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What's New???

Chronological list of changes made to these pages. Check here to see if anything's changed since you were here last. I'll try to make sure I add items here whenever I make changes. Although, ........we all know how life gets in the way of our hobbies!

13 Feb 2017
1. An even longer lull between activities. Life has gotten in the way of my making any changes. But, hopefully, things are settled down now. Plus, I had to relearn how to do everything! 2. Made some changes to Family Group #21.

25 Feb 2005
1. Been a while, huh! - There have been some minor changes made during this lull, but nothing major enough to report. 2. Family Group #49 has been added.

19 Mar 2003
1. Updated e-mail address on Family Group #11 for Lee Caldwell.
2. Entered note on Family Group #11 and Family Group #14 about the two groups being from the same family line. Will update a summary once received.

17 Mar 2003
1. Updated information on Family Group #48.
2. Updated e-mail address for Marianne Carraway on Family Group #26 & #3.
3. Updated e-mail address for Lyle Knox on Family Group #3
4. Added some new-found notes to Family Group #12 (see indented material)
5. Updated e-mail address for Gina Gaddis on Family Group #10.

17 Feb 2003
(Okay, so I took a little break!)
1. Added Family Group #48 for James Gaddis and Cynthia Findley. David Sutton will be adding photos, too.
2. Fixed e-mail links on the last family groups added. Hadn't realized they weren't working.
3. Reindexed entire website for PicoSearch searches.

10 Mar 2002
1. Added link to Gaddis Family WebRing to our pages (see below above our guestbook).
2. Made changes to old GenConnect page to reflect new Message Board info instead.
3. Added direct links to family groups from the top of the Family Group page.
4. Reindexed entire website for PicoSearch searches.

2 Mar 2002
1. Added Family Group #47 for Mary Giddis and William Bilyeu.
2. Fixed link back to "Family Group Page" for Group #16, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 to bring you to that particular family group.
3. Rearranged the main page to hopefully be easier to navigate.
4. Added Family Group Numbers Index to the top of the Family Group page for quicker page entry.

1 Mar 2002
1. Changed e-mail address for Peter Gaddass on Family Group #45.
2. Changed e-mail address for Patty Gaddis on Family Group #2.

30 Dec 2001
1. Corrected contact information on Family Group #7.
2. Corrected contact information on Family Group #16.
3. Corrected contact information on Family Group #44.
4. Corrected Family Group #42 information and links.
5. Corrected contact information on Family Group #45.
6. Corrected contact information on Family Group #46.

9 Dec 2001 (been a while, huh!)
1. Added Family Group #45 - GADDASS/FAWCETT
2. Added "link to next group" line to FM #44 - GEDDES/McELROY.
3. Made some changes to Family Group #37 - GEDDES/MOORE.
4. Made some changes to Family Group #13 - GADDIS/SHAW.
5. Updated the main Family Groups page to add new group.
6. Corrected "link to next group" lines for Family Groups 40-45.
7. Discovered error in Family Group #42 page. Have wrong family information posted. Info for Group #16 comes up. Will be fixing.

27 May 2001
1. Changed contact e-mail address on Gaddis/Shaw page
2. Added main state link page to go to each individual state page.
Most of the links to the states do not work yet. I'll add them as I get them set up.

15 Apr 2001
1. Added Ron's and Marianne's group numbers (1 & 3) to the Illinois research page.
2. Merged Family Group #26 (Marianne Carraway's group) into Family Group #3. This was done with the help of Ron and Lou's Illinois research they did.

14 Apr 2001
1. Added info posted by Ron and Lou Gaddis on Illinois search to webpages with connections to which Family Group they belong to.

7 Apr 2001
1. Fixed mail link on Family Group #43 & 44.
2. Added Family Group #44 to family group page.

24 Mar 2001
1. Added link to Diaries of John GEDDES of Washtenaw Co, MI outside link.
2. Made additions to Family Group #32 - GADDIS/Nancy for Peggy Sue Gaddis.
3. Added KY Death Index by Ron Gaddis to State Pages.
4. Added RI Deaths of Warwick, RI from book sold on ebay to State Pages.
5. Added NY cemeteries transcriptions by a fellow researcher to State Pages.
6. Added newspaper transcriptions of accused murder of Jesse ROBINSON by Tobias GADDIS.
7. Reindexed the entire website.

19 Mar 2001
1. Added 250 names to the name index. We now have 668 names in our database.

5 Mar 2001
1. Fixed link from Family Group page and What's New page to Photo Album.

3 Mar 2001
1. Added Gaddis Photo Album by David Sutton to search engine. You may now search both websites from both sites.
2. Added "back to" link from main Family Group #'s page and What's New page to Photo Album page.

24 Feb 2001
1. Changed contact's e-mail on Family Group #36.

23 Feb 2001
1. Made revisions to Family Group #16. ("Tea Party" William GEDDES was disconnected from this group and made into Family Group #42.)
2. Added Family Group #43 GADDIS/MOORE (another one - GADDIS/MOORE #37 also exists) to name index and made a Family Group page for them.
3. Updated Name Index pages C, J, M & R.
4. Updated the Family Groups main page index.

22 Feb 2001
1. Linked Family Group #39 with Family Group #18.
2. Added information to Family Group #29. (Becky Swenson's info)
3. Adjusted the Family Groups main page index.

21 Feb 2001
1. Started this what's new list. (What else could be #1!)
2. Added Family Group #39, 40 and 41.
3. Made some changes to the Mail List page. Added GEDDES-L information and a link to the archives from here.
4. Added partitions to search engine feature. (Although, at the time it is not working as I had planned. In progress.)

Created on ... 21 Feb 2001

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