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Index of "A" First Names

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If you see conflicting information on any names on this list, please contact the submitters of the information for clarification of any discrepancies.

We hope that our efforts here help you to find a new branch of your family. Remember the more data we have to compare with, the more likely we are to find connections.

NAME                                    BIRTH DATE     BIRTH TOWN          BIRTH COUNTY        BIRTH STATE    MARR. DATE     MARR. TOWN          MARR. COUNTY        MARR. STATE    DEATH DATE     DEATH TOWN          DEATH COUNTY        DEATH STATE    FATHER                                  MOTHER                                  SPOUSE                                  FAM GROUP #

Ada GEDDES                              23 Jan 1861    Adrian                                  MI                                                                                   1 Apr 1865                                                            Norman GEDDES                           Jane M. TERRY                                                                   Family Group #44               
Adaline E GEDDES                        16 Jul 1826                        Livingston          NY             22 Nov 1846                                                                                                                                 Paul GEDDES                             Anstris PEARCE                          Courtland E. DEAN                       Family Group #44               
Adam GADDIS                             1769           unk                 unk                 Ireland        bef 1798       unk                 unk                 Ireland        28 Oct 1842    unk                 Morgan              IL             unk                                     unk                                     Catherine McKEE                         Family Group #2                   
Adam GADDIS                             1791           Newry               Down                N. Ireland     24 Jan 1824    Washington DC       NA                  NA             NA             NA                  21 July 1867        Washington DC  unk                                     unk                                     Julia GREEN                             Family Group #9                   
Adam GADDIS                             26 July 1829   Washington DC       NA                  NA             26 Nov 1855    Bradbury Heights    Prince Georges      Maryland       28 Dec 1915    Washington DC       NA                  NA             Adam GADDIS                             Julia GREEN                             Margaret TRIMBLE                        Family Group #9                   

Adam GADDIS                             unk            unk                 unk                 prob. NY       unk            unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            Adam GADDIS                             Catherine McKEE                         unk                                     Family Group #2                   
Adam Holmes GADDIS                      1870           Washington DC       NA                  NA             unk            unk                 unk                 unk            1956           Washington DC       NA                  NA             Adam GADDIS                             Margaret TRIMBLE                        Elizabeth Lockhart DALTON               Family Group #9                   
Agness Elizabeth GADDIS                 23 Aug 1853    unk                 Delaware            NY             3 Mar 1875     unk                 knox                IL             bef 1908       unk                 unk                 unk            Walter GADDIS                           Elizabeth HARPER                        James A MATHERS                         Family Group #2                   
Agrippa GEDDES                          21 Sep 1814                        Dauphin             PA                                                                                   25 Dec 1849                                                           Robert GEDDES                           Margaret Martha McCLURE                                                         Family Group #44               
Albert H GEDDES                         21 Nov 1836    Cambridge           Lenawee             MI             26 Sep 1861                                                                                                                                 Paul GEDDES                             Anstris PEARCE                          Harriet THIERS                          Family Group #44               

Albert Watts GADDIS                     1 Oct 1874     Neponset            Bureau              IL             9 Jun 1907     unk                 Washakie            WY             28 Jan 1918    unk                 unk                 unk            Lucas GADDIS                            Elnora Marinda CARLEY                   Myrtle Mae BABBETT                      Family Group #2                   
Albertine M. GADDIS                     1834           Unk                 Unk                 Unk            Unk            Unk                 Unk                 Unk            Unk            Unk                 Unk                 Unk            Samuel GADDIS                           Rebecca WISBY                           Unk                                     Family Group #1                 
Alenza W GADDIS                         Mar 1885       Gaddistown          Union               GA             1903           unk                 unk                 GA             15 Dec 1908    Atlanta             Fulton              GA             Archibald GADDIS                        Josephine MINCEY                        Nim R SILAS                             Family Group #39                 
Aletha Celeste GADDIS                   1793           Imogene             Fremont             IL             unk            unk                 unk                 unk            Feb 1948       unk                 unk                 OH             Walter Mertillow GADDIS                 Bertha Louise THOMAS                    unk                                     Family Group #2                   
Alexander GEDDES                        1758           unk                 unk                 Scotland       1791           Old Deer            Aberdeen            Scotland       1810           unk                 unk                 Scotland       unk                                     unk                                     Isabel NOBLE                            Family Group #16              

Alexander GEDDES Jr.Capt.               1834           Edinburgh           Midlothian          Scotland       unk            unk                 unk                 unk            bef. 1873      unk                 unk                 unk            Alexander GEDDES                        Elizabeth CARLESS                       unk                                     Family Group #16              
Alexander GEDDES Sr.Capt.               1799           London              unk                 England        1826           Edinburgh           Midlothian          Scotland       1884           unk                 unk                 unk            James GEDDES                            Wilhelmina LORRAINE                     Elizabeth CARLESS                       Family Group #16              
Alexander Noble GEDDES Dr.              1792           unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            1832           Fordyce             Banffshire          Scotland       Alexander GEDDES                        Isabel NOBLE                            unk                                     Family Group #16              
Alexander W GEDDES                      26 Jan 1836                                                                                                                                 16 May 1863    Champion Hills                                         Thomas GEDDES                           Susan Rebecca WALKER                                                            Family Group #44               
Alexander Walker GEDDES                 20 Mar 1865    Keithsburg          Mercer              IL             7 Apr 1903     Aledo                                   IL             1 Apr 1938     Viola                                   IL             John Elmer GEDDES                       Hannah Hattie Barton BOONE              Christina Dorothy PENMAN                Family Group #44               

Alice GEDDES                            12 Mar 1866    Starke                                  IN                                                                                                                                                         James Smiley GEDDES                     Sarah MARTINDALE                                                                Family Group #44               
Alice GEDDES                            1910           Beatrice            Gage                NE.            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            1999           unk                 unk                 unk            Charles GEDDES                          Helen May HAYWARD                       Vic RASMUSSEN                           Family Group #16              
Alice May GADDIS                        29 Aug 1889    Neponset            Bureau              IL             unk            unk                 unk                 unk            7 Feb 1968     unk                 unk                 unk            Lucas GADDIS                            Emma Adele LYONS                        unk                                     Family Group #2                   
Allen Dillon GADDIS                     16 Oct 1900    Cassoday            Butler              KS             21 Aug 1926    El Dorado           Butler              KS             25 Aug 1978    Lincoln             Lancaster           NE             William Maxwell "Will" GADDIS           Mary Kathryn "Kate" WELTE               Mabel Elizabeth SNODGRASS               Family Group #1                 
Allen Fox GADDIS                        12 Nov 1825    Davenport           Delaware            NY             bef 1850       unk                 unk                 prob. NY       6 Jan 1916     Nodaway             Taylor              IA             John GADDIS                             Chloe FOX                               Jane DIBBLE                             Family Group #2                   

Allen GADDIS                            1834           unk                 unk                 GA             20 Jan 1857    unk                 Union               GA             unk            unk                 unk                 GA             Lewis GADDIS                            Maragret LANCASTER                      Sarah Elizabeth WILLIAMS                Family Group #39                 
Allen George GEDDES                     19 Oct 1888    Fountain Green      Hancock             IL             30 Dec 1915    Pittsburgh                              PA             6 Jan 1977     Peoria                                  IL             Thomas M. GEDDES                        Lillie LATHEROW                         Edna Belle MONTAGUE                     Family Group #44               
Alpheus GADDIS                          abt 1855       unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 prob NE        Rees GADDIS                             Martha Ann BENNETT                      unk                                     Family Group #26               
Alpheus GADDIS                          unk            unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            abt 1920       unk                 unk                 unk            James GADDIS                            Alice HUFFMAN                           unk                                     Family Group #26               
Amanda GADDIS                           ABT. 1822      Unk                 Unk                 Unk            11 Sept 1845   Unk                 Brown               OH             7 Aug 1908     Unk                 Unk                 Unk            John GADDIS Rev                         Mary Ann PORTER                         William Thompson HINDMAN Jr             Family Group #1                 

Amanda GEDDES                           1859                               Dauphin             PA                                                                                                                                                         James GEDDES                            Mary J. BURNETT                         /COX/                                   Family Group #44               
Amos GADDIS                             Aug 1850       unk                 Casey               KY             25 Jul 1874    unk                 Casey               KY             unk            unk                 unk                 unk            Henry H. GADDIS                         Lucy Jane HERREN                        Deliah Frances ADAMS                    Family Group #29                
Amos GEDDES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               William F.S. (Prob.) GEDDES                                                                                             Family Group #44               
Amos M GEDDES                           15 Jul 1819    Path Valley                             PA                                                                                                                                                         Paul GEDDES                             Elizabeth Mary McCONNELL                                                        Family Group #44               
Amy Lucetta GADDIS                      10 Jul 1878    Neponset            Bureau              IL             1905           Buffalo             Johnson             WY             5 May 1962     San Fernando        Los Angeles         CA             Lucas GADDIS                            Elnora Marinda CARLEY                   Charles Gordon HENDY                    Family Group #2                   

Andrew GEDDES Col.                      1844           St.Thomas           Ontario             Canada         unk            unk                 unk                 unk            1921           Washington          unk                 D.C.           Alexander GEDDES                        Elizabeth CARLESS                       Florence TOWERS                         Family Group #16              
Ann GADDIS                              1806           unk                 unk                 KY             1836           unk                 Casey               KY             1880           unk                 Casey               KY             John GADDIS                             unk                                     Washington SPAW                         Family Group #29                
Ann GEDDES                              JUL 1818                           Dauphin             PA             14 Jan 1836    Derry               Dauphin             PA             INFANT                                                                Robert GEDDES                           Margaret Martha McCLURE                 William B. JOHNSON                      Family Group #44               
Anna D'Oyly GEDDES                      1832           Chumar              Bengal              India          unk            unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            William GEDDES                          Emma D'OYLY                             unk                                     Family Group #16              
Anna Emma GEDDES                        1834           Duns                Berwickshire        Scotland       unk            unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            William GEDDES                          Emma D'OYLY                             unk                                     Family Group #16              

Anna Mary GEDDES                        7 Feb 1886                                                                                                                                                                                                        Robert P. GEDDES                        Elizabeth M. BRANDON                    Jessie Edwin ABBOTT                     Family Group #44               
Anna Stella GADDIS                      1863           Unk                 Unk                 Unk            1886           Unk                 Unk                 Unk            1907           Unk                 Unk                 Unk            Robert Frazier GADDIS                   Sarah ROSS                              R. E. DAVIDSON                          Family Group #1                 
Annie GEDDES                            20 Nov 1845                                                                                                                                                                                                       Samuel GEDDES                           Jane M. BUDD                                                                    Family Group #44               
Annie Lowrie GADDIS                     11 Jul 1882    Galesburg           Knox                IL             unk            unk                 unk                 unk            unk            unk                 unk                 unk            John Hardin GADDIS                      Elizabeth BROOK                         unk                                     Family Group #2                   
Archibald GADDIS                        14 Jun 1845    Gaddistown          Union               GA             31 Dec 1865    unk                 Lumpkin             GA             aft 1913       Atlanta             Fulton              GA             Lewis GADDIS                            Maragret LANCASTER                      Josephine MINCEY                        Family Group #39                 

Arden Milford GADDIS                    30 Oct 1917    Camp Verde          Yavaipai            AZ             Unk            Unk                 Unk                 Unk            Nov 1974       Spokane             Spokane             WA             Robert Franklin GADDIS                  Beulah Maude WISEMAN                    Marie UNKNOWN                           Family Group #21                  
Arthur W GEDDES                         20 Feb 1882    Fountain Green      Hancock             IL             1 Apr 1909                                                            15 Mar 1969                                                           Thomas M. GEDDES                        Lillie LATHEROW                         Clara Sibert SIEBERT                    Family Group #44               

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