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Gaddis, Gaddes, Geddis, Geddes, Gattis, Gadis, etc
Name Index

You have reached the Name Index pages for the GADDIS-L mail list and webpages. Members of the mail list have submitted names from their family trees to this database. Information on how to contact the submitter may be found on the alpha list pages.

The following lists are for all variations of the GADDIS surnames. Please feel free to submit any variation your family may have used.

As with all genealogical research you may find duplicates of people. Some may be due to the fact that two people submitted the same info and do not realize there is a connection. (That is our hope with doing this project, actually. To find unknown connections!) Some may be duplicate people with slightly differing dates, etc. for information. This may be due to the source used (an obituary as compared to an actual death record, a baptismal record in place of a birth date, etc.) Some may be that memories were fading when information was collected from an elderly relative. Or, information was transposed upon transcription.

Whatever the case may be, if you find anything in the list that is remotely close to what you may be looking for, check it out. You never know where you next new piece of information may come from. And remember, the way this index gets better is by input from you! The more names in the index, the more chance of filling in those blanks on your branches.

If you would like to add your names to our index please click here for instructions on submitting.

Click on the following letters to be brought directly to the list of submitted names.


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