J: 6/9/1810-2/5/1812, John Creecy and wife Elizabeth (former widow of Zachariah Sims) marriage settlement to equalize division of slaves among legatees: John Sims, Thomas Sims, Jesse Pugh and wife Lyda, James Wait and Sarah, James Sims. Wit.: D. Anderson, John Wait, William Fulton, J.P.

There is a question as to who the children of Elizabeth Graves were. The will of John Creecy lists as children of Elizabeth's first marriage James, Joel, Zachariah S., and Fanny. The marriage settlement of John Creecy and Elizabeth lists as legatees John Sims, Thomas Sims, James Sims, Lydia (Pugh), and James Wait. Since James Wait was probably a nephew (son of Elizabeth's sister Anne/Frances), how can we be sure that John, Thomas and Lydia were also children? Perhaps John and Thomas were children of Joel or Zachariah, since neither of them were listed in the settlement, or perhaps the people not mentioned in the settlement had already been provided for separately. (R-140, R-247)

Children - Sims

+1740. Fannie Sims, b.c. 1775, m(1) ------ Simpson, c. 1790, m(2) Jacob Hillard Clements, c. 1797, d. before 16 Feb. 1856.

1741. Joel Sims

1742. James Sims

1743. Zachariah Sims

1744. Lydia Sims, m. Jesse Pugh.


Philip Graves (672) was born about 1760. He married Elizabeth Jones on 25 Sept. 1785 in Culpeper Co., Va. He was on the 1788 tax list for Culpeper Co. He left Culpeper Co. in 1804 and appeared in Madison Co., Va. in 1810. After 1820 he left Madison Co. They supposedly had at least 10 children. The following children were all born in Madison Co., Va. (R-511)

Children - Graves

1745. Nancy Graves, m. John Ross, 2 March 1811.

1746. Frances Graves, m. John Wilson, 18 April 1811.

1747. Malinda Graves, m. John Hunt, 28 Jan. 1813.

1748. Elizabeth Graves, m. Richard Holmes, 14 Nov. 1816.

1749. son, b. 1800-1810.


James F. Graves (673) was born about 1765. He was described as being 16-21 in 1783 in Culpeper Co., Va. He was out of the county in 1784-85 and there in 1786. He first married Elizabeth Pratt of Culpeper Co. about 1782. He secondly married Elizabeth Parnell on 8 Sept. 1809. In 1810 he moved to New Madrid, Mo., where he died in Dec. 1811.

There is some question regarding the following children, since one source lists the first three, then lists Mary E. Graves who married her first cousin Thomas S. Graves, and then does not show any of the other children. (R-179, R-511, R-512)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Pratt

1750. Mary Ann Graves, b.c. 1783, d. in infancy.

1751. William Graves, b.c. 1785, no record of marriage, d. Rockcastle Co., Ky. Served in the War of 1812.

1752. Susanna Graves, b. 15 Dec. 1787, m. John Collier, Jr., 8 April 1803, d. 30 Jan. 1850 (Rockcastle Co., Ky.). He d. 6 July 1833. 8 children.

1753. Mary Ann Graves, b.c. 1789 (probably Ky.), m. William Whitesides, 5 Sept. 1809 (Rockcastle Co., Ky.).

1754. Lucy Graves, b.c. 1791, m. Elijah Collier, 1 April 1809 (Lincoln Co., Ky.).

1755. Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1793, m. Samuel McCoy, 20 May 1809, d.c. 1878.

1756. Joseph Graves, b.c. 1795, m. ------ Howe. Settled in Indiana.

1757. Sally Graves, b.c. 1797, married. No children.


Joseph Graves (674) married Nellie Branham (?) or Bratten about 1800 in Culpeper Co., VA.

It was previously believed (incorrectly) that this was a George Graves, and that he might be descended from Johann Sebastian Graff, an immigrant from the German Palatinate, who lived in PA, NC and TN. (R-197)

Children - Graves

+1758. Hedgeman Bratten Graves, b. 1810, m(1) Mahala Glore, 13 Oct. 1831, m(2) Mary A. Richardson Wilson, 1863, d. 1876.

+1759. Lorenzo Graves, m. Virginia Hampton, 21 Dec. 1845.

1760. Howard Graves


William Thomas Graves (678) was born in 1755 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1833 at the old home place in Mackville, Washington Co., KY. He married Sarah Fisher of Culpeper Co., VA, possibly on 22 Dec. 1790 (although there is some belief that that is the marriage date to a second wife).

There is some belief that the son Thomas Graves was born 15 Jan. 1790 at a fort at the forks of the Kentucky River in KY, died in 1855, and married Sally Lawson on 22 Feb. 1811 or 1812. If so, Thomas Sims Graves is the son of someone else. (R-190, R-511, R-512)

Children - Graves

1761. Amy Graves, b. 1770 or 1786 (VA), m. Adam Pierce, 6 Dec. 1798.

+1762. Thomas Sims Graves, b. 13 July 1794, m(1) Harriet R. Gist, 4 March 1822, m(2) Mary E. Graves, d. 6 May 1859.

1763. Jean Graves, m. John Pierce, 6 Jan. 1811 (VA).

1764. John Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1775 (?)(VA), m(1) Margaret Baug, m(2) Delilah Bailey, d. 9 Nov. 1838.

1765. James Graves, b.c. 1793 or 1810 (Washington Co., KY), m(1) Ruth Sherrell, 5 Feb. 1814, m(2) ------, d. 11 May 1865.

+1766. Uriah Noah Graves, b.c. 1797, m(1) Elizabeth Peters, 23 Jan. 1815, m(2) Susan Anderson Freeman, m(3) Martha Daniels.

+1767. Lewis Graves, b. 25 Oct. 1798, m. Sarah J. Milbourne, 6 Feb. 1822.

1768. William Graves, Jr., b.c. 1781 (Washington Co., KY), m. Elizabeth ------, 20 Jan. 1851, d. 24 Dec. 1850. She d. 18 June 1843 (?).

1769. Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1786 m. Jesse Peter (or Peters), 6 Dec. 1814 (Washington Co., Ky.), d. April 1842. He m(2) Milly Sweeny, m(3) Nancy Graves.

1770. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1788, m. Zachariah Lawson, 10 March 1806 (?).

+1771. Edward J. Graves, b.c. 1803, m(1) Lucinda Schooling, 7 Aug. 1823, m(2) Lydia Wisdom, 2 June 1835, d.c. July 1868.


John Graves (679) married. He moved to Ky. There were probably more children than the one listed below. (R-179)

Children - Graves

1772. Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. 1797, m. W. W. Graves (#1775).


Charles Graves (680) married Ellender ------. His will was dated 22 March 1798 and proved 3 April 1798 in Washington Co., Ky. (R-179)

Children - Graves

1773. Charles Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1787.

1774. John Graves, b. 1792.


Richard Grant Graves (681) married. (R-511, R-512)

Children - Graves

1775. W. W. Graves, b. 5 Oct. 1787 (Culpeper Co., Va.), m. Mary Graves (#1772).



Mary Graves (682) married Richard Parks about 1765 in Culpeper Co., Va. He married again to Anne Farrer in 1796 in Culpeper Co. (Geneal. Notes, by Slaughter, p. 52). His will, probated 2 March 1817, names wife Anne, and mentions seven children, but not all by name. (R-38)

Children - Parks

1776. James Parks (named for Mary's father, James Graves), m. Lucinda Colvin, 1816.

1777. Gabriel Parks, m. Millie ------, 1812.

1778. Peggy Parks, m. ------ Halle.

1779. Sarah Parks, m. Thomas Tutt, 1787 (Culpeper Co., Va., Slaughter's Geneal. Notes).


Jael Graves (683) married William Jones. (R-511)

Children - Jones

1780. James Graves Jones


Colonel John Graves (684) was born 4 Sept. 1745 in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va., and died 24 June 1824. He served as Ensign and Lieutenant in the company commanded by Maj. George Slaughter in the 8th Va. Regt. commanded by Col. Abraham Bowman in the Revolutionary War. The company was designated at various times as "Capt. George Slaughter's Co." and as "Lieut. John Graves' Co." He was commissioned 26 Jan. 1776 and resigned 22 April 1778 (Record and Pension Office, War Dept.). He was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and Yorktown. He was a trusted officer of Gen. Nathaniel Greene in N.C. and was detailed by him to oppose the passage of part of Cornwallis' force across the Yadkin, which he did with conspicuous and distinguished gallantry.

After the war, probably in 1781, he moved to Wilkes Co., Ga., and in 1786 was Colonel commanding a Georgia regiment against the Creek Indians. Another source stated that he moved to Ga. in 1823, and that his nephew, William Francis Strother, went with him. William was a son of Anne Fargeson, sister of John Graves' first wife.

John Graves first married Lucy Farquson (or Fargeson), daughter of Samuel Fargeson of Culpeper Co., Va., on 10 May 1772. He secondly married Catherine West in 1795. She was born 1763 in Holland, and died in 1841. (R-160, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Catherine West

+1781. John Temple Graves, b.c. 1796, m. Sophia Dickinson, c. 1816, d. 21 Oct. 1826.



Nancy Graves (685) was born 27 May 1765 and died 12 Aug. 1844. She married her first cousin James Coleman Goodwin, son of Peter Goodwin and Sarah ------, on 6 Sept. 1782 in Va. He died 9 Feb. 1814 in Fayette Co., Ky. They moved to Pendleton Co., Ky., and later to Fayette Co., Ky. (See Wm. & Mary Quarterly, 1st series, vol. 6, p. 25.)

Children - Goodwin

1782. Joseph Graves Goodwin, b. 26 Feb. 1789, m. Frances Coleman Graves (#1795, his 1st cousin).

1783. Lloyd King Goodwin, b. 1791, m. Mary Jane Graves (#1796).


John Coleman Graves (686) was born 13 April 1767 (or 1768) in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 14 April 1840 (or 12 Aug. 1844) in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky. He married Elizabeth Parrish in 1788 in Louisa Co., Va. He sold 100 acres bequeathed him by his father and moved from Virginia to Kentucky in 1781. (R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves

1784. Malinda Graves, m. Zachariah Graves, 15 Sept. 1819. See #2047 for descendants.

1785. Polly Graves, m. Asa Graves, 15 Dec. 1814. See #2046 for descendants.

1786. Mariah (or Marrah) Kimbrough Graves, m. John D. Thomas, 1819.

1787. Hannah Graves, m. Hamlet Hansboro.

+1788. Joseph K. Graves, m. Susan G. Price, 10 March 1842.

1789. Benjamin F. Graves, b. 16 Feb. 1802, never married. He was a lawyer, and mayor of Lexington, Ky. He was a county judge for 16 years.

1790. James P. Graves

1791. Barbara P. Graves, m(1) David D. Chinn (#1814), 10 March 1824, m(2) Daniel Hemmingway (or Hemingway).

1792. Eliza Ann Graves, m. Theophilus Walker, Harrison Co., Ky., d. March 1865.

1793. Frances ("Fannie") Coleman Graves, b. 15 Dec. 1797, m. Hamlet Hansbro (could this be the same as the husband of Fannie's sister Hanna?), 13 Jan. 1828, d. 26 March 1870. Lived and died at Lexington, Ky.


Joseph Graves (687) was born 16 July 1769 (or 10 July 1760) in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 6 June 1826. He first married Mary Goodwin, daughter of Robert Goodwin and Jane Tulloch, on 26 Oct. 1790 in Louisa Co., Va. She was born 28 Sept. 1772 in Louisa Co., Va., and died 11 Jan. 1815 in the "Red House", Spotsylvania Co. After the death of his wife, he moved his family to Kentucky and settled in Fayette Co. He was the last member of his father's family to move to Ky. He secondly married Fanny Waller, sister of Absolom Waller, on 2 Nov. 1815 in Orange Co., Va. She died in 1818. (John Card Graves said they married after Joseph moved to Ky. Did he return to Va. to marry?) (R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Mary Goodwin

1794. Eliza Tulloch Graves, b. 18 Dec. 1791, m. Jesse B. (or G.) Key (or Keyes), 18 Dec. 1809, d. 15 May 1855.

1795. Frances Coleman Graves, b. 26 Oct. 1793, m. Joseph Graves Goodwin (#1782).

1796. Mary Jane Graves, b. 14 Jan. 1796, m. Lloyd King Goodwin (#1783).

+1797. Adeline Graves, b. 15 April 1798, m. James Allen Cartwright, 15 April 1818, d. 5 Sept. 1893.

1798. George L. Graves, b. 7 March 1800, never married.

1799. Barbara Garland Graves, b. 4 (or 14) Sept. 1802, m. (Dr.) Joseph Graves Chinn (#1816), 1 Jan. 1822 (Fayette Co., Ky.), d. 19 March 1849.

1800. Eleanor (or Eleanora or Elenora) Burnley (or Burley) Graves, b. 28 Nov. 1804, m. (Rev.) Buford Early Allen, 7 Feb. 1833, d. 22 April 1873.

+1801. Elizabeth Chapman Graves, b. 28 Jan. 1806, m. Samuel L. Coleman, 22 Nov. 1825, d. 7 Feb. 1893.

+1802. Joseph Graves, b. 1 March 1809, m. Margaret A. Hayes, 1 Feb. 1830.

+1803. Benjamin R. Graves, b. 19 April 1813, m. Jane Hughes, 18 Dec. 1844.


Maj. Benjamin Franklin Graves (688) was born 9 April 1773 (or in 1771) in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died before 1843, probably 22 (or 23) Jan. 1813. He was killed at the battle of River Raisin in Michigan when Gen. Winchester was defeated Jan. 22, 1813, and when his brother, Col. Thomas Coleman Graves was also killed. He first married Mary Boxley. She died in 1803 in Spotsylvania Co. In the year of her death he and Mary sold a house lot, which she had inherited from her father, to her brother George Boxley. They had no children.

He secondly married Polly Dudley, daughter of Rev. and Capt. Ambrose Dudley and Ann Parker. Polly was born 6 Sept. 1783 in Fayette Co., Ky. Ann Parker was a daughter of William Parker and Susanna Winslow of Spotsylvania Co., Va., where the Dudleys were also seated. Ambrose Dudley was a son of Robert Dudley and Joyce Gale/Gayle, and was an officer in the Revolution.

In 1805 Benjamin and Polly Graves sold to his brother Joseph Graves 80 acres in Spotsylvania Co. bequeathed to Coleman Graves by their father. The will of Benjamin Graves mentions his wife Polly Graves, his mother, and brother Thomas C. Graves. His mother and brothers John C. Graves and George Graves were executors of his will.

Benjamin was a member of the Kentucky Legislature from Fayette Co. from 1801 to 1806. He engaged in agricultural pursuits and was an amiable, shrewd, and vigorous man. He was among the first to volunteer after war was declared against the British in 1812. He was made Major of the 5th Ky. Regt. commanded by Col. Lewis, and proved to be a vigilant and gallant officer. He and his brother Coleman Graves were killed in Jan. 1813 at the Battle of River Raisin. Graves Co., Ky. was named for him in 1823. According to the family Bible, six children were born to Benjamin and Polly, all in Fayette Co., Ky. (R-115, R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Polly Dudley

1804. Ambrose Dudley Graves, b. 1802.

1805. Nancy C. Graves, b. 1804.

1806. Francis H. Graves, b. 1806.

1807. Lucien W. (or Lucian B.) Graves, b. 1808.

+1808. Elizabeth Mary Graves, b. 16 Sept. 1810, m(1) Alfred William Carr, 1828, m(2) Adam Black Chambers, 28 Oct. 1833, d. 2 Jan. 1886.

1809. Marion W. Graves, b. 1812.


Sally Graves (689) was born about 1774 and died 12 Feb. 1832. She married William ("Will") Ball Chinn. He was born 14 Feb. 1770 and died 17 Feb. 1830. (R-179)

Children - Chinn

1810. Matilda Chinn, m. E. R. Wilmott.

1811. Frances Chinn, m. Richard Harcourt.

1812. Polly Chinn, m. (Major) William Burton.

1813. Susan Chinn, m. J. H. McHatton.

1814. David D. Chinn, m. Barbara P. Graves (#1791), 10 March 1824.

1815. William Chinn, died in infancy.

1816. Joseph Graves Chinn, b. 1 April 1797, m(1) Barbara Garland Graves (#1799), 1 Jan. 1822, m(2) Mrs. J. W. Shepperd, 22 Sept. 1850, m(3) Mrs. Katherine Lawson (when she was almost 90), 1877.


Polly Graves (690) was born in 1776 and died in 1819. She married Joseph Chinn, brother of William Ball Chinn. (R-179)

Children - Chinn

1817. Sally Chinn, b. 22 Nov. 1800, m(1) Hawkins Smith, m(2) Hubbell Shropshire.

1818. Alexander Chinn, b. 22 June 1802.

1819. Coleman Chinn, b. 2 April 1804.

1820. Milton Chinn, b. 4 April 1806.

1821. Christopher Chinn, b. 11 Feb. 1808, m. Mrs. Nancy (Shropshire) Parrish.

1822. Penelope Chinn, b. 15 Feb. 1810, m. Walter Shropshire.

1823. Margaret Chinn, b. 13 Dec. 1811.

1824. Matilda Chinn, b. 8 May 1814, m. Silas Corbin.

1825. Benjamin Graves Chinn, b. 5 April 1816.

1826. Elvyra Chinn, b. 6 Dec. 1822.

1827. Richard Mitchell Chinn, b. 8 March 1825.


George Graves (692) was born 21 March 1780 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 6 Sept. 1831. He first married his cousin Mary Blaydes, daughter of William Blaydes and Mary Ann Coleman, on 14 Aug. 1800. On 20 Aug. 1804 they, with Hawes and Nicie Graves of Albemarle, sold to Joseph Graves of Spotsylvania Co. their share in their father's estate. Mary died 14 June 1813. George secondly married Polly Coleman on 16 Aug. 1814. He lived in Lexington, Ky., where he raised pedigreed horses.

In addition to the children listed below, John Card Graves also included Annie and Mary by the second marriage. (R-179, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Mary Blaydes

1828. Benjamin H. Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1802.

1829. Spencer C. Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1803. He owned fine thoroughbred horses in Lexington, Ky. One made a record of a mile in 1 min., 47 sec. in 1848.

1830. Martha (or Marcia) Ann Graves, b. 26 Jan. 1810, m. Samuel Carrington, by 1836.

Children - Graves, by Polly Coleman

1831. Thomas C. Graves, b. 10 July 1815, d. 18 June 1836.

1832. Lucy C. Graves, b. 9 Sept. 1817.

1833. Ormisinda Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1821, m. Samuel T. Hayes.

1834. John W. Graves

1835. Julian Graves


Hawes Graves (693) was born in 1782 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died about 1859. He first married Eunice ("Nicie") Hawse (or Hawes) Blaydes. She was a sister of George Graves' wife, Mary Blaydes, and daughter of William Blaydes and Mary Ann Coleman.

In 1806, Hawes Graves, in Fayette Co., Ky., gave power of attorney to John C. Blaydes to act for him in making joint deed with his brother George Graves for land bequeathed to him by William Blaydes, and to act in the matter of legacies left him by his grandfather John Coleman. In 1810 he lived in Fayette Co.

Hawes secondly married Ann Bibb White. (R-179, R-515)

Children - Graves

1836. Mary Ann Graves, b. 17 March 1803, m. Jefferson Graves (#2052), 31 Oct. 1823, d. 22 March 1829. John Card Graves said she married a Mr. Ewing.

+1837. Coleman Graves, b. 24 April 1806, m. Elizabeth Virginia Chiles, 21 Nov. 1830, d. 21 April 1874.

1838. Dr.) George O. Graves; lived in Winchester, Clark Co., Ky. (Not mentioned by William T. Stamps.)



Mary Graves (700) was born about 1770 in Louisa Co., Va., and died about 1825 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. She married Lewis Partlow, son of John Partlow, Jr. and Sarah Reynolds, about 1792. He was born 18 Feb. 1769 in Carolina or Spotsylvania Co., Va. He gave the name of his post office as Partlow, Spotsylvania Co., Va.

From Spotsylvania Co. (Va.) Records, Will Book A, p. 975 (p. 45 of book): John Partlow, Spotsylvania Co., d. Dec. 11, 1789, Executor Bond dated April 6, 1790. Wit. Thomas Minor, Martin Devenport, Robert Hackney, Carr Walker. Ex. wife Sarah, son Lewis. Benjamin Waller, Thomas Minor. Leg. wife Sarah, son Benjamin Partlow. 250 acres in Culpeper Co., daughter Lucy Yates; daughter Dorothy; son John, land joining Martin Devenport, Col. Jonathan Clark and Thomas Waller's estate; son Lewis; daughter Sarah Devenport; son Elijah; daughters Polly and Sarah.

In the will of Mary's father John, he listed daughter Mary Partlow, and named Lewis Partlow (Spotsylvania Co. Will Book F, p. 67). (R-81)

Children - Partlow

+1839. John Graves Partlow, b. 17 Feb. 1793, m(1) ------, m(2) Malinda Grimes, 3 Oct. 1822, d. 19 Jan. 1870.

1840. Baldwin L. Partlow, b. 4 May 1794, d. before 1845 (was not in his father's will).

1841. Elizabeth Partlow, b. 24 Aug. 1795, m. ------ Hackney.

1842. Boswell Y. Partlow, b. 11 June 1797.

1843. Eliza Partlow, b. 8 Sept. 1798, m. ------ Graves.

1844. Lancelot Partlow, b. 12 June 1800, m(1) Nancy Henry Dickenson (or Dickerson), 20 Sept. 1825, m(2) Mary Ann E. Pulliam, 18 Jan. (or 6 June) 1848.

1845. Sarah Partlow, b. 24 Dec. 1802, m. James Crawford.

1846. Mary A. ("Polly") Partlow, b. 18 Dec. 1805, m. Garland S. Chewning.



William McGehee (702) married Levinia (or Levina) Smith. (R-179)

Children - McGehee

1847. Nancy McGehee, b. 31 Oct. 1783.

1848. John McGehee, b. 15 March 1794, m. Mary Stewart, d. 4 June 1825.

1849. Augustine McGehee, b. Feb. 1790, m. widow Sarah Wyatt Thomson.

1850. Edward McGehee, m. Frances Lumsden, 28 Aug. 1781 (Louisa Co., Va.).

1851. Elizabeth McGehee, m. ------ Bond, before 2 Nov. 1798.

1852. Mary McGehee, unmarried on 2 Nov. 1798.

1853. Susannah McGehee, m. ------ Mallory.

1854. Agnes McGehee, unmarried at date of father's will.

1855. Sarah McGehee, unmarried on 2 Nov. 1798.

1856. Lucy McGehee, m. Reuben Cason, 15 Oct. 1790 (Louisa Co., Va.).

1857. Barbara McGehee, m. Richard Groom, 9 March 1795 (Louisa Co., Va.).



John Herndon Graves (713) was born Sept. 1749, probably in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 28 Aug. (or Oct.) 1829 in Caswell Co., N.C. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War and was wounded in the battle of Guilford Court House, 15 March 1781, and left on the field. He lived in Caswell Co., N.C. during the Revolution.

He first married Nancy Slade, daughter of Thomas Slade and Anne Talbot, on 5 Feb. 1770. She died 4 June 1807 at Yanceyville, N.C. He secondly married Elizabeth Coleman. There were no children by his second marriage. His will (Caswell Co., N.C., Book L, p. 462) was dated 9 Jan. 1826, codicil dated 26 Aug. 1829, probated 1830. His will was witnessed by Jeremiah Graves, probably his nephew.

He was a representative in the N.C. State Assembly in 1788, 1791, 1792 and 1793, and a member of the State Convention to consider the Federal Constitution in 1788 and 1789. (R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Nancy Slade

1858. Elizabeth Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1771, m. Thomas Kimbrough, 29 March 1792, d. 1828. See #802 for descendants.

+1859. Catherine Graves, b. 23 Feb. 1773, m. Groves Howard, 12 Feb. 1792, d. 12 Jan. 1860.

+1860. Thomas Slade Graves, b. 5 Feb. 1775, m(1) Mary Lee Bennett, m(2) Mary Lee, 1800, d. 17 March 1847.

1861. Azariah Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1776, never married, d. 30 April (or 1 May, according to his grave stone) 1837. He was a merchant, teacher, and Justice of the Peace.

1862. Elijah Graves, b. 8 Dec. 1778, never married, d. 29 Oct. 1855. According to his gravestone, he was 76 yrs., 10 months, 21 days of age at death.

+1863. William Graves, b. 27 Oct. 1780, m(1) Isabella Graves, m(2) Anne Lea Graves, May 1815, d. 25 Dec. 1845.

+1864. Barzillai Graves, b. 16 April 1782, m(1) Frances Williams, m(2) Mary Thomas (Marshall) Royal, d. 10 Oct. 1850.

+1865. Delilah Graves, b. 7 Sept. 1784, m(1) David Womack, m(2) Abner Miles, d. 13 April 1848.

1866. Nancy Graves, b. 3 Dec. 1786, m. Bartlett Yancey, Jr., 8 Dec. 1808, d. 8 April 1855. For descendants, see #1896.

1867. Mary ("Polly" or "Molly") Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1792, m. James Mebane, 1835 (or 1833), d. Jan. 1846 (or 3 Feb. 1845).


Mary Graves (714) was born 26 Jan. 1754 and died 22 Feb. 1831. She married Hon. John Kerr. He was born 29 (or 26) Jan. 1753 in Caswell Co., N.C., and died 22 Feb. 1816. He served seven terms in Congress from N.C. They had 9 children. For more information, see Tyler's Magazine, vol. 4, pp. 39-40. (R-179)

Children - Kerr

+1868. John Kerr, married.

+1869. Isabella Kerr, b. 12 June 1790, m. Christopher William Brooks, 28 Nov. 1812, d.c. 1851.


Thomas Graves (715) was born about 1740 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, and died by April 1799, when an inventory of his estate was ordered. The division of land was approved at January Court 1800. 2497 acres was allotted to his 10 children.

He first married ------ Miles about 1770. She was a daughter of Jacob Miles who mentioned his four Graves grandchildren in his will, to wit: Jacob, John, James, and Martha Graves. Thomas secondly married Hannah Simmons, a relative of his first wife. Her father, Thomas Simmons, named Thomas Graves, son-in-law, as executor of his will in 1794. Hannah died testate in 1803.

The following list of children is not necessarily in order of birth, but rather in order of their drawing for land. (R-510, R-531)

Children - Graves

1870. John Graves, m. Mildred George (or possibly Mary Yancey (#1893), 13 Feb. 1794), 9 May 1817 (Pittsylvania Co., Va.).

1871. Jacob Graves, m. Nancy Kimbrough, c. 1793, d. 1826.

+1872. James Graves, m. Nancy Slade, 15 April 1800, d. 1 July 1829.

1873. Nancy Graves, m. William Moore, 25 Nov. 1799, d. before 1803.

1874. Azariah Graves, m. Penelope Simpson, 16 May 1809.

1875. Lewis Graves, m. Elizabeth Graves (#1906, according to R-531), 12 Nov. 1818.

1876. Major Graves

1877. Thomas Graves, never married, d. before 1802.

+1878. Martha Graves, m. Thomas Gunn, 22 Sept. 1792, d. before 1802.

1879. Isabel Graves, m. William Graves (probably #1863), 25 Nov. 1805.


Rev. Barzillai Graves (716) was born 12 Dec. 1759 and died 14 July 1827. He married Ursula Wright, daughter of William Wright and granddaughter of John Wright who married Miss Parsons, on 10 April 1783. She was born 28 (or 26) April 1755 and died 27 Nov. 1843. Barzillai lived and died in Caswell Co., N.C. about three miles from Yanceyville. He was the most distinguished Baptist clergyman of his time in Virginia, N.C., and Tenn. He was in the N.C. Senate in 1814 and 1815 (?) and in the House from 1818 to 1822. He was a taxpayer in Gloucester District of Caswell Co., N.C. in 1790. (R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1880. Solomon Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1784, m. Mary Cleveland Franklin, 10 April 1817, d. 28 April 1861.

+1881. Jeremiah Graves, b. 4 Jan. 1786, m. Delilah S. Lea, d. 23 Sept. 1868.

+1882. Isabella Graves, b. 18 March 1788, m. Hosea McNeill, 18 March 1807, d. 26 Dec. 1861.

1883. Barzillai Graves, b. 17 Oct. 1790, never married, d. 6 Dec. 1828.

1884. Elizabeth ("Betsey") Graves, b. 2 March 1793, m. James Lea, d. 1854. Moved to Tenn.

1885. Margarette (or Margaret) Graves, b. 3 July 1795, m(1) William Lipscomb, m(2) J. V. Cross, d. 1853. Moved to Tenn.

1886. Mary Graves, b. 15 Sept. 1798, m. Thomas Williams Graves, 17 July 1828, d. 24 Aug. 1875. For descendants, see #1914.


Ann Graves (717) died in 1818. She married Bartlett Yancey. He was born about 1736 in Hanover Co., VA, and died in 1784. Bartlett, a native of Granville Co., NC, of Welsh descent, moved to Caswell Co., NC, and settled some six miles south of what is now called Yanceyville. His parents were James Yancey (1712-1779) and Ann Thornton, who had migrated from Hanover Co., VA, to Granville Co., NC. (See Granville Co. wills.) The following list of children is found in her will and in administration records of Caswell Co., NC. (R-151, R-177, R-510)

Children - Yancey

+1887. John Graves Yancey, b.c. 1764, m. Elizabeth Lightfoot Moore, 24 Feb. 1789, d. Nov. 1818.

+1888. James Yancey, b.c. 1772, m(1) Lucy Kerr, 14 Jan. 1794, m(2) Zilpah Johnston, 24 June 1811, d. 17 Oct. 1829.

+1889. Thomas Yancey, b.c. 1769, m(1) Keziah Simmons, 24 Feb. 1789, m(2) Elizabeth Tate, 2 (or 10) Feb. 1802, d. 1804.

+1890. Elizabeth Perry Yancey, b.c. 1770, m. Nathaniel Slade, 26 June 1792, d. 1854.

+1891. Isabel (or Isabelle) Yancey, b.c. 1774, m(1) John Kimbrough, c. 1790, m(2) John (or Joseph) Collier, 17 Sept. 1805.

+1892. Sarah Yancey, b.c. 1777, m. Isaac Rice, 6 July 1811, d. before 1816.

+1893. Mary Yancey, b.c. 1768 (or 1774), m(1) John Graves (possibly #1870), 13 Feb. 1794, m(2) ------ Riddle (or Biddle).

1894. Nancy Yancey, b.c. 1770 (or 1775), m. Isaac Johnston, 10 Dec. 1795 (Caswell Co., NC).

+1895. Frances W. Yancey, b.c. 1780 (or 1784), m. Alexander Wiley, 2 Oct. 1804, d. before 1816.

+1896. Bartlett Yancey, Jr., b. 19 Feb. 1785, m. Nancy Graves, 8 Dec. 1808, d. 3 (or 30) Aug. 1828.


Solomon Graves (718) was born 29 April 1766, and died Oct. 1830 in Newton Co., Ga. He married Frances Lewis of Virginia. He moved to Newton Co., Ga. about 1819. He was in the N.C. House of Commons in 1795 and 1797. (R-515)

Children - Graves

1897. William Byrd Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1791, d. June 1864.

+1898. John L. Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1793, m. Martha W. Graves, 1824.

1899. Frances Lewis Graves, b. 15 July 1797, m. Dr. William P. Graham (of Ga.).

+1900. Iverson Lee Graves, b. 20 June 1799, m(1) Elizabeth W. Paine, 2 Oct. 1828, m(2) Sarah Ward Dutton.

1901. Barzillai Graves, b. 12 March 1802, m. Sarah Goneke, d. 1866 (Tuskegee, Ala.). Moved to Tuskegee, Ala.

+1902. Solomon Graves, b. 12 Sept. 1803, m(1) ------ Lane, m(2) Anne Slade Graves, m(3) ------ Goneke.

1903. Sidney Graves, b. 14 March 1806, never married, d. 1833.


Gen. Azariah Graves (719) was born 29 Oct. 1768 in Caswell Co., N.C., and died 1 March 1850. He married Elizabeth ("Betsy") Williams, daughter of John Williams who was a Col. in the Rev. War, on 3 June 1790. She was born 15 Oct. 1773 and died 21 Aug. 1841. In the War of 1812, Gen. Graves was in command of the 16th Brigade, 3rd Division, of the N.C. State Militia. He was a prominent and influential man, member of the State Senate from 1805 to 1811. He was taxed in the Gloucester District, Caswell Co., N.C. in 1790. They lived in Caswell Co. (R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1904. John Williams Graves, b. 4 March 1792, m. Martha Elizabeth Hinton, 26 Oct. 1814, d. 9 Feb. 1847.

1905. Ann Lea Graves, b. 5 Jan. 1794, m. William Graves, May 1815. For descendants, see #1863.

1906. Elizabeth Williams Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1797, m. Lewis Graves (#1875, according to R-531), 27 Aug. 1821. (According to John Card Graves, he was a son of her uncle James, #720).

1907. Henrietta Williams Graves, b. 7 April (or 4 July) 1799, m. (Judge) Thomas Settle (of Rockingham Co., N.C.), 21 Sept. 1820. He was b. 1791, d. 5 Aug. 1857. Their son Thomas, b. 23 Jan. 1831, was Speaker of the N.C. Assembly, U.S. Minister to Peru, and U.S. Dist. Judge for the Northern Dist. of Florida, and father of Hon. Thomas Settle, M.C.

1908. Martha W. Graves, b. 2 June 1801, m(1) John W. Dick, m(2) Dr. John L. Graves (#1898), 1824, d. June 1868.

+1909. Calvin Graves, b. 3 Jan. 1804, m(1) Elizabeth Lea, 9 June 1830, m(2) Mary L. Lea, 4 Feb. 1859, d. 11 Feb. 1877.

1910. Frances L. Graves, b. 2 Sept. 1807, m. Josiah Settle, 8 June 1826, d. 7 Oct. 1829.

1911. Mary K. Graves, b. 15 April 1810, m. Alexis Howard, 7 Dec. 1842.

1912. Rebecca Williams Graves, b. 8 Oct. 1812, m. Henry Lee Graves, Feb. 1836, d. 18 Nov. 1865. See #3488 for descendants.

+1913. Azariah Graves, Jr., b. 10 Aug. 1815, m(1) Meekey Harden Slade, 26 June 1844, m(2) Elizabeth Neal, 1 July 1846, m(3) Isabella Howard, 17 March 1858, d. 8 July 1897.


James Graves (720) was born 1772 and died 1 July 1826. He was supposedly in the War of 1812, although Mr. William T. Graves says no proof of this has been found. He first married Miss Wright. He secondly married Mary ("Polly" or "Polley") Slade on 15 April 1800. She was born 1780, and died in 1844 in N.C. (However, according to Mrs. Hiden, James Graves, son of John (#281), never married, died before 1790, and left property to his brother Thomas and sister Ann Yancey.) (R-17, R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves

+1914. Thomas Williams Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1801, m. Mary Graves, 17 July 1828, d. 15 Oct. 1877.

+1915. James L. Graves, b. 10 Feb. 1802, m(1) Elizabeth G. Womack, 12 March 1840, m(2) Frances A. (McNeil) Kerr, 7 Nov. 1849, d. 18 April 1853.

1916. Mary ("Polly" or "Polley") S. Graves, b. 1807, never married, d. 20 July 1856. Estate papers in N.C. Archives, File No. C.R. 020.508(38).

1917. Franklin Graves, b. 14 Oct. 1814, never married, d. 31 Jan. 1866. Estate papers in N.C. Archives, File No. C.R. 020.508(38).

1918. Henry M. (or W.) Graves, b. 4 March 1817, never married, d. 1894.

1919. John Slade Graves, b. 30 Nov. 1823 (or 1822), m. Mrs. Susan B. (Anderson) Simpson, 3 April 1858. No children.

1920. Askelon Graves, d. 14 July 1826.

1921. Martha Graves, d. Jan. 1833.

1922. Isabella Graves; she is only listed by Mr. William T. Graves.


Isabella Graves (721) married Thomas L. Slade on 12 Dec. 1782. His will is dated 27 Aug. 1827, proven in Caswell Co., N.C. (R-179)

Children - Slade

1923. Isabella Slade, m. William Russell, 29 May 1825.

1924. Susan Slade

1925. William Slade

1926. John Slade

1927. Polly Slade, m. James Graves, 15 April 1800. After the death of her husband, her nephew Milton Stamps lived with her in Rockingham Co., N.C.

1928. Thomas Slade

1929. Milton Slade

1930. Emily Slade

+1931. Nancy Slade, b.c. 1792, m. John Stamps, Jr., 13 Jan. 1808, d. before 10 Nov. 1844.



William Bartlett Graves (722) was born 19 Oct. 1755 and died 7 Jan. 1818. He married Ann (or Anne) P. ("Nancy") Pettus (#754), daughter of Col. William Pettus and Susannah Graves, on 3 Feb. 1778 in Louisa Co., Va. Ann was William's first cousin. She was born 1 Feb. 1760 and died 12 Oct. 1815. The will of William B. Graves is recorded in Louisa Co., Va. He was a Revolutionary War patriot. They are said to have moved to Todd Co., Ky. (R-510)

Children - Graves

1932. Mary Graves, b. 19 March 1779, m. George Wash, 14 Feb. 1804 (Louisa Co., Va., by Rev. William Cooke). Marriage bond was dated 2 Feb. 1804.

+1933. Ann Pettus Graves, b. 13 May 1781, m. Charles Thompson, 14 Dec. 1800, d. 24 July 1858.

+1934. Caswell Thomas Graves, m. Delphia Eads, 28 July 1806.

1935. Susannah Pettus Graves, b. 16 May 1785, m. John Hancock, 24 Aug. 1813 (Louisa Co., Va.).

+1936. Hulda Graves, b. 24 Feb. 1788, m. James C. Hall, 22 Dec. 1809, d. 7 July 1852.

+1937. Amelia Graves, b. 8 Feb. 1790, m(1) James Wash, 28 Jan. 1805, m(2) Mills Tandy, d. 14 Sept. 1843.

+1938. Joseph Robert Pettus Graves, b. 4 June 1792, m(1) Mary Ann Pettus, 1812, m(2) Mary Elizabeth Smoot, 13 April 1845, d. 14 July 1855.

1939. William Overton Graves, b. 31 May 1796.

+1940. James Otho Graves, b. 7 Oct. 1798, m. Ann Mills Perry, d. 20 Aug. 1875.


Ann ("Nancy") Graves (723) was born 22 July 1756 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., and died 6 March 1846 in Butler Co., Ohio. She married John Hancock on 7 May 1774 in Louisa Co., Va. He was born 4 March 1753 in Henrico Co., Va., and died before 27 Oct. 1827 in Butler Co., Ohio.

The family lived in Louisa Co., Va., during the Revolutionary War, where John served and was appointed Captain in the Militia on April 13, 1779. For this service, he received a land warrant for bounty land. The family moved to Kentucky about 1788, where they settled in Woodford Co. for a short time, then moved to Franklin Co. Sometime between 1805 and 1812, they moved to Butler Co., Ohio, where it is said John Hancock built the first cabin on what is now the town square of Oxford. This location was at the crossing of two Indian trails and because of the scarcity of water, he abandoned it and moved closer to what is now Hamilton, Ohio. He died there in Hanover Township before Oct. 27, 1827, when an appraisal of his estate was recorded.

Nancy died in Reily Township, Butler Co., Ohio, and both were buried on a part of their property which they set aside as a burial ground. A few years ago, a committee was appointed in Butler Co. to locate the graves of the early pioneers who died there before 1860. The graves of John and Nancy Hancock were located and their remains were moved to Oxford Cem. at Oxford, Ohio (Butler Co. Graveyard Records by Jane Knox Skinner). (R-122)

Children - Hancock

+1941. Susannah Hancock, b. 7 Aug. 1779, m. Henry Crutcher, d. 16 July 1849.

1942. Bartlett Hancock, m. Sophia Dixon, 1812 (Franklin Co., Ky.).

+1943. Joel Hancock, b. 15 March 1788, m(1) Sarah Jane Lintner, 11 Jan. 1816, m(2) Sarah Hill, 24 May 1822, d. 12 Oct. 1863.

1944. John Hancock, m. Lucy Smith. Went to Hamilton, Ohio.

+1945. Isabella Hancock, b.c. 1793, m. Henry Clem, 2 April 1812, d.c. 1823-4.

1946. James Hancock, possibly m. Lucinda Sheeley.

1947. Henry Graves Hancock, b. 1797, m. Sarah Watson, 28 May 1822 (Butler Co., Ohio), d. 1876.

1948. William Hancock

1949. Graves Hancock, m. Elizabeth Cox, 1810 (Franklin Co., Ky.).

1950. Thomas C. Hancock, m. Jemima Hayden, 1801 (Franklin Co., Ky.).

1951. Nancy Hancock, m. Jonas Jones, 20 July 1809 (Butler Co., Ohio).


Isabella (or Isabel or Arabella) Graves (724) was born in 1764 (or about 1750 according to another source) in Va., and died in Shelbyville, Ky. She first married Col. John Hall by 1801. He died by 1819. The children listed below were named in John's will probated in Scott Co., Ky., in June Court 1819 and recorded in Scott Co. Will Book C, pages 247-248. She secondly married Col. William Nash. (R-137, R-182)

Children - Hall

1952. Warren Hall

1953. John Hall

1954. Emily Boswell Hall

1955. William Hall

1956. Charles W. Hall

1957. Malinda Darniby Hall

+1958. Braxton P. Hall, b. 12 March 1786, m. Catherine Shroyer, c. 1810, d. 20 May 1859.

1959. Thomas G. Hall

1960. Bartlett Hall

1961. Washington Hall

Children - Nash

1962. William Nash, Jr.; this is the ancestor of Miss Julia M. Butler.


Bartlett O. Graves (726) was born 22 Nov. 1766 and died in 1855. He first married Frances Lane, daughter of Henry Lane, on 16 April 1787 in Louisa Co., Va. She died in 1793. He secondly married Kitty Patterson in 1793. She died in 1805. He thirdly married Elizabeth Leathers in 1806. She was born in 1781 and died in 1867. It is not certain which of the following children were by which wife. (R-510)

Children - Graves

+1963. John Leathers Graves, b. 10 April 1807, m(1) Maria W. Graves, 4 Feb. 1836, m(2) Martha Lucas, d. 29 Jan. 1890.

1964. Louisa Graves

+1965. Milton White Graves, b. 22 Aug. 1809, m. Catherine A. Osborn, d. 13 Dec. 1893.

1966. Clarissa Graves

1967. Arminta Graves

+1968. Joseph Addison Graves, b. 15 Nov. 1814, m. Anna C. Harrison, d. 19 March 1867.

1969. Elizabeth Graves

+1970. Mary Jane Graves, b. 1829, m. W. A. Williams.

1971. Thomas Graves

1972. Benjamin Graves

1973. William Graves


Mary Susan ("Polly") Graves (727) was born about 1766, probably in Louisa Co., Va., died 3 Nov. 1851 (or 1831?) in McLean Co., Ill., and was buried in East Grove Cem., McLean Co., Ill. She married Col. Samuel Beeler, son of Capt. Samuel Beeler and Amelia Hurst (?), on 11 June 1790. He was born 27 Jan. 1761 (or 1760) in Virginia, died 14 Jan. 1840 in McLean Co., Ill., and was also buried in East Grove Cem. They lived in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Butler Co., Ohio, and McLean Co., Ill. They were Methodists. He was a farmer, and was in the War of 1812. John Card Graves said she was called Susan, married Samuel Bealert in Va., moved to Fayette Co., Ky., and then to Ohio. (R-1, R-24, R-515)

Children - Beeler

1974. Samuel Beeler III, b. 12 July 1791, m. Sarah Dollahan, 10 Dec. 1818, d. 8 April 1865 (Indiana). 5 children.

1975. Isabella Beeler, b. 10 Feb. 1793 (Ohio), m. Francis Rockhild, 4 March 1824, d. 14 April 1844. 6 children.

+1976. William Beeler, Sr., b. 26 Sept. 1796, m(1) Mary Hall, 12 May 1818, m(2) Elizabeth Sheely, d. 3 March 1878.

+1977. Mary Elizabeth Beeler, b. 4 Oct. 1797, m. William E. Henry, 12 May 1818, d. 26 July 1881.

1978. Elizabeth Beeler, b.c. 1800, m. Milton Dollahan, Sr. She was buried near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 2 children.

1979. George Beeler, b. 6 Sept. 1802 (Ky.), m. Delilah Sheely, 9 Oct. 1823, d. 4 Aug. 1855. He was buried in McLean Co., Ill. 4 children.

1980. Amelia Beeler, b.c. 1805, m. Patrick Kelly, 22 Sept. 1833. She was buried near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 4 children.

1981. Nancy Beeler, b. 4 April 1809, m. Jesse Hill, 18 Aug. 1831, d. 1833. 4 children.

1982. Lavina Beeler, b.c. 1810, m. Isaac Rynearson, 12 Feb. 1830. She was buried near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 2 children.


John C. Graves (730) was born 2 March 1775 (or 1773 according to John Card Graves, or 2 March 1767 according to H. Gordon Kenney; however, this latter date seems unlikely, since it was less than 4 months after his brother Bartlett was born) in Louisa Co., Va., and died before 14 Aug. 1848 in Fayette Co., Ky. He married Margaret Cloud, daughter of Henry Cloud (who died 6 Aug. 1787), in 1792. She was born 1773 in Shenandoah Co., Va., and died 11 March 1849 in Fayette Co., Ky. They were both buried in Fayette Co. John served in the War of 1812 as a Col. in the 10th Ky. Regt., State Militia. At least their first four children were born in Fayette Co. (R-53, R-510, R-515)

Children - Graves

1983. Mary Cloud Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1797, m. William W. Graves, 18 Oct. 1815, d. 13 March 1901. See #2090 for descendants.

1984. Louisa Graves, m. Jesse Beauchamp, 27 Nov. 1822.

1985. Eliza (or Elizabeth) Ann Graves, m. John Garth, 20 Sept. 1831.

+1986. Harvey Cloud Graves, b. 19 Feb. 1804, m(1) Lucinda Garth, 1829, m(2) Martha Rebecca Crockett, 7 March 1837, d. 14 Aug. 1885.

1987. William C. Graves, m. Sally Ann Walker, 14 Dec. 1837, d. 26 July 1890.

1988. Thomas C. Graves, m. Mary Ann ------.

+1989. George W. C. Graves, b. 11 March 1808, m(1) Sidney Jane Daugherty, 7 Oct. 1829, m(2) ------ Shropshire, d. 1894.



David Graves (733) was born 11 Nov. 1750 in Surry Co., Va., was christened 11 Dec. 1750 in Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., Va., and died about 1821 in Sussex Co., Va. He married Martha Moore, daughter of Thomas Moore and Sarah Sands (widow), about 1772. She was born 15 Feb. 1753 in Surry Co., Va., was christened 6 May 1753 in Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., Va., and died before 1816. David was a farmer. All their children were born, married, and died in Sussex Co., Va., with the possible exception of Ann whose death place is not known. (R-63, R-510)

Children - Graves

+1990. Rebecca Graves, b.c. 1773, m. Willis Adkins, 13 July 1793, d. April 1850.

+1991. Sally Graves, m. Thomas Chambliss, 28 Feb. 1793, d. 1827.

1992. Solomon Graves II, m. Polly Pennington, 22 April 1807, d. 1825.

1993. Lucy Graves, m. Thomas Potts, 3 Sept. 1807 (bond dated 29 Aug. 1807, Sussex Co., Va.), d. by March 1816.

1994. Elizabeth Graves, m. Robert Moore, 7 Feb. 1810 (bond).

1995. Susanna Graves, b.c. 1792, m. Williamson Howle, 6 Oct. 1821, d. 26 April 1870.

1996. Ann Graves, m. Alexander Rainey, 12 Jan. 1809.

1997. Martha Graves, m. James Bell, 3 Sept. 1801.


William Graves (735) died about 1820 or 1821. He first married Rebecca Williamson (?). She died 20 Jan. 1774. He secondly married Susanna ------. (R-510)

Children - Graves

1998. Sally Graves

1999. Mariah Graves

2000. Williamson Graves

2001. Thomas Graves

2002. James Graves

2003. Patsy Graves, m. ------ Moore.

2004. Elizabeth Graves, m. James Rogers, 17 April 1800.


Rebecca Graves (738) was born in 1764. She married William Chambliss, Jr., son of William Chambliss and Elizabeth Rives (?), on 27 March 1782 in Sussex Co., Va. He was born in 1760 in Va.

The original consent filed among the loose papers of the Circuit Court for the County of Sussex, Va., and recorded in Marriage Register 1754-1850, page 30, states: "This is to certify that I have given my consent for my daughter Rebeccah Graves of Sussex County to marry to William Chambliss of the said County. Given under my hand this 24th day of March 1782. Solomon Graves. Witness: John (?) Graves, Thomas Chambliss." The marriage bond was also recorded with the consent, and was signed by William Chambliss and witnessed by James Chambliss. (R-59)

Children - Chambliss

2005. Polly Chambliss, b. Va., m. Mitchell Grigg, 4 Jan. 1809.

+2006. John Graves Chambliss, b. 1800, m. Celia Jane Mabry Cain, 1818, d. 19 May 1865.


Richard Graves (740) died in Dinwiddie Co., VA. He married Dorothy ("Dolly") Blunt, daughter of Richard Blunt, on 21 Aug. 1783 in Sussex Co., VA. Most of the following information is from the family Bible of Richard Graves' son, George Graves. (R-267)

Children - Graves

2007. Robert Graves, b. 30 May 1791, d. 15 Sept. 1844.

+2008. George Graves, b. 30 May 1796, m. Nancy Booth Tyus, 1 Oct. 1818, d. 19 Feb. 1845.



Thomas Graves (743) was born by 1769 and died in 1844. He married Elizabeth Lanier, daughter of David Lanier, on 16 Dec. 1800 in Henry Co., Va. She was born about 1783 in Va., and died in 1855 in Giles Co., Tenn.

The 1850 census showed David Lanier Graves (age 21) and William Graves (age 9) living with Elizabeth. She was living with Pleasant and Mary Louisa New when she died. (R-46)

Children - Graves

2009. Ann Graves, b. 21 Aug. 1804, m. Alexander Graves, 25 Dec. 1825. See #1636 for descendants.

2010. Thomas Martin Graves (executor, Limestone Co., Ala., 1850, 1855).

2011. William Branch Graves, b. 1816 (N.C.).

2012. James L. Graves, b. 1817 (N.C.).

2013. Elizabeth Graves, m. Granderson Booth.

+2014. Mary Louisa Graves, b. 1823, m. Pleasant New, Jr., d. 13 July 1873.

2015. John Graves, d. 1840.

2016. daughter, m. ------ McMillion.


Susannah Graves (746) was born about 1763, and died 9 March 1837 in Henry Co., Va. She married General Joseph Martin, Jr., son of Joseph Martin, Sr. and Susannah Chiles, on 24 Feb. 1784 in Henry Co., Va. He was born 18 Sept. 1740 in Albemarle Co., Va., died 18 Dec. 1808 in Henry Co., Va., and was buried at "Bell Monte" on Leatherwood Creek, Henry Co. Susannah was Joseph's third wife. He first married Sarah Lucas in 1762. Sarah died 17 March 1782 in Henry Co., Va. Children by this marriage were Susannah, b. 1763, m. Jacob Burns, d. 1844; Col. William, b. 1765, m. ------ Donelson, d. 1846; Elizabeth, m. Carr Waller, d. 1805; Brice, b. 1770, m. Malinda Perkins, d. 1856; Polly, m. Daniel Hammock; Martha, m. William Cleveland; Nancy, m. Aichilus Hughes. After his appointment as Indian Commissioner (while his first wife was living) Joseph married Elizabeth Ward, a Cherokee princess, and had children James, b. 1781, and Nannie. He was still her husband in 1800. Both of his white wives knew of the Indian one. The first five children listed below were born in Henry Co., Va., and it is assumed that the others were probably born there also. (R-8)

Children - Martin

2017. Col. Joseph Martin, b. 22 Sept. 1785, m. Sally Hughes, 27 April 1810, d. 3 Nov. 1859 (Henry Co., Va.).

2018. Jesse Martin, m(1) Annie Armistead, m(2) Cecelia Reid, d.c. 1835.

2019. Thomas W. Martin, m. Nancy Carr (dau. of John Fendell Carr, pirate), d. before 1838 (Maury Co., Tenn.).

2020. Louis Martin, m. Balinda (or Belinda?) Rucker, d. either 1850's or 1877 (Lincoln Co., Mo.).

2021. Alexander Martin, b.c. 1800, m. Elizabeth Carr, 4 Nov. 1819, d.c. 1850's (Lincoln Co., Va.).

2022. John Calvin Martin, m. ------ Rucker, d. Cannon Co., Tenn.

2023. George Martin, m(1) ------ Starling, m(2) ------ Watkins, d.c. 1860 (N.C.).

2024. Sally Martin, m. Rev. Samuel Armistead, 7 Feb. 1807, d.c. 1813.

2025. Susannah Martin, m. George King.

2026. Polly Martin, m. Reuben Hughes, d. 1839.

2027. Patrick Henry Martin, never married, d.c. 1814.


Mary ("Polly") Graves (748) married Green Bouldin, son of Thomas Bouldin II and Martha Moseley, in 1787. He was born in 1760, and died in 1830 in Morgan Co., AL. (R-203)

Children - Bouldin

+2028. William Graves Bouldin, b. 21 March 1792, m. Elizabeth Purnell Hammond, 11 July 1821, d. 30 Sept. 1857.


Sarah ("Sally") Graves (749) was born sometime after May in 1775 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. (in what later became Henry Co.), died 4 Jan. 1866, most likely at her son Joseph's home in Savannah, Hardin Co., Tenn., and was buried in Savannah Cem. She married Thomas East on 12 Aug. 1790. He was born in 1765 in Va., probably Halifax Co., since his father owned land there from 1764 to 1777 (in what later became Henry Co.), and died 4 Oct. 1844 in Waynesboro, Tenn., probably at the home of his son Joseph, who had moved there soon before 1840 from the Lynnville area.

Thomas and Sarah moved to Giles Co., Tenn. in 1823 or 1824, and settled at old Lynnville (the present site of Lynnville is about five miles from the site of the 1830's), along with many of their children. Thomas bought 80 acres in Giles Co. in 1826, and he and Sarah lived there in the 1830's near their son Barzley. Many of their children were members of the Roberson Fork Church of Christ at Linnville, so there is good reason to assume that Thomas and Sarah were members also.

By May of 1849 (after Thomas had died) Sarah was living in McNairy Co. with or near her son Barzley. On that date she gave him power of attorney to collect a debt owed her from someone in Hardin Co., and gave her place of residence as McNairy Co. She could not write. In the early 1800's it was not uncommon for the women to be illiterate, since there were few public schools and there was little need for the women to work outside the home.

In the early 1850's Sarah moved to Savannah, Tenn., in nearby Hardin Co., where she died. All their children were born in Henry Co., Va. (R-85)

Children - East

2029. William East, b. 29 June 1791.

2030. Elizabeth East, b. 26 Aug. 1792.

+2031. Joseph East, b. 5 Jan. 1794, m. Mildred Payne, 19 Nov. 1816, d. 12 Nov. 1868.

+2032. John East, b. 8 June 1795, m. Elizabeth Payne, 30 Nov. 1816, d. 11 Oct. 1827.

2033. Patsy East, b. 26 Jan. 1797.

2034. Thomas Massey East, b. 2 March 1799, d. by 15 June 1810 (probably in Henry Co., Va.).

2035. Sally East, b. 7 Dec. 1800, living in 1817.

2036. Susan East, b. 7 May 1802, d. 18 Aug. 1834.

+2037. Maria East, b. 7 Oct. 1803, m. ------ Abernathy, d. after 1858.

2038. Evelyna W. East, b. 18 Jan. 1807, d. after 1858.

+2039. Thomas Martin East, b. 15 June 1810, m. Sarah Jane Alderson, 8 Oct. 1829, d. after 1850.

+2040. Barzley Graves East, b. 15 Dec. 1812, m(1) Nancy Jones, 22 Feb. 1833, m(2) Elizabeth Frances Tanner, before 1863, d. 29 Sept. 1889.

+2041. Edward Wallace East, b. 11 Oct. 1814, m. Willmirth Metilda Greer, 2 Oct. 1839, d. 29 May 1884.



Col. John Graves (750) was born 18 Dec. 1757 in Louisa Co., Va., and died 31 (or 10) Oct. 1843 in Fayette Co., Ky. He married Lydia Graves (#729), daughter of Thomas Graves and Isabella Bartlett (his uncle and aunt), on 23 Dec. 1784 in Louisa Co., Va. She was born 2 Oct. 1769 and died 7 Sept. 1856.

The consent of her father to the marriage is filed with the marriage bonds of the county. The pension record of John Graves shows that he was born in Louisa Co. Dec. 18, 1757, that he resided for a while in Spotsylvania Co. and later in Orange Co., VA, enlisting in Spotsylvania Co. in 1776. After his death, on April 8, 1844, his son John applied for his pension to be continued to Lydia, the widow. Lydia made oath that she was 74 years old on Oct. 2, 1843, and had married John Graves on Dec. 23, 1784, thus proving that she was the daughter of Thomas Graves and Isabella Bartlett.

John stated that he went to KY Dec. 5 or 6, 1786, that his brother, now living 8 miles this side of Cincinnati on the turnpike road, went out the year before and "purchased the place of John and Elijah Craig for my Father; Father, Mother and myself came out with 30 blacks. My brother who had remained came by water."

The Bible record of John and Lydia's children was included in the pension papers, and provided the data for all of the children listed below. (R-510)

Children - Graves

2042. Nancy Graves, b. 5 Aug. 1786, m. George Gorham, 18 Sept. 1808, d. 9 April 1878.

2043. Betsy Graves, b. 23 April 1789, m. Joseph Barby, 4 Aug. 1807.

2044. Sally Graves, b. 11 Oct. 1790, m. George Gorham, 2 July 1807, probably died 1807 or 1808.

2045. William Graves, b. 27 April 1792.

+2046. Asa Graves, b. 7 Nov. 1793, m. Polly Graves, 15 Dec. 1819.

+2047. Zachariah Graves, b. 11 July 1796, m. Malinda Graves, 15 Sept. 1819.

+2048. John Graves, b. 22 April 1798, m. Mary Patrick, 12 Jan. 1823.

2049. Nicholas Graves, b. 11 July 1799.

2050. Lysay Graves

2051. Polly Graves, b. 8 May 1801.

2052. Jefferson Graves, b. 6 Aug. 1803, m(1) Mary Ann C. Graves (#1836), 20 Oct. 1823, m(2) Jane Ellen West, m(3) Mary E. Dunn, 23 April 1844, d. 30 March 1880.



William Pettus (756) was born in 1764 and died in 1813. He married Lucy Waters Pettus on 9 Feb. (or 10 April) 1784 in Louisa Co., Va. She was his first cousin once removed.

His father gave him land in Spotsylvania Co., Va. in 1788 (Crozier 1, p. 451) and calls him "of Spotsylvania" in 1792, but he seems to have owned land in Louisa Co., Va. in 1811 (Valentine, p. 1143). As executor of his father's will, he sold 376 acres in Spotsylvania Co. in 1799 (Crozier 1, p. 509). In 1808, he followed the Arnolds to Ky. The names of the following children and their dates are from a Bible record. (R-109)

Children - Pettus

2053. Samuel Overton Pettus, never married.

2054. James T. Pettus, never married.

2055. William H. Pettus, b. 1793, never married, d. 1828. Was in the War of 1812. Lived in Mo. for a short time.

+2056. John O. Pettus, b. 1785, married.

2057. Lucy O. Pettus, b. 1789, m. ------ Strother, d. 1870.

2058. Anne O. Pettus, m. ------ Mansfield.

2059. Barbara O. Pettus, m. ------ Bradley.

2060. Hardenia Pettus, m. ------ Yancey.

2061. Eliza Pettus, b. 1787, d. 1821.

2062. Louise Pettus, b. 1797, never married.

2063. Amydiah Pettus, b. 1802, m. William Pettus Arnold (#2072, her first cousin).

2064. Mary Ann Pettus, m. Joseph Robert Pettus Graves, 1812, d. 18 Dec. 1844. See #1938 for descendants.


Joseph Pettus (758) was born 6 June 1773 and died 2 Jan. 1853. He married his first cousin, Lucy Graves (#770), daughter of Rice Graves and Jane Young, on 9 Feb. 1784 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. (These dates don't look correct. The Pettus Family says Lucy was a daughter of Richard Graves, #285, and married in 1796, so either the marriage date is wrong or the parentage is wrong.) They moved to Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co., Ky. in 1804. (R-109)

Children - Pettus

+2065. James O. Pettus, married.

+2066. Richard Pettus, b. 1802, m. Nancy Adams, d. 1837.

2067. Joseph Pettus

2068. William H. Pettus

2069. Virginia Pettus, m. Uriah Dunn (or ------ Young).

2070. Nancy Pettus, m. ------ Hicks (or ------ Rice).

2071. Barbara Pettus, m. Smith Pearl. (Barbara is said by one source to be a daughter of Dr. William Hart Pettus.)


Louisa Pettus (759) was born in 1780 and died in 1844. She married Aaron Arnold in 1803. They went to Christian Co., Ky., and later to Illinois because they didn't approve of slavery. It is said that their older children did not go to Illinois. (R-109)

Children - Arnold

2072. William Pettus Arnold, m. Amydiah Pettus (#2063). Their 2 sons served in the Confederate Army.


Overton Hart Pettus (760) married Barbara Cosby in 1795. He died in 1812. She was born 1786 and died 1860, daughter of Wingfield Cosby and Mary Ann Baker. (R-510)

Children - Pettus

2073. Overton Hart Pettus

2074. James Garland Pettus



Capt. John Graves (762) may have been born in 1766, and died in 1843 in Louisa Co., Va. He left a will there. He married Mary Ragland, daughter of William Ragland and Agnes ------, on 24 Aug. 1795 in Louisa Co., Va. He lived in Ellisville, Louisa Co., Va. He served in the militia in the Rev. War, and received a pension of $40 per month.

John was the only son of Rice and Jane Graves to remain in Louisa Co. In his will (Louisa Rec. W.B. 11, p. 33) he leaves to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Poindexter, of Christian Co., Ky.,.... and land gifts to his grandson John Poindexter, Jr. and grandson Richard M. Graves, son of John R., also to Richard a prize "given to me by the Fredericksburg Agricultural Society with a stallion engraved on it, together with my money scales". (In 1936 this prize given to John Graves was in the possession of a descendant, Mr. John Payton McGuire, 1510 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va.) (R-510, R-530)

Children - Graves

+2075. Elizabeth Graves, b. 1796, m. John Poindexter, 1815, d. 1877.

+2076. John Ragland Graves, b.c. 1809, m. Lucy Bolling Smith, 8 Feb. 1830, d. 2 Jan. 1837.


Thomas Graves (763) was born Oct. 1763 in Louisa Co., Va., and died May 1847 at the home of William Winfrey in Cumberland Co., Ky. He moved to Ky., probably Fayette Co., in 1783. He first married Mary Chilton, daughter of Thomas Chilton and Ann Bayne Owsley, on 25 Aug. 1785 in Lincoln Co., Ky. She was born about 1765 in Loudon Co., Va., and died about 1842 in Cumberland Co., Ky.

He secondly married Marley P. Walthall on 19 Oct. 1842 in Cumberland Co., Ky. She died after 1855. There were no children by Thomas's second marriage. Thomas Graves enlisted in the Revolutionary War in 1780 under Capt. Phillips and Capt. Yancy and served to the end of the war. See his pension record.

In the following list of children there are two Elizabeths. It seems unlikely that this is correct. It is more likely that one of them is not a child of Thomas Graves, or was not named Elizabeth. (R-510)

Children - Graves, by Mary Chilton

+2077. Richard B. Graves, b.c. 1786, m(1) Sallie Thomas, 1808, m(2) Cynthia Goggins, 1815.

2078. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1788 (Ky.), m. Richard Perkins (of Todd, Ky.).

+2079. John W. Graves, b.c. 1792, m. Casandra Philpott, c. 1816, d.c. 1848.

+2080. Jane Graves, b.c. 1793, m. Joseph Coffey, 1808, d. after 1850.

2081. Mary ("Polly") Graves, b.c. 1795 (Fayette Co., Ky.), m. Durratt Higgins, 1815 (Cumberland Co., Ky.). He was a son of Aaron Higgins. She may have m(2) ------ Dunbar.

+2082. Thomas Chilton Graves, b. 1801, m(1) Nancy Ann Thomas, before 1820, m(2) Eliza ------, d. after 1877.

2083. Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1803 (Cumberland Co., Ky.), m. Robert Thomas, 1819, d. after 1860 (Milburn, Ballard Co., Ky.). He died after 1860 in Ballard Co., Ky., son of Charles Thomas and Margaret A. Chapman.

2084. Catherine ("Kitty") Graves, b. 1808 (Cumberland Co., Ky.), m. Frank Holly Winfrey, before 1840. 10 children.

+2085. Benjamin Walter Graves, b. 1811, m. Margaret Embree, 19 Jan. 1832, d. 1847 (?).

2086. Pinckney Graves, b.c. 1820-25 (Ky.), m. ------ Williams, after 1840.

+2087. Elizabeth Graves (?), m. Isaac Boyd, 1832, d. before 1852.


Benjamin Graves (764) was born about 1765 in Louisa Co., Va., and died about 1846 in Midway, Woodford Co., Ky. He married Sallie Cole of Virginia, daughter of Richard Cole and Ann Hubbard. She was born about 1765 in Va., and died in 183- in Midway, Woodford Co., Ky.

Richard Cole (1729-1814) was from Culpeper Co., Va., and was a son of John and Susanna Cole. In 1782, Richard Cole moved to Woodford Co. and eventually settled at what is now Midway, Ky. Located on the old Frankfort and Lexington Road, he was the proprietor of the Black Horse Tavern. The tavern was continued by his son, Richard, Jr., and was a stopping place for historical figures of the day such as Henry Clay. Richard Cole, Jr. was a greatgrandfather of Frank and Jesse James.

Probably all his children were born in Woodford Co., Ky., or in that part of Fayette Co. which became Woodford in 1788. (R-105)

Children - Graves

2088. Horatio Nelson Graves, b.c. 1783, d. 1853 (Midway, Ky.).

+2089. Richard C. Graves, b. 7 Dec. 1785, m. Nancy Martin, 16 March 1818, d. 11 May 1860.

+2090. William W. Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1787, m. Mary Cloud Graves, June 1815, d. 8 Nov. 1870.

2091. Betsey Graves, b.c. 1790, m. ------ Finley (or Finlay).

2092. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1794, m. ------ Johnson.

2093. Thomas G. Graves, b.c. 1790-99, d. in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2094. John C. Graves, b.c. 1803, m. Susana McCoy, 19 Aug. 1821 (Woodford Co., Ky.).

2095. Polly Graves, m. Thomas Graves (of Nelson Co., Ky.).


Richard Graves (766) died by 1811. He married Sarah ("Sally") Arnett, daughter of James Arnett and Susannah McGehee, on 20 Nov. 1780 in Louisa Co., Va. She died by 1811. They moved to Bourbon Co., Ky. (R-510)

Children - Graves

+2096. David A. Graves, b. 9 Sept. 1781, m. Susan Breckenridge, 1 Sept. 1806, d. 6 June 1821.

2097. Robert Graves, never married, d. 1815.

2098. Rice Graves, never married, d. 1813.

2099. Thomas W. Graves, m. Mary Ann ------.

2100. John G. Graves, b. after 1790, m. Elizabeth ------. Moved to Bourbon Co., Ky.

2101. Sarah ("Sally") Graves, b. after 1790, m. Charles Seavers. Moved to Cape Girardeau, Mo.

2102. Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. after 1790, m. Frederick T. Overfield. Moved to Washington Co., Ky.


Mary ("Molly") Graves (768) married William Arnett on 27 Dec. 1781 in Louisa Co., Va. (R-40)

Children - Arnett

2103. James Arnett, b. 1782 (Louisa Co., Va.), m. Mary Emily Robinson, 1803, d. 1832 (?) (Tenn.).

2104. Thomas Arnett

2105. William Arnett

2106. Susan Arnett, m. John Long.


William Graves (769) was born 29 (or 30) Jan. 1768 in Louisa Co., Va., and died 14 (or 12) Dec. 1852 at Preacherville, Garrard Co., Ky., near Crab Orchard, Ky. He married Lydia Ann Williams on 2 May 1793. Her father was the bondsman. She was a daughter of John Williams of Lincoln Co., Ky. and Ann Bayne Owsley (the widow of George Chilton). Lydia died 17 June 1815 at Preacherville, Ky., and was buried in the Old Drakes Camp Creek Churchyard Cem. there (tombstone listing published by Mrs. M. H. Dunn, Stanford, Ky.). William was buried there in 1852 beside her.

William Graves wrote a will dated 31 Sept. 1827, dividing his property among five children. The will follows:

I, William Graves of sound mind and disposing memory and though in good health yet concern of the uncertainty of life revoking all others do make this my last Will and Testament.

Item 1st: I have given to my eldest son John Graves one negro boy named Peter, one negro boy named Herod and one negro girl named Emily the three worth one thousand and seventy dollars and I have given to him four hundred dollars in money one hundred and seventy five dollars one bed, furniture, and some articles of property worth one hundred and twenty five dollars, amounting in all to 1670 dollars.

Item 2nd: I have given to my son William Jordan Graves one negro boy named Jason, one negro girl named Charity, and another boy named Peter, the three worth one thousand dollars, and I have given to him two hundred and seventy dollars in money paid for by education and books and money advanced him before and after he left me, together with two horses, one bed and furniture and some other articles of property worth two hundred dollars, making in all fourteen hundred and seventy dollars, $1470.

Item 3rd: I have given to my daughter Nancy Procter one negro boy named London, one negro boy named Reubin, and one negro girl named Milly, the three worth one thousand dollars, and I have given her two hundred and fifty dollars in money, two horses, one bed and furniture, some other articles of property worth two hundred dollars, making in all $1450.

Item 4th: I have given to my daughter Jane King one negro boy named Columbus, one negro girl named Gracey, and one negro girl named -----, the three worth one thousand dollars, and I have given to her two hundred and fifty dollars, two horses, one bed and furniture, and some other articles of property worth two hundred dollars, making in all $1450.

Item 5th: I have given to my daughter Mary Ann Graves one negro boy named Jackson, one negro girl named Syden, and another negro girl named Easter, the three worth one thousand dollars, $1000.

The above property and money given to my above mentioned three daughters to be possessed and held by them during their living and at their death to give to the heirs of their bodies.

It is further my will that after my son William J. Graves and three daughters above mentioned and made equal (in money or property as they may choose) to my son John Graves that the residue of my estate be equally divided between my five mentioned children leaving a sufficient amount of my undivided estate in the hands of my sons John Graves and William J. Graves whom I hereby constitute and appoint my executors to pay all my debts and other proper charges against my estate together with sufficient amount to support my four old negros Keaney, Judah, Rosey, and Salley, who are to be owned and held by my afsd. executors without ----- ---- anything to my estate for their value.

And it is my special request and desire that my undivided estate be divided properly amongst my heirs without any lawsuits or expense and that my negros be not sold at the division to any other person than some of my children.

Given under my hand and seal this the 31st day of Sept., 1827. Signed & sealed in the presence of: William Graves (seal)

Thomas J. Chilton

Daniel Owsley


June 1831: In addition to what I mentioned as having given my daughter Mary Ann Mullins in my foregoing will, I have given her two hundred and fifty dollars in money and two hundred dollars from my estate, in all fourteen hundred and fifty dollars, an amount equal to that my other daughters have each received, and now by the way of codicil to my foregoing will I hereby state that to my desire that in the event of the death of either of my said children that their representatives shall receive his or her distributive share of my estate. 28 June 1831. State of Kentucky, Garrard County

I, William B. Mason, clerk of the Garrard County Court, do certify that the foregoing last Will and Testament of William Graves deceased was produced to Court at the January County Court, 1853. John Owsley, being sworn, testified that Thomas J. Chilton and Daniel Owsley the two subscribed witnesses to said will both departed this life and that the signature of said Daniel Owsley was in his own proper handwriting approved and ordered to be recorded.

Thereupon the same together with the certificate hath been duly admitted to record in my office.

Given under my hand this 3rd day of January 1853.

William B. Mason, Clerk

Garrard County

Nancy Procter and Mary Ann and Williamson Mullins are buried in the old Drakes Camp Creek Churchyard, as are William Graves and Lydia Ann, his wife. What happened to the old church is lost at present in antiquity, but a new church was built on the road. This church burned and a modern church building was built in 1950. It is known today as Drakes Creek Baptist Church.

On a trace going north from Crab Orchard, Ky. was the site of Lewis Craig's church located on Gilbert's Creek in 1781. This is said to be the first church in Ky. The site is now in Garrard Co. On this trace is a village called Preacherville, which has the distinction of being the only town of that name in the U.S. This section of Ky. was the destination of many preachers who visited the territory in pioneer days. Lewis Craig's people were what was known as "The Traveling Church". His entire congregation in Virginia moved with him to Kentucky. (R-21)

Children - Graves

+2107. John Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1795, m(1) Matilda Copeland, 1 March 1819, m(2) a cousin.

2108. Ann ("Nancy") Graves, b. 17 July 1797 (Garrard Co., Ky.), m. George Procter, 11 Aug. 1825, d. 12 April 1840 (Garrard Co., Ky.).

+2109. William Jourdan Graves, b. 8 July 1804, m. Emily Henderson, July 1825, d. 27 Sept. 1848.

+2110. Jane Young Graves, b. 1 April 1806, m. Adrial M. King, 21 Sept. 1824.

2111. Mary Ann Graves, b. 10 March 1810, m. Williamson G. Mullins, d. 10 Sept. 1856.



Edmund Graves (773) was born in 1762 in Surry Co., N.C., and died 12 July 1834 in Shelby Co., Ky. In 1785, Edmund moved with his father to Shelby Co., where he lived until his death. He was married twice. He first married Nancy ------. He secondly married Judith Holloway on 21 Aug. 1823.

According to family legend, Edmund was known as Roman, his mother's name was Pendleton, and he was a descendant of one of three Graves brothers who came to Virginia from England in the 1600's.

Edmund is listed in the first tax list of Shelby Co., Ky. Jane (apparently Edmund's first wife) and Edmund Graves with their two children, Betsy and John, are listed in 1811 with 19 charter members of the Salem (Beech Creek) Baptist Church, which is near Mt. Eden, Ky.

Edmund served as a private with the North Carolina troops in the Rev. War. He was drafted for two 6-month terms and volunteered for two 3-month terms. He fought in an engagement against the British near Charleston, S.C., and was in the battles of Camden, Cowan's Ford, and Guilford Court House in N.C. This was between the years of 1779 and 1781.

One of Edmund's daughters, Susan, applied for his pension for him in New Castle, Ky. in 1834, application executed May 10, 1834. In order to qualify, he stated that "he was born in 1762 in Surry Co., N.C., and was residing there when he entered the service in March 1779 under the command of Capt Scott, who was attached to Col. Cleveland's Regiment. By order of General Nash, they marched to join General Lincoln in S.C." He further stated that he lived in Surry until he came to Shelby Co., Ky. in 1785.

At the time Susan made application for his pension, they applied to a lawyer, William I. (or J.) Graves of New Castle, Ky. (relationship not known). The daughter stated that Edmund had married twice and had spent nearly all his property, and to add to this, the second Mrs. Graves had not used her influence to contribute to the wishes of the Fergusons. Susan further said that Edmund was not in his right mind at the time of the application. From the Pensioners List, Edmund Graves, Private, N.C. Line, was paid $42.00, 27 May 1834, at which time he was listed as 72 years old. Apparently, Edmund died shortly after this, as in July 1834, the Court House Records of Shelby Co., Ky., reveal that the estate of Edmund Graves was ordered to be settled. It lists his widow as Judith Graves (Edmund's second wife), and heirs as David Graves, Richard Graves, William H. Graves, William Ferguson, Joshua Jennings, William Figg, John Graves, and Ben Figg.

There is no will on record, but there is a division of land and settlement of personal property (mentioned above), and a division of slaves and release of the dower right of Judith Graves.

The division of slaves is interesting because the slaves were monetarily valued, then lots were drawn by the heirs and the money was adjusted accordingly. Daughters names were not mentioned but the names of sons- in-law were listed. The widow, Judith Graves, sold her dower right of the slaves to the heirs, which would bind them to pay to her the legal interest annually on the one-third part of the value of said slaves.

It is not clear which children were by which wife. Since the second marriage was not until 1823, maybe all the children were by the first marriage. (R-70, R-73)

Children - Graves, by 1st wife

2112. Richard Graves, m. Nancy Holloway. There is an error somewhere, since this seems to be the same son attributed to Edmund's brother Richard.

+2113. John William Graves, b. 1783, m. Jane Chapman, 9 March 1809, d.c. 1884.

+2114. David Graves, b. 1790-95, m. Nancy Ann Holland, 17 Oct. 1815.

Children - Graves, by 2nd wife

+2115. William H. Graves, b. 1 May 1816, m(1) Margaret A. ------, m(2) Mary Lillard.

2116. Mary ("Polly") Graves, m. Benjamin ("Ben") Figg.

2117. Elizabeth (Eliza or "Betsy") Graves, m. William Figg.

+2118. Tabitha Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1805, m. Joshua Jennings, 25 March 1830, d. 31 Jan. 1908.

2119. Susan Graves, m. William Ferguson (or Furgison).


Elizabeth ("Betsy") Graves (775) was born in 1775 or 1776 in KY, and died 10 June 1846 in Claiborne Parish, LA. She married John Leatherman, son of Peter Leatherman or of Christian Leatherman and Julianna ------, on 3 Feb. 1797 in Shelby Co., KY. He was born in 1777 in PA, and died 22 Aug. 1857 in Claiborne Parish, LA. He is said to have served in the War of 1812. (R-76, R-173, R-510)

Children - Leatherman

+2120. Elizabeth Leatherman, b.c. 1797-8, m. John Sharp, 14 Dec. 1813, d. after 1880.

2121. Daniel Leatherman

2122. Samuel Gibbs Leatherman

2123. Peter Leatherman

+2124. Delilah Leatherman, m. Derostus Beverly Cargill, 7 March 1822, d. 1838-9.


Richard ("Dickey") Graves (776) was born about 1776. He married Nellie (or Nelly) Tilley, daughter of Lazarus Tilley, on 26 (or 20 or 10) Dec. 1797 in Shelby Co., Ky.

There is some belief that Richard was a son of Edmund Graves (b. 1762), but this seems very unlikely, considering that Edmund would have been only about 14 years old when Richard was born. It was also stated that Edmund gave his consent for Richard's marriage; if this is correct, it could have been because Edmund was the oldest brother and Richard's father, David, was unavailable.

Richard was in Shelby Co., Ky. by 1800, and was listed in both the 1810 and 1820 censuses. In 1820 the listing is: males, 1(0-10), 1(16-25), 1(45+); females, 1(0-10), 2(10-15), 1(26-44).

Although there seem not to be any records, Richard probably died between 1820 and 1830. Richard in 1818 sold 51 acres on Guist, and in 1819 and 1820 bought property on Beech. (R-70)

Children - Graves

+2125. Richard Graves, b.c. 1799, m. Nancy Halloway, d. 1868.


Susannah Graves (777) was born about 1774-80 in NC, and died 19 Sept. 1850. Her name is spelled Susanna on her gravestone. She married Thomas E. Martin. He was born about 1774-79 in NC, and died 23 Aug. 1854.

They moved to Indiana, Owen or Putnam Co., about 1827, probably from Breckinridge Co., KY, or another nearby county. They moved with the Sinclair family, and 2 Martin daughters married 2 Sinclair sons in Putnam Co., IN. Thomas was postmaster of Cloverdale, Putnam Co., IN. He is said to have fought under Gen. Harrison, 1810-12. (R-193, R-194)

Children - Martin

2126. Agnes Martin, b.c. 1805, m. John Tabor.

+2127. Sarah Martin, b. 26 Sept. 1807, m. John Patterson Sinclair, d. after Aug. 1850.

2128. America Lawson Martin, b.c. 1807 (KY), m. Isaac Patterson (or Isaac Patterson Sinclair?), 19 Aug. 1826 (Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN), d.c. 1878 (Cloverdale, Putnam Co., IN).

2129. David Martin, b.c. 1809, m. Betsey Tabor.

2130. Nancy Martin, b.c. 1811, m. John Gilespy.

2131. Owen Martin, b.c. 1813, m. Margaret Ross.

2132. Nellie Martin, b.c. 1815, m. Pleasant Hubbard.

2133. Lewis Martin, b.c. 1817, m. Mary Ross.

2134. Betsy Ann Martin, b.c. 1819, m. Forgy Duckworth.

+2135. Thomas James Martin, b. 17 June 1821, m. Sarah Ann Goatley, 27 Feb. 1837, d. 22 Nov. 1885.


Samuel Graves (778) was born 10 July 1791 and died 7 March 1840. He married Priscilla Hedden on 11 Jan. 1813.

In the 1820 census for Shelby Co., Ky., his age is listed as 26-44. The rest of the family is listed: males, 3(0-10), 1(16-18), 1(16-25); females, 2(10-16), 1(26-44). Considering the age of the older males in the family, Samuel might have had some of his younger brothers with him at that time.

The 1830 Shelby Co., Ky. census shows Samuel as 30-40 years, and the others as: males, 2(0-5), 2(5-10), 2(10-15), 1(15-20); females, 2(10-15), 1(30-40).

Samuel bought land, as recorded in the grantor records of Shelby Co., from 1824 to 1840, on Jephta, Beech, 6 mile, and Guist. He was living most of the time in the same area as the rest of the Graves family. He also witnessed the release of Judith Graves' (widow of Edmund Graves) dower right in 1834.

Samuel died in March 1840 and the 1840 Shelby Co. census listed Priscilla, age 40-50, as head of the household. There were still six children at home: males, 1(10-15), 2(15-20), 2(20-30); females, 1 (20-30).

By 1850, Priscilla had moved to Spencer Co., Ky. She was 62 years of age, and with her were three sons and a grandson: Edmund, age 33, David S., age 24, Thomas W., age 23, and William Clayton (grandson), age 10.

Samuel's will was written in 1834 and mentions Edmund as his oldest son, Jacob, Francis Clayton (daughter), and Elizabeth Stearn (daughter), as his children of age. Samuel probably had 7 sons and 4 daughters. (R-70)

Children - Graves

2136. Edmund Graves

2137. Jacob Graves

2138. David Graves

2139. Thomas W. Graves

2140. Francis (or Frances) Graves, m. ------ Clayton.

2141. Elizabeth Graves, m. ------ Stearn.


A daughter (780) married William Connelly (or Connally). (R-510)

Children - Connelly

2142. Agnes Connelly



John Kimbrough (799) married Mary ------ (possibly Turner). (See Will Book 1, p. 205, Yanceyville, N.C.) The following children are listed in the inventory in Record Book E, p. 131. (R-127, R-195)

Children - Kimbrough

2143. James Kimbrough, m. Nancy B. Turner, 27 Dec. 1789.

2144. Thomas Kimbrough

2145. John Kimbrough, married.

2146. William Kimbrough

2147. Sarah Kimbrough, m. ------ Turner.

2148. Nancy Kimbrough, m. Jacob Graves. See #1871 for descendants.

2149. Frances Kimbrough, m. ------ Browning.

2150. Patsy Kimbrough, m. ------ Thomas.

2151. Tabby Kimbrough, m. ------ Snipes.


William Kimbrough (800) died in 1816 in Rutherford Co., Tenn., and was buried in Kimbrough Cem., but was later moved to Maple View Cem., Smyrna, Tenn. He married Elizabeth Gooch, daughter of William Gooch and Frances Rice, in 1770. She was born in 1750 in Hanover Co., Va., died in 1826 in Rutherford Co., Tenn., and was buried in Kimbrough Cem., but was also moved to Maple View Cem. All their children were born in Caswell Co., N.C. (R-127)

Children - Kimbrough

2152. John Kimbrough, b. 11 April 1771, m(1) Beth Ann Morton, m(2) Nancy Bearden, m(3) Martha Walden, m(4) Tabitha Burnett, d. 10 Feb. 1852.

+2153. Elizabeth Kimbrough, b. 13 Nov. 1779, m. Mark Hart, 20 July 1799, d. 16 Nov. 1845.

2154. William G. Kimbrough, b. 13 Dec. 1780, m. Lucinda Basye, d. Nov. 1824.

2155. Azariah Kimbrough, b. 1 March 1783, m. Nancy Ann Basey, d. 6 Feb. 1864.

2156. Joseph A. Kimbrough, b. 10 Dec. 1790, m. Lucinda Tate Gooch, 2 Feb. 1822, d. 1 Nov. 1860.


Thomas Kimbrough (802) married Elizabeth Graves (#1858), daughter of John Herndon Graves and Nancy Slade, on 29 March 1792, recorded in Groom Book, Yanceyville Courthouse, N.C. She was born 29 Jan. 1771 in Yanceyville, N.C., and died in 1828. Verification for the children listed below is found in Elizabeth's will, dated 5 Oct. 1827, probated 1828, Will Book L, p. 266. Elizabeth outlived her husband Thomas, since an inventory of his property is found in Record Book B, p. 19, in 1803.

All the following children, except for Vincent and John, were mentioned in the will of John Herndon Graves (Book L, p. 462, Caswell Co., N.C.). Another source (R-179) lists Evans and Chandler instead of Vincent and John. (R-127)

Children - Kimbrough

2157. Azariah Graves Kimbrough

2158. Duke W. Kimbrough

+2159. Elijah Kimbrough, b. 22 July 1799, m. Mildred Crowder, d. 20 Aug. 1878.

2160. Vincent Tucker Kimbrough

2161. John Kimbrough

+2162. Nancy Graves Kimbrough, m. Goodwin Evans, 5 Jan. 1814.

2163. Polly M. Kimbrough, m. ------ Chandler.



Lewis Graves (810) was born 17 July 1760 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. (according to his Revolutionary War pension application R4207), and died in 1839 in Newton Co., Ga. (pension application statement by grandson John Sholars). The records cited in the following paragraphs show that he lived in Chesterfield Co. (Cheraw District), S.C. and Anson Co., N.C. before enlisting in 1776. He apparently lived in Wilkes Co. and Washington Co., Ga. about 1782-1786, was in Anson Co., N.C., 1786-1791, and was in Washington Co. (later Hancock Co.), Ga., 1791-1809. He moved to Jasper Co., Ga. in 1809, and to Newton Co., Ga. in 1823.

He married Ann or Amy Worthen (or Worthy or Worthington) in 1781, about the close of the Rev. War. A wife Amy signed a Hancock Co. deed in 1808. Since Lewis was closely associated with a William and Richard Worthan in N.C., and later in Ga., the last name of his wife may have been Worthan. The 1800 N.C. census shows the surnames Worthy, Worthington, Wortham (the most common form), and Wartham, but no Worthan, Worthen, or other similar spellings. The 1805 Georgia Land Lottery listing shows surnames spelled Wortham, Worthen (including a Richard and William in Washington Co., Ga.), Worthey, and Worthy.

Lewis entered Revolutionary War service in 1776, while a resident of Chesterfield Co. (Cheraw District), S.C. (pension app.). He lived very close to the state line (pension app. of Richard Graves). He enlisted for a tour of duty in 1781 from Wake Co., N.C., and moved to Georgia one year after the war (pension app.).

He was in Wilkes Co., Ga. in 1785 (Land Grant FFF, p. 444, 100 acres, Early Records of Georgia, by Davidson, vol. 2, p. 65; 1 poll, 100 acres, Ledbetter's district). He was in Washington Co., Ga. in 1786. He returned to Anson Co., N.C. in 1786 (Anson Co. adjoins Chesterfield Co., S.C.). Deeds in Anson Co. show that Lewis Graves was there from 1786 to 1791.

Anson Co. Deed Book H, p. 38: William Worthan sells 200 acres to Lewis Graves. Both are listed as of Washington Co., Ga. The land was located on Taltons Creek, off Thompson Creek. William had purchased the land from Richard Worthan in 1784. The deed was witnessed by Richard and John Graves, as shown in the copy below.

William Worthan to Lewis Graves: This indenture made the 15th day of October in the year of our Lord 1786 between William Worthan of the County of Washington and State of Georgia, planter, the one part and Lewis Graves of the same place, planter, of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Worthan for and in consideration of the sum of thirty(?) pounds sterling to him in hand paid by the said Graves before the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and hath granted, bargained, and sold and by these presents doth firmly and absolutely grant, bargain, sell -----(?) convey and confirm unto one said Lewis Graves all that parcel of land containing two hundred acres of land granted to Blundrel (?) Curtis by patent dated 29th day of March in the 4th year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord 1780, and conveyed by Blundrel Curtis to Richard Worthan by a deed dated the --th (?) day of May 1784 and conveyed by said Richard Worthan to said William Worthan living and being in the County of Anson and State of No. Carolina, southwest waters of Pee Dee, Taltons Creek waters of Thompsons Creek, beginning at a hickory in Benjamin Hixson's(?) line among 4 pointers and runs with this line -----------(?) and 70 ----(?) crossing the creek to his corner then the same course with Talton, Cammels ----(?) 4 chains to a stake among three white oaks then to -------(?) chains crossing the ----(?) to a stake among three pines then north 65 west 60 chains and 70 links to a corner, then south 25 west 33 chains to a corner in said Jackson's line, a direct course to the beginning. The right and title of said land by divers conveyance is now become vested (?) in the said Graves to have and to hold the above two hundred acres with the priviledges and appurtenances thereto belonging to the said Lewis Graves, his heirs, and assigns to the only proper use and benefit of him the said Lewis Graves, his heirs, and assigns forever and lastly the said William Worthan for himself, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns doth covenant and agree to and with the said Lewis Graves, his heirs, and assigns to warrant and defend the above mentioned land and premises with the appurtenances unto the said Lewis Graves, his heirs, and assigns forever. In witness whereof the said W. Worthan hath -----(?) set his hand and seal this 6th day of October in the year of our Lord 1786, and in the tenth year of American Independence the above written. Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of

Richard (x) Graves

John (x) Graves William Worthan (seal)

Anson County April Court 1787

Then this deed was proved in open court by Richard Graves and ordered to be registered.

Michael Auld, clerk

Anson Co. Deed Book B-2: Lewis Graves of Anson Co. purchased 60 acres from Malcolm Campbell. Land on Thompson's Creek and the state line. June 14, 1788.

Anson Co. Deed Book B-2, p. 245: Lewis Graves sells the 200 acres to Richard Graves, March 22, 1790. A copy of this deed follows.

Lewis Graves to Richard Graves: This indenture made this twenty-second day of March in the year of our Lord on thousand seven hundred and ninety between Lewis Graves of the County of Anson and State of North Carolina, planter, of the one part and Richard Graves of South Carolina in the County of Chesterfield of other part, witnesseth that the the said Lewis Graves for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and seventy-five pounds current money of North Carolina to him in hand paid by the said Richard Graves before the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained, and sold and by these presents doth firmly and absolutely grant, bargain, sell alien eneoff(?) convey and confirm unto the said Richard Graves a certain piece or parces of land containing two hundred acres lying and being in the County of Anson aforesaid on Taltons Creek, a branch of Thompsons Creek, beginning at a hickory on Benjamin Jackson's line amongst four pointers and runs with his line south 65 east 54 chains and 70 links, crossing the creek to his corner post oak, then the same courses with Cammel's line 4 chains to a stake amongst three pointers then south 65 west 60 chains and 70 links to a corner, then south 25 west 33 chains to a corner of the said Jackson's line, then a direct course to the beginning. The rights and titles of the said land by divers conveyances now become vested in the said Richard Graves to have and to hold the above said two hundred acres of land with the priviledges and appurtenances and thereto belonging to the said Richard Graves, to his heirs, and assigns to the only proper use, benefit, and behoof of him the said Richard Graves, his heirs, and assigns forever and lastly the said Lewis Graves for himself, his heirs, and executors and administrators doth covenant and agree to and with the said Richard Graves, his heirs, and assigns to warrant and defend the above mentioned land and premises with the appurtenances unto the said Richard Graves, his heirs, and assigns forever, in witness whereof the said Lewis Graves hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written and in the fourteenth year of our independence. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us: Lewis (L) Graves (seal)

--st William Rushing

--ah Rushing Anson County April Court 1790

This deed was duly proved in open court by William Rushing and ordered to be registered. John Auld, clerk.


Anson Co. Deed Book C-2, p. 98: Lewis Graves of Anson Co. sells the 60 acres to Stephen Jackson of Chesterfield, 23 March 1791.

Lewis Graves returned to Washington Co., Ga. in 1791 to the section which became Hancock Co. Hancock Co. Deed Book I, p. 298: Benjamin Upton sells 550 acres of land in Washington Co. to Lewis Graves, land on ridge between Little and Great Ogeechee Rivers adjoining Richard Worthan. Lewis Graves was on the militia list for Washington Co., Ga., 1793 (Ga. Dept. of Archives and History), the 1795 Hancock Co. tax list (They Were There), and on the microfilmed 1796 tax roll, Capt. McDowls Dist., 1 poll, 490 acres adjoining R. Worthen, waters of the Ogeechee.

Lewis was in the microfilmed 1804 tax list for Hancock Co., Ga., Capt. Dixon's District, 1 poll, 490 acres adjoining Duckworth, waters of the Ogeechee. John and Samuel Graves also appear in this district. Lewis drew blanks in the 1805 and 1807 Land Lottery in Hancock Co., Ga.

Hancock Co. Court Minutes: 2 June 1795, Lewis Graves, juror; 1 June 1797, appointed road commissioner; 2 June 1797, appointed election commissioner; 1 June 1798, election to be held at home of Lewis Graves in Capt. Elijah Worthen's District.

Hancock Co. Deed Book H, p. 363: Lewis Graves was named codefendant with John Graves, 21 April 1805. Suit was for debt, and 109 acres of land owned by John Graves was auctioned to satisfy the debt.

Hancock Co. Deed Book R, p. 41: Lewis Graves sells 390 acres to Jacob Duckworth, land located between Little and Great Ogeechee, 10 Nov. 1808. Signed by Lewis (x) Graves and Amy (x) Graves. (Note the name of Lewis' wife is given here as Amy rather than Ruth.)

Lewis Graves moved to Jasper Co., Ga. in 1809. Jasper Co. Deed Book I, p. 322: Lewis Graves purchased from Thomas Davis lot 83, 16th District, Jan. 14, 1809. He was in the 1820 census for Jasper Co.

He moved to Newton Co., Ga. in 1823, as shown by the following deeds. He was also in the 1830 census for Newton Co. Newton Co. Deed Book A, p. 270: Lewis Graves of Jasper Co. buys 101-1/2 acres, lot 96, 9th District of Henry Co. from Sarah Buzbin, 21 Dec. 1822.

Jasper Co. Deed Book A, p. 656: Lewis Graves of Newton Co. sells 101-1/2 acres, lot 83, 16th District, to Woody Dozier, 15 Sept. 1823.

Newton Co. Deed Book C, p. 1 and 6: Lewis Graves sells 101-1/4 acres to Baswell Graves (his son), 30 July 1829. (R-14, R-29)

Children - Graves

2164. Penelope Graves, m. ------ Miller.

2165. Malinda Graves, m. ------ Sweeney.

+2166. Davenport Graves, b. 1786, m. Nancy McElroy, 13 March 1813, d. 1862.

+2167. Jane Graves, b. 11 May 1789, m. David Sholars, Jan. 1806, d. 28 Nov. 1865.

2168. Betsy Graves, m. William Pritchard (or Pritchett).

2169. John C. Graves, never married.

+2170. Maria Pamelia Graves, b.c. 1800, m. Prior Reeves, 14 Dec. 1821.

2171. Basil Graves, m. Elizabeth Yancey.

2172. William U. (or W.) Graves, m. Demmy McClendon, d. before 1819.


John Graves (811) was born about 1763, according to Varney Graves, although the 1820-1840 Ga. censuses indicate a birthdate of 1770-1775. According to History of Chattahoochee County, Georgia, he died 1851 in Fayette Co., Ga. The grave of John Graves, Revolutionary soldier, was marked by the DAR in Oct. 1933, and is south of Ga. highway 54, just east of Flint River in Clayton Co., Ga., once Fayette Co., but originally Henry Co., near Mundy's Mill, in the Ward Cem. John Graves was living with the family of one of his daughters, Elizabeth ("Betsy") Ward at the time of his death.

John married Rebecca Harris. There is some possibility that he may have been married another time also. Rebecca died in their home and was also buried in the Ward Cem.

John and his family lived in N.C. and S.C. before 1804, and moved to Hancock Co., Ga. by 1804. The 1850 census gives the birthplace of John's sons as follows: David, N.C.(2446), John Jr., S.C.(2450), Minton, S.C., James, Ga.(2454). They were in Capt. Thomas' District, Hancock Co., Ga. in 1806, along with John's brother Lewis. They moved to Jasper Co. between 1810 and 1818. In 1820, when a treaty with the Creek Indians was being negotiated, John Graves, Lewis Graves and John's son David were in Jasper Co., Ga. (1820 census). In the spring of 1821, when this treaty was finalized and Fayette Co. was formed, lands west of Flint River became available for settlers, and John Graves, David Graves, and the rest of John's family moved there. Family legend is that this move was made by loading all the family possessions in an ox cart. All of John's children who had not yet married, except for Minton, married in Fayette Co.

By tradition, John Graves and Lewis Graves were brothers. John witnessed an Anson Co., N.C. deed, William Worthan to Lewis Graves, 15 Oct. 1786. Other evidence of their connection is shown in the following paragraphs.

1804 Hancock Co., Ga. Tax Roll, Capt. Dixon's District (same district as Lewis Graves):

Samuel Graves, 190-1/2 acres granted Borland, adjoining Graves, Little Ogeechee

John Graves, 1 slave, 578-1/2 acres granted Borland, adjoining Wadsworth, Little Ogeechee


John Graves was shown in the Hancock Co. 1805 and 1807 lottery lists, in the same district as Lewis Graves.

Hancock Co. deeds:

1808, John Graves to Sol Rimstrell (?), p. 363. 1810, Samuel Graves to Davice, p. 308.

Jasper Co. Deed Book 7-8, p. 304, 9 Feb. 1818. David Sholars and Jane, his wife, to John Graves, Sr., all of Jasper Co., 1/2 of lot no. 113 in 16th district. (Jane was a daughter of Lewis Graves, brother of John.)

John Graves, Sr., Jasper Co., Ga., Barleys District, won in the 1820 lottery, lot 258, section 3, Irwin Co; lot 56, section 10, Hall Co.

Jasper Co. Deeds:

26 Jan. 1820, John Graves, Sr. to Joseph Johnson, $600 for lot 113 in 16th District, 101-1/4 acres on Shoal Creek. 5 Feb. 1821, John Graves, Sr. to Joseph Johnson, land in Hall Co., no. 56 in 10th District, granted to John Graves, Sr.

Jasper Co. Deeds:

Deed Book 6, p. 20, Warren Hartsfield to Bethany Baptist Church, witness Davenport Graves (son of Lewis Graves), 24 April 1813. Deed Book 7, p. 94, Warren Hartsfield to William Graves (son of Lewis Graves), 150 acres, lot 72 in 16th District, witness Davenport Graves, 2 Oct. 1815. Deed Book 7, p. 209, Warren Hartsfield to Moor Bagley (son-in-law of John Graves, Sr.), northwest corner of lot 72, 16th District.

The preceding deeds show the close association of the families of John Graves and Lewis Graves. Warren Hartsfield was a son of Dr. Godfrey Hartsfield. The Hartsfield family was closely associated with the McElroy family for generations. Davenport Graves married Nancy McElroy. (R-14, R-29, R-31)

Children - Graves

+2173. Mary Jane Graves, b. 1783, m. Moor Bagley, 1 Nov. 1810, d. 11 Nov. 1865.

2174. Minton (or Menton) Graves, b.c. 1795 (between 1792 and 1796); probably never married, since at the time of his death he had no living children.

+2175. David Graves, b. 1800, m. Matilda Harris, 9 Dec. 1819, d.c. 1853.

+2176. Sarah Graves, b. 1802, m. Charles Pinkney Collier, 12 Aug. 1820, d. 26 June 1884.

+2177. John Graves, Jr., b. 1804, m. Susan Cleckler, 11 Jan. 1831, d. before 1876.

+2178. James Graves, b.c. 1808, m. Mary Smith, 17 May 1832, d. 3 March 1880.

+2179. Elizabeth Graves, b. 1810, m(1) Stephen D. Lyle, 8 Nov. 1829, m(2) Jesse Ward, 31 Oct. 1841.

+2180. Charles Graves, b.c. 1812, m. Elizabeth Cleckler, 25 Nov. 1830, d. 1852-1860.


Richard Graves (812) was born 30 Dec. 1765, according to his pension application. He lived in S.C. and N.C., and served in the Revolution (pension app. S-8598). Richard declared in the pension application of Lewis Graves that they served together. Richard signed the stub indent of Lewis Graves in S.C. (S.C. Archives).

Richard married Nancy ------. (The last name of his wife is not known.)

The pension application of Richard Graves states: Resident of Anson Co., N.C. in 1832, and had been for many years. He entered the service from Chesterfield Co., S.C., and said he lived very close to the N.C. line at that time. His father told him he entered the service when he was 15 years, 2 months of age, around 1779 or 1780. His service was witnessed by Thomas Davis, who also was a witness for the application of Lewis Graves.

Joel Gullage, a minister, stated he had known Richard Graves for 48 years, and he was a faithful member of the church. Reuben Phillips and James Gordon also stated they were well acquainted with Richard.

Included in Richard's pension file is a letter from Levi Adams, attorney, saying a granddaughter of Richard asked him to write and see whether Richard ever received a pension. The letter was dated Sept. 30, 1860, Henderson Co., Tenn.

Richard Graves was a "messenger" in 1803 from Deep Creek Baptist Church, Chesterfield Co., S.C.

The following are the census records for Richard Graves:

1790 Chesterfield Co., S.C.: 1 male, 16+; 1 male, 0-16; 3 females.

1810 Anson Co., N.C.: 2 males, 0-10; 2 males, 10-16; 1 male, 45+; 2 females, 0-10; 1 female, 10-16; 1 female, 16-26; 1 female, 26-45; 4 slaves.

1820 Anson Co., N.C.: 1 male, 16-18; 2 males, 18-26; 1 male, 45+; 1 female, 0-10; 1 female, 10-16; 1 female, 26-45; 13 slaves.

1830 Anson Co., N.C.: 1 male, 0-5; 1 male, 15-20; 1 male, 50-60; 2 females, 0-5; 1 female, 5-10; 1 female, 10-15; 1 female, 20-30; 15 slaves.

Although there is no proof from these census records of relationship between members of Richard's household, the following summary is one possible interpretation.

Richard, b. 1765, d. 1830-1840 wife, b. 1775-1784 (perhaps about 1775), d. 1820-1830

male 1, b. 1785-1790 (perhaps about 1790)

2, b. 1794-1800

3, b. 1794-1800

4, b. 1802-1804

5, b. 1800-1810

6, b. 1820-1825

7, b. 1825-1830

female 1, b. 1774-1790

2, b. 1784-1790

3, b. 1794-1800

4, b. 1804-1810

5, b. 1815-1820

6, b. 1820-1825

7, b. 1825-1830

8, b. 1825-1830

Even if the last two males and the last three or four females were grandchildren rather than children of Richard, it seems likely that he had more than the one son, Lewis, who is presently proven.

Anson Co., N.C. Deed Book F and G, p. 222, 25 June 1800. Richard Graves of Chesterfield Co., S.C. to Ann Kendricks of Anson Co., seamstress, $20.00 for 200 acres of land granted Richard Graves by letter patent, 9 March 1799, at head of Muddy Creek and a stake on state line, hence with Jackson line and Camden Road.

Wm. Rushing Richard (x) Graves

Stephen Jackson

Anson Co., N.C. Deed Book L, p. 137, 24 Dec. 1805. Between Gustavus Ross of Anson and Richard Graves of Anson, $300 for 230 acres, southwest side of PeeDee, on both sides of Cedar Creek of Jennings Branch, adjoining Richard Worthen's and above Dicksons.

There are many additional deeds in Anson Co., N.C. for Richard Graves, up to 1823, for lands on Thompson Creek, Cedar Creek, and Muddy Creek. (R-14)

Children - Graves

2181. Margaret Graves, b.c. 1796 (Chesterfield Dist., S.C.). This information is from Goodspeed's Mississippi Memoirs, and there is no proof that Margaret is a daughter of Richard.

+2182. Lewis Graves, b.c. 1798, m. Miriam Lewis, d. 10 Dec. 1836.



Absalom Cleveland (813) was born about 1759 in Albemarle Co., VA, died 1838 in Pickens Co., SC, and was buried near his father at Cleveland Plantation, Pickens Co. (or Oconee Co.), SC. He married Martha ("Patty") Harrison, daughter of Benjamin Harrison and Sarah Bullard, on 11 Nov. 1782 in Wilkes Co., NC. She may have died and been buried in Oconee Co., SC. (R-208, R-210, R-211)

Children - Cleveland

2183. Elizabeth ("Betsy") Cleveland, b. 1783, m. Gideon Smith.

2184. John Harrison ("Jack") Cleveland, b. 1 Oct. 1785, m. Amelia Eliza Martin, 20 July 1805, d. 1878.

2185. Sarah ("Sallie") Cleveland, b. 1787, m(1) Hutson Greenwood, m(2) Joshua Yowell.

2186. Meeky Cleveland, b. 1791, m. B. F. Martin.

+2187. Mary Cleveland, b.c. 1793, m. Thomas Harbin, 1810-16, d.c. 1859.

+2188. Jemima (or Jenny) Cleveland, b.c. 1797, m. Moses P. Shannon, 28 April 1816.

2189. Lucy ("Milley"?) Cleveland, b.c. 1799, m. Micajah Bryant.


Capt. John Cleveland (814), called "Devil John", was born in 1760 (or about 1769) in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1810 (or 1805) in Tugaloo, near Jerrett's Bridge, Oconee Co., SC. He married a widow, Catherine (Slocum) Montgomery, in Wilkes Co., NC. (Her name has also been given as Catherine Montgomery Sloan or Slone or Slocum.) She was born about 1769 in Ireland. They died and their 4 daughters and 2 sons were raised by their grandparents, Ben and Mary Cleveland.

Other than Mary Graves Cleveland, there is some uncertainty about their children. One of their daughters could have been Catherine Cleveland (b.c. 1788) who married General Rush (perhaps the Thomas Jefferson Rusk or Rush mentioned in connection with John Cleveland's sister, Mary). (R-20, R-205, R-209, R-210)

Children - Cleveland

2190. Benjamin C. Cleveland, b.c. 1782, m. Argin (?) Blair, 1802, d. 29 June 1858.

+2191. Mary Graves Cleveland, b. 15 March 1782, m. Abednego Franklin, c. 1800, d. 31 July 1858.

2192. Absalom Fauche Cleveland, b.c. 1786, never married.

2193. Elizabeth (or Eliza) Cleveland, b. 8 June 1792, m. James Smith, 1 May 1810 (Morgan Co., GA).

2194. Martha Cleveland, b.c. 1794, m. Thomas S. Bonner.

2195. Nancy Cleveland, m. Chapley Welborn. (This daughter not given by R-209.)



Matthew Graves (818) was born 7 Nov. 1780 in Chesterfield Co., Va. He married Martha Bruce on 14 March 1814. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2196. William Armistead Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1815.

2197. Sallie Cox Graves, b. 22 Sept. 1817.

2198. Henry King Graves, b. 13 May 1818, m. Mary Susan Cheatham, d. 1869.


William Graves (819) was born in Chesterfield Co., Va. He married Euphan Armistead, daughter of William Armistead and granddaughter of Col. Robert Armistead of Elizabeth City Co., Va. Her will, proven Dec. 2, 1829, mentions her son William A., and niece Mary Phillips. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+2199. William A. Graves, b.c. 1819, m(1) ------ Pullen, m(2) Agnes (Branham) Brown.


Arthur Graves (826) married Frances ("Fannie") Eanes on 22 Dec. 1803 in Amelia Co., VA. They apparently lived in Amelia Co., VA. (R-221)

Children - Graves

2200. William Arthur Graves

2201. John Graves

2202. Robert H. Graves

+2203. Henry Eanes Graves, b. 5 April 1805, m. Caroline Matilda Booker, 1825.



Rice Graves (828) was born about 1790-92 in VA. He married Candice ------. She was born in NC. It is not known when Rice married Candice, but he is listed as head of household in the 1820 Jackson Co., TN census. He is in the Wilson Co., TN censuses for 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860.

Rice and his family moved to Hot Spring Co., Territory of Arkansas, about 1833-35.

The will of Rice Graves was written 26 Feb. 1873, and recorded 24 April 1876 in the Wilson Co., TN court. As Candice was not mentioned, it is assumed she died before then. He did not mention son Thomas, who was in the 1850 Wilson Co., TN census as age 18. He was the right age to be in the Civil War, and it is assumed he had died, perhaps in the war, before the will was written. The reason his daughter Lucy was mentioned is because she left 2 children who were to receive her share of the estate. The sale of his inventory was recorded 22 Aug. 1876. The children listed below, probably in birth order, are from Rice's will. (R-213)

Children - Graves

+2204. William Harrison Graves, b. 18 Jan. 1819, m. Amelia Cunningham, 24 May 1845, d. 17 July 1874.

2205. Edna A. Graves, b.c. 1825; no marriage record found; in father's household at age 36.

2206. Lucy E. Graves, m. Thomas Dean, 25 Aug. 1854, d. before April 1876.

2207. Matilda Graves, m(1) James H. Chandler, 28 April 1853, m(2) William H. Chandler, 29 Dec. 1855.

2208. Thomas Graves, b.c. 1832, d. before 26 Feb. 1873.

2209. Reubin Alexander Graves, b.c. 1838, never married. Was executor of his father's will.

2210. Martha E. Graves, m. Robert Page, 5 Sept. 1865.

2211. Sarah E. Graves, b.c. 1848, m. William B. Taylor, 14 Sept. 1871.



Beman (or Beaman) Graves (835) was born 13 Jan. 1788 in Halifax Co., Va., and died 12 July 1865 at Little Salt Lick Creek, Smith Co., Tenn. He married Susannah Pate, daughter of Stephen Pate and Susannah Martin, on 25 Aug. 1814. She was born May 1792, and died 26 Sept. 1891 at Little Salt Lick Creek.

The will of Beman Graves was filed Sept. 4, 1865 in Smith Co., Tenn. Other records include a deed in 1871, Smith Co., Tenn.; land survey, 1825-1898, Smith Co., Tenn.; inventory of estate, 1871, Smith Co., Tenn. The 1870 U.S. census of Smith Co., Tenn. listed "Snooky" Graves, age 80; Susannah Graves in later years was called "Snooky". (R-43)

Children - Graves

2212. Jerry Graves, b. 1815.

2213. Armennilla Graves

2214. John Gassaway Graves, d.c. age 18 (Smith Co., Tenn.).

+2215. Octavos Graves, b. 3 April 1823, m. Elvira Thaxton, 6 June 1855, d. 4 July 1861.

2216. Sally Graves, b. 1824, m. Lafayette Draper, d. 1903.

2217. Henry Michelberry Graves, m. Virginia Pate, d. 1865. She was dau. of Jubal Early Pate and Martha ("Patsy") Holliday.

2218. Cassandra ("Puss") Pate Graves, m. James Ray.

2219. Wade Hampton Graves, b. 10 Nov. 1832, m. Elvira Teal (or Teele), d. 28 Aug. 1901.


John Parrott Graves (837) was born 1792, probably in Halifax Co., VA, and died about 1858 in White Co., TN, just north of Sparta. He married Sarah Huse Barton about 1828. She was born in 1806 in MA, and died in 1859 in Hilham, Overton Co., TN (close to the Cumberland River, about 15 miles south of the KY border). Her parents were Rev. Titus Theodore Barton (b. 17 Feb. 1766 in Granby, MA, d. 1827 in IL) and Ruth Huse (b. 1769 in Granby, MA, d. 1853 in Jacksonville, IL). (R-41, R-43)

Children - Graves

2220. Clementine Graves, b.c. 1829, m. William Parrott Lee. He was b.c. 1827. They reared a family in White Co., Tenn.

+2221. Richard M. Graves, b.c. 1830, m. Elizabeth Walker.

+2222. Thadeus C. Graves, b.c. 1832, m. Nancy Elizabeth Chilcutt, c. 1849, d. after 1889.

+2223. Adliza Graves, b. 1833, m. Samuel Snodgrass, 1853.

+2224. Ruth Barton Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1835, m. George Fletcher Jackson, 17 Aug. 1854, d. 25 July 1901.


Elizabeth Graves (840) was born in Va., and died in 1834 in Jackson Co., Tenn. She married John Burke, son of William Burke. He was born about 1784 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died 6 June 1842 in Gainesboro, Jackson Co., Tenn. He secondly married Jane Bucham on 23 Sept. 1835.

It has also been stated that Lucy Graves married William C. Burke (or Burks), and that they were the parents of Esom Logan Burke. However, the relationship of Elizabeth Graves and John Burke as the parents was researched by Kathy Austin of Aurora, Colo. Her information is from claim of widow for service pension, War of 1812; Smith Co., Tenn., newspaper of 19 Aug. 1842, where Jane asked for server of heirs; census records; and Caroline Burke who was a daughter of Franklin Parrott Burke and knew some of the people personally.

The children listed below may not be in the proper age order. They were probably all born in Jackson Co., Tenn. (R-136)

Children - Burke

2225. Henry F. Burke

2226. James F. Burke

2227. Mary ("Polly") Burke, b. 12 Jan. 1813 (Flynn's Lick, Jackson Co., Tenn.), m. William Green Darwin, 21 Feb. 1833.

2228. Elizabeth Burke, m. Tom Simpson.

2229. Elvira Leonidas Burke

2230. John Graves Burke, b. 13 Nov. 1818, m. Lucy Moore.

2231. William Carrol Burke, b.c. 1819, m. Hannah ------.

2232. America Ornealo Burke

2233. Milly Jane Burke

+2234. Esom Logan Burke, b. 3 May 1822, m. Harriett Munday, 23 March 1859, d. 18 April 1877.

2235. Parizida Burke, b.c. 1824, m. William Washington Moore.

2236. Francis Marion Burke, b. 26 Sept. 1825, m(1) Sarah Shepphard, 3 Jan. 1850, m(2) Ella Moran, 5 March 1879, d. 1 Dec. 1912.

2237. Franklin Parrott Burke, b. 21 Sept. 1828, m. Catherine Keener, 2 Oct. 1851, d. 17 Feb. 1923.

2238. Nancy Burke, b. 1830.



Capt. George Calvert (843) was born 6 Feb. 1744 in Prince William Co., Va., and died 22 May 1821 in Bourbon Co., Ky. He married Lydia Beck Ralls on 7 Feb. 1764. She was born 9 Oct. 1748, and died about 1830 in Harrison Co., Ky. (R-120)

Children - Calvert

+2239. Sarah Calvert, b. 15 Dec. 1786, m. John Kaylor, 3 Feb. 1803, d. 5 Oct. 1856.



Jesse Calvert (844) was born about 1740 or 1742 in Maryland, and died in 1802 in Prince William Co., VA. He first married Susannah ------. He secondly married Mollica (or Mary) Brown in 1762 or 1765. She was born 1741 or 1745 and died about 1773 or 1800. (R-186)

Children - Calvert, by Susannah ------

+2240. Priscilla Calvert, b.c. 1764, m. John Leatherwood, 1783, d. 4 April 1839.

Children - Calvert, by Mollica Brown

+2241. James Calvert, b.c. 1767, m(1) Elizabeth Shadows, 1792, m(2) Alcey Check, 7 Feb. 1797, d. 1823.

2242. Vincent Calvert

2243. Obed Calvert

2244. Jesse Calvert, Jr.

2245. William Calvert

+2246. Jane Calvert, m. William Calvert, 1792, d. 1840.

2247. Anne Calvert, m. Francis Davis.


Obediah ("Obed") Calvert, Jr. (845) was born in 1743 and died in 1809, both in Prince William Co., VA. He married Catherine ------ in 1764. (R-186)

Children - Calvert

2248. Presley Calvert, b. 1772.

2249. John Calvert, b. 1774.

2250. Jeremiah Calvert, b. 1779.

2251. Isaac Calvert, b. 1785, d. 1853.

2252. Rhodam Calvert, b. 1790, m(1) Martha ------, m(2) Mary Colbert.


Lydia Calvert (846) was born in 1750 and died in 1844. She first married George Mills in 1783. He served in the Rev. War. He was born in 1756 and died in 1838. She secondly married Obediah Cooksey. (R-186)

Children - Mills

2253. John Pysan Mills, b. 1785.

2254. Caty Mills, b. 1789.

2255. Ann Mills, b. 1795.



James Naylor (861) was born in 1774 and died in 1841. He married his first cousin, Priscilla Wilson (#860), in 1797. She was born in 1776. (R-141)

Children - Naylor

2256. James Wilson Naylor, b. 1799, d. 1799.

2257. Verlinda Naylor, b. 1800, d. 1852.

+2258. James Naylor, b. 1804, m(1) Mary A. Watson Smith, m(2) Mary Anne Reed Perrie, 1835, d. 1878.

2259. Mary Priscilla Naylor, b. 1807, d. 1828.

2260. William Naylor, b. 1811.

2261. Ann Susanna Naylor, b. 1818, m. John Thomas Young.



Michael Wallace (869) was born 8 June 1753. He married Lettice (Smith) Wishart, daughter of William Smith, niece of Col. William Rowley, and widow of Rev. John Wishart, on 8 June 1775 in Brunswick Parish, King George Co., Va. (R-10)

Children - Wallace

2262. Gustavus Brown Wallace, b. 2 April 1776, m. Frances Lurty, 1805.

+2263. Michael Wallace, b. 1777, m(1) Mary Kelton Glassell, c. 1800, m(2) Cecilia Gustavus (Brown) Brooke, m(3) Margaret Henderson, 25 Dec. 1835, d. 14 Feb. 1851.


John Wallace (873) was born 19 Jan. 1761 at "Ellerslie", King George Co. (now Stafford Co.), Va. He lived at "Liberty Hall", Stafford Co., Va., and died there 4 May 1829. He first married Esther Gaines in 1782. He secondly married Elizabeth Hooe, daughter of Howson Hooe, in 1792. (R-10, R-114)

Children - Wallace, by Esther Gaines

+2264. William Wallace, b. 14 Feb. 1784, m. Nancy Elizabeth Yates, 8 Sept. 1806, d. 1840-50.

2265. Hugh Wallace, perhaps twin of William.

Children - Wallace, by Elizabeth Hooe

+2266. Mary Dade Wallace, b. 23 Nov. 1791, m. William Buchanan.

2267. John Hooe Wallace, b. 1793, m. Mary Nicholas Gordon, 27 Sept. 1826.

2268. Elizabeth Brown Wallace, b. 29 Jan. 1795, d. 16 Oct. 1877. No children.

2269. Thomas Wallace, b. 25 Dec. 1796, m. Ann Kauffman, 20 Nov. 1845, d. 23 Dec. 1882.

2270. Howson Hooe Wallace, b. 1799, m. Elizabeth Brown Wallace, 1826, d. 1849.

2271. Michael Wallace, b. 1800, m. Hannah Hull Moncure, 26 Sept. 1844, d. 10 Sept. 1877. No children.

2272. Julia Wallace, m. Addison Hansford.

2273. Gustavus Brown Wallace, b. 26 Jan. 1810, m. Emily Travers Daniel, 15 Nov. 1832, d. 11 May 1882.



Mary Odell (875) was born 16 Jan. 1748 in Maryland, and died before 18 July 1822 in Newberry Dist., S.C. She married Thomas Duckett.

Children - Duckett

+2274. Mary Duckett, m. Daniel Reeder.



Rev. Thomas Odell (879) was born 17 May 1752 in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's Co. (now Montgomery Co.), Md., died 25 Aug. 1827 in Eagle Fork, Liberty Twp., Adams Co., Ohio, and was buried there. In 1955 his remains were moved to Salem Mills Cem., Odell, Tippecanoe Co., Ind., and placed next to those of his second wife.

He first married Elizabeth Garrett in 1771 in Frederick Co., Md. She was born about 1753 and died before 1776, both in Frederick Co., Md.

He secondly married Gracie Austin in 1778 in Berkeley Co., Va. (now W.Va.). She was born 22 Sept. 1756 in Wales, Great Britain, and died 6 July 1835 in Davis Twp., Tippecanoe Co., Ind.

He was a farmer and a mill owner. They moved to Back Creek, Berkeley Co., Va. (now W.Va.). During the Revolutionary War, Thomas was commissioned a 1st lieut. on 4 July 1776 in a company of militia belonging to the Upper District of Frederick Co., Md. Sometime after 1778 in Berkeley Co., Va., Thomas was ordained a Methodist minister by Francis Asbury, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America. The family moved on west, first to Ky., and then to Adams Co., Ohio in 1801. In 1804, Thomas founded the Briar Ridge M. E. Church.

Their first 9 children were born in Back Creek, Berkeley Co., Va. (R-116, R-117)

Children - Odell, by Elizabeth Garrett

2275. Nathan Garrett Odell, b. 11 Nov. 1772 (Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's Co., Md.), m. Rebecca Sharp, 5 Feb. 1795 (Berkeley Co., Va., now W.Va.), d. 28 Sept. 1834 (Cass Co., Mich.).

Children - Odell, by Gracie Austin

2276. James Odell, b. 20 July 1779, m. Catherine Pittinger, 28 Feb. 1804 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 23 Aug. 1835 (Vandalla, Cass Co., Mich.).

2277. Martha O. Odell, b. 4 Aug. 1781, m. Benjamin Northcott, 11 Nov. 1800 (Maysville, Mason Co., Ky.), d. 1836 (Fleming Co., Ky.).

2278. Nancy Odell, b. 1783, m. Josiah Lockhart, 10 Aug. 1803-5 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 1836 (Frederick Co., Va.).

2279. Mary ("Polly") Odell, b. 1875, m(1) Samuel Wright, m(2) ------ Keneth.

2280. Sarah ("Sally") Odell, b. 1787, m. Jonathan Wamsley, 29 Feb. 1804 (Adams Co., Ohio).

2281. John Weslie Odell, b. 19 Aug. 1789, m. Susannah C. Beasley, 17 April 1814 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 187- (Fountain Co., Ind.).

+2282. Elizabeth Odell, b. 7 May 1792, m(1) William Page, 16 Oct. 1816, m(2) William Thompson, 13 Feb. 1838, d. 22 July 1854.

2283. Thomas Odell, b. 20 March 1794, m. Hannah Ann Davis, 1827 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 6 May 1867 (Mich.).

2284. Deborah Odell, b. 20 March 1796, m. Thomas Cox, 15 March 1827 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 6 May 1861.

+2285. Rhoda Prather Odell, b. 11 April 1799, m. Ebenezer Bailey, 15 Nov. 1818, d. 2 Nov. 1881.

2286. Charlotte Odell, b. 18 April 1801 (Liberty Twp., Adams Co., Ohio), m. Samuel Rankin, 13 March 1823 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 18 Feb. 1872 (Fountain Co., Ohio).



John Odell, Jr. (887) was born 5 Nov. 1771 in S.C., and died 5 Feb. 1830 in Laurens Dist., S.C. He married Rebecca ("Becky") Hendricks, daughter of William Hendricks and Margaret Evans, in S.C. Rebecca was a sister of Thomas Hendricks, who married John Odell's sister, Martha. Rebecca was born in 1784 (or 1775) in East Florida, and died in 1857 in Laurens Dist., S.C. Their children were born between 1800 and 1817.

In his will, which was written 30 Jan. 1830 and proven 1 March 1830 in Laurens Dist., S.C., John Odell named his wife and all their children except the last one, Eli, who had died. John's will gave to his wife, Rebecca, a life interest in his land, farm equipment, and livestock, and at her death all of the property was to be sold and the proceeds were to be equally divided among all of their children. His estate was probated in what is now Laurens Co., S.C., and his brother Eli was one of the appraisers. John and his youngest child, Eli, were buried in Odell's Chapel Cem. in the extreme eastern part of Laurens Co., S.C. (R-121)

Children - Odell

2287. James Odell

+2288. William Odell, b.c. 1804, m(1) Nancy Huffis, m(2) Sarah Ann (Phillips) Cooper, probably d. by 1860.

2289. Thomas Odell

2290. Martha Odell

2291. Margaret Odell

2292. Elender Odell

2293. Eli J. Odell, b.c. 1817, d. 14 Oct. 1829.



Levi Coffey (898) was born 19 Dec. 1774 in Va., and died before 1850. He married Dorothy ("Dolly") Edmundson on 18 Aug. 1799. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

2294. Rice Coffey, b. 1802.

2295. Mary Ann Coffey, b. 1804.

2296. James Coffey, b. 1806.

2297. Robert Coffey, b. 1807.

2298. John Coffey, b. 1809.

2299. Keziah Coffey, b. 1812.

2300. Enoch Coffey, b. 1812.

2301. Elisha Coffey, b. 1814.

2302. Levi Coffey, b. 1817.

2303. Nancy Coffey, b. 1820.


Lewis Coffey (899) was born 12 Jan. 1777 in Va., and died after 1850 in Gwinnett Co., Ga. He married. There is some question as to whether the last three children listed below are Lewis's. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

2304. Louney Coffey, b.c. 1806 (N.C.).

2305. Sarah Coffey, b. 1 Sept. 1812 (N.C.), m. Jesse Brawner, Jr., 5 Nov. 1833, d. 5 Nov. 1893 (Atlanta, Ga.).

2306. Catherine Coffey

2307. Webster Coffey

2308. Edmond Coffey


Sarah Coffey (900) was born 1 May 1779, probably in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died 26 Aug. 1842 in Ashe Co. (or Buncombe Co.), N.C. She married Michael Israel, Jr., son of Michael Israel and Sarah Graves, on 26 Feb. 1800 in Wilkes Co., N.C. He was born in 1778 in Albemarle Co., Va., and died in 1866 in Buncombe Co., N.C. While he was still a babe in arms, his parents moved to Wilkes Co., N.C., and settled on the North Fork of Warrior Creek of the Yadkin River. This area of Wilkes Co. became a part of Caldwell Co. when it was created in 1841.

Michael, Jr. and Sarah appeared to be living with his parents in Wilkes Co. when the 1800 census was taken. They apparently left the county after 1805, and were living in Buncombe Co., N.C. by 1810. Their first 3 children were born in Wilkes Co., N.C., and the others in Buncombe Co., N.C. (R-523)

Children - Israel

+2309. James Israel, b. 1802, m. Mary ------.

+2310. Mary Israel, b. 1804, m. Armstead B. Carland, c. 1825.

2311. Elizabeth Israel, b. 1805, never married.

+2312. Celia Israel, b. 1807, m. Russell Jones.

2313. son, b.c. 1809, died young.

2314. John C. Israel, b.c. 1811, never married. He served in Co. D, 39th Regt., N.C. Troops, from 28 Oct. 1861 to 12 Nov. 1862. He applied for a pension on 24 June 1904.

+2315. Sarah Israel, b. 27 March 1814, m. Thomas Laxton Case, d. 1898.

2316. son, b.c. 1815, died young.

2317. son, b.c. 1816, died young.

2318. Arminta Israel, b.c. 1818-19, never married.

2319. Caroline Israel, b. March 1819, m. William Bishop. He had first been married to Elizabeth Berry, by whom he had 9 children. Caroline helped raise these children, but apparently had none of her own.


Elizabeth Coffey (901) was born 10 Jan. 1782 in Wilkes Co., N.C. She married Archelaus Alloway Strange, son of Abner Alloway Strange, on 23 Nov. 1802. He was born 12 July 1780 in Fluvanna Co., Va., and died 23 Oct. 1852 in Adair Co., Ky. (R-522)

Children - Strange

2320. John Strange, b. 1803, m. Sally Walkup, d. 1865.

2321. William Strange, b. 1805, m. Demoriah Davis, d. 1845.

2322. Abraham Strange, b. 1808, m. Elizabeth Morrison, d. 1866.

2323. Lewis Strange, b. 1810, m. Israel Biggs, d. 1886.

2324. Archelaus Strange, b. 1812, m. Celia Miller, d. 1883.

2325. Levi Strange, b. 1817, m. Elizabeth Robertson, d. 1882.

2326. Larkin Strange, b. 1819, m. Mary Simpson, d. 1884.

2327. Winston Strange, b. 1821, m. Margaret Meadows, d. 1900.

2328. Elizabeth Strange, b. 1823, m. ------ Walkup, d. 1890.

2329. Mary Strange, b. 1814 (or 1824?), m. John Thomas, 1875.

2330. Ellen Strange, b. 1826, never married, d. 1840.



James M. Coffey (909) was born 20 July 1776 in Amherst Co., Va., and died 7 Jan. 1849 in Saline Co. or Hamilton Co., Ill. He married Frances Lane, daughter of Thomas Lane and Nancy Dabney, on 16 Jan. 1804 in Wayne Co., Ky., bond dated 1 Oct. 1803. She was born 22 June 1785 in N.C., and died 24 Oct. 1859 in Saline Co., Ill. In addition to the children listed below, there may have been another one, Jane, born 1804, married William Dean. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+2331. Archelaus Coffey, b. 30 July 1806, m. Jane Dean, 23 April 1824, d. 10 March 1883.

+2332. Thomas Coffey, b.c. 1808, m. Keziah Varnier, 17 Sept. 1828, d. before 5 May 1845.

+2333. John Coffey, b. 22 April 1810, m. Nancy Snyder, 13 Sept. 1832, d. 8 April 1879.

2334. Ann Coffey, b.c. 1812 (Wayne Co., Ky.), m. John Baldridge, 24 Dec. 1834 (Gallatin Co., Ill.).

2335. Eleanor (or Elinor) Coffey, b.c. 1814-15 (prob. Washington Co., Ind.), m. James L. Kennedy, 17 March 1852 (Saline Co., Ill.), d. after 1900 (?).

+2336. Sally Coffey, b.c. 1816, m. Ewing Flannigan, 28 July 1836, d.c. 1839-43.

+2337. James Wesley Coffey, b. 15 May 1818, m. Mary E. M. Kane, 25 Nov. 1854, d. 5 Aug. 1883.

+2338. Lewis P. Coffey, b.c. 1820-21, m. Nancy Ann C. Laswell, 5 Oct. 1842, d. before 25 April 1848.

2339. Louisa Coffey, b.c. 1823 (Ill.), m. John J. Lane, 25 Dec. 1842 (Miller Co., Mo.).

+2340. Eli Coffey, b. 6 Oct. 1825, m(1) Nancy Russell, 17 June 1852, m(2) Nancy Ellen Foster, 10 Oct. 1872, d. 7 Oct. 1899.


John Waid (or Wade?) Coffey (910) was born about 1778, probably in Amherst Co., Va., and died about 1834, probably in Washington Co., Ind. He married Mary ("Polly") Harbord, daughter of John and Mary Harbord, on 29 Dec. 1801 in Wayne Co., Ky. She was born 30 Oct. 1781, and died 19 April 1853 in Bloomington, Ill. Their first 2 children were born in Amherst Co., Va., the next 2 probably in Wayne Co., Ky., and the next 4 in Washington Co., Ind. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

+2341. Eleanor Coffey, b.c. 1804, m. Jacob Young, 23 Nov. 1824.

+2342. James Harvey Coffey, b. 6 Aug. 1806, m. Anna Eliza Graham, d. 13 Feb. 1855.

2343. Betsey Coffey, b.c. 1808, m. Horace S. Ranson, 9 Oct. 1825 (license, Washington Co., Ind.).

+2344. Bailey H. Coffey, b. 16 Aug. 1810, m(1) Nancy Cox, 27 Dec. 1832, m(2) Catherine Low Harbord, 29 April 1851, d. 23 Aug. 1879.

2345. Mary Coffey, b.c. 1812, m. George Beck, 17 Feb. 1828 (Washington Co., Ind.). She may not be a member of this family.

+2346. John W. Coffey, b. 9 March 1814, m. Esther ------.

+2347. Hiram Coffey, b. 2 April 1816, m. Elvira Coe, c. 1839-40, d. July 1873.

+2348. Hezekiah Coffey, b.c. 1818, m. Susan A. Jones, 25 April 18--, d. 19 Nov. 1892.

+2349. Mary Ann Coffey, b. 1 Feb. 1822, m(1) Edward M. Depew, 10 May 1843, m(2) Harvey Bishop, 21 Feb. 1850, d. 26 Nov. 1856.


Jane Coffey (911) was born 22 June 1782 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died 2 or 3 Oct. 1862 in Bloomington, McLean Co., Ill. She married William Harbord, son of John and Mary Harbord, on 28 Jan. 1802 in Wayne Co., Ky. He was born 24 Dec. 1777 in Va., and died 17 Sept. 1845 in McLean Co., Ill. Their first 3 children were born in Wayne Co., Ky., and the next 4 were born in Indiana. (R-522)

Children - Harbord

+2350. James Coffey Harbord, b. 16 Dec. 1803, m. Esther Guthrie, 17 Jan. 1825, d. 8 March 1873.

+2351. Agnes Harbord, b. 9 Aug. 1805, m. James Wilkins, 24 Nov. 1829.

+2352. John W. Harbord, b. 18 July 1807, m. Mary S. McKee, 9 May 1830, d. 5 March 1882.

+2353. Matthew L. Harbord, b. 23 Jan. 1813, m. Catherine Low, 26 Nov. 1836, d. 24 July 1849.

2354. Mary B. Harbord, b. 19 March 1815, m. Matthew B. Harbert, 27 April 1835 (McLean Co., Ill.).

+2355. Eleanor Harbord, b. 3 Oct. 1818, m(1) William Platte, 17 July 1835, m(2) Stephen Webb, d. 1889.

+2356. William D. Harbord, b. 18 Oct. 1820, m. Susan J. Snodgrass, 28 May 1849, d. 5 Sept. 1862.

2357. Mahala J. Harbord, b. 16 Aug. 1823, m. Nathan Hendrix (?), 2 May 1839 (McLean Co., Ill.).



Anna Coffey (922) was born about 1795 in N.C. She married Simeon (or Washington) Owens, son of Barnett Owens. Simeon was born about 1790 in N.C., and died in 1827 in Madison Co., Ill. (R-134)

Children - Owens

+2358. Mary Owens, b. 1819, m. John Robinson, 4 June 1837.



Asbury Madison Coffey (943) was born 25 July 1804 in Wilkes Co., N.C., and died 28 Nov. 1897 in Knobnoster, Johnson Co., Mo. He married Mary Bradford, daughter of Col. Henry Bradford, on 22 July 1828 in Tenn. In addition to the children listed below, there were supposedly two others. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

2359. Rufus L. Coffey, b.c. 1831, m. Martha Ann ------, d. 25 Dec. 1860.

2360. Alexander B. Coffey, b.c. 1832, m. Mary Bradford.

2361. Ellen B. Coffey, b.c. 1836, m. ------ Corrum (of Knobnoster, Mo.).

2362. Mary Coffey, b.c. 1838.

2363. Tipton H. Coffey, b. 18 Feb. 1846, d. 19 Dec. 1860.

2364. Henry Coffey, b. 8 July 1848, d. Nov. 1934.

2365. Rachael Frances Coffey, b. 8 July 1848, m. Robert H. Walker, 24 May 1871.



Nathaniel Coffey (953) was born 1796-1804 in Burke Co., N.C., and died 1880-1890 in Caldwell Co., N.C. He first married Louisa ("Eliza") Durham in 1823. She secondly married William R. Crisp on 5 April 1832 in Wayne Co., Ky. He secondly married Nancy Clark in 1829 (or after 1830) in Burke Co., N.C. (R-175)

Children - Coffey, by Louisa Durham

+2366. Andrew Jackson Coffey, b. 1825, m. Martha Jane Spann, 16 Jan. 1850, d. 20 Oct. 1899.

2367. Cleveland Coffey, b. 1827.

Children - Coffey, by Nancy Clark

2368. Caroline Coffey, b. 1830.

2369. Sidney Coffey, b. 1832.

2370. John Coffey, b. 1833.

2371. Catharine Coffey, b. 1835.

2372. Armsted Coffey, b. 1837.

2373. Erion Coffey, b. 1838.

2374. Ann Coffey, b. 1838.

2375. Joseph Coffey, b. 1840.



Jesse Coffey (970) was born 26 May 1784, died in July 1850 in Casey Co., Ky., and was buried in Middleburg Cem. He first married Tabitha Riffe (or Rife). He secondly married Elizabeth Rife on 16 Feb. 1805 in Pulaski Co., Ky. She was born in 1785 and died in 1842. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

2376. Sally Coffey

2377. C. R. Coffey (son)

2378. Jesse Coffey, Jr.



James Coffey (986) was born about 1803 and died before 10 Sept. 1851, both in Grainger Co., Tenn. He married Sally Fielding on 14 Dec. 1825 in Grainger Co., Tenn. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

2379. Joel Henry Coffey

2380. James Temple Coffey


Joel Coffey (988) was born about 1806 and died before 10 Sept. 1851, both in Grainger Co., Tenn. He married Elizabeth Grubb on 5 Feb. 1829 in Grainger Co. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

2381. Nancy Coffey, m. John Hinshaw, 16 Oct. 1847 (Grainger Co., TN).

2382. John Coffey, b.c. 1833.

2383. Susan Coffey, b.c. 1838, m. Samuel Stalsworth.

2384. Jacob Coffey, b.c. 1839.

2385. William E. Coffey, b.c. 1842.

2386. Sarah E. Coffey, m. Robert Inklebarger, 6 Dec. 1860.

2387. Elvira Coffey


Mahalia Coffey (992) was born 29 March 1820 in Grainger Co., Tenn., and died 29 Sept. 1876 in Newburg, Phelps Co., Mo. She married Samuel Crain, son of Charles Crain, Jr. and Margaret Trogdon, on 11 Aug. 1838 in Grainger Co., Tenn. He was born about 1818 in Grainger Co., and died in Newburg, Mo. (R-128)

Children - Crain

+2388. Lovina Crain, b. 22 Feb. 1844, m. John Barry DeShurley, d. 18 March 1919.

2389. Ruff Crain

2390. Rhodes Crain, m. Joanie Anthony.

2391. Bart Crain

2392. Tarne Crain, m. Doc Redman.

2393. Katherine Crain, m. Michael Harper.

2394. Josephine ("Jo") Crain, m. John Williams.

+2395. Tom Crain



Matilda Coffey (1148) was born 13 March 1821, and died 28 Oct. 1886 in Thornhill, Tenn. She married Tandy W. Dalton, son of Carter Dalton and Matilda Witcher, on 27 Aug. 1835 in Grainger Co., Tenn. He was born 18 Nov. 1818 in Grainger Co., Tenn., and died 1 Dec. 1909 in Thornhill, Tenn. (R-522)

Children - Dalton

+2396. Lacy Dalton, b. 1839, m. Elizabeth McCoy, d.c. 1862.



Mary Stanton (or Elizabeth) Higginbotham (1153) was born 25 Nov. 1793 in Amherst Co., Va., and died 22 Dec. 1881 (or 1832) in Lisbon, Claiborne Parish, La. Her name may have been Mary Elizabeth Stanton Higginbotham. She first married Jacob Brown on 15 July 1813. She secondly married James Tait (or Tate), son of James Tait and Rebecca Hudson, on 27 July 1819 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was born 28 Feb. 1786 in Louisa Co., Va., and died 16 Nov. 1857 in Lisbon, La. (R-130, R-521)

Children - Tait

+2397. Louisa Angeline Clara Tait, b. 20 Aug. 1820, m. James McClendon, 11 Dec. 1838, d. 8 March 1887.

2398. child

2399. child

2400. child

+2401. Narcissus Tait, b. 25 Nov. 1832, m. Harmon Wright Patton, d. 17 Aug. 1924.


Clara Green (or Graves) Higginbotham (1156), called Clary, was born 4 Feb. 1805 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 5 May (or March) 1882 in Claiborne Parish, La. She married Thomas Hilley, Jr., son of Thomas Hilley and Mary Walker Bond, on 13 May 1828 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was born 26 June 1797 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 20 Sept. 1872 in Claiborne Parish, La. (R-69)

Children - Hilley

2402. Elizabeth C. Hilley, b. 22 Aug. 1832, m. Joel J. Wilkinson, d. 4 Feb. 1908. Bur. Claiborne Par., La.

+2403. Mary Ann Hilley, b. 27 Nov. 1834, m. Thomas Daniel Meadows, 31 Aug. 1851, d. 2 June 1917.

2404. William Hilley

2405. Thomas Higginbotham Hilley, m. Mary Ann Pennington, 19 June 1860.

2406. Francis Asbury Hilley, m(1) Mary Ann Gee, 14 June 1864, m(2) Priscilla Wafer, m(3) Elizabeth Ann Taylor.

2407. Amanda Sereptha Hilley, b. 23 May 1842 (Heard Co., Ga.), m. James Wiley Sherard, d. 7 June 1862.

2408. Ada Hilley, m. Hugh Taylor.


Lucy Higginbotham (1157) married Robert B. Mann on 27 July 1833 (Elbert Co., Ga., Record Book 1830-38, p. 408). (R-521)

Children - Mann

2409. Lucy Ann Elizabeth Mann, b. 1 June 1834, m. ------ Martin.

2410. Sarah Jane Mann, b. 17 Jan. 1836, m. Jim Wamble.

+2411. Fannie Mann, b. 26 Nov. 1838, m. John H. Wheeler, 27 Aug. 1845, d. 15 Dec. 1930.

2412. Mattie D. Mann, b. 2 Oct. 1842, d. 31 May 1897.

2413. Robert Mann, d. 24 Sept. 1887.

2414. Charles Mann, d. Jan. 1900.


Dr. John Green Higginbotham (1161) was born 3 March 1807 and died 6 Feb. 1893. He first married Sarah S. Thornton, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Thornton and ------ Upshaw, on 25 Oct. 1827 (Elbert Co., Ga., Will Book N, p. 403). She was born in 1811. He secondly married Eliza Jane Baxter. She was born 11 Sept. 1836. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Sarah S. Thornton

2415. Sarah Ann Higginbotham, b. 25 Nov. 1828.

+2416. Benjamin Thomas Higginbotham, b. 6 June 1830, m(1) Frances Elizabeth Cook, 13 Dec. 1849, m(2) Mrs. Amanda M. (Almond) Scarborough, 28 Oct. 1885, d. 7 Jan. 1864.

2417. Rev.) John Thornton Higginbotham, b. 16 June 1832, m. Emily Norman.

2418. Jane Eliza Higginbotham, b. 14 Feb. 1834, m(1) ------ Dickerson, m(2) ------ Ray, m(3) ------ Scott.

2419. Mary London Higginbotham, b. 20 Nov. 1835.

+2420. Elijah Benson Higginbotham, b. 16 Dec. 1838, m. Frances Elizabeth Carter, 15 Nov. 1859, d. 20 June 1912.

2421. Dosie James Higginbotham, b. 28 March 1841, d. between age 18 and 20.

2422. Priscilla Frances Higginbotham, b. 2 July 1843.

2423. William Green Higginbotham, b. 14 Jan. 1845.

2424. Reuben Crumly Higginbotham, b. 16 March 1846, m. Maggie Slayton (of Banks Co., Ga.).

2425. Jeptha Banks Higginbotham, b. 26 Oct. 1847, m(1) Emily Virginia Norman, m(2) Mrs. Lissy Harper.

+2426. David R. Higginbotham, b. 1853, m. Lenora Adams.

Children - Higginbotham, by Eliza J. Baxter

+2427. Hestor Lorene Melvine Higginbotham, b. 23 Aug. 1873, m. William J. Harley, c. 1886, d. 25 July 1900.

+2428. Bailey Joseph Dearly Higginbotham, b. 1 Feb. 1875, m. Cora Sulervan, Jan. 1903, d. 4 July 1928.

+2429. Lola Julia Caroline Stanton Higginbotham, b. 2 Jan. 1878, m. William C. Turner, 3 May 1896.


Jerusia (or Jerushia) Jane Higginbotham (1162) was born 24 Aug. 1829 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 30 May 1915. She married James Calloway Campbell on 1 Dec. 1846. (R-521)

Children - Campbell

+2430. daughter, m. ------ Thompson.


Martha Elizabeth Higginbotham (1164) was born 16 Dec. 1830 and died 14 Jan. 1913, both in Elbert Co., Ga. She married Thomas Jefferson Bond, son of Willis Bond and Leah Carpenter of Elbert Co., Ga., on 1 Dec. 1846 in Elbert Co. Willis was a son of Nathan Bond, Jr. and Edith Cash, and Leah was a daughter of Joshua Carpenter and Leah Smith. Thomas was born 2 Jan. 1826 and died 19 Aug. 1902, both in Elbert Co., Ga. (R-65)

Children - Bond

2431. Sarah Milligan Bond, m. Singleton Allen Adams.

2432. James Willis Bond, m. Henrietta Scott Norman.

2433. J. Thomas Bond

2434. Walker Jackson Bond, m. Addine Eavenson.

2435. Benjamin Francis Bond, m. Martha Emma Adams.

2436. Boykin Rayford Bond, m(1) Agnes Sanders, m(2) Sallie Gaines.

2437. Ella Jerushia Bond, m. Isham Cone Adams.

2438. Charlie Bond

2439. Jeptha Washington Bond, m(1) Naomi Adams, m(2) Cleora Carpenter.

+2440. Epsie Ola Bond, b. 24 Jan. 1871, m(1) Robert Sion Eavenson, 8 Nov. 1891, m(2) Thomas William Davenport, 1 Sept. 1895, d. 10 Oct. 1927.

2441. Martha Talullah Alice Bond, m. Dan E. Hogsed.

+2442. Emory Allen Bond, b. 17 Feb. 1877, m(1) Lollie Mewhorn, m(2) Lula Mae Swords, 14 Oct. 1903, d. 21 March 1944.



------ Fortson (1165) was born ------, and died 6 Jan. 1892 in Caddo Parish, La. He married Mary Ann Elizabeth Richardson on 4 Feb. 1827 in Elbert Co., Ga. She was born in 1810 in Green Co., Ala., and died 4 Nov. 1870 in Caddo Parish, La. (R-172)

Children - Fortson

+2443. James A. Fortson, b. 21 Nov. 1829, m. Leurena J. Rogers, 12 June 1856, d. 13 Feb. 1898.



Marian Louise Turman (1169) was born in 1808 and died in 1881. She married John Pryor Hall, son of William Hall and Sarah Blake. He was born in 1797 and died in 1838. (R-521)

Children - Hall

2444. Permelia Ann Hall, b. 1828, m(1) Jack Deadwyler, m(2) John Philip Olesby, 1845, m(3) Aid Anderson, d. 1912.



Elizabeth Jane Higginbotham (1171) was born 25 Jan. 1818 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 22 Sept. 1859 near Clinton, Ala. She married Henry Harrison. (R-521)

Children - Harrison

2445. Areminta Harrison, m(1) Dr. Nathaniel Friend, m(2) ------ Branson.

2446. George Harrison; served in the C.S.A. during the Civil War.

2447. Kate Harrison

2448. Josephine Harrison


Nancy Higginbotham (1172) married O. J. Nuly. (R-521)

Children - Nuly

+2449. Nancy (?) Nuly

2450. Sally (?) Nuly



Nancy Croxton Higginbotham (1181) was born 4 Dec. 1809 and died 5 Oct. 1865. She married Thomas B. Royster on 16 Oct. 1843. (R-521)

Children - Royster

2451. Ann Eliza Royster, never married.

2452. Bettie Royster, m. Hyter Parr.

2453. William Royster, m. Sally Brown.


James Higginbotham (1182) was born 5 Feb. 1812 and died 11 Sept. 1874. He married Ann Eliza London, his second cousin once removed, daughter of John London and Tirzah Higginbotham, on 17 Dec. 1835. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2454. Elizabeth Tirzah Higginbotham, m. Marcellus P. Rucker, 14 June 1859.

2455. Alma Higginbotham, never married.

2456. Laura F. Higginbotham, m. Joseph R. Higginbotham, 14 April 1860, d. 1868. He was b.c. 1838 and d. 1861. No children.

2457. Florence Higginbotham, never married.

2458. Edward Higginbotham, never married, d. 30 June 1862 (battle of Frazer's Farm). He served in Co. H, 19th Va. Regt., Hunton's Brigade, "Southern Rights Guards", C.S.A.

2459. Clifton Higginbotham, d. 5 Feb. 1865. He served in the same company as his brother Edward, was wounded at Chester Station, and was later killed at Hatcher's Run.

2460. Rose Higginbotham, b. 1845, m. ------ Baylor, d. 1925.

2461. Chester J. Higginbotham, b. 1849, never married, d. 7 June 1924.


Rufus Anderson Higginbotham (1183) was born 14 March 1814, died 28 Dec. 1878, and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cem., near Sandidges, Amherst Co., Va. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hargrove on 16 Sept. 1837. She may have been a daughter of Joseph Hargrove and granddaughter of Howard Cash who died in 1839. She was born 12 Jan. 1818 and died 9 Feb. 1902. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+2462. Mary Lucinda Higginbotham, b. 21 Jan. 1839, m. John Wilson Myers, 16 Nov. 1857, d. 8 Feb. 1922.

2463. Henry Harrison Higginbotham, b. 25 Feb. 1841, m. Mary F. Bilbro (of Mo.), d. 28 July 1899 (Louisville, Mo.). Bur. Mt. Pleasant Cem., near Sandidges, Ga. (or Va.?). She was b. 12 Sept. 1855. He was educated at the Higginbotham Academy in Amherst Co., Va. before 1860. He served in the Civil War in the 2nd Va. Cavalry, Fitz Lee's Brigade, Stuart's Div., C.S.A. He was a merchant at Louisville, Lincoln Co., Mo.

+2464. Betty Ann Cash Higginbotham, b. 5 March 1843, m. John H. Parr, 19 April 1870.

+2465. Thomas Joseph Higginbotham, b. 6 Jan. 1845, m. Judith E, Scoville, 23 Nov. 1870, d. 2 Nov. 1934.

2466. Pitt Absalom Higginbotham, b. 3 Oct. 1846, d. 29 May 1864. He was a member of the 2nd Va. Cavalry, C.S.A. About 3 weeks after he enlisted, he was wounded in the cavalry engagement at Hanover Court House, Va., and died the next day.

+2467. James Walton Higginbotham, b. 3 Aug. 1848, m. Mettie D. Paxton, 14 Oct. 1877, d. 28 April 1911.

+2468. Lanora Jane Higginbotham, b. 14 May 1850, m. Samuel Lee Watts, 25 Nov. 1870.

2469. Charles Marion Higginbotham, b. 24 Dec. 1852, d. 29 July 1856.

2470. Willie Bell Higginbotham, b. 12 June 1855, d. 3 July 1856.

+2471. Samuel Beverley Higginbotham, m. Ollive V. Cunningham, d. 1907.

+2472. Fletcher Hargrove Higginbotham, b. 28 June 1858, m(1) Margaret Brent Hill, 3 Jan. 1884, m(2) Ella C. Stratton, 2 Oct. 1904, d. 1946.


Benjamin Sandidge Higginbotham (1184) was born 21 Aug. 1818 and died 3 May 1903. He first married Hester E. Paxton of Rockbridge Co., Va. on 9 March 1843. She was born 2 April 1825 and died 8 Sept. 1848. He secondly married Margaret A. Carter, daughter of Elizabeth Carter, on 23 (?) Jan. 1849. She was born 12 Feb. 1832 and died 23 Dec. 1871. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Hester E. Paxton

2473. Charles Higginbotham

Children - Higginbotham, by Margaret A. Carter

2474. Thomas Higginbotham, b. 1849.

2475. Blanche T. Higginbotham, m. Paul J. Rucker, d. 25 Dec. 1929. He was a 2nd cousin once removed of Marcellus P. Rucker. He m. Elizabeth Tirza Higginbotham who was a first cousin of Blanche.

2476. Lucy Margaret Higginbotham, b. 31 Aug. 1856, m. Francis Marion Higginbotham (her 2nd cousin), 28 April 1880, d. 8 April 1943 (Naola, Va.).

+2477. Bula Benton Higginbotham, m. Arthur Coleman.


Aaron L. Higginbotham (1187) was born 31 Dec. 1826 and died 9 Feb. 1886. He first married Sally Ann Sandidge, daughter of Anderson Sandidge, on 25 Dec. 1856. He secondly married Josephine Temperance Patterson. She was born 23 Nov. 1860 and died 16 ---- 1924. Aaron served in Co. I, 19th Va. Inf., C.S.A., during the Civil War. He was wounded at least once. He lived at Mount Pleasant, Amherst Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Sally A. Sandidge

+2478. Thomas Higginbotham, b.c. 1860, married, d. 1925.

2479. Ida Loving Higginbotham, m. William Bascom Rucker (brother of Paul J. Rucker).

Children - Higginbotham, by Josephine T. Patterson

+2480. Grover Jay Higginbotham, married.

2481. Rufus Aaron Higginbotham, m. Katherine Nicholas White, 1913. She was dau. of Jesse and Jennie White.

2482. William Myers Higginbotham

+2483. Mary Pearl Higginbotham, m. Walter Massie Hamilton, 1913.



Edward Hix (1192) was born about 1815 and was living in 1850. He married Eliza ------. She was born about 1817 in Ky. All their children were born in Ky., according to the 1850 census. (R-521)

Children - Hix

2484. James Hix, b.c. 1842.

2485. George L. Hix, b. c. 1842.

2486. Mary E. Hix, b.c. 1844.

2487. William E. Hix, b.c. 1845.

2488. Nancy Hix, b.c. 1847.

2489. John C. Hix, b.c. 1848.


Albert Hix (1193) was born about 1816 in Va. He married Mary Warren. She was born about 1819 in Ky. (Source: 1850 census, Warren Co., Ky.) (R-521)

Children - Hix

2490. William A. Hix



Alexander Brown Higginbotham (1196) was born 23 June 1818 and died 1 Dec. 1888. He married Eliza Frances Plunkett on 10 Dec. 1840. She died 7 Aug. 1908. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+2491. Edwin Ruthvin Higginbotham, b. 30 Nov. 1841, m. Cyrena A. Whitehead, 25 March 1868, d. 16 Feb. 1922.

+2492. Margaret Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 14 March 1845, m. Lysander H. Plunkett, 15 March 1866.

+2493. James Willis Higginbotham, b. 8 July 1848, m(1) Sue Henry Llewyllen, 18 July 1876, m(2) Mrs. Margaret (Robinson) Plunkett, Oct. 1890, m(3) Ora Estelle Hughes, 17 Jan. 1900, d. Nov. 1927.

+2494. Cyrus Aaron Higginbotham, b. 25 Aug. 1852, m. Althea Jane Margaret Eliza Lucy Elizabeth Higginbotham, 21 Oct. 1874, d. 15 April 1896.

+2495. Francis Marion Higginbotham, b. 31 Aug. 1856, m. Lucy M. Higginbotham, 28 April 1880, d. before 1943.


John James Higginbotham (1197) was 16 Jan. 1820. He married Susan A. Magann, daughter of Jesse and Sue Magann, on 28 Nov. 1842 in Nelson Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2496. Hester Higginbotham; lived in Hardin Co., Ohio.

2497. Volney Higginbotham, died in Ohio.


Aaron Higginbotham IV (1201) was born 11 July 1828, died 23 Dec. 1871, and was buried at Trenton, Todd Co., Ky. He first married Martha Gladish. He secondly married Celia Agnes Johnson. His last four children were probably by his second wife. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Martha Gladish

2498. Jimmie Higginbotham

2499. Edward Absalom ("Eddy") Higginbotham, b. 1860.

2500. Mary Higginbotham, m. Ethry Brewer.

2501. William Higginbotham

2502. Martha Jane Higginbotham, d. 1861.

Children - Higginbotham, by Celia A. Johnson

2503. son, d. 1871.

2504. Martha Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. Oct. 1870.

2505. son

2506. son


Leannah Jane Higginbotham (1203) was born 13 May 1833 in Amherst Co., Va., and died in June 1878. She was married to Charles L. McDaniel, son of William McDaniel and Sarah Rucker, on 3 Dec. 1858 by the Rev. Wood (Amherst Co., Va., Marriage Register, 1854-70). He was born about 1828 (?) in Amherst Co., Va. They lived at Forks of Buffalo, Amherst Co. (R-521)

Children - McDaniel

2507. Lloyd McDaniel

2508. Charles McDaniel

2509. Kendrel McDaniel

2510. Cothran McDaniel

2511. Sally Betty McDaniel

2512. Ulla B. McDaniel, m. Charles W. Dodd. Living in Richmond, Va. in 1932.

2513. Cora L. McDaniel, m. ------ Berry.

2514. Lulla W. McDaniel


Elizabeth ("Betty") Ann Higginbotham (1204) was born 2 Dec. 1834 and died 23 Sept. 1874. She married William C. Bibb, son of Robert C. and F. Bibb, on 24 Dec. 1862. He was born about 1836. (R-521)

Children - Bibb

2515. Maggie Bibb

2516. Allie Bibb

2517. Robert Bibb


Cyrus William Higginbotham (1205) was born 11 Sept. 1836 and died 9 July 1922. He first married Henrietta Button on 15 Sept. 1862. She died 5 Dec. 1866. He secondly married Mary Howard, daughter of Jared Howard and Mary Ann Matson, on 31 Oct. 1871. She was born 9 June 1852 in Bennington Co. (?), Vt., and died 3 March 1919.

Cyrus went to Ky. at the age of 16 with his elder brother Aaron. At the age of 20 he went farther west to Leavenworth City, by steamboat from Jefferson City, Mo., then the terminus of the railroad going west. In Oct. 1858 he met his first wife, Henrietta. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Henrietta Button

2518. Freeman Higginbotham, died at age 14.

2519. child

2520. child

Children - Higginbotham, by Mary Howard

2521. Edith Isabella Higginbotham, b. 5 July 1878.

2522. George Alexander Higginbotham, b. 21 Feb. 1884.

2523. Cyrus Howard Higginbotham, b. 3 Feb. 1887, d. 4 May 1919.



William Aaron Higginbotham (1208) was born 7 May 1823 and died 7 Nov. 1898, according to the Bible record of his father. He married his second cousin once removed, Nancy Croxton Higginbotham (#1198), daughter of Aaron Higginbotham and Elizabeth S. Sandidge, in Oct. 1845. She was born 27 Oct. 1821 and died 16 June 1901. They were both buried in the Higginbotham Cem., Mount Pleasant, Amherst Co., Va.

William served as a Captain in Company I, 58th Regt., Va. Volunteers, in the Civil War. He carried the same sword through the Civil War that his father carried through the War of 1812, and his grandfather, Col. James Higginbotham, carried through the Rev. War. The sword is in the possession of their descendants in Va.

William was guardian to his wife's youngest two sisters and brother, Leannah Jane, Elizabeth Ann, and Cyrus William Higginbotham. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2524. Pauline Pettus Higginbotham, b. 6 Sept. 1846, d. 4 June 1923.

+2525. Frances E. Higginbotham, b. 14 Feb. 1849, m. R. C. Phillips, d. 12 Jan. 1886.

2526. Alucian Pembroke Higginbotham, b. 11 Aug. 1851, never married, d. 9 Nov. 1897 (Texas).

2527. Willis S. Higginbotham, b. 2 Feb. 1857.

2528. Mittie Higginbotham, b. 2 Feb. 1857, m. Alfred Rucker Hudson, 12 Dec. 1882, d. 6 Nov. 1942.


Joseph Absalom Higginbotham (1210) was born 31 May 1828 and died 13 May 1904, according to the record in the family Bible of his father. He married Hester Ann Ware, daughter of Reuben Ware and Eliza Ann Cunningham, on 20 Feb. 1867. She was born 14 Jan. 1844 and died 18 May 1894.

During the first year of the Civil War, Joseph enlisted in Company I, 19th Va. Infantry, C.S.A. He saw active service at the first Manassas, Seven Pines, Frazier's Farm, Gaines Mills, second Manassas, Boonesville, and the battles around Richmond. He was wounded at Brook Church in one of the battles around Richmond on 12 May 1864. When he recovered from his wound, he was attached to the President's Guards. He remained with the President's Guards until the Office of the Confederate President ceased to exist at the end of the war.

In Joseph's will, dated 10 Oct. 1902 and proved 17 April 1905, he left both his real and personal property to his wife. After her death the estate was to be divided equally among his children or their heirs. He appointed his son, Joseph Lee Higginbotham, executor of the will. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2529. Reuben W. Higginbotham, b. 9 Feb. 1868, d. 28 April 1869.

+2530. Edwin Massie Higginbotham, b. 15 Oct. 1869, m(1) Sadie Christian, 23 Dec. 1896, m(2) Mrs. Harriette Ann (Bon Durant) Hundley, 24 Nov. 1917, d. 19 May 1944.

+2531. Joseph Lee Higginbotham, b. 4 March 1871, m. Annie Lou Kidd, 23 Feb. 1904, d. 18 April 1939.

+2532. Lula Higginbotham, b. 1 Nov. 1872, m. Richard L. Knight, 29 July 1903, d. 25 Dec. 1944.

2533. Mary Eliza Higginbotham, b. 22 June 1875, never married. Living in Orange, Va. in 1944.

2534. Hettie Ann Higginbotham, b. 22 June 1877, d. 6 Nov. 1898.

+2535. Daisie Bird Higginbotham, b. 17 March 1879, m. Willie C. Beard.

+2536. William Robert Higginbotham, b. 1 June 1882, m. Leafy Cash, 22 Dec. 1909, d. by 1944.

2537. Nannie Ethel Higginbotham, b. 25 March 1884, m. L. T. Guy (of Strasburg, Va.). Living in Strasburg, Va. in 1944.

2538. Nina Taylor Higginbotham, d. 2 May 1906.

+2539. Samuel Valentine Higginbotham, b. 17 March 1889, m. Gladys Sue Campbell, 2 Jan. 1910, d. Oct. (?) 1951.



John Hickingbottom (1216) was born about 1825 in Miss. He married Jane Armstrong on 11 Jan. 1848 in Miss. (R-170)

Children - Hickingbottom

+2540. John Cannon Hickingbottom, b. Aug. 1858, m. Sally Kenny, 28 Dec. 1881, d. 6 Dec. 1919.



Benjamin Toliver (or Talleffaria) Higginbotham (1217) was born 26 Feb. 1813 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was still living in 1870, because his name appears on the Winston Co., Miss. census for that year. His occupation was listed as farmer.

From the census records of Noxubee Co. and Winston Co., Miss., from 1840-1870, it seems that Benjamin first married Jane ------ sometime between 1840 and 1850. She was born about 1819 in Ala. He secondly married S. Jane ------ between 1850 and 1860. She was born about 1822 in S.C. All his children were born in Miss. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2541. Mary Ann Higginbotham, b. 16 Feb. 1849 (Noxubee Co., Miss.), m. James Madison Fulton, 20 Dec. 1870 (Winston Co., Miss.), d. 28 May 1895 (Bartlett, Bell Co., Texas).

2542. James Riley Higginbotham, b.c. 1850.

2543. Sarah E. Higginbotham, b.c. 1851.

2544. Martha J. Higginbotham, b.c. 1855.

2545. Robert J. Higginbotham, b.c. 1857.

2546. C. Elinor ("Nellie") Higginbotham, b.c. 1860.


Elizabeth Harriet Higginbotham (1220) was born 9 Feb. 1822 in Elbert Co., Ga. She married ------ Whitehead probably sometime before 1850, since her name is not listed as a member of her father's household in the Noxubee Co., Miss. census of 1850. (R-521)

Children - Whitehead

+2547. P. G. Whitehead, b. 27 Nov. 1861, married, d. by 1946.


James Larkin Higginbotham (1222) was born 10 Oct. 1828 in Ala., and died 31 May 1913 in Noxubee Co., Miss. He married Margaret Thomas on 19 May 1850 in Noxubee Co., Miss. She was born 14 May 1830 in Ga., and died in 1899 in Noxubee Co., Miss. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2548. Benjamin Higginbotham

2549. Thomas Higginbotham

2550. Elizabeth Higginbotham

2551. Commydore Columbus ("Commie") Higginbotham, b.c. 1858. Living in Mashulaville, Miss. in 1943. Dead by 1946.

+2552. George Washington Higginbotham, b. 9 Feb. 1861, m. Louise Caroline Morris, 10 Dec. 1884, d. 30 June 1937.

2553. Joseph Higginbotham



Larkin Higginbotham, Jr. (1225) was born about 1814 in Tenn., and died by 1899. He was 36 years old in 1850, according to the Mirnard Co., Ill. census for 1850. He married Harriet ------. She was born about 1826 in Illinois, and was 24 years old according to the 1850 Mirnard Co., Ill. census. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+2554. E. J. Higginbotham, b.c. 1850, m. ------ Watkins, d. by 1899.

2555. John B. Higginbotham

2556. William Higginbotham


Martha J. Higginbotham (1227) died by 1899. She first married ------ Jones. She secondly married ------ McHenry. (R-521)

Children - Jones

2557. Nicholas D. Jones

2558. Isaac B. Jones

+2559. A. Samantha Jones (or McHenry), m. ------ Murdock, d. by 1899.

2560. Ida E. Jones (or McHenry), m. ------ Cundeff.

Children - McHenry

2561. Frank McHenry

2562. Catherine ("Kitty") McHenry, m. ------ Dawson.


Madison Higginbotham (1228) died by 1899. He married. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+2563. Nettic Higginbotham, m. ------ Mattingly, d. by 1899.

2564. Maria Higginbotham

+2565. Emily Higginbotham, m. ------ Kincaid, d. by 1899.


Elizabeth ("Betsy") Higginbotham (1229) was born in Tenn., and died by 1899 in Ill. She married Andy Weldon in Tenn. (R-521)

Children - Weldon

2566. Tirza Ann Weldon, b. 28 Jan. 1839, m. Levi Wilcox, 23 Sept. 1858, d. 20 Feb. 1917. He was b. 29 Oct. 1839 and d. 27 June 1917.

2567. Malinda Weldon, m. ------ Pantier.

+2568. Polly Weldon, m. ------ Wilcox, d. by 1899.



William Higginbotham Kelley (1234) was born 9 Jan. 1818 in Hardin Co., Tenn., and died 20 May 1881 in Gonzales Co., Texas, 5 miles above the town of Gonzales. He migrated to Texas about 1839-40, with his sister, Levicy, and her husband, Moses Heskew, settling in Gonzales. He served as 1st Lieutenant in McCulloch's Co., Texas Mounted Volunteers (spies), during the War with Mexico (Aug. 1846-Feb. 1847), being present with his company in Camargo, Monterey, and Agua Nueva, Mexico.

He first married Amanda M. Johnson on 11 Sept. 1849 in Gonzales, Texas. She died 14 March 1854. He was living with his daughter, Mary, and his younger brother, Leonard E., in Gonzales in 1860. He secondly married Susan Abbigail Wood on 13 Sept. 1860 in Gonzales, Texas. She had apparently first been married to Mr. Harmon. William Kelley served in the Texas Home Guard during the Civil War, 1861-64. All the children by his second marriage, and probably also by his first marriage, were born at Gonzales, Texas. (R-147)

Children - Kelley, by Amanda M. Johnson

2569. Mary Levicy Kelley, b. 29 Nov. 1851, d. 26 May 1870. Bur. family burying ground, Smith's Creek Church, Gonzales Co., Texas.

2570. Cate Kelley, b. 10 Feb. 1854, d. 14 Feb. 1854.

Children - Kelley, by Susan A. Wood

+2571. Elisha Franklin Kelley, b. 7 Oct. 1861, m(1) Josie C. Dyer, 28 Feb. 1882, m(2) Effie McWhorter, 5 May 1894, d. 27 Feb. 1928.

2572. Robert B. Kelley, b. 7 March 1864, d. 21 March 1864.

2573. Willona Ann Kelley, b. 7 March 1864, d. 14 March 1864.

2574. Benona M. ("Ola" or "Sissy") Kelley, b. 2 June 1866, m. John A. Allen, 17 Aug. 1887, d. 20 Oct. 1942 (Junction, Texas).

2575. William H. Kelley, b. 17 March 1868, m. Leona Baker, 6 Sept. 1894 (Sutton Co., Texas), d. 11 Jan. 1938 (Junction, Texas).

2576. Albert Lawson Kelley, b. 7 July 1871, d. 8 Sept. 1880 (Gonzales, Texas).

2577. James Leonard Kelley, b. 5 March 1875, m. Ora Hodges, (Junction, Texas), d. Junction Texas.



Mary Higginbotham (1254) was born in 1814 in Ga. She married William Sandel on 16 Dec. 1830 in Clinton, La. (R-521)

Children - Sandel

2578. Napoleon Sandel, b. 1833.

+2579. William S. Sandel, b. 1838, m. Ardelia Beauchamp.

2580. Thomas C. Sandel, b. 1840.

2581. A. E. Sandel (female), b. 1842.

2582. John C. Sandel, b. 1845.

2583. Martha Sandel, b. 1847.

2584. K. P. Sandel (male), b. 1849.

2585. L. A. Sandel (female), b. 1858.


Jane Higginbotham (1255) was born in 1816 in La., and died 17 May 1880 in Mer Rouge, La. She married Peter Alexander Boyd Williams on 16 Sept. 1834 in Clinton, La. (R-521)

Children - Williams

+2586. James Bowman Williams, married.


William G. Higginbotham (1256) was born 7 March 1819 in La., and died 9 March 1888. He married Sarah A. Palmer on 20 Dec. 1838 in Clinton, La. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2587. Boyd W. Higginbotham, m. Sally Ann Sullivan, 15 July 1880 (St. Francisville, La.).

2588. J. R. Higginbotham, m. Frances N. Simmons, 12 Feb. 1871 (St. Francisville, La.).

2589. Martha L. Higginbotham, m. Louis A. Palmer, 4 Nov. 1858 (Clinton, La.).

2590. David P. Higginbotham, m. A. M. Grangham, 13 Sept. 1865 (Amite Co., Miss.).

2591. Mary O. Higginbotham, m. E. A. Wright, 20 March 1867 (Clinton, La.).

2592. A. L. Higginbotham, m. E. A. Benton.

2593. Carilla Higginbotham


Leonora Higginbotham (1260) was born in 1824 in East Feliciana Parish, La., and died 5 Oct. 1883 in Morehouse Parish, La. She married John R. Collinsworth on 8 June 1843 in Amite Co., Miss. He died in 1859. (R-521)

Children - Collinsworth

+2594. Mary Anna Collinsworth, b. 13 March 1846, m. Robert Young Livingston McCants, 10 Oct. 1865, d. 19 Jan. 1925.

2595. Abel Collinsworth, died young.

2596. William Collinsworth



David Francis Higginbotham (1261) was born 19 Dec. 1822 and died 20 Dec. 1898. He married Mary Jane ("Maggie") Land. She was born 3 Jan. 1837 and died 1 June 1915. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2597. Mary Elizabeth ("Mollie") Higginbotham, b. 2 Sept. 1864, d. 28 Jan. 1934.

2598. Narcissus Higginbotham, b. 22 Nov. 1868, d. 4 June 1870.

2599. Columbus Higginbotham, b. 26 June 1871, d. 15 Oct. 1879.

2600. Blanch Higginbotham, b. 26 Nov. 1872, d. 22 Oct. 1880.

2601. David Higginbotham, b. 15 Oct. 1874, d. 27 Oct. 1898.


Cleaton Higginbotham (1262) was born 29 April 1824 and died 25 March 1872. He married Celia Ann Hausey on 29 Sept. 1852 in Clinton, La. She was born 8 April 1831 and died in 1915. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2602. Ira Wilson Higginbotham, b. 27 July 1853, d. 29 Dec. 1925.

+2603. Louisa Jane Higginbotham, b. 12 Sept. 1855, d. 27 Jan. 1879.

2604. Lawson Higginbotham, b. 4 Aug. 1856, m. Johnnie White, d. 1943.

2605. Anna Pipkin Higginbotham, b. 15 Dec. 1859, d. 8 Aug. 1861.

2606. Agnes Clara Higginbotham, b. 6 Aug. 1861, m. W. C. Andrews, 20 Feb. 1881, d. 11 Dec. 1951.


William Douglas Higginbotham (1264) was born 26 July 1827. He married Ann Chapman of Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2607. William Higginbotham

2608. James Higginbotham

2609. Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Higginbotham


Thomas Carter Higginbotham (1265) was born 6 Feb. 1831. He married Belle Norseworthy. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2610. Lawson ("Little Lawson") Higginbotham

2611. Ida Higginbotham

2612. Thomas Higginbotham

2613. Mattie Higginbotham, m. Jep Hughes.

2614. Cleaton Higginbotham

2615. Howard Higginbotham


Charles Wesley Higginbotham (1269) was born 5 Oct. 1839. He married Jennie Holt. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2616. Katie Higginbotham


Samuel Riley Higginbotham (1271) was born 22 April 1847 in St. Helena Parish, La., and died 17 Oct. 1927 in Dallas, Texas. He married Mary Alma Martin, daughter of Judge Thomas Martin and Sarah Jane Livingston, on 12 Sept. 1883 in Calvert, Texas. She was born 4 Oct. 1863 in Port Sullivan, Texas, and died in Jan. 1951 in Dallas, Texas. Their first 3 children were born in Calvert, Texas, the next 3 in Hearne, Texas, and the last in Hillsboro, Texas. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

2617. Alma Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 13 Aug. 1884.

2618. Clara Alice Higginbotham, b. 5 April 1887, d. 21 April 1887.

2619. Charles Carter Higginbotham, b. 8 Oct. 1890, d. 1949.

2620. Thomas Lawson Higginbotham, b. 20 Dec. 1892.

2621. Earle William Higginbotham, b. 2 Aug. 1895, d. March 1958.

2622. Jewel Ruth Higginbotham, b. 24 Oct. 1898, m. Joe Taylor.

2623. Lula May Higginbotham, b. 17 Dec. 1900, m. C. E. Cole.



Sarah Elizabeth Alexander (1277) was born in 1806 in Greene Co., GA, and died in 1893 in Prattville, Autauga Co., AL. She married Absolom Doster, son of James Doster and Lydia Springer. He was born in 1796 in Mecklenburg Co., NC, and died 24 July 1882 in Prattville, AL.

Absolom Doster served in the War of 1812 as a Private. He served in Capt. David Rosser's Co. of Inf., 2nd Regt., Georgia Militia. He appears of the company payroll for Oct. 12, 1814 to March 1815, from Oct. 12, 1814 to Dec. 12, 1814, and on Oct. 10, 1814. From Oct. 12, 1814 to March 15, 1815, he received 40 dollars and 77 cents. From Oct. 12 to Dec. 1814 he was rolled in at Camp Covington, GA, and from Oct. 10, 1814, he was enrolled at Camp Jackson. (R-244)

Children - Doster

+2624. Charles Springer Graves Doster, b. 21 Aug. 1830, m. Caroline Elizabeth Slaton, 15 Sept. 1854, d. 20 Feb. 1898.

2625. Edmond A. Doster, b. 1827, m. Catherine L. ------. He was a M.D.

2626. A. Victoria Doster, b. 1837, m. Zachariah Abney.

2627. Arianna Madora Doster, b. 1840, m. Mirabeau Dent Lamar.

2628. Martha S. Doster, b. 1845, m. Perry Edwards.


Peyton Smith Alexander (1278) was born in 1812, and died in 1876 in AL. He married Mary Preer Minter, daughter of Robert R. Minter, on 13 Dec. 1836. (R-268)

Children - Alexander

+2629. John Loftin Alexander, m. Martha Anne Rebecca Hill.

+2630. Robert Minter Alexander, b. 23 Oct. 1836, m. Mary Lavinia Taylor.


William Edmund Alexander, Jr. (1279) married Emily Young. (R-268)

Children - Alexander

2631. Julia Alexander, b. Lowndes Co., AL, m. George W. Duncan.


Martha Susan Alexander (1281) was born 1 May 1817 in GA, and died 17 Oct. 1865 in Morehouse Parish, LA (21/2 miles from Bastrop). She married Dr. John Asa (or Aca) Whetstone, son of Jacob Whetstone and Martha Jones, on 20 Dec. 1832 in AL. He was born 19 Oct. 1803 in Orangeburg District, SC, and died 30 Dec. 1853.

John Whetstone was educated to be a doctor at Bellevue Hospital in New York city. He was also an ordained Methodist minister. He moved his family from SC to Montgomery, AL (or possibly to nearby Autauga Co.), and then moved to Bastrop, LA about 1849. It took him two years to build his home and homes for his slaves and to get ready to go back to Alabama to get his family. He was buried with other members of his family in the old cemetery adjoining his house, Memorial Park Cem., about 3 miles north of Bastrop. The inscription on his tombstone reads, "His life was a beautiful illustration of the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and charity." (R-268, R-270)

Children - Whetstone

+2632. Virginia Sarah Ann Whetstone, b. 19 Oct. 1833, m. Peter C. Robinson, 3 March 1852, d. 17 Sept. 1916.

+2633. Mary Graves Whetstone, b. 2 July 1835, m. Sylvester Gould Parsons, 16 Feb. 1858, d. 28 March 1883.

2634. John Asa (or Aca) Whetstone, Jr., b. 3 Nov. 1836, d. 28 Dec. 1850.

+2635. Martha W. Whetstone, b. Sept. 1838, m(1) Robert M. Hinson, 28 April 1861, m(2) George John Boswell Marable, 7 Aug. 1867, m(3) J. E. Puckett, 19 Dec. 1882, d. 18 Aug. 1904.

2636. Louisa Cutler Whetstone, b. 22 Dec. 1839 (AL), m. P. S. (prob. Peyton Smith) Graves, 15 Nov. 1865, d. Oct. 1866.

2637. Edmond Alexander Whetstone, b. 24 Feb. 1842 (Autauga Co., AL), d. 10 Aug. 1861 (Oak Hills, MO, killed in the battle of Oak Hills or Pea Ridge in the Civil War, while serving in the Confederate Army).

+2638. Jacob A. Whetstone, b. 26 Sept. 1843, m. Pattie Alben Pugh, 29 Dec. 1864.

2639. Adaline ("Addie") Matilda Whetstone, b. 20 May 1845 (Autauga Co., AL), d. 8 Jan. 1864 (Bastrop, Morehouse Parish, LA). She was engaged to Byron Eves. He arrived two days before the wedding and found Adaline sick. She died on her wedding day and was buried in her wedding dress in Memorial Park Cem. (or Whetstone Cem.), Bastrop, LA.

+2640. William Doster Whetstone, b. 29 Oct. 1847, m. Elizabeth M. ------.

2641. Caroline Susan (or Susan Caroline) Whetstone, b. 31 March 1848 (or 1843) (AL), d. 12 Aug. 1901.

2642. Eliza Elvenia Whetstone, b. 1 Jan. 1850 (AL), d. 27 Aug. 1851.

+2643. Robert Whetstone, b. 27 Oct. 1851, m. Mary Edith Larkin, 22 Jan. 1873, d. 20 Feb. 1896.

2644. Asbury Hope Whetstone, b. 22 Nov. 1854 (Bastrop City, LA), d. 29 Nov. 1891 (Bastrop, Morehouse Parish, LA). Bur. in Whetstone Cem.



Louisa Graves (1286) was born 29 Nov. 1809 (?) in Ga., and died in Nov. 1826. She married Joseph C. Mason on 5 May 1825. The following two children are mentioned in the will of Louisa's father. (R-165)

Children - Mason

2645. William T. Mason

+2646. Mary Ann Mason, m. Hiram Pierce.


Ann S. ("Nancy") Graves (1287) was born 4 May 1811 in Ga., and died 6 July 1844. She married Thomas J. Varner on 21 July 1832. (R-165)

Children - Varner

2647. Louisa Varner, m. L. Walters.

2648. William Varner

2649. Mary Varner

2650. Giles Varner


Young William Graves (1288) was born 9 April 1813 in Ga., and died 14 Aug. 1871 in Keatchie, LA. He was a Captain, probably in the Civil War. He first married Mary C. Youngblood on 14 Dec. 1831. He secondly married Sarah Ann (Graves) Clark (#1300) on 12 Oct. (or Dec.) 1839 in Lowndes Co., Ala. She was his first cousin, and was first married to George Clark. They had no children. He thirdly married Nancy A. Fisher (or Fischer), a widow, on 7 May 1844. They had a number of children, several of whom moved to Louisiana. The children listed below were shown in the 1850 Ala. census, all born in Ala. Also listed in the census were John Fisher, b.c. 1836, and James Fisher, b.c. 1838, apparently by Nancy's previous marriage. (R-100, R-165, R-268)

Children - Graves, by Mary C. Youngblood

2651. Giles M. Graves, b.c. 1832.

2652. Mary J. (or T.) Graves, b. 13 Aug. 1837.

Children - Graves, by Nancy A. Fisher

2653. Young W. Graves, b.c. 1846.

2654. Charles D. Graves, b.c. 1848.


Giles Nance Graves (1289) was born 25 Feb. 1815 in Ga., and died 23 Dec. 1866 in Anderson Co., Texas. He first married Martha Anna (or Ann) Brinson on 4 Jan. 1835. She was born 15 April 1818 in Jones Co., Ga., and died 31 Dec. 1858. They had 12 children. He secondly married Margaret J. Burton on 4 Jan. 1860 in Palestine, Texas. They had no children. According to a letter written by G. N. Graves, Sr., dated 1861, to his daughter Dollie (Aurelia Antoinette), he was no longer with Margaret and there was no possibility of a reunion. (R-100, R-263)

Children - Graves, by Martha A. Brinson

2655. Young William Graves, b. 1836 (AL).

2656. Mary S. Graves, b. 1838 (AL).

2657. Anne Alabama Graves, b. 29 Aug. 1840 (or 1841), m. Charles W. Graves (#1310), 5 March 1860, d. 4 Feb. 1924. See #1307 for descendants.

2658. Peyton S. Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1840 (TX), m(1) Ella Tucker, 31 Dec. 1884, m(2) (Mrs.) Mary E. Rollins, 7 Oct. 1891, d. 13 Oct. 1892. Bur. East Hill Cem., Palestine, TX, with his first wife and baby. Ella was b. 13 Aug. 1854, d. 2 July 1888. Their infant child d. 17 June 1888. Mary E. Rollins was the former Mary E. Parks, and was previously married to Samuel A. Rollins, 22 Oct. 1873.

+2659. Aurelia Antoinette Graves, b. 1844, m. Richard Jesse Royall, 8 Nov. 1859.

2660. Martha C. Graves, b. 1846 (AL).

2661. Georgetta Graves, b. 1849 (TX).

2662. Cora W. Graves, b. 1851.

2663. Matthew B. Graves, b. 1854.

2664. Emma Callie Graves, b. 15 Aug. 1857, m. Charles Robert Graves, 18 Dec. 1878. See #2696 for descendants.

+2665. Giles Nance Graves, Jr., b. 3 Oct. 1858, m. Sallie Amelia Clay, 30 July 1885, d. 14 March 1919.


Mary Ann Graves (1290) was born 17 Aug. 1821 in Ala., and died in 1858. She married John H. (or G.) Rogers on 5 Nov. 1841. He died in 1855. (R-100, R-165)

Children - Rogers

2666. Young W. Rogers, b. 12 Dec. 1843. Lived in La.

2667. James Martin Rogers, b. 31 Oct. 1845.

2668. Peyton Graves Rogers, b. 4 June 1847.

2669. daughter, stillborn 1849.

2670. Clara Yulie (?) Rogers, b. 14 June 1850.


Sarah J. Graves (1292) was born 3 Oct. 1825 in Ala., and died in 1878. She married Henry Hill Whetstone on 15 Dec. 1842 (or 1843). He was born 27 Aug. 1818. (R-100, R-165)

Children - Whetstone

2671. Caroline Louisa Whetstone, b. 25 Nov. 1843.

+2672. Mary Elizabeth Whetstone, b. 31 May 1845, m. Arthur Port Williamson, Jr., 1870, d. 1888.

2673. William Henry Whetstone, b. 13 Jan. 1847.

2674. Claudius Eugene Whetstone, b. 23 Sept. 1848.

2675. Edwin Norton Whetstone, b. 22 April 1851.

2676. Clara Estelle Whetstone, b. 29 July 1853, m. Charles Graves (#2700), d. 8 July 1899.

2677. Annie Hearne Whetstone, b. 16 April 1859.

2678. Andrew Lowndes Whetstone, b. 6 Dec. 1860.


Peyton Smith Graves (1293) was born 25 Feb. 1827 in Lowndes Co., Ala., died 26 (or 25) June 1892 in New Orleans, La., and was buried 29 June 1892 in Lowndesboro, Ala. He married Sarah Mildred McGehee, daughter of Abner McGehee and Jane (Gilmer) Thompson (widow), on 1 Dec. 1852. She was born 21 Aug. 1830 at McGehee's Switch, Ala., died 12 May 1854 in Hope Hull, Ala., and was buried in the family cemetery. (R-100, R-165)

Children - Graves

+2679. Sallie McGehee Graves, b. 2 March 1854, m. Alexander Humphreys Clark, 8 Feb. 1877, d. 19 May 1932.



Martha Frances Graves (1297) was born 19 May 1813 and died 1 Feb. 1864. She married Dr. James Hinkle, M.D., on 4 Jan. 1832 in Lowndes Co., AL, married by P. S. Graves, Minister of the Gospel. (R-252)

Children - Hinkle

2680. James Hinkle

2681. Thomas J. Hinkle

2682. David Hinkle

2683. Louisa Hinkle

2684. Cally Hinkle

2685. Russell Hinkle

2686. Peyton Hinkle

2687. Ellie M. Hinkle, b. 3 July 1851, d. 5 May 1852.

2688. Annie C. Hinkle, b. 2 Jan. 1853, d. 27 June 1854.


Robert Russell Graves (1298) married Esther Gertrude Hinkle on 17 Sept. 1839. All their children were born in Alabama, presumably in Autauga or Lowndes Co. (R-100, R-264)

Children - Graves

2689. Mary Eugenia Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1842.

+2690. William Joe Graves, b. 26 April 1843, m(1) Mollie Hardgraves, m(2) Ida Arminta Boman, d. 20 Oct. 1925.

+2691. David Graves, b. 23 Aug. 1845, m(1) Mattie Bibb, m(2) Lula Hinkle, 1877 or 1878, d. 9 Feb. 1889.

2692. James Graves, b. 27 April 1847.

2693. Elizabeth Jane Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1849, never married.

+2694. Frank Russell Graves, b. 13 March 1850, m. Amanda Rayburn, 1878, d. 1899.

2695. Thomas J. Graves, b. 15 May 1854, m. Annie Wilson.

+2696. Charles Robert Graves, b. 7 Aug. 1857, m. Emma Callie Graves, 18 Dec. 1878, d. 29 May 1938.


Sarah Ann Graves (1300) died at age 27. She first married George Clark on 29 May 1835. He was born in 1812 and died in 1836. After he died, she secondly married Young William Graves (#1288) on 12 Oct. 1839. She was married both times by William Rice, Minister of the Gospel. (R-252)

Children - Clark

2697. Georgia Clark


Peyton Talley Graves (1302) was born about 1823. He married Meleora Ann Andrews, daughter of Dr. Moses Andrews, on 30 Sept. 1841. They lived at Manack Station, Lowndes Co., Ala. (R-100)

Children - Graves

2698. Thomas Graves, m. Annie Williams (of Tuskegee, Ala.).

2699. Andrew Graves, m. Dollie McQueen.

2700. Charles Graves, m. Clara Estelle Whetstone (#2676).

2701. Otto Graves, m. Emma Forsythe.

+2702. Peyton Graves, m. Lizzie Lavine Oliver, 23 March 1892.

2703. William Graves

2704. Jack Graves, never married.

2705. Clinton Graves

2706. Mary Graves, m. ------ Pearsol, (Washington, D.C.).

2707. Meliora Graves, died in childhood.



Charles W. Graves (1310) was born about 1835 in AL, died 20 Aug. 1874, and was buried in TX (or LA?). He married Anne Alabama ("Alli") Graves (#2657), daughter of Giles Nance Graves and Martha Ann Brinson, on 5 March 1860 in Palestine, Anderson Co., TX. She was born 29 Aug. 1840 (per obituary and death certificate) or 29 Aug. 1841 (per tombstone) in Shelby Co., TX, died 4 Feb. 1924 (at 2:20 p.m., per obituary), and was buried in Italy Cem., Italy, Ellis Co., TX.

The obituary for Anne Alabama states that there were 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls. The obituary for Charles M. Graves states that he is the last one of 7 to pass away. (R-265)

Children - Graves

+2708. Harris Brantley Graves, b. 31 March 1861, m. Mittie E. Thompson, 11 Feb. 1886, d. 29 Oct. 1900.

+2709. Charles Minter Graves, b. 21 June 1864, m. Mattie Elizabeth Jarratt, 14 May 1885, d. 25 April 1939.

2710. other sons and 3 other daughters


Georgia Arlene Graves (1312) was born 9 March 1845 in LA. She married Edward D. Hastings on 3 Oct. 1863. (R-265)

Children - Hastings

2711. John Chandler Hastings; lived in or was born in Lamar, TX.



Sarah Virginia Shelton (1313) was born 7 March 1827 in Prattville, AL, and died 20 Sept. 1874 in Chilton Co., AL. She married William Walker on 19 May 1844 in Prattville, AL. (R-268)

Children - Walker

+2712. Martha Anne Walker, b. 25 Nov. 1845, m. Samuel Abney, IV, 13 April 1870, d. 25 May 1922.



Mildred America Vashti Graves (1330) was born in 1832 in VA. She married ------ Steele. (R-515)

Children - Steele

2713. John Steele; lived in Fulton, Mo.


William Daniel Graves (1333) was born in 1838 in Virginia, and died in 1872. He married. They lived in Ranier, Oregon. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2714. Cora Graves, m. ------ Shea. Lived in Portland, Oregon.

2715. Otis Graves, died young.

2716. Willie May Graves, married. Lived in Leavenworth, Kans.


Witcher McHaney Graves (1334) was born in Virginia. He married. They lived near Carrollton, Ill. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2717. daughter, m. John Pistoe. Lived in Carrollton, Ill.

2718. Alice Graves

2719. daughter, m. Joe King. Lived in Carrollton, Ill.

2720. David Dodson Graves


James Madison Graves (1335) was born in 1842 in Virginia. He married ------. They lived near Carrollton, Ill. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2721. Nellie Graves, died in infancy.

2722. Willis Graves, d. at age 8.

2723. Rufus Graves

2724. James Graves

2725. Beatrice Graves

2726. Charles Graves

2727. Arnold Graves

2728. infant



Catherine Nowlin Graves (1340) was born 1 July 1825 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. She married John Henry Palmer on 31 Aug. 1841 in Montgomery Co., Mo. In 1853 they crossed the plains to Oregon by ox team. (R-179)

Children - Palmer

+2729. George Washington Palmer, m. Mary A. Parks.



David William Graves (1343) was born 28 Feb. 1837 in Pittsylvania Co., Va., near the present town of Sandy Level, and died 26 Dec. 1918, at age 81, in Montgomery City, Mo. In 1840, he moved with his parents from Va. to eastern Montgomery Co., Mo., where he grew to manhood on his father's farm near Price's Branch.

His principal teacher was his uncle, Judge David Nowlin. He attended William Jewell College, and received his BA and MA degrees from the Univ. of Missouri in 1862.

He married Julia Ann Crockett, daughter of Rev. William Wallace Crockett (1809-1879) and Elizabeth (Gray) Smith (1819-1882), on 18 March 1863. She was born 17 May 1841 in Pike Co., Mo., and died 12 July 1925 in Montgomery City, Mo. They were both buried in the Montgomery City Cem. Julia Ann's father was a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, physician, and farmer, of a pioneer Virginia and Tennessee family. Col. David Crockett was a cousin. Julia Ann was the essence of religious kindness.

Rev. David William Graves was licensed in 1862 and ordained in 1866 as a Baptist minister by Zion Baptist Church in Montgomery Co., Mo. He served as pastor of Loutre, Zion, Liberty, Mount Pleasant, Middletown, Wellsville and Troy churches in the Bear Creek Association in that area. He supervised and taught schools at Montgomery College and in LaGrange, Ky., and after 1882 in southeast Missouri, in Sedgwickville, Patton, and then for an extended period at Mayfield-Smith Academy (later Will Mayfield College). This latter institution was just being founded at Marble Hill, Bollinger Co., Mo., and is the school his children attended. Their "Forest Home" near Marble Hill was their home until 1900, when they returned to Montgomery City.

During those times, Rev. Graves preached at Sedgwickville, Smithville, Marquand, Patton, Lutesville and Marble Hill, and at Oak Ridge in the Cape Girardeau Association. For three terms in the 1890's, he was superintendent and instructor at the Wetumka, Okla., Government Indian Territory School, assisted for short periods by his daughters Mildred and Sue Belle.

In his late years he wrote an autobiography preserving the recollections of his interesting life of honorable Christian service and education, including a trip with his father just after the Civil War to again see his Virginia relatives. (Much of this information was published in Bollinger County, 1851-1976, p. 864.) (R-164, R-515)

Children - Graves

2730. Lucy Catherine Graves, b. 16 Dec. 1863, d. 8 Dec. 1864.

2731. Dr.) William Washington Graves, b. 13 Nov. 1865, m. Helen Sessinghaus. Lived in St. Louis, Mo.

2732. James Samuel Graves, b. 28 July 1867, d. 29 July 1868.

2733. Mildred Anna Graves, b. 21 Dec. 1868, m. (Dr.) John A. Reck, 21 Aug. 1895. Lived in Oklahoma City, Okla.

2734. Elizabeth Smith Graves, b. 7 July 1870, m. (Rev.) Charles H. Bruce (of Kansas City, Mo.), 14 June 1893. She was his 2nd wife.

2735. Thomas Francis Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1871, d. 17 Nov. 1872.

2736. Margaret Ramsay Graves, b. 7 April 1873, m. Mason F. Kinder (of Marble Hill, Mo.), 28 Aug. 1894, d. 9 Jan. 1896.

+2737. Susan Belle Graves, b. 24 Feb. 1875, m. Fred Thomson Couper, 23 May 1906, d. 8 April 1876 (?).

2738. David Crockett Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1877, m. Nell Campbell. Lived in Kansas City, Mo. After he died, she lived in Columbus, Kans.

2739. Frank Webb Graves, b. 4 Nov. 1878, m. Mary Seeley. Lived in Chicago, Ill.

2740. Edwin Benjamin Graves, b. 7 Dec. 1880, m. Ethel Brown. Lived in Montgomery City, Mo.

2741. Julia Muriel Graves, b. 22 May 1883. Lived in St. Louis, Mo.

+2742. Nellie Minerva Graves, b. 16 Dec. 1885, m. Fred S. Milam, 3 July 1912, d. 1980.


Lucy Catherine Graves (1344) married Samuel Sherod Nowlin. (R-54)

Children - Nowlin

2743. Elizabeth Berger Nowlin

+2744. David Morton Nowlin, m. Mary Sharp.

+2745. Fanny Belle Nowlin, m. William F. Wittwer.

+2746. Anna Nowlin, m. William F. Wittwer.

2747. Samuel S. Nowlin, m. Willie Louise Easton. No children.

+2748. Lucy Scott Nowlin, m. Buell Fount Hensley.


Dr. James Francis Graves (1346) was born in 1849 and died in 1905, both in Montgomery Co., Mo. He married Fannie Jefferson on 16 Dec. 1868 in Elkhorn (presumably Missouri). She was born in 1849 in Mo., and died in 1918 in Montgomery City, Mo. Their children were generally named for family members, except for Dorsett Vandeventer and Charles Evered who were named for friends. (R-54)

Children - Graves

2749. Lucy Mildred Graves, b. 1869, d. 1945.

2750. Anna Jefferson Graves, b. 1872.

2751. Fannie Francis Graves, b. 1874.

2752. James Washington Graves, b. 1877.

2753. William Adams Graves, b. 1879.

2754. Katherine Lewis Graves, b. 1882.

2755. Booker Samuel Graves, b. 1884.

2756. Dorsett Vandeventer Graves, b. 1886.

2757. Charles Evered Graves, b. 1890.

+2758. David Berger Graves, b. 1893, m. Ethel Ingeborg Doolittle, d. 1970.



Francis Lafayette Washington Graves (1355), probably called Lafayette, was born 3 Oct. 1830 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. He married Hoppie (or Hopie) Ann Patricia Saunders on 3 Aug. 1854. She was born in 1854, was the daughter of Dr. Alfred H. Saunders, and had two brothers who were also doctors. She was a tiny woman remembered to be eccentric in her old age, according to her granddaughter Laura Graves.

Lafayette had a plantation big enough to have slaves and the need for a white overseer. He was a tall slender man who was remembered to have a flowing white beard as an old man (according to Laura Graves). Their property was located on the Pigg River in Pittsylvania Co., Va., in a place called The Frying Pan. They moved to Lynchburg, Va., when their son James moved there sometime around 1901-05. They died in Lynchburg, but the dates are not presently known. (R-19)

Children - Graves

+2759. James Thomas Alfred Graves, b. Sept. 1861, m. Deleware Iola Rorer, 18 Oct. 1882, d. 25 March 1926.

2760. Patsy (probably Martha) Graves, m. ------ Wright. Patsy eloped with the plantation overseer and was disowned by her mother; however, her father kept in touch, according to Laura Graves.

2761. Jo Anna Graves, m. William D. Parker, d. 20 Dec. 1876.



Dollie Ann Graves (1357) was born 25 June 1825 and died 17 (or 13) Oct. 1917, both in Pittsylvania Co., VA. She married Harden (or Hardin) Perkins Edwards on 9 Dec. 1841 in Pittsylvanin Co. He was born 22 March 1819 and died 2 June 1894, both in Pittsylvania Co. They were both buried in Old Edwards Cem., Pittsylvania Co., VA.

On his headstone was inscribed:

Hardin P. Edwards

Born: March 22, 1819

Died: June 2, 1894

He died the death of the righteous

Forget the dearest never

Although tis ours to part

Thy courage shall forever be

Stamped upon my heart.

On her headstone was:

Dollie A. Edwards

June 25, 1825

Oct. 13, 1917

Every joy to us is dead

Since mother is not here. (R-186)

Children - Edwards

+2762. Judith A. Edwards, b. 1844, m. Isham Harris, 20 Sept. 1865.

+2763. Mary Fannie Edwards, b. 1846, m. George W. Jefferson, 19 Dec. 1867.

+2764. Thomas Peyton Edwards, b. 16 Oct. 1848, m. Judie Ann Edwards, 10 April 1873, d. 8 May 1918.

+2765. William Harden Edwards, b. 1851, m. Elizabeth Ruth Newbill, 21 Dec. 1870, d. 21 Aug. 1899.

+2766. Elizabeth Edwards, b.c. 1853, m. Booker Johnson.

+2767. Harden Hairston Edwards, b. 11 Sept. 1855, m. Rowena Graves, 5 Nov. 1876, d. 2 March 1950.

+2768. Eldridge Andrews Edwards, b. 11 July 1860, m. Mary Willie Graves, 13 Dec. 1883, d. 27 Aug. 1945.

+2769. Lucy B. Edwards, b. July 1863, m(1) Charles Pinkard Greer, 11 Feb. 1886, m(2) Charlie Herler.

+2770. Anna Dollie Edwards, b. 7 July 1866, m. William Letcher Davis, 28 Feb. 1894, d. 28 April 1946.


William Fountain (or Fontaine) Graves (1359) was born 26 Sept. 1832 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and died 3 July 1923. He married Mary J. Johnson in 1856. She was born 15 April 1839 in Bedford Co., VA. He was a Lieut. Col. and a Major in the C.S.A. (R-186)

Children - Graves

2771. John Thomas Graves, b. 1859, m. Ida F. Wright.

2772. Mary Willie Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1861, m. Eldridge Andrews Edwards, 13 Dec. 1883, d. 15 March 1964. See #2768 for descendants.

2773. Francis Peyton Graves, b. 1863.

2774. Joseph Pleasant Graves, b. 1866.

2775. Nannie Leslie Graves, b. 1869.

2776. Alice Overton Graves

2777. Minnie James Graves

2778. Stuart Graves

2779. Nannie Curtis Graves

2780. Florence Oliva Graves

2781. Oscar Graves



William D. Graves (1361) married ------ John. They lived in Bedford Co., Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2782. Frank Graves

2783. William Graves


Thomas James Graves (1362) was born in 1849. He first married Katie Saunders. He secondly married ------ Dier. (R-54, R-515)

Children - Graves

2784. child

2785. Ora Graves, m. Walter Ashwell.

+2786. W. P. Graves, m. Florence B. Rorer.

2787. Earnest Graves



William Simeon Graves (1375), called Simeon, died in 1829 in VA. He married Maria L. (or S.) Yancey, daughter of William Layton Yancey and Frances Lynn Lewis, on 28 Aug. 1813 in Rockingham Co., VA. She was born 29 Oct. 1789 in Rockingham Co., VA, and died 24 Feb. 1868 in IN. She was listed in the 1850 census of Union Co., IN. All their children were born in VA. (R-228)

Children - Graves

2788. Frances L. Graves, b.c. 1816, m. James M. Taylor, 4 Aug. 1835 (Orange Co., VA), d. 1887 (Union Co., IN).

2789. John P. Graves, b. 3 Feb. 1818, d. 1838 (Union Co., IN).

2790. Maria E. Graves, b.c. 1821, m. James Brown, 5 April 1849 (Union Co., IN), d. 1908 (Union Co., IN).

2791. Layton Y. Graves, b.c. 1822, m. Mary Ellwood, 6 Feb. 1845 (Union Co., IN).

2792. Amanda Jane Graves, b. 10 Sept. 1823, m. William Wood, 6 April 1845 (Union Co., IN), d. 1908 (IN).

2793. Clarissa E. Graves, b.c. 1825, m. William Wood, 20 July 1849 (Union Co., IN).


Jane Graves (1377) was born in 1794 in Syria, Madison Co., Va., and died 14 May 1875 in Criglersville, Madison Co., Va. She married Adam Wilhoit, son of Michael Wilhoit and Elizabeth Crisler, on 14 (or 10) Sept. 1815 in Madison Co. He died 26 Aug. 1846 in Criglersville, Va. All their children were born in Criglersville, all married in Madison Co., Va., and all were buried in Madison Co. except for Clarissa who was buried in Orange Co., Va. (R-103)

Children - Wilhoit

2794. Elizabeth Cornelia Wilhoit, b. 30 June 1818, m. Benjamin Franklin Garnett, 10 Dec. 1835, d. 8 Sept. 1891. He was b. 27 Aug. 1814 and d. 22 Jan. 1884.

+2795. Martha Jane Wilhoit, b. 26 Aug. 1820, m. Thomas Waggoner Chapman, 5 Dec. 1837, d. 26 April 1877.

2796. Frances Ellen Wilhoit, b. 9 Sept. 1822, m. (Dr.) Alexander Payne, 21 Feb. 1843, d. 26 Dec. 1885. He was b. 2 March 1812 and d. 15 July 1874.

2797. Clarissa Adeline Wilhoit, b. 26 July 1823, m. Robert W. Brooking, 18 Feb. 1847, d. 6 June 1897. He was b. 25 March 1824.

2798. Almira Adelaide Wilhoit, b. 8 June 1827, m. James Madison Graves, 18 Dec. 1852, d. 20 Jan. 1907. See #2802 for descendants.

2799. Carmichael Wilhoit, never married, d. 29 Jan. 1853.


Paschal Graves (1378) was born 26 June 1796 in Madison Co., Va., died 28 Aug. 1860 in Marksville, Page Co., Va., and was buried in Graves Chapel Cem., Page Co.

He first married Mary ("Polly") Beidler (or Beedler), daughter of Ulrich Biedler and Barbara Varner, on 22 March 1819 in Shenandoah Co., Va. (Shenandoah Co. Marriage Record Book, 1772-1858, p. 247). She was born 29 Nov. 1802 and died 21 Oct. 1829. They lived in Page Co., Va. He was a farmer, and they belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church.

He secondly married Elizabeth White Graves (#1492), daughter of Jacob Graves of Orange Co., Va., on 25 Aug. 1830 (or 14 Sept. 1829) in Stanley, Page Co., Va. She was born 23 July 1805, died 1 May 1870 in Va., and was also buried in Graves Chapel Cem., Page Co. She first married ------ Eddins. Paschal is said to have had 13 children by this second marriage, although only 12 are listed below. (R-96, R-101)

Children - Graves, by Mary Beidler

+2800. John William Graves, b. 22 March 1820, m. Mary Catherine Brubaker, 14 Jan. 1848, d. 31 Oct. 1906.

2801. Elizabeth Graves, b. 9 Feb. 1822, d. July 1823 (Page Co., Va.).

+2802. James Madison Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1824, m. Almira Adelaid Wilhoit, 18 Dec. 1852, d. 11 Dec. 1895.

2803. Benjamin Franklin Graves, b. 25 Aug. 1826.

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Graves

2804. Jacob White Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1832, d. 11 Dec. 1860 (Calif., during the Gold Rush).

+2805. Frances Ann Graves, b. 15 March 1833, m. Peter Long, d. 8 March 1863.

+2806. George Washington Graves, b. 27 May 1834, m. Lula Wilhoit.

+2807. Thomas Jefferson Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1836, m. Elizabeth Ann Reid, 1 June 1855, m(2) Sarah Elizabeth Keyser, 26 Dec. 1865, d. 27 Jan. 1916.

+2808. Trenton Orvell Graves, b. 7 Jan. 1838, m. Emma Judd, d. 10 July 1890.

2809. Mary Susan Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1839, m. Sink Lillard. No children.

+2810. Sarah Elizabeth Graves, b. 23 Sept. 1841, m. John Newton Wilhoit.

2811. Eliza Jane Graves, b. 23 Sept. 1841, m. James William Koontz, 14 Oct. 1860, d. 12 Feb. 1927. See #4891 for descendants.

2812. Clarissa Margaret (or Marguerite) Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1843, m. Isaac H. Reid, d. 1913. No children.

+2813. Virginia Page Graves, b. 15 April 1845, m. John Pendleton Beaver, 26 Dec. 1864.

+2814. Isaac Newton Graves, b. 22 Dec. 1849, m. Annie Lee Keyser.

+2815. Charles Edward Graves, b. 22 Dec. 1849, m. Lee Koontz.


Abraham Graves (1380) died 28 Sept. 1839. He married Rebecca Biedler, daughter of Ulrich Biedler, on 27 Oct. 1825. She was born 1 June 1810 in Marksville, VA, died in 1868, and was buried in Graves Mill, VA. She belonged to the Primitive Baptist Church. After Abraham died, she married Thomas J. Allen. He died in 1888.

It is said that Abraham and Rebecca had 4 children, but only 3 are listed below. (R-201)

Children - Graves

2816. Thomas Dewitt Clinton Graves, m. Margaret Jane Jackson, 1854, d. 1 April 1888. She was b. 27 Dec. 1833, d. 10 Aug. 1910.

2817. Elizabeth (Ann or Albert) Virginia Graves, b. 17 May 1832.

+2818. Morgan Gilbert Graves, b. 20 Sept. 1835, m. Sarah Ann Gibbs, 212 May 1854, d. 5 May 1900.


Judith Graves (1382) was born about 1798 and died 11 April 1869. She married John W. Snyder on 28 Oct. 1816 in Madison Co., Va. (R-183)

Children - Snyder

+2819. Jane Snyder, b. 13 Nov. 1819, m. James Thomas Koontz, 20 Aug. 1834, d. after 1880.



Elizabeth (or Eliza) Graves (1389) was born 1 Nov. 1805 and died before 1833. She married Brightberry (or Brightbury) Garth on 9 Dec. 1824. (R-179, R-507)

Children - Garth

2820. Mary Garth

2821. Edward Garth

2822. Martha Garth

2823. Virginia Garth

2824. Elizabeth Garth



Drusilla (or Drucilla) C. Graves (1394) was born 11 Dec. 1798 in Va., died 31 May 1882 in New Goshen, Vigo Co., Ind., while visiting her son, and was buried in Rosehill Cem., Vigo Co., Ind. She married John Strole, son of Christian Strole and Elizabeth Keyser, on 4 Oct. 1819 in Madison Co., Va. He was born 20 July 1791 and died 23 Sept. 1868, both in Cob Run, Rockingham (now Page) Co., Va., and was buried in Strole Cem., Page Co. He was a farmer and a miller. (Sources of information include History of Vigo Co., Ind., by Bradsby, 1891, and the Christian Strole History, by Kathryn Foltz Layman.) (R-139)

Children - Strole

2825. William Asher Strole, b. 6 July 1820 (Page Co., Va.), m. Sarah Ann Kibler, 11 Aug. 1845 (Luray, Page Co., Va.). 5 children.

2826. Jane Strole, b. 25 Oct. 1821 (Va.), m. Jacob Long, 10 Jan. 1845 (Page Co., Va.), d. 10 Sept. 1892.

2827. Cynthia Strole, b. 4 March 1823 (Va.), m. Gideon Foltz, 30 May 1843 (Page Co., Va.), d. 26 Jan. 1891. Bur. Hall Cem., Clinton Twp., Vermilion Co., Ind.

2828. Joseph Christian Strole, b. 14 Oct. 1824 (Va.), m. ------ Sasseen. 4 children.

2829. Sarah ("Sally") Strole, b. 13 Nov. 1826.

2830. John Hardin Strole, b. 9 Sept. 1828 (Page Co., Va.), m(1) Barbara Menefee, m(2) Matilda E. Whitesell, 14 Feb. 1856 (Vigo Co., Ind.), m(3) Sarah E. Graves, d. 25 Aug. 1891. Bur. Rosehill Cem., Vigo Co., Ind. Moved to Vigo Co. in 1852.

2831. Simeon Franklin Strole, b. 28 Feb. 1831 (Page Co., Va.), m. Nancy Jane ("Agnes") Kite, 26 July 1852 (Luray, Va.), d. 26 Nov. 1893 (Ind.). He was a miller and possibly a doctor. Moved to Ind. 1857-8. 6 children.

2832. George Washington Strole, b. 30 April 1832 (Va.), d. young.

2833. Daniel Strole, b.c. 1833.

2834. Alfred Edward Strole, b. 6 Jan. 1834-5 (Page Co., Va.), m. Sarah Frances Strickler, 22 Jan. 1865, d. 10 Dec. 1906 (Va.). Bur. St. Paul's Lutheran Cem., Shenandoah, Va. He was a miller. House destroyed by flood of 1870. 6 children.

2835. Jacob Perry Strole, b. 12 March 1838 (Va.), m. Mary Jane Whitesel, c. 1862, d. 19 Dec. 1880. Bur. Vigo Co., Ind. Moved to Ind. 1857-8. 4 children.

2836. Eliza Jane Strole, b. 13 April 1839 (Va.), m. Lewis Wolford Kite, 12 June 1866, d. 1 Jan. 1918. Moved to St. Joseph and Craig, Mo. 3 children.

2837. Elizabeth Ann Strole, b. 6 Oct. 1841 (Va.), m. Benjamin M. Kite, 23 April 1863, d. 1 Nov. 1896. Bur. Winfield, Kans. Moved to Missouri, and Nagle, Okla. 11 children.



Lucinda Graves (1404) was born 9 May 1798 in VA, and died 5 Oct. 1879. Her will and probate record dated 1879 is in Rockingham Co., VA. She married Charles Lewis Yancey, son of William Layton Yancey and Frances Lynn Lewis, on 14 (or 15) Oct. 1820 in Madison Co., VA. He was born 6 May 1799 in VA, and died 16 May 1851 in Rockingham Co., VA. His military record shows that he served in the 6th Regular Virginia Militia in 1812, possibly in the War of 1812. He was listed in the Rockingham Co., VA census in 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850 (56th District), and Lucinda was listed in the 1860 and 1870 censuses for Rockingham Co. All their children were born in Rockingham Co., VA. (R-228)

Children - Yancey

2838. Elizabeth Frances Yancey, b. 21 Sept. 1823, m(1) Abbott W. Hudson, 15 Sept. 1850 (Rockingham Co., VA), m(2) John S. Dulaney, 17 May 1866 (Rockingham Co., VA), d. 3 Aug. 1867 (Giles Co., VA). Abbott was b. 12 Jan. 1822 in VA, and d. 1857. John was b. 1831 in VA, son of William Dulaney.

2839. Lucinda A. Yancey, b. 29 Nov. 1824, d. 21 Sept. 1829 (VA).

2840. Charles Benjamin Yancey, b. 19 Feb. 1826, m. Mary Jane Davis, 27 Jan. 1850 (Greene Co., VA), d. 22 June 1865. She was b.c. 1825 in VA, dau. of B. F. Davis. They were in the census for Rockingham Co., VA in 1850 (56th Dist.) and 1860.

2841. Anne Virginia Yancey, b. 20 June 1828, m. Thomas Kennerly Harnsberger, 5 Sept. 1852 (Rockingham Co., VA), d. 28 Sept. 1897. He was b. 18 June 1826 in VA, d. 20 Dec. 1894, son of Jeremiah Harnsberger and Elizabeth Miller.

2842. Mary Columbia Yancey, b. 14 Sept. 1829, m(1) Fountain Newton Taliaferro, 9 March 1853 (Rockingham Co., VA), m(2) Henry B. Harnsberger, 17 Jan. 1867 (Rockingham Co., VA), d. 17 April 1889. Fountain was b. 28 Jan. 1829 in VA, d. 30 Sept. 1863 in VA, son of Edwin C. Taliaferro and Virginia Graham (dau. of Joseph, son of Thomas Graham). Henry was b. 27 Sept. 1827 in VA, d. 28 Feb. 1887, son of Adam Harnsberger and Catherine Nall.

2843. Thomas Alexander Yancey, b. 10 Nov. 1831, m(1) Sarah Anne Pollock, 1854 (VA), m(2) Mary Carey Snoddy, 19 Oct. 1859, d. 11 June 1888 (Saline Co., MO). Sarah was b. 1836 in VA, d. 1856, dau. of William Pollock and Jane Huston. Mary was b. 19 Aug. 1833, dau. of Daniel Snoddy and Jane Brown. Thomas was in the 1860 and 1880 census records for Saline Co., MO.



Thomas Sidnor Graves (1408) was born 5 May 1816 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va., and died 24 Oct. 1883. He married Ann ("Annie") Moore. (R-103)

Children - Graves

2844. Olivia Graves

2845. Philip Graves; went south and it is supposed died of yellow fever at New Orleans about 1880.


Sarah Ann Graves (1409) was born 28 Sept. 1817 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va., and died 21 Nov. 1847 in Syria, Madison Co., Va. She married George Mason Reed Bohannon, son of Capt. Thomas Bohannon and Frances ("Frankie") Dicken, on 30 Nov. 1837 in Madison Co., Va. He was born 9 June 1814 in Madison Co., and died 1 March 1898 in Syria, Madison Co., Va. All his children were born in Syria, Va.

After Sarah died, George secondly married Elizabeth Slaughter on 20 Feb. 1849. He thirdly married Martha Virenda Early on 12 Feb. 1873-4. By his second wife he had 6 children: Lucy Hadassa ("Dass"), b. 13 March 1850; Petey (male), b. 1851; Samuel A., b. 13 Feb. 1853; Martha F., b. 24 Feb. 1854; James A., b. 21 Nov. 1855; and Georgia, b. 1857. None of these children married, and they were all buried in the family plot in Syria, Va. (R-103)

Children - Bohannon

2846. Mary Venetia ("Nish") Bohannon, b. 22 Sept. 1838, m(1) James Presley Yager, 2 May 1857, m(2) Edwin ("Ned") Henshaw, 25 March 1874, d. 18 May 1915. Bur. Cedar Cem., Madison, Madison Co., Va.

2847. Thomas Asa Bohannon, b. 14 May 1840, m. Helena E. Miller, 29 May 1862, d. 10 March 1927. Bur. Burlington, N.C.

2848. Sarah F. Bohannon, b. 7 Oct. 1841, d. 11 June 1842. Bur. family plot, Syria, Madison Co., Va.

2849. Elizabeth Alice ("Betty") Bohannon, b. 11 June 1843, m. William Thomas Clore, 23 Feb. 1860, d. 11 May 1870 (Ky.).

2850. Sarah Catherine Bohannon, b. 16 March 1845, m. James Carmichael Chapman, 17 Dec. 1863, d. 22 June 1884. See #4835 for descendants.

2851. William E. ("Billy") Bohannon, b. 17 April 1847, m. Mary E. Renalds, 14 Feb. 1878, d. 18 Aug. 1931. Bur. Cedar Cem., Madison, Madison Co., Va.


Dr. Asa Wesley Graves (1411) was born 3 Feb. 1821 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va. He married Lucy M. Booton (or Booten) of Madison Co., Va. on 20 June 1854. They lived at Wolftown, Madison Co., on the farm of his grandfather Thomas Graves. They had at least one child. (R-515)


Francis Edward Graves (1413) was born 27 March 1825 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va. He married Mary Peach Hamilton on 8 Dec. 1858. He erected in 1883-4 "Graves Chapel", a Baptist Meeting House which stands on land purchased by his grandfather and which had never been out of the possession of his family. The chapel stands near the family burying ground and was donated by him as a memorial to the family, which had long been prominent and useful in the community. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2852. Sarah Graves, b. 1859, died young.

2853. Lucien Graves, b. 1861, d. 1883.

+2854. Mary Edward Graves, b. 1864, m. William H. Bonham, possibly d. 30 Oct. 1925 (?).

2855. S. Hamilton Graves, b. 1866 (Scotland), d. 30 Oct. 1925. Lived in Roanoke, Va.

2856. Milton E. Graves, died in infancy.

+2857. Benjamin Samuel Graves, b. 1871, m. ------ Cowherd.



Benjamin Franklin Davis (1417) was born 3 Dec. 1821, and died in 1910 at his home in Uno, Madison Co., VA. He married Susan Anne Carden, daughter of William F. Carden and Catherine Thomason, on 17 March 1853 in Albemarle Co., VA. She died in Uno, VA. They were both buried at their homeplace in Uno, VA. All their children were born in Uno, Madison Co., VA. (R-187)

Children - Davis

2858. Elizabeth M. Davis, m. Edward Whitlock, d. Oct. 1954.

2859. Minnie Estelle Davis, m. Jesse Lewis Whitlock.

2860. Grace M. Davis, m. Granville Twyman, 19 Dec. 1892, d. April 1954.

2861. Mary C. Davis, m. William G. Davis (#1418, her uncle).

2862. James E. Davis, m. Josephine Malone.

+2863. Benjamin Franklin Davis, Jr., b. 11 Nov. 1875, m. Annie Grace Lohr, 21 Dec. 1920, d. 8 Jan. 1952.

2864. Franklin Graves, died as a small child (kicked by a horse).

2865. Twin, died.

2866. Twin, died.



Absolom (or Absalom) Graves (1419) was born 13 Sept. 1791 in Kentucky, and died 6 Nov. 1866. He married his cousin Elizabeth Graves (#1430), youngest daughter of Rev. Absolom Graves and Felicia White, on 5 March 1816. She was born 28 Sept. 1799 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 12 Nov. 1858. He was a soldier in the Cavalry branch of service in the War of 1812 under Gen. William Henry Harrison, and served until the close of the war. After his marriage, he settled in Boone Co., Ky., where he spent the remainder of his life, a useful man in the church and community. He was a deacon in the Bullittsville Church. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2867. Cornelia Agnes Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1817, m. Joseph Addison Graves, 8 Oct. 1833, d. 1863. For descendants, see #1469.

2868. Willis Graves, b. 2 Sept. 1820, d. 15 Aug. 1821.

+2869. Robert Kirtley Graves, b. 15 March 1826, m. Sarah Evelyn Mothershead, 15 May 1849, d. 11 Sept. 1877.

2870. Richard Cave Graves, b. 23 July 1828, m. ------ Willis (in Va.), d. 17 May 1858. No children.


Reuben Graves (1422) was born 18 Oct. 1799 in Ky., and died 27 May 1842 in Woodford Co., Ky. He married Elizabeth C. (or Mary) Cox on 27 May 1822. She died 17 April 1871. They lived in Woodford Co., Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+2871. Charles Cox Graves, b. 7 June 1824, m. Maria Gaines, 24 Dec. 1846.

+2872. William Hawkins Graves, b. 27 June 1826, m. Katie Scott, 1861, d. 18 Jan. 1909.

2873. John Taylor Graves, b. 19 June 1828, d. 1840.

+2874. Thomas Cox Graves, b. 30 July 1830, m. Catherine Garnett, 29 Aug. 1858, d. May 1895.

2875. Elizabeth Hannah Graves (called Hannah), b. 25 May 1834.

+2876. James C. Graves, b. 22 Aug. 1837, m(1) Laura Gaddy, m(2) Mary Huggins, 27 Oct. 1868.

2877. Hattie T. Graves, m. Charles Whitfield Graves Garnett, Oct. 1874, d. June 1881. He was born 23 Dec. 1845. He secondly married Loula Gaines, dau. of Ben W. Gaines and Mary Elizabeth Graves of Boone Co., Ky.


Hon. Richard Cave Graves (1423) was born 19 May 1803 in Woodford Co., Ky., and died 16 Nov. (or Dec.) 1895 at the home of his son, James M. Graves, at Versailles, Ky. He was reared on his father's farm and received a good common school education. He read law with Judge William Blackburn of Versailles. In 1850, he was elected Senator, and in 1852 County Judge, holding the latter office for four years. He was a man of fine understanding, excellent in counsel and strong in friendship. He was a member of the Christian Church and a Knight Templar. He first married Lucy Mitchum, daughter of James Mitchum of Woodford Co, on 10 Oct. 1824. She died 22 Feb. 1849. He secondly married Mrs. Helen (Dillon) Scott in Sept. 1851. She died 13 Jan. 1892. He was a deservedly popular man, and enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him. (R-515)

Children - Graves. by Lucy Mitchum

+2878. James M. Graves, b. 9 Sept. 1823, m. Kitty Chrisman, 16 Sept. 1864, d. 26 Feb. 1917.

2879. John T. Graves, b. 28 Feb. 1827, d. 25 Jan. 1849.

2880. Laura G. Graves, b. 24 July 1831, m. Barton Warren Wasson, 26 Nov. 1851, d. 2 April 1917. Lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2881. Florida M. Graves, b. 11 March 1835, d. 21 Aug. 1873.

Children - Graves, by Helen Dillon

+2882. Richard Cave Graves, b. 9 Aug. 1852, m. Martha Elizabeth Flanery, 3 Dec. 1896.

2883. Clifford V. Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1856, m. Dora Arnold, 10 Jan. 1907. No children.

+2884. Frank Norton Graves, b. 1 April 1862, m. Elisabeth Malvina Saffarrans, 19 Oct. 1898.

2885. Alice Graves, b. 5 June 1854. Lived in Versailles, Ky.


Joseph Craig Graves (1425) was born 30 March 1808 in Woodford Co., Ky., and died 16 Aug. 1878 in Boone Co., Ky. He received a good common school education, as did his brothers and sisters.. He married Ann Q. Kirtley, only daughter of Rev. Robert Kirtley, on 23 Dec. 1828. She was born 19 April 1812 and died 9 April 1892. They lived in Boone Co., Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2886. Mary E. Graves, b. 12 Sept. 1829, d. 17 May 1843.

+2887. Oscar Kirtley Graves, b. 11 April 1833, m. Caroline Amanda Garnett, 30 Nov. 1855.

+2888. Menter T. Graves, b. 2 Dec. 1837, m. Martha Grant, 26 Feb. 1880.

2889. Carrie Graves, b. 11 Feb. 1843, m. William T. Garnett, 27 Oct. 1869 (Slater, Mo.).

2890. Vienna Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1845, m. Thomas F. Grant, 19 May 1880. Lived near Bullittsville, Ky.



Willis Graves (1427) was born 12 Oct. 1790 in Madison Co., Va., and died 11 Nov. 1834. He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in the spring of 1797. He first married Kitty Johnston (or Johnson), daughter of Col. Cave Johnston (or Johnson) of Boone Co. She was born 6 Dec. 1799 and died 2 Aug. 1819. He secondly married Sophia Conn, daughter of John M. Conn and Nancy Keene of Bourbon Co., Ky. She was born 26 Aug. 1798 and died 7 Feb. 1892. He was admitted to the Bar and was Clerk of the Boone Co. Court from 1815 to the time of his death. He was one of the most prominent men in his county, active in ecclesiastical and civil matters, and was esteemed by everyone. After Willis died, his wife secondly married Jeremiah Garnett, who lived but a short time after his marriage. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Sophia Conn

+2891. Thomas Conn Graves, b. 9 Dec. 1824, m. Agnes Elizabeth Willis.

2892. Sophia Katharine Graves, b. 14 June 1826, m. William Henry Buckner, 1843. They lived in Covington, Ky. After his death, she lived in Erlanger, Ky.



Johnson Watts Graves (1442) was born 26 Feb. 1813 in Boone Co., Ky. He married Lucretia Souther on 28 Feb. 1833. She was born 13 Jan. 1812 and died 25 March 1887. They lived in Boone Co., Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2893. Cyrus Graves, b. 7 April 1834, d. 3 June 1835.

2894. Sarah Elizabeth Graves, b. 29 March 1836, d. 9 Jan. 1853.

2895. Marietta Graves, b. 29 April 1838, m. Templeton Gaines, 15 Feb. 1874. He was a son of William and Jenetta Gaines. They lived in Boone Co., Ky.

2896. Joseph Graves, b. 27 Oct. 1840, m. Amanda Mitchell, 19 Dec. 1865.

2897. William Gaines Graves, b. 12 Dec. 1842, m. Mary J. Surface, 12 June 1875.

2898. Abram Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1846, m. Florence Cooley, 29 Dec. 1874.

2899. Maria Lucretia Graves, b. 6 April 1850, m. Dr. R. H. Crisler (of Boone Co., Ky.), 6 April 1850.



Walker Graves (1445) was born 22 Nov. 1806 near Burlington, Ky., and died 6 Oct. 1837 in Boone Co., Ky. He married Eliza Cave, daughter of Jeremiah and Polly Cave of Boone Co., in 1828. She died 16 May 1831. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2900. Polly Ann Graves, b. Dec. 1828, d. 22 June 1830.


Rev. Franklin Graves (1451) was born 17 Nov. 1817 in Boone Co., Ky., near Burlington. He married Malvina W. Cave, daughter of Uriel and Susan Cave, formerly of Boone Co., on 5 Jan. 1844. She was born 2 April 1822. He was ordained to the Baptist ministry in Missouri in 1844. He labored successfully and was highly esteemed. They lived in Kearney, Clay Co., Mo. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2901. Laura Graves, b. 25 Sept. 1844.

2902. Permelia Graves, b. 20 July 1847, m. Isely Craven, 1872. He was born 20 Oct. 1832. They lived near Kearney, Mo.

2903. Whitfield Graves, b. 31 May 1849.

2904. Susan E. Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1851, died young.

2905. Eliza F. Graves, b. 13 Nov. 1853.

2906. Mary V. Graves, b. 4 June 1856.

2907. Milton Graves, b. 28 Dec. 1859, d. 18 Oct. 1879.

2908. Luella Graves, b. 5 Feb. 1862, died young.

2909. Montgomery Graves, b. 11 Nov. 1866.


Stephen Graves (1452) was born 18 July 1819 near Burlington, Ky., and died there 17 May 1863. He married Elizabeth Shropshire, daughter of Dr. Moses P. and Agatha Shropshire of Scott Co., Ky., on 6 June 1853. She was born 25 May 1834. They lived near Burlington. After Stephen died, his widow secondly married David Hogan on 25 Oct. 1864. David died 16 March 1890. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2910. Gertrude Graves, b. 6 May 1859, m. Asa Cason, 26 June 1875.

2911. Hortense C. Graves, b. 7 Sept. 1860, m. John J. Rice, 1 May 1879. They lived in Kansas.


William Graves (1453) was born 1 Nov. 1821 near Burlington, Ky., and died 24 Aug. 1880 near Sulphur (or Sulpher?), Henry Co., Ky. He married Kate Maddox, daughter of Thomas G. and Cynthis (or Cynthia?) Maddox of Shelby Co., Ky., on 5 April 1865. They lived near Sulphur, Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2912. Walter Graves, b. 17 March 1866, d. Aug. 1867.

2913. Annie Graves, b. 8 Dec. 1867, m. Wardis J. Wright (of Sulphur, Ky.), 23 Feb. 1887. He died 18 May 1888.

2914. Nora Graves, b. 8 Sept. 1869.

2915. Franklin Graves, b. 18 Jan. 1872, d. Sept. 1892.

2916. Hallie Graves, b. 10 May 1874.

2917. Warren Graves, b. 19 Dec. 1876.

2918. Clara Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1879.


Milton Graves (1454) was born 10 May 1825 near Burlington, Ky. He married and died in California. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2919. Charles Graves

2920. Alice Graves



John Willis Graves (1458) was born 8 April 1809 near Bullittsville, Ky., and died 24 Feb. 1849. He married Louisa Cave, daughter of Jeremiah Cave and Polly Graves of Boone Co., Ky., on 16 May 1832. Polly Graves was a daughter of Rev. Absolom Graves. John was educated at Bullittsville Academy, was a teacher and surveyor, was located for a time as a merchant at Shelbyville, Ind., and finally settled on a farm in his native county. After he died, his widow married Rev. Robert Kirtley on 17 June 1852. Rev. Kirtley had succeeded John's grandfather, Rev. Absolom Graves, as pastor of the Bullittsville Church. Rev. Robert Kirtley died 9 April 1872 and was succeeded by his son, Rev. J. A. Kirtley. Louisa died 13 Sept. 1858. She was active and influential, and was first in every good work. She had no children by her second marriage. All the following children were born in Boone Co., Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+2921. Junius Graves, b. 22 May 1833, m. Annie Goble, 15 Feb. 1857, d. 25 Feb. 1881.

2922. Mary Eliza Graves, b. 23 Jan. 1836, m. Benjamin Watts Gaines (son of James and Virginia Gaines), 19 Oct. 1854, d. 16 Dec. 1879. Benjamin secondly married Sarah Elizabeth Hall. They lived in Slater, Mo.

+2923. Alfred Chambers Graves, b. 5 Jan. 1838, m. Annie Duvall Smith, 21 July 1868.

2924. Melvin Graves, b. 20 April 1840, d. 28 Nov. 1859.

2925. Edward Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1843, never married, d. 23 June 1894 (Fairville, Mo.).

2926. child, b. 12 April 1845, d. 14 April 1845.

2927. Pamelia Graves, b. 20 July 1846, m. William C. Gaines, 24 Nov. 1868. He was b. 3 Feb. 1843 in Shelby Co., Ind., son of Henry F. Gaines and Matilda Cornelius. They moved to Slater, Mo. in Sept. 1875.


Jeremiah ("Jerry") Graves (1462) was born 14 (or 4) Jan. 1818 near Bullittsville, Boone Co., KY, and died 27 May 1896 in Marshall, Saline Co., MO. He married Marietta Francis Willis, daughter of Robert Willis and Emily Hudson of Culpeper Co., VA, on 27 Jan. 1847 in Culpeper Co., VA. She was born 4 July 1828 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died 24 Dec. 1915 in Marshall, MO. They were both buried in Fairville Cem., Fairville, Saline Co., MO. They first settled in Boone Co., but moved to Saline Co., MO in 1853, and settled in Marshall. Their first three children were born in Boone Co., KY and the last six were born in Saline Co., MO. (R-229, R-515)

Children - Graves

2928. Laura E. Graves, b. 29 Sept. 1848, d. 5 April 1865 (Saline Co., MO). Bur. Mt. Carmel Cem., Saline Co., MO.

2929. John Willis Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1850, d. 20 Feb. 1904.

2930. Ralph T. Graves, b. 5 March 1852, d. 19 Nov. 1927 (Redlands, CA).

2931. Hugh Irvin Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1854, m. Mrs. Bowman, 27 Feb. 1891, d. 11 Oct. 1925 (Marshall, Saline Co., MO). Bur. Ridge Park Cem., Marshall, MO. They lived in Springfield, Mo.

2932. Susan Emma Graves, b. 17 July 1856, d. 4 March 1929 (Marshall, MO). Bur. Ridge Park Cem., Marshall, MO.

+2933. Edward Leslie Graves, b. 10 Sept. 1858, m. Mollie B. Cordry, 1 June 1881.

+2934. Mary Lena Graves, b. 7 Feb. 1860, m. Dewitt Clinton Bolton, 17 Nov. 1881, d. 19 Feb. 1946.

2935. Nannie Louisa Graves, b. 27 April 1862, m. E. Keeler Stephens (or Stevens) (of Boone Co., KY), 17 April 1888. She lived on part of her grandfather's farm in Bullittsville, Ky.

2936. Robert (or Albert?) S. Graves, b. 5 Nov. 1866, d. 31 Dec. 1917 (Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO).



William Willis Graves (1467) was born 18 May 1810 in Boone Co., Ky., and died in 1897. He married Ann Graves Garnett, daughter of William and Mary Garnett of Va., on 11 Sept. 1836. She was born 25 Oct. 1814 and died 29 Aug. 1840. He lived in Eldorado Springs, Mo., where he was engaged in banking. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2937. William Sydnor Graves, b. 25 June 1837, d. 17 March 1860.

2938. Reuben Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1839, d. 14 Aug. 1841.

2939. Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 April 1843, d. 4 Jan. 1847.

2940. Martha Ann Graves, b. 12 Aug. 1846, d. 13 Dec. 1847.


Benjamin Garnett Graves (1468) was born 27 May 1812 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 1 Sept. 1846. He married Sarah Frances Ingraham, daughter of James and Polly Ingraham of Boone Co., on 27 Dec. 1834 (or 1832). She was born 15 June 1816. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2941. John James Graves, b. 13 June 1838.

2942. Edward Graves, b. 13 April 1841.


Joseph Addison Graves (1469) was born 23 Feb. 1815 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 18 June (or 15 Aug.) 1868 (or 1869) in Saline Co., Mo. He married Cornelia Agnes Graves (#2867), daughter of Absolom Graves and Elizabeth Graves, on 8 Oct. 1833. She was born 24 Sept. 1817, and died in 1863 in Saline Co., Mo. They moved to Saline Co., Mo. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2943. Willis Warder Graves, b. 3 Sept. 1834, m. Mary E. Garnett (dau. of Joel G. and Ann Garnett). She was born 23 July 1836.

2944. Absolom John Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1837.

+2945. Cyrus E. Graves, b. 26 March 1839, m. Susan Hanks, 1871, d. 9 March 1875.

2946. Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 1 Aug. 1841.

2947. Martha Graves, b. 4 Oct. 1843, died young.

2948. Mary Graves, b. 4 Oct. 1843, died young. Twin of Martha.

2949. Felicia Graves, b. 25 April 1846, m. W. C. Harrison, June 1872.

2950. Ella Graves, m(1) ------ Ryderman, m(2) ------ Montgomery. Lived in Meade Center, Kansas.

2951. Kate Graves

2952. R. Pinckney Graves, b. Jan. 1858, d. March 1880.


John James Graves (1471) was born 18 Oct. 1819 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 30 Jan. 1910 in Spokane, Wash. He first married Mary Jane Johnson on 1 July 1841 in Ill. He secondly married Orilla (or Orrilla) Landon Berry, daughter of Jireh (or Jirah) Berry and Ann Hyde, on 15 Sept. 1855. She was born 27 Dec. 1822 in Grand Isle Co., Vt., and died 11 Jan. 1895 in Spokane, Wash. They lived in St. Mary's, McDonough Co., Ill. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Mary J. Johnson

2953. Harriet Comer Graves, b. 17 April 1842, m. Milo McGuffey, 17 April 1869. Lived in Washington.

+2954. Elias Johnson Graves, b. 17 April 1844, m. Martha Jane Horn, 28 March 1878.

+2955. Margaret Elizabeth Graves, b. 10 April 1846, m. Ulysses Samuel Boydston, 1 March 1866.

+2956. James Addison Graves, b. 4 March 1847, m(1) Eva T. Quick, 4 Dec. 1870, m(2) Clara J. Camp, 5 Oct. 1897.

Children - Graves, by Orilla L. Berry

+2957. Frank Hyde Graves, b. 15 June 1857, m. Esta Maud Ferris, 7 Sept. 1882.

+2958. Jay P. Graves, b. 29 June 1859, m(1) Amanda Cox, 9 Oct. 1879, m(2) Alice Hardin Towne, 6 July 1921.

+2959. Carroll Berry Graves, b. 9 Nov. 1861, m(1) Ivah Elizabeth Felt, 25 Jan. 1888, m(2) Catharine Osborne, 21 June 1898, d. 12 May 1929.

+2960. William Gurnell Graves, b. 16 May 1866, m. Sophia Rebecca Feek, 13 June 1893.


Edward Dicken Graves (1473) was born 12 Feb. 1825 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 11 Nov. 1879. He married Martha Ann Garnett, daughter of Joel and Catherine B. Garnett, on 19 Sept. 1847. She was born 21 Nov. 1824, and died 23 Jan. 1866 in Saline Co., Mo. They lived in Saline Co. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2961. Tacitus Clay Graves, b. 24 Oct. 1850.

2962. Beulah Dell Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1858, d. 24 Dec. 1883.

2963. Cecelia Helen Graves, b. 23 March 1862, m. P. H. Casebolt, 25 Dec. 1878.


Mary E. Graves (1474) was born 16 April 1827 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 3 March 1877 in St. Marys, Ill. She married William Daniel Powell on 18 April 1844 in St. Marys, Ill. He was a son of Robert Powell and Ann James, and a grandson of Anne Graves, sister of Mary's father, Reuben. William died 28 Feb. 1875. They lived in Colmar, Ill. All their children were born in St. Marys, Ill. (R-161)

Children - Powell

+2964. Robert Powell, b.c. 1845.

2965. Reuben Powell, b.c. 1847.

2966. Ann Elizabeth Powell, b. 18 Oct. 1849, m. Sylvester Talbot, 30 June 1873, d. 24 Jan. 1905 (St. Marys, Ill.). 3 sons, 2 dau.

+2967. Mary Powell, b. 1851, m. Otho Johnson Talbot, d. 1906.


Isaac Newton Graves (1475) was born 8 Aug. 1830 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 22 Aug. 1889. He married Cornelia Annette Ingraham, daughter of James and Polly Ingraham. They lived in Kansas. (R-515)

Children - Graves

2968. Clarence Eugene Graves, b. 4 Dec. 1851.

2969. Erasmus Sylvester Graves, b. 15 July 1854.

2970. Leora Allie Graves, b. 18 May 1856, died.

2971. Elenora Lettie Graves, b. 24 Dec. 1858.

2972. Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1864.

2973. Cornelia Frances Graves, b. 27 Aug. 1868.

2974. Sydnor Graves, b. 3 July 1871.

2975. Reuben Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1873.



Hon. Richard Perrin Graves (1479) was born 2 May 1823 (or 1820) at "Pleasant View", located two and a half miles from Orange Springs, Orange Co., Va., and 12 miles from Orange Court House, and died 26 (or 25) April 1894.

In 1840 Richard added a large brick section to his father's house. At some point the home was called "Wilmington". On his death it was sold (allegedly, but without proof, to a member of the Crenshaw family, with whom the Graves were interrelated) and the name was changed to "Pleasant View". The home still stands today, abandoned, on land owned and used to raise cattle by a descendant of Isaac Graves and his third wife Jemima.

Richard first married Lucy Frances Graves, daughter of his cousin Charles T. Graves, on 7 May 1847 in Orange Co., Va. She was born 19 June 1822 and died 2 Aug. 1877. He secondly married Fanny Barbour Moore, daughter of William C. Moore and Mehitable Taylor of Rose Valley, Orange Co., Va., and widow of Edwin Moore, her third cousin.

Richard Perrin Graves served as a Captain in the Army of Virginia during the Civil War, and was a member of the House of Delegates of Virginia in 1893. He was a man of education and refinement, and was highly respected by his friends and neighbors.

His will, filed Jan. 10, 1882, names his son James as executor and asks that he care for Richard's wife, Fanny. The will leaves nothing to Richard, Jr., "advancements having already been made." (R-52, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Lucy F. Graves

+2976. Richard Perrin Graves, Jr., b. 14 Dec. 1848, m. Emma Dickinson, d. 20 Nov. 1890.

2977. James Walker Graves



Charles Tandy Graves (1481) was born 10 Oct. 1799, and died 22 Oct. 1878 in Milford, Orange Co., Va. He first married Ann Rogers Webb, daughter of Augustine Webb and Lucy Crittenden of Culpeper Co., Va., on 18 Sept. 1821. She was born in 1802 and died 23 May 1834.

He secondly married Susan A. Campbell, daughter of Col. William Campbell and Susan Pierce, on 29 Sept. 1835 (or 1836). She was born 1 Sept. 1804, and died 26 April 1885 in Milford, Orange Co. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Ann R. Webb

2978. Lucy Frances Graves, b. 19 June 1822, m. Richard Perrin Graves, 7 May 1847, d. 2 Aug. 1877. See #1479 for descendants.

2979. Sarah Jane Graves, b. 2 Aug. (or 4 July) 1824, m. James Walker Graves (#1499), 9 Jan. 1847, d. 12 June 1878.

2980. Ann Eliza Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1826, m. Joshua L. Brockman, 8 Nov. 1852, d. 7 Sept. 1853. See #2994 for descendants.

+2981. William Crittenden Graves, b. 13 Oct. 1828, m. Martha Ann Hiden, 19 July 1850, d. 10 May 1912.

2982. Louise Cornelia Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1830, d. 11 June 1832.

2983. Pamelia Augusta Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1833, m. William C. Scott, 10 Jan. 1850. He was b. 1826, son of John Scott and Sally Hackett, and cousin of James Scott who married her half-sister Katherine.

Children - Graves, by Susan A. Campbell

2984. Mary Virginia Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1837 (Milford, Orange Co., Va.), m. (Dr.) William L. Parran, 15 Feb. 1860, d. 2 Dec. 1928. He was son of Nathaniel and Ann Parran, and was killed at Antietam.

+2985. Charles Linnaeus Graves, b. 19 March 1839, m. Lavinia Smith.

2986. Katherine Graves, b. 1842, m. James Scott (son of Garrett Scott and Ellen Nalle).

2987. Emma Graves, b. 24 June 1843, d. 5 Aug. 1859.

2988. Joseph Woodson Campbell Graves, b. 1845, m. Margaret Smith, d. 1924. She was sister of the wife of his brother, Charles.


Elizabeth Catherine Graves (1482) was born 2 Jan. 1801. She married William Lindsay Brockman, son of William Brockman and Mary Lindsay, on 21 Feb. 1821 in Orange, VA. He was born in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., VA. He was a successful businessman and prominent farmer. His will, dated and recorded in Orange Co. (book 12, page 255) leaves property to his children Mary Ann King, Ira S. Brockman, Frances Elizabeth Brockman, and Lucien T. Brockman. This information is from Brockman Scrapbook by William E. Brockman (sent by R-271). (R-271, R-515)

Children - Brockman

+2989. William Alfred Brockman, b.c. 1825, m. Elizabeth L. Moore, 6 Dec. 1855.

+2989a. Mary Virginia Brockman, b.c. 1829, m. John F. King, 15 Dec. 1846, d. 1928.

2990. Ira L. (or S.) Brockman, m. Lucy Davis.

2991. Frances Elizabeth Brockman, m. Edward ("Ed") Davis (of King William Co., VA).

2992. Buford Brockman, died young.

2993. Lucien Tandy Brockman, b.c. 1842, m. Adeline ("Addie") Cornelia Samuel, 12 Jan. 1863. She was dau. of Trenton E. Samuel and Bettie Coleman.

2993a. Silas Brockman, killed by a horse.


Frances Ann Graves (1484) was born 28 July 1804. She married Samuel Lindsay Brockman, brother of her sister Elizabeth's husband, on 23 Nov. 1825. He was from Greenway, Orange Co., VA. He was born 15 Nov. 1799 in Orange Co., VA, and died in 1846. He was a wealthy landowner and successful planter. (R-271, R-515)

Children - Brockman

2993b. Charles C. Brockman, b. 10 Sept. 1826, never married, d.c. 1853 (age 27).

+2994. Joshua Lindsay Brockman, b. 1 Feb. 1829, m. Ann Eliza Graves (#2980), 8 Nov. 1852.

2995. Virginia Alice Brockman, b. 17 Feb. 1833, m. Robert Kendall.

2996. Horace Quintas Brockman, 5 Aug. 1835, d. 7 July 1837.

2997. Louisa Brockman, b. 20 Nov. 1837, m. Thomas Edward Graves, 26 Nov. 1867. See #1533 for descendants.

2998. Elizabeth Brockman, b. 10 Jan. 1840, m. Martin Teasdale.

2999. Albert Tandy ("Allie") Brockman, b. 5 Sept. 1842, m. Alice Burruss, 27 Oct. 1866.

3000. Mary Champe Brockman, b. 10 May 1845.

3000a. Caroline Brockman


Albert Gallatin Graves (1487) was born 2 April 1813. He married Frances Harrison. He moved first to Missouri, and later to McKinney, Texas, where he lived until his death. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3001. Lucretius Graves

3002. Aurelius Graves

3003. Quintilla Graves

3004. Eugenia Graves

3005. Frances Graves

3006. Wyclif Graves

3007. Lucy Graves

3008. Isaac Graves

3009. William Graves

3010. Amelia Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1857, m. Grundy Hedgecombe.

3011. Eliza Graves, b. 1859, m. R. G. Bush.

3012. Margaret Graves, b. 10 Dec. 1861, never married.


Isaac Finks Graves (1488) was born 21 April (or Aug.) 1815 in Orange Co., Va., and died 17 Nov. 1886 in McKinney, Collin Co., Texas. He married Margaret Ann (or Anne) Stevens, daughter of William Stevens and Margaret Mills, on 25 Nov. 1835 (or 1836) in Orange Co., Va. She was born 11 June 1811 in Va., and died 11 Feb. 1908 in McKinney, Texas. They moved to Texas, settling in Collin Co. in 1857, just west of present-day McKinney, where Highway 75 intersects Highway 380. He bought 1000 acres and paid $12.50 per acre in gold. (R-84, R-129, R-515)

Children - Graves

+3013. Nathaniel Stevens Graves, b. 1837, never married, d. 1859.

3014. Albert Goodwin Graves (called Goodwin), b. 11 June 1839, m. Anna Sherley, 30 May 1865, d. 29 June 1901.

3015. Virginia Eliza Graves (called Eliza), b. 1841, m. John H. Bingham, d. 1927.

+3016. Sarah Missouri Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1844, m. Russell DeArmond, Feb. 1861, d. 1 Aug. 1914.

3017. daughter, died in infancy.

3018. daughter, died in infancy.

+3019. Mary Estelle Graves, b. 11 May 1857, m. Franklin Beecher Cameron, 26 May 1878, d. 11 Oct. 1941.



Jeremiah White Graves (1489) was born 9 Aug. 1801 in Orange Co., Va., and died 15 April 1884 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. He first married Catherine S. Boxley, daughter of Pallison Boxley, on 9 (or 4) Aug. 1831. She was born 6 Jan. 1809 and died 10 June 1840. He secondly married Nancy R. Hunt on 8 Dec. 1841. She was born 22 Feb. 1809 and died 23 March 1883. They lived in Pittsylvania Co., Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Catherine S. Boxley

3020. Fannie W. Graves, b. 18 June 1832, m(1) Morgan Fitzgerald, 18 June 1850, m(2) William M. Moses. Lived in Pittsylvania Co., Va.

3021. Catherine Spiller Graves, b. 22 May 1834, m. Joseph Moses, d. 24 Nov. 1914 (Pittsylvania Co., Va.). He d. 1878.

+3022. Jacob Pallison Graves, b. 11 March 1838, m. Mary James Monroe, 16 Sept. 1860, d. 12 Dec. 1903.

Children - Graves, by Nancy R. Hunt

+3023. Jeremiah Hunt Graves, b. 12 Jan. 1844, m. Amanda Cook, 8 May 1867, d. 29 Jan. 1908.

3024. Sallie Hunt Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1846, may have died young.


William Graves (1495) was born 26 April (or 28 May) 1809 in Orange Co., Va., and died in 1905 in Lewisburg, W.Va. He first married Eliza Quarles about 1831. She died in 1832 in Va. He secondly married Eliza Ann Thompson on 31 (or 28) Jan. 1833. Her mother's name was Sarah. They moved to Lewisburg, W.Va., where she died in 1863. (R-97, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Eliza Quarles

+3025. James Quarles Graves, b. 31 March 1832, m. Laura Banks, 13 Jan. 1870, d. 14 March 1913.

Children - Graves, by Eliza A. Thompson

+3026. Quintas Marshall Graves, b. 31 March 1834, m. Laura Banks.

+3027. Sarah Frances Adeline Graves, b. 29 Sept. 1835, m. Patrick Murray, 19 March 1863, d. 5 Aug. 1910.

3028. Elizabeth Garnett Graves, b. 3 May 1838, m. William Callaghan.

+3029. John White Graves, b. 8 Feb. 1841, m. Cornelia Warren, d. 29 Oct. 1925.

+3030. David Coward Graves, b. 1 Feb. 1843, m. Cynthia Marshall.

+3031. William Greene Graves, b. 25 March 1845, m. Letitia Bryant.

3032. George Graves, b. 5 Sept. 1847, d. July 1927. Lived in Alderson, W.Va.

3033. Emanuel Scott Graves, b. 1 May 1849. Lived in Caldwell Parish, La.

3034. Susan Ellen Parnell Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1851, died in infancy.



Isaac Claiborne Graves (1501) was born 22 Feb. 1809 in Taylor Co., Ky., and died 4 March 1883. He married Mary Elizabeth Sanders, called Elizabeth, of Taylor Co. on 13 May 1830. She was born 14 April 1814 and died 6 May 1889. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3035. Henry Graves

3036. Nancy A. Graves, m. ------ Gaines.

3037. Napoleon Graves

3038. Mary E. Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1839, m. John H. Jeter, 14 Sept. 1858. Lived in Elk City, Kans.

3039. Lou J. Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1839, m. William H. Edwards (of Green Co., Ky.), 31 March 1859. He was b. 16 May 1806 and d. 22 Feb. 1881.

3040. John Graves

3041. Sallie M. Graves, m. ------ Powers.

3042. James M. (or L.) Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1850, m. Rosa Remington, 4 Feb. 1875. Lived in Elk City, Kans.

3043. Clube Graves

3044. Angie Graves


Leonard Henry Graves (1503) was born 13 Oct. 1812 in Green Co., KY, and died 22 March 1885 in Taylor Co., KY. Taylor Co. was formed from Green Co. in 1848, and he lived his entire life on the old homestead of his father. He married Elizabeth Garnett Ingram, daughter of Isaac Ingram and Nancy Irwin, on 26 May 1836 in Adair Co., KY. She was born 2 Feb. 1819 in Logan Co., KY, and died 24 Feb. 1863 in Taylor Co., KY. They were both buried in Sect. B, Brookside Cem., Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY. They were both Baptist. He was a planter. Their first 5 children were born in Green Co., KY, and the others in Taylor Co. (R-185, R-515)

Children - Graves

3045. Sarah Harriet Graves, b. 13 March 1837, m. William H. Parrott (of Taylor Co., Ky.), 22 May 1856, d. 16 Jan. 1911-12. He was b. 16 Aug. 1827, d. 11 Aug. 1889 at his home in Marion Co., Ky. At one time he was Sheriff of Taylor Co., Ky.

3046. Annie D. Graves, b. 23 June 1839, m. Stephen Tucker, 30 Jan. 1862 (Taylor Co., KY), d. 5 March 1863.

+3047. Isaac Francis Graves, b. 20 April 1841, m. Ella Ingram, 22 Feb. 1871, d. 28 Aug. 1914.

+3048. Charles Henry Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1844, m. Mary Elizabeth Sanders, 17 Aug. 1871, d. 1925.

3049. Mary Ellen Graves, b. 22 Feb. 1846, m. Charles Parrott, 16 Aug. 1863, d.c. 1890 (Marion Co., KY).

3050. Ermine Cornelius Graves, b. 11 Nov. 1848, m. George Hannibal Phillips (of Lebanon, Ky.), 17 July 1866 (Taylor Co., KY), d. 27 Oct. 1892 (Taylor Co., KY). Bur. Brookside Cem., Campbellsville, KY. He was b. 21 March 1838, d. 1 April 1887.

+3051. Walter Weaver Graves, b. 28 March 1851, m. Elizabeth Collins, 27 Oct. 1874, d. 23 April 1931.

3052. Polina Alice Graves, b. 28 May 1854, never married, d. 9 April 1952 (Campbellsville, KY) Lived in Campbellsville, and bur. Brookside Cem., Campbellsville, KY.

3053. Elizabeth C. Graves, b. 30 Aug. 1856, m. John Waller Carter (of Marion Co., KY), 20 Nov. 1877, d. 4 June 1885 (Campbellsville, KY). Bur. Brookside Cem., Campbellsville, KY.

3054. Martha Willa ("Mattie") Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1859., m. Alfred H. Marshall, 20 Jan. 1885, d. 25 July 1936 (Campbellsville, KY). Bur. Brookside Cem., Campbellsville. He was a merchant in Campbellsville, KY.


William Graves (1505) was born 10 (or 1) May 1816 in Taylor Co., Ky., and died 28 Jan. 1894 on his farm in Shelby Co., Ky. He first married Margaret Ann George, daughter of Lindsey George and Elizabeth Young of Simpsonville, Ky., on 2 Feb. 1841. She died 11 March 1862. He secondly married Mary Elizabeth Lillard, daughter of Thomas Lillard of Lawrenceburg, Ky., in 1863. He spent over 55 years on the farm he owned in Shelby Co., Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Margaret A. George

3055. Sarah Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 March 1843, d. 13 April 1856.

3056. Frances Drucilla Graves, b. 29 July 1846, m. Stephen Harrington (of Shelby Co., Ky.), 1 Feb. 1877. Lived on farm near Shelbyville, Ky.

3057. George Henry Graves, b. 5 Nov. 1849, d. 2 July 1862.

3058. Mary Jane Graves, b. 9 April 1853, m. John M. Crosby, 26 Nov. 1874. He d. 13 July 1891. They lived in Simpsonville, Ky.

+3059. William Linsey Graves, b. 12 Nov. 1855, m. Florence Ragsdate, 20 Nov. 1886.

3060. Mathia Ella Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1860, m. J. Ray Parrott (of Springfield, Ky.), 9 Nov. 1887. Lived on farm near Simpsonville, Ky.

3061. Sallie Lillard Graves, b. 11 July 1864, d. 17 Aug. 1874.


Francis ("Frank") Owen Graves (1506) was born 4 Jan. 1818 (or 29 June 1820) in Taylor Co., Ky., and died 5 Dec. 1893 at his home near Simpsonville, Ky. He first married Mary Walters, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Walters, on 1 Jan. 1851. She died 21 Nov. 1887. He secondly married Mrs. Anna Y. Willis on 21 Sept. 1889. She was born 11 Nov. 1840 in Shelby Co., Ky. He was a man of unusual intelligence, useful and honorable. He had no children. (R-515)



William Graves Crenshaw (1523) was born 7 July 18--, and died 24 May 1897 at his elegant home, "Hawfield", in Orange Co., Va. He married his cousin Frances ("Fannie") Elizabeth H. Graves (#1480), daughter of Jonathan Graves and Margaret Long, on 24 May 1847 at "Pleasant View". She was born 11 Sept. 1824.

He was a Captain in the Confederate Service and in command of the Crenshaw Battery which he had organized and equipped. After an active and distinguished career in the field, he was withdrawn from the Army and sent to England as Purchasing Agent of the Confederacy. He remained in England for some time after the war, but eventually returned with his family and for a time made his home in New York City. He later returned to Virginia and was engaged largely in business as well as farming in Orange Co. He was a gallant soldier, a successful businessman, and a courtly gentleman, beloved and respected by everyone. (R-515)

Children - Crenshaw

+3062. William Graves Crenshaw, married.

3063. Fanny Holliday Crenshaw

3064. Mary Louise Crenshaw

3065. Spotswood Dabney Crenshaw

3066. Margaret Winifred Crenshaw

3067. Ann Grant Crenshaw



James Richard Graves (1526) was born 19 (or 9) Nov. 1820 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va. He married Anna Catherine (or Catherine A.) Fritz on 23 (or 27) April 1859 in Page Co., Va. She was born 24 Feb. 1834 in York, Pa., and died 5 Sept. 1903. They lived in Ruckersville, Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3068. Fannie Catherine Graves, b. 12 April 1860, m. John Burwell Graves, 1 Nov. 1882. See #3089 for descendants.

+3069. Lewis William Graves, b. 22 Aug. 1861, m. Lilian Priest, Sept. 1889.

3070. Florence Adelaide Graves, b. 14 March 1864, m. Robert Edward Wilhoite, 23 Dec. 1885. Lived in Somerset, Va.

+3071. Walter Fritz Graves, b. 13 July 1865, m. Eleanor Tatom, 15 March 1899.

3072. Rosa Belle Graves, b. 15 July 1867, m. James P. Kite, 27 Dec. 1888. Lived at Graves Mill, Madison Co., Va.

+3073. James Edwin Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1869, m. Mamie Chapman, 19 Aug. 1903.

3074. Alberta Louise Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1870, m. Alonzo L. Kean, 16 Oct. 1894. Lived in Monravia, Orange Co., Va.

3075. Bessie Ann Graves, b. 24 Aug. 1875, m. A. C. Herndon, 24 Dec. 1896. Lived in Ruckersville, Va.


Isaac Lewis Graves (1528) was born 27 Nov. 1823 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va. He married Amanda M. Graves (#1509), daughter of his uncle Isaac Graves, on 18 Dec. 1845 in Orange Co., Va. She was born in 1825 and died 3 June 1871. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3076. Alvan White Graves, b. 15 Sept. 1850, m. Landonia Angeline Dutton, 22 March 1881.

3077. Laura Cornelia Graves, b. 1 Oct. 1846, m. Jerry O. Wood, 13 Aug. 1874, d. 10 Dec. 1881.

3078. Fenton Lewis Graves, b. 10 Sept. 1848, d. 2 Dec. 1862.

3079. Frances E. Graves, b. 20 Dec. 1852, d. 30 May 1867.

3080. Sarah W. E. Graves, b. 3 Feb. 1855, d. 7 Jan. 1869.

3081. Joseph Holliday Graves, b. 3 March 1857, m. Maud G. Bullock, 10 Jan. 1884.

+3082. Isaac Lewis Graves, m. Isa M. Blaydes, 15 Sept. 1875.

3083. Mary Margaret Graves, b. 6 June 1859, m. William A. Heskett, 16 Aug. 1892.

3084. Izella Amanda Graves, b. 20 May 1861, d. 13 Dec. 1891.

3085. Annie Lee Graves, b. 6 April 1863, m. William J. Herndon, 9 Dec. 1891.

3086. Rosa Fenton Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1865, m. J. Barrett Hughson, 12 Feb. 1896, d. 3 Dec. 1896.


John Spotswood Graves (1530) was born 8 Sept. 1827 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va. He married Mrs. Ursula (Kendall) Meredith on 6 March 1862 in Orange Co., Va. She was born in 1828, daughter of Thomas G. Kendall, and was first married to a Mr. Meredith. They lived in Nason, Orange Co., Va. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3087. Peter Graves, d. at age 15.

+3088. William Crenshaw Graves, married.


Benjamin Franklin Graves (1531) was born 27 Feb. 1830 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va. He married ------ Pulliam. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3089. John Burwell Graves, m. Fannie Catherine Graves, 1 Nov. 1882.


Thomas Edward Graves (1533) was born 9 Jan. 1834 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., Va., and died in 1905. He married Louisa Brockman (#2994), daughter of Samuel Brockman and Frances Ann Graves, and granddaughter of Claiborne Graves, on 26 Nov. (or 23 Dec.) 1867. She was born 20 Nov. 1837. Their residence was on a large farm at Thorn Hill, Orange Co., part of the farm of his grandfather, Isaac Graves. The old burying ground of the family is on this farm. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3090. Walter Raleigh Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1868.

3091. Lizzie Brockman Graves, b. 29 March 1870, m. Alexander Lewis Green (#3094), 15 Feb. 1893.

3092. Dr.) Stanley Hope Graves, b. 20 May 1872, m. Etta Vernon Culpeper. He graduated from William and Mary College in 1892, and from Richmond Medical College in 1894. Starting in 1905 he practiced his profession at Norfolk, Va. She was dau. of Dr. Vernon Grant Culpeper and Etta F. Borum. Lived in Norfolk, Va.

+3093. Channing Page Graves, b. 8 Feb. 1874, m. Natalie Burrus.


Frances Catherine Graves (1535) was born 20 Feb. 1842 in Spring Forest, Orange Co., Va., and died 8 March 1889. She married William Notley Green of Markham, Farquier Co., Va. on 20 Feb. 1868. He was born 7 Feb. 1842 and died 17 Aug. 1895. (R-515)

Children - Green

3094. Alexander Lewis Green, b. 14 March 1871, m. Lizzie Brockman Graves (#3091), 15 Feb. 1893. They lived at Thorn Hill, Va.



Lewis B. Chiles (1538) was born 27 Nov. 1800 in Abbeville, S.C., died 28 Sept. 1882 in Dial, Texas, and was buried in the Dial Cem. He married Caroline Elizabeth Merriweather (or Meriwether) on 31 Oct. 1822 in Dial, Texas. She was born 14 Aug. 1806 in Ala., died 29 Aug. 1853, and was buried in Hickory Grove, Lamar Co., Texas.

The family made several moves, going finally in 1848 to Texas, settling first in Marion Co., and in 1852 in Fannin Co. in the neighborhood of Lane's Academy, where Lewis lived until his death. Lewis was a plain and unassuming farmer, led a quiet life, and made a comfortable living. He reared a large family of children for which he provided well, educated in accordance with his means and opportunities, and trained to habits of industry and economy. He lived to see them married and settled down in life. (R-133)

Children - Chiles

3095. James W. Chiles

3096. Mary Jane Chiles

3097. Willis P. Chiles

3098. Martha H. Chiles

+3099. Lewis B. Chiles, b. 6 Dec. 1832, m. Martha Dennen, 12 Dec. 1856.

3100. Robert M. Chiles

3101. Larkin Chiles

3102. Cornelia Chiles

+3103. Livingston Graves Chiles, b. 21 Aug. 1842, m. Martha Jane Allen, 12 May 1864, d. 23 March 1899.

3104. Sarah Josephine Chiles, m. William Anderson.



Thomas Graves (1539) was born about 1787, probably in Albemarle Co., Va., and died 28 April 1859 at Huntsville, Randolph Co., Mo.

His parentage is unproven, although it appears (as John Card Graves asserted) that he was the son of William Graves and Elizabeth Davidson. There was a William Graves who was a militiaman from Amherst Co. (later Nelson Co.), Va., in the Revolutionary War. A William Graves appeared on the 1782 tax list in Amherst Co., but did not appear in 1785. A study of the tax lists of neighboring Albemarle Co. would suggest that Thomas was the son of or at least lived in the household of one John Graves. Still another unverified source asserts that Thomas was the son of an Edward Graves. In any case there were several Graveses in the same region of Virginia who appear to be brothers or near cousins to Thomas.

Thomas Graves first married Judith Turner on or about 20 Nov. 1810 in Nelson Co., Va. She was born about 1789 in Amherst Co., Va., and died in 1837 in Nelson Co., Va. She was a daughter of James Turner (c. 1744-1805) and Rebecca Hamner (c. 1753-1808).

It appears that Thomas secondly married Phebe Ames in 1840 in Albemarle Co., Va. She died a few years later in what is now West Virginia while Thomas and a number of his children were moving to Missouri.

Thomas married as his third wife Mrs. Elizabeth H. Nalley on 27 Dec. 1846 in Lincoln Co., Mo. They later lived in Howard and Randolph counties in Mo. Two children were born to this marriage, the younger child being born when Thomas was 64 years of age. Elizabeth, Thomas' widow, died 22 March 1895 at Moberly, Randolph Co., Mo. Thomas Graves had served a short stint in the War of 1812 and received bounty lands for his service, and his widow successfully applied for a pension. (R-45)

Children - Graves, by Judith Turner

+3105. Paulina Graves, b.c. 1812, m. William Jackson, d. 1881.

+3106. Malinda Graves, b.c. 1813, m. Thomas Jackson, d.c. 1845.

3107. Nancy C. Graves, b.c. 1816, m. Thomas Hugh White, d. after 1842. They apparently had no children, and remained in Nelson Co., Va.

+3108. William Graves, b. 10 Jan. 1818, m(1) Elizabeth Dawson, 1 June 1840, m(2) Agnes A. Tinsley, 14 Dec. 1865, d. 27 Feb. 1885.

3109. Lucy Graves, b.c. 1819, d. after 1830. She evidently died young in Nelson Co., Va.

+3110. Terrisha Graves, b. 2 Nov. 1821, m. Elizabeth A. Bibb, d. 1 March 1908.

+3111. Almira Graves, b. 1821, m. Richard S. Bibb, d. after 1900.

+3112. Eliza A. Graves, b.c. 1824, m. William Henry Bibb, d. after 1860.

+3113. Seaton Eldridge Graves, b. 1825, m. Catherine Murry, d. after 1900.

+3114. Clifton Wood Graves, b.c. 1830, m(1) Jane H. Nalley, m(2) Eleanora S. ------, d. after 1880.

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth H. Nalley

+3115. Allice J. Graves, b.c. 1848, m(1) William R. Logan, m(2) William H. Colley, d. 1887.

+3116. George M. Graves, b. 1851, m. Pauline Jane Reed, d. 1893.



William Foushee (1549) was born about 1794 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died 15 Aug. 1839 at Culpeper Court House, Va. He first married Mildred J. Thatcher. He secondly married Mary Ann Pendleton, daughter of Edmund Pendleton (b. 1 Nov. 1776) and Elizabeth Ward (b. 18 June 1784), on 20 July 1831 in Winchester, Frederick Co., Va. She was born 16 Nov. 1800 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died March 1878-9, probably in Culpeper Co. All the children by the second marriage were born at Culpeper Court House, Va. (R-23)

Children - Foushee, by Mary Ann Pendleton

+3117. Helen Marie Pendleton Foushee, b. 12 May 1832, m. John Hutchins Gaines, 18 May 1854, d. 4 Feb. 1901.

3118. Elizabeth Ward Foushee, b.c. 1833, m. Fayette M. Latham, 1854.

3119. Jaquline (Jacqueline ?) Pendleton Foushee, b.c. 1836, m. James Kemp Wysham, 1853.

3120. Edmonia Amanda Foushee, b.c. 1839, m. Samuel Wortham, 1865.

3121. son, died in infancy.

3122. son, died in infancy.


Lucy Ann Foushee (1553) was born about 1796 in Culpeper Co., Va., died about 1861, and was buried in Jessamine Co., Ky. She married James Bowin (or Bowen) on 6 Jan. 1814 in Culpeper Co. He was born about 1790 in Culpeper Co., and was living there in April 1840. (R-6)

Children - Bowin

+3123. George Alexander Bowin, b. 10 Aug. 1815, m. Sarah Ann Grant, 28 Aug. 1845, d. 30 May 1895.



Tandy Graves Morris (1557) was born 26 Jan. 1804 and died 24 Aug. 1872. He married Harriett Elizabeth Mills. She was born 27 Jan. 1809 and died 30 Sept. 1883. (R-258)

Children - Morris

3124. Amanda J. Morris

3125. Tandy Morris

3126. George Nathaniel Morris, b. 24 Aug. 1828, m. Mary E. Mallory, d. 25 Oct. 1875.

+3127. Henry Thomas Morris, b. 30 July 1832, m. Mary Louisa McGehee, d. 25 Sept. 1865.

3128. Mary F. Morris, b.c. 1836.

3129. Harriet Morris, b.c. 1838.

3130. Lucy Morris, b.c. 1843.

3131. William D. Morris, b. 3 June 1847, d. 8 Jan. 1924.

3132. John Morris, b.c. 1849.



Thomas Alexander Oakes (1560) was born 5 June 1811 in Va., probably Orange Co., and died 5 March 1886. He married Mary Carter on 18 Oct. 1838 at Mt. Vernon, Ohio. They had 13 children. (R-156)

Children - Oakes

+3133. Mary Luella Oakes, b. 10 March 1858, m. Charles Lee Packer, 8 April 1880, d. 8 May 1942.



Clarissa (or Clarissa Elizabeth) Graves (1567) married Henry A. Houchins, son of Francis Houchins and Mary Jones, on 23 (or 31) May 1826 in Goochland Co., Va. Bond was guaranteed by Wilson M. Houchins (brother of Francis) and James Graves. Henry was born in 1803 and died about 1859-60. Henry and Clarissa sold their property in Goochland Co. in 1831 and moved to Ky., settling on Green River. Clarissa was called Clarisa in A History of the Houchin Family, and Elizabeth in the Bryan family Bible. (R-152, R-507)

Children - Houchins

+3134. Mary Elizabeth Houchins, b. 20 April 1827, m. Lawrence Bryan, 17 Sept. 1845, d. 23 Oct. 1893.


Rice E. Graves (1568) married Permelia (or Amelia) Gregory on 19 Aug. 1833 in Amherst Co., Va. They moved to Breckenridge Co., Ky., probably 1845-6, then moved to Daviess Co., Ky. in 1847. (R-507)

Children - Graves

3135. P. S. Graves, b. 9 Aug. 1844 (Amherst Co., Va.). See the History of Daviess Co., Ky., p. 861.

3136. Taylor H. Graves, b. 1847 (Yelvington Precinct, Va.).

3137. James F. Graves

3138. Varland Graves



Mary Magdalen Graves (1572) was born 4 March 1826 and died 6 June 1906. She married Dabney Parrish, son of Humphrey Parrish and Mary Anne Raine, on 4 Jan. 1849, as his second wife. Dabney was born 22 Jan. 1803 in Prospect Hill, Louisa Co., Va., and died 10 March 1879. (R-507)

Children - Parrish

3139. Frederick Mortimer Parrish, b. 27 April 1850, d. 24 Nov. 1906.

3140. Della A. Parrish, b. 22 July 1852, died young.

3141. Amanda M. Parrish, b. 7 Sept. 1854, died young.

3142. Clara Susan Parrish, b. 7 May 1857, d. 28 June 1929.

3143. Magdalene R. Parrish, b. 5 Nov. 1858, died young.

3144. Nancy Russell Parrish, b. 24 Aug. 1860, d. 25 May 1934.

3145. Jefferson Davis Parrish, b. 27 July 1862, died young.

3146. Henry Thompson Parrish, b. 28 Dec. 1864, d. 22 June 1935.






Letitia Powers (or Power) Graves (1575) was born 1785 and died 18 Aug. 1810 (obit. in Va. Argus). She married John Mumford Gregory, son of John M. Gregory, a Revolutionary soldier. (R-14, R-515)

Children - Gregory

3147. Hon.) John Mumford Gregory, Jr., b. 8 July 1804. He was Governor of Va.

3148. William R. (or T.) Gregory

3149. Letitia (or Leticia) Gregory, m. William P. Ware.



Josiah Graves (1584) was born 5 Dec. 1778 in VA, and died 25 Aug. 1829. He married Sarah Lynn, daughter of Alexander Lynn and Hannah Kemper, on 3 Sept. 1801 in Fauquier Co., VA. She was born 14 March 1786 in Fauquier Co., VA, and died 23 July 1871 in Jacksonville, IL.

His parents are said to have moved to KY from PA where they had supposedly lived for a while. He is said to have had brothers John, George, and two others, a sister Caroline, who married Nelson Rush of Ohio, and a sister Mary who married Tillman Lewis. Josiah moved to KY and lived at Lexington, where all his children were born. (R-47, R-255, R-520)

Children - Graves

+3150. John D. Graves, b. 13 June 1802, m. Margaret Kibloe, 8 Oct. 1829, d. 22 July 1881.

3151. Eliza Graves, b. 14 July 1804, d. 13 Aug. 1804.

+3152. George W. Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1805, m. Eliza Jane Church, 1829, d. 13 Aug. 1832.

+3153. James Alexander Graves, b. 25 April 1807, m(1) Sarah Ann Gibbons, 15 Dec. 1826, m(2) Mrs. Mary A. Neibling, 28 June 1848, d. 28 April 1893.

3154. Mary Jane Graves, b. 28 April 1809, m. Washington W. Happy, 1830, d. 28 March 1876.

+3155. William Lewis Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1811, m(1) Samantha Lee, 16 Oct. 1834, m(2) Emily Melissa Newman, 28 Sept. 1842, d. 8 March 1869.

3156. Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 17 April 1813, m. John C. Orrick, d. 17 June 1833.

+3157. Samuel Lynn Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1815, m(1) Amelia Ann Doneghy, 18 May 1836, m(2) Frances Ann Rialle, 16 March 1852.

3158. Lucretia L. Graves, b. 4 Feb. 1817, m. James King, 27 Sept. 1836, d. May 1875.

3159. Charles W. Graves, b. 2 June 1820, married, d. 1890 (or May 1875). A daughter lived in Decatur, Ill.

+3160. Henry Hall Graves, b. 14 Nov. 1823, m. Elizabeth Hamilton, 1847, d. 20 Nov. 1856.

+3161. Sarah Kemper Graves, b. 23 June 1826, m. Samuel Bacon, 12 July 1849, d. 3 May 1893.



Joseph Croshaw Graves (1594) was born 16 Oct. 1796 in Charles City Co., Va. He first married Sarah (or Sara) Henry Walker, daughter of Wyatt Walker and Elizabeth Christian. She was born 4 March 1797 in Charles City Co. He secondly married Catherine Marrable, daughter of Henry Marrable and Elizabeth ------. She was born in 1819 in Charles City Co., Va. (R-7)

Children - Graves, by Sarah H. Walker

+3162. Thomas Walker Graves, b. 1 Jan. 1817, m. Virginia Ann Wyatt, 6 Feb. 1839, d. 10 June 1881.

+3163. William Freeman Graves, b. 16 Dec. 1818, m. Elizabeth Armistead (Graves) Christian, d. 1882.

3164. Sarah Henry Graves, b. 13 Sept. 1824, m. Joel W. Shifflett, 17 Jan. 1849.

3165. Margaret Graves

3166. George Mingo Graves

Children - Graves, by Catherine Marrable

+3167. Henry Clay Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1837, m. Rebecca Elizabeth Hudson, 27 June 1866, d. 2 Jan. 1891.


William Wyatt Graves (1595) married and had the following children (according to John Card Graves). (R-515)

Children - Graves

3168. Cornelia Graves, m. George Watt (of the family of the inventor, James Watt). She died in Ala.

3169. Malvina Graves, m. George Watt (as his 2nd wife).

3170. William Wallace Graves; moved to Texas and was in the State Legislature.

3171. George Washington Graves, died in California.


Robert Walker Graves (1596) married Miss ------ Egmond. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3172. Robert Walker Graves, m. Miss ------ Babcock.

3173. John Freeman Graves, m. the widow of his brother William C.

3174. William Croshaw Graves, married.

3175. Elizabeth C. Graves, m. Benjamin Croshaw Graves (#1615).

3176. Mary Mingo Graves, m. (Dr.) Carter Perkins.


Richard Freeman Graves (1599) was born 20 Jan. 1807 in Charles City Co., Va., and died 2 Nov. 1875 at Powhatan Court House, Va. He married Martha Ann Smith in 1831. She was born 11 June 1808 and died 19 Nov. 1875. They were both buried in the family cemetery at "Bienvue", Powhatan Court House, Va.

He was Commissioner of Revenue of Charles City Co. for a number of years. He moved to Powhatan Co. about 1840, and lived at his home, "Texas", about four miles from the Court House, on the road to Maidens. He was Commissioner of Revenue of Powhatan Co. for a number of years, and at the death of William Spencer Dance, he was elected Clerk of the Powhatan County Court in 1859. He then moved to "Bienvue" at the Court House, and lived there until his death. (R-525)

Children - Graves

+3177. Virginia Cornelia Graves, m. Powhatan Spencer Dance, 18 Aug. 1858.

+3178. Richard Freeman Graves, Jr., m. Caroline Russell.

+3179. Robert William Graves, m. Mary Jane Watkins.

+3180. Henry Clay Graves, m. Martha Virginia Harris.



William Southall Graves (1613) was born 23 Sept. 1804 and died 16 March 1874. He married Elizabeth Major Brown, daughter of John F. Brown of "Fairfield", Charles City Co., Va., on 23 March 1836 in Charles City Co., Va. She was born 19 Feb. 1819 and died 16 March 1864. (R-168, R-515)

Children - Graves

3181. James Alonzo Graves, b. 8 Jan. 1837, d. 23 Aug. 1841.

3182. Sarah E. E. Graves, b. 2 March 1840, d. 4 Aug. 1841.

3183. William Southall Graves, Jr., b. 17 May 1842, d. 10 May 1843.

+3184. John Edmund Graves, b. 29 Oct. 1843, m. Fannie Beverly Lamb, 9 June 1875, d. 26 Nov. 1915.


Benjamin Croshaw Graves (1615) was born 23 Jan. 1822. He first married Betty Wyatt Walker in 1846. She died in 1847. He secondly married Elizabeth C. Graves, daughter of Robert Walker Graves. They had 11 children of whom only six survived. (R-171, R-515)

Children - Graves

3185. Elizabeth Wyatt Graves, b. 1847, m. ------ Wills.

+3186. Benjamin Croshaw Graves, m. Helen Otelia Binns, 10 Oct. 1889.

3187. Robert Lee Graves

3188. Laura Graves

3189. Harriet Graves

3190. Annie C. Graves, m. William P. Southall (of Richmond, Va.).

3191. Lula Graves


Tabitha Rebecca Graves (1617) was born 21 June 1814 and died 6 March 1856. She married Edmund Thomas Christian, son of Turner Christian and Elizabeth C. Dancy, in 1838. He was born 21 June 1814 and died 6 March 1866. He was clerk of Charles City Co. Court. (R-168, R-515)

Children - Christian

3192. Turner Christian

3193. George L. Christian; he was a judge. Lived in Richmond, Va.

3194. Richard Langhorne Christian

3195. John D. Christian; lived in Richmond, Va.

3196. Robert S. Christian

3197. Margaret Christian

3198. Benjamin Christian


Richard Marshall (or Marcellus) Graves (1618) was born 4 Sept. 1816 at Sidland, Charles City Co., Va., and died 7 April 1874 in Charles City, Va. He first married Jane Warren Walker, daughter of William F. and Sallie Walker of Poplar Springs, Charles City Co., Va., on 20 Aug. 1844. She was born 13 Sept. 1822 and died 19 Feb. 1868. He secondly married C. Anna Otey, daughter of Isaac Otey and Ann K. Binns (or Bimas) of New Kent Co., Va.

When but little over 30 years of age, Richard was made Justice of the Peace of his county and the next year, Sheriff. He held other positions of responsibility and in them, in the private walks of life, he showed that fidelity to public trusts and interest in his fellow men as to render him a marked and honored man in his state. (R-515, R-525)

Children - Graves, by Jane W. Walker

+3199. Isabella Dudley Graves, b. 15 July 1845, m. Hawes Coleman.

3200. Sarah ("Sallie") Clayton Graves, b. 28 July 1847, never married.

3201. Jane Warren Graves, b. Sept. 1851, died in infancy.

Children - Graves, b. C. Anna Otey

+3202. Richard Edward Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1872, m. Martha Otey, 12 Feb. 1896.

+3203. Charles Marshall Graves, b. 8 Nov. 1873, m. Mary Blair Harvie, 30 April 1903.



Rachel Hendrick (1623) died in 1836 in Washington Co., AL. She married Christopher ("Chris") C. Collins. He was born about 1768 in NC, and died 28 Aug. 1855 in Whistler, Mobile Co., AL. Apparently she was not home much, for she only shows up once on a census or tax list from 1816 to 1855, and she was not included in the family Bible kept by her son Benjamin. This Bible did have death dates for Chris and about 5 of his sons. Christopher C. Collins was the father of 9 sons and no daughters. The first 4 children were born in Barnwell Co., SC, the 6th in Twiggs or Wilkinson Co., GA, and the last 3 in Wayne Co., MS. They were Baptist. (R-90, R-93)

Children - Collins

3204. Jacob Collins, b. 30 Dec. 1799, m. Martha Mariah ("Patsy") Baker, before Oct. 1822, d. 19 March 1882. Bur. Wayne Co., MS.

3205. Hendrick Horne Collins, b. 1800-10, m. Billison Roberts, 19 April 1828, d. 2 Oct. 1839. Bur. Mobile Co., AL.

3206. Joshua Collins, b. 1803, m. Sarah Baker, 5 Dec. 1829, d. 29 Dec. 1871.

3207. Robert Collins, b. 21 April 1804, m(1) Jane Garrott, 18 May 1825, m(2) Zilphia C. Hailes, 20 Nov. 1855, d. 29 Oct. 1877. Bur. Old Hailes Cem., DeSoto, Clark Co., MS.

+3208. Christopher B. Collins, b.c. 1805, m(1) Bashaba Cooper, 3 Sept. 1828, m(2) Elizabeth Wheeler, 2 July 1832, m(3) Jane Wheeler, 3 June 1834, m(4) Emily Scarborough, 16 Jan. 1840, d. 17 Jan. 1854.

+3209. Benjamin Collins, b. 18 May 1811, m. Elizabeth Cooper, 5 Jan. 1878.

3210. Joseph Collins, b. 1813, m. Seletia Leah Wheeler, 3 Dec. 1831, d. 8 Aug. 1839. Bur. Mobile Co., AL.

3211. James P. Collins, b. 1815, m(1) Eliza G. Ainsworth, m(2) Mrs. Mary H. Campbell, d. 23 Dec. 1879. Bur. Antioch Cem., Leesville, Gonzales Co., TX.

3212. Eli L. Collins, b. 8 March 1817, m. Tabitha Payne, 26 July 1849, d. 5 April 1881. Bur. Galveston, TX.



Nancy Montague (1626) was born in 1779 in Rutherford Co., N.C., and died and was buried in Holmes Co., Miss. She married James D. Scott, son of John Scott, Jr. and Letitia (sometimes shown as Lettice) Cleghorn, on 6 May 1803. He was born in 1780 in Rutherford Co., N.C., and died 27 Feb. 1847 in Holmes Co., Miss. He served in the War of 1812. (R-98, R-99)

Children - Scott

+3213. John Scott, b.c. 1808, m. Ann L. (or E.) ------, d. 1857.

+3214. Henry Montague Scott, b. 30 Nov. 1809, m. Betty Elizabeth Burns, 1832, d. 26 Oct. 1899.

+3215. James D. Scott, b. 1812 or 1813, m. Mary C. ------, d. 10 April 1876.

3216. Graves Scott, b.c. 1815 (N.C.), never married. 1870 census of Harrison Co., Texas shows age 55.

+3217. Beverly Daniel Scott, b.c. 1818, m. Hester Williams, 14 May 1840, d. 18 June 1887.

+3218. Letitia Scott, b.c. 1825, m. Duncan B. Whitfield, d. 13 May 1867.

+3219. Nancy Scott, m. John D. Wyatt.


Elizabeth Montague (1629) was born 1784-1794. She married Joseph Hawkins, son of William Hawkins, Jr. and Elizabeth ------. Joseph was born 1784-1794. They are said to have moved to GA, but at least one of their children, William, was born in NC. (R-241)

Children - Hawkins

3220. Henry Montague Hawkins, b.c. 1809.

3221. James Hawkins, b.c. 1810-1820.

+3222. William Graves Hawkins, b. 1 Jan. 1813, m. Sarah Jane Adkins, 14 Aug. 1836, d. 24 Nov. 1902.

3223. Mary Posey Hawkins, b.c. 1810-1820.

3224. Charlotte Hawkins, b.c. 1810-1820.



William C. ("Buck") Graves (1632) was born 25 Dec. 1791 in Granville Co., NC, and died 17 Nov. 1874 in Howard Co., AR. He married Elizabeth ("Betsy") Amis on 10 Sept. 1811 in Granville Co., NC. She was also from Granville Co., NC. They moved to Giles Co., TN, where all their children were born.

The article in The Graves Newsletter by Barbara Graves Billings (g-g-g-granddaughter of this couple) only listed daughters Elizabeth and Mary. The genealogy by Maude Graves Coulter gave children as Albert Reaves, Lewis, Arabella, Polly (same as Mary), Susan, and William Warren Graves. (R-261)

Children - Graves

3225. Elizabeth Amis Graves, b. 1813, m. Addison Graves, 1835. See #1652 for descendants.

3226. Mary ("Polly") Graves, m. William C. Graves (#1648), 1840.

+3227. Albert Reaves Graves, b. 7 May 1823, m(1) Martha Jane Abernathy, 1843, m(2) Mary Elizabeth Tolbert.

3228. Lewis Graves

3229. Arabella Graves

3230. Susan Graves

3231. William Warren ("Dick") Graves


Sterling Graves (1633) was born 23 April 1793 in Granville Co., N.C., and died in 1837 in Fayette Co., Tenn. He married Nancy Amis in 1817 in Granville Co., N.C. They moved to Giles Co., Tenn. about 1816, then to Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1833. Nancy died in 1849 in Fayette Co. (R-112)

Children - Graves

+3232. Lewis Amis Graves, b. 22 Sept. 1818, m(1) Margaret Stanley, 25 Nov. 1849, m(2) Arabella F. (Graves) Thompson, 1870, d. after 1890.

3233. Joseph Graves

3234. Alexander Graves

3235. Nathaniel Graves

+3236. G. G. Graves, b. 10 Dec. 1830, m. Malinda C. Turance.

3237. child

3238. child


Alexander Graves (1636) was born 6 July 1800 in Granville Co., N.C. He married Ann Graves (#2009), daughter of Thomas Graves and Elizabeth Lanier, on 25 Dec. 1825. She was born 21 Aug. 1804.

Children - Graves

3239. Frank Graves, b. 11 Feb. 1827.

3240. Thomas Graves, b. 11 Sept. 1828.

3241. Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 15 Oct. 1830, m. Thomas Allison, 1 Oct. 1851, d. 26 Dec. 1854. Lived in Poplar Grove, Ark.

3242. infant son, b. and d. 15 Sept. 1832.

3243. Nathaniel Graves, b. 16 Nov. 1833. Lived in Lexa, Phillips Co., Ark.

3244. Amanda E. Graves, b. 26 Dec. 1835, m. William H. Renfro, 7 Dec. 1858. Lived in Poplar Grove, Ark.

3245. infant daughter, b. and d. 25 Feb. 1838.

3246. Louisa Frances Graves, b. 29 Aug. 1840, m. Barton W. Green, 3 April 1860, d. 1870.

3247. Margaret Ann Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1842, m(1) Thomas J. Renfro, 29 Nov. 1864, m(2) Joseph Travis Graves (#3258), 12 March 1878, d. 5 March 1893.

3248. Susan Katharine Graves, b. 4 Jan. 1844.


David L. Graves (1637) was born 6 March 1803 in Granville Co., N.C., and died 23 July 1859 in Howard Co., Ark. He married Minerva Ann M. Graves (#1653) (according to Barbara Billings, or Mary Minerva Graves according to John Card Graves) in 1836. She was born in 1814 in Granville Co., N.C., and died in 1860 in Sevier Co., Ark. They lived in Howard or Sevier Co., Ark. (R-110)

Children - Graves

3249. Fanny A. Graves, b. 1837, m(1) Mathew Colter, 1857, m(2) Dr. Richard Owen, 1860.

3250. Nathaniel A. Graves, b. 1839, m. Alice Coons, 1877.

3251. Margaret V. Graves, b. 1842, m. J. A. Thomas, 1867.

+3252. Julia L. Graves, b. 1847, m. Barrett H. Graves, 1875.

3253. Henry M. Graves, b. 1850.


Grandison Granville (or Grandville or Avery) Graves (1638) was born 10 Aug. 1806 in Granville Co., N.C., and died of pneumonia on 13 Oct. 1875 in Grenada Co., Miss. He married Sarah Anderson Butler, daughter of Capt. John Isaac and Polly Butler of Giles Co., Tenn., on 22 Oct. 1835 near Pulaski, Tenn. She died of yellow fever on 3 Sept. 1878, also in Grenada Co., Miss.

Children - Graves

3254. Mary Ann Graves, b. 15 Oct. 1836 (Giles Co., Tenn.), m(1) Richard H. Parsons, 31 March 1854 (Carroll, Miss.), m(2) Dr. Samuel D. Y. Seruggo.

3255. John Isaac Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1839 (Giles Co., Tenn.), d. 1843.

3256. Ella Graves, b. 7 Feb. 1841 (Carroll Co., Miss.), m. George W. Mitchell, 1870.

3257. Charles Grandison Graves, b. 15 March 1843, d. 25 Aug. ---- (Barton, Ark.).

3258. Joseph Travis Graves, b. 23 Dec. 1845, m. Margaret Ann Graves (#3247), 12 March 1878. No children. Lived in Latour, Ark.

3259. Nedora Graves, b. 13 Feb. 1851, m. Alfred T. Sexton, 27 Nov. 1876. Lived in Entaw, Ala.

3260. Bernard Pattison Graves, b. 27 Oct. 1856.



William C. ("Major") Graves (1648) was born in 1800 in Granville Co., N.C., and died in 1873 in Sevier Co., Ark. He first married Mary ("Polly") Graves (#1639), daughter of William Graves and Anne ("Nancy") Neal, in 1832. She was born in 1809 in Granville Co., N.C. He secondly married Mary ("Polly") Graves (#3225), daughter of William C. Graves and Elizabeth Amis, in 1840. They lived in Howard Co., Ark.

Children - Graves, by 1st wife

3261. Nancy F. Graves, b. 1836, m. William Babbitt. Lived in Marianna, Lee Co., Ark.


Henry Young Graves (1650) was born in 1804 in Granville Co., N.C., and died after 1880 in Sevier Co., Arkansas. He married Mary Kirk.

Children - Graves

3262. Minerva Graves, b. 1836.

3263. Leed D. Graves, b. 1838. Lived in Center Point, Howard Co., Ark.

3264. Caroline Graves, b. 1842.

3265. Nancy Graves, b. 1846, m. Joseph Boatright.


Addison Graves (1652) was born in 1809 in Granville Co., N.C., died in 1860 in Sevier Co., Ark., and is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in the old Graves Cem., Howard Co., Ark. He was five years old when his family moved to Giles Co., Tenn. He married Elizabeth ("Bettie") Amis Graves (#3226), daughter of William C. Graves and Elizabeth Amis, in 1835 in Fayette Co., Tenn. She was born in 1813 in Tenn. All their children were born in Fayette Co., Tenn.

Addison Graves and other members of the Graves family left Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1852, planning to relocate in southwest Arkansas. Unable to cross the Mississippi River because of high water, the group camped on the east bank for several days. A disagreement occurred, some unwilling to wait for the waters to recede changed their minds and settled in Mississippi, while Addison and others crossed the river several days later and settled in Sevier Co., Ark. Some members of the family who went to Miss. eventually went to Howard Co., Ark., and settled near Center Point.

The will of Addison Graves lists his children's names as William, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Martha and Fanney, while the 1850 census of Fayette Co., Tenn. shows their names as William, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Manitta and Lachlin. Another source mentions children Marietta and Latch.

While living in Sevier Co., Ark. (that part that later became Howard Co. in 1873), the Graves family attended the Center Methodist Church. At that time there were three rows of pews inside the church; men sat on one side, women on the opposite side, and their slaves occupied the center section.

According to the book Methodism in Arkansas, 1816-1976, by Walter N. Vernon, Center Church, organized in 1841, was the second oldest church in the county. The oldest Methodist Church in present day Sevier Co. is Green's Chapel Methodist Church in Lebanon, Ark., organized in 1840. (R-110)

Children - Graves

3266. Elizabeth F. Graves, b. 12 Sept. 1836, never married.

+3267. William David Graves, b. 23 March 1838, m. Rebecca Ann Susan John, 7 Nov. 1866, d. 29 Jan. 1931.

+3268. Rebecca Graves, b. 18 July 1840, m. Joseph Graves, d. 2 March 1900.

3269. Martha Graves, b. 1843, never married, died young.

3270. Fanney Graves, b. 1847, never married.



Thomas Graves (1672) was born about 1797 in Granville, NC. He married ------. (R-253, R-515)

Children - Graves

3271. Rev.) Elijah Graves; was a Presbyterian minister.


Ralph Wade Graves (1678) was born about 1812 (or 1799) in Granville Co., NC, and died in 1847 in Dover, MO. He first married Sarah Dorsey Larsh, daughter of Abram Larsh and Catherine Worthington, in 1832. She died in 1838. He secondly married Clara Barnett of Rocheport, MO in 1842. She died in 1845 in Dover, MO. He was a merchant in Dover. (R-253, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Sarah D. Larsh

+3272. Abram Larsh Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1834, m. Martha E. Pollard, 20 Oct. 1857.

3273. Mary E. Graves, b. 1836. Educated in Catholic school in St. Louis, Mo. Entered a convent in Indiana, and known as Sister Gonzaga.

3274. David Wade Graves, b. 1838, d. in infancy.

Children - Graves, by Clara Barnett

+3275. Thomas Henderson Graves, b. 1843, m. Jane Ravenscroft, 1864.



Jane Yancey (1679) was probably born about 1775 in NC. On some records of the marriage of Jane, her name appears as Quincy or Jincey (possibly Janie or Janey). She first married William Christmas on 28 July 1790 in Granville Co., NC. He was born after 1764 and died 11 April 1804, both in Warren Co., NC. His parents were Thomas Christmas (son of John, son of Thomas) and Sarah Duke (daughter of William Duke). She secondly married John Green on 12 Oct. 1805 in Warren Co., NC. All her children were born in NC. (R-228)

Children - Christmas

3276. Lewis Yancey Christmas, b.c. 1791, d.c. 1820 (Warren Co., NC). He left a will in 1820 in Warren Co., NC.

3277. Thomas H. Christmas, b.c. 1795, m(1) Margaret L. J. Williams, 23 May 1815 (Warren Co., NC), m(2) Elizabeth C. Davis, 8 Feb. 1817 (Warren Co., NC).

3278. William D. Christmas, b.c. 1796.

3279. Mary L. Christmas, b.c. 1798, d.c. 1820 (Warren Co., NC). There is a record of a Mary L. Christmas marrying a John Davis 13 April 1815 in Warren Co., NC; uncertain whether this is the same Mary Christmas. He left a will in 1820 in Warren Co., NC.

3280. Jane Yancey Christmas, b.c. 1799, d.c. 1819 (Warren Co., NC). She left a will in 1819 in Warren Co., NC.

3281. Sally (or Lucy) D. Christmas, b.c. 1801, m. John Marshall, 11 May 1818 (Warren Co., NC). They moved to Smith Co., TN.


Henry Graves Yancey (1680) was probably born about 1777 in NC, and died about 1848 in Granville Co., NC. He left a will in 1848 in Granville Co. He first married Elizabeth Royster, daughter of William Royster (son of William Royster) and Sarah Puryear, on 15 Jan. 1805 in Granville Co., NC. He secondly married Sarah Green, daughter of John Green and Polly Christmas, on 10 April 1813 in Warren Co., NC. Henry and family were listed in the 1810 and 1820 censuses for Granville Co., NC, and his wife was in the 1850 census for Warrenton Dist., Warren Co., NC. All his children were born in NC, at least the last 2 in Granville Co. (R-228)

Children - Yancey, by Elizabeth Royster

3282. Henry Graves Yancey, b.c. 1806, never married, d. after 1842. He was a physician, and was in the 1840 census for Granville Co., NC.

Children - Yancey, by Sarah Green

3283. John Green Yancey, b.c. 1813, m. Temperance Anne Boddie, 17 June 1841 (Nash Co., NC), d. 2 May 1874. She was b.c. 1820 in NC. He was listed in the census records for Mecklenburg Co., VA, W District in 1840, in Warren Co., NC in 1850, 1860 and 1870 (age 56), and in a will record in 1883 in Vance Co., NC (for her?).

3284. Alexander Lewis ("Alex") Yancey, b.c. 1815, m(1) Elizabeth W. Bragg (dau. of Thomas Bragg and Margret Crossland), 27 July 1836 (Warren Co., NC), m(2) Martha E. Eldridge, 10 May 1849 (Shelby Co., TN), d. 14 Dec. 1858. Elizabeth d. 27 Jan. 1847 in TN. Martha was b.c. 1830 in VA. He and his family were in the 1840 census for Hardeman Co., TN, and the 1850 census for Shelby Co., TN (age 33).

3285. Edwin Thomas Yancey, b. 1816, m. Mary May Anderson, 9 Nov. 1839 (Fayette Co., TN), d. Sept. 1879. She was b.c. 1822 in NC. He was in the 1840 census for Hardeman Co., TN, the 1850 census for Fayette Co., TN, 13th Civil Dist., and the 1860 census for Austin Co., TX.



Rev. Elijah Graves (1681) was born 23 Jan. 1791 at Grassy Creek, Granville Co., N.C., and died 7 May 1869 in Houston, Texas. He married Areanna (or Ariana) Stanford, daughter of Hon. Richard Stanford and granddaughter of Hon. Alexander Mebane (both members of Congress), on 5 May 1812 in Orange Co., N.C. She died in 1864 at Clinton (now Cuero), Texas.

They settled on a farm given him by his father, located about two miles from the latter's home in Granville Co. Their parents also gave them 20 negroes and a supply of horses and cattle. In addition to farming, he had a large private school.

They must have moved to Orange Co., N.C. about 1817 (unless the county boundaries changed), since their first 3 children were born in Granville Co., N.C., but the others were born in Orange Co., N.C., with the 5th through the 9th child born at Longmeadow, N.C. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3286. Eliza Jeannette Graves, b. 24 Jan. 1813, m(1) George Washington Morrow (b. 26 June 1798, son of William Morrow and Jane Gattie), 28 Aug. 1828, m(2) Edwin Greene Thompson, 10 Jan. 1839, m(3) William Thompson (uncle of her 2nd husband), 1845, d. 12 Dec. 1880 (Georgetown, D.C.).

3287. Cornelia Mebane Graves, b. 8 Aug. 1814, m. (Dr.) Alexander Morrow, d. 18 June 1890 (Victoria, Texas). He d.c. 1850 near Oaks, N.C., and was brother of George Washington Morrow who m. Cornelia's sister Eliza.

+3288. Richard Stanford Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1816, m. Martha Elizabeth Thomas, 11 Aug. 1842, d. 10 Oct. 1887.

+3289. Ralph Lewis Graves, b. 19 March 1818, m. Susan Guier, 4 Sept. 1849.

+3290. Elijah Morrison Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1820, m. Elizabeth Hodge, 7 Sept. 1842, d. 1861-5.

+3291. Henry Scott Graves, b. 21 Sept. 1821, m(1) Flora Dowell, 3 Oct. 1849, m(2) Martha Lawson, c. 1855, m(3) Elizabeth Lawson, c. 1859, d. 9 Feb. 1906.

3292. Ariana Stanford Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1825, m. (Col.) N. A. Milton, 1842 (Middleton, Miss.), d. 30 June 1869.

3293. Mary Annabella Graves, b. 29 May 1827, m. Robert Graham (of Middleton, Miss.), 1848, d. 11 May 1852 (Middleton, Miss.).

3294. Julia Caroline Graves, b. 1829, m. William B. Leigh, 4 March 1857 (San Antonio, Texas). Lived in San Antonio.

+3295. William Paisley Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1831, m. Louisa Post, 2 April 1867, d. 4 Feb. 1881.


Henry Lewis Graves (1682) was born 11 Jan. 1793 in Granville Co., N.C., and died in Hillsboro, N.C. He married Mary Brown Dickens on 9 Feb. 1814. She was born 14 Sept. 1792 (or 1793) in Person Co., N.C., and died in 1838 in Roxboro, N.C. They lived in Granville Co., N.C. (R-94, R-515)

Children - Graves

3296. Selina Frances Graves, b. 21 June 1815, m. James S. Morrow, 4 July 1833, d. 7 July 1854.

+3297. Ralph Henry Graves, b. 9 March 1817, m. Emma Taylor, 4 Dec. 1849, d. 10 May 1876.

+3298. Jesse Dickens Graves, b. 13 May 1819, m. Mary Elizabeth Foust, 25 March 1854, d. 19 Sept. 1884.

3299. Betsey Calhoun Graves, b. 7 March 1821, m(1) Richard Gordon, m(2) Dr. R. S. Baynes.

+3300. Elijah Calvin Graves, b. 24 June 1823, m. Caroline Foust, 20 March 1845.



William Graves (1683) married Frances Elam, daughter of Joel Elam (Mecklenburg W.B. 4, p. 49), on 14 (or 20) Oct. 1795 in Mecklenburg Co., Va., by William Richards, minister; surety: Thomas Graves. He apparently died about 1821 in Mecklenburg Co., Va. (ibid, W.B. 9, p. 259). His estate settled in 1825 (ibid, W.B. 9, p. 275) shows that William Graves, Jr., received one-third part of the estate, "by cash of Daniel Graves balance G. leaf tobacco."

Court records from Mecklenburg Co., Va., having to do with the estate of William Graves, list all the children shown below. One of the papers dated 16 July 1836 mentions Frances Graves of Robertson Co., Tenn., widow of the late William Graves dec'd., etc. It is signed by the children with her in Tenn.: James E. Graves, William Graves, William Dotson, Martha Jane Dotson, James M. Barton or Burton, Elizabeth Barton or Burton. It is authorizing Daniel Graves (still in Mecklenburg Co., Va.) to sell her land (dower right from William Graves estate) in Mecklenburg Co., Va. (R-77, R-82, R-524)

Children - Graves

3301. Mary ("Polly") Graves

3302. Elizabeth Graves, m. James M. Barton (or Burton).

+3303. William Graves, b.c. 1800, m. Nancy Lawson, 21 Dec. 1820, d.c. 1870-1880.

+3304. Daniel Graves, b. 1795, m. Mary Spain, 27 March 1820, d. April 1860.

3305. Nancy Graves, m. Daniel Elam, 20 April 1826.

3306. Francis (or Frances) Graves

3307. Susan Graves

3308. Martha Jane Graves, m. William Dotson.

+3309. James E. Graves, b. Nov. 1814, m(1) Nancy C. Spain, 22 April 1839, m(2) Mary ------, d. 1902.

+3310. daughter, m. ------ Callis.


Thomas Graves (1691) was born about 1788 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. He married Mary Harris, daughter of James Harris. She was born about 1788. (R-257)

Children - Graves

+3311. James Matthew Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1818, m. Martha Evelina Coffman, 1849, d. 29 Sept. 1895.



Sarah Graves (1693) was born in 1778, and died 16 Jan. 1857 in Albemarle Co., VA. She married John Toms on 22 April 1792 in Albemarle Co., VA. (R-230)

Children - Toms



Richard Graves (1696) was born about 1773, apparently in VA. He was always called "Dickey", according to Mrs. Murriel L. Smith. According to tradition, he "originated near Richmond, VA", possibly Amherst Co., VA. The Graves and Murrell families were found in Dinwiddie Co., VA also. He died 11 Jan. 1849 in White Co., IL, and was buried in Phillipstown Cem., White Co., IL.

Amherst Co. is much too far west to be considered "near Richmond." David Graves, the father of the Richard ("Dickie") Graves who married Nellie Tilley was born near Richmond in Louisa or Spotsylvania Co. This David was in Surry Co., NC by 1762, in Shelby Co., KY by 1807, and was descended from immigrant Capt. Thomas Graves of VA. Dickie Graves who married Nelly Tilley on 26 Dec. 1797 in Shelby Co., Ky. has long been confused with the Richard Graves who married Millie Murrell, but it is now apparent that they are two different people.

The Richard Graves of this genealogy was descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA as follows: Thomas1, John2, Ralph3, Ralph4 m. Unity White, John5 m. Elizabeth, John6 m. Lucy Adams, John7, Richard8. Richard's parents were listed in the 1810 Albemarle Co., VA census. The source for the parentage of Richard is Critzer-Drumheller Ancestors by Margaret C. Reese, Waynesboro, VA, 1979. According to this book, Richard secondly married Jane Fielding (widow) on 28 Feb. 1799 in Augusta Co., VA. (See also The Graves Family Newsletter, pp. 70-71, 1995.)

Richard Graves first married Millie (or Milly) Murrell (or Murril) on 14 March 1796 in Amherst Co., VA. He later married Cassandra Riggs, probably as his third wife. She was born 10 May 1784 or 1787 in Va., died 18 Jan. 1871 in White Co., Ill., and was buried in Phillipstown Cem., White Co. It is not known for sure whether Elizabeth and Nancy were by the first or second marriage.

The first four children were born in Va., the second and third probably in Amherst Co., and the fourth definitely there according to her grave marker at Stokes Chapel. Richard Graves, Jr. was born in Ky., and Nancy may have been. Although Elizabeth was supposedly born in White Co., it seems more likely that she was born in Ky. The last three children were probably born in White Co., Ill.


The following is an article by Barry Cleveland that appeared in the Carmi Times, vol. 25, no. 30, Tues., 4 Feb. 1975, Carmi, Ill. "For more than a century and a half they stood, silent but eloquent testimony to the skill of their creators and the strength of their timbers.

Stoically they braved the ravages of weather and time; quietly they perservered as hundreds and thousands of their kind grew up around them, aged and withered away.

Generations of men and animals sought their shelter; generously they offered it to their builders and their builder's children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren...

And then, in the 16th decade of their existence, there were no more men to shelter. And slow death set in.

But death was not to be the fate of these two aging Phillips Township structures, located just 1-1/2 miles south of Crossville, believed to be the oldest in White County. Resurrection in a new setting, instead, lies before them, across the river in New Harmony, Ind.

Here is the story, pieced together from old abstracts, family histories and stories by Mrs. John C. (Grace) Spencer, Carmi.

Richard Graves, a Virginia pioneer, found the old Dominion's atmosphere a bit stifling toward the end of the 1700's and moved west to Kentucky.

By that time "Old Kaintuck" had also become a state, and Graves, probably infected with the "go west, young man" fever which was so much a part of the American psyche, soon moved on. He settled, eventually, in what was to become White County, Ill.

Graves cleared a bit of the flat land about 1-1/2 miles south of what is now Crossville and built a log house, probably around 1805. He soon added another one-room structure nearby and built a loft to connect the two, leaving space between them (and beneath the loft) wide enough for a team and wagon to pass through.

Here Richard Graves settled with his second wife, Cassandra, and began to carve a life out of the Illinois wilderness. Back east, Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States -- the same Thomas Jefferson whose home was just 40 miles from Richard Graves' old home in Amherst County, Va. But out in the bleak Northwest Territories, there were far more important considerations than worrying about national affairs. There was a growing family to raise, feed, and house.

Richard Graves soon saw the need for a new home, so he undertook to build a second double log house just southwest of the original. He could afford to take a bit more care with this one, and he did; the logs of the first building were more roughly hewn than the second.

The new structure was completed about 1810, and the growing Graves family moved in. It was headquarters for the 2,000-acre family estate, but also a haven from the elements and the Indians who still occasionally plagued the settlers. The "old" house eventually became a barn.

Civilization finally caught up to Richard Graves, and, with a family of eight children to feed and a large farm to help him with that task, he gave up his flight from it, and settled down.

His sons were growing fast, and in 1837 he presented his namesake, Richard Jr., with the land on which the home place stood, for "services rendered as a dutiful son."

History doesn't record when the senior Graves died, and details of the next years of the estate are sketchy. [His tombstone at Phillipstown Cemetery gives his death date as 11 Jan. 1849.] The junior Graves farmed his land and lived in the family homestead until his death in 1877, leaving eight children and a grandchild as heirs.

The home place went to a son, Lafayette Graves, but it was soon to pass temporarily out of the family. Samuel Goodman acquired the place in 1884, but he died in 1888. Then came Jacob Dennis, a Crossville man. [Samuel Goodman was a grandson of Richard Graves, and a son of Elizabeth Graves and James Goodman. However, Jacob Dennis was not descended from Richard Graves, as far as is known.]

In 1899, Mrs. Alice Spencer Caplinger, widow of John Spencer, acquired the property and moved into the old house, where she lived until her death in 1937.

Two years later, her grandson, John C. Spencer, who had lived with Mrs. Caplinger for many years, acquired the property from his brothers and sister -- Earl and Alfred, both of Carmi, Mrs. Lucille Lamar and Mrs. Alma Wave McKnight, both then of Crossville. Their father, Chancey, died in 1920 at the age of 36.

Thus the old homestead was again in the possession of a Graves descendant. John's grandmother was Lucy Graves Hart, his greatgrandfather Thomas Graves, his greatgreat- grandfather Richard Graves, Jr.

Eventually, the house became vacant, and its deterioration accelerated.

The family had learned of the buildings' approximate age in the late 1930's, from the aging Henry Graves, son of Richard Jr. and uncle of Mrs. Sarah Forrester, Crossville. As the structures began to decay, the Spencers grew progressively concerned, particularly Mary Jane and John E. Mrs. Spencer considered tearing them down, but the children persuaded her to wait a bit, in hopes that someone would want the old logs for preservation's sake.

And then New Harmony entered the picture. Richard Travis, county superintendent of schools and a friend of the Spencers, suggested that they talk with a historically-minded organization called Historic New Harmony.

Mrs. Spencer did just that, contacting Ralph Schwarz, a Connecticut native who heads HNH. Upon discovering the historical nature of the buildings, he agreed to purchase them for reconstruction on a site in New Harmony.

The work began late last fall. The siding and roof were torn away from first the house and then the barn, exposing the ancient logs. These were carefully numbered and charted and then moved to the Indiana site, where they will be reconstructed by this summer.

The buildings are probably older than any still standing in either White County or New Harmony, Schwarz said. They are of the same type which were built in the early days at New Harmony, but they will be clearly labeled in the reconstruction as being from White County.

Exactly what use the buildings will be put to remains to be seen, although tourists will be able to view them.

In any case, the Spencers can relax, knowing that their old homestead is in good hands, and White Countians can take pride in the reconstruction of one of their historic old buildings in one of the nation's most historic little towns." (R-231, R-233)

Children - Graves, by Millie Murrell

+3312. Nelson Graves, b.c. 1797, m(1) Caroline Farr, 13 March 1820, m(2) Phoebe Rudolph, 2 Dec. 1840.

+3313. Martha Graves, b.c. 1800, m. Daniel B. Brown, 16 June 1817, d.c. 1820.

+3314. Mary Graves, b. 15 June 1802, m. William Council, 24 Nov. 1818, d. 25 Jan. 1869.

3315. Sarah ("Sally") Graves, b.c. 1804, m. William Gilliston, 14 April 1820 (White Co., Ill.).

Children - Graves, by Jane Fielding

+3316. Elizabeth Graves, m(1) James Goodman, 24 Sept. 1827, m(2) ------ Borroughs.

3317. Nancy Graves, b. 1811 (?), m. James Green Stokes, 22 March 1827 (White Co., Ill.), d. 1878. He was apparently the same man who secondly married Mary Ann Brown, daughter of Archibald Brown and Elizabeth Staley.

+3318. Richard Graves, Jr., b. 11 Oct. 1815, m. Sarah Elliott, 20 Sept. 1836, d. 13 May 1877.

3319. Minerva Ann Graves, m(1) William W. Brown, 24 Dec. 1842 (White Co., Ill.), m(2) Richard Henry. This 2nd marriage may not have happened, and the supposed 2nd husband may be Richard Henry Brown, son of Minerva and William.

+3320. Thomas Graves, b. 1825, m(1) Sarah Rudolph, 1 Nov. 1843, m(2) Sarah F. Crouder, 21 Sept. 1856, m(3) Lucy Elizabeth Greer, 20 June 1862, d. probably 1870.

+3321. James Graves, b. 6 Aug. 1829 or 1830, m(1) Emmeline Elliott, 23 Aug. 1849, m(2) Nancy Jane Gamron, 11 Dec. 1855, d. 21 Sept. 1913.


Ann Graves (1698) was born about 1791 in Albemarle Co., VA. She married John Spears on 3 March 1812 in Albemarle Co., VA. (R-269)

Children - Spears

+3322. Nancy L. Spears, b. 2 Jan. 1819, m. John Carver Anglin, c. 1834, d. 30 Jan. 1885.



Nancy Carr (1711) married William Cunningham on 24 Dec. 1795 in Albemarle Co., Va. They both died in Trigg Co., Ky. All their children were born in Albemarle Co., Va., with the exception of Nancy who was born in the Cumberland in 1818 while the family was on their way to Trigg Co., Ky.

William Cunningham was born in Scotland and went to Virginia after the Revolutionary War. He is believed to have had a married sister in Va., and he was in Albemarle Co. in 1790, living with a family named Squaires. Whether this is his sister is not known. (R-138)

Children - Cunningham

3323. John Cunningham, m. Mary Gresham.

+3324. Gideon Carr Cunningham, m. Harriet Tidwell.

3325. William Cunningham, m. Jane Mitchell.

3326. Malinda Elizabeth Cunningham, m. (Rev.) Thomas L. Baker.

3327. Andrew Cunningham, m. Nancy Pool.

3328. Dabney Carr Cunningham, m(1) Rebeckah Wimberly, m(2) Tennessee G. Turner.

3329. James Cunningham, m. Sarah D. Wimberly.

3330. Meekins Carr Cunningham, m. Elizabeth Sivils (or Savells).

3331. Alexander Cunningham, m. Jasyntha Wallace.

3332. Robert Cunningham, m. Mary J. Sivils (or Savells).

3333. Nancy Cunningham, b. 1818, d. at age 12.


Mary ("Polly") Carr (1716) was born about 1787 and died in 1863. She married James W. Carr, her cousin. He was born about 1788 and died in 1871. (R-256)

Children - Carr

+3334. Elmira Carr, b. 1812, m. Robert Keen, d. 1840.



Elizabeth ("Betty") Graves Hall (1720) was born about 1778-80 in Albemarle Co., Va., died 1 May 1862 (or 6 May 1864) in Green Co., Ky., and was buried 6 May 1862. She married John Keen, son of Robert Keen and Elizabeth ------. He was born about 1777-80 in Orange Co., Va. or Northumberland Co., Va., died 13 Nov. 1855 in Green Co., Ky., and was buried in Keen Graveyard, Green Co., Ky. They lived in Albemarle Co., Va. until about 1813 when they bought land in Orange Co., Va. They moved to Green Co., Ky. about 1820-22. The birthplace of the first child is not known with certainty but assumed to be Va., the last child was born in Green Co., Ky., and all the others were born in Va. (R-174, R-178)

Children - Keen

3335. Mildred Keen, b.c. 1805-6, m. John Rodgers, Jr., 2 April 1829, d. before 1853.

+3336. Robert W. Keen, b.c. 1807, m(1) Elmira Carr, 2 April 1829, m(2) Catherine Carr, 30 Oct. 1844, d. Sept. 1845.

3337. John H, Keen, b. 7 July 1809, m. Elizabeth Moss Hicks, 30 Dec. 1835 (marriage bond), d. 23 Aug. 1881.

3338. Elizabeth Keen, b.c. 1811-14, m(1) Paschall Powell, 26 Dec. 1827, m(2) John S. Dowell, 16 March 1843, d. 27 July 1863.

+3339. Susannah Ann Keen, b. 11 July 1813, m. Thomas Aried Thompson, 16 April 1829, d. 13 Jan. 1862.

3340. William G. Keen, m(1) Mary ("Polly") ------, m(2) Elizabeth Farquson.

3341. Mary Jane Keen, m(1) David McKinney (or Kinney), 13 May 1835, m(2) Washington Crawley.

3342. James H. Keen, b. 19 July 1819 (Orange Co., Va.), m(1) Naomi Farquson, m(2) Elizabeth Bagley, 29 Sept. 1869, d. 20 Dec. 1873.

3343. Nancy L. Keen, b.c. 1821-22, m. William Orr, 1 Nov. 1841 (marriage bond). She either married someone else on 9 Sept. 1842, or this is an alternate marriage date to William Orr, or there was almost a year between the bond and the marriage, which would have been very unusual.

3344. Elanza D. Keen, b.c. 1823, m. Mary Ann Williamson, 9 Sept. 1841 (Green Co., Ky.).



Thomas Nelson Graves (1729) was born about 1774 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died in 1882 (?) in Sheridan, Yamhill Co., Oregon. He married Mary ("Polly") Mason in Culpeper Co. on 20 Nov. 1795 (see Marriages of Culpeper Co., Virginia, compiled and published by Catherine Lindsay Knorr, 1954).

He went to Kentucky with his father in 1806, and to Warren Co., Mo. in 1820. He was a judge in Warren and Montgomery counties, Mo. He later moved to Wisconsin, and, according to the 1850 census for Grant Co., Wisc., he was 76 that year. Going with him to Wisconsin were his daughters, Candace and Lucy, his son, Henry, and their spouses and families. (R-12, R-49)

Children - Graves

+3345. James B. Graves, b. 9 April 1796, m(1) Diana Newton, 24 Dec. 1822, m(2) Catherine Bewley, 26 Aug. 1849, d. March 1882.

3346. William M. Graves; disappeared in a mysterious manner while in New Orleans, La.

3347. Candace A. Graves, m. Ursurdus Brainbridge (of St. Charles Co., Mo.).

+3348. Henry Benton Graves, b. 14 Jan. 1810, m. Lurena (or Lorena) Ann Howell, 8 Dec. 1830, d. 10 Nov. 1896.

3349. Lucy M. Graves, m. Woodson A. Burton. Settled in Warren Co., Mo. in 1830.



Nancy Graves (1735) was born about 1784, probably in VA, and died between 1850 and 1860 in Laurens Co., SC. She married George Madden. Information for their children is from the will of George Madden and the SC censuses for 1850 and 1860. (R-202)

Children - Madden

3350. Nancy N. Madden, b. 1805, d. after 1860. Living with her mother in the 1850 census.

3351. Lacklin L. Madden, b. 1806.

3352. Frances ("Fanny") Madden, b. 1807, d. after 1860. Living with her mother in 1850.

3353. Elizabeth Madden, b. 1808, m. ------ Wilbon.

3354. Mary ("Polly") Madden, b. 1809, d. after 1860. Living with her mother in 1850.

3355. Lewis C. Madden, b. 1810, m. Frances ------. Living next door to his mother in 1850.

3356. Rebecca Madden, b. 1811, d. 1850-1860. Living with her mother in 1850.

3357. Amy Madden, b. 1812, d. 1850-1860. Living with her mother in 1850.

3358. Sarah Madden, b. 1812, d. after 1860. Living with her mother in 1850.


Martin Graves (1736) was born in 1785 in VA (according to 1850 TN census), and died between 1850 and 1860, probably in TN. Listed as living in his household in the 1850 census of Hardin Co., TN is Rebecca McWorthey, age 90; this has to be his mother who apparently has outlived a second husband. Martin married Anna ------. (R-202)

Children - Graves

+3359. Lewis Graves, b. 1810, m. Catharine C. ------.

3360. daughter, b. 1800-1810, still at home in the 1840 census.

3361. daughter, b. 1800-1810, not at home in 1840, prob. married.

+3362. James F. Graves, b. 1814, m. Elliette (or Eliot) Graves.

3363. Nancy S. Graves, b. 1818.

3364. daughter, b. 1815-1820.

3365. son, b. 1820-1825.

3366. daughter, b. 1825-1830.

3367. daughter, b. 1825-1830.

3368. Martha S. Graves, b. 1832.


Lewis Graves (1737) was born about 1789 in Laurens Co., SC, and died in 1857 in Illinois. He married, probably Rebecca Starnes, daughter of Aaron Starnes and Mary Ann ------, about 1810 in Laurens Co., SC. She was born about 1789 or 1790 in SC, and died in March 1858 in IL. They moved to Wilson Co., TN in 1818, and to Illinois in 1851, where they lived the rest of their lives. They belonged to the Baptist Church. Their last 7 children were born in Tenn.

The 1850 census for Wilson Co., TN lists: Lewis Graves, 61, b. SC, Rebecca, 60, b. SC, Genetta, 30, b. NC, Nancy, 25, b. TN, Lewis, 24, b. TN, Minerva, 22, b. TN, Andrew, 20, b. TN. The other children had probably left home. Also, although some printed compilations show NC for the birthplace of both Lewis and Rebecca, the original census schedules clearly have SC. (R-202, R-520)

Children - Graves

+3369. William Graves, b. 1812, m. Elizabeth Ann Russell, 1 April 1839, d. 1853.

3370. Elliette Graves, b. 1815 (Laurens Co., SC), m. James F. Graves (her cousin), d. before 1900. See #3362 for descendants.

+3371. Genetta Graves, b. 1817, m(1) Leonard Martin, 1853, m(2) John E. Colvin, d. before 1920.

+3372. Arabion Graves, b. 1819, m. Elizabeth Solomon, 22 Dec. 1846, d. 1859.

3373. Aaron Graves, b. 1821, m. ------ Allen, 1848 (TN), d. 1869.

3374. Nancy Graves, b. 1823(Wilson Co., TN), d. 1864 (TN).

3375. Daniel Graves, b. 1825 (Wilson Co., TN), d. 1843 (Wilson Co., TN).

+3376. Lewis Graves, b. 11 Sept. 1826, m(1) Nancy Jane Edwards, m(2) Mary Malinda Whitlack, d. 4 June 1894.

3377. Manerva (or Minerva) Graves, b. 1 Feb. 1829 (Wilson Co., TN), m. Cantrell Bethel Edwards, 3 Nov. 1851 (Wilson Co., TN), d. 31 Aug. 1895 (Osage, TX).

+3378. Andrew Carroll Graves, b. 10 Jan. 1831, m. Evelyn Bennett, 23 Nov. 1852, d. 6 Sept. 1904.


William Graves (1739) was born about 1790, and died between 1850 and 1860. He married Peachy ------. (R-202)

Children - Graves

3379. daughter, b. 1804-1810.

3380. Joseph Graves, b. 1804-1810, m. Ann Ritchey. Not proven. A male child appears in this age group in the early SC census records; we know a Joseph Graves married a child of a Ritchey who lived next door to Martin Graves. Further clarification is needed.

3381. daughter, b. 1810-1820.

3382. daughter, b. 1810-1820.

3383. son, b. 1810-1820.

3384. Mary E. Graves, b. 1822.

3385. Sarah Graves, b. 1824.

3386. William Graves, Jr., b. 1827.

3387. Philip Graves, b. 1830.



Fannie Simms (1740) was born about 1775 in VA or SC, died before 16 Feb. 1856 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, and was buried in Hendrick Cem., Grady Bigham Farm. She first married ------ Simpson, probably in Laurens Co., SC. He died, and she secondly married Jacob Clements (or Clemens or Clement) about 1797 in Laurens Co., SC. He was born about 1775 in NC, and died 2 July 1846 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL. (R-140)

Children - Simpson

+3388. Zachariah Simms Simpson, b. 1793, m. Elizabeth Pryor, 1820, d. 22 June 1869.

Children - Clements

3389. Sarah Clements, b. 1800 (SC).

+3390. Manning Emanuel Clements, b. 20 Nov. 1800, m. Nancy Pryor, 12 Sept. 1824, d. 10 May 1858.

3391. James L. Clements, b. 1807, m. Sarah Pryor, 29 Dec. 1830.

3392. Rebecca Clements, b. 1808, m. Ezekiel Waldrup, c. 1834, d.c. 1870.

3393. Nancy Amey Clements, b. 1809, m. Herrod Swindle, d. before May 1848.

3394. John C. Clements, b. 1812 (TN), m. Jane ("Jincy") Norris, 12 Jan. 1842 (Tuscaloosa Co., AL).

3395. Lydia Clements, b. 1814, m. Silas Cook, 29 April 1832, d.c. 1871.

3396. Thomas B. Clements, b. 1815, m(1) Anna Bolton, 7 Feb. 1828, m(2) Frances R. ------, c. 1837, d. 1900.

3397. Wade Hampton Clements, b. 1818 (Ala.), m. Loucinda ------, c. 1840.



Hedgeman Bratten Graves (1758) was born 1810, probably in Warsaw, Gallatin Co., KY, died 1876, and was buried at Mississippi Baptist Church on Route 123 between Arlington and Columbus, KY. He first married Mahala Glore (also known as Martha Cloar or Clore, or as Mary Ann Clore) on 13 Oct. 1831 in Boone Co., KY. He was a Baptist minister and moved around a lot. In 1860 he was arrested by Union troops occupying Columbus, KY "for seditious utterances", and was jailed with son William Thomas Graves. He secondly married widow Mary A. Richardson Wilson in 1863. She was born 7 Oct. 1817 in OH, and died 1910, supposedly near Ste. Genevieve, MO. It is said she was a cousin of Daniel Boone. There were no children by this second marriage.

Hedgeman was listed in the 1840 census of Gallatin Co., KY, and in the 1850 census of Ballard Co., KY. (R-197, R-198)

Children - Graves

3398. Cheatham Graves, went to California in gold rush.

3399. Louis (or Lewis) Graves, went west about 1850. Returned and fought at Vicksburg for the Union in the Civil War.

3400. James ("Jim") Cloar Graves, b.c. 1834. He was a Universalist preacher.

+3401. Joseph A. Graves, b. 1836, m. Elizabeth Jane Ellis, d. 1902.

3402. Nimrod Graves, b.c. 1838.

3403. Frank Graves, b.c. 1842. Confederate soldier. Twin of Ellen.

3404. Ellen Graves, b.c. 1842, m. Garrett Deweese. Twin of Frank. Lived in Burkley, Ky.

+3405. William Thomas Graves, b. Dec. 1848, m. Mary Elizabeth Hogancamp.

3406. Ran Graves


Lorenzo (or Loranzo) ("Ran") Graves (1759) was born about 1818, probably in Warsaw, Gallatin Co., Ky. He married Virginia Hampton on 21 Dec. 1845. He was listed as a constable in the 1850 census, and was later a judge. During the Civil War he took his family to Cincinnati, Ohio, but afterward returned to Warsaw, Ky. They later moved to Mt. Pleasant, Mich. (R-197)

Children - Graves

3407. Henry H. Graves, b. 12 Jan. 1847 (Warsaw, Ky.), m. Lulu B. Robinson, 18 April 1871 (Warsaw, Ky.). He was a judge in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. in the 1870's, and also ran a newspaper there.

3408. Anna (?) Graves, b.c. 1850.



Thomas Sims Graves (1762) was born 13 (or 3) July 1794 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died 6 May 1859 in Nelson Co., Ky. He moved from Va. to Fayette Co., Ky. in 1817. He first married Harriet R. Gist (spelled Guest in one source) on 4 March 1822. He secondly married Mary E. Graves, daughter of his uncle James Graves. It is not presently clear which daughter this is. (It might be Elizabeth Graves, #1755, who first married Samuel McCoy.) (R-511, R-512, R-520)

Children - Graves

+3409. Edward Willis Graves, b. 1822, married, d. 6 March 1884.

3410. William F. Graves, never married.

3411. Thomas Bushrod Graves, m(1) ------, m(2) Elizabeth Laird. 4 children by 2nd marriage.

3412. Mary E. Graves, m. Abraham Smith.

3413. Benjamin F. Graves, married. No children.

3414. James M. Graves; lived in Carriet Mills, Miss.

3415. Sarah A. Graves


Uriah Noah Graves (1766) was born about 1797 in Washington Co., KY, and was buried in MO. He first married Elizabeth Peters on 23 Jan. 1815 in Washington Co., KY. She was born about 1800 and died before 1842. He secondly married Susan Anderson Freeman. His third marriage was to Martha Daniels. At least his first three children were born in Washington Co., KY. (R-190)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Peters

3416. Samuel (or Mansuel) Graves, b.c. 1815, m. Ann Montgomery, 29 June 1843, d. 18 Nov. 1875.

3417. Uriah Noah Graves, b.c. 1820, m(1) Nancy Ann Goode, 11 Nov. 1855, m(2) Elizabeth A. Martin, d. 1880-87.

+3418. Francis Marion Graves, b.c. 1824, m. Margaret Ann Pickeral, 10-11 Oct. 1860, d. 17 Jan. 1893.

3419. Mary Ann Graves, b. 26 April 1825, m. Samuel Martin, 18 April 1845, d. 29 Jan. 1899.

3420. Martha (or Sarah) Graves, b.c. 1830.


Lewis Graves (1767) was born 25 Oct. 1798 in Ky. He married Sarah J. Milbourne on 6 Feb. 1822. He was a carpenter. All their children were born in Ky. (R-189)

Children - Graves

3421. Nancy G. Graves, b. 15 March 1823.

3422. R. H. Graves, b. 30 May 1825.

3423. John W. Graves, b. 3 May 1827.

3424. William H. Graves, b. 8 Dec. 1828.

+3425. James T. Graves, b. 18 Jan. 1836, m. Eleanor Elizabeth Black, 1 July 1858, d. 24 April 1902.


Edward J. Graves (1771) was born about 1801 or 1803 in Washington Co., KY, and died about July 1868 in Boone Co., MO. He first married Lucinda ("Lucy") Schooling (or Schollney) on 7 Aug. 1823. She died 1833-1835. He secondly married Lydia Wisdom, daughter of Thomas Wisdom and Luranna Barnes, on 2 June 1835 in Boone Co., MO. She was born 12 Oct. 1812 in KY, and died 3 March 1902 in Boone Co., MO. All children by his first marriage were born in Washington Co., KY, and those by the second marriage were born in MO, probably Boone Co. (R-248)

Children - Graves, by Lucinda Schooling

3426. Simeon Schooling Graves, b. 17 May 1824, m. Lucy Ann Barnes, 6 Oct. 1842 (Boone Co., MO), d. 8 Jan. 1894 (Boone Co., MO).

3427. Joseph W. Graves, b. 22 Jan. 1826, m. Susan Hendon, 18 Nov. 1852 (Boone Co., MO), d. 1864.

3428. Susanna E. Graves, b. 10 Nov. 1830, m. Robert Seymour, 22 March 1849 (Boone Co., MO), d. 19 Nov. 1901 (Boone Co., MO).

3429. John Thomas Graves, b. 10 Jan. 1833, m. Lucy ------, d. 13 July 1874 (Boone Co., MO).

Children - Graves, by Lydia Wisdom

+3430. James F. Graves, b. 19 March 1836, m. Ann Woods, 24 Feb. 1859, d. 3 Nov. 1875.

3431. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1838, m. ------ Naylor.

3432. Pollard W. Graves, b.c. 1840, m. Helen Cochran, 2 Jan. 1865 (Boone Co., MO).

3433. Lucy Graves, b.c. 1842, m. Eli G. Rowland, 11 Feb. 1858 (Boone Co., MO).

3434. Sarah C. Graves, b.c. 1844, m. B. F. Davis, 24 Dec. 1866 (Boone Co., MO).

3435. Lura Anna Graves, b.c. 1847.



Dr. John Temple Graves (1781) was born about 1796 in Wilkes Co., Ga., and died 21 Oct. 1826. He was a southern planter of wealth and prominence. He married Sophia (or Ann) Dickinson about 1816. She was born in 1801 and died in 1842. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3436. Sarah Dillard Graves, b. 1817, m. Simeon Hester, July 1833, d. 10 Dec. 1848.

+3437. James Porterfield Graves, b. 3 Sept. 1820, m. Catherine Florida Townes, 19 May 1847.

3438. Catherine Ann Graves, b. 1823, d. 1838.



Joseph K. Graves (1788) married Susan G. Price on 10 March 1842 near Lexington, Ky. He moved to Cold Spring, San Jacinto Co., Texas about 1845, and died there. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3439. Evan Price Graves



Adeline Graves (1797) was born 15 April 1798 and died 5 Sept. 1893. She married Dr. James Allen Cartwright, son of Justinian Cartwright and Frances Gillaspie, on 15 April 1818 in Caldwell Co., KY. He was born 3 Feb. 1788, probably in KY, and died in 1849 in Caldwell Co., KY. (R-124, R-191, R-511)

Children - Cartwright

+3440. Mary Frances Cartwright, b. 1819, m. William O'Hara, d. 1845.

3441. Elizabeth Evelyn Cartwright, b. 20 Feb. 1826, m. William O'Hara, 18 June 1849, d. 7 Sept. 1909.


Elizabeth Chapman Graves (1801) was born 28 Jan. 1806 and died 15 July 1894 (or 7 Feb. 1893), both in Fayette Co., Ky. She married Samuel L. Coleman, son of John Coleman and Lucy Chiles, on 22 Nov. 1825 in Fayette Co., Ky. He was born 7 Nov. 1804 and died 16 Nov. 1884, both in Fayette Co. He was a farmer, and belonged to the Macedonia Christian Church. They lived in Fayette Co., Ky. This information is from the Register of the Ky. Hist. Soc., vol. 34, p. 376, and family records. (R-57)

Children - Coleman

+3442. Mary Ellen Coleman, b. 13 May 1828, m. Levi Prewitt, 23 Oct. 1845, d. 15 July 1894.

3443. John George Coleman, b. 30 Sept. 1829, d. 28 July 1840.

3444. Joseph Hawes Coleman, b. 28 July 1831, d. 10 May 1833.

3445. Woodson Coleman, m. Mattie Callaway.

3446. Lucy Hawes Coleman, b. 22 Aug. 1840, m. Thomas Callaway, d. 9 April 1909.

3447. Adeline ("Addie") Coleman, b. March 1842, m. Willard Davis, d. April 1911.

3448. Anna Coleman, b. 31 July 1844, m. Samuel W. Willis, 25 May 1864, d. 20 June 1873.

3449. Benjamin Coleman, b. 16 June 1847, m. Bell Milligan, 10 June 1873, d. 1915.


Joseph Graves (1802) was born 1 (or 7) March 1809 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. He married Margaret A. Hayes, daughter of William Hayes and Lucy Gatewood, on 1 (or 11) Feb. 1830 in Fayette Co., KY. She was born 11 Feb. 1813. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3450. William Hayes Graves, b. 22 Dec. 1832, m. Susan Frances Smarr, 12 Oct. 1857, d. 6 Dec. 1918.

3451. Mary Graves, m. William Talbot.

3452. George Graves, m. Mary Keen.

3453. Anna Graves, m. L. Crutcher.

3454. Ellen Graves, m. J. Couchman.

3455. Joseph Graves

3456. Margaret Graves


Benjamin R. (or Robert Benjamin) Graves (1803) was born 19 April 1813 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, and died 7 Sept. 1887. He married Jane Hughes, daughter of Jacob Hughes and ------ Hume, on 18 Dec. 1844 in Fayette Co., KY. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3457. Elizabeth Graves, m. Douglas Gay.

3458. Jacob Hughes Graves, b. 25 Oct. 1846, m. Jennie McKenney, d. 14 Feb. 1921.

3459. Elenora Burnley Graves, m. J. W. Coleman.

3460. Julia Graves, m. S. D. Ganff.

3461. Harriet Graves, m. J. Wilson.



Elizabeth Mary Graves (1808) was born 16 Sept. 1810 or 1811 near Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, and died 2 Jan. 1886 in St. Louis, MO. She first married Alfred William Carr in 1828. He was born in 1804 in KY, died in 1828 in MO, and was a nephew of William B. Carr of St. Louis, MO.

She secondly married Col. Adam Black Chambers, son of John Chambers and Elizabeth Black, on 28 Oct. 1833 in Lexington, KY. He was born 9 Jan. 1808 in Mercer Co., PA, and died 23 May 1854 in St. Louis, MO. Both Adam and Elizabeth, and their children Benjamin and Lizzie, were buried in Bellefontaine Cem. in St. Louis. Elizabeth Black, Adam's mother, was a daughter of Adam Black and Polly Allegan of Adams Co., PA.

A. B. Chambers was something of a pioneer in early Missouri. He was admitted to the Bar, and was an active newspaperman. He first edited the frontier Salt River Journal, and later edited the Missouri Republican in St. Louis, where he was deeply engaged in politics. He and "Madam Chambers", as accounts refer to her, had three children. (R-64, R-115)

Children - Carr

3462. Alfred Carr; of St. Louis, Mo.

3463. Lucien Carr; described in his mother's obituary as "for some years Curator of the Peabody Museum at Cambridge, Mass., and the author of a volume on the History of Missouri."

Children - Chambers

3464. Benjamin G. (Graves?) Chambers, never married, d. 1861-5 (during the Civil War).

+3465. Mary Graves Chambers, b. 3 Sept. 1840, m. Archer Christian Bankhead, 10 June 1857, d. 2 April 1906.

3466. Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Chambers, b. 1842, m. (Col.) Edward Brodie Hull, C.S.A. ("Uncle Brodie"), d. 1924.



Coleman Graves (1837) was born 24 April 1806 and died 21 April 1874. He married Elizabeth Virginia Chiles, usually called Virginia, daughter of Tarleton Chiles and Nancy ------, on 21 Nov. 1830. She was born 18 Dec. 1813 and died 3 June 1876. (R-179, R-515)

Children - Graves

+3467. Wallace Coleman Graves, m. Maud Strother James.



John Graves Partlow (1839) was born 17 Feb. 1793 in Spotsylvania Co., Va., died 19 Jan. 1870 in Lee Co., Miss., and was buried in Center Hill Cem., Lee Co. The name of his first wife is not known. She may possibly have been a Graves.

He secondly married Malinda (or Melinda) Grimes of Ky. on 3 Oct. 1822 in Fayette Co., Ky. She was born 20 Dec. 1802, possibly in Fayette Co., Ky., died 9 Feb. 1867 in Lee Co., Miss., and was also buried in Center Hill Cem., Lee Co. Melinda was a daughter of James Grimes and wife Sarah Bryan, granddaughter of Philip Grimes and wife Mary ------, and of William Bryan and wife Mary Boone (sister of Daniel Boone).

They moved to Lawrence Co., Ala. (near Courland) about 1823, and remained there until 1857, when they moved to Itawamba Co., Miss. (a part that is now in Lee Co., Miss.). They transferred from Liberty Baptist Church, Lawrence Co., Ala. to Center Hill Baptist Church, Itawamba Co., now Lee Co., Miss. in Feb. 1858

According to descendant Thomas Wayne Whitehead, all living descendants of John Graves Partlow and Melinda Grimes are descended from Albert M. Partlow and Dorotha Ann Ruff, although this statement probably just refers to descendants named Partlow.

All their children were born in Lawrence Co., Ala. (R-81)

Children - Partlow, by 1st wife

3468. John Gwathmy Partlow, b. 4 May 1815.

Children - Partlow, by Malinda Grimes

3469. William B. Partlow, b. 1824, d. after 1850.

+3470. Caroline G. Partlow, b. 30 Sept. 1830, m. J. F. Belue, 19 Sept. 1850, d. 27 Jan. 1885.

3471. Henry Earl ("Hep") Partlow, b. 9 March 1827, d. 25 May 1896 (Lee Co., Miss.).

+3472. John Calvin Partlow, b. 1 June 1834, m. Elvira Augustus Ruff, 1 Jan. 1868, d. 29 April 1897.

3473. daughter, b. 1825-30, d. 1840-50.

+3474. Albert M. Partlow, b. 20 March 1837, m. Dorotha Ann Ruff, 8 Dec. 1859, d. 15 June 1915.



Catherine ("Katie") Graves (1859) was born 23 Feb. 1773 in Caswell Co., N.C., and died 12 Jan. 1860 in Owensboro, Daviess Co., Ky. She married Groves Howard, son of Francis Howard and Ann Allen, on 12 (or 2) Feb. 1792 in Caswell Co., N.C. He was born 25 April 1769 in N.C., and died 25 Nov. 1848 in Confederate, Ky.

They lived in Caswell Co., N.C. until about 1816, when they moved to Caldwell (now Lyon) Co., Ky., where he died and was buried on his farm (the Rufus Barnett farm, 1/4 mile from Confederate, Ky.).

Catherine Graves is credited with bringing the Baptist doctrine into the Howard family, which had been Episcopalian in earlier generations. Several of Catherine's brothers were Baptist ministers. Her eldest son, whom she named John Graves for her father, was also a Baptist minister of prominence in Kentucky.

After living in Kentucky for some years, Catherine and Groves Howard returned to N.C. for a visit with relatives. The trip was made on horseback, a distance of five or six hundred miles.

After the death of Groves Howard, Catherine went to live with their eldest son, Rev. John Graves Howard, of Daviess Co., Ky., near Owensboro. She died there, and was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery at Owensboro.

Based on a gift of property to Groves Howard and others (discussed in "Descendants of Capt. Thomas Graves" in the Graves Family Newsletter), it is possible that Catherine Graves is the daughter of John Williams Graves of Granville Co. This confusion needs to be resolved. (R-51, R-113)

Children - Howard

+3475. John Graves Howard, b. 9 Nov. 1792, m(1) Priscilla Simon Yancey, 7 Dec. 1814, m(2) Rebecca Dupin, d. 17 May 1874.

3476. Nancy Howard, b. 28 Sept. 1794 (Caswell Co., N.C.), m. Broady Howard, 7 April 1813 (Caswell Co., N.C.), d. 19 July 1840 (Ky.).

3477. Leah Howard, b. 11 Sept. 1796 (N.C.), m. Rev. John Barnett, 1 Oct. 1817 (Daviess Co., Ky.), d. 20 Aug. 1856.

3478. Owen Howard, b. 14 (or 24) July 1798 (Caswell Co., N.C.), m. Mary ("Polly") Howard, d. 1831.

+3479. Groves Lea Howard, b. 27 Oct. 1801, m. Judith Thorp, 21 Jan. 1825, d. 1 March 1850.

3480. Catherine Graves Howard, b. 3 Feb. 1804 (N.C.), m(1) John S. Parker, 24 Jan. 1822 (Caldwell Co., Ky.), m(2) Ransford Smith, 22 Aug. 1829 (Caldwell Co., Ky.), d. 18 Dec. 1857.

+3481. Franklin Howard, b. 3 Jan. 1806, m(1) Martha Elizabeth Betts, 18 Oct. 1831, m(2) ------, 11 Nov. 1852, d. 17 Aug. 1854.

3482. Solomon Howard, b. 12 April 1807 (N.C.).

3483. Logan Howard, b. 1 Aug. 1809 (N.C.), m. Mary ("Polly") King, 5 March 1831 (Caldwell Co., Ky.).


Thomas Slade Graves (1860) was born 5 Feb. 1775 in Yanceyville, Caswell Co., N.C., and died 17 March 1847 in Newton Co., Ga. He first married Mary Lee ("Polly") Bennett (or Burnett). He secondly married Mary Lee in 1800 in Caswell Co., N.C. (It is possible there was only one marriage, and the second one never occurred.) He was postmaster at Yanceyville, N.C. for many years, and was a Colonel in the N.C. Militia. He moved to Newton Co., Ga. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3484. Dr.) George Washington Graves, b. 1801, m. Sarah Jane Hill.

+3485. Leanna Herndon Graves, b. 1803, m. Paul A. Haralson, d. 1848 (?).

3486. Mary Graves, died young.

+3487. John Herndon Graves, b. 1808, m. Julia Ann Hill, d. 1889.

+3488. Henry Lee Graves, b. 22 Feb. 1813, m(1) Rebecca Williams Graves, 3 Feb. 1836, m(2) Myra Lusk Crumpler, d. 4 Nov. 1881.

3489. Thomas Graves, died young.

3490. Louisa Maria Graves, m. Thomas A. Wilks.

3491. Anne Slade Graves, m. Solomon Graves (#1902).


Capt. William Graves (1863) was born 27 Oct. 1780 and died 24 Dec. 1845. (According to his grave stone, he died 25 Dec. 1845 at age 65 years, 28 days.) He first married Isabella Graves (#3516), his first cousin one removed, daughter of James Graves and Nancy Slade. He secondly married his first cousin Ann (or Anne) Lea ("Nancy") Graves (#1905), daughter of his uncle, Gen. Azariah Graves, in May 1815. She was born 5 Jan. 1794 and died 20 Oct. 1857. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Isabella Graves

+3492. Elijah Graves, b.c. 1808, m(1) Eliza A. Gunn, 21 Oct. 1828, m(2) Mary J. Crump, 26 Nov. 1849, d. 29 Oct. 1855.

3493. Ann Slade Graves

3494. Elizabeth Burton Graves

+3495. William Pinckney Graves, b. 24 April 1820, m. Eliza Virginia Bailey, 1853, d. 15 July 1892.

Children - Graves, by Ann Lea Graves

3496. John Azariah Graves, b. 1822 (4 miles west of Yanceyville, NC), d. Feb. 1864 (at Johnson's Island). He was captain in the 1st Regt. of NC Infantry, and was in the battles of Bethel, Manassas, Chancellorsville, and around Richmond. He was apparently promoted to Colonel in the Confederate Army, was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg, and apparently died in prison.

3497. Henrietta Williams Graves, m(1) Algernon Sydney Yancey, 21 May 1838, m(2) John H. Mebane. See #3582 for descendants.

3498. daughter, married.

3499. daughter, married.

3500. daughter, married.

3501. daughter, married.


Gen. Barzillai Graves (1864) was born 16 April 1782 and died 10 Oct. 1850. He first married Frances Williams of Halifax Co., Va. He secondly married Mary Thomas (Marshall) Royal, a near relative of Chief Justice John Marshall. She died 15 July 1854 at age 68. He was a very prominent man, member of the N.C. Legislature for 1813, 14, 15, 19, 21, 32, Justice of the Peace, and General of the N.C. Militia for four counties. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3502. Robert W. Graves, m. Leannah ------.

3503. John Kerr Graves

3504. Sallie F. Graves

3505. Frances Williams Graves, b. 16 Nov. 1825, m. Algernon S. Womack (of Caswell Co., N.C.), 8 Aug. 1855, d. 22 April 1896.

3506. Mary Marshall Graves

3507. Napoleon T. Graves, never married, d. at age 28.


Delilah Graves (1865) was born 7 Sept. 1784 and died 13 April 1848. She first married David Womack, son of John Womack and Lucy Pryor (who first married a Tapley), on 24 March 1800 in Caswell Co., N.C. He was probably born in Person Co., N.C., and died in 1813 in Caswell Co., N.C. His estate was inventoried in Oct. 1813 in Caswell Co. He was on the 1784 tax list with 300 acres; in 1787 he bought from the Haralson estate; in 1807 he bought from Spillsby Coleman; and in 1808 he received a commission in the estate of Quine.

In Jan. 1814, Delilah received an allotment from David's estate to care for her children. All the children listed below were listed in the 1815 guardian accounts as orphans with Delilah as guardian. The estate of David Womack was administered by Azariah Graves, with bonds on Abner Walker, Polly Birk, and Anderson Birk. Nancy S. and P. H. were still under guardianship to Abner Miles in Aug. 1828.

Delilah secondly married Abner Miles. He died 16 Oct. 1856 of typhoid fever at age 74. He was a magistrate and postmaster. It is not known if there were children by this marriage. (R-66)

Children - Womack

3508. John Womack

3509. Green Pryor Womack, m(1) Mrs. Ann McIver, m(2) Elizabeth Hatchett, 17 Oct. 1831.

+3510. Nancy S. Womack, b. 31 March 1806, m. Thomas J. Blackwell, 6 Jan. 1831, d. 7 Aug. 1854.

3511. Vashty Womack

3512. P. Henry Womack

3513. Elizabeth Catherine Womack, died as a teenager.



John Kerr (1868) was a minister. He married ------.

Children - Kerr

3514. Hon.) John Kerr; was a Supreme Court Judge.


Isabella Kerr (1869) was born 12 June 1790 in Stony Creek, Caswell Co., NC, and died about 1851 in Caswell Co., NC. She married Christopher William Brooks, son of Christopher Brooks, on 28 Nov. 1812 in Caswell Co., NC. He was born 11 Sept. 1781 and died in Sept. 1837, both in Caswell Co., NC. (R-243)

Children - Brooks

+3515. Iverson Lee Brooks, b. 28 Feb. 1829, m. Bettie A. ------, c. 1855, d. Dec. 1876.



James Graves (1872) married Nancy Slade on 5 April 1820 (or 15 April 1800). He died 1 July 1829. They had 9 children. (R-179)

Children - Graves

3516. Isabella Graves, m. William Graves. See #1863 for descendants.


Isbell Graves (1878) married William Moore. They had more than the one child listed below. (R-179)

Children - Moore

3517. Isbell Moore, under 21 in 1802.



Hon. Solomon Graves (1880) was born 14 Feb. 1784 and died 28 April 1861. He married Mary Cleveland Franklin, daughter of Hon. Jess Franklin and Meekey Perkins, on 10 April 1817. Jess Franklin was U.S. Senator, 1799-1813, and Governor of N.C., 1821-22.

Solomon was a prominent lawyer and esteemed by all. He was in the House of Commons of N.C. in 1818 and 1819, and in the State Senate, 1820-23. He was Clerk and Master of Equity for Surry Co. for 32 years, and one of the Trustees of the State University.

All their children were born in Surry Co., N.C. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3518. Meekey Ann Graves, b. 25 March 1819, m. (Rev.) Miles Foy, d. 22 Feb. 1853.

3519. Sarah Emily Graves, b. 10 March 1821, m. Joseph W. Hackett, d. 1882.

3520. Mary Ursula Graves, b. 6 April 1823, m. (Col.) Harrison M. Waugh, d. 24 June 1851.

3521. Elizabeth Franklin Graves, b. 16 June 1825, d. 22 June 1891.

+3522. Jesse Franklin Graves, b. 31 Aug. 1829, m. Mary Elizabeth Porter, 26 Jan. 1858, d. 8 Nov. 1894.

3523. Margaret Isabella Graves, b. 30 May 1832.

+3524. Barzillai Yancey Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1835, m(1) Mattie Rankin, m(2) Mary B. Moore, 16 Oct. 1876, d. 17 Aug. 1897.


Jeremiah Graves (1881) was born 4 Jan. 1786 and died 23 Sept. 1868. He married Delilah S. Lea. She was born 1 Jan. 1799.

From Caswell Co., NC Wills, 1868 to 1908, Vol. A, pages 16-19, Jeremiah Graves, 1868. The original will was dated 25 April 1860. The children, except Jeremiah, were to receive money. Jeremiah was to receive the home place and land. The will listed the children in the following order: (1) son John L., (2) son Nathaniel S., (3) son-in-law A. C. Lindsey, husband of daughter Elizabeth, now deceased, (4) daughter Hannah Thomas, wife of William Thomas, (5) son Barzillia, (6) son-in-law Haywood Williams, now deceased, and wife daughter Rebecca, (7) son William B., (8) daughter Margaret, wife of Jesse Smith, (9) son Jeremiah.

First Codicil, 5 June 1866, children of Elizabeth already taken care of.

Second Codicil, 11 July 1868, includes wife of Jeremiah in will. Donna is to have use of property in case of Jeremiah's death until her death or she remarries, then to be divided equally among children. Mentions two Lindsey children by name, Nathaniel and Mary, now Lea. (R-212, R-515)

Children - Graves

3525. John Lea Graves, b. 25 Dec. 1816.

+3526. Nathaniel Slade Graves, b. 4 Oct. 1818, m(1) Melissa Strayhorn, 1 July 1840, m(2) Fannie ------, before 1860, d. Aug. 1866.

3527. Barzillai Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1820.

3528. Elizabeth Graves, b. 18 Dec. 1822.

3529. Hannah Graves, b. 25 Dec. 1824.

+3530. William B. Graves, b. 12 March 1827, m(1) Mary Elizabeth Shuford, 30 Aug. 1853, m(2) Sarah Lea, 21 July 1863, d. 14 Oct. 1894.

3531. Rebecca Graves, b. 22 April 1829.

3532. Margaret Graves, b. 5 Aug. 1831.

+3533. Jeremiah Graves, b. 15 April 1835, m. Donna R. Thornton, 13 June 1860.


Isabella ("Ibby") Graves (1882) was born 18 (or 16) March 1788 in Yanceyville, NC, died 26 Dec. 1861 in Caswell Co., NC, and was buried at Kerr Chapel, NC. She married Hosea McNeill (or McNeil or McNeal), son of John McNeill and Auness Lea, on 18 March 1807 in Caswell Co., NC. He was born in June 1785 in Person Co., NC, was baptized in the Baptist Church, died 8 Aug. 1857 in Caswell Co., NC, and was buried in Jonesville, NC. (R-254)

Children - McNeill

3534. Ursula Graves McNeill, m. ------ McCall.

3535. Frances Annis McNeill, b. 1 Aug. 1813, m. ------ Kerr, d. 5 Sept. 1864.

3536. Mary (or Margaret) Irene McNeill, m. ------ Moore.

+3537. Mary Elizabeth McNeill, b. 28 Oct. 1822, m. William Jackson Moore, 22 Dec. 1840, d. 13 June 1895.

3538. Susan Emily McNeill, b. 1828, m. ------ Williams.



John Graves Yancey (1887) was born about 1764 in Orange Co., NC, and died in Nov. 1818 in Giles Co., TN. He married Elizabeth Lightfoot Moore, daughter of John Moore (son of John Moore) of Lunenberg Co., VA, and Caswell Co., NC, and Lucy ------, on 24 Feb. 1789 in Caswell Co., NC. John Yancey was listed in the public records of Caswell Co. until about 1810 when he moved to Giles Co., TN.

The census records showed them in Caswell Co. in 1790 and 1800. A deed record in Caswell Co. in 1801 showed that John bought 33 acres from his brother James, and in 1807 he sold 311 acres to his brother James. An 1812 tax record shows that John was living in Giles Co., TN in 1812. His wife was shown in the 1820 census of Giles Co., TN. (R-226, R-228)

Children - Yancey

3539. Lucy Yancey, b. NC.

3540. Mary ("Polly") Yancey, m. John Flanagan, before 1827 (TN?). Her husband was deeded land by child of John Yancy in 1830 in Giles Co., TN.

3541. Alfred M. Yancey, b. 1789 (NC), m. Lucy Ann ------ (possibly Dodd), c. 1810 (TN). They were in the census records of Giles Co., TN in 1820, 1830, 1832, 1840, 1850, 1860, and he was mentioned in the deed records of the county in 1830.

3542. Nancy Yancey, b.c. 1790 (NC). She was mentioned in the deed records of Giles Co., TN in 1830, was in the census records of Giles Co. in 1830 and 1832, and in the 1840 Lawrence Co., TN census.

3543. John Yancey, b.c. 1792-5 (NC), m. Jane ------. She was b.c. 1800 in VA. John as a child is not proven but is probable. They are in census records for 1810 (in Onslow Co., NC), 1820 (wife living in Swansboro, Onslow Co., NC), 1830 (Onslow Co., NC), 1840 (Rutherford Co., NC), 1850 (Burke Co., NC), 1860 (Burke Co., NC).

3544. James Monroe Yancey, b. 18 Sept. 1797 (NC), m(1) ------, before 1822, m(2) Sarah Newton, 16 July 1828 (Lauderdale Co., AL), d. 16 Nov. 1876 (Tipton Co., TN). Sarah was b.c. 1808 in TN, d. TN, dau. of Samuel Newton and Nancy ------. James was mentioned in deed records of Giles Co., TN in 1830. He was in the 1830 census for Lauderdale Co., AL, and in the Tishomingo Co., MS censuses for 1840, 1841, 1845, and 1850.

3545. Henry Yancey, b.c. 1800 (Caswell Co., NC), m. Sarah Prather, 4 June 1824 (Neely's?, TN), d.c. 1846 (TN). She was b. 18 Jan. 1804 in Caswell Co., NC. Could Sarah Prather have been the same as Sarah Yancey who married James Henry in Shelby Co., TN in 1846? Henry was mentioned in Giles Co., TN deed records in 1830. He was listed in census records for Giles Co., TN in 1830 and 1832, and for Tippah Co., MS in 1840, 1841 and 1845.

+3546. Margarette E. Yancey, b. 28 Aug. 1801, m. David A. Gooch, 27 Feb. 1826, d. 28 Dec. 1841.

3547. Bartlett Yancey, b.c. 1805 (NC), m. Florilla ------, c. 1829-30 (AL?), d. 1869 (Franklin Co., AR). She was b.c. 1808 in TN. Bartlett was mentioned in a deed in 1830 in Giles Co., TN. He was in the census for Lauderdale Co., AL in 1830 and 1832, for Tishomingo Co., MS in 1840, 1841 and 1845, for Madison Co., AR in 1850, and for Sebastian Co., AR in 1860. His wife was listed in Franklin Co., AR in the 1870 census.

3548. Thomas A. Yancey, b.c. 1807 (NC), m. Sarah ------, c. 1833 (?) (TN?). She was b.c. 1803 in NC. He was mentioned in deed records in Giles Co., TN in 1830. He was listed in the census for Hot Springs Co., AR in 1830, 1838 and 1839, and for Champagnole Twp., Dallas Co., AR in 1850.


James Yancey (1888) was born about 1768 (or 1754 or 1772) in Orange Co., NC, and died 27 Oct. 1829 in Caswell Co., NC. He first married Lucy Kerr, daughter of Alexander Kerr (son of Alexander Kerr) and Elizabeth Rice, on 14 Jan. 1794 in Caswell Co., NC. She was born 2 May 1774 in NC. James and Lucy had no children. He secondly married Zilpah Johnston on 24 June 1811 in Caswell Co., NC. Zilpah was a dau. of Dr. Launcelot (or Lancelot) Johnston and Zerurah (or Zeriah) Rice (daughter of Thomas Rice). Dr. Johnston is noted for his outstanding work as a surgeon during the Rev. War.

James served as constable in Caswell Co., NC in 1788, was in the 1790 census of Caswell Co. in 1790, served in the Legislature from Caswell Co. in 1798, was in the 1800 census in Caswell Co., and was named guardian for the children of his brother Thomas (deceased) in Caswell Co. in 1804. He was Justice of the County Court, Caswell Co., 1808-1829, was in the 1810 Caswell Co. census, served in the Legislature in 1811, was in the 1820 Caswell Co. census, and served in the Legislature in 1822. His wife's will and probate rercord is dated 1843.

All the children of James were born in NC, and all, with the possible exception of Elizabeth, in Caswell Co. (R-228)

Children - Yancey, by Zilpah Johnston

3549. James Monroe Yancey, b. 12 March 1812, m. Ann Shuemaker (?), 5 June 1833 (Caswell Co., NC?), d. before 1843 (?). James wasn't mentioned in the will of Zilpah Yancey in 1843, but his name and birth date is recorded in family Bible records, proving relationship.

3550. Elizabeth J. Yancey, b. 18 May 1815, m. James Gunn, 17 May 1831 (Stokes Co., NC), d. before 1843 (?).

3551. Albert Gallatin Yancey, b. 8 Sept. 1817, m. Mary Graves Miles, 1843 (Caswell Co., NC), d. 9 Aug. 1887 (Caswell Co., NC). She was b.c. 1823 in Caswell Co., NC, d. 7 Feb. 1898 in NC, dau. of Abner Miles (son of Jacob Miles) and Delilah Graves (dau. of John Herndon Graves). Albert was in the census for Caswell Co. in 1850 (Yanceyville), 1860 and 1870. His will was recorded 1887 in Caswell Co. There was a Mary Belle Graves, dau. of Elijah Graves and Mary J. Crump, who was b.c. 1850 and m. Albert Gallatin Yancey, Jr.; is that their son?

3552. William Yancey, b. 8 May 1820, m. Demarius R. Oliver, 16 Dec. 1839 (Caswell Co., NC). She was b.c. 1824 in NC, dau. of Reuben Oliver (son of Stephen Oliver) and Nancy Lea (dau. of James, son of John, son of James Lea). He was in the Caswell Co. censuses in 1840, 1860 and 1870 (age 50).

3553. Mildred Ann Yancey, b. 1 Nov. 1827, m. James Malone, 2 Jan. 1827 (Caswell Co., NC), d. before 1856 (NC). He was b. 20 May 1827 in NC, son of James B. Malone (son of Thomas Malone) and Sally B. Murray (dau. of James Murray). Their sons James and John died before adulthood.


Thomas Yancey (1889) was born about 1769 in Orange Co., NC, and died about 1804 in Caswell Co., NC. He first married Keziah (or Kesiah) Simmons, daughter of Thomas Simmons and Priscilla McComas, on 24 Feb. 1789 in Caswell Co., NC. He secondly married Elizabeth Tate (or Tait), daughter of Zephaniah Tait on 10 Feb. 1802 in Caswell Co., NC. After Thomas died, Elizabeth married David Mebane.

Thomas was mentioned as surety for the marriage of his brother John in 1789 in Caswell Co. He was in the census in Caswell Co. in 1800. In 1804 in Caswell Co., his wife was granted 85 acres after the death of her husband. In 1805 in Caswell Co., James and Bartlett Yancey were made guardians of her children. In 1806 in Caswell Co., land was deeded to the heirs of Thomas Yancey, and in 1812 in Caswell Co., the estate distribution was recorded in Deed Book Q, page 442. All his children were born in Caswell Co., NC. (R-228)

Children - Yancey, by Keziah Simmons

3554. James Yancey, b.c. 1790. His name was mentioned in the 1804 guardianship records, and in distribution of his father's estate in 1812. His birth date is estimated, but he definitely seems to have been the oldest son.

3555. Tryon Milton Yancey, b.c. 1794, m. Louisa Ann Flournoy, c. 1820 (TN), d. before 1870 (MS?). She was b.c. 1804 in VA, dau. of Silas Flournoy (son of Samuel Flournoy, son of Jean J. Flournoy) and Martha Cannon (dau. of William Cannon). Tryon was in the Univ. of N.C. Class of 1814, and was a lawyer at Pulaski, Giles Co., TN. He was in the Caswell Co., NC records in 1812 when he inherited "Rice's Old Plantation", in 1816 with mention of Tryon "of Giles Co., TN" deeding land, in 1816 when he deeded land to Bartlett Yancey, and in 1816 with land referred to as Rice's Plantation. He was listed in the census in 1820 in Giles Co., TN, and in Marshall Co., MS in 1840, 1841, 1845, 1850, and 1860.

3556. Priscilla Simmons Yancey, b. 14 Feb. 1796, m. John Graves Howard (#3475), 26 Dec. 1814, d. 28 Dec. 1862. See #3475 for descendants.

3557. Ann Graves Yancey, b. 19 Aug. 1798, m. Ambrose Knox Ramsey, 7 Oct. 1817 (Caswell Co., NC), d. 18 Jan. 1858 (Sumter Co., AL). He was b. 22 Jan. 1795 in Chatham Co., NC, d. 30 Nov. 1885 in MS, son of Matthew Ramsey and Ann Scurlock.

3558. Attelia Yancey, b.c. 1803, m. George Allen Mebane, 25 April 1820 (Orange Co., NC), d. 1882 (Alamance Co., NC). George was son of David Mebane (2nd husband of Attelia's mother, Elizabeth Tait) by a previous marriage. George was b.c. 1791 in NC, son of David Mebane, who was son of Alexander Mebane.


Elizabeth Perry Yancey (1890) was born about 1770 in Orange Co., NC, and died in 1854 in NC. She married Nathaniel Slade on 26 June 1792 in Caswell Co., NC. He fought in the Revolutionary War. He was born 21 Aug. 1761 in MD, and died 18 Aug. 1846, son of Thomas Slade (son of Thomas, son of William Slade) and Hannah Miles. All their children were born in NC. (R-151, R-228)

Children - Slade

3559. Polly Slade, b.c. 1794 (?).

3560. William Slade, b. 7 April 1796.

3561. Thomas Lewis Slade, b. 10 Nov. 1798 (Caswell Co., NC), m. Susan ------.

3562. Nancy Graves Slade, b. 23 March 1801, m. Henry A. Burton, 21 Dec. 1823 (Caswell Co., NC).

3563. Elizabeth Perry Slade, b. 18 Sept. 1803, m. John Cobb, 9 Dec. 1826 (Caswell Co., NC).

3564. Bartlett Yancey Slade, b.c. 1805.

+3565. Hannah Miles Slade, b. 20 Oct. 1808, m. James Samuel Henderson, 4 Dec. 1832, d. 27 March 1850.


Isabel (or Isabelle) Yancey (1891) was born about 1774 in Caswell Co., NC. She first married John Kimbrough, son of John Kimbrough (son of Thomas, son of John Kimbrough) and Mary ------, about 1790 in NC. He died about 1802 in Caswell Co., NC. She secondly married Joseph Collier, son of Thomas Collier and Elizabeth ------, on 17 Sept. 1805 in Caswell Co., NC. All her children were born in NC. (R-228)

Children - Kimbrough

3566. Sally Kimbrough, b.c. 1790, m. James Collier, 5 Sept. 1810 (Caswell Co., NC).

3567. John Kimbrough, b.c. 1792.

3568. Patsy Kimbrough, b.c. 1794, m. William Collier, 13 April 1814 (Caswell Co., NC).

3569. Tabitha Kimbrough, b.c. 1796. This is not the same Tabitha Kimbrough who marrid Henry Hooper in 1830.

Children - Collier

3570. Nancy Ann Collier, m. Eli T. Craig.

3571. Isabel G. Collier, m(1) ------ Tisdale, m(2) Jonathan Craig.

3572. James Yancey Collier, b. 1809, m. Rebecca Wilder, d. 1868 (Marshall Co., TX).


Sarah Yancey (1892) was born about 1777 and died 1812-1813 (definitely before 1816), both in Caswell Co., NC. She married Isaac Rice (or Archibald Rice), son of Nathaniel Rice (son of John Rice) and Susannah Butler (daughter of James Butler), on 6 July 1811 in Caswell Co., NC. (R-228)

Children - Rice

3573. Sarah ("Sally") Rice, b.c. 1812 (NC).


Mary ("Polly") Yancey (1893) was born about 1768 (or 1774) in Orange Co., NC, and died in TN. She first married John Graves on 13 Feb. 1794 in Caswell Co., NC. He may have been #1870, son of Thomas Graves. He died before 1815 in TN. She secondly married Mr. Riddle (or Biddle). (R-228)

Children - Graves

3574. Fannie Y. Graves

3575. Sally Y. Graves


Frances W. (or V.) Yancey (1895) was born about 1780 (or 1784) in Orange Co., NC), and died before 1807 (definitely before 1816). She married Alexander Wiley, son of Thomas Wiley (?), on 2 Oct. 1804 in Caswell Co., NC. After she died, Alexander married Polly Kerr in 1807. Alexander was listed in the 1850 census for Caswell Co., NC. He was born about 1776 in NC, and die after 1850. (R-228)

Children - Wiley

3576. Yancey Wiley, b.c. 1806, m. Ann E. Thompson, 17 Dec. 1831 (Caswell Co., NC).


Hon. Bartlett Yancey, Jr. (1896) was born 19 Feb. 1785 (after his father's death) and died 3 (or 30) Aug. 1828, both in Caswell Co., NC. He married his cousin, Nancy Graves (#1866), daughter of John Herndon Graves and Nancy Slade, on 8 Dec. 1808 in Caswell Co. She was born 3 Dec. 1786 in Caswell Co., NC, and died 8 April 1855. Bartlett attended the Univ. of N.C. and studied law. He was a distinguished lawyer, served in the N.C. Legislature, 1817-27, and was Speaker of the State Senate. He was a member of the U.S. Congress, 1813-1817. Yancey Co., NC, was named in his honor. He was listed in the Caswell Co. census in 1810 and 1820, and his wife was listed in 1830, 1840 and 1850. All his children were born in Caswell Co., NC. (R-177, R-228)

Children - Yancey

3577. Rufus Augustus Yancey, b. 1809, never married, d. 5 Nov. 1829 (NC). Bur. Shockhoe Hill Cem.

+3578. Frances Williams Yancey, b. 31 May 1811, m. Henry McAden, 4 Nov. 1829, d. 3 Oct. 1839.

3579. Caroline L. Yancey, b. 13 Dec. 1812, d.c. 1812.

3580. Curtius Yancey, b. 30 May 1813, d. 6 May 1819 (Caswell Co., NC).

+3581. Algernon Sidney Yancey, b. 28 Jan. 1816, m. Henrietta Williams Graves, 21 May 1838, d. 22 Aug. 1846.

+3582. Mary Catherine Yancey, b. 26 Dec. 1817, m. Giles Mebane, 8 March1837, d. 22 Feb. 1905

3583. Bartlett Yancey, b. June 1819, d. 1819.

3584. Ann Elizabeth Yancey, b. 15 June 1821, m. Thomas J. Womack, 9 July 1855 Caswell Co., NC), d. 1900. He was b. 1831, d. 1889.

3585. Caroline Louisa Yancey, b. 19 Oct. 1823, m. Lemuel M. Mebane (brother of Giles Mebane), 1 Nov. 1841 (Caswell Co., NC), d. 24 Dec. 1843 (NC). He was b. 4 Aug. 1816 in NC, son of James Mebane and Elizabeth Kinchen. She apparently had no children. Lemuel m(2) Mildred Sadler on 20 Jan. 1849.

3586. Virginia Bartlett Yancey, b. 2 Nov. 1826, m. George W. Swepson, 23 Nov. 1842 (Caswell Co., NC), d. 1904. He was a native of Mecklenberg Co., VA. He was b. 23 June 1819 in VA, and d. 7 March 1883. No children recorded on 1850 census. She was given the name Virginia Marie at birth but it was later changed to Virginia Bartlett.



Dr. John L. Graves (1898) was born 12 Feb. 1793. He married Mrs. Martha W. (Graves) Dick, daughter of his uncle Gen. Azariah Graves, in 1824. She was born 2 June 1801 and died in June 1868. She first married Dr. John W. Dick.

John L. Graves graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1814 and moved to Texas. (R-515)


Iverson Lee Graves (1900) was born 20 June 1799. He first married Elizabeth W. Paine of N.C. on 2 Oct. 1828. He secondly married Sarah Ward Dutton of Champion, N.Y. He lived on the old homestead in Newton Co., Ga. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3587. Rebecca Frances Graves, b. 5 July 1829, m. James Gardner Paine, 6 Nov. 1849, d. 20 April 1905.

+3588. Henry Lee Graves, b. 7 July 1842, m. Henrietta D. Milligan, 2 June 1869, d. 16 Dec. 1892.


Solomon Graves (1902) was born 12 Sept. 1803. He first married Miss ------ Lane of Ga. He secondly married Anne ("Annie") Slade Graves (#3491), daughter of Thomas Graves. He thirdly married Miss ------ Goneke. He moved to Randolph Co., Ga., and had at least one child by his first marriage. (R-515)



John Williams Graves (1904) was born 4 March 1792 in Caswell Co., NC, and died 9 Feb. 1847 in Newton Co., GA. He married Martha Eliza ("Patsy") Hinton, daughter of Col. John Hinton of Wake Co., NC, on 26 Oct. 1814. She was born about 1798 in Wake Co., NC, and died 19 (or 18) Jan. 1862 in Rome, GA. He was a very large man, weighing over 400 pounds. He graduated from the University of N.C. in 1814. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3589. James (or Junius) Hinton Graves, b. 11 Aug. 1815, d. 1831.

3590. Robert Hinton Graves, b. 23 Jan. 1817, d. 1831.

3591. Sarah Bryan Graves, b. 21 March 1819, d. 1819.

3592. Elizabeth Williams Graves, b. 27 Aug. 1820 (Atlanta, Ga.), d. Jan. 1901.

+3593. Ann Bryan Graves, b. 7 April 1823, m. John E. Parke, 22 Sept. 1841, d. 23 Jan. 1890.

+3594. John Hinton Graves, b. 19 Oct. 1825, m. Frances Lewis Settle, 5 Sept. 1852, d. 16 Sept. 1868.

+3595. Claudia Hinton Graves, b. 30 April 1828, m. Oliver Hopkins Lee, 8 April 1846, d. 9 May 1891.

3596. James Osgood Andrew Graves, b. 23 Sept. 1830, d. 1834.

3597. Azariah Graves, b. 3 Sept. 1832, m. Sarah ("Sallie") Porter (of Madison, Ga.). No children.

3598. Oscar Hinton Graves, b. 23 March 1835, d. 1882. No children.

+3599. Charles Iverson Graves, b. 26 July 1838, m. Margarette Rockwell Lea, 10 Nov. 1862.


Hon. Calvin Graves (1909) was born 3 Jan. 1804 in Caswell Co., N.C., and died 11 Feb. 1877. He first married Elizabeth Lea of Caswell Co., Va., daughter of John C. Lea, on 9 June 1830. She died 13 June 1858. He secondly married Mrs. Mary L. Lea of Petersburg, Va., on 4 Feb. 1859. She died 22 March 1892.

His biographer says, "When eminent abilities, valuable public services, an unblemished political integrity, and a stern private virtue contribute to adorn the character of an individual, then it is most proper to set it forth prominently as an example to those who would make themselves useful to their fellow men." Hon. Calvin Graves was preeminently a man of sterling worth and ability, well educated, thoroughly equipped as a lawyer, a wise counselor and statesman. He served his state in the Constitutional Convention of 1835, as a member of the House of Commons in 1840, as Speaker of the House in 1842, as a member of the State Senate in 1846 and 1848, and on the Board of Internal Improvements in 1849 and 1850. He was without personal ambition and declined more prominent positions than he accepted, preferring to be a useful rather than a conspicuous citizen. He gained for himself, by a conscientious discharge of every duty, the confidence and esteem of everyone who knew him. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Lea

3600. Caroline H. Graves, b. 26 Jan. 1832, m. Hugh Reid (of Reidville, N.C.), d. 6 Sept. 1864.

3601. John W. Graves, b. 23 June 1833, never married, d. 28 April 1872 (Salt Lake City, Utah).

+3602. George Alexander Graves, b. 28 Jan. 1838, m. Minerva Isabelle Williamson.

3603. Elizabeth Lea Graves, b. 17 Aug. 1840, died young.

3604. Sarah Emily Graves, b. 26 Feb. 1836, d. 24 Nov. 1837.


Azariah Graves, Jr. (1913) was born 10 Aug. 1815 in Caswell Co., NC, and died 8 July 1897. He first married Meekey Harden Slade, daughter of William and Nancy Slade of Rockingham Co., NC, on 26 June 1844. She died 29 April 1845 at the birth of her first child, a son, who also died.

Azariah secondly married Elizabeth Neal, daughter of Zachariah Neal and Rebecca Rice of Caswell Co., on 1 July 1846. She was born 16 or 20 Nov. 1826 in the eastern part of Rockingham Co., NC, and died 15 April 1857 in Caswell Co., NC.

He thirdly married Isabella Howard, daughter of Alexis Howard of Tuskegee, AL, on 17 March 1858. She was born 21 Aug. 1825 and died 8 Oct. 1873. They lived in Ashland, NC. (R-157, R-239, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Meekey H. Slade

3605. son, b. and d. 29 April 1845.

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Neal

+3606. Algernon Sidney Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1848, m. Mary Settle Howard, 11 June 1876, d.c. 1915.

3607. Claudia Kerr Graves, died in infancy.

+3608. Ella Williams Graves, b. 30 Sept. 1850, m. George Nicholas Thompson, 5 Dec. 1884, d. 20 Oct. 1914.

+3609. Rebecca Neal Graves, b. 27 Nov. 1852, m. Thomas Chalmers Neal, 12 Oct. 1876, d. 9 April 1893.

+3610. Azariah Graves, b. 27 Dec. 1854, m(1) Mary Thompson, 31 July 1881, m(2) Effie M. Trogdon, 18 Nov. 1891, d. 19 April 1903.

3611. Elizabeth Neal Graves, b. 7 April 1857, d. 7 April (or 6 Aug.) 1857.



Gen. Thomas Williams Graves (1914) was born 27 Feb. 1801 and died 15 Oct. 1877. He married Mary Graves (#1886), his first cousin, daughter of Barzillai Graves and Ursula Wright, on 17 July 1828. Mary was born 15 Sept. 1798 and died 24 Aug. 1875.

They lived on the homestead of Mary's father, situated about three miles from Yanceyville, N.C. She was born, lived, and died in this same house.

Gen. Graves was a close personal friend of Gen. Andrew Jackson, and from a similarity of characteristics was called "Little Hickory." He held many prominent positions in N.C. (R-17, R-515)

Children - Graves

3612. Barzillai Jackson Graves, b. 7 Feb. 1830, d. 2 May 1847.

3613. Frances M. Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1831, m. James L. McKee (of Asheville, N.C.), 15 June 1852, d. 12 Dec. 1881.

+3614. James Thomas Graves, b. 5 Oct. 1835, m. Louisa Frances Barnes, 4 Aug. 1860, d. 7 Jan. 1914.

3615. Mary Ursula Graves, b. 24 Feb. 1837, m. George W. Pinnix, 18 Sept. 1854, d. 15 May 1882 (Reidville, N.C.). He was b. 25 June 1829, d. 10 April 1898.

3616. John Henry Franklin Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1841, d. 3 May 1863 (of fever at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Va.). Moore's Roster, vol. 1, p. 473 states that he enlisted on 29 April 1861 in Co. A, Regiment 13. Enlisted as private; sergeant when died.


James L. (possibly Lewis) Graves (1915) was born 10 Feb. 1802 (or 182-?) and died 18 April 1853. He first married Elizabeth Miles, daughter of James Miles. (Another source says he first married Elizabeth G. Womack on 12 March 1840, or Elizabeth W. Graves, #1906, on 27 Aug. 1821.) He secondly married Mrs. Frances A. (McNeil) Kerr, daughter of F. M. McNeil, on 7 Nov. 1849. She was the widow of Mr. Kerr, and died 5 Sept. 1869. After James L. Graves died, she had to sue his brother, Thomas W. Graves, who served as executor of James' estate. Case reported in Graves vs. Graves, 58 NC 225, 5 Jones Equity (2509). (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Frances McNeil

3617. Barzillai W. Graves; lived in Danville, Va.

3618. Leonora Graves, m. ------ Scott (of Mebane, N.C.).



Nancy Slade (1931) was born about 1792. She married John Stamps, Jr., son of John Stamps and his second wife Eleanor Leannah Dodson, on 13 Jan. 1808 in Caswell Co., N.C. Her father, Thomas Slade, Jr., gave his consent; Barzillai Graves and Sol DeBow were the bondsmen; Barzillai Graves performed the ceremony.

John and Nancy Stamps made their home at what was known as the "Stamps Quarters" in Locust Hill Township, Caswell Co., N.C. John owned and operated mills and farms, and dealt in land. His land purchases were numerous.

Nancy Stamps and her daughter, Emily, died prior to 10 Nov. 1844; "Old Sister Stamps and her daughter Sister Emily Stamps' funeral preached from Prov. 8, 17th verse, by Rev. Elias Dodson, Jr." John and Nancy Stamps were buried in a plot of ground between the Stamps and Russell plantations. Their graves are unmarked. In Nov. 1844, Isabella Stamps was received into Trinity Baptist Church. In Nov. 1849, Mary Stamps, then the wife of William Hightower, was dismissed.

Much more information on the descendants of Nancy Slade and John Stamps, Jr., can be found in The Stamps Family History and Lineage, by William T. Stamps. (R-179)

Children - Stamps

3619. Emily Stamps, d. before 10 Nov. 1844.

3620. Isabella Stamps, m. William Russell.

3621. Mary Stamps, m. William Hightower, 16 Dec. 1844 (Caswell Co., N.C.).

3622. John Stamps, never married.

3623. Milton Stamps, b. 1810 (Caswell Co., N.C.), m(1) widow Martha P. Stetson, 28 June 1836 (Stokes Co., N.C.), m(2) Ruth Hall, 14 July 1860 (Madison, N.C.), d. 1884.

3624. William Rufus Stamps, b. 1815 (Caswell Co., N.C.), m. Martha Frances Moore, 17 June 1845 (Caswell Co., N.C.), d. 1879.

3625. Thomas Slade Stamps, b. 1813 or 1814 (Caswell Co., N.C.), m(1) Margaret Albany Mahaffey, c. 8 March 1842 (probably Washington Co., Va.), m(2) Margaret Thornton Tankersley, c. 1849 (Hancock Co., Tenn.), d. after 25 April 1871 (Knoxville, Tenn.).



Ann Pettus ("Nancy") Graves (1933) was born 13 May 1781 and died 24 July 1858. She married Charles Thompson (or Thomson), son of William Thompson and Frances Jackson Mills, on 14 Dec. (or Feb.) 1800 in Louisa Co., Va. He was born 27 March 1773 and died 9 April 1844.

Children - Thompson

3626. America Thompson, b. 3 Nov. 1800, d. Aug. 1871.

3627. William G. Thompson, b. 30 April 1804, d. July 1884.

+3628. George Overton Thompson, b. 20 Dec. 1805, married, d. 7 July 1892.

3629. Frances Ann Thompson, b. 5 Dec. 1807, d. 1808.

3630. Albert Nelson Thompson, b. 15 Oct. 1809, d. Dec. 1858.

3631. Mary Jackson Thompson, b. 25 Jan. 1812.

3632. Amelia Overton Thompson, b. 3 Sept. 1814.

3633. Charles Mills Thompson, b. 23 Dec. 1816.

3634. Nathaniel Thompson, b. 11 July 1819.

3635. James Henry Thompson, b. 20 Aug. 1822, d. Feb. 1905.


Caswell Thomas Graves (1934) married Delphia ("Delphy") Eads, daughter of Thomas Eads and Elizabeth Rutherford, on 28 July 1806 in Louisa Co., Va.

Children - Graves

3636. Sarah Graves, m. Samuel Dehart.


Hulda Graves (1936) was born 24 Feb. 1788 in Va., and died 7 July 1852 in Christian Co., Ky. She married James C. Hall on 22 Dec. 1809 in Louisa Co., Va. (Marr. Records, 1797-1850, p. 138). He was born 4 ---- 1782 in Va., and died 26 March 1860 in Christian Co., Ky. They were both buried in Hall Cem., Pembroke, Ky. He secondly married Elizabeth C. Williams on 28 April 1856. Their first 4 children listed below were born in Louisa Co., Va., and the next 2 in Christian Co., Ky. (R-109)

Children - Hall

+3637. Addison Franklin Hall, b. 28 Aug. 1810, m(1) Susan Jones, c. 1835, m(2) Rebecca M. Jones, 21 July 1850, m(3) Anna Stell Rupley, 28 June 1868, d. 29 Oct. 1887.

+3638. Charles G. Hall, b. 26 Nov. 1811, m(1) Elizabeth Jones, Sept. 1835, m(2) Maggie L. O'Neal, 1883, d. 5 Oct. 1889.

+3639. Adelia Ann Hall, b.c. 1814, m. Madison B. Vass, 31 March 1834.

+3640. Eliza S. Hall, b.c. 1819, m. James Thomas Gill, 15 Sept. 1851.

3641. James M. Hall, b. 11 Oct. 1821, m. L. J. ------, d. 19 Dec. 1860 (Christian Co., Ky.).

3642. Sarah A. Hall, b.c. 1825, m. T. G. Alexander, 9 Aug. 1846. He was b. 23 Aug. 1822 and d. 24 March 1862.

3643. Susan E. Hall, m. John G. Hancock, 26 June 1849. He was b. 1820, d. 1862, bur. Hall Cem., Pembroke, Ky.

+3644. America J. Hall, m. Augustus Gustavus Snowden Calmes, 17 Dec. 1845, possibly d. before 1860.


Amelia ("Milley") Graves (1937) was born 8 Feb. 1790 and died 14 Sept. 1843. She first married James Wash on 28 Jan. 1805 in Louisa Co., VA, by Rev. John Lasley. Martin Wash was surety for the bond and Harrison Graves was the witness (Marriages of Louisa Co., 1766-1815, by Williams.). She secondly married Mills Tandy on 17 Dec. 1805 in Louisa Co., VA. (R-510)

Children - Tandy

+3645. Mary Elizabeth Tandy, b. 1818, m. Willis Wilson Chastain.


Joseph Robert Pettus Graves (1938) was born 4 June 1792 and died 14 July 1855. He first married Mary Ann ("Polly") Pettus (#2064), a second cousin, in 1812. She died 18 Dec. 1844.

He secondly married Mary Elizabeth ("Bettie") Smoot, daughter of John Smoot and Lucy Buckner Thornton, on 13 April 1845. After he died, his widow secondly married Maj. William E. Davenport of the Union Army. There were no children from this marriage. She died 14 July 1874.

According to Mrs. Mallinckrodt, Bettie (Smoot) Graves has a very interesting ancestry. It was one of her family connections who helped J. J. Audubon out financially when he was turned down as a poor risk by banks. They had been friends since childhood. To show his appreciation, Audubon did a portrait of "his friend" and it now hangs in the home of Mrs. Robert Cooke of Clarksville, Tenn. (R-9, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Mary A. Pettus

+3646. Joseph Monroe Graves, m. Lucy Ann Smoot.

3647. William Pettus Graves, b. 14 Aug. 1814, d. 5 April 1876.

3648. Caswell Graves, never married, d. 11 June 1841.

+3649. Robert Nelson Graves, b. 26 Sept. 1824, m. Maria Louisa Bowles, 1846, d. 5 July 1894.

Children - Graves, by Mary E. Smoot

+3650. John Otho Graves, b. 17 June 1846, m. Margaret Anna Cummins, 7 April 1870, d. 11 June 1902.

+3651. Samuel Overton Graves, b. 14 Sept. 1852, m. Elizabeth McCarroll, d. 9 Sept. 1889.


James Otho Graves (1940) was born 7 Oct. 1798 in Louisa Co., Va., and was buried (or died) 20 Aug. 1875 in Quincy, Ill. He married Ann ("Annie") Mills Perry, daughter of James Perry and Nancy Tandy. She was born 28 Aug. 1793. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3652. Ann Elizabeth Graves, m. ------ Bagby.

3653. Virginia Graves, m. ------ McIntyre.

3654. Lucinda Graves, m. ------ Hall.

+3655. Henry L. Graves, married.

+3656. Warner Graves, married.

3657. Lavinia Graves, died young.

3658. Joseph Graves, died young.

3659. James Graves

+3660. Washington Clay Graves, b. 24 March 1834, m. Sarah Ellen Thompson, 18 May 1858, d. 7 Nov. 1905.



Susannah Hancock (1941) was born 7 Aug. 1779 in Louisa Co., Va., and died 16 July 1849 in Franklin Co., Ky. She married Henry Crutcher. He was born 15 Feb. 1780 and died 11 April 1852. They were both buried in a cemetery located on the Old Poynter Place near Ducker's Station, off Lexington Road, in Franklin Co., Ky. The following list of children is from a Bible record owned by Mrs. H. J. Lunger of Louisville, Ky. (R-122)

Children - Crutcher

3661. Levi Crutcher, b. 24 Jan. 1803, m. Rebecca Dixon.

3662. Henry Crutcher, b. 30 July 1804.

3663. Bartlett Crutcher, b. 3 Sept. 1806, m. Mary Hancock, 13 Dec. 1840.

3664. Jepthah Crutcher, b. 5 Dec. 1808.

3665. Leatisha (or Lititia) Crutcher, b. 12 Sept. 1810.

3666. Henry Harrison Crutcher, b. 1 Feb. 1813.

3667. Elisann Crutcher, b. 28 June 1815, m. William Monroe, d. 7 Oct. 1860 (tombstone).

+3668. Thomas Graves Crutcher, b. 27 Dec. 1817, m. Nancy Grubbs Wilson, 18 April 1849, d. 31 Oct. 1891.

3669. John Hancock Crutcher, b. 8 July 1820, m. Mary French, 10 Jan. 1850.


Joel Hancock (1943) was born 15 March 1788 in Ky., and died 12 Oct. 1863 in Butler Co., Ohio. He first married Sarah Jane Lintner (or Litner), sometimes called Jane, daughter of Peter Lintner and Mary ------, on 11 Jan. 1816 in Butler Co. She was born 5 May 1793 in Pa., and died 5 May 1821 in Butler Co., Ohio. They were both buried in the Hancock Graveyard.

He secondly married Sarah Hill (or Hall), daughter of John Hill and Elizabeth ------, on 22 March 1822 in Butler Co., Ohio. She was born about 1800 in S.C., and died 19 Nov. 1872. (R-122)

Children - Hancock, by Sarah J. Lintner

3670. Harriet Hancock, b. 5 Nov. 1817 (Butler Co., Ohio, m. Ezra Clark, 7 Oct. 1835 (Butler Co., Ohio), d. 1899 (Butler Co., Ohio).

+3671. Alfred Hancock, b. 17 Sept. 1818, m. Mary Emeline DeCamp, 21 Jan. 1845, d. 19 Aug. 1888.

3672. Christopher Hancock

Children - Hancock, by Sarah Hill

3673. Robert T. Hancock, b. 1823, m. Elizabeth A. Urmston, 16 Nov. 1854 (Butler Co., Ohio), d. 18 Sept. 1899 (Butler Co., Ohio). Bur. Hancock Graveyard.

3674. John Hancock, b. 1829.

3675. Nancy Hancock, b. 1832, m. Joseph Urmston (?), 25 Dec. 1854.

3676. Margaret E. Hancock, b. 2 March 1835 (Butler Co., Ohio), m. John C. Ross, d. 15 April 1870 (Butler Co., Ohio). Bur. Hancock Graveyard.

3677. Mary A. Hancock, b. 1836.

3678. Elizabeth C. Hancock, b. 2 May 1838 (or 1837), d. 7 Sept. 1863 (Butler Co.,Ohio). Bur. Hancock Graveyard.

3679. Frances A. Hancock, b. 26 April 1839 (Ohio), d. 5 Sept. 1863 (Butler Co., Ohio).

3680. Joel B. Hancock, b. 3 Sept. 1841 (or 1840)(Butler Co., Ohio), m. Mary P. Brown, 24 Jan. 1867 (Butler Co., Ohio), d. 6 Jan. 1927 (Greensburg, Decatur Co., Ind.). Bur. 8 Jan. 1927 in South Park Cem.

3681. James K. (or Joseph Riley) Hancock, b. 1843, m. Lotta M. Whittaker.

3682. Martha A. ("Mattie") Hancock, b. March 1845 (or 1846)(Ohio), m. Samuel N. Pennell, 14 Oct. 1875 (Butler Co., Ohio), d. 7 July 1877 (Morgan Co., Ind.). Bur. Hancock Cem.


Isabella Hancock (1945) was born about 1790-93, probably in Ky., and died about 1823-4 in Butler Co., Ohio. She married Henry Clem on 2 April 1812 in Butler Co., Ohio.

Henry Clem was a son of John Clem, who was born about 1753. During the Revolutionary War, John Clem was living in Maryland, where he served for 3 years as a private in the Maryland Troops under Capt. Stricker. John Clem died 18 April 1827 in Butler Co., Ohio, and his will was signed in German as "Johannust Clem" and admitted to probate 1 May 1827 as John Clem.

Henry Clem was born 17 Sept. 1788 near Lexington, Ky., and died 20 Sept. 1855 in Warren Co., Ind. After the death of Isabella, he married Martha Carmichael on 30 June 1825 in Butler Co., Ohio, and had four more children. (R-122)

Children - Clem

+3683. Bartlett Clem, b. 11 May 1813, m. Nancy Osborn, 20 Sept. 1838, d. 18 Feb. 1873.

3684. George Clem, b.c. 1816 (Ohio), m. Louisa Jane Alexander, 2 May 1843 (Warren Co., Ind.). He was living in Bates Co., Mo. when he received share in father's estate, 14 Jan. 1860.

3685. Samuel Clem, b. 28 March 1819 (Butler Co., Ohio), m. Nancy Dixon, 12 Oct. 1842, d. 16 Oct. 1894 (Danville, Ill.). Bur. Masonic Cem. near State Line City, Warren Co., Ind. She was b. 17 July 1820, d. 27 Jan. 1896.

3686. Phoebe Clem, m. ------ Dixon. She was living 21 Dec. 1859 when she received share as heir.

3687. Zachariah Clem, m. Alcy Jane Dixon, 27 April 1843 (Warren Co., Ind.). He was living 24 Jan. 1859 when he received share as heir.



Braxton P. Hall (1958) was born 12 March 1786, and died 20 May 1859 in Lafayette Co., Mo. He married Catherine Shroyer about 1810. She was born 18 March 1790 in Maryland, and died 9 Dec. 1853 in Lafayette Co., Mo. (R-182)

Children - Hall

+3688. Mary Ann Hall, b. 7 Jan. 1812, m. George C. Fletcher, 29 Oct. 1832, d. 9 July 1899.

+3689. Eliza Jane Hall, b. 22 Oct. 1829, m. William Smith Thomas, 15 Jan. 1846, d. 2 Aug. 1910.



John Leathers Graves (1963) was born 10 April 1807 in Kenton Co., Ky., and died 29 Jan. (or June) 1890 in Middleton, Ohio. He first married Maria W. Graves (#1443) of Boone Co., Ky., daughter of Joseph Graves and Malinda Watts, on 4 Feb. 1836. She was born 14 Dec. 1814 and died 27 Dec. 1854. They settled near Middleton, Ohio. He secondly married Martha Lucas. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by Maria W. Graves

3690. Lou Anna Graves, b. 3 March 1837, m. William Duncan (of Boone Co., Ky.), d. 26 Jan. 1882 (Burlington, Ky.).

3691. Melinda Graves, b. 23 Aug. 1838, d. 28 Aug. 1838.

3692. Joseph Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1839, d. 26 Feb. 1840.

3693. John L. Graves, b. 6 March 1841, married. No children.

3694. Thomas Bartlett Graves, b. 17 March 1843.

3695. Bettie Graves, b. 5 Feb. 1845, m. Daniel Webster (of Ohio), d. 16 April 1875.

3696. Owen Graves, b. 3 March 1847, d. 27 Sept. 1854.

3697. Charlie Graves, b. 20 April 1849, d. 22 June 1849.

Children - Graves, by Martha Lucas

3698. Hannah Bell Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1858, m. Charles Selby, 31 Dec. 1890 (Lakewood, Ohio).

3699. Kate Alice Graves, b. 17 March 1860, m. Clarence Childs, 29 Dec. 1886 (Middleton, Ohio).

3700. Clara Jane Graves, b. 25 Aug. 1862, m. Urban Myers, 16 March 1892 (Dayton, Ohio).

3701. Elizabeth Graves, b. 16 March 1864, d. 10 March 1876.

3702. Martha Graves, b. 7 May 1866. Lived in Lakewood, Ohio.

3703. Minta Lavinia Graves, b. 16 July 1868, m. ------ Cox. Lived in Lakewood, Ohio.

3704. Samuel Lucas Graves, b. 25 March 1871.


Milton White Graves (1965) was born 22 Aug. 1809 in Kenton Co., Ky., and died 13 Dec. 1893 near Florence, Ky. He married Catherine A. Osborn. She died in 1879. He was a prosperous farmer living near Florence, Ky. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3705. Alonzo Graves, b. Nov. 1838, m. Mary E. Hoggins, d. 16 Oct. 1921.

+3706. John B. Graves, b. 1840, m. Mary J. Osborn, d. Feb. 1916.

3707. George T. Graves, b. Nov. 1842, d. 23 April 1910. Lived in Georgetown, Ky.

+3708. Warren C. Graves, b. Oct. 1845, m(1) Lennie Osborn, m(2) Fannie Hoggins, 1914.

3709. Benjamin O. Graves, b. June 1847, m. ------ Tolbert (of Harrison Co.), 1918. Lived in Wichita, Kans.

+3710. Joseph H. Graves, b. Aug. 1849, m. Louisa Ann Graves.

3711. Anna M. Graves, b. May 1854, m. W. A. Price. Lived in Florence, Ky.


Joseph Addison Graves (1968) was born 15 Nov. 1814 in Kenton Co., KY, and died 19 March 1867. He married Anna C. Harrison of Boone Co., KY, daughter of Rev. Joseph Harrison. She died 31 March 1893 at Florence, KY. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3712. Louisa Ann Graves, b. May 1844, m. Joseph H. Graves (#3710).

+3713. Charles Addison Graves, b. Dec. 1845, m. Ellen Armistead, d. 31 May 1922.

3714. C. Fannie Graves, b. 1849, m. Robert Latham (of VA), 1873, d. 15 Jan. 1908.


Mary Jane Graves (1970) was born 1829 in Barren Co., Ky. She married Dr. W. A. Williams. He was born in 1822 in Barren Co., Ky. (Information from Ky. Genealogy and Biography, vol.2, ed. by T. W. Westerfield, p. 226.) (R-101)

Children - Williams

3715. Prof.) J. Tom Williams, b. 13 Nov. 1856 (Barren Co., Ky.).



William Beeler, Sr. (1976) was born 26 Sept. 1796 in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky., and died 3 March 1878 in McLean Co., Ill. He first married Mary Hall on 12 May 1818. She was born 25 Dec. 1794 in Ky., and died May 1824, probably in Fayette Co., Ky. He secondly married Elizabeth Sheely. (R-24)

Children - Beeler

+3716. Morgan Washington Beeler, b. 31 March 1824, m. Mrs. Fidelia Anna (Parker) McClure, 27 Aug. 1848, d. 25 Oct. 1860.


Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") Beeler (1977) was born 4 Oct. 1797 (in Ky., according to the census), and died 26 July 1881 in McLean Co., Ill. She married William E. Henry on 12 May 1818 in Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio. He was born 25 Dec. 1794 in England, died 23 April 1846, and was buried in East Twin Grove Cem., Section 35, Dry Grove Township, McLean Co., Ill. He lived in England, Farquer Co., Md., Ohio, and Illinois. A pension application by his wife states he was in the War of 1812 in Capt. Asquith's Co. of Sharpshooters, Aug. 19-Nov. 18, 1814. He was a farmer. (R-1)

Children - Henry

3717. William E. Henry, Jr., b. 6 Feb. 1819 (Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio), m. Elizabeth Snell, 1843 (Knox Co., Ill.), d. 20 Aug. 1895 (of diabetes). She was b. 2 April 1824 and d. 22 Feb. 1898. 6 children.

3718. Samuel Henry, b. 28 Jan. 1823, m. Margaret ------, d. after 1907 (Rockford, Ill.). 1 or more children.

3719. George Washington Henry, b. 27 June 1825 (Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio), m. Harriet Susan Bush, 23 Oct. 1851, d. 26 March 1916 (Bloomington, McLean Co., Ill.). She was b. 27 May 1830 and d. 1897. 9 children.

3720. Mary Elizabeth Henry, b. 23 March 1827 (Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio), m. S. H. Brown, 25 Dec. 1850, d. 7 Jan. 1881. He was b. 1827 and d. 1854. 6 children.

3721. Edward Henry, b. 23 Nov. 1829 (Oxford, Butler Co., Ohio), d. 2 Feb. 1854 (Liahana, Hawaii, of consumption).

3722. John Wesley ("Wes") Henry, b. 5 July 1832 (Twin Grove, McLean Co., Ill.), m. Hannah McAllister, 18 Nov. 1858, d. 8 Jan. 1926 (Yale, Iowa). 4 children.

3723. Caroline Henry, b. 23 Sept. 1834 (Twin Grove, McLean Co., Ill.), m. John Hamilton, d. 19 Nov. 1886 (Panora, Iowa). He was b. 1823 and d. 1899. 3 children.

+3724. Juliet E. Henry, b. 28 Feb. 1838, m. Rush Washington Graham, 4 April 1866, d. 5 June 1922.



Harvey (or Henry) Cloud Graves (1986) was born 17 (or 19) Feb. 1804 in Fayette Co., Ky., and died 14 Aug. 1885 in Georgetown, Scott Co., Ky. He first married Lucinda Garth of Scott Co., Ky. in 1829. She died after the birth of their first child. He secondly married Martha Rebecca (or Rachel) Crockett, daughter of Newbold Crockett and Rachel Nutter (or Nulter), on 7 March 1837 in Georgetown, Ky. She was born in 1821 in Fayette Co., and died in 1907 in Georgetown. They were both buried in Georgetown Cem. She continued to live at Georgetown after her husband's death. All their children were born in Georgetown, Ky., and they all died there except for Margaret who died in Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky.

The following newspaper article about Harvey C. Graves' house appeared in The Lexington Leader, date unknown.

Georgetown College Chief's Home Was Antique Shop, Owned By Elks

Harvey C. Graves, who built the house now occupied by Georgetown College President and Mrs. Robert Mills, was "one of the most active and valuable men in his community", according to the Biographical Encyclopedia of 1879. "Few matters of interest in his county have not felt his interest," the volume continues.

The East Main Street house which Graves built for his family was one of the Georgetown homes visited by the Kentucky Heritage Commission tour last weekend.

The classical house with its chaste lines remained the home of the Graves family for 47 years. During the present century it belonged in the family of Linnie Hall Anderson and her daughter Mary Anderson Smith for 42 years.

It was owned by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks for four years, D. B. Knox for five years, and the home of Georgetown College's president for the past five years.

Harvey C. Graves was one of Scott County's wealthiest citizens. Nevertheless, the Biographical Encyclopedia records that he was "a man of great simplicity of character, making no display of himself..."

Graves, for many years the largest hemp grower in this part of the country, "made the world better for his having lived in it," according to the book.

One of Graves' first civic projects was to help establish Georgetown College. He made one of the initial donations and was a trustee for several years.

A founder of Farmers' Bank, Graves was a member of its board of directors until his death. When Warrendale Female Seminary was founded in 1847, he was a member of its board.

Graves was a benevolent Yankee and stood by the Union when the prevailing mood in Georgetown was that of the Confederacy. But when the war was over, his generosity toward impoverished Confederates became almost legendary. He came to the aid of Alexander Keene Richards, famous horse breeder, when Richards went bankrupt during the Civil War because of his contributions to the Confederacy.

Graves was born in 1804, fourth of the seven children of John Graves, a youthful pioneer of Fayette Co. whose recollections form a significant section of the Draper Manuscripts.

In 1829, the year of Georgetown College's establishment, Graves married Lucinda Garth, daughter of John Garth. After her death, he married Martha R. Crockett. They had two daughters, Elenora, who married James H. Kenney, and Isadora, wife of John W. Berkley.

In 1859 Graves purchased two Main Street lots, one from the city board of education for $865 and the other from neighbor Paul Rankins for $1,000.

He deeded an interest in 1883 to his daughter Isadora, after which her interest was deeded to her mother, Martha Graves. The Berkleys received title again and held it until J. W. Berkley's death in 1907. At that time D. B. Knox bought it for $5,500. (R-53, R-515)

Children - Graves

3725. Albert Graves, died young.

+3726. Eleanora Martha Graves, b. Aug. 1838, m. James H. Kenney, 1855, d. 1900.

3727. Margaret Isadora Graves, b. 1840, m. John Wesley Berkley, 20 Dec. 1859, d. 1897.

3728. Helena E. Graves, b. 18 June 1842, d. 25 Oct. 1846.

3729. Claudius C. Graves, b. 3 May 1844, d. 13 April 1845.

3730. Gara Ophelia (or Garafelia) Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1846, d. 7 Oct. 1856.


Judge George W. C. Graves (1989) was born 8 March 1810 (or 11 March 1808) and died in 1894. He first married Sidney Jane Daugherty on 7 Oct. 1829. She was brought up by Ex-Gov. James F. Robinson of Georgetown, KY, and died in Dec. 1882. He secondly married Miss ------ Shropshire of Bourbon Co., Ky.

He lived at Donerail, Fayette Co., KY, on part of the land owned by his father and grandfather. He served three terms as Judge of Fayette Co. and entered upon a fourth but resigned. He was a Deacon of the Cane Run Baptist Church. (R-245, R-246, R-515)

Children - Graves, by Sidney J. Daugherty

3731. Col.) John Robinson Graves, b. 6 Aug. 1831 (Donerail, Fayette Co., KY), m. Mary Elizabeth Tarleton, 6 June 1854, d. 17 March 1908 (Lexington, Fayette Co., KY). Bur. Lexington, KY.

+3732. Fielding Louis Graves, b. 19 July 1833, m. Sarah Leota Nay, 18 Feb. 1877, d. 27 Dec. 1913.

3733. Francis ("Frank") Harvey Graves, b. 17 May 1836 (Donerail, Fayette Co., KY), never married, d. 18 July 1895.

+3734. Henry Clay Graves, b. 5 March 1838 (Donerail, KY), d. 18 Sept. 1898 (Bannock City, MT). Lived in Bannock City.

3735. Margaret Jane Graves, b. 29 April 1840 (KY), m. George A. Sprake.

+3736. James Daugherty Graves, b. 11 July 1842, m. Teresa C. Parker, 9 Nov. 1869, d. 22 Feb. 1922.

3737. Georgette Eliza Graves, b. 13 Nov. 1844 (Frankfort, KY), m. John T. Hogg. Lived in Frankfort, KY.

3738. Irene H. E. Graves, b. 3 May 1847 (KY), d. 24 March 1852.



Rebecca Graves (1990) was born about 1773 and died in April 1850, both in Sussex Co., Va. She married Willis Adkins, son of John Adkins and Elizabeth Partridge, on 13 July 1793 in Sussex Co. He was born 18 Jan. 1766, was christened 12 Feb. 1766 in Albemarle Parish, and died in 1819, all in Sussex Co., Va. He was a farmer. All their children were born, married, and died in Sussex Co., Va.

Kenneth B. Graves (R-221) believes that the Adkins family were Indians. He said that the Indians of the Powhatan Nation (Pamunkey, Chickahominy, Mattaponi) are all named Adkins. Most of the North Carolina Adkins are Indians also. (R-63)

Children - Adkins

3739. Mary Adkins, b.c. 1794, m(1) Thomas Pennington, 6 Nov. 1810, m(2) Thomas Moore, 6 Jan. 1836, d. 1 June 1855.

3740. John G. Adkins, b. 17 June 1796, m. Nancy T. Chambliss, 15 Oct. 1816, d. 9 Aug. 1854.

+3741. Martha Moore Adkins, b.c. 1798, m. William L. Williams, 7 Dec. 1820, d.c. 1860.

3742. Lucy G. Adkins, b. 7 June 1805, m. Henry Pennington, 27 Sept. 1826, d. 2 Oct. 1843.

3743. Thomas W. Adkins, b.c. 1807, m. Elizabeth Marable, 30 Dec. 1828, d. by 1847.

3744. Willis Adkins, b.c. 1809, m. Susanna E. Potts, 5 Sept. 1834, d. by Nov. 1880.

3745. David G. Adkins, b.c. 1811, m. Polly Graves, 23 Feb. 1831, d. by Aug. 1854.


Sally Graves (1991) married ------ Chambliss.

Children - Chambliss

3746. Nancy T. Chambliss



John Graves Chambliss (2006) was born in 1800 in Sussex Co., Va., died 19 May 1865 in Calhoun Co., Ark., and was probably buried in Salem Cem., Bearden, Ouachita Co., Ark. He married Celia Jane Mabry Cain, daughter of John Cain and Celia Jane Mabry, in 1818. She was born 11 Oct. 1804 in Va., died 11 Aug. 1884 in Ouachita Co., Ark., and was also buried in Salem Cem. In addition to the children listed below, there may also have been a John, and another James ("Jim"). The first child listed below was born in Va., and the others in Tenn. (R-59)

Children - Chambliss

3747. William Winfield Chambliss, b. 11 Nov. 1819, m. Sophie Elizabeth Culp, 9 Aug. 1841, d. 29 July 1903.

3748. Mary Chambliss, b. 1828, m(1) ------ Gallagher.

3749. Nathaniel Chambliss, b. 1833.

3750. Thomas Chambliss, b. 1835, m. Adelia C. Bell, 1853.

3751. Rebecca Jane Chambliss, b. 19 May 1839, m. James C. Culp, Sr., 7 Feb. 1861, d. 5 Dec. 1910 (Ouachita Co., Ark.). Bur. Salem Cem., Bearden, Ouachita Co., Ark.

3752. James Harrison Chambliss, b. 21 March 1842 (Bolivar, Hardeman Co., Tenn.), m. Cynthia Ann James, 22 Dec. 1867 (Calhoun Co., Ark., Bk. B, p. 12), d. 25 Dec. 1929 (Ark.). Bur. Salem Cem., Bearden, Ark.

+3753. Sarah N. Chambliss, b. 15 March 1846, m. George W. Fletcher, c. 1864, d. 14 Dec. 1913.



George Graves (3) was born 30 May 1796 and died 19 Feb. 1845. He married Nancy Booth Tyus, daughter of Thomas Tyus and Frances ------, on 1 Oct. 1818. She was born 18 Nov. 1790. (R-267)

Children - Graves

3754. Richard Thomas Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1819, d. 23 Dec. 1822.

3755. William Henry Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1822, d. 11 Nov. 1826.

3756. Thomas Blunt Graves, b. 6 April 1827.

3757. Richard Hill Graves, b. 30 Oct. 1828.

+3758. Elizabeth Frances Graves, b. 19 Sept. 1830, m. Thomas Rose, 5 Jan. 1853, d. Feb. 1899.

3759. Eldridge Blunt Graves, b. Oct. 1832, d. 1 Oct. 1836.

3760. James Franklin Graves, b. 13 Sept. 1837.

3761. son (unnamed), b. 30 May 1839, d. 15 Aug. 1839.



Mary Louisa Graves (2014) was born in 1823 in Tenn., and died 13 July 1873. She married Pleasant New, Jr. He was born 1810-12. (R-46)

Children - New

3762. Laura Ann Elizabeth New, m. James O. Thomas. Lived in Miss. in 1928, and probably also in 1870.

3763. Mary Louisa New

+3764. Thomas Graves New, b. 6 Sept. 1848, m. Mary Frances Parsons, d. 15 Sept. 1928.

3765. Nancy New, m. D. G. Thomas.

3766. Charles E. New

3767. Pleasant New III, b. after 1860.

3768. child, died young.

3769. child, died young.



William Graves Bouldin (2028) was born 21 March 1792 in Henry Co., VA, and died 30 Sept. 1857 in Chappell Hill, TX. He married Elizabeth Purnell Hammond on 11 July 1821. She was born 23 Sept. 1803, and died 17 Aug. 1855, and was buried in Routt Cem., Chappell Hill, TX. (R-203)

Children - Bouldin

+3770. Sallie M. Bouldin, b. 1844, m. Warren Dent Kimbrough, c. 1863, d. 1893.



Joseph East (2031) was born 5 Jan. 1794 in Henry Co., Va., and died 12 Nov. 1868, probably in the Savannah, Tenn. area, since their family and nephews and nieces were also in the area. He was probably the first of the Easts to move to the Giles Co. area of Tenn. There is a Maury Co. court record showing a Joseph East there on 7 May 1815. (Maury Co. is just north of Giles Co.)

Joseph married Mildred Payne, sister of Elizabeth Payne who married Joseph's brother John, on 19 Nov. 1816. Mildred was born 26 Dec. 1794 in Va., and died 5 April 1866, probably in the Savannah, Tenn. area. They were both buried in the Savannah Cem. After the death of John and Elizabeth, Joseph and Mildred raised their orphaned children. (R-85)

Children - East

+3771. Elizabeth Ann East, b. 23 Oct. 1828, m. Archibald Garrick McDougal, 15 Sept. 1845, d. 31 May 1855.


John East (2032) was born 8 June 1795 in Henry Co., Va., and died 11 Oct. 1827 in Giles Co., Tenn. He married Elizabeth Payne, daughter of Reuben Payne, on 30 Nov. 1816 in Va., probably Henry Co. She was also born in Va., and died 31 May 1829 in Giles Co. They moved to Giles Co., Tenn. in 1823 with their four oldest children. After they died, their eight children were raised by John's brother Joseph and Elizabeth's sister Mildred. (R-85)

Children - East

+3772. Thomas East, b. 1817, m. Mary E. ------, c. 1838, d. 1860.

+3773. Rubin East, b. 12 March 1819, m. Harriet Knight Young, c. 1840, d. 23 July 1896.

+3774. Sarah Ann East, b. 1820, m. Sam Ruth, by 1842.

+3775. Joseph East, Jr., b. Feb. 1823, m. Margaret ------, c. 1842, d. after May 1900.

+3776. Mary Jane East, b. 1824, m. Eli F. Edmiston, c. 1843, d. 1860's.

3777. William Payne East, b. 1825, d. 1825-30.

+3778. Nancy East, b. 13 Feb. 1826, m. Thomas H. Mabry, c. 1845, d. 13 Aug. 1891.

+3779. John Harston East, b. June 1827, m. Rebecca Angeline Young, d. after May 1900.


Maria East (2037) was born 7 Oct. 1803 in Henry Co., Va., and died after 1858. She married an Abernathy, probably in Giles Co., Tenn. There were eighteen Abernathy families in Giles Co. in 1830, so it is difficult to determine which of these provided Maria's husband. She probably had not been married at the time of the 1830 census, since there were two girls of her age living with her folks when the census was taken; the only daughters Thomas East had who were not known to be married and who fit the 20-29 age bracket at the time of the census were Maria and Evelyn. There was a James Abernathy family who lived nearby and who had a son of the right age to have been Marie's husband. Also, the next door neighbor of this James Abernathy family was a Thomas L. Webb family. If the wife in this Webb family was Marie's sister Elizabeth, then it would be a strong lead as to which of the many Abernathy families Marie married into. In any case, Marie lived near Lynnville, Giles Co., Tenn. in the 1850's. (R-85)


Thomas Martin East (2039), probably named after his deceased brother Thomas Massey East, was born 15 June 1810 in Henry Co., Va., and died after 1850. He married Sarah Jane Alderson on 8 Oct. 1829 in Maury Co., Tenn. Mr. J. H. Walker was the bondsman. The National Banner newspaper of 17 Oct. 1829 noted this marriage and referred to Thomas as "Capt. Thomas East." Sarah was born about 1812 in Tenn. They lived in Wayneboro, Tenn. after their marriage until sometime in the 1840's, when they moved to the Memphis area. He was a justice of the peace from 1833 until 1836 (there was a J. J. Alderson, a minister or justice of the peace in 1823 in Maury Co.), according to Columbia, Tenn. newspapers of that time. He was also appointed Post Master at Waynesboro in place of James C. Alderson who had resigned in April 1836. By the time Sarah and Thomas moved to Memphis, he was a bookkeeper. (R-85)

Children - East

3780. son, b. mid-1830's. Probably a twin.

3781. daughter, b. mid-1830's. Probably a twin.

3782. Thomas East, b. 1838.

3783. Napolean East, b. 1848.


Barzley Graves East (2040) was born 15 Dec. 1812 in Henry Co., Va. He moved to Tenn. with his family when just in his teens, and grew up in Giles Co. He died 29 Sept. 1889 at his home in Stantonville, McNairy Co., Tenn., probably of a series of strokes. He was well respected by his family, "and was a noble Christian gentlemen, beloved by all who knew him."

He first married Nancy Jones on 22 Feb. 1833, probably in Giles Co., Tenn. She was born in 1811 in Tenn., and died in the early 1860's, probably in McNairy Co. where she and Barzley had lived for 15 to 20 years.

Barzley secondly married Elizabeth Frances Tanner sometime before 1863. She was born 18 Feb. 1835 near Robertson's Fort in mid-Tenn. Barzley was a farmer all his life. He had at least 14 children. (R-85)

Children - East, by Nancy Jones

+3784. Thomas Jefferson East, b. 4 Dec. 1833, m. Mary C. ------, c. 1856, d. 13 Feb. 1897.

3785. Sarah Jane East, b. 13 Sept. 1835, m. Murray Ellis, living in 1932 (in Ala.).

3786. Mary Louisa East, b. 9 Aug. 1838, never married, d. 24 Aug. 1916.

3787. John Edwin East, b. 7 Feb. 1841, m. Mary A. East, 1866, d. 22 Jan. 1910.

3788. Ann Caroline East, b. 2 May 1845, d. by 1850.

3789. Richard B. East, b. 26 June 1847, never married. In 1880 he was farming with his father in Stantonville, Tenn.

3790. William B. East, b. 28 June 1849, d. 16 May 1864.

3791. Henry L. East, b. 26 July 1852, never married, d. 7 April 1884.

Children - East, by Elizabeth F. Tanner

3792. Martha Lou East, b. 19 Nov. 1862, never married, d. 1 Jan. 1885.

3793. Willmirth Maria East, b. 12 July 1864, m. J. W. Kendrick, alive in 1932. He d. March 1932. No children.

3794. Reuben M. East, b. 17 Jan. 1867, married, alive in 1932. 1 daughter.

3795. Robert Lee East, b. 4 Nov. 1869, never married, alive in 1932.

3796. Frances Cordelia ("Delie") East, b. 17 Sept. 1870, m. J. F. Bell, alive in 1932. No children.

3797. James Collins East, b. 20 Feb. 1879, m. Roxie Cody, alive in 1932 and living in Deport, Texas.


Edward Wallace East (2041), also called Edmond, was born 11 Oct. 1814 in Henry Co., Va. He moved from Giles Co., Tenn. to Texas in 1836 and for a year was a Texas Ranger. He returned to his home in Giles Co. in 1837, but went back to Texas in 1839. He died 29 May 1884 in Pima, Arizona.

He married Willmirth Metilda Greer, daughter of Nathaniel Hunt Greer and Nancy N. Terry Roberts, on 2 Oct. 1839 in Washington Co., Texas. She was born 18 Nov. 1824 in Ga., and died 31 March 1902 in Pima, Arizona. They were both buried in Pima.

Ed was a farmer while in Washington Co., Texas, but moved to Sullivan's Bluff, Texas, about 1851 and operated a saw and grist mill with his father-in-law. Ed joined the Mormon Church in 1853 and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1855. He moved to Pima, Arizona in 1878. (R-85)

Children - East

3798. Sarah Mariah Texana East, b. 31 Dec. 1841 (Washington, Texas), m. Seth Blair, 15 Nov. 1855.

3799. William H. East, b. 17 Nov. 1842, d. 27 June 1855.

3800. Mary Ann East, b. 7 March 1845, d. 8 April 1847.

3801. Nancy East, b. 20 April 1848, d. 4 July 1855.

3802. Willmirth East, b. 16 July 1850, d. 19 June 1855.

3803. Caroline Mira East, b. 28 Oct. 1853, d. 17 Sept. 1863.

3804. Julia East, b. 28 Oct. 1853, d. 3 Nov. 1855.

3805. Edward Martin East, b. 12 Oct. 1856 (Salt Lake City, Utah Terr.), m. Minnie Bassett, d. 30 March 1930.

3806. Joseph Fielding East, b. 30 Dec. 1859 (Salt Lake City, Utah Terr.), m. Jane ("Jenny") Webster, d. 2 April 1930.

3807. Martha East, b. 27 Dec. 1862, m. Ada Johnson, 29 Jan. 1888, d. 1 July 1863.

+3808. Thomas Nathaniel East, b. 17 Nov. 1866, m. Ada Johnson, 29 Jan. 1888, d. 16 Oct. 1944.



Asa Graves (2046) was born 7 Nov. 1793 in Louisa Co., VA. He married Polly Graves (#1785), daughter of John Coleman Graves and Elizabeth Parrish, on 15 Dec. 1814 (or 1819). There may have been more children than the one listed below. (R-510, R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves

3809. Thomas Graves; lived in Greenton, Mo.


Zachariah Graves (2047) was born 11 July 1796. He married Malinda Graves (#1784), daughter of John Coleman Graves and Elizabeth Parrish, and sister of Polly who married his brother Asa, on 15 Sept. 1819. There may have been more children than the two shown below. (R-510, R-511, R-515)

Children - Graves

3810. Ann Graves, m. ------ McHatton. Lived in Greenton, Mo.

3811. John C. Graves


John Graves (2048) was born 22 April 1798. He married Mary Patrick on 12 Jan. 1823.

Children - Graves

3812. Leonidas Graves

3813. Adele Graves

3814. Sarah Graves

3815. Eloise Graves

3816. Mary Graves

3817. Theodore H. Graves



John O. Pettus (2056) was born in 1785. He married. They lived in Webster Co., Ky. (R-109)

Children - Pettus

+3818. William Pettus, b. 13 Sept. 1814, m. Elizabeth Strother, 1845, d. 1939 (date must be wrong).



James O. Pettus (2065) married. (R-109)

Children - Pettus

3819. Virginia Pettus

3820. Addie Pettus


Richard Pettus (2066) was born in 1802 and died in 1837. He married Nancy Adams. She was born in 1809. They lived in Garrard Co., Ky. (R-109)

Children - Pettus

3821. Dr.) Joseph D. Pettus, married. Lived in Crab Orchard, Ky. 5 sons and 2 daughters.

+3822. John Franklin Pettus, married.

3823. Judge) William Hart Pettus, b. 9 Sept. 1827 (Garrard Co., Ky.), m(1) Elizabeth Hutchison, 1850, m(2) Mary ------, 1870, d. 24 June 1902. They lived in Somerset, Ky.

3824. Margaret Pettus, d. 1855.



Elizabeth Graves (2075) was born in 1796 and died in 1877. She married Major John Poindexter in 1815 in Louisa Co., Va. He was born in 1793 and died in 1877. They lived in Christian Co., Ky. in 1843. She inherited 400-500 acres in Tennessee and 134 acres in Orange Co., Va. from her father.

Children - Poindexter

3825. John Poindexter, Jr.; on list of students attending College of William and Mary, 1838-39. His guardian was Capt. John Graves, his grandfather.


John Ragland Graves (2076) was born about 1809, since an item in the Virginia Whig for 17 Jan. 1837 stated: "Died in Louisa in his 27th year on Monday, Jan. 2nd, John Graves, Jr., only son of Capt. John Graves." (John Card Graves stated he was born about 1805 and died in 1836.) He married Lucy Bolling Smith, daughter of Nathaniel Smith of Louisa Co., Va., on 8 Feb. 1830. (R-515)

Children - Graves

+3826. Richard Morris Graves, b. 28 Dec. 1833, m. Susan (Kean) Boston, 11 Aug. 1863, d. 21 July 1864.

3827. Catherine S. Graves, b. 1835, m. ------ Kean.

3828. John Ragland Graves, Jr., b. 1837.

3829. Mary A. Graves, d. 1841 (?).



Richard B. (possibly Benjamin) ("Dick") Graves (2077) was born about 1786 in Fayette Co., Ky., and died in 1837, probably in Pulaski Co., Ky. He first married Sallie Thomas in 1808. He secondly married Cynthia (or Cyntha) Goggins, daughter of William Goggins and Druscilla Robertson, in 1815. Richard taught school in Russell Co., Ky., and then went to Texas with his brother Ben. Richard was quite athletic.

The will of Richard Graves, recorded in Book A, pp. 64-65, Pulaski Co., Ark., is as follows. Probate of the will was granted on 16 Jan. 1837 (see Record Book F, p. 15).

I, Richard Graves, do hereby make my last will and testament in the manner following -- that is to say:

I desire that such part of my perishable estate as may be necessary be immediately sold after my decease and out of the monies arising therefrom, all my just debts be paid. Should the perishable part of my estate prove insufficient for the above purposes, then I desire that my executrix, hereafter named, may hire out the negroes now belonging to the estate to pay and satisfy such of my just debts as may remain unpaid out of the sales of my perishable estate.

After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses, I give and bequeath to my wife Cynthia during the term of her natural life all my estate both real and personal with full approval to sell and convey the same in such parts and portions as she may expedient with the exception of the negroes belonging to the estate and after her decease the property there to be divided in manner following to wit:

To my six children by my wife Cynthia, namely Thomas (R)(B), Drusilla Jane, William Goggins, Richard Benjamin, David Rice, Juliett Catherine. All the estate real and personal (with the exception of the negroes) to be divided equally between them, the negroes to be sold and out of the monies arising therefrom, each of the six children above named to receive from the proceeds the sum of one hundred dollars the balance then to be divided equally between the six before mentioned children and my daughter, Elizabeth Ellis Boyd, now residing in Kentucky. The above property is given to my wife Cynthia for the purpose of raising and educating my six young children.

Step having my daughter Polly Ann received her portion is therefore not named among the rest of my heirs in this my last will.

And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my beloved wife Cynthia sole Executrix of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of September, of the year of our Lord, Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-Six.

Signed -- Richard Graves

Signed and sealed in the presence of us Gilbt (Gilbert) Borden, John Hurley, Edwin H. Cook (R-89, R-530)

Children - Graves, by Sallie Thomas

3830. Elizabeth Graves, m(1) ------ Ellis, m(2) ------ Boyd.

3831. Polly Ann Graves, m. ------ Step.

Children - Graves, by Cynthia Goggins

3832. Thomas R. (or B.) Graves, b.c. 1819, m. Luisa Blue, 8 Jan. 1852 (Pulaski Co., Ark.).

3833. Drusilla Jane Graves

3834. William Goggins Graves, b.c. 1821, m. Mary E. Denson, 21 Feb. 1850 (Pulaski Co., Ark.).

+3835. Richard Benjamin Graves, b. 22 Aug. 1824, m(1) Sarah Blue, 30 Jan. 1851, m(2) Eliza Lawrence, 8 Aug. 1882, d. 31 Jan. 1890.

+3836. David Rice Graves, b. 2 Jan. 1827, m. Anna Christie Harmon, 21 Feb. 1850, d. 29 Dec. 1881.

3837. Juliett Catherine Graves


John W. Graves (2079) was born about 1790-92 in Fayette Co., Ky., and died about 1847 or 1848 in Cumberland Co., Ky. His estate was appraised on 25 May 1848 in Cumberland Co., Ky. He married Casander (or Casandra) Philpott, daughter of Zachariah Philpott and Casander Garret of Frederick Co., Md., about 1816 in Cumberland Co. She was born in 1802, and died 7 Oct. 1850 in Cumberland Co., Ky. John apparently lived his life in Cumberland or Russell Co., Ky. (R-56, R-58, R-530)

Children - Graves

3838. Zachariah (or Zechariah) Graves, b. 1817, m(1) Amanda Dunn (or Dunne), m(2) Nancy ------.

+3839. Thomas Graves, b. 1 Aug. 1819, m. Martha Thomas Knight, 1842, d. 17 Sept. 1860.

3840. Pauline (or Palina) Graves, m(1) Barton Philpott, m(2) Martin Back.

3841. John Graves, b. 1824, m. Nancy Campbell (relative of evangelist Alexander Campbell).

3842. Elizabeth Graves, m. William Staten.

3843. Cassander (or Casender) Graves, m. Tom Nichols.

+3844. Benjamin Pinckney Graves, b. 13 March 1832, m. Cassandra A. Back, 31 March 1853, d. 10 Oct. 1875.


Jane ("Jennie") Graves (2080) was born about 1793 in Fayette Co., Ky., and died after 1850. She married Joseph Coffey, son of Joseph Coffey and Grace Cleveland, in 1808. He was born in N.C., and served in the War of 1812.

Children - Coffey

3845. Julia Coffey, b. 1823, m. Isaac Boyd, 1852 (Adair Co., Ky.), d. 1894 (Carlisle Co., Ky.). She was bur. in Milburn Cem., Carlisle Co., Ky.

3846. Lucy Pettus Coffey, b. 1826 (Ky.), m. Robert Dulin, 1852 (Christian Co., Ky.), d. 1904 (Sherman, Texas). See the Dulin Family in America for more information.


Thomas Chilton Graves (2082) was born in 1801 in Fayette or Cumberland Co., Ky., and died after 1877. He first married Nancy Ann Thomas, daughter of Charles A. Thomas and Margaret Ann Chapman, before 1820. She was born in 1800 in Ky. He secondly married Eliza ------.

Children - Graves

3847. daughter, b. 1815-20 (Ky.), m. ------ Hammond. Lived in Ashley, Ill.

3848. Silas Graves, b. 1820-25 (Ky.).

3849. daughter, b. 1820-25 (Ky.).

3850. Bud Graves, b. 1825-30 (Ky.). Lived in Ashley, Ill.

+3851. Martha Ellen Graves, b. 18 Oct. 1827, m. Isaac Newton Cayce, 12 Feb. 1845, d. 10 May 1909.


Benjamin Walter Graves (2085) was born in 1811 in Cumberland Co., Kentucky, died in 1847, and was buried in Belton, Bell Co., Texas. (This death date is probably wrong, since the last 3 children listed below were born after that.) He married Margaret Embree on 19 Jan. 1832. According to a statement dictated by her to George Pendleton, Margaret was a daughter of Elisha Embree and Nancy Wilhoit. They both were from Va., were married at Culpeper Court House in 1801, and moved to Kentucky. Margaret was born 27 April 1817, died in Aug. 1902, and was buried in Bell Co., Texas. (R-88)

Children - Graves

+3852. Lydia Graves, b.c. 1832, m(1) James Grider, m(2) Jack Ferguson.

+3853. Nancy Graves, b.c. 1834, m. Ed Harmon.

+3854. Mary Chilton Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1837, m. W. F. Breedlove, 23 Nov. 1837, d. 10 July 1924.

+3855. Minnie Graves, b.c. 1841, m. F. M. Bogart.

+3856. Eloise Katherine Graves, b. 15 March 1842, m. Abraham Buford Lewis, 16 Jan. 1862, d. 17 Feb. 1926.

+3857. John Richard Graves, b.c. 1846, m. Harriett Rebecca Lee, 16 Feb. 1865, d. 28 Feb. 1902.

+3858. Benjamin Worth Graves, b.c. 1848, m(1) Maria Tobin, m(2) Sophia Mitchell.

+3859. Elisha Graves, b.c. 1850, m. Mattie Hill, 1873.

+3860. Andrew J. Graves, b.c. 1853, m. Maggie Coburn.


Elizabeth Graves (2087) died before 1852. She married Isaac Boyd in 1832 in Christian Co., Ky.

Children - Boyd

3861. Mary A. Boyd, b.c. 1832 (Ky.).

3862. Susan A. Boyd, b. 1836, m(1) Milton Stapp, 1852, m(2) George Sanford, 1857, d. 1884. She was buried in Milburn Cem., Christian Co., Ky.

3863. Margaret Boyd, b.c. 1840 (Ky.).

3864. Julia Boyd, b.c. 1843 (Ky.), m. W. W. Radford.

3865. Elizabeth Boyd, b.c. 1848 (Ill.).

3866. Ellen Boyd, b.c. 1850 (Ill.).



Richard C. (Cole?) Graves (2089) was born 7 Dec. 1785 in what is now Woodford Co. (but was Fayette Co. until 1788), Ky., and died 11 May 1860 in Monroe Precinct, Cass Co., Ill. He married Nancy Ann Martin, daughter of Samuel Martin, on 16 March 1818 in Woodford Co., Ky. She was born 1 Jan. 1797 in Woodford Co., Ky., and died 14 May 1870 in Cass Co., Ill.

Federal military pension records for Richard C. Graves indicate that in 1813 he enlisted at Versailles, Ky., and served in Capt. Joel Henry's Co. of the Kentucky Militia commanded by Col. William Dudley. In July (?) of 1813, he received permission while in Ohio to return home because of sickness. Dudley was killed and his troops routed at the battle near Fort Meigs (which is now Maumee, Ohio) on 5 May 1813. Richard is not listed as one of the soldiers captured and he wasn't killed, so his role in the battle is not detailed. In 1850 and again in 1855, Richard, now in Cass Co., Ill., applied for bounty lands. The affidavits were signed by Richard with an "x".

Their first 3 children were born in Ky., and the last 2 in Monroe Precinct, Cass Co., Ill. (R-105)

Children - Graves

3867. Mary Ann Graves, b. 17 Feb. 1820, m. Daniel Long, 26 Oct. 1853 (Cass Co., Ill.), d. 19 Sept. 1875 (Ill.). Bur. in Providence Cem., next to her sister Sarah.

+3868. Nelson Graves, b. 26 June 1824, m. Ann Eliza Jane Edgar, 2 Nov. 1848, d. 6 Dec. 1896.

+3869. James Martin Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1825, m. Rachel Maria (McKean) Huffman, 30 Nov. 1870, d. 4 Feb. 1910.

+3870. Morrison Graves, b. 29 Aug. 1835, m. Julia C. Nall, 19 Nov. 1857, d. 25 Dec. 1895.

+3871. Sarah E. Graves, b. 1 March 1837, m. George E. Loar, c. 1858, d. 10 Sept. 1860.


William W. Graves (2090) was born 3 Oct. 1787 in what is now Woodford Co., Ky., and died 8 Nov. 1870. He married Mary ("Polly") Cloud Graves (#1983), daughter of John C. Graves and Margaret Cloud, in June 1815 (or 18 Oct. 1815). She was born 16 (or 15) Feb. 1797 in Fayette Co., Ky., and died 13 March 1901 at 104 years of age. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3872. Horatio N. Graves, b. 11 Aug. 1817, d. 3 Dec. 1838.

3873. Arabella Graves, b. 21 June 1819, m. (Dr.) John T. Henry.

3874. William O. Graves, b. 31 Aug. 1820, d. 29 April 1841.

+3875. John Q. Graves, b. 11 Oct. 1823, m. Katherine Jane Haun, 26 Feb. 1846, d. 5 Feb. 1911.

3876. George W. Graves, b. 25 Sept. 1825, d. 1 Nov. 1865.

3877. Katherine J. Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1826, d. 7 Nov. 1889.

+3878. Harvey C. Graves, b. 14 April 1828, married, d. 4 Dec. 1882.

3879. Leslie C. Graves, b. 15 June 1831, d. 18 April 1867 (in Confederate Army).

3880. Mary L. Graves, b. 17 April 1833, d. 16 June 1834.

+3881. James M. Graves, b. 7 Dec. 1834, m. Adeline G. Allen, 25 July 1867, d. 8 Jan. 1899.

3882. Thomas J. Graves, b. 15 Dec. 1836, d. Sept. 1845.

3883. Robert H. Graves, b. 31 July 1838, d. 5 Jan. 1863 (killed at Battle of Stone River).



David A. Graves (2096) was born 9 Sept. 1781 in Virginia, and died 6 June 1821 in Caneridge, Ky. He married Susan Breckenridge, daughter of John Breckenridge and Margaret Helvy, on 1 Sept. 1806.

Children - Graves

3884. Barton Graves

3885. John Graves

3886. Louisa Graves



John Graves (2107) was born 29 Jan. 1795. He first married Matilda Copeland on 1 March 1819. He secondly married a cousin. (R-515)

Children - Graves

3887. William Graves, m. Eglantine Hale.

3888. Sarah Graves, m. J. S. Williams.

3889. Mary Graves, m. Morris Peyton.

3890. Nancy Graves, m. E. B. Waples.

3891. Elizabeth Graves, m. James Leeper.

3892. Jordan Graves, married twice. No children.

3893. Lydia Graves, m. W. G. Miller.

3894. Cyrus C. Graves, m. Ella Sheppard.


William Jordan (or Jourdan) Graves (2109) was born 8 July 1804 in New Castle, Henry Co., Ky., and died 27 Sept. 1848 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky. He married Emily Henderson in July 1825. She was born 8 Jan. 1810 and died in 1875.

He was a Member of Congress from Henry Co., Ky. in 1834 and from Louisville, Ky. in 1843. He killed Congressman Cilley from Maine in a duel in 1838. A fair and exonerating account of the duel is given by Hon. John Quincy Adams in the published proceedings of the Mass. Historical Society about vol. 8 or 9 of the 7th series. He was a candidate for Governor of Ky. in 1848.

From Who Was Who in America, Historical Volume, 1607-1896, Revised Edition, 1967, Marquis Who's Who, Inc., Chicago, Ill., comes the following information: "Congressman; studied law. Admitted to bar, practiced law; member of Kentucky House of Representatives, 1834, 1843; member U.S. House of Representatives (Whig) from Ky., 24-26th congresses, 1835-41; killed Jonathan Cilley in duel on Marlboro Rd., Md., 1838; Whig presidential elector, 1844. Buried private burial grounds, Henry Co., Ky."

Most of the dates for this family are from the family Bible in the Kentucky Library, Western Kentucky State Univ., sent by Mr. W. P. Winstead. (R-21, R-515)

Children - Graves

3895. son, b. and d. 1 May 1827.

+3896. Isham Henderson Graves, b. 20 Nov. 1828, m. Mary Jane Nicholas, 7 April 1852, d. 1 July 1853.

3897. William Jordan Graves, Jr., b. Dec. 1831, d. 3 Oct. 1832.

3898. Harriet Henderson Graves, b. 27 April 1834, m. John D. Osborne (of Petersburg, Va.), 9 Oct. 1851.

3899. William Jordan Graves, Jr., b. 20 June 1836, d. Aug. 1836.

3900. Virginius Graves, b. 21 Aug. 1837, d. 2 Aug. 1838.

+3901. William Preston Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1841, m. Hetty Scott, 28 Oct. 1874, d. 21 Jan. 1889.


Jane Young Graves (2110) was born 1 April 1806 in Garrard Co., Ky., and died near Richmond, Ray Co., Mo. She married Adrial M. King, son of James King and Elizabeth Green Bruce, on 21 Sept. 1824 in Garrard Co., Ky. He was born 21 May 1801 in Garrard Co., Ky., and died 29 July 1869 in Ray Co., Mo.

A few years after their marriage they moved to Missouri. After stopping off a short time in Boone Co., Mo., they settled in Ray Co., three miles southeast of Richmond, in sections 11 and 12, Township 51 North, Range 18 West, where they eventually owned 320 acres of land, plus many other tracts of land in the county. (R-21, R-22)

Children - King

3902. Lydia Ann King, m. Thomas Bryant (of Chillicothe, Mo.).

3903. Angeline King, m. Frank Davis (of Davies Co., Mo.).

+3904. Mary Jane King, b. 6 Nov. 1829, m. George Washington Williams, 4 July 1847, d. 11 Nov. 1918.

+3905. Brunette King, b. 10 March 1837, m. Peter Franklin Ford, Jr., 29 Dec. 1859, d. 20 Dec. 1913.

3906. William G. King

3907. Henry C. King, m. Jane Thompson (dau. of Joseph Thompson).

3908. Margaret King, died in infancy.

3909. Martha King, died in infancy.

+3910. Emma King, m. Arthur B. Elliott, 1865, d. 1868.

+3911. Rachel Matilda King, b. 8 Nov. 1831, m. Henry Jacobs, d. 4 Sept. 1871.

3912. Elizabeth King, m. Henry White Lile (called Whit?).



John William Graves (2113) was born in 1783 (or 1790) in Surry Co., N.C., and died in 1883 (or 1885 or 1887) at the home of his son, David, in Jacksonville, Ky. John lived in Shelby Co., Ky. from 1785 on. From Shelby Co. grantor deeds there are many records of John selling property on Guist, Long Run, and Bullskin Creeks.

John married Jane Chapman, daughter of Amos Chapman (listed in the 1810 census of Shelby Co., Ky. as over 45), on 9 or 14 March 1809. She was born 6 Feb. 1789, died 6 April 1864, and was buried at the Duncan Cem. on a farm near Jacksonville, Ky. In the same cemetery are Maria and Josephine (or Josephone) Graves, twins, born 13 Feb. 1858 and died 1859 and 1858 respectively. They were the children of Thomas Logan Graves. It is possible that John married a second time after Jane's death, since some of his descendants believe his wife was Susan.

John and Jane had at least 9 children, 7 sons and 2 daughters. In the 1830 census the children are listed as: males, 1(under 5), 1(5-10), 2(10-15), 2(15-20); females, 1(under 5), 1(5-10). The 1840 census lists 4 boys and 2 girls at home: males, 1(5-10), 1(10-15), 1(15-20), 1(20-30); 4 people are listed in agriculture.

In 1850, the census taker listed initials only: John, 67; J. (Jane), 62, b. in Pa.; males: D., 26; W., 23, J., 18; females: M., 20; two farmers with the last name of Hayden, and a T. Graves, 26.

In 1840, Fleming R. was living close to John, and in 1850 two of John's children (Horace and James) were with Fleming. (R-70, R-73)

Children - Graves

+3913. Fleming R. Graves, b.c. 1811, m. Mary Ann Hiatt, c. 1839.

+3914. David H. Graves, b. 13 Feb. 1813, m. Kate Mitchell, d. 10 June 1897.

+3915. F. O. Graves, b. 4 June 1818, m. Mary E. Walters.

+3916. William John Graves, b. 1819, m. Mary Jane Jones, 10 Oct. 1843, d. 14 June 1864.

+3917. Thomas Logan Graves, b. 9 June 1823, m(1) Elzina Anderson, 2 March 1848, m(2) Viani Scroggins, 1868, d. 1908.

+3918. Horace Water Graves, b.c. 1827, m(1) Mary Ann Burton, m(2) Elizabeth Locker, m(3) Mary Ann Austin.

3919. Harriett Graves, b. 1829, m. Allen Snook.

+3920. James H. Graves, b. 26 March 1832, m(1) Susan Mary Sheets, 19 Aug. 1852, m(2) Josephine Tracy, 24 Nov. 1884, d. 22 Nov. 1912.

3921. Nancy Graves, m. James Bright.

3922. George Graves, probably went to Indiana.


David Graves (2114) was born 1790-95. He married Nancy Ann Holland on 17 Oct. 1815. They lived in Shelby Co., Ky. In 1836, two years after his father died, there was a deed where he sold 25 acres on Jeptha to his brothers R. and W. H. Graves. (R-70)

Children - Graves

3923. Zerelda Graves, b. 1816.

3924. John Washington Graves, b. 25 Dec. 1817.

3925. Richard Everman Graves, b. 16 April 1819.

3926. Harrison Anderville Graves, b. 24 Oct. 1820.


William H. Graves (2115) was born 1 May 1816, died 28 Jan. 1894, and was buried at Simpsonville Cem., Shelby Co., Ky.

He first married Margaret A. ------. She was born 23 Oct. 1824 and died 11 March 1862. He secondly married Mary Lillard. She was born 1 Jan. 1834 and died 1 March 1901. Both wives were buried at the Simpsonville Cem. with four of the children.

William bought and sold land on Jeptha, 6 Mile, and Guist Creeks. He mostly bought land on Guist. In 1854 there was an unusual property exchange on Guist with his cousin Richard Graves. William lived his entire life in Shelby Co., Ky. (R-70)

Children - Graves, by Margaret A. ------

3927. Margaret A. Graves

3928. infant, b. 20 Jan. 1842.

3929. Sarah E. Graves, b. 1 March 1843, d. 13 April 1856.

3930. Francis Graves, b. 1846.

3931. George H. Graves, b. 5 Nov. 1849, d. 2 July 1862.

3932. Mary Graves

3933. William Graves

3934. Ella Graves

Children - Graves, by Mary Lillard

3935. Sallie Lillard Graves, b. 9 July 1864, d. 17 Aug. 1864.

3936. Ella Graves, b. 1872.


Tabitha (or Talitha) Graves (2118) was born 3 Oct. 1805, died 31 Jan. 1908 in Shelby Co., Ky., and was buried in Grove Hill Cem., Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Ky. She married Joshua Jennings, son of Thomas Jennings, on 25 March 1830 in Shelby Co., Ky. He was born in 1806, died 9 March 1853 in Shelby Co., and was buried in Jennings Cem., Shelby Co., Ky. He was a farmer. (R-91)

Children - Jennings

+3937. Levi Jennings, b. 23 April 1831, m. Amanda E. Jamison, 11 Nov. 1857, d. 26 March 1878.

3938. Thomas Dudley Jennings, b. 2 Nov. 1834 (Shelby Co., Ky.), m. Martha Vawters, d. 27 Oct. 1901 (Shelby Co., Ky.). Bur. Grove Hill Cem., Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Ky.

3939. Nancy Jennings, m. William Payne.



Elizabeth Leatherman (2120) was born about 1797-8 in Shelby Co., Ky., and died after 1880 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Ind. She married John Sharp, son of John Sharp and Margaret (?) ------, on 14 Dec. 1813 in Shelby Co., Ky. He was born 1793-4 in Shelby Co., Ky., and died 1870-3 in Parke Co., Ind. (R-173)

Children - Sharp

+3940. Peter Sharp, b. 1815-16, m. Emeline Shouse, 22 Jan. 1837.

+3941. Margaret Sharp, b. 1819-20, m(1) Reuben White, 7 June 1836, m(2) Samuel T. Armstrong, 9 Jan. 1844, m(3) Arthur T. Norris, 29 Aug. 1858, d. 1 July 1882.

+3942. Frances Sharp, b. 22 Dec. 1820, m. John George Kretz, 25 Aug. 1850, d. 31 May 1913.

+3943. Henry L. Sharp, b. 1823-4, m(1) Elizabeth ------, m(2) Ruth Bently, 8 Dec. 1851.

3944. son, b. 1825 (?) (Vermillion Co., Ind. ?).

3945. Christian L. Sharp, b. 1827-8 (Vermillion Co., Ind.), m. Mary A. Bratton, 5 Feb. 1852 (Parke Co., Ind.).

+3946. Sidney Sharp, b. 5 Dec. 1830, m. Ethelbert Thomas Mills, 5 Oct. 1856, d. 21 Aug. 1892.


Delilah Leatherman (2124) was born in Natchitoches Parish, La., and died 1838-9 in Claiborne Parish, La. She married Derostus Beverly Cargill on 7 March 1822 in Claiborne Parish (or Natchitoches Parish), La. He was born about 1799 in Greenville District, S.C., and died in 1855-6 in Williamson Co., Texas. After Delilah died, he secondly married Martha Patricia (White) Wilson, widow of Capt. Josiah Wilson. They had the following children, all born in Claiborne Parish, LA: Sarah, b. 1839, Martha, b. 1843, Permelia, b. 1844, Dolfus, b. 1847, and Cicily, b. 1850. (R-76, R-148)

Children - Cargill

+3947. Alfred Cargill, b. 1831, m. Sarah Susan Pruitt, 7 March 1853, d. 1913.

+3948. Caroline Elizabeth Cargill, b. 1837, m. Ambrose Hudgens, Jr., 25 July 1855.



Richard Graves (2125) was probably the oldest son of Richard Graves. He was born about 1799 and died in 1868. He married Nancy Halloway. She was born about 1805.

He had much property on Guist Creek by the settlement to his heirs. Richard was listed in the census records from 1820 to 1860 as living in Shelby Co., Ky. The following list of children and their ages is from the 1850 census. The 1850 census listing also included Levi Tilly (or Tilley), probably either a grandfather or uncle. (R-70)

Children - Graves

3949. Edmund Graves, b.c. 1825.

3950. Louisa Graves, b.c. 1830, m. W. W. Tucker.

3951. James M. Graves, b.c. 1832.

3952. Zerelda Graves, b.c. 1833.

3953. Angeline Graves, b.c. 1837, m. ------ Peck.

3954. Pauline Graves, b.c. 1838.

3955. Mary Graves, b.c. 1840.

+3956. Martha Graves, b.c. 1843, m. Robert Harrison Edrington, 16 Jan. 1866.

3957. Bland (or B. B.) Graves, b.c. 1845.

3958. Mary Ann Graves, b.c. 1847.



Sarah ("Sally") Martin (2127) was born 26 Sept. 1807, probably in KY, and died about 1850. She married John Patterson Sinclair. He was born 16 May 1802, possibly in VA or KY, and died 21 July 1879 in Cloverdale, IN. (R-193)

Children - Sinclair

+3959. Strange White Sinclair, b. 9 Dec. 1829, m. Hannah Graham, 15 Nov. 1854, d. 28 Jan. 1905.


Thomas James Martin (2135) was born 17 June 1821 in NC, and died 22 Nov. 1885 in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co., CA. He married Sarah Ann Goatley, daughter of John Goatley and Ellen Marshall, on 27 Feb. 1837 in Mexico, Audrian Co., MO. She was born 14 Sept. 1824 in KY, and died 8 March 1891 in Santa Maria, CA. (R-194)

Children - Martin

+3960. Sarah Belle Martin, b. 19 Sept. 1854, m. Cassius Henry Glines, 21 Sept. 1872, d. 22 Feb. 1913.

3961. John Martin, b. MO, d. age 4.

3962. Ida May Martin, b.c. 1861 (Audrian Co., MO), d. 1865 (on wagon train, near Salt Lake, UT).

3963. Louisa Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Martin, m. Allan Crosswhite, 1865 (wagon train, Salt Lake, UT).

3964. Phoebe Ellen Martin, m. John Haydon, d.c. 1917.

3965. Martha Lavina Martin, m. William Aleck Conrad, d. 1915.

3966. Charles W. Martin, m. Winnie Williams, d. 1917.

3967. Hulday Goatley Martin, m. R. F. Allen.

3968. James Gideon Martin, b. 16 Jan. 1859 (Mexico, Audrian Co., MO), m. Ida May Cash, 1887.

3969. Thomas Henry Martin, b.c. 1863, m. Melvina Hobbs, c. 1885.

+3970. Robert Franklin Martin, b. 5 Sept. 1866 (prob. Santa Rosa, CA), m. Henrietta Louise Newlove, c. 1885, d. 17 March 1929 (Santa Maria, CA).

3971. Joseph Lee Martin, m. Hannah Hoffman.



Elizabeth Kimbrough (2153) was born 13 Nov. 1779 in Caswell Co., N.C., and died 16 Nov. 1845 in Tenn. She married Mark Hart on 20 July 1799 in Davidson Co., Tenn. He was born 3 Sept. 1776 in Ga., and died 30 July 1835 in Tenn. All their children were born in Rutherford Co., Tenn. (R-127)

Children - Hart

+3972. Benjamin Umpstead Hart, b. 12 Nov. 1802, m. Sarah Fredonia Old, 1830, d. June 1886.

3973. Thomas Morgan Hart, b. 1805.

3974. Martha B. Hart, b. 1807.

3975. Keziah H. Hart, b. 1809.

3976. Jane T. Hart, b. 1811.

3977. William Kimbrough Hart, b. 1813.

3978. Natheniel Breene Hart, b. 1816.

3979. James F. Hart, b. 1820.

3980. Elizabeth F. Hart, b. 1823.



Elijah Kimbrough (2159) was born 22 July 1799 in N.C., and died 20 Aug. 1878 (or 1879) in Ky. He married Mildred Crowder. She was born 6 Dec. 1803 in Va., and died 11 March 1875. All the following children were listed in the 1850 census for Fulton Co., Ky. The first 3 were born in N.C. and the others in Ky. (R-127)

Children - Kimbrough/Kimbro

3981. Azariah Kimbro, b. 15 Sept. 1828, m. Martha Morris, d. 7 Jan. 1910. She was b. 27 Oct. 1835, d. 30 March 1907.

3982. Romulus Kimbro, b.c. 1828, m. Betty Cayce.

+3983. Elijah Green Kimbro, b. 8 Dec. 1829, m. Martha Jane Clark, d. 17 April 1910.

3984. Mary Kimbro, b.c. 1833, m. Chaney Linder.

3985. Frances Kimbro, b.c. 1836, m. Frank Pigrum.

3986. Amanda Kimbro, b.c. 1839, m. Thomas ("Tom") Baker.

3987. Ellen Kimbro, b.c. 1841, m. Joseph ("Joe") Lynch.

3988. William Kimbro, b.c. 1846, m. Mary ------.


Nancy Graves Kimbrough (2162) married Goodwin Evans on 5 Jan. 1814 (Groom Book, Yanceyville Courthouse, N.C.). (R-127)

Children - Evans

3989. Wilson Evans, died young.

3990. Barzillai Evans, m. Phoebe Dameron, 6 Dec. 1845.

+3991. Rufus Green Evans, m. Mary Ann Doggett, 18 Oct. 1866.

3992. Nancy K. Evans, m. Thomas E. Moore.

3993. Catherine Evans, m. J. W. Dameron, 24 Oct. 1842.

3994. Mary Jane Evans, never married.



Davenport Graves (2166) was born in 1786 in North Carolina, probably in Anson Co., and died in 1862, probably in Calhoun Co., Ark. He may have been buried in Friendship Cemetery. He married Nancy McElroy, daughter of Isaac McElroy and Sarah ------, on 13 March 1813 in Jasper Co., Ga. She was born 1790-1800, and died in 1840 in Dallas Co., Ark. They had 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls. His will, filed 11 Feb. 1853 in Calhoun Co., Ark. and recorded in Probate Records Book A, page 48, names all of his children, names John D. Graves as executor, and leaves the bulk of the estate to his sons John D. and William R. Graves. It gives Davenport's residence as Franklin Township, Calhoun Co., Ark. In the 1860 census of Franklin Township, Union Co., Ark., Davenport is shown, age 74, living in the household of B. M. Davis and his daughter Amy.

Davenport and Nancy apparently lived in Jasper Co., Ga. from the time they were married in 1813 until 1817-1819, when they apparently moved to Dallas Co., Ala. Davenport moved to Arkansas in 1843, after the death of his wife, perhaps to be near his children.

Georgia Military Record Book, 1779-1839 in Georgia Dept. of Archives and History lists "Devenport Graves" as a private on the "muster roll of a detachment of cavalry under the command of Captain John W. Compton of Jasper Co. in the service of the State of Georgia, ordered out on the frontier of said county in pursuance of orders from Lieut. Col. Becney Franklin by orders received from his Excellency Peter Early, Commander-in-Chief." The period of service was Nov. 8, 1813 to Nov. 11, 1813. Also on this muster roll was William Graves, private. Davenport Graves was listed as a 1st Sgt. in this same reference from Dec. 4, 1813 to Dec. 22, 1813. He acknowledged pay in full "for services in an expedition conducted by Major General David Adams as Lieut. Col. against the Oakfuskee or Upper Waring Creek Indian towns in pursuance of general orders dated the 18th of November 1813 as per muster roll of Captain Francis S. Martin." Also on this list were Minton Graves and William Graves, privates. (R-25, R-26)

Will of Davenport Graves:

Know all men by these presents that I, Davenporte Graves, of Franklin Township in the county of Calhoun in the State of Arkansas, being of reasonably good health and of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. First, I hereby constitute and appoint my son John D. Graves to be sole executor of this my last will, directing my said executor to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses and the legacies hereinafter given out of my estate.

Second, after the payment of any said debts and funeral expenses, I give to my son Benjamin F. Graves, Permelia Ann Weisinger my daughter, Eliza Weisinger my daughter, Wiley M. Graves my son, Amy Davis my daughter, Malinda Good my daughter, and Mary Dunn my daughter, each of them the sum of five dollars to be paid to each of them so soon after my death as can conveniently be done within one year.

Third, the balance of my estate, both personal property and landed estate, I give and bequeath to my two sons John D. Graves and William R. Graves to be equally divided between them, after paying out the amounts above mentioned. I declare this to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have this day hereunto set my hand and seal at Hampton in the County of Calhoun and State of Arkansas this February the 11th A.D. 1853.

Signed and sealed: Davenporte Graves

Children - Graves

3995. Benjamin Franklin Graves, b.c. 1815, m. Lorany Blann, 30 Nov. 1838, d. 11 Aug. 1854.

3996. Permelia (or Pamelia) Ann Graves, b.c. 1817, m. John Jacob Weisinger, c. 1835-36, d.c. 1840.

3997. Eliza Ann M. Graves, b. 25 Dec. 1819, m. William Thomas Weisinger, 31 Dec. 1835.

3998. Wiley M. Graves, b. 1821, m(1) Nancy Crocker, m(2) Jane Beason, 14 Jan. 1855, d. 13 Feb. 1862.

3999. Amy Graves, b. 1824 (or Feb. 1822) m. Berrian McPherson Davis, 17 May 1843, d. 1883 (or 1884).

4000. Malinda Graves, b. 1826, m(1) Charles B. Goode, 12 Dec. 1843 (or 1842), m(2) Andrew (or Anderson) Northcut, d. 1860-1867.

4001. John Davenport Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1830, m(1) Sarah McKinnie, 29 Dec. 1853, m(2) Martha Ann McKinnie, 23 Nov. 1869, d. 25 Jan. 1906.

4002. Mary Ann Rebecca Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1832, m. Joseph Brittain Dunn, 10 Aug. 1848, d. 3 May 1923.

4003. William R. Graves, b. 1835, m. Sarah Ann Grumbles, 20 July 1856 (or 1857), d. 1860-1866.


Jane Graves (2167) was born 11 May 1789, probably in Anson Co., N.C. (although one source said Laurens Co., S.C., and Mrs. Allan Sholars said Spotsylvania Co., Va.), and died 28 (or 23) Nov. 1865 in Jackson Parish, La. She married David Sholars, son of John Sholars, in Jan. 1806 in Hancock Co., Ga. He was born 4 May 1782 in Bertie Co., N.C., and died 22 July 1863 in Orange Co., Texas (or Winn Parish, La.). (R-27, R-28)

Children - Sholars

4004. John Sholars, b. 20 April 1807, m. Catherine Miller, 4 Oct. 1832, d. 6 Nov. 1866.

4005. Randall David Sholars, b. 25 Dec. 1808, m(1) Ory Stallings, m(2) Mrs. A. Frances Sholars.

4006. Lewis Graves Sholars, b. 23 Aug. 1810, m(1) ------, m(2) Sarah Elizabeth Tatum, 4 March 1851, d. 10 Nov. 1898.

4007. Ransom P. Sholars, b. 18 (or 8) May 1812, m. Sarah Elizabeth Wallace, 1841, d. 22 May 1864.

4008. Bryant (or Bryan) Sholars, b. 16 Aug. 1814, m. Anna ------.

4009. Jane E. Sholars, b. 1 Sept. 1816, m(1) Morgan Williamson McAfee, 1833, m(2) Samuel Croll, d. 1909.

4010. Caroline A. Sholars, b. 25 Sept. 1818, m. ------ Hood.


Maria Pamelia (or Permelia) Graves (2170) was born about 1800 in Georgia, according to the census, probably Washington Co. (later Hancock Co.). She married Prior Reeves on 14 Dec. 1821 in Jasper Co., Ga. He was born 22 May 1799 in Ga., died 9 Feb. 1865 in Sandy Ridge, Lowndes Co., Ala., and was buried in Payne Cem., Sandy Ridge, Ala. He was a preacher and a farmer, and belonged to the Primitive Baptist and Christian churches. They lived in Jasper Co. and Newton Co., Ga., and in Chambers, Russell, Tallapoosa, and Lowndes Counties, Ala. (R-29, R-30)

Children - Reeves

4011. Jonathan Riley Reeves, b. 1821 (Ga.), d. 26 Oct. 1844 (Russell Co., Ala.). He belonged to the Primitive Baptist Church.

4012. Davenport Graves Reeves, b. 1822, m. Mary Ann Garnett Lee, 4 Feb. 1844, d. 1856-1860.

4013. Norbern Powell Reeves, b. 1825.

4014. Jonah (or Josiah) Reeves, b. 1828.

4015. Florah Malinda Reeves, b. 1832.

4016. Caroline Reeves, b. 1834.

4017. Elizabeth Charlotte Reeves, b. 21 Dec. 1836 (Ala.), m. Asa Bell Stone, 29 Dec. 1853 (Delta, Ala.), d. 29 Nov. 1917.

4018. Nadine Reeves, b. 1838.

4019. Helen Maria Reeves, b. 1840.

4020. Pryor Reeves, b. 1842.

4021. Lewis Cantrell Reeves, b. 1845.

4022. Colista Penelope Reeves



Mary Jane Graves (2173), called Jane, was born about 1787 (or 1783) in S.C., and died 11 Nov. 1865 in Cusseta, Ga. A Bible was in the possession of Georgia Melton Howard, a granddaughter of Jane, in which her mother Mary Ann Bagley had listed her mother as Mary Jane Graves. According to Varney Graves, none of the other Bagley descendants had any evidence that her full name was Mary Jane, apparently because Mary Ann Bagley kept better records than the others.

Jane married Moor Bagley, son of Robert and Mary Bagley, on 1 Nov. 1810 in Randolph Co. (later Jasper Co.), Ga. (Married by Isaac McClendon, J.I.C., recorded in book 1808-1820, p. 23.) He was born 9 June 1783 in Va., and died 7 Dec. 1872 in Cusseta, Chattahoochee Co., Ga. After Jane died, he married Mrs. Mary Williams (born 3 Jan. 1869). The History of Chattahoochee County, Georgia by N. K. Roger and The Folks From Pea Ridge by Wyley Donald Ward (p. 101) both contain information about this family. Moor Bagley is said to have been the first white man to have come through King's Gap on the Indian trail above Hamilton, Ga. He is said to have had at least 10 children -- 4 sons and 6 daughters. (R-29, R-31, R-32, R-33)

Children - Bagley

4023. William Bagley, b. 20 Oct 1811, m. Joannah Jones, 24 Dec. 1835, d. 2 Oct. 1883.

4024. Nancy A. Bagley, b. 10 March 1815, m(1) ------ Scott, c. 1832, m(2) John Pickett Lunsford, 10 March 1842, d. 6 June 1893.

4025. Dread Bagley, b. 5 March 1817, m(1) Elizabeth Jones, 20 April 1843, m(2) Nancy Palmer, before 1870, m(3) Martha Ann Padgett, d. 4 Oct. 1912.

4026. Mary Ann Bagley, b. 1 March 1819, m. George Howard, 1 Nov. 1838, d. 30 Aug. 1881.

4027. Sarah Bagley, b.c. 1822, m. Aquilla Cobb, 3 Nov. 1839.

4028. Elizabeth Bagley, b.c. 1827, m. Henry Jones, 15 April 1845.

4029. Martha Bagley, b.c. 1829, m. John Mack, 23 May 1847.

4030. Barthena Bagley, b.c. 1832, m. Jasper Hicks, 3 March 1854.


David Graves (2175) was born 1800 and died about 1853. He married Matilda Harris on 9 Dec. 1819 in Jasper Co., Ga. She was born 1803 in Virginia. Her last name on the marriage record had appeared to be Hennis. However, a careful analysis by Varney Graves showed that it was Harris. They supposedly had ten children. (R-29)

Children - Graves

4031. Hardy Graves, b. 1824, m. Martha B. (or R.) Jackson, 24 Oct 1850.

4032. son, b. before 1830, probably died young.

4033. Edna (or Elna) Graves, b. 1828, m. James F. Fromby, 28 Dec. 1851 (Fayette Co., Ga. marriage book C, p. 106). The name is spelled Fromby on Cass Co., Texas records, but may have been spelled Fomby in earlier records.

4034. Wiley Graves, b. 1831, m. Mary Frances Jenkins, 29 Dec. 1853.

4035. Martha ("Patsey") Graves, b. 1833.

4036. Frances Edney Graves, b. 1834, m. Williamson Jenkins.

4037. Vines Graves, b. 1836, m. Martha Eason, 2 Feb. 1862, d. 3 June 1863.

4038. Katherine Graves, b. 1838.

4039. Lew Levy (or Leah Olvea or Olivia) Graves, b. 1840.

4040. Salena ("Seliney") Graves, b. 1842, m. John W. Jenkins.


Sarah Graves (2176) was born 1802 in Fayetteville, Fayette Co., Ga., and died 26 June 1884. She married Charles Pinkney Collier, son of John Collier and Patsey Gresham, on 12 Aug. 1820 (or 1821) in Jasper Co., Ga. (marriage book R, 1821, pages 35, 41). He was born 14 Sept. 1799 in Oglethorpe Co., Ga., and died 6 Feb. 1868. They were both buried at Collier's Cem., one half mile north of Flat Creek Church, six miles west of Fayetteville, Ga. He moved from Jasper Co. to Fayette Co., Ga. about 1820. He settled near Bennetts Mill and was the first miller there, about 1825-1839. All their children were born in Fayette Co., Ga. (R-29, R-34, R-519)

Children - Collier

4041. Jackson Collier, b. 24 Sept. 1822, never married, d. 18 Nov. 1847. Buried in Fayette Co., Ga.

4042. Martha Ann Collier, b. 10 March 1825, m. ------ Hicks, d. 18 Nov. 1847. Buried in Andalusia, Ala.

4043. Erasmus Collier, b. 7 May 1828, d. 1838. Buried in Fayette Co., Ga.

4044. Malina Collier, b. 27 Aug. 1830, m. Jefferson Landrum, 8 Dec. 1852.

4045. Emily Collier, b. 29 Nov. 1833, m. ------ Ellison, d. 3 Nov. 1915. Buried in Fayette Co., Ga.

4046. Cisley Ann Collier, b. 19 March 1837, m. Marshall Jefferson Bearden, 13 Dec. 1855, d. 14 Feb. 1908.

4047. Madison Collier, b. 14 April 1840. Buried near Fredericksburg, Va. Fought in Civil War, Co. C, 53rd Ga. Regt.

4048. Minton Monroe Collier, b. 16 Sept. 1843, m. Lucy Emma Griggs, 23 May 1866, d. 1 Aug. 1909.

4049. Franklin Collier, b. 23 April 1847, m. Mary M. Smith, 19 April 1868 (Fayette Co., Ga., marriage book c, p. 473). Buried at Mt. Olive Church, College Park, Ga.


John ("Jack") Graves, Jr. (2177) was born 1804 and died before 1876. He married Susan Cleckler, daughter of Elijah Cleckler, on 11 Jan. 1831 in Fayette Co., Ga. (marriage book A, p. 135). She was born 1810 and died before 14 Dec. 1885. She was a sister of Elizabeth Cleckler who married John's brother Charles. (R-29, R-34)

Children - Graves

4050. Augustus Romulus Graves, b. 1831, m. Eliabeth Ann Neely, d. 26 May 1863.

4051. Mary Jane Graves, b. 11 Aug. 1833, m. James Monroe Austin, 16 March 1851, d. 12 Sept. 1892.

4052. Minton Graves, b. 1835, m. Martha Smith, 21 Sept. 1854.

4053. Emily Marian (or Marion) Graves, b. 1842, never married.

4054. James K. Polk Graves, b. 1844, m(1) Elizabeth Wilkins, 24 Jan. 1866, m(2) Josephine Harris, 9 May 1875.

4055. William Thomas Graves, b. 1846; in CSA, killed in Civil War.

4056. John LaFayette Graves, b.c. 1848, m. Annie Hull Tillman, d. March 1919.

4057. Susan (or Sara Ann?) Clementine Graves, b. 1854, m. Thomas Howard Elliott, 9 Dec. 1875, d. 1926.


James Graves (2178) was born about 1808 (or 1800, according to Joel Dixon Wells), and died 3 March 1880 in Fayetteville, Fayette Co., Ga. He married Mary ("Polly") Smith on 17 May 1832 in Fayette Co., Ga. (marriage book B, p. 10). She was born 19 Aug. 1808, and died 9 Jan. 1896 in Fayetteville, Ga. They were both buried in Fayetteville City Cem. Regarding the birth date of James, the 1870 census indicates 1800, but the other censuses show 1806 or 1808. Varney Graves said his father said that James died in his early 70's, which would support the 1808 birth date. However, according to Joel Dixon Wells, the grave marker of James shows 1800 as the birth date. (R-29, R-34)

Children - Graves

4058. Emmaline Graves, b. 25 July 1833, m. William A. B. Neely, 28 Nov. 1854, d. 22 Dec. 1910.

4059. Major Graves, b. 1834, d. 12 or 14 Sept. 1862. Private in Civil War; killed at Crampton's Gap, Md.

4060. Mary Graves, b. 1836, m. ------ Miller (or Milner?) She was his fifth wife. They had one child who died young.

4061. Jasper LaFayette Graves , b. 14 Nov. 1838, m. Pelly (or Pellie) Annett McElroy, 27 Dec. 1866, d. 17 Aug. 1895.

4062. Eliza E. Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1844, m. William Duck Wallis, 26 Oct. 1873, d. 14 April 1934.

4063. Permelia A. Graves, b. 13 May 1848, m. John M. Franklin, d. 30 Aug. 1910 (Fayetteville, Fayette Co., Ga.). Buried Fayetteville City Cem. No children.


Elizabeth ("Betsy") Graves (2179) was born 1810. She married Stephen D. Lyle on 8 Nov. 1829 in Fayette Co., Ga. (book A, p. 97). They apparently had one son, Stephen Lyle, who was living with his aunt, Mrs. James W. Padgett (born Susan Lyle), in the 1850 census. After her husband Stephen died, Betsy married Jesse Ward on 31 Oct. 1841 in Fayette Co. (book B, p. 197). He was born in 1795 in N.C. He had married before, but no record of his first wife and their children is known. It was on their plantation near Mundy's Mill that her father John Graves, his wife, and 20 or 30 of the Ward family were buried. (R-29)

Children - Lyle

4064. Stephen Lyle, b.c. 1830.

Children - Ward

4065. Moton Nathan Ward, b.c. 1843, m. Mattie Donahoo.

4066. William Rucker Ward, b.c. 1844.

4067. Mary Elizabeth Ward, b.c. 1847, m. Reuben Wallis Mundy, 1868, d. 1931.

4068. John Ward, b.c. 1849.

4069. Jessie Ward, b.c. 1852.

4070. James Ward, b.c. 1854.


Charles ("Cudy") Graves (2180) was probably born between 1811 and 1815 in Ga. (although the 1850 census indicates 1815, Varney Graves believes 1811 or 1812 is most likely), and died between 1852 and 1860, probably 1853, in Fayette Co., Ga. His will is recorded in Will Book A, p. 11, Fayette Co. He married Elizabeth Cleckler (or Clacker or Clecker) on 25 Nov. 1830 in Fayette Co., Ga. (marriage book A, p. 132). She was born about 1812 (according to Varney Graves). According to Judy Filingeri, she was born 1825 in S.C. (based on the 1850 census), although this seems unlikely. There is no evidence of an earlier marriage for Charles, and 1825 would have been too late a birth date for Elizabeth to have had a child born 1833. Also, the 1870 census of Fayette Co. indicates 1810 for her birth. Elizabeth was a sister of Susan Cleckler who married Charles's brother John. All their children were born in Ga. (R-29, R-34, R-35)

Children - Graves

4071. Mary Ann Graves, b. 1833, m. James L. Martin, 19 Dec. 1854 (Fayette Co., Ga., marriage book C, p. 185).

4072. Caroline Graves, b. 1835, m(1) Daniel McEachern, 16 Nov. 1854 (Fayette Co., Ga., marriage book C, p. 182), possibly m(2) Cal Holliday, 15 March 1874 (Fayette Co., Ga., marriage book D, p. 54).

4073. Permelia (?) Francina Graves, b. 1837, m. William P. Lee, 22 Dec. 1855 (Fayette Co., Ga., marriage book C, p. 221).

4074. Elijah M. Graves, b. Dec. 1840, m. Mary C. Dellalia (or Delleliah), 1869, d. 1915.

4075. Martha Palestine Graves, b. 1842, m. John Thomas Brogdon, 18 Jan. 1868, d. 4 Dec. 1912.

4076. Elizabeth Mary Graves, b. 1844, m. Thomas L. Jenkins, 15 April 1867 (Fayette Co., Ga., marriage book C, p. 464, J).

4077. Henry L. Graves, b. 1846.

4078. Nancy E. Graves, b. 4 Sept. 1848, m. Joseph Lamar Graves, 2 Nov. 1873, d. 6 Dec. 1899 (or 1898). For descendants, see Joseph Lamar Graves in the book: Robert Graves of Anson Co., N.C., and Chesterfield Co., S.C., by Kenneth Vance Graves.

4079. George W. Graves, b. 20 Feb. 1852, m(1) Martha Glass, 20 Jan. 1876, m(2) Belle Crow, 30 Aug. 1877, d. 10 Aug. 1933.



Lewis Graves (2182) was born in N.C., probably in Anson Co., probably about 1798 (based on census records). He died 10 Dec. 1836 in Henry Co., Tenn., according to a death bed document signed by Austin Smith and his wife Rebecca, stating they were with Lewis when he died on 10 Dec. 1836. This document does not mention any names of his family. Lewis last appeared on the tax roll of Henry Co. in 1835, and his wife Miriam was appointed executor of his estate in 1838 (Henry Co. Will Book E, p. 28). Lewis Graves married Miriam Lewis, daughter of Thomas Lewis. (See will of Thomas Lewis, Anson Co. Will Book B, p. 61, probated April 1836. This will also names a daughter of Thomas Lewis, Nancy Graves.) Miriam was born 17 June 1801 in S.C., died 10 Jan. 1862 in Collin Co., Texas, and was buried in Thompson Cem., Collin Co., Texas. It is believed that Lewis and his family lived in Hardeman Co., Tenn.

Tax roll of Henry Co., Tenn.:

1827, Lewis Graves, 80 acres, 1 poll, 2 slaves

1828, Lewis Graves, 60 acres

1830, Lewis Graves, 115 acres

1831, Lewis Graves, 195 acres, 1 poll, 2 slaves

William B. Graves, 1 poll (brother of Lewis?)

1834, Lewis Graves, 1 poll, 2 slaves

1835, Lewis Graves, 1 poll, 2 slaves

Anson Co., N.C. (?) Book 10, p. 135. Miriam Graves, power of attorney to Harmon Adams. Know by all present that I, Miriam Graves of Henry Co., Tenn., widow and relict and sole executor of Lewis Graves, late heir at law of Richard, late of Anson Co., do hereby appoint Harmon Adams of Henderson Co., Tenn. as my attorney. Harmon Adams appoints John Adams to be attorney in Anson Co.

Anson Co. Deed, Henry Co., Tenn. Personally appeared before me Benjamin Brown, Miriam Graves, widow of Lewis Graves, deceased, sayeth her husband received from his father during his life 300 acres of land in Chesterfield which her husband sold for $600. He also received one mare worth $100, one cow and calf worth $10, one bed worth $20, received no other property, Dec. 4, 1838.

According to the 1850 census for Henry Co., Tenn.: Miriam Graves, 52 (b.c. 1798-99, not 1801), N.C. (not S.C.), parents b. N.C.; Miles, 26; Jane, 21; Lewis, 20; Wiley, 18; John, 16; Rebecca, 15. The 1860 census for Collin Co., Texas, P.O. Millwood (July 31) lists: Miriam, 61 (b.c. 1799); Willie M., 28; Lewis, 30.

From an article on page 6, Carolinas Genealogical Society Bulletin, Monroe, NC, vol. 31, no. 1, titled: Thomas Lewis, Veteran:

On Oct. 6, 1832, when he signed his application for pension on his service in the American Revolution, Thomas Lewis (father of Miriam Lewis) of Anson Co., NC was said to be very "infirm." (File No. S7139) He was 80 years old on Sept. 29, 1832, according to a Bible Register, and at the time of his service he was living in Wilkes Co., NC, near the head of Yadkin River.

According to his application, he was a Minute Man who "served at every call" against the British Tories and Indians. He did not march with Col. Campbell against Ferguson at Kings Mountain, as he had just returned from a tour of duty. The 700 British and Tory prisoners taken at Kings Mountain were brought to Wilkes Co., where the Americans who had not fought there became their guards. In November, as a guard, Lewis marched with those prisoners about 90 miles to Moravian Town, now Winston-Salem. They crossed the Yadkin River, three feet deep in some places, carrying their guns and knapsacks. The guards remained in Moravian Town some time with the prisoners, until they were marched to Hillsboro.

Lewis was then stationed as a guard at the Trading Fork on the Yadkin River. There were so many Tories in the county and the adjoining counties that it was a "distressing time," and he cannot remember how many times he was called out.

The last year of the War, Lewis moved to Anson Co. and was there called out to go against the Tories at Drowning Creek, about 60 miles away. After two-days' march his troops were told they would not be wanted. He never received any pay for his service nor any discharge, as it was not customary in the back country.

The applicant's veracity was attested to by Rilah (?) Smith, Aaron Copeland, Joel Gulledge, as well as Reuben Phillips and James Gordon, J.P.'s, and he received $78.30 in arrears payment and a semi-annual allowance of $13.05 to be paid.

The Last Will of Thomas Lewis (29 Sept. 1752 - 12 Jan. 1836) is recorded in Anson Co., NC, and names his wife, Susan. His children were:

Thomas J. Lewis

Daniel Lewis who was in Stewart Co., TN, 1837

Jeremiah Lewis who died before Oct. 1817 in Anson Co.

Nancy, born 1785, m(1) ------ Graves, m(2) ?

Rebecca who married Thomas Melton

Rachel who married Harman Adams (b. 1789), Henderson Co., TN in 1838

Elizabeth, b. 1790, m(1) ------ Autry, m(2) Moses Moore

Naomi married Thomas Hubbard

Susannah married Phillip May, 1838, in Stewart Co., TN

Myram, b. 17 June 1801, d. 10 Jan. 1862, Collin Co., TX, m. Lewis Graves, d. 1838, Henry Co., TN

Caty d.c. 1839, Sumter Co., AL, 1st wife Jonathan May

Martha reportedly married a Mangum; she died before 1817 in Stewart Co., TN.

(R-14, R-29, R-36, R-37)

Children - Graves

4080. Miles Graves, b. 12 Jan. 1822, m. Emily Jane Cotner, d. 26 July 1888.

4081. Richard T. Graves, b. 1824, m. Mary Jane Thompson, 30 Oct. 1845, d. 13 June 1864.

4082. William Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1826 (Tenn.), never married, d. 2 Aug. 1884 (Collin Co., Texas). Buried Thompson Cem., Collin Co., Texas.

4083. Lewis Graves, b. 1830 (Tenn.), never married, d. probably before 1865 (Collin Co., Texas). Was insane. J. T. Howell (R-89) confirms that Lewis was mentally ill. As stated in the History of Nevada, Texas, by Grace (Moran) Evans, he lived in a cabin that his brother Wiley built, and Wiley took care of him. Lewis had a tendency to disrobe at unexpected times. Wiley may have waited until both his mother and brother died to marry.

4084. Wiley M. Graves, b. 10 May 1832, m. Sarah Emma Harless, 18 Oct. 1865, d. 2 Aug. 1874.

4085. John D. Graves, b. 1834, m. Mary Jane Walker, 18 Oct. 1853, d. before 1870.

4086. Martha Jane Graves, m. Hugh Shaw, 23 Oct. 1856 (McKinney, Collin Co., Texas). No children.

4087. Mary Elizabeth Graves, m. John M. Whitfield.

4088. Rebecca Ann Graves, b. 22 April 1836, m. Alexander B. Reavis, 11 Aug. 1857, d. 1888.



Mary ("Polly") Cleveland (2187) was born about 1793 (or 1775) and died about 1859. She married Thomas ("Chauga Tom") Harbin about 1810-16. He was born in 1785 and died 11 Sept. 1875. (R-208)

Children - Harbin

+4089. Absalom B. Harbin, b. 1816, m. Eliza Anne O'Kelley, 1843-44, d. 22 July 1895.


Jemima (or Jenny) Cleveland (2188) married Moses P. Shannon, son of John Shannon and Sarah Perkins, on 28 April 1816 in Franklin Co., NC (?). (R-211)

Children - Shannon

+4090. Aaron Shannon, m. Sarah Ann P. Johns.



Mary Graves Cleveland (2191) was born 15 March 1782 in the Tugaloo area, Oconee Co., SC, and died 31 July 1858 in Cherokee Co., GA. She married Abednego (or Abednigo) ("Bedney") Franklin about 1800. He was born 29 May 1776 in VA, and died 22 Dec. 1816 in Madison Co., GA. (R-205, R-207, R-209)

Children - Franklin

+4091. Anne Franklin, b. 15 Sept. 1801, m. Charles James McDonald, 19 Dec. 1819, d. 10 Oct. 1835.

+4092. Benjamin Cromwell Franklin, b. 1805, m. Elizabeth C. Brantley, d. 1873.

4093. Robert Franklin, b.c. 1806.

4094. Leonidas Franklin, b.c. 1807.

+4095. Marcus Aurelius Franklin, b.c. 1811, m. Mary Louisa Bond.

4096. William W. Franklin, b.c. 1813.

4097. Abednego Franklin, b.c. 1815.



Henry King Graves (2199) was born 13 May 1818 in Chesterfield Co., Va., and died in 1869. He married Mary Susan Cheatham, daughter of Thomas Cheatham and Elizabeth Bruce. She was born 24 March 1826. (R-515)

Children - Graves

4098. Sarah Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 Oct. 1843.

4099. Lois Olivia Graves, b. 12 March 1846.

4100. Adelia Susan Graves, b. 16 Sept. 1848, d. 1850.

4101. Elizabeth Bruce Graves, b. 7 July 1852, d. 1852.

4102. Martha William Graves, b. 28 Oct. 1853.

4103. Emmett Bernard Graves, b. 30 March 1856.

4104. Joseph Harrison Graves, b. 7 Nov. 1858, d. 1881.



William A. Graves (1633) was born in 1819. He was admitted to the Bar, but engaged in shipbuilding. He first married Miss ------ Pullen. He secondly married Agnes (Branham) Brown. (R-515)

Children - Graves, by ------ Pullen

4105. Robert Armistead Graves

4106. William Armistead Graves

4107. Armistead Graves

Children - Graves, by Agnes Brown

4108. Lucy F. Graves

4109. Euphan Graves

4110. Sarah A. Graves, m. J. C. Deming.

+4111. Charles Mallory Graves, b. 1 Feb. 1842, m. Eugenia Hinton, 28 Sept. 1870.



Henry Eanes Graves (2203) was born 5 April 1805 in Amelia Co., VA, and died in Amelia Co. He married Caroline Matilda Booker in 1825 in Amelia Co., VA. She was born 1 April 1809 in Amelia Co., VA. (R-221)

Children - Graves

+4112. Mary Jane Graves, m. David Goode, 25 Feb. 1850.

+4113. Charles Oliver Graves, m. Mary Emma Gill.

+4114. John Graves, m. Indiana Jackson.

4115. Francis Graves, m. James Madison Pritchett.

4116. Nannie Graves

4117. Ann Virginia Graves

+4118. Maria Louise Graves, b. 1 April 1809 (?), m. Joseph Edward Moore, perhaps 13 May 1869, d. 8 June 1889.

4119. Marion Graves, m. Benjamin Sims.

4120. Caroline Matilda Graves

4121. William Arthur ("Pompey") Graves, never married. He was cross-eyed.

4122. Robert H. Graves; medical student; killed carrying flag at Gettysburg, PA.

4123. Sallie Wilson Graves, m. Taylor Phillips.



William Harrison Graves (2204), called Harrison, was born 18 Jan. 1819 in Jackson Co., TN, and died 17 July 1874 in the Prattsville-Sheridan area of Grant Co., AR. He married Amelia (or Permelia, called "Millie" of "Milly") Cunningham, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Cunningham, on 24 May 1845 in Saline Co., AR. She was born 9 Nov. 1829 in Jackson Co., TN, and died 24 June 1900. They and all their children were buried in the Graves Cem., Grant Co., AR. Census records and the Graves Cem. inscriptions show that they had 5 known children. All their children were born in AR.

The Graves family was listed in Sulphur Springs Twp., Montgomery Co., AR in the 1850 census, and in South Fork Twp., Montgomery Co., AR in the 1860 census. Land records show Wm. H. Graves entered land May 1, 1856 in the NW SE part of Section 15 T2S R24W 40 acres. Samuel Cunningham had entered land 11-1-1848 SE NE S15 T2S R24W 40 ac. & also 10-10-1856 SW SW S14 T2S R24W. The McKinney Cemetery, where Samuel and his daughter Cynthia Cunningham and her family is buried, is on the homestead, NE 1/4 of S15, on the north bank of Lake Ouachita. William H. and Amelia sold 240 acres, all in S15 T2S R15W, to David Mayberry for $4000 on 26 Dec. 1863.

The Graves family moved to Grant Co. between the 1860 and 1870 census (Grant Co. was formed from Jefferson, Saline and Hot Springs counties in 1869). The 1870 census shows them living in Davis Twp. Amelia was living with her son Thomas and his family in the 1880 census for Merry Greene Twp., Grant Co., AR. Amelia indicated in the 1880 census that her father was born in VA and her mother in SC. Land entry records show William H. Graves, homestead original, NW NW S36 T4S R14W, 40 ac., recorded 4-14-1906; the Grant Co. deed rrecords show that Thomas Graves claimed this land as sole heir of William H. Graves.

Amelia Graves, 48, of Merry Greene Twp., secondly married Asa Baucurn (?), 74, of Franklin Twp., Grant Co., AR, on 10 Dec. 1882. (Much of the information on this family was gathered by Harold Dean Davis or Benton, AR, as part of a family history book, The Samuel & Margaret Cunningham Family, and was sent by R-213.) (R-213, R-214)

Children - Graves

4124. Samuel R. Graves, b. 15 Aug. 1847, d. 22 Feb. 1875.

+4125. Thomas Jefferson Graves, b. 15 Sept. 1849, m. Martha Mellissia McDonald, d. 15 April 1920.

4126. Marshall A. Graves, b. 25 June 1851, d. 3 Aug. 1876.

4127. Candice (or Candis) S. Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1855, d. 18 March 1877.

4128. U. L. Graves, b. 31 Jan. 1861, d. 10 July 1868.



Octavos ("Tobe") Graves (2215) was born 3 April 1823 and died 4 July 1861, both at Little Salt Lick Creek, Smith Co., Tenn. He married Elvira Thaxton (or Thackston?) on 6 June 1855. She was born 8 July 1835 and died 12 June 1920, both in Smith Co., Tenn. Octavos was listed in the 1850 census of Smith Co.

In inventory of 1865-1874, Smith Co., Tenn., D. A. West was appointed guardian of John B. Graves and Susan O. Graves, children of Octavos Graves, deceased. (R-43)

Children - Graves

+4129. John Beman Graves, b. 12 July 1857, m(1) Clarkie Dillard, m(2) Belle Zeldra Duke, 31 Dec. 1891, d. 30 July 1936.

4130. Susan O. Graves



Richard M. Graves (2221) was born about 1830. He married Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Walker. She was born about 1831. (R-41)

Children - Graves

4131. Lafayette Graves

4132. Samuel Graves


Thadeus C. Graves (2222) was born about 1832 in TN. He married Nancy Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Chilcutt about 1849. She was born about 1837 in TN. They lived in Tarrant Co., TX, and were listed in the census for that county in 1880. Thadeus was proprietor of a dry goods (clothing) store, Thad Graves & Sons, in Mansfield, TX. Their first 2 children were born in TN and the others in TX. (R-41, R-224)

Children - Graves

4133. Dr.) Richard W. Graves, b.c. 1857.

+4134. John Hugh Graves, b. 17 Oct. 1859, m. Emma L. Thornton, 17 Feb. 1891, d. 30 Jan. 1941.

4135. Cullen P. Graves, b.c. 1863.

4136. William S. Graves, b.c. 1865.

4137. Maud Graves, b.c. 1868, m. Z. L. Harland.

4138. Commadore Graves, b.c. 1871.

4139. Ben B. Graves, b.c. 1874.


Adliza (or Adeliza) Graves (2223) was born about 1833. She married Samuel Snodgrass in 1853 in White Co., TN. He was born about 1830. (R-41, R-224)

Children - Snodgrass

4140. James Thomas (or L.) Snodgrass, b.c. 1854.

4141. John Graves Snodgrass, b.c. 1856.

4142. William Lafayette Snodgrass, b.c. 1858.

4143. David Crockett Snodgrass

+4144. Serma Clementine Snodgrass, b. 1861, m. Drury Cooper Waller, 1878.

4145. Richard Columbus Snodgrass


Ruth (or Rutha or Ruthy or Ruthay) Barton Graves (2224) was born 19 Aug. 1835, and died 25 July 1901 in Worthat (could this be Wortham, Navarro Co.?), Texas. She married George Fletcher Jackson on 17 Aug. 1854. (R-41, R-42)

Children - Jackson

4146. Marion Jackson

4147. John Jackson

4148. Clem Jackson



Esom (or Esum or Easom) Logan Burke (2234) was born 3 May 1822 in Jackson Co., Tenn., and died 18 April 1877 in Wilson Co., Tenn. He married Harriett Munday on 23 March 1859 in Wilson Co. She was born in 1832 in Tenn., and died 5 March 1891 in Wilson Co., Tenn. They were both buried in a country graveyard west of Hunter's Point Pike, north of Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn. All their children were born in Wilson Co. (R-136)

Children - Burke

+4149. William Logan Burke, b. 5 Jan. 1860, m. Bettie Morgan Trice, 30 Dec. 1886, d. 9 Nov. 1899.

4150. John Pate Burke, b.c. 1862.

4151. Parasida Burke, b.c. 1863.

4152. James Robert Burke, b. 13 Nov. 1866, d. 6 Feb. 1954.

4153. Sarah Eula Burke, b. 9 Dec. 1869, m. ------ Woolard, d. 20 Sept. 1944.

4154. Franklin P. Burke, b.c. 1872.



Sarah Calvert (2239) was born 15 Dec. 1786 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died 5 Oct. 1856 in Shelby Co., Mo. She married John Kaylor on 3 Feb. 1803. He was born 8 Oct. 1778 in Little York, Pa., and died 1 April 1866 in Shelby Co., Mo. (R-120)

Children - Kaylor

+4155. Gideon Kaylor, b. 4 May 1829, m. Virginia Holliday, d. 1887.



Priscilla Calvert (2240) was born about 1764 and died 4 April 1839. She married John Leatherwood about 1779 or 1783. He was born in 1762 and died in 1820. (R-186)

Children - Leatherwood

+4156. James Leatherwood, b. 1779, m. Jane ------.

+4157. Isaac Leatherwood, b. 29 Aug. 1803, m. Delilah Woodruff, 26 Aug. 1820, d. 25 June 1860.

4158. Elizabeth Leatherwood

4159. Jane Leatherwood

4160. Nancy Leatherwood

4161. John B. Leatherwood

4162. Spenser Leatherwood

4163. William Leatherwood

4164. Miles Leatherwood

4165. Zachariah Leatherwood

+4166. Jesse Leatherwood, married.


James Calvert (2241) was born about 1767 and died in 1823. He first married Elizabeth Shadows in 1792 in Prince William Co., VA. He secondly married Alcey Cheek on 7 Feb. 1797 in Prince William Co. She was born in 1777 and died in 1828. (R-186)

Children - Calvert, by Elizabeth Shadows

4167. Jesse Calvert, b. 1793, m. Nancy ------, d. 1878.

Children - Calvert, by Alcey Cheek

4168. James Calvert, b. 1798.

4169. John Calvert, b. 1798, d. 1854.

4170. Pamela Calvert, b. 1801, m. Walter Calvert. He was b. 1781.

4171. Craven Calvert, m. Sally Calvert. She was b. 1805.

4172. Sanford Calvert

4173. Redman Calvert

4174. Charles Calvert

4175. Madison Calvert

4176. Caroline Calvert, m. James Peel.

4177. Mary Calvert


Jane Calvert (2246) died in 1840 in Mason Co., KY. She married William Calvert, her cousin, in 1792. (R-186)

Children - Calvert

4178. Allison Calvert, b. 1794, m. Catherine Bramel, d. 1870.

4179. Mary Calvert, b. 1797, m. William C. Calvert, d. 1856. He was b. 1794 and d. 1875.

4180. William F. Calvert



James Naylor (2258) was born in 1804 and died in 1878. He first married Mary A. Watson Smith. He secondly married Mary Anne Reed Perrie in 1835. She was born in 1813 and died in 1888. (R-141)

Children - Naylor, by Mary A. W. Smith

4181. Benjamin Mackal Naylor, b. 1830, never married, d. 1900.

4182. Mary Priscilla Naylor, b. 1831, d. 1906.

Children - Naylor, by Mary A. R. Perrie

+4183. Henry Louis Naylor, b. 1836, m(1) Margaret Octavia Brady, m(2) Mary S. Mudge, d. 1926.

4184. James William Naylor, b. 1838.

4185. Margaret Jane Naylor, b. 1839.

4186. Verlinda Naylor, m. Thomas Vinton Krebs, 1860. He was b. 1842, d. 1929.

4187. Julie Ann Naylor, b. 1846, d. 1918.

4188. Llewelyn Moncure Naylor, b. 1848, d. 1923.

4189. Susanna Elizabeth Naylor, b. 1851, d. 1927.



Michael Wallace (2263) was born 1777 in King George Co., Va. He lived at "Glen Wallace", Madison Co., Va., died 14 Feb. 1851, and was buried in Glen Wallace Cem. He first married Mary Kelton Glassell about 1800. He secondly married Cecilia Gustavus (Brown) Brooke. For his third wife he married Margaret Henderson on 25 Dec. 1835. She was born 1785 and died 1859. Source: Hayden, Virginia Genealogies; family records. (R-10)

Children - Wallace, by Mary K. Glassell

4190. Helen Glassell Wallace, m. (Dr.) James Somerville, 13 Dec. 1821.

4191. Gustavus Brown Wallace, m(1) Mary Ann Wydown, m(2) Margaret Elizabeth McFarland.

4192. Horatio Nelson Wallace, m. Mary Thompson Wishart, d. 1909.

4193. Elizabeth Brown Wallace, b. 1809, m. Howson Hooe Wallace, 1826.

4194. Louisa Wallace, m. (Dr.) William LeBaron Goodwin. No children.

4195. James Wallace, m. Eliza Gardiner.

+4196. Mary Anne Wallace, b. 1815, m. Battaile Fitzhugh Taliaferro Conway, 1833, d. 1 Oct. 1843.

4197. Robert Wallace, died young.

Children - Wallace, by Cecilia G. Brown

4198. Middleton Mitchelson Wallace, never married.



William Wallace (2264) was born 14 Feb. 1784 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died 1840-1850 (probably about 1849) in Green Co., Ky. He married Nancy Elizabeth ("Betsy") Yates, daughter of John Yates and Elizabeth Gaines, on 8 Sept. (or 18 Dec.) 1806, by the Rev. Louis Connor, Baptist. She was born in 1789 in Culpeper Co., Va., and died between 1860 and 1870, probably in Metcalfe Co., Ky. They were both buried in Cloverdale, Barren Co., Ky. Their first child was born in Va. and the others in Barren Co., Ky. (R-114, R-174)

Children - Wallace

4199. Thomas Jefferson Wallace, b. 10 Sept. 1807, m. Evelyn Wright.

4200. John Yates Wallace, b. 14 April 1809, m(1) Jane Creel, 19 Dec. 1831, m(2) Kitty (Creel) Yates, d. 26 Jan. 1877.

+4201. William Wallace, Jr., b. 16 Jan. 1811, m. Martha Clark, 11 March 1830, d. 8 Oct. 1887.

+4202. Gustavus A. Wallace, b. 13 Feb. 1813, m(1) Elizabeth Clark, 24 Jan. 1832, m(2) Nancy (Nunn) London, d. 8 April 1889.

+4203. Hugh Wallace, b. 25 May 1815, m. Frances Pierce, 25 May 1836, d. 13 Sept. 1855.

4204. Arthur Wallace, b. May 1818.

4205. Gaines Wallace, b. 20 March 1820, m. Sarah Jane Bowden.

4206. George Washington Wallace, b. 15 May 1822, m. Ruth Clark, 23 Aug. 1843, d. 20 Nov. 1919.

4207. Francis Wallace, b. May 1824.

+4208. Mortimer Bingley Wallace, b. 7 Oct. 1826, m(1) Eliza Jane Blaydes, 18 Oct. 1850, m(2) Allie Renick, d. 30 July 1914.

+4209. Robert Hood Wallace, b. 5 Oct. 1831, m. Mary Elizabeth Keene, 12 Feb. 1851, d. 2 April 1907.

4210. Benjamin Wallace, b. 20 Oct. 1833 (or 1834), m. Martha Betsy Price, 16 May 1857.


Mary Dade Wallace (2266) was born 23 Nov. 1791. She married Dr. William Buchanan. He was born 27 March 1790. His will was dated 1841 and proved 1842. They lived in Stafford Co., Va., near Fredericksburg. (R-10)

Children - Buchanan

4211. Mary Wallace Buchanan, b. 10 Oct. 1819. No children.

+4212. Cornelia Sapphira Buchanan, m. Battaile Fitzhugh Taliaferro Conway, 1843.

4213. Virginia Buchanan, m. Richard C. Moncure, Jr. (of Stafford, Va.).



Mary Duckett (2274) married Daniel Reeder. (R-150)

Children - Reeder

+4214. Elizabeth Reeder, m. Johnson Wesson.



Elizabeth Odell (2282) was born 7 May 1792 in Back Creek, Berkeley Co., Va. (later W.Va.), and died 22 July 1854. She first married Rev. William Page, son of Joseph Page, on 16 Oct. 1816 in Adams Co., Ohio. They were married by her father, Rev. Thomas Odell. William was born 2 Sept. 1772 in Monmouth Co., N.J., and died 15 Nov. 1834 in Clermont Co., Ohio. They were both buried in Calvary Cem., Clermont, Ohio. He was a Methodist minister, and they were both Methodists. They lived for many years in Adams Co., Ohio, and then moved to Clermont Co., Ohio. He had first married Maria Connell. After he died, Elizabeth secondly married Rev. William Thompson on 13 Feb. 1838. (R-116)

Children - Page

4215. Thomas Warner Page, b. 15 Aug. 1817, m. Eliza Jane Carr, 20 May 1847 (Clermont Co., Ohio), d. 1 Dec. 1900. Bur. Tate Twp. Cem., Clermont Co., Ohio.

4216. Asbury M. Page, b. 1819, m. Harriet Carr, 16 Jan. 1845 (Clermont Co., Ohio), d. 1913. Bur. Felicity Cem., Clermont Co., Ohio.

+4217. Minerva F. Page, b. 11 Feb. 1821, m. Philip D. Swope, 7 March 1843, d. 15 April 1887.

4218. Elizabeth A. Page, b. 1823, m. John P. Constant, 11 Sept. 1851, d. 1895. Bur. Felicity Cem., Clermont Co., Ohio.

4219. Hannah M. Page, b. 1823, m. Aquila Thompson, 16 Sept. 1849.

4220. Rebecca H. Page, b. 1826, m. Alfred Hines, 20 July 1851.

4221. Sarah Jane Page, b. 1828, m. George Smith.


Rhoda Prather Odell (2285) was born 11 April 1799 in Mayslick, Mason Co., Ky., and died 2 Nov. 1881 in Schuyler, Colfax Co., Neb. She married Ebenezer ("Eben") Bailey, son of Joel Bailey and Rachel Moore, on 15 Nov. 1818 in West Union Twp., Adams Co., Ohio. He was born 20 Dec. 1797 in Mayslick, Mason Co., Ky., and died 18 Feb. 1859 in Odell, Fountain Co., Ind. They were both buried in Salem Cem., near Odell, Ind. She was Methodist.

Eben was first married to Mary Crawford on 24 Oct. 1816 in Adams Co., Ohio. She died before Nov. 1818 in Adams Co. There was one child by this marriage, Nathan Bailey, born 1817 in Adams Co.

At least the first 7 children of Rhoda and Eben were born in West Union, Adams Co., Ohio. (R-117)

Children - Bailey

4222. Rachel Bailey, b. 1820, m. William Reighley, d. 1906.

+4223. Gracie Bailey, b. 9 Jan. 1823, m. David J. Cox, 24 March 1844, d. 12 Nov. 1914.

4224. Charlotte Bailey, b. 23 Feb. 1824, m. Telemacus Odell, d. 5 Aug. 1866.

4225. Thomas Bailey, b. 8 March 1826, m(1) Mary Hiett, m(2) Urana W. Weatherbee, 24 April 1867 (Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe Co., Ind.), m(3) Sarah Armstrong, d. 5 March 1920 (Sugar Grove, Ind.). Bur. Sugar Grove Cem.

4226. Albert Bailey, b. 1827, d. 1829 (West Union, Ohio).

4227. William Crawford Bailey, b. 13 July 1829, m. Morgana Dickinson, 1 April 1857 (McLean Co., Ill.), d. Schuyler, Colfax Co., Neb..

4228. George Washington Bailey, b. 24 Oct. 1831, m. Julia Ann Britton, 19 March 1857 (Leroy, Lake Co., Ind.), d. after 1917. Bur. Adams Co., Ohio.

4229. James Bailey, m. Mary Huston, d. while serving in the Army in Gallatin, Sumner Co., Tenn.

4230. Delilah Matilda Bailey, b. Adams Co., Ohio, m. (Rev.) ------ Brandenburg.

4231. Rhoda Ann Bailey, b. 1843 (Adams Co., Ohio), m. (Rev.) Andrew Wimsette, d. 18 May 1865. Bur. Pleasant Hill Cem., Lexington, McLean Co., Ill.



William Odell (2288) was born about 1804 in S.C. He was probably named for his grandfather, William Hendricks. He was listed in the 1850 census for Newberry Co., S.C., apparently a widower. His first wife was Nancy Huffis. Sometime shortly after the taking of the 1850 census, he probably married Sarah Ann (Phillips) Cooper, as she is known to have married as her second husband a William Odell.

Sarah Ann Phillips was born 26 Feb. 1823 in Union Co., S.C. She was a daughter of Joseph Phillips (1790-1859) and Elizabeth Pressley (c.1797-c.1829), both born in S.C. Sarah's father was in the War of 1812, and at the time he moved from S.C. to Ala., in 1854, he was one of the wealthiest men in Calhoun Co., Ala. He was buried at Union Methodist Church Cem., near Wellington, in Calhoun (Benton) Co., Ala.

Sarah first married John C. ("Jack") Cooper, son of Stacy Cooper, about 1840-41. He was born about 1818, died 16 Aug. 1848, and was also from S.C. They had the following children: Ophelia, b. 1843; Stacy, b. 1845; and Joseph Phillips, b. 1847.

William Odell was dead by Dec. 11, 1865, leaving Sarah as a widow. He could have died before 1860 because Sarah Ann Odell was listed as head of the household in the 1860 Calhoun Co., Ala. census. She was in Ala. because her father and his family had moved there.

In 1870, Sarah and her sons, John, William and Gustavas, were in Chesterfield District, Lee Co., Miss. In 1875, Sarah went to Texas with her sons William and Gustavas. They were enumerated in the 1880 census of Ellis Co., Texas. In 1881, William and his mother moved to Hubbard, Hill Co., Texas.

Sarah died 6 March 1882, and was buried in Pin Oak Cem., Hubbard, Texas. (R-121)

Children - Odell, by Sarah A. Phillips

4232. John Odell, b. 1850 (S.C.), m. Sara Catherine Dillard, d. 1922 (Texas).

4233. Jane Odell, b. 20 April 1853 (Laurens Co., S.C.), m. Daniel Chapman, d. 24 Jan. 1917.

+4234. William Louis Odell, b. 11 May 1858, m. Christina Staaden, 15 Jan. 1885, d. 19 Feb. 1947.

4235. Gustavas Bernard Odell, b. 22 June 1861 (Calhoun (Benton) Co., Ala.), never married, d. 19 Aug. 1889 (Hill Co., Texas). Bur. Milford Cem., Milford, Texas.



James Israel (2309) was born in 1802 in Wilkes Co., N.C. He moved to Buncombe Co., N.C. with his parents. He married Mary ------. She was born in S.C. Their first 7 children were born in Buncombe Co., N.C., and the others were born in Cherokee Co., Ala. They moved to Cherokee Co. about 1836. (R-523)

Children - Israel

+4236. William Israel, b. 1825, married.

+4237. Monterville Marvin Israel, b. 1826, m. Matilda Green, d. 9 April 1864.

4238. daughter, probably b. 1827.

+4239. Leander Israel, b. 1829, m. Mary Ennis, d. 9 April 1863.

+4240. Frances Matilda Israel, b. 1831, m. Jacob Hicks, 8 Jan. 1862, d. 2 Oct. 1877.

4241. Emily Israel, b. 1833.

4242. Martha Israel, b. 1835.

+4243. John W. Israel, b.c. 1837, m. Letty Ennis, d. 2 Sept. 1863.

4244. Elizabeth Israel, b. 1839, m. W. J. Inman.

4245. Susan Israel, b. 1841.

4246. James M. Israel, Jr., b. Oct. 1845 (or 1847), m. Elizabeth A. ------. She was b. March 1860, Texas.


Mary Israel (2310) was born in 1804 in Buncombe Co. or Wilkes Co., N.C. She married Armstead B. Carland about 1825. All their children were born in Buncombe Co., N.C. (R-523)

Children - Carland

4247. Israel B. Carland, b. 1826, d. 1850 (Buncombe Co., N.C.).

+4248. William J. Carland, b. 1827, m. Zilpa Crook.

4249. Sarah Carland, b. 1830, m. Jasper M. Fischer, by 1854.

4250. Emily Carland, b. 1831, m. ------ Taylor.

4251. Laban Carland, b. 1834.

4252. Mary ("Polly") Carland, b. 1836.

4253. John Carland, b. 1839.


Celia Israel (2312) was born in 1807. She married Russell Jones. All their children were born in Buncombe Co., N.C. (R-523)

Children - Jones

+4254. James A. Jones, b. 1831, m. Sarah ------.

4255. Elizabeth Jones, b. 1833.

+4256. Sarah A. M. I. Jones, b. 1835.

4257. Nancy M. C. Jones, b. 1837.

4258. Aliene Jones, b. 1839.

+4259. George T. Jones, b. 1841, m. Harriett Morris, d. 1907.

4260. John C. Jones, b. 1845.

4261. Celia (or Arminta) Jones, b. 1849.


Sarah Israel (2315) was born 27 March 1814 in Buncombe Co., N.C., and died in 1898. She married Thomas Laxton Case, called Laxton. He was born 13 March 1810 at Bent Creek, Buncombe Co., N.C., and died 26 March 1888 at Spring Creek, Madison Co., N.C. They moved to Madison Co., N.C. during the Civil War. (R-523)

Children - Case

4262. Eli H. Case, b. 30 Nov. 1835, d. 9 Jan. 1836.

+4263. Sarah Ann E. Case, b. 6 Dec. 1836, m. Henry Washington Cagle, d. 21 Feb. 1911.

4264. Arminda M. Case, b. 21 Nov. 1838.

4265. Selah Ellen Ellender Case, b. 29 Dec. 1840, m. James C. Brown.

+4266. William Bennett Case, b. 20 March 1843, m. Nancy Plemmons, Sept. 1866, d. 22 Sept. 1933.

+4267. James Michael Case, b. 26 Jan. 1845, m. Martha Ann (Bailey) Askew, d. 26 April 1937.

+4268. Jesse T. Case, b. 29 April 1847, m. Emily Parris.

+4269. Israel Thomas Laxton Case, b. 7 March 1850, m. Sarah Bright.

4270. John Riley Case, b. 8 Sept. 1852.

+4271. Jefferson Davis Case, b. 4 Aug. 1855, m. Harriett Plemmons.

+4272. Mary Margretta Thena Case, b. 13 Feb. 1858, m. Joseph Miller Plemmons, d. 9 Nov. 1898.

4273. Nancy M. A. Case, b. 13 Nov. 1860.



Archelaus Coffey (2331) was born 30 July 1806 in Wayne Co., Ky., and died 10 March 1883 in Saline Co., Ill. He married Jane Dean, daughter of Jacob Dean, on 23 April 1824 in Hamilton Co., Ill. She was born about 1805. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4274. Permelia Coffey, b.c. 1825, m(1) Charles Samuel Sloan, before 1844, m(2) Abel Hunt, 13 Dec. 1866, d. after 1 Feb. 1890.

4275. Paulina Coffey, b. 10 Sept. 1826 (prob. Gallatin Co., Ill.), never married, d. 26 July 1843. Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.

4276. James Asbury Coffey, b. 18 Nov. 1827, m. Louisa Adelade Ferris Long Carnahan, 27 Dec. 1849, d. 13 Jan. 1879.

4277. Sales M. Coffey, b. 15 May 1831 (Sangamon Co. or Gallatin Co., Ill.), never married, d. 1 Feb. 1890. Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.

4278. Malvina E. Coffey, b. 31 Dec. 1833, m. Asahel W. Durham, 18 Dec. 1851, d. 18 July 1854.

4279. Louvica J. Coffey, b. 5 Aug. 1836 (Gallatin Co., Ill.), d. 28 June 1838 (Gallatin Co., Ill.). Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.).

4280. Laura Coffey, b. 20 May 1838 (Gallatin Co., Ill.), d. 3 Aug. 1841 (Gallatin Co., Ill.). Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.

4281. Amanda E. Coffey, b. 20 Aug. 1839 (Gallatin Co., Ill.), d. 29 Oct. 1839 (Gallatin Co., Ill.). Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.

4282. Lawrence Lesenby Coffey, b. 1841, m. S. Melvina Barker, c. 1862.

4283. C. A. Coffey, b. 3 Dec. 1841, d. 5 Dec. 1841 (or 1844). Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.

4284. G. E. C. Coffey, b. 7 Feb. 1843, d. 8 Feb. 1843. Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.

4285. John McClernan Coffey, b. 1847, m. Mary Glascock, 15 Aug. 1869.

4286. Phoebe Ann Coffey, b. 16 Nov. 1852, d. 18 Dec. 1852. Bur. Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co., Ill.


Thomas Coffey (2332) was born about 1808 in Wayne Co., Ky., and died before 5 May 1845 in Miller Co., Mo. He married Kezia (or Keziah) Varnier (or Varner), daughter of Peter Varnier (or Varner), on 13 Oct. 1828 in Gallatin Co., Ill. Their first 5 children were born in Ill. (the third through fifth in Gallatin Co.), and the last one was born in Miller Co., Mo. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4287. Caroline Coffey, b. 1829, m. ------ Goodwin.

4288. William Allen Coffey, b. 1831-2, m. Mary Wiseman.

4289. Harvey C. Coffey, b. 1834.

4290. Elizabeth A. Coffey, b. 1838.

4291. Thomas M. Coffey, b. late 1839 or early 1840.

4292. Sarah J. Coffey, b. 1845.


John Coffey (2333) was born 22 April 1810 in Wayne Co., Ky., and died 8 April 1879 in Lookingglass, Douglas Co., Oregon. He married Nancy Snyder on 13 Sept. 1832 in Gallatin Co., Ill. Their first 4 children were born in Gallatin Co., Ill. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4293. Vandever Lee Coffey, b. 26 Oct. 1833, m. Rebecca J. Wright, 5 Jan. 1871 (Marion Co., Or.), d. 2 May 1909 (Beech Creek, Grant Co., Or.). No children.

4294. Miles Coffey, b.c. 1835.

4295. James Bluford Coffey, b. 11 Oct. 1837, m(1) Mary Ann McCorkle, 19 Oct. 1862, m(2) Mary Elizabeth Bolin, 16 July 1866, d. 3 July 1924.

4296. Martha Ellen Coffey, b.c. 1839-40, m. William Arthur, Jr., 8 May 1856, d.c. 1861.

4297. Julia Ann Coffey, b. 10 Oct. 1841, m. Joseph A. Hughes, 24 Dec. 1861, d. 25 Nov. 1928.

4298. Eli D. Coffey, b.c. 1844 (Mo.), d. 1860-79.

4299. daughter, b.c. 1846.

4300. Winfield W. Coffey, b.c. Nov. 1848 (Ill.), d. Nov. 1849 (Hamilton Co., Ill.).

4301. Mary Jane Coffey, b.c. 1850, m(1) John Sloan, 27 (or 28) July 1874, m(2) Arthur McCarty, 24 Jan. 1877, m(3) William W. Kirk, 14 April 1889, d. before 1900.

4302. John Archilles Winfield Coffey, b. Dec. 1852 (Mo.), never married, d. 10 March 1931 (Roseburg, Douglas Co., Or.).

4303. Thomas Wesley Coffey, b. 27 Sept. 1854, m. Amanda E. Coon, 27 June 1878, d. 2 Sept. 1939.

4304. Louisa Coffey, b.c. 1857 (Clackamas Co., Or.), d.c. 1857 (Clackamas Co., Or.).


Sally Coffey (2336) was born about 1816, probably in Washington Co., Ind., and died before 1840 (?) or perhaps 1840-43, probably in Hamilton Co., Ill. She married Ewing Flannigan on 28 July 1836 in Gallatin Co., Ill. He was born in 1816 in Tenn., and died 20 Dec. 1846 in Matamoras, Mexico. After she died, he secondly married Caroline Mace on 19 May 1843. He thirdly married Mary Elinor Cantrell on 15 Sept. 1843. (R-522)

Children - Flannigan

4305. Perlina Flannigan, b.c. 1837 (prob. Hamilton Co., Ill.).

4306. Martha E. Flannigan, b.c. 1839 (prob. Hamilton Co., Ill.).

4307. daughter (possibly), b. by 1840 (?).


James Wesley Coffey (2337) was born 15 May 1818 in Wayne Co., Ky., died 5 Aug. 1883 in Saline Co., Ill., and was buried at Bethel Creek Church, Saline Co. He married Mary Ellen M. Kane on 20 Nov. 1854 in Saline Co. She was born 11 Jan. 1839, died 11 July 1916 in Saline Co., Ill., and was also buried at Bethel Creek Church. There may have been other children in addition to those listed below. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4308. Isabella F. Coffey, b.c. 1855-56, m. John D. Simmons, 15 Feb. 1872 (Saline Co., Ill.).

4309. James H. Coffey, b. 18 June 1858, d. 27 May 1873. Bur. Bethel Creek Church.

4310. Sarah Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Coffey, b.c. 1860, m. John C. Ogden, 24 Oct. 1880.

4311. Mary J. Coffey, b.c. 1862, m. James E. Hargraves, 6 May 1883.

4312. Samuel M. Coffey, b. 31 Aug. 1866, d. 6 Oct. 1869. Bur. Bethel Creek Church.

4313. Robert E. Coffey, b. 19 Dec. 1869, d. 6 Aug. 1870. Bur. Bethel Creek Church.

4314. Lillie M. Coffey, b. 11 June 1871, d. 18 Dec. 1872. Bur. Bethel Creek Church.

4315. Lillian R. Coffey (male), b. 21 Oct. 1873, m. Arminda F. Braden, 20 Jan. 1895, d. 4 July 1947.

4316. Whilly Coffey (male), b.c. 1874, d. before 1883.


Lewis P. Coffey (2338) was born about 1820-21 in Illinois, and died before 25 April 1848 in Hamilton Co., Ill. He married Nancy Ann C. Laswell on 5 Oct. 1842 in Hamilton Co. All their children were probably born in Hamilton Co. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4317. Sarah J. Coffey, b.c. 1845.

4318. Sophronia Coffey, b.c. 1847.

4319. Louisa Coffey, b.c. 1848, m. John Frank McGill, 1 Dec. 1872 (Hamilton Co., Ill.), d. 1889-90.


Eli Coffey (2340) was born 6 Oct. 1825 in Gallatin Co., Ill., died 7 Oct. 1899 in Hamilton Co., Ill., and was buried in Rector Fork Cem., Hamilton Co., Ill. He first married Nancy Russell on 17 June 1852 in Hamilton Co. She was born 27 June 1832, died 4 Aug. 1869, and was buried in Rector Fork Cem. He secondly married Nancy Ellen Foster on 10 Oct. 1872 in Hamilton Co. She was born 10 Nov. 1845, died 15 April 1879, and was also buried in Rector Fork Cem., Hamilton Co., Ill. (R-522)

Children - Coffey, by Nancy Russell

4320. Frances M. Coffey, b. 12 May 1854 (or 1853), d. 24 Oct. 1862. Bur. Rector Fork Cem., Hamilton Co., Ill.

4321. Melvina J. Coffey, b.c. 1855-56, m. Alexander Frank Laswell, 22 Feb. 1882 (Hamilton Co., Ill.).

4322. Louisa Eliza Coffey, b.c. 1857, m(1) Robert S. Gibson, 22 Jan. 1888, m(2) William Beachum, 25 Nov. 1902.

4323. James A. Coffey, b.c. Jan. 1860, m. Henrietta ------.

4324. Columbus Coffey, b. 15 Oct. 1861, d. 3 Feb. 1864. Bur. Rector Fork Cem., Hamilton Co., Ill.

4325. Thomas R. Coffey, b. 20 Sept. 1863, d. 15 Feb. 1864. Bur. Rector Fork Cem., Hamilton Co., Ill.

4326. Mary E. Coffey, b. 1866, m. William Jack Holland, 6 Oct. 1889.

4327. Samuel M. Coffey, b. 6 Oct. 1868, d. 4 May 1892. Bur. Rector Fork Cem., Hamilton Co., Ill.

4328. Nancy Coffey, b. July-Aug. 1869.

Children - Coffey, by Nancy E. Foster

4329. Modesta Ann Coffey, b. 1873, m. Thomas Warren McKay, 30 April 1899 (Hamilton Co., Ill.).

4330. Sariah Coffey, b.c. 1875-76, m. Samuel Lloyd Holland, 6 Oct. 1889.

4331. John Eli Coffey, b. 24 Jan. 1878, m. Sarah E. Shaptaw, 21 Oct. 1900, d. 22 March 1952.



Eleanor Coffey (2341) was born about 1804 in Wayne Co., Ky. She married Jacob Young on 23 Nov. 1824 in Vigo Co., Ind. (R-522)

Children - Young

4332. Mary A. Young, b.c. 1831.

4333. Sarah E. Young, b.c. 1833.

4334. Henry C. Young, b.c. 1835.

4335. Elizabeth Young, b.c. 1837.

4336. Jacob H. Young, b.c. 1840.

4337. Irenius M. Young (male), b.c. 1842.


James Harvey Coffey (2342) was born 6 Aug. 1806 in Wayne Co., Ky., and died 13 Feb. 1855 in Washington Co., Ind. He married Anna Eliza Graham. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4338. Celestis E. Coffey, b.c. 1836.

4339. William H. H. Coffey, b.c. 1838.

4340. John Waid Coffey, b. 13 Jan. 1841, m. Eliza Matilda Persinger, 26 Oct. 1869.

4341. Almira E. Coffey, b.c. 1843.

4342. Mary A. Coffey, b.c. 1846.

4343. James H. Coffey, b. 1848, m. Diantha E. Boling, 8 Dec. 1883, d. 1904.

4344. Addie Caroline Coffey, b.c. 1851.


Bailey H. Coffey (2344) was born 16 Aug. 1810, probably in Wayne Co., Ky., and died 23 Aug. 1879 in Davies Co., Mo. He first married Nancy Cox, daughter of Benjamin Cox, Sr. and Philena Dye, on 27 Dec. 1832 in McLean Co., Ill. She was born 16 April 1813, and died 28 Feb. 1850 in Bloomington, Ill. He secondly married Mrs. Catherine Low Harbord, widow of Matthew Harbord, on 29 April 1851 in Davies Co., Mo. She was born 19 Jan. 1816 and died 9 May 1895. (R-522)

Children - Coffey, by Nancy Cox

4345. May Philenah Coffey, b. 1834, m. Edwin McIntire, 20 March 1851 (McLean Co., Ill.).

4346. John William Coffey, b. 4 May 1837, d. 13 April 1853 (Bloomington, Ill.).

4347. Hiram Jerome Coffey, b. 21 Sept. 1839, d. 13 Nov. 1854 (Bloomington, Ill.).

4348. Volney Thornton Coffey, b. 4 June 1843, d. 1 June 1853 (Bloomington, Ill.).

4349. Taylor Y. Coffey, b. 15 Oct. 1846, d. 1 June 1847 (Bloomington, Ill.).

4350. Lucinda A. Coffey, b.c. 1849, m. William B. Vandervort, 27 Jan. 1870 (Davies Co., Mo.).

Children - Coffey, by Catherine L. Harbord

4351. James B. Coffey, b. 28 Feb. 1852, m. Janie ("Jennie") E. Maloney, 17 March 1878 (Davies Co., Mo.), d. 2 Aug. 1911 (Davies Co., Mo.).

4352. Catherine Coffey, b.c. 1855-6, possibly m. ------ Weldon or Robert Adams.

4353. Nancy Coffey, b.c. 1860.

4354. Harvey B. Coffey, b.c. 1859, m. Maggie Glaze, 9 March 1884.


John W. Coffey (2346) was born 9 March 1814 in Washington Co., Ind., and died in Davies Co., Mo. He married Esther ------. She was born 4 Nov. 1814 and died 19 Aug. 1894. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4355. Laura Coffey, b.c. 1840 (Ill.).

4356. Mark W. (or Marquis) Coffey, b.c. 1842 (Ill. or Mo.).

4357. Mary Coffey, b.c. 1844 (Mo.).

4358. Phebe Coffey, b.c. 1848 (Ind.), m. James O. Ellis, 28 Dec. 1876 (Davies Co., Mo.).

4359. Elias Y. Coffey, b. 14 April 1848, m. Jessie P. Coffey, d. 4 Sept. 1891.

4360. Catherine Coffey, b.c. 1850, m. Robert Adams (?), 29 Dec. 1891.

4361. Sarah Bell Coffey, b.c. 1853-4 (Ind.), m. Elijah Ellis, Jr., 24 Feb. 1876 (Davies Co., Mo.).


Hiram Coffey (2347) was born 2 April 1816 in Washington Co., Ind., and died in July 1873. He married Elvira Coe about 1839-40. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4362. Theodore Coffey, b.c. 1844.

4363. Henrietta C. Coffey, b.c. 1845, m. ------ Teter.

4364. Mary E. Coffey, b.c. 1846, m. Charles E. Kimler, 11 Oct. 1866.

4365. Loretta Coffey, b.c. 1848, m. John Allen Stewart, 19 July 1866.

4366. Frances Josephine Coffey, b.c. 1850, m. ------ Duckett.

4367. Arabine F. Coffey, m. ------ Davis.

4368. Amadin ("Amy") Coffey, b.c. 1855, m. ------ Gay.

4369. Lincoln Coffey

4370. Clara Coffey, m. ------ George.


Hezekiah Coffey (2348) was born about 1818 in Washington Co., Ind., and died 19 Nov. 1892 in Courtland, Republic Co., Kans. He married Susan A. Jones on 25 April 18-- in Washington Co., Ind. (R-522)

Children - Coffey

4371. Milton J. Coffey, b.c. 1842-3, m. Rebecca A. ------.

4372. Sarah E. Coffey, b.c. 1847-8, m. ------ Harris.

4373. Susan Amanda Coffey, b. 24 Nov. 1853 (Lawrence Co., Ind.), m. Joseph Woody Fullen, d. 22 April 1896.


Mary ("Polly") Ann Coffey (2349) was born 1 Feb. 1822, and died 26 Nov. 1856 in Bloomington, Ill. She first married Edward M. Depew on 10 May 1843. He died 19 April 1844. She secondly married Harvey Bishop on 21 Feb. 1850. (R-522)

Children - Depew

4374. Ella Depew

Children - Bishop

4375. Margaret Bishop



James Coffey Harbord (2350) was born 16 Dec. 1803 in Wayne Co., Ky., and died 8 March 1873 in Bloomington, McLean Co., Ill. He married Esther Guthrie on 17 Jan. 1825 in Decatur Co., Ind. (R-522)

Children - Harbord

4376. Mary Jane Harbord, d. at age 7.

4377. Martha Ann Harbord, b. 21 Jan. 1827, m. John Wesley Walker, 18 Aug. 1848 (McLean Co., Ill.), d. 15 Jan. 1844 (?) (McLean Co., Ill.).

4378. Richard H. Harbord

4379. William E. Harbord

4380. Nancy A. Harbord

4381. Moses G. Harbord, b. 3 July 1837, m. Jane Price, d. Portland, Or.

4382. Mary Margaret Harbord

4383. George W. Harbord, b. 22 Oct. 1840, m. Effie C. Gault, 1863 (McLean Co., Ill.), d. 27 Dec. 1914 (Lyon Co., Kans.).

4384. Elinor Adeline Harbord

4385. Elizabeth Adelaide Harbord; twin of Elinor.

4386. Mahala Cassandra Helen Harbord, b. 22 Sept. 1846, m. James A. Hunt, 7 Jan. 1864 (McLean Co., Ill.), d. 8 July 1873. She may also have been married once or twice before.


Agnes Harbord (2351) was born 9 Aug. 1805 in Wayne Co., Ky. She married James Wilkins on 24 Nov. 1829 in Decatur Co., Ind. In addition to the children listed below, there were probably others. (R-522)

Children - Wilkins

4387. George Wilkins

4388. Jemima Wilkins


John W. Harbord (2352) was born 18 July 1807 in Wayne Co., Ky., and died 5 March 1882 in Clarence, Shelby Co., Mo. He married Mary S. McKee on 9 May 1830 in Decatur Co., Ind. (R-522)

Children - Harbord

4389. H. H. Harbord (son)


Matthew L. Harbord (2353) was born 23 Jan. 1813 in Indiana, and died 24 July 1849 in Tremont, Ill. He married Catherine Low on 26 Nov. 1836 in McLean Co., Ill. (R-522)

Children - Harbord

4390. George C. Harbord, b. 19 April 1837.

4391. Alphonzo Harbord, b. 12 Oct. 1839.

4392. Sarah J. Harbord, b. 20 March 1843, m. Napoleon B. Brown, 5 Oct. 1859.

4393. Ione Harbord, b. 24 Dec. 1844, m. ------ Brown.

4394. Laura Harbord, b. 24 Dec. 1846.

4395. Matthew Adolphus Harbord, b. 20 March 1849.


Eleanor Harbord (2355) was born 3 Oct. 1818 in Indiana, and died in 1889. She first married William Platte on 17 July 1835 in McLean Co., Ill. He was born in 1810 in N.J., and died in 1869 in Kansas (?). She secondly married Stephen Webb. (R-522)

Children - Platte

4396. Amelia Jane Platte, b.c. 1838, m. Kelly Webb.

4397. John A. Platte, b. 30 Dec. 1839 (McLean Co., Ill.), m. Mary Ann McKinney, 4 May 1869, d. 11 March 1906 (Arlington, Texas).

4398. Merit C. Platte, b.c. 1842, d. 8 Jan. 1863 (Colliersville, Tenn.).

4399. James H. Platte, b.c. 1844, d. 7 May 1889 (Dry Grove, Ill.).

4400. William H. Platte, b.c. 1847.

4401. Samuel Leonard Platte, b.c. 1849.

4402. Lewis Platte

4403. Eldora (Ella) Platte, b. 8 July 1862 (Kans.), m. William H. Morgan, d. Dec. 1922 (Twin Grove, Ill.).

4404. Della Platte


William D. Harbord (2356) was born 18 Oct. 1820 in Indiana, and died 5 Sept. 1862 in Bloomington, Ill. He married Susan J. Snodgrass on 28 May 1849 in McLean Co., Ill. (R-522)

Children - Harbord

4405. Charles B. Harbord



Mary ("Polly") Owens (2358) was born in 1819 in Ky. She married John Robinson, son of George Robinson and Polly Logan, on 4 June 1837 in Wayne Co., Ky. He was born in 1810 in Ky. (R-134)

Children - Robinson

4406. Elizabeth Caroline Robinson, b. 1837 (Wayne Co., Ky.), m. Andrew ("Andy") Brown, c. 1856 (Wayne Co., Ky.), d.c. 1930 (Texas). He was b. 1838 in Campbell Co., Tenn., d.c. 1936 in Dickens Co., Texas. These are the ancestors of Mr. Mack E. Brown, 467 Roan Dr., Eugene, OR 97401.



Andrew Jackson Coffey (2366) was born in 1825 in Wayne Co., Ky., died 20 Oct. 1899 in Montague Co., Texas, and was buried in Starkey Cem., Montague Co. He married Martha Jane Spann, daughter of Willis Spann and Sarah Ray, on 8 Jan. 1850 in Wayne Co., Ky. She was born about 1834 in Tenn. She could not read or write, according to the census. (R-175)

Children - Coffey

4407. William Shelby Coffey, b. 1850.

4408. Charles Lewis Coffey, b. 31 Dec. 1852.

4409. Eliza Angeline Coffey, b. 27 Oct. 1856, d. 1 Jan. 1928.

4410. Andrew Jackson Coffey, b. 1856.

4411. George Henry Coffey, b. 1857.

+4412. Sarah Zerilda Coffey, b. 28 Dec. 1858, m. William Harrison Parmley, 18 Aug. 1880, d. 9 Sept. 1940.

4413. Willis Spann Coffey, b. 1862.

4414. Mary E. Coffey, b. 1865.

4415. Samuel E. Coffey, b. July 1869, d. 1959.

4416. Robert E. Coffey, b. July 1869.

4417. Cleveland Nathaniel Coffey, b. 1871, d. 20 May 1931.

4418. Clay Coffey, b. 1873.



Lovina (or Lavina) Crain (2388) was born 22 Feb. 1844 (or 1845) in Phelps Co., Mo., and died 18 (or 22) March 1919 in Newburg, Phelps Co., Mo. She married John Barry DeShurley, son of Eloi Toussaint Desjarlais. He was born about 1841 (or 1847) in Macoupin Co., Ill., and died before 1910, when he was bushwhacked at Little Piney River, Phelps Co., Mo. All their children were born in Phelps Co. (R-128)

Children - DeShurley

+4419. Albert Burton DeShurley, b. 8 Oct. 1867, m. Matilda Sophia Anna Rice, 31 May 1894, d. 6 Sept. 1941.

4420. Elizabeth ("Sis") DeShurley, b.c. 1868, m. George Roach.

4421. Mary Ellen DeShurley, b.c. 1870, m. Michael McNernie, d. 30 Jan. 1903.

4422. Frances DeShurley, b.c. 1874, m. William Strawhun, d. 27 Jan. 1956.

4423. Dora DeShurley, b.c. 1877, m. John Delashmit, d. 1951.

4424. Walter DeShurley, b.c. 1879.

4425. Fred DeShurley

4426. William DeShurley, b.c. 1885, m. Mary O'Bershon.



Lacy Dalton (2396) was born in 1839 in Grainger Co., Tenn., and died in the Civil War about 1862, probably in Ky. He married Elizabeth McCoy, daughter of David McCoy and Kathirine Wolfe. She was born 16 Feb. 1835, probably in Hancock Co., Tenn., and died 14 Jan. 1906 at Thornhill, Tenn. (R-75)

Children - Dalton

+4427. David Dudley Dalton, b. 11 Sept. 1859, m. Barbara Lewis, May 1890.



Louisa Angeline Clara Tait (2397) was born 20 (or 25) Aug. 1820 in Ga., and died 8 March 1887 in Lisbon, La. She married James McClendon on 11 Dec. 1838 in Heard Co., Ga. He was born 31 Jan. 1816 in Ga., and died 24 Oct. 1894 in Lisbon, La. (R-521)

Children - McClendon

4428. child

4429. child

4430. child

4431. child

4432. child

4433. child

+4434. Robert Tait McClendon, b. 6 June 1851, m. Quintina Jane McCasland, 17 Nov. 1874, d. 17 March 1923.


Narcissus Tait (2401) was born 25 Nov. 1832, and died 17 Aug. 1924 in Lisbon, La. She married Harmon Wright Patton, son of Soloman Patton and Lucindy Wright. He was born 25 Feb. 1820, and died 22 Dec. 1883 in Lisbon, La. (R-130)

Children - Patton

+4435. Mary Effie Patton, b. 6 Dec. 1863, m. Frank Turner Taylor, 29 Nov. 1888, d. 20 Aug. 1954.



Mary Ann Hilley (2403) was born 27 Nov. 1834 in Elbert Co., Ga., and died 2 June 1917 in Garland Co., Ark. She married Thomas Daniel Meadows, son of Simeon Whatley Meadows and Susannah Chapman, on 31 Aug. 1851 in Ga. He was born 7 June 1830 in Troup Co., Ga., and died 1 July 1910 in Claiborne Parish, La. (R-69)

Children - Meadows

4436. John David Meadows, b. 12 July 1852, m. Margaret Walker, d. 31 Oct. 1938.

4437. Samuel Thomas Meadows, b. 10 Nov. 1853, d. 3 Oct. 1867.

4438. Alexander Hamilton Meadows, b. 19 Feb. 1856, d. 31 May 1858.

4439. Joseph Simeon Meadows, b. 28 Nov. 1857, m. Belle Trimble, d. 12 Oct. 1890.

4440. Alonzo William Meadows, b. 24 Dec. 1859, m. Nannie McClendon, 25 Dec. 1888, d. 30 Jan. 1934 (El Paso, Texas).

4441. Susan Ada Meadows, b. 13 Aug. 1861, m. John Nelson, d. 4 July ----.

4442. Asbury Watkins Meadows, b. 19 Nov. 1863, m. "Tad" Williams, d. 1 Jan. 1934.

4443. Christopher Madison Meadows, b. 3 Jan. 1866, m. Emma Roberta Fortson, d. 22 April 1937.

4444. Tolar Omira Meadows, b. 12 Aug. 1867, d. 22 June 1873.

4445. Mary Beulah Meadows, b. 10 June 1869, m. John Cook, d. 30 June 1900.

+4446. Viola Clara Meadows, b. 28 Sept. 1872, m(1) Felan Smith White, 28 Sept. 1892, m(2) M. W. DeLoach, d. 21 May 1963.

4447. Ira Eugene Meadows, b. 6 Jan. 1875, m. Minnie Gillispie. Bur. Calif.

4448. Elizabeth Meadows, b. 27 June 1879, m. John Templeton.



Fannie Mann (2411) was born 26 Nov. 1838 and died 15 Dec. 1930. She married John H. Wheeler on 27 Aug. 1845. (R-521)

Children - Wheeler

4449. Anna Wheeler; living in her grandmother's house built in 1856-7, at Homer, La., in 1931.



Benjamin Thomas Higginbotham (2416) was born 6 June 1830 and died 7 Jan. 1864 (from Bible record in possession of Mrs. W. B. Higginbotham of Royston, Ga.). He first married Frances Elizabeth Cook on 13 Dec. 1849. She was born 24 May 1831 and died 20 Feb. 1915. She was the daughter of William Thomas Oliver Cook (b. 30 May 1809) and Nancy Tennyson Ridgway (b. 17 June 1803, d. 25 Feb. 1885), who were married on 16 Sept. 1828.

Benjamin secondly married Mrs. Amanda M. (Almond) Scarborough on 28 Oct. 1885. She died 16 Nov. 1917. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+4450. Mary Jane Higginbotham, b. 17 Feb. 1851, m. William Carlisle Agnew, 15 Feb. 1851.

+4451. Martha Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 27 April 1853, m. Tolbert Phillips, d. 14 Oct. 1899.

+4452. Thomas Benjamin Higginbotham, b. 21 April 1855, m. Susan N. Ledbetter, 17 Nov. 1874.

+4453. William Bowers Higginbotham, b. 9 March 1858, m(1) Mary M. Glover, 20 Jan. 1881, m(2) Elizabeth Jessie Auld, 31 July 1901.

+4454. Sarah Thornton Higginbotham, b. 27 Oct. 1860, m. Henry Ridgway, 7 Oct. 1879, d. 31 March 1898.

+4455. John Cook Higginbotham, b. 4 May 1864, m(1) Mary Tecoda McDonald, 23 Feb. 1893, m(2) Florence Estelle McDonald, 15 April 1903.


Rev. Elijah Benson Higginbotham (2420) was born 16 Dec. 1838 and died 20 June 1912. He married Frances Elizabeth ("Fanny") Carter on 15 Nov. 1859. She was born 26 Dec. 1837 and died 30 April 1919. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopalian Church South.

He was a local Methodist minister. He was in the last hard-fought battle of the Civil War. In this battle he lost both feet, one foot 4-1/2 inches below the knee, and the other foot 5 inches below the knee. On recovery, he obtained cork feet and walked with crutches the rest of his life. Off and on, he was a tax collector of Elbert Co., Ga., for 15 years. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+4456. Reuben Carter Higginbotham, b. 27 Aug. 1860, m. Ann Slayton, 4 Dec. 1879.

+4457. Sarah Jane Higginbotham, b. 1 Jan. 1862, m. Reuben Early Eavenson, 27 Oct. 1887, d. 23 March 1915.

4458. twin, b. and d. 11 April 1865.

4459. twin, b. and d. 11 April 1865.

+4460. John Madison Higginbotham, b. 23 May 1866, m. Laura Vera Eavenson, 22 Oct. 1885, d. 28 Jan. 1929.

4461. Cornelia Adeline Higginbotham, b. 19 Nov. 1869, d. 6 Oct. 1870.

4462. Alice Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 16 March 1872.

+4463. Ada Benson Higginbotham, b. 30 Oct. 1874, m. Milton Grogan Adams, 5 Dec. 1891.

+4464. William Albert Higginbotham, b. 3 March 1878, m. Leila Blakely Martin, 6 Aug. 1900, d. 14 Sept. 1938.

+4465. George Daniel Higginbotham, b. 11 Oct. 1880, m. Eugenia Elmyra Hansard, 20 June 1899.


David R. Higginbotham (2426) was born in 1853. He married Lenora Adams. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4466. J. D. Higginbotham, b. 20 June 1883.


Hester (or Hestor?) Lorene Melvine Higginbotham (2427) was born 23 Aug. 1873 and died 25 July 1900. She married William J. Harley about 1886. (R-521)

Children - Harley

4467. John W. Harley, b. 4 Jan. 1888.

4468. Mary E. Harley, b. 28 Jan. 1890, m. Ross S. Grishaw, 1914.

4469. Ross N. Harley, b. 18 Jan. 1892, m. Grady Hindman, 12 June 1917.

4470. Lola M. Harley, b. 6 Sept. 1894, m. Sam J. Fowler, May 1913.

4471. Joseph Harley, b. 15 Jan. 1897, d. Jan. 1897.

4472. Hester J. Harley, b. 26 Dec. 1897, d.c. 1899.

4473. daughter, b. March 1900, d. 1900.


Bailey Joseph Dearly Higginbotham (2428) was born 1 Feb. 1875 and died 4 July 1928. He married Cora Sulervan (Sullivan?) in Jan. 1903. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4474. LaVina J. Higginbotham, b. 1905, m. John C. Kar Rendoll (?), 1924.

4475. A. B. Higginbotham, b.c. 1907.

4476. Lela Higginbotham, b. 1909, m. ------ Jones, 1928.

4477. Burnice Higginbotham, b. 1911.


Lola Julia Caroline Stanton Higginbotham (2429) was born 2 Jan. 1878. She married William C. Turner on 3 May 1896. He died 2 April 1929. (R-521)

Children - Turner

4478. Elonzo B. Turner, b. 13 Jan. 1898, m. Margie Roper, 15 April 1921.

4479. Ebenezer C. Turner, b. 14 May 1899, d. 21 Sept. 1921.

4480. Fannie O. Turner, b. Aug. 1901, d. 20 March 1904.

4481. Henry E. Lee Turner, b. 2 July 1904, d. 26 Oct. 1905.

4482. Archelus Davis Turner, b. 1 May 1906, d. 10 July 1906.

4483. Julia Mae Turner, b. 28 May 1907, m. Marvin K. Moody, 29 Nov. 1925.

4484. Julius W. Turner, b. 30 March 1910, d. 17 June 1919 (killed).

4485. Mamie Alice Turner, b. 18 July 1912, d. 20 Oct. 1914.

4486. Pansy F. Turner, b. 22 March 1916.

4487. F. Jenelle Ann Turner, b. 26 Dec. 1918.



A daughter (2430) married ------ Thompson. (R-521)

Children - Thompson

4488. Alline Thompson, m. H. J. Fowler. They were living in Lake City, Fla. in 1959.



Epsie Ola Bond (2440) was born 24 Jan. 1871 in Franklin Co., Ga., and died 10 (or 16) Oct. 1927 in Orlando, Fla. She first married Robert Sion Eavenson on 8 Nov. 1891 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was born 22 Aug. 1871 and died 14 Oct. 1892, both in Elbert Co., Ga. She secondly married Thomas William Davenport on 1 Sept. 1895 in Elbert Co., Ga. He was born 10 March 1861 in N.C., and died 14 Oct. 1925 in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (R-65, R-155)

Children - Eavenson

+4489. Robert Cone Eavenson (name changed to Cone Eavenson Bond), b. 20 July 1892, m. Lula Sams Bond, 24 Oct. 1922, d. 1 April 1933.

Children - Davenport

4490. Mabel Arrena Davenport, m. Walker Frank Myers.

4491. Annie Corinne Davenport, m. Carl Wallace Higginbotham.

4492. Thomas Leland Davenport, m(1) DeVona Clark, m(2) Elizabeth Marie Akins.

4493. George Milton Davenport, m. Martha Drew.

+4494. Mary Jewel Davenport, b. 29 April 1908, m. George Farnham Crawford, 26 Dec. 1930.

4495. Sara Elizabeth Davenport, m. George E. Smith.


Emory Allen Bond (2442) was born 17 Feb. 1877 in Franklin Co., Ga., and died 21 March 1944 of a stroke in Swords, Morgan Co., Ga. He first married Lollie Mewhorn. He secondly married Lula May (or Mae) Swords, daughter of John Buchanon Swords and Subriney Elizabeth Moon, on 14 Oct. 1903. She was born 21 June 1883 in Madison, Ga., and died 22 April 1935 in Swords, Ga. They were both buried in Swords. Both their children were born in Swords. (R-146)

Children - Bond

+4496. Mildred Elizabeth Bond, b. 17 Aug. 1906, m. John Walter Wright, 27 Jan. 1925, d. 17 Sept. 1979.

+4497. Clinton Emory Bond, b. 3 May 1909, m. Elene McGirt, 1 June 1932, d. 21 April 1973.



James A. Fortson (2443) was born 21 Nov. 1829 in Green Co., Ala., and died 13 Feb. 1898. He married Leurena J. Rogers on 12 June 1856 in Clark Co., Ark. She was born 2 Sept. 1840 in Clark Co., Ark., and died 31 March 1919. (R-172)

Children - Fortson

+4498. Leurena Douglas Fortson, b. 18 Jan. 1871, m. James Samuel Shaddock, 31 Oct. 1889, d. 17 Aug. 1906.



Mary Lucinda Higginbotham (2462) was born 21 Jan. 1839 and died 8 Feb. 1922. She married John Wilson Myers on 16 Nov. 1857. He was born 11 April 1831 and died 23 Sept. 1869. They lived at Forks of Buffalo, Amherst Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Myers

4499. Eddie James Myers, b. 20 Nov. 1859, d. 17 Oct. 1861.

4500. Ella Thomas Myers, b. 5 Feb. 1866, d. 8 Sept. 1884.

+4501. Henry Samuel Myers, b. 23 Nov. 1867, m. Minnie Eulalee Morris, 24 Nov. 1897, d. 2 Nov. 1923.


Betty Ann Cash Higginbotham (2464) was born 5 March 1843. She married John H. Parr, son of William Parr and Nancy Reynolds, on 19 April 1870 (Amherst Co., Va., Marriage Register 1854-1870). John was a native of Caroline Co., Va., born in 1838. He served in the Virginia Infantry in the Civil War, was supervisor in Amherst Co., Va., and was in the mercantile business at Allwood, Amherst Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Parr

4502. Willie Rucker Parr, b. 8 May 1871. He may have lived in New York City, N.Y.

+4503. John Henry Shields Parr, b. 18 Feb. 1873, m. Kathleen Johnstone, d. 10 June 1935.

4504. Elizabeth H. Parr, b. 10 June 1875.

4505. Morris Parr, b. 15 March 1878, m. Temple Watson. Lived at Tye River, Va.

+4506. Mary Lou Parr, b. 15 July 1880, m. William Stockton Drean, 4 Nov. 1908.

4507. James Garland Parr, b. 20 July 1883. Lived in Allwood, Va. Not married in the 1930's.


Thomas Joseph Higginbotham (2465) was born 6 Jan. 1845, and died 2 Nov. 1934 of pneumonia at the home of his niece, Mrs. Mary Lou (Parr) Drean. He was buried in Lexington Cem. He married Judith E. Scoville of Lynchburg, Va. on 23 Nov. 1870. She was born 12 Aug. 1848, and died 24 Dec. 1932 in Lexington, Va.

Thomas enlisted in the C.S.A. on 20 Jan. 1863. He served in Co. E, 2nd Va. Cavalry, under Col. Thomas A. Munford. He was wounded by a canister shot while charging a battery in the cavalry engagement at Kelly's Ford. He was also in the fight at Hawes Shop. He also participated in the celebrated Valley campaign under General Stonewall Jackson. He was one of the few survivors of Jackson's brigade. He was a member of the Masonic lodge of Lexington. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4508. Catherine Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 8 April 1872.

4509. Laura Lee Higginbotham, b. 28 Nov. 1873.

+4510. Levi Scoville Higginbotham, b. 19 Aug. 1875, m. Eva Harris Watts, 19 Nov. 1901.


James Walton Higginbotham (2467) was born 3 Aug. 1848 in Amherst Co., Va., died 28 April 1911, and was buried in Greenwood Cem., Clarksville, Pike Co., Mo. He married Mettie D. Paxton of Louisville, Lincoln Co., Mo. on 14 Oct. 1877. She was born 20 Nov. 1856, and was living in 1931. She was the seventh child and youngest daughter of Luke H. Paxton (from Va.) and Mary Ann Prewitt (from Ky.). (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+4511. Rufus Lee Higginbotham, b. 19 July 1878, m. Jessie Maude Morris, 19 Feb. 1906.

+4512. Mary Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 14 Dec. 1879, m. Lemuel A. Wells, 10 Dec. 1902, d. 21 Dec. 1925.

4513. James Walton Higginbotham, Jr., b. 6 Oct. 1883, d. 8 July 1887.

4514. Mattie Gentry Higginbotham, b. 7 Aug. 1886, d. 11 Aug. 1887.

+4515. Henry Harrison Higginbotham, b. 3 Aug. 1888, m(1) Flossie Margaret Hague, 16 Dec. 1914 (?), m(2) Fannie Guy Thurmond, 12 March 1929.

+4516. Anna Paxton Higginbotham, b. 24 Sept. 1890, m. Olie Newton Johnson, 23 June 1920.

4517. Jay W. Higginbotham, b. 21 March 1900.


Lanora Jane Higginbotham (2468) was born 14 May 1850, and was living in 1934. She married Samuel Lee Watts, son of Albert D. Watts and Martha Milburn, on 25 Nov. 1870. Samuel served with Fitz Hugh Lee during the Civil War. (R-521)

Children - Watts

4518. Henry Lee Watts, b. 11 May 1872, d. 10 Sept. 1873.

+4519. Annie Elizabeth Watts, b. 1 May 1874, m. Oten Reynolds Pettyjohn, 25 Nov. 1896.

4520. Thomas Higginbotham Watts, b. 31 Dec. 1875, m. Bertha Shockey, 5 Jan. 1903, d. 9 June 1913.

4521. Samuel Lee Watts, b. 4 June 1878, d. 15 Oct. 1929.

4522. Eva Harris Watts, b. 27 May 1880, m. Levi Scoville Higginbotham, 19 Nov. 1901. See #4510 for descendants.

+4523. Maggie Lou Watts, b. 16 May 1882, m. Edward W. Scott, 8 May 1907.

+4524. Ella Myers Watts, b. 27 Aug. 1884, m. William Edward Meeks, 9 Nov. 1912.

+4525. Charles Marion Watts, b. 16 July 1886, m. Alene Armstrong, 30 May 1917.

+4526. James Henry Watts, b. 27 Aug. 1888, m. Nannie Morris, 30 Aug. 1920.

4527. Lanora Jane Watts, b. 4 Feb. 1891, m. D. A. Barnett (of Norfolk, Va.), 21 Sept. 1921.

4528. Rufus Albert Watts, b. 24 May 1893.

+4529. Howard Yates Watts, b. 11 June 1897, m. Virginia Dawson, 24 July 1920.


Samuel Beverley Higginbotham (2471) married Ollive V. Cunningham. She was living in 1921. He was educated at Missouri State Univ. in Columbia, Mo. He returned to Va., and died in 1907. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4530. Ella Higginbotham, b. Amherst Co., Va., m. Clyde Blankenship, 16 March 1920, d. Feb. 1921 (Charleston, W.Va.). Whe was living in Buena Vista, Va. when she married. The marriage was the first solemnized in the Buena Vista Presbyterian Church. Clyde was living at the time of Ella's death.

4531. John Rufus Higginbotham, b. 6 Nov. 1884, d. 21 July 1886.

4532. Beverley M. Higginbotham; living in South Charleston, W.Va. in Oct. 1951. He was a retired Civil Engineer.

4533. Henry N. Higginbotham; probably living in Lynchburg, Va. in 1921.

4534. daughter, m. W. L. Meredith. Living in Holden, W.Va. in 1921.


Fletcher Hargrove Higginbotham (2472) was born 28 June 1858, died in 1946 in Va., and was buried with masonic honors at Amherst Cem., Amherst, Va. He first married Margaret Brent Hill, daughter of William R. Hill and Margaret M. Brent, on 3 Jan. 1884. She was born 18 Jan. 1860 and died 12 Feb. 1900.

He secondly married Mrs. Ella Coffey Stratton, daughter of Charles Coffey and Sarah Jane Ogden, on 2 Oct. 1904. She was born 12 June 1867 and died 15 Feb. 1933. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Margaret B. Hill

+4535. Mabel Christine Higginbotham, b. 16 June 1885, m. William P. Barnes, 17 April 1904, d. 17 Feb. 1905.

+4536. Esley Myers Higginbotham, b. 3 Nov. 1886, m. Lelia Edna White, 26 Feb. 1910.

+4537. James Henry Higginbotham, b. 8 May 1888, m. Annie Evelyn Little, 28 Aug. 1912.

4538. Cyrie Paxton Higginbotham, b. 12 July 1889. Twin of Cyrus. Living in University, Va. in 1946.

4539. Cyrus Higginbotham, b. 12 July 1889, d. 14 July 1889. Twin of Cyrie.

4540. Charlotte (or Lithis) Elizabeth Higginbotham, b. 29 April 1891, m(1) Ernest Lynwood Cornelius, 14 June 1913, m(2) ------. She was living in 1946. Her 1st husband was a son of William Cornelius and Eliza Sledd of Bedford Co., Va.

4541. Samuel Claudie Higginbotham, b. Feb. 1893, d. Sept. 1893.

+4542. Emma Rose Higginbotham, b. 29 Nov. 1894, m. Henry Cleveland Bradshaw, 14 Dec. 1922.

+4543. Sidney Fletcher Higginbotham, b. 27 Aug. 1896, m. Beatrice Earl Bryant, 29 Jan. 1921.

4544. Mary Lou Higginbotham, b. 6 May 1898, married. She was a trained nurse at Charlottesville, Va. She was living in 1946.

4545. Brown Hill Higginbotham, b. 12 Feb. 1900, d. 7 April 1900.

Children - Higginbotham, by Ella C. Stratton

4546. Charles Rufus Higginbotham, b. 16 May 1906. Living in Alexandria, Va. in 1933 and in 1946.

4547. Maggie Ela Higginbotham, b. 14 Feb. 1908, married. Living in 1946.

4548. Thomas Joseph Higginbotham, b. 4 Dec. 1911. Living in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930's and in Miami, Fla. in 1946.



Bula Benton ("Bebe") Higginbotham (2477) married Arthur Coleman, son of William and Elizabeth Coleman. (R-521)

Children - Coleman

+4549. Revely Coleman, married.



Thomas Higginbotham (2478) was born about 1860, and was accidently killed in 1925. He married. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4550. Bula Higginbotham; lived in Waukegan, Ill.


Grover Jay Higginbotham (2480) married. Both his children were born in Amherst Co., Va., the first in Mount Pleasant and the second in Monroe. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4551. Grover S. Higginbotham, b. 11 Jan. 1915. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy on June 5, 1935. He was 53-1/2 in a class of 411.

4552. Willard Higginbotham


Mary Pearl Higginbotham (2483) married Walter Massie Hamilton in 1913. (R-521)

Children - Hamilton

4553. Josephine Clarkson Hamilton, d. 3 Aug. 1915.



Edwin Ruthvin Higginbotham (2491) was born 30 Nov. 1841 and died 16 Feb. 1922. He married Cyrena A. Whitehead on 25 March 1868. She was born 30 April 1848 and died 5 March 1910. They lived in Nelson Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4554. Nannie Lee Higginbotham, b. 15 March 1869, m. Judson Thornhill Carter, 20 Feb. 1895.

+4555. Leora Pettis Higginbotham, b. 13 March 1872, m. Thomas Dillard Wright, 2 Dec. 1896.

4556. Margaret Eliza Higginbotham, b. 17 Jan. 1874, m. James Addison Hughes, 20 July 1892, d. 2 Aug. 1921.

4557. Fannie Blanche Higginbotham, died in infancy.

+4558. James Shields Alexander Higginbotham, b. 1 Oct. 1875, m. Mary Ann Wright, 6 Dec. 1899, d. Feb. 1958.

4559. Frank Plunkett Higginbotham, b. 21 June 1877, m. Mamie Rhoades (of Amherst Co., Va.). They had 3 children.

+4560. Eddie Morris Higginbotham, b. 28 April 1879, m. Minnie Maude Kline, 28 Dec. 1904, d. 28 July 1921.

4561. Charles Ambrose Higginbotham, b. 16 Dec. 1880, never married, d. 10 Oct. 1908.

4562. Willie Cabell Higginbotham, b. 14 May 1883, m. Mary Louise Christian Carter, 4 April 1906, d. 8 Nov. 1948 (Roseland, Va.). She d.c. 1942. He belonged to the Jonesboro Baptist Church and was buried in the church cem. They had 3 children who all died young.

+4563. Lula May Higginbotham, b. 3 May 1885, m. Frank Pierce Bryant, Dec. 1908.

+4564. China Etta Higginbotham, b. 5 May 1887, m. Daniel Boone Wright.

+4565. Herbert Maitland Higginbotham, b. 30 Nov. 1889, m. Lola Pauline Harvey, 27 Dec. 1911, d. 26 Dec. 1961.


Margaret Elizabeth Higginbotham (2492) was born 14 March 1845. She married Lysander H. Plunkett on 15 March 1866. He died in Aug. 1901. (R-521)

Children - Plunkett

4566. Fannie Plunkett, m. ------ Sillings.

4567. Emma Plunkett, m. Samuel Anderson. Lived in Clifton Forge, Va. Had 6 children.

4568. Charles Plunkett, married. Had children. Lived in W.Va.

4569. Willie Plunkett

4570. Walter Plunkett, never married.

4571. John Plunkett, never married.

4572. Edna Plunkett, never married.

+4573. Margaret Plunkett, m. ------ Bishop.


James Willis Higginbotham (2493) was born 8 July 1848, died in Nov. 1927 at Charlottesville, Va., and was buried at Jonesboro Cem., Nelson Co., Va. He first married Sue Henry Llewyllen on 18 July 1876. She died 29 Dec. 1887, and was buried at Staunton, Va.

He secondly married Mrs. Margaret (Robinson) Plunkett, widow of James Plunkett, in Oct. 1890. She died in 1896, and was buried at Staunton, Va. There were no children by this marriage.

He thirdly married Ora Estelle Hughes, his fourth cousin, on 17 Jan. 1900 at Blue Rock Farm, Nelson Co., Va. She was born 23 Sept. 1873, died 28 July 1934 at Charlottesville, Va., and was buried in Jonesboro Cem., Nelson Co., Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Sue H. Llewyllen

+4574. Susie Willis Higginbotham, b. 20 Dec. 1887, m. Louis Forrest Hughes, 26 Dec. 1911.

Children - Higginbotham, by Ora E. Hughes

4575. Louise Estelle Higginbotham, b. 9 Aug. 1901, m. Otie Nelson Wright, 2 Aug. 1924. He was son of Henry Millard Wright and Lily Sue Woodson. 2 children.

4576. James Sidney Higginbotham, b. 20 July 1904, m. Elsie Geneva Johnson, 26 Nov. 1924. She was dau. of John Albert Johnson and Kate Lilian Bridgwater. Probably 1 son.


Cyrus Aaron Higginbotham (2494) was born 25 Aug. 1852 and died 15 April 1896. He was married to Althea Jane Margaret Eliza Lucy Elizabeth Higginbotham on 21 Oct. 1874 at her home by the Rev. Luck. She was born 7 Oct. 1852 at Bufordsville, Bedford Co., Va., and died 31 Oct. 1921 in Bedford Co., Va. They were first cousins on their maternal sides and third cousins once removed on their paternal sides. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

+4577. Lillian Brown Higginbotham, b. 27 April 1876, m. Leo William Kasehagen II, 1 Oct. 1900, d. 23 April 1945.

4578. Lula May Higginbotham, b. 15 Jan. 1878, d. 23 Jan. 1879.

4579. Minnie Rosamund Higginbotham, b. 14 March 1880, m(1) Royston St. Noble, 25 Nov. 1912.

4580. Lenora Elizabeth ("Nora") Higginbotham, b. 9 Dec. 1884 (Bedford Co., Va.), m(1) James Morgan MacFarlane, 27 April 1905, m(2) William Montgomery Sweeny, 25 Oct. 1928, d. 8 June 1962 (West Chester, Pa.). Bur. at Greenwood Cem., Brooklyn, N.Y. Nora and W. M. Sweeny were fourth cousins through Aaron Higginbotham's line.

+4581. Anne Cabell Higginbotham, b. 22 June 1887, m. Howard Wise Johnson, 27 Dec. 1908, d. 12 July 1963.

+4582. Raymond Clyde Higginbotham, b. 3 Jan. 1889, m(1) Katie Lee Wright, 18 Dec. 1918, m(2) Callie (Zimmerman) Lewis, d. 28 April 1936.

4583. Ida Rice Higginbotham, b. 2 March 1894, d. 9 March 1894.

4584. Jane Corinne Higginbotham, b. 14 April 1895 (Montvale, Bedford Co., Va.), m(1) Clarence Edward Berger, 27 Dec. 1920, m(2) Raymond Edward Bernhardt, 3 Jan. 1934.


Francis Marion Higginbotham (2495) was born 31 Aug. 1856 and died before 1943. He married Lucy M. Higginbotham, daughter of Benjamin Sandidge Higginbotham and Margaret Carter, on 28 April 1880. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham

4585. Lelia Adeline Higginbotham, b. 23 Feb. 1882, m. James Howard Ferrell, 21 Nov. 1915, d. 8 May 1917.

4586. Marvin Higginbotham, b. 17 Feb. 1887, died of influenza in N.Y. City while waiting to go overseas during World War I.

4587. Verner Higginbotham, b. 23 June 1890.



Frances E. Higginbotham (2525) was born 14 Feb. 1849 and died 12 Jan. 1886. She married R. C. Phillips. (R-521)

Children - Phillips

+4588. Jane Phillips, m. Bledsoe Harlow, d. 23 July 1916.

+4589. Minnie Phillips, b. 23 Feb. 1882, m. John William Kidd, d. 8 Feb. 1923.



Edwin Massie Higginbotham (2530) was born 15 Oct. 1869, died 19 May 1944 in Princeton, W.Va., and was buried at the Fairview Church Cem., Roanoke, Va. He first married Sadie Christian on 23 Dec. 1896. He secondly married Mrs. Harriette Ann (Bon Durant) Hundley on 24 Nov. 1917. She was living in 1944.

He was a Methodist minister until his retirement about 1930. In 1932, he was the proprietor of the Orange Cash Store in Orange, Va. He bought country produce. While a Methodist minister, he was pastor of the South Nelson Charge, Methodist Episcopal Church, South in Schuyler, Va., from 1922 to 1926. In 1927, he was pastor of the Rapidan Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, South in Rochelle, Va. All his ministerial life was spent in Va. He was a member of the A.F.&A.M. No. 26, Madison, Va. (R-521)

Children - Higginbotham, by Sadie Christian