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Photos are coming up again slowly...stay tuned for more. This is my mom's family photos

Welcome to the newest incarnation of my genealogy website.

Lots of people have visited so far but my counter doesn't work...

Just take 1500 and add 1 for you!.

Please sign my guest book and email me.....sometimes I forget to check my guestbook so if you don't receive a reply please email me at:!!

As the name implies, I'm researching the 'Gailer' surname,

as well as many others.

If you're not into frames I've given you a choice.

I'm using new programmes and my computer hates me right now and for some reason no matter how many times I load the graphics they disappear from the site??!!

Imagine graphics for this page!! A lot of the links and photos worked and now they don't.

Everything is in the right spot, so if you can't find a photo and you want to look at it, email me. The server tends to lose things. I apologise in advance for any errors or ommisions..I'm working on this myself and its time consuming. Email at , and look

Please email me at

Any questions or musings are welcome!!!

Family Trees...

Shortcut to the Gailer Database at World Connect...Please see note.

BulletDownload a GEDCOM file of this data (270896 bytes) Note: GEDCOM file was made using Family Origins and Family Tree Maker...both of which contributed to some misinformation. I'll be updating the GEDCOM shortly.

Updates &Bulletins

Desperately seeking Bertha and Rita Fougere..sister of Irene Fougere...follow this link

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