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Josiah V THOMPSON Journals

Uniontown, PA

The following are excerpts related to Gaddis from the journals of Josiah V Thompson. These journals are 28 volumes. Per Charlee Wilson, who has taken on the task of transcribing these journals, they are, "about 600 pages in length, legal size, especially bound for Josiah VanKirk Thompson. His intent was to publish a book on the ancestry & descendants of his Revolutionary War ancestors. He was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. He began his extensive project in the late 1890's & recorded in his journals until the day before he died in 1933. By that time, he was blind, penniless & estranged from his son."

Charlee has allowed me access to her computerized transcript of the journals and approval to post the Gaddis portions onto our webpage for the benefit of our researchers.

She had been posting the families she has put together from these journals to the WorldConnect project on Rootsweb. Although, she has since moved the files. (See below for more information on that.) That is how I first found out about them. The only family I recognize as mine in these journals is in Volume 16, pg 235/236 and 500. Adam Gaddis and Catherine White and family. I believe this is my Adam Gaddis and Catherine McKee.

I have gone through all the postings to date in the WorldConnect project pertaining to Gaddis in these journals and extracted the sections from those journals. They are journals numbered 5, 9, 14,16, 18, 20, 21. Below you will find the sections in numerical order by volume number and page number within each volume. I have tried to make sure that I set up the names the same way as they are in the journals.

If you find that your family is mentioned here you may get in touch with me and I can share a larger portion of that section with you. I tried to limit what I put on the webpage. Due to that, the text may seem a little disjointed.

If you have any questions regarding these journals, feel free to contact me.

These volumes are also available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City from Charlee's donation of her transcripts. Go to Click on Library link and then from the pull-down menu from the Library Catalog link. If you do a Keyword Search of "Josiah V Thompson Journals" you will be brought to the page with film # information. Select "View Film Notes" from the top right hand corner, then go to the bottom of the page and where it states "For a printable version of this record click here then click your browser's Print button" click on the blue lettering, print the new page and take it to your local Family History Center (FHC) to order a copy of the film/s.

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If you have found our pages by doing a search on a search engine, such as, and been brought to this page, but Gaddis is not one of your family names, you may contact Charlee Wilson by finding her on the WorldConnect pages.

It is Charlene Wilson who is transcribing the journals. The webpage that your search engine brought you to is this Gaddis webpage where I extracted all the Gaddis entries from the journals and put them on the internet for my Gaddis mail list.

If you wish to have access to the full set of journal transcriptions, you need to e-mail Charlene Wilson at and ask her to give you access to the pages at where the full journal transcripts are posted.

Now on to the Gaddis extractions taken from Charlee's work.

page 328 & 329

3. John [(Carothers)], B. Aug 31, 1844. M. Mary C. Gaddis. He dead. She lives on a farm a mile or so fr Stronghurst, Ill. Had 2 sons & 3 daus. He died Mch 23, 1916 at Stronghurst Ills Mar Mch 23, 1871. She dau of Robert W & his wife Ann L. McCoy Gaddis. Mary C. born in Morgan Co Ills June 26, 1846.

J. Russell, Born Mch 14, 1882 unmarried. Lives at Home See Pages 196 & 197.
Robert M., Born Jany 18, 1872 ob Nov 22, 1896 aged 24 yrs. Unmarried
Mary Evelyn, a teacher, unmarried B. Dec 3, 1873 Lives at home.
Laura Ethel, Born Nov 23, 1877. M. Howard McCleary on Apr 2, 1902. Either he or she died Feby 23, 1920. & live at Vegreville, Alberta, Canada for past 16 yrs
5. Sarah Jane, See B 16 P 234. M. John B. Fort of Henderson Co, a farmer. Both dead. Left considerable property She was born Feby 19, 1825. J. Marion, m. Anna Gaddis a sister of Mary. He a farmer in Henderson Co. He dead & his wife living near Stronghurst Ills Has quite a family. See Book 16 page 234. Charles Edward, m. Anna Marshall & lives Henderson Co, a farmer. Has quite a family. Myra, m. E.W. Fort fr Alabama very distant relation. She came back fr Alabama to Stronghurst when he died. No issue.

page 373
4. Mary Peairs, m. James Allen. See Book 13 P 123 She born____1765

6. Nancy Peairs, m.1. Harry? Stevens See Book 8 P 56 & 57 See Book 13 P 123. M.2. Wm Horner She born______1769.

10. Sophia Peairs, She Born_______1776. Apr 11, 1925 she married Dr Benj Stevens See Book 13 P 123. [1925 refers to date of entry.]

8. Isaac Peairs, m. "Peggy" Margaret McClean dau of Sam McClean who in 1817 was married to a Foster. See Book 13 P 122. He born____1772 twin of Isabella.

7. Isabella Peairs, m. William Gaddis See Book 13 P 123 See Book 9 P 206 & 208. Hunt up Clara Stevens statement. She born_____1772.

11. Elizabeth Peairs, m. William McClean See Book 13 P 122 was he Samuel's son. She born______1779.

5. James Peairs, m. Elizabeth McClean daughter of Samuel who was a bro of Col Alex McClean See Book 13 P 122 He born____1768.

9. Elisha Peairs, m. Betsy Davison was in Butler Co in 1828 He born____1774

12. Rachel Peairs, m.1 Vashel Stevens m.2 Joshua Gibbons She born ________1784. Her daughter, Priscilla Stevens mar Jno M. Dustins & got the farm. See B 25 P 459 & get Austin & Modisett records JVT July 9, 1931.

page 195

Room 524 10:50 PM Jany 9, 1923
I have just returned from the Harvard Hotel No 501 E Colfax St where I went at 7:45 PM to see cousin Edith W. Smith. She has an enormous lot of records gathered up & a couple fine photographs of her mother which I should have for my book. She allowed me to bring with me a chart giving the children of Wm Gaddis & Elizabeth Peairs & another giving the children of his father, John Gaddis which I will aim to copy in this book tomorrow night & return to her Thursday night when she has invited me up to dinner at 6 PM. I will write up my cash acct book & go to bed as I was only in bed two hrs last night or this morning & as further I have left a 5 AM call in order to take a cold bath & get the 6:20 AM Interurban to Boulder Col in the morning.

page 205
Room 524 Jany 11, 1923 1:11 AM
I will now transcribe or rather copy on the pages following, the tables gotten last night from Miss Edith W. Smith. William Gaddis is the first one who gets in our family, but the record she has of his father's eleven children is of important interest from a Fayette Co Pa standpoint & I am taking it for preservation in my records. I have just finishing [sic] entering the two charts on the four pages following & will now go to bed as it is 4:22 AM

page 206
John Gaddis, soldier of the Revolution, born Oct 7, 1741 in Frederick Co Va & died at Uniontown Pa Apr 12, 1827 & is buried in the old Baptist Cemetery head of Morgantown St, Uniontown Pa. He was a brother of Col Thomas Gaddis of Fort Gaddis fame located on the Basil Brownfield farm Morgantown Road. Their mother was Priscilla Bowen who after their father died, married a Hill & left able descendants from him. He married May 22, 1768 Sarah Jenkins who was born Feby 19, 1751 & died Jany 7, 1802 & she too is buried in the Baptist Cemetery at Uniontown Pa. See Book 18 P 468-70.


Thomas Gaddis, Born Apr 16, 1769 emigrated to Chester Tp, Clinton Co Ohio & died there. Had two daughters who married Ashleys "Uncle Tommy Gaddis"
Jonathan Gaddis, Born May 14, 1771 died in 1793 aged 22 yrs
William Gaddis, Born Feby 15, 1774. He married in Fayette Co Pa about 1800 Elizabeth Peairs, daughter of Elisha & Elizabeth Jack Peairs of Fayette Co Pa & emigrated to Ohio about 1815. They had nine children: 1Johnathan, 2Sarah, 3Eliza, 4Elisha Peairs, 5Allen Stevens, 6Mary Ann, 7Rachel Jane, 8Ruth Emily & 9Priscilla. For particulars are next table. He died July 23, 1844 & she died Sept 15, 1854 aged 75 yrs & both are buried in Jonah's Run Baptist Church graveyard Clinton Co Ohio.
Mary Gaddis, Born Mar 22, 1776 & died June 8, 1859 married James Allen of Uniontown Pa.
Jacob Gaddis Born Sept 8, 1778 & died Aug 27, 1859 near Uniontown Pa. He married Sarah Combe & lived on the land which had belonged to his father "above Sock" ie upper Middletown Pa.
Anna Gaddis, Born Apr 24, 1781 died Mch 29, 1799 buried in the old Baptist Cem Uniontown Pa.
Elizabeth Gaddis, B Sept 8, 1783 ob Sept 29, 1865 at Wilmington O married William Stockdale of Uniontown Pa about 1809 or 1810 & came to Ohio in 1814 or before. He died in 1836. They had six children.
Louisa, M. Dr Allen Farquhar
Camilla mar a Walker & live Indianapolis Ind
Sally Mary, m. Mr Linn
Priscilla, B Mch 1814, m. Griffith Foos
Rodney Foos, lived Wilmington O
Ellis, the Colporteur
Elizabeth, m. Dr Lamol
Emily, unmarried

Priscilla Gaddis, Born Jany 30, 1786 died Dec 1880 near Uniontown Pa mar Thomas Barton
John Will Barton, who I well knew

John Gaddis Jr, B Sept 5, 1788 ob Feby 2, 1868 m.1. Sarah Barton sister of Thomas M.2. Sisson Gaddis
Henry W. Gaddis, by 1st wife, m. Ruth Springer dau of Levi Springer
Dr Levi Springer Gaddis, who sent the above record to Edityh W. Smith. died unmarried.
Sally Kate Gaddis, M. Col Harry E. Robinson & both living in Uniontown Pa.
Dr George H. Robinson, m Pauline Mitchell dau of Thos J. Mitchell
Henrietta Robinson, M. Wm Barton Beeson son of Jacob M. Beeson.
Thomas Barton Gaddis by 2d wife, m. Work

Sarah Gaddis, B Mch 10, 1791 ob. mar Crane & died near Iowa City Iowa
Ruth Gaddis, Born Apr 9, 1793 died July 9, 1845 mar Thomas Hibben & died near Wilmington Ohio & is buried in the cemetery there & has a tombstone.

V9 Page 208 & V9 Page 209

[Descendant Chart]

William Gaddis born Feby 15, 1774 & died July 23, 1844 & is buried at the Jonah's Run Church Clinton Co Ohio see page 206. The Tucker farm his Clinton Co O home was bought of O'Neall deed dated Sept 9, 1819 recorded at Wilmington Ohio. Married about 1800 in Fayette Co Pa Elizabeth Peairs, born _________ the daughter of Elisha Peairs & his wife Elizabeth Jack see page 206. She died Sept 15, 1854. Apr 11, 1925, see book 5 p 373 & book 13 P 123 which indicate that it was Isabella & not Elizabeth Peairs that he married.


Jonathan Gaddis born Feby 12, 1801 & died Dec 2, 1865 married Apr 14, 1825 Anna Disbrow who was born May 20, 1807 & died Oct 7, 1865. Have many descendants some of whom live near Kingman, Clinton Co O. Norma Hatalea (Nettie) Gaddis is his great granddaughter & in a letter written Feby 1915 to Edith W. Smith gave the above dates. Get her address. They were mar in Chester Tp Clinton Co O. They had ten children all born in [not completed] See Book 20 pages 118-119. Anna Disbrow was dau of Banks Davis Disbrow & his wife Hannah Conger or Congo see Bk 18 page 468 et seq.
Sarah Gaddis, Born Aug 20, 1802 married William Brown & moved to Randolph Co Ind. Had one daughter.
Ruth Brown, she married McKey both living recently at Farmland Rand Co Ind. Had several children. Aug 17, 1927. H.A. Gaddis, Modoc Ind writes that she died at Farmland Ind several years ago.

Eliza Gaddis, B Jany 9, 1806 Mar George Bailey & moved to Des Moines Iowa. She is supposed to have her parents old family bible. Apr 13, 1925 was her name Eliza or Elizabeth? See book 13 p 123
Elisha Peairs Gaddis, B Feby 20, 1811 married Lydia Macy & moved to Randolph Co Ind near to Winchester the County seat. They had eleven children.
Hiram A. Gaddis, the main representative now 1915 aged 60 or thereabouts was living at Mordock, Randolph Co Ind & had nine children who lived to be married & in 1915 he had 33 grandchildren.

Allen Stevens Gaddis, B Dec 30, 1913 probably in Fayette Co Pa. He died in Macon Co Ills Nov 14, 1865. M.1st Aug 21, 1837 in Clinton Co O Ann Mershon dau of David & Rachel Bosworth Mershon. She died Mch 11, 1845 in Clinton Co O leaving 2 sons & 1 daughter. M.2.
Rachel Gaddis, see B 18 P 429, B July 8, 1844 in Clinton Co O m. Jany 10, 1867 Wilson Compton

Mary Ann Gaddis, B Sept 28, 1816 & died Jany 24, 1847 married Dec 24, 1835 Levi Duffy Mckay who was born Feby 29, 1816 in Frederick Co Va & died Feby 3, 1869 at Oskaloosa Iowa. Had 5 children. She has another chart of his.
Maria, Edith's mother

Rachel Jane Gaddis, Born Aug 28, 1819. M. Dec 4, 1849 to Levi Duffy McKay his 2d wife. She died Feby 18, 1895 at Omaha, Neb & is buried at Oskaloosa Iowa. Had seven children all daughters.
Ruth Emily Gaddis, Born Jany 5, 1823 died Feby 18, 1895 on same day as her sister Rachel married Adam Stoops
Priscilla Gaddis, Born Apr 1, 1826 she died in DeWitt Co Ills married Willis Disbrow who also died in DeWitt Co Ills about 1913
Arthur, living in Topeka Ks
John, Clinton Ills
Alva, dead

V9 Page 210 & V9 Page 211 [missing descendant chart]
V9 Page 212
[continuation of missing descendant chart]


page 248
She was not able to get track of Mrs Hettie Greason Merrill, but has commenced writing up for me the records of her, William Gaddis & Elizabeth Peairs descendants.


page 261
I then went to the Harvard Hotel No 501 E. Colfax Ave where I had dinner with Cousin Edith W. Smith, returned the two charts she had loaned me & arranged for her to make out at her leisure & send me the record of Wm Gaddis descendants. She went with me to the Hotel & Sta & I went at 9:45 PM on the train for Pueblo Col where I arrived at 2 Am & record of my itinerary has been noted up until last night when I left Denver on the 7:15 PM train C.B.& O RR for Alliance Neb where I arrived at 4 Am this morning & went at transcribing see page 237. After getting my breakfast, I got Frank Garrett with his auto, but as he was not sure of Eugene Thompson's residence location, I called him on the phone & he said he was coming in town & would be at the hotel abt 9 o'clock & I thus saved the exorbitant charge Garrett wanted to make, but I let him drive me to the P.O. where I mailed the four letters I wrote on the train last night & drove on beyond for him to show me the residence of Chas E. Thompson, brother of Eugene, but as it was only 7:15 AM, I deemed it too early to call & Had him drive me back to the hotel where I resumed my transcribing & getting sleepy, went in & got a cup of tea in the dining room (had eaten bkfst at the counter & didn't take tea). Mr T. appeared 2 hrs later & I had:


Page 308

On page 1, he commences saying: "A continuation of the account of marriages & deaths as taken from the records of same in various newspapers. The record of same is commenced in Volume No 1 Mch 22, 1837 on page 42 & continued to Jany 22, 1872 page 60 by the Index in Vols Nos 1 & 2 names & dates can be obtained satisfactorily".
These records continue on pages 1 & 2, but I disregard them. Mr Peebles said his father was born in 1813 at the top of page 3 he commences & I copy:
"History of the Peebles family & its Descendants A biographical History of the Peebles Family together with a History of the Geddes, Nevin, McCoy, McCracken, Rodgers, & Steele families all of which are related or connected, with the Peebles Family & has been collated through information obtained from biblical & personal information received from the various children & heirs of said families.
In getting up a complete & accurate history, the information had to be gotten from so many persons & distances so great & scattered, that a full & complete history of the early members could not be obtained, & through negligence & loss of records, it has been very difficult to obtain a full & complete history, but the following sketches

V14 Page 309

or history of the several connected families as far as obtained may be regarded as correct, from the information received and given by the compiler in such a detailed manner that those that are interested in the history of their ancestors may obtain information relative to their ancestry & the descendants of same to the present time, 1893. It will be observed in the statistical history of the several families there are numerous blanks that are not filled, caused by want & lack of information, but taken as a whole, the collateral history of each family may be regarded as near complete as could be gathered from such an ancient and scattered family connection.

V14 Page 311

Record of the Peebles family from the grandfathers & mothers down. John Peebles, son of William Peebles & Elizabeth Peebles and Margaret Rodgers Peebles, daughter of Richard Rodgers & Rachel Denny as follows:

[Same headings as above. I will enter in text form Charlene Wilson]

John Peebles born in Shippensburg, Pa Nov 21, 1769, married Nov 17, 1795, died Oct 22, 1846 aged 77 yrs. married to:
Margaret Rodgers, born in Shippensburg, Pa May 13, 1777, died Aug 23, 1847 aged 70 yrs.
Their children:
William Peebles born in Shippensburg, Pa Nov 16, 1796, died July 24, 1829 aged 33 yrs
Rachel Rodgers Peebles born in Shippensburg, Pa July 28, 1798, married Feby 20, 1839, died Aug 27, 1883 aged 84 yrs
Elizabeth Peebles born in Shippensburg, Pa Sept 1, 1800, married Apr 11, 1821, died Apr 15, 1875 aged 75 yrs
Fanny Denny Peebles born in Shippensburg, Pa July 3, 1803, died Nov 11, 1804 aged 1 yr
Jane Finley Peebles born in Shippensburg, Pa Feby 23, 1806, married May 16, 1827, died Nov 1, 1875 aged 69 yrs
Richard Rodgers Peebles born in Chillicothe, O Jany 10, 1810, married Mch 8, 1843, died Aug 8, 1893 aged 83 yrs
Margaret Peebles born in Chillicothe, O Nov 10, 1811, died Sept 27, 1822 aged 11 yrs
John Geddes Peebles born in Chillicothe, O Nov 30, 1813, married June 10, 1835, died Oct 30, 1901 aged 88 yrs
Joseph Scott Peebles born in Chillicothe, O June 19, 1817, married Apr 8, 1851, died July 8, 1890 aged 73 yrs.

V14 Page 313

Harriet Elizabeth Hempstead born Portsmouth, O July 9, 1845, married Apr 30, 1868 married to:
Gaylord Brayton Norton, born Litchfield, NY May 28, 1837 died Apr 29, 1905
Their children
Benj Hempstead Norton, born Wayne Furnace, Tenn Feby 2, 1869
Mary Esther Norton, born Coalton, Ky Feby 5, 1874
John Geddes Peebles Norton born Coalton, Ky Dec 30, 1875
Margaret Elizabeth Norton born Coalton, Ky Sept 12, 1877, died July 17, 1878 aged 1 yr

V14 Page 314

Stewart Hempstead Walker, born Covington, Ky Sept 27, 1878, married June 6, 1900
married to:
Edith M. Hall, born Cincinnati, O July 12, 1877
Their children:
Margaret Hall Walker, born New York City June 18, 1901

Jno Geddes Peebles Jr, born Portsmouth, O Oct 31, 1877, married June 10, 1901
married to:
Amy Lillian Knowles, born London, Eng June 5, 1876
End of page 11

V14 Page 318

The family of John G. & Martha Peebles

John Geddes Peebles, born Chillicothe, O Nov 30, 1813, married June 10, 1835, died Oct 30, 1901
married to:
Martha Steel, born Philadelphia, Pa May 29, 1816, died Nov 24, 1903
Their children
William Peebles, born Washington Tp, Scioto Co, O May 6, 1837, died Sept 3, 1837
Infant son Peebles born Portsmouth, O Apr 14, 1838, died Apr 15, 1838
Margaret Jane Peebles born Portsmouth, O Apr 23, 1840, died Oct 21, 1908
Mary Elizabeth Peebles born Portsmouth, O Feby 25, 1842
Robert Peebles born Pine Grove Tp, Lawrence Co, O Mch 6, 1846, married Sept 25, 1873, died Jany 5, 1911
John Peebles, born Pine Grove Tp, Lawrence Co, O, Mch 4, 1848, married Nov 8, 1870, my informant
Richard Rodgers Peebles, born Pine Grove Tp, Lawrence Co, O July 27, 1850, married Aug 31, 1876, died Dec 25, 1901
Joseph Hamilton Peebles, born Pine Grove Tp, Lawrence Co, O Dec 25, 1853, died July 30, 1854
Joseph William Peebles, born Pine Grove Tp, Lawrence Co, O July 29, 1855, died Jany 4, 1856
V14 Page 319

Page 10
The family of Richard R. & Elizabeth Florence Peebles

Richard Rodgers Peebles Jr born Pine Grove Tp July 27, 1850, married Aug 31, 1876, died Dec 25, 1901
married to:
Elizabeth Florence Moore, born Yazoo City, Miss June 18, 1856
Their children:
John Geddes Peebles Jr born Portsmouth, O Oct 31, 1877, married June 10, 1901
William Moore Peebles, born Portsmouth, O June 2, 1880

V14 Page 320

Elizabeth Steele Peebles, born Henley, O Dec 3, 1882
Margaret Louise Peebles, born Portsmouth, O Feby 15, 1885
Robert Denny Peebles, born Henley, O Mch 1, 1887
Morrill Rodgers Peebles born Henley, O May 18, 1889, died Sept 5, 1889
Richard Elmore Peebles born Henley, O Oct 4, 1891

Joseph Scott Peebles, born Chillicothe, O June 19, 1817, married Apr 8, 1851, died July 8, 1890 married to:
Nancy Finley Lodwick, born West Union, O Sept 2, 1820, died Oct 23, 1881
Their children:
William Hempstead Peebles, born Pine Grove Tp Sept 29, 1852, died Feby 1902.
His remarriage 2d to:
Helen A. Warren, born Oneida Co, NY Apr 4, 1837, married July 27, 1888.
End of page 10
page 13
A continued History of our Grandparents, William & Betsy (Elizabeth) Peebles, his wife who was a daughter of John & Martha Berkley Finley, the exact history of these grandparents not personally known to us.

William Peebles, born Scotland 1745, married 1767, died Sept 5, 1776
married to:
Betsy (Elizabeth) Finley, born Penna 1742, died Sept 6, 1832
Their children:
John Peebles, born Shippensburg, Pa, Nov 21, 1769, married Nov 17, 1795, died Oct 21, 1846
Betsy (Elizabeth) Peebles born Shippensburg, Pa Feby 8, 1772, married June 17, 1794, died May 20, 1839
Robert Peebles born Shippensburg, Pa May 15, 1775, married May 21, 1796, died Jany 7, 1830

Record of the marriage & death of Betsy Peebles children.
Betsy (Eliz) Peebles born Shippensburg, Pa Feby 8, 1772, married June 17, 1794, died May 20, 1839
married to:
John Geddes born Silver Springs, Pa Aug 16, 1766, died Dec 5, 1840
Their children

V14 Page 321

Eliza Geddes, Newville, Pa Nov 29, 1796, married Feby 3, 1819, died June 20, 1849
Wm Peebles Geddes, born Newville, Pa Jany 13, 1798, died Feby 11, 1802
Jno Peebles Geddes, born Newville, Pa Oct 10, 1799, married Apr 27, 1825, died Dec 8, 1837
Sally Geddes born Newville, Pa Aug 4, 1801, married Jany 27, 1825, died Jany 27, 1838
Peggy (Margt) Geddes born Newville, Pa Sept 4, 1803, married Jany 22, 1828, died Aug 1878
Jane Geddes born Newville, Pa Feby 22, 1805, died Dec 4, 1889
Martha Geddes born Newville, Pa June 8, 1806, died Aug 4, 1807
Martha Finley Geddes born Newville, Pa Mch 27, 1808, died Mch 11, 1897
William Geddes born Newville, Pa Sept 18, 1812, died Oct 1, 1812

Marriage of their children:
Eliza Geddes, born Nov 29, 1796, married Feby 3, 1819, died June 20, 1849
married to:
James Weakley, birth place & date not known. See Book 17 p 376-9. See book 20 p 88-9
Their Children
Hettie Lusk Weakley, born Newville, Pa [all children have unknown birth dates in this list.]
Elizabeth Peebles Weakley, born Newville, Pa
Martha Eye Weakley, born near Newville, Pa & died Sept 20, 1882
William Weakley, born Newville, Pa
John Geddis [sic] Weakley (twin) born Newville, Pa
James Weakley (twin) born Newville, Pa.

Martha Eye Weakley, born near Newville, Pa, birth date not known, died Sept 20, 1882.
married to:
Alexander Sharpe, born Newville, Pa, birth date not known.
Their children:
James Weakley Sharpe, born Newville, Pa, date unknown

James Weakley Sharpe, born Newville, Pa, date unknown, married 1883
ied to:
W. Hurst, born Newville, Pa, date unknown
End of page 13
Page 14
Their children

Page 322

Henrietta W. Sharpe, born Newville, Pa Sept 1, 1889

Hettie Lusk Weakley, born Newville, Pa date unknown, marriage date unknown
married to:
James Miller, birth place & date unknown.

[Note: Variations in spelling Geddes/Geddis as entered by JVT] John Peebles Geddes, born Newville, Pa Oct 10, 1799, married Apr 27, 1825, died Dec 8, 1837
married to:
Catharine J. McClay, born Fannettsburgh, Pa Feby 2, 1799, died Dec 22, 1873
Their children:
William McClay Geddis [sic], born Newville, Pa Apr 24, 1826, died July 23, 1828
John Geddis, born Newville, Pa Oct 29, 1827
Laura C. Geddis, born Newville, Pa Dec 11, 1829
William McClay Geddis, born Newville, Pa Dec 26, 1831, married Feby 4, 1871, died Aug 5, 1872
Charles King Geddis, born Newville, Pa Oct 2, 1834, married Jany 28, 1874
William Nevin Geddis, born Newville, Pa Dec 28, 1836

William McClay Geddes, born Newville, Pa Dec 26, 1831, married Feby 4, 1871, died Aug 5, 1872
married to:
Eleanor C. Fisher, born Balto, Md July 1837, died Dec 30, 1877
Their children
Charles McClay Geddes, born New Orleans, La Nov 5, 1871, died May 3, 1888

Charles King Geddes, born Newville, Pa Oct 2, 1834, married Jany 28, 1874
married to:
Sarah Sproul, born Turbotville, Pa Sept 17, 1833, died Feby 9, 1891
Their children:
Margaret Sproul Geddes, born Williamsport, Pa Mch 28, 1876
John McClay Geddes, born Williamsport, Pa Jany 26, 1881

Sally Geddes, born Newville, Pa Aug 4, 1801, married Jany 27, 1825, died Jany 27, 1838
married to:
William Barr, born Newville, Pa July 17, 1798, died Apr 16, 1887
Their children:
Andrew Carlisle Barr born Newville, Pa Dec 16, 1825, died Dec 21, 1864

V14 Page 323

Geddes Barr, born Newville, Pa Oct 7, 1830, died Oct 21, 1865
Margaret Sarah Lucas Barr, born Newville, Pa Nov 23, 1833, married Oct 21, 1852.

Margaret Sarah Lucas Barr, born Newville, Pa Nov 23, 1833, married Oct 21, 1852
married to:
Thomas Stough, birth place unknown, born July 15, 1824
Their children:
Lolla Margaret Stough, born Newville, Pa Sept 20, 1853, married Oct 27, 1880.
End of page 14
Page 15
a Margaret Stough, born Newville, Pa Sept 20, 1853, married Oct 27, 1880
married to:
Wm Craighead Brewster, born Newville, Pa July 8, 1852
Their children:
Newman Lucas Brewster, born Newville, Pa Nov 15, 1881
Thomas Craighead Brewster, born Newville, Pa Jany 23, 1887

Peggy (Margaret) Geddes born Sept 4, 1803, married Jany 2, 1828, died Aug 1878
married to:
William H. Woodburn, birth place unknown, born Apr 8, 1803
Their children:
James Henry Woodburn, born Newville, Pa Dec 16, 1828, married June 1, 1856
Eliza Geddes Woodburn, born Newville, Pa Dec 2, 1832, married May 4, 1858

Eliza Geddes Woodburn, born Newville, Pa Dec 2, 1832, married May 4, 1858, died Jany 21, 1898 aged 65 yrs
married to:
John Diller birth place & date unknown, died Jany 20, 1898 aged 74 yrs.
Their children:
1. John Geddes Diller, born Newville, Pa Mch 2, 1859
3. James Woodburn Diller, born Newville, Pa Dec 4, 1865
4. Martha Elizabeth Diller, born Newville, Pa Dec 12, 1867
5. Anna Finley Diller, born Newville, Pa Sept 12, 1869
6. Agnes Jane Diller, born Newville, Pa Dec 1, 1871
7. Wm Henry Diller, born Newville, Pa May 12, 1873

V14 Page 324

8. Samuel Diller, born Newville, Pa June 14, 1875
9. Charles McClay Diller, born Newville, Pa Nov 8, 1876
2. Margaret Woodburn Diller, born Newville, Pa Apr 1, 1862.

James Henry Woodburn born Newville, Pa Dec 16, 1828, married Jany 1, 1856
married to:
Mary Bleane Davidson born Newville, Pa Nov 16, 1827, died Oct 1884
Their children:
Wm Henry Woodburn, born Newville, Pa May 28, 1858
Eleanor Davidson Woodburn, born Newville, Pa Feby 8, 1862
Margaret Geddes Woodburn, born Newville, Pa Nov 6, 1864
Mary Bleane Woodburn, born Newville, Pa Dec 28, 1867

V14 Page 326

In the talks today, Friday, Oct 2, 1925, with John Peebles at their office at New Boston, O, he said his father had said that he was 7th generation in descent from John Knox which I then figured if:
John Geddes Peebles was the 7th generation
John Peebles would be 6th generation
Elizabeth Finley Peebles would be 5th generation
V14 Page 328

On page 802 is sketch of John Peebles 1769-1847 with his photo & on page 804, one of John Geddes Peebles 1813-1901 & a fine photo followed by sketches on page 806 of William Peebles & Joseph Scott Peebles.
Page 767
William Lodwick
This is the oldest son of Col John Lodwick & was by the first wife, born in the stockade at Manchester, O Jany 17, 1794
In 1828, he & his younger half brother Kennedy Lodwick had a general store & in 1830, Kennedy Lodwick had a store alone.

Pages 445 to 453
Personal Recollections of John G. Peebles.
I have not time now to read it. However, on page 450 in speaking of the marriage of his sister, Jane to Robert Wood on May 16, 1827, the next day there was an infair [sic] given to them at the house of Kennedy & Caroline Lodwick the latter a sister of the groom.
Page 802, John Peebles
Page 804, John Geddes Peebles, fine photo facing
Page 806, Joseph Scott Peebles
continuing to 808, gives very interesting Peebles history which I have not time now to read.
V14 Page 308
These records continue on pages 1 & 2, but I disregard them. Mr Peebles said his father was born in 1813 at the top of page 3 he commences & I copy:
"History of the Peebles family & its Descendants A biographical History of the Peebles Family together with a History of the Geddes, Nevin, McCoy, McCracken, Rodgers, & Steele families all of which are related or connected, with the Peebles Family & has been collated through information obtained from biblical & personal information received from the various children & heirs of said families.
V14 Page 311
Margaret Peebles born in Chillicothe, O Nov 10, 1811, died Sept 27, 1822 aged 11 yrs John Geddes Peebles born in Chillicothe, O Nov 30, 1813, married June 10, 1835, died Oct 30, 1901 aged 88 yrs Joseph Scott Peebles born in Chillicothe, O June 19, 1817, married Apr 8, 1851, died July 8, 1890 aged 73 yrs.
page 71

Hotel Fort Des Moines, Room 727 Des Moines, Iowa Mch 1, 1926 3:25 PM
Have called six Baileys & cannot get trace of any descendants of Geo Bailey & Eliza Gaddis descendants. Mrs Wm Bailey 725 Arthur St, Tel Walnut 4143-W says her husband's mother was a Jeffery & his people came here from Franklin, Indiana. Have also called several Fultons, but without getting any trace of Jesse's descendants.


page 74 & 75

Andrew Carothers, married 1 Mary Hayes. He lists below her seven children. She died at age of 54 yrs. Married 2 Mary Robinson. Had three children. He moved from Cumb Co, Pa to Henderson Co, Ills in 1841 by wagon & walking.
Andrew Carothers, B Mch 18, 1816, married Lydia Fisher
Sarah Ann Carothers, married John Brooks
John Carothers, married Gaddis
Andrew Carothers
Jacob Carothers, married Helen Ritchey Mary Ann Carothers, B May 27, 1818 married Fickes in Pa & did not come west, but had daughter Hattie.
John Carothers, B Sept 16, 1820
Ira H. Carothers
Samuel Carothers


page 235 & 236
John Marion Fort, B Feby 5, 1849 ob May 9, 1914 near Stonghurst, Ills. Married Mch 30, 1876 in Olena Tp to Sarah Ann Gaddis daughter of Robert White Gaddis & wife Ann Lowry McCoy who was born in sd Olena Tp Sept 1, 1852. Have 8 children born near present town of Stonghurst. She is living.
Harry Burnham Fort, B Feby 20, 1877, married Mch 28, 1917 in Olathe, Kansas to Bessie Ann Davis born near Raritan, Ills Mch 18, 1880 daughter of William A. Davis & wife Gitty [sic] Ann Schenck. No issue.
Marion Edward Fort, B Mch 7, 1879 ob Feby 22, 1915 near Stronghurst, unmarried.
Victor Eugene Fort, B Feby 18, 1881 ob Jany 15, 1883 near Stronghurst.
Gerald Quincy Fort, B June 1, 1883 married Dec 31, 1907 in Kirksville, Mo to Rose Shaine born Dec 21, near Dallas City, Ills daughter of Felix Shain & wife Mary Tucker. No issue.
Annie Jane Fort, B Dec 21, 1885, my informant by mail for this record. At home single
Eugenia Cornelia Fort, B July 16, 1888 ob Feby 12, 1909 near Stronghurst, unmarried.
Wesley Hanna Fort, B Sept 5, 1891 ob Mch 11, 1894 near Stronghurst
Wallace Chalmers Fort, b Feby 6, 1894 married Aug 24, 1918 at Evanstons Ill to Ethel May Smith born May 6, 1892 in Chicago, Ills daughter of John L. Smith & wife Christine M. Christensen. No issue.


page 500

A letter large env dated May 21, 1926 from Box 69 Stronghurst, Ills from Miss Annie J. Fort See Page 234 gives the following about the Gaddis record of her mother Sarah Ann Gaddis daughter of Robert White Gaddis says: "The Gaddis originally came from northern part of Ireland (Antrim). Her branch came to New York State (Kortright, Delaware). Her father, Robert White Gaddis, son of Adam Gaddis came to Morgan Co, Ills with his parents. All his father's family didn't come to Ills.

Adam Gaddis married Cathrine White

Robert Gaddis married Ann Lowry McCoy

The McCoys were from Pa or Va also came to Morgan Co, Ills but first living at Cedarville, O. I have been trying to trace my ancestor Alexander McCoy, father of mother's grandfather, David McCoy & find four Alexander McCoys with Revolutionary War records.

A card she got referred to Penna Archives 5th Series Vol VI Pages 188, 189-190 for a list of names of officers & privates within the bounds of Capt Wm Swansey's Co it being the 7th in rank of the 2d Battalion of Cumb Co militia commanded by Col Thomas Gibson page 189 in the 8th Class private Roger Carothers.

page 409

As we were leaving Lebanon, we stopped at Frankie Dunham's & she told us that the address of her brother Hiram P. Jack was 1905 Mitchell St, Tampa, Fla & that her brother Wilber died Feby 17, 1911. She said there were Jacks at Sligo in Clinton, Co. See page 353.

I took the PRR train at Morrow & arrived in Wilmington O at 5 PM & am now at Hotel Martin Room 10 & find in Tel Book:
Alfred Gaddis r Rl 1612 &
ett Gaddis r Rl 1871
phoned the former & he sd his people came fr Penna. It is now 10:30 PM


page 417

Wm T. says that Matthew R. Denver Prest of the Clinton County Natl Bank & Trust Co married Veda Slack, daughter of William Slack of Sligo a small village abt 4 miles west of here on the 3 C. Highway. See her. Mrs Conden has the name of Anna Gaddis who lives on Prairie Ave City who is an M.E. & was on Mrs C's soliciting list. She is a middle aged woman.


page 418 & 419

Probate Judge's office Wilmington Clinton Co, O Oct 11, 1926 8:44 AM General Index to Wills No 2 Date of Book Testator Exr or Admr Probate *No 5 p 187 Finley, Robt P. Wm P. Finley Sept 29, 1891 & Hugh E. Terrell *No 1 p 87 Gaddis, Rice John Penlly Mch 27, 1853 *No 5 p 208 Rannells, Messrs J Jno R Rannells Exr Dec 7, 1891 *No 4 p 282 Rannells, Thos G. Sept 25, 1886

Will of Rice Gaddis book 1 page 87
Directs that wife Sarah Ann Gaddis in lieu of dower occupy & use all residue of estate until my son Andrew Rice Gaddis arrives at 21 yrs of age which will be on May 23, 1862 at which time all my R.E. is to go to him. Dated Oct 18, 1852. Rice (his x mark) Gaddis (seal) Witness Benjamin Owens John Pindry Probated Mch 27, 1853

V18 Page 419

Will of Thos Gaddis Rannells will book 4 p 282 2d Gives to wife Massey J. Rannells for life the use of his farm of 240 A & then to go to his heirs at law.
3d directs all remaining R.E. be sold by Exrs.
4th fives wife $1000 & all livestock, grain etc & household & kitchen furniture etc.
5. bals to go equally to children etc
6. says has advanced to son Wm H. Rannells $2300
Says has advanced to daughter Sarah E. Hildebrant $2300
7. Appoints wife Massey J. & son John Exrs. Dated June 13, 1881 Thos G. Rannells (seal) Witness Wm B. Telfair, Alonzo C. Deboll. May 18, 1885 adds codicil saying he had made advancements making all his children equal
Probated Sept 25, 1886


page 420 & 421

Will of Thomas Gaddis Book A & B 1810-1844 I, Thomas Gaddis of Union Tp Clinton Co, O give: 1st to Baptist Ch of which I am a member 1 A along road fr Wilmington to Urbana for a g.y.
To my grandsons John Rannells & Thomas Gaddis Rannells, son of William Rannells that part of my land west of Todds Fork.
To my son Rice Gaddis all the residue of my land in sd Hawkins survey which I formerly intended for my son John, agreeably to the request of my son John, who I now suppose to be dead
To my grandson James Hopwood all my right to a tract in Fayette Co, Pa

V18 Page 421

known as "Shaws old place"
To my granddaughters, children of my son James decd to wit: Hannah, Priscilla & Anna, all my right to a tract of land on Green River in Ky
6. to my grandson Thos McCoy $30
7. to my daughter Ruth McCoy $15
8. to my daughter Hannah Hopwood $50
9. to my daughter Priscilla Glover $1
10 to my daughter Leah Rannells $1
11. to my son Wm Gaddis $1 having given him lands in Penna
All residue to wife Hannah for life or as long as she remains my widow & after her marriage or death to go to my son Rice Gaddis.
Appoints son Rice Gaddis & friend Isaiah Morris Exrs. Dated Feby 16, 1828 Thos Gaddis (seal) Witness George Starbuck, Thomas Curtis, Hugh (his x mark) McWhorter. Probated June 30, 1834


page 422 - 430
Marriage License Records
No 2 marriages returned 1817-1834

Page 140
cft fr James Brown, J.P. that on Apr 14, 1825 he married Jonathan Gaddis & Anna Disbrow both of Chester Tp, Clinton Co, O

Page 127
cft fr Joseph Roberds J.P. that on July 1, 1824 he married William Jacks & Phebe Burnes

Page 238
cft fr Joseph Roberts J.P. that on May 7, 1829 he married Elkanah Jacks & Catharine Doan

Marriage Licenses issued:
No 3 1823-1844
Rice Gaddis & Sarah Pendry both of lawful age Apr 2, 1840 no 385

Marriage Record
No 3. Marriages rtd 1834-1886

Page 77
James Gaddis & Margaret Wonderlen Aug 18, 1836

Page 104
cft of James Dakin J.P. that on Aug 17, 1837 he married Allen Gaddis & Anna Mershon

V18 Page 423

page 173
of A.T. Sewell J.P. that on Apr 2, 1840 he married Rice Gaddis & Sarah Pendry


V18 Page 424

Nov 24, 1924, he married Joseph S. Leaming & Zinnetta Ruth Gaddis with the statements that he was 73 yrs old on Jany 9, 1924, his residence was Waynesville, O & place of birth Madisonville, O occupation farmer, Father Jacob S. Leaming, mother Lydia Van Middlesworth. He had been married once before. Zinnetta Ruth Gaddis is 50 yrs old on Oct 18, 1924 her residence New Burlington, Clinton Co, O & place of birth Decatur, Ills her occupation farmer & her Father Francis M. Gaddis, mother Nancy J. Snider that she had never been married or divorced.

The probate judge here, Judge Wright said there had been a Thomas Gaddis who had lived at Martinsville this Co who in his earlier days had little means, but an older brother when the Civil War came on who was living in the south sold all his property & put the money in his brother Thomas hands for safekeeping. Thomas invested it in land & would not turn it back to his brother & died rich. He has a son Basil now living at Norwood, O. Thos E. Rannells, a young man in the office here says his grandfather was Thomas Gaddis

V18 Page 425

Rannells see page 420 & that his Aunt, Miss Mary Rannells living here at No 212 Columbus St can tell me about the family. I will go & see her.
Leaving 1:30 PM

Residence of Miss Mary Rannells & her two sisters No 212 Columbus St Wilmington, O Oct 11, 1926 1:50 PM
They asked me about Monroe M. Hopwood & his wife & family, who have been here to visit them. Their father, Thomas Gaddis Rannells was son of Wm Rannells & his wife, Leah Gaddis, daughter of Col Thos Gaddis see bottom of next page & are not in the line I want. They didn't know Anna Gaddis on Prairie Ave but told me that Mrs Perry Barlow, working in basement of Watt & Patterson's Dry Goods store near Martin Hotel was a daughter of Silas & Vienna Curtis Jacks. They also advised me to see their first cousin further out the street viz: Miss Ruth A. Lewis who was older than them & could probably give me further information.

Left at 2:11 PM
& then walked out two blocks & was:

V18 Page 426

At residence of Miss Ruth A. Lewis No 432 Columbus St Wilmington, O Oct 11, 1926 2:44 PM

I walked out here from 212 Columbus St the home of Miss Mary Rannells & her two maiden sisters, who thought their cousin Miss Lewis being older could give fuller inf. She says she was born in 1849 & her mother, Sarah Rannells was the daughter of Wm Rannells & his wife Leah Gaddis, daughter of Col Thomas Gaddis. She says her great Uncle Rice Gaddis was a printer & she has a printed "memorandum" 22 & 23 lines which he made up of his father's family which is as follows: John Rice was born Oct 12, 1720 Hannah Rice (wife of John) born Sept 25, 1720

Thomas Gaddis was born Dec 28, 1742.

Hannah Gaddis, wife of Thomas Gaddis & daughter of John & Hannah Rice was born Nov 14, 1742.
Their children:
1. Lydia Gaddis was born Oct 21, 1766
2. Ruth Gaddis was born Jany 23, 1760
3. Sarah Gaddis born Sept 16, 1771 ob Sept 10, 1777
4. James Gaddis born Mch 28, 1774, ob Dec 14, 1812
5. Hannah Gaddis born May 20, 1776
6. Priscilla Gaddis born May 13, 1779
7. William Gaddis born Apr 15, 1782
8. Leah Gaddis born Sept 26, 1784

V18 Page 427
9. Thomas Gaddis born Feby 18, 1787 ob Aug 10, 1790
10. Rice Gaddis born Aug 26, 1789
11. John Gaddis born Mch 18, 1792

Hannah Gaddis above married a Hopwood at Uniontown, Pa & once came out here once on horseback & at first her sister Leah Rannells who hadn't seen her for 20 yrs didn't know her, but soon did recognize her & were soon in each other's arms. Miss Lewis says her mother was present at the time, then a little girl. Her mother was born Aug 31, 1812

Leaving 3:11 PM
I then walked out to the end of Prairie Ave & asked at many houses for Anna Gaddis, but no one there even heard of her. Then walked back & called at Terrell & Terrells, but they were not in. I then went to the P.O. & three men there said there was no Anna Gaddis getting mail there now & further that the Jonathan Gaddis people were all gone from about Kingman. They said to go out E. Main St three blocks to Buckley Bros elevators & they could tell. Perry said to go see his brother George 3d house back as he knew more about them so I went to:

V18 Page 428

Residence of George Buckley No 325? E. Main St, Wilmington, O Oct 11, 1926 4:37 PM

He said Jonthan Gaddis who lived neighbors to them out near Kingman, O had a son David Gaddis who married Drusilla Mann & his son Frank M. same age, as himself born in 1852 was a boyhood chum of his & in 1862, Davis went with his entire family to Decatur Ills & I think Jonathan went too, as when I spoke of the books here showing no settlement of his estate, he said he didn't die here. He said Jonathan had 2 or 3 other sons who were young men when he was a boy. He says they drove out to Ills & that Frank M. made several visits back here. Finally in 1899 or 1900 he sold his property in Ills except several lots & had $84,000 in cash, having made it in the lumber business. He bought the Morris heirs farm of 300 A in neighborhood of his old home, built a $12000 house on it poorly located & a barn & once had 19 farm hands at work at the same & not understanding farming & managing badly, soon depleted his fortune. He died 4 or 5 yrs after his return to Ohio. He says his daughter Zinnetta

V18 Page 429

R. widow of J.S. Leaming, who died abt a yr ago, is living in the Village of New Burlington, O abt 16 miles fr here & is a D.A.R. & can he thinks give the family record. She didn't get much from her husband who had distributed about all to his two sons before he got married. Her brother Jesse lives he said on a rented farm near Spring Valley O abt 7 miles S.W. of Xenia, O. Has four children, two boys & two girls. An Uncle of Frank's lived at Decatur, Ills, thinks his name was Willis. He said there was an Allen Gaddis lived on a farm adjg Jonathan's & he thinks he was a brother. He left the neighborhood with his family when Mr B. was a small boy, many people about that time going to Indiana & Ills to get cheaper land.

Left 5:11 PM
I then walked over to Walter Patterson's Dry Goods store & saw Mrs Perry Barlow, daughter of Silas Jacks of Elkanah of John & made arrangements to go to her home at No 326 W. Sugar Tree St to see her tonight. It is now 6:33 PM & I will go in to dinner.


page 468
At residence of Edward Huff, Spring Valley Tp Greene Co, O Oct 13, 1926 4:44 PM

I find Mrs Zinetta Gaddis Leaming here where she is nursing Mr Huff, whose ailment is old age being past 90 yrs old. She says there were three Gaddis brothers in the Revolutionary War viz: Col Thomas, John & she thinks Henry. John's son Wm married Elizabeth Peairs & his son Jonathan married Ammy Disbrow, daughter of Banks Davis Disbrow (Disbrough in the old war records being Scotch, & settled in Conn first) & his wife Hannah Congo or perhaps Conger. They had the following children most of them born in Clinton Co, O.
1. Levi Duffy Gaddis
2. William Allen Gaddis
3. Banks David Gaddis
4. Emily Ruth Gaddis married a Dix
5. Willis Gaddis
6. Henry Lewis Gaddis
7. Wesley? Gaddis
10. Oscar Morgan Gaddis

Have all the dates at home at New Burlington, O see book 20 page 118.

V18 Page 469

1. Levi D. had 2 children
5. Willis had 2 children
6. Henry Lewis had 3 children
7. Wesley died in Civil War, unmarried
10. Oscar Morgan died in Civil War unmarried
4. Emily Ruth had one child
2. William Allen had 5 children.
Write to B.W. Gaddis his son at Parsons, Kan for Wm Allen's record.

3. Banks David Gaddis married Drusilla Mann & had the following children:
1. Francis Marion
2. Elvira
3. Clinton D. married Edna Snider
4. Sallie Mary
5. Volney Alaska
6. Wesley G.

Francis M. died in 1907 aged 57. He married Nancy Jane Snider daughter of James Snider & wife Lucinda Kelly. They had 5 children all born in Decatur Ills, viz:
1. Zinetta Ruth B Oct 18, 1874
2. Jesse Grant b June 24, 1876
3. Earl b Apr 1880? & died in infancy
4. Irene Edna
5. Laura May

2. Jesse G. married Susie Albright & both living P.O. Xenia, O Route 4.

V18 Page 470
1. Marion Carl, married
2. Jessie Gertrude, married
3. girl died in infancy
4. girl died in infancy
5. Roy Emmett older than Jessie
6. Norma Natalie at home single & Roy is also.

Leaving 5:15 PM
Marion married Ethel Gibson & have 4 children. He lives in this Co. His address is Osborn, O. Jessie Gertrude married a Man named Worrall. Haven't heard from her for a long time. She says Norma Natalie is just a high school girl. She will send me the record which she will copy from her book at New Burlington O.
See bk 18 p 428-9
see bk 20 p 118-9

page 118 and 199
Jonathan Gaddis see book 9 p 208. The dates in this table below are given me by Mrs "Nette" R. Leaming of New Burlington, O in her six page letter of Nov 11, 1926 small env see also book 18 p 468-470. Had 10 children born in Clinton Co, O. Married Ammy Disbrow, daughter of Banks Disbrow & wife Hannah Conger


Banks Davis Gaddis B July 15, 1826 ob Apr 1900 or 1901. Married Drucilla Mann born Mch 27, 1831. Had 7 children:
Francis Marion, ob, married Nancy Jane Snider, daughter of James Snider & wife Lucinda Kelly. They had 5 children all born in Decatur, Ills.
Zinnetta Ruth, B Oct 18, 1874, married Nov 24, 1924 Joseph S. Leaming, the seed corn man, ob, son of Jacob Leaming & wife Lydia Middleton. No issue. She was his 2d wife & she is my informant for this record.
Jesse Grant B June 24, 1876 married Jany 26, 1898 Susie Albright. Have 4 children living & 2 dead.
Earl b Mch 29, 18-- ob Apr
Irene Edna, b July 7, 1884 married Dec 11, 1901 Lee Roy Bremengton [sic]. Had had 8 children born the 3 one in Hot Springs Ark, all the others in Kingman, O. See page 164
Laura Bell, B May 14, 1887 ob Jany 3, 1920 married Aug 12, 1912 Geo McNeman born at Annapolis, Md, son of Geo McNeman & wife Katie Philips. Have 4 children.
Delmar Jane b June 16, 1913
Francis Milton B Feby 9, 1915
George Hubert B Jany 26, 1918
Paul Mann b Sept 10, 1920 ob Sept 4, 1921.
Elvira [daughter of Banks D. Gaddis] ob married Chas McGlellan [sic]. Had 2 children.
John, died unmarried
Maude married a Smith & lives west
Volney Alaska, b June 26, 1857 in Clinton Co, O married Feby 26, 1881 Delphi, Ind Elizabeth Wolf, b Mch 11, 1857 in Schuylkill Co, Pa daughter of John Wolf & wife Elizabeth Lemon. Have 5 children. Lives 1904 N. Church St, Decatur, Ills See b 21 p 250.
Levi Clinton married Edna Snider daughter of James Snider. No issue.
Sally Mary married Willis Miller. No issue
Wesley Grant married Marmine Kussick. No issue
John, ob d.y.

Eliza Ann Gaddis [daughter of Jonathan Gaddis & Ammy Disbrow] b Oct 7, 1830, ob.
William Allen Gaddis b Apr 29, 1883 ob, married
John Peairs Gaddis, B June 3, 1836, ob
Levi Duffy Gaddis b July 29, 1839 ob, married.
Jacob Wesley Gaddis b Aug 15, 1841 ob in the Civil War, unmarried.
Henry Lewis Gaddis b July 29, 1843 ob married
Willis Davis Gaddis b Feby 8, 1846 ob, married
Hannah Sophia Gaddis b Aug 23, 1848 ob
Oscar Morgan Gaddis b Dec 4, 1851 ob in Civil War, unmarried.


page 164
Irene Edna Gaddis born July 7, 1884, daughter of Francis Mason Gaddis see page 118, married Dec 11, 1901 Lee Roy Brewington from whom she writes Feby 4, 1927, she is separated.


Anna Irene Brewington b July 21, 1902
Ruth Jennett Brewington, b Nov 23, 1903 married Feby 13, 1926 at Cleveland, O. to ______ Frick
Donald Gaddis Brewington b Feby 17, 1906
Wayne LeRoy Brewington b Aug 22, 1908
Laura Bernice Brewington b Dec 3, 1911
Mary Christine Brewington b Dec 25, 1912
Wesley Eugene Brewington, B Aug 27, 1915 ob Dec 18, 1916
Hattie Louise Brewington, B Nov 14, 1918


page 362
Oak Hill, Apr 3, 1927 1:05 AM

A letter dated March 4th 1927 in answer to mine from Mrs Netta Leaming says I was too far west for their Geo Bailey (I was hunting them at Des Moines, Iowa) & says if he ever lived in Iowa, his family or part at least came back & a few years ago resided at Clinton, Ills. Make slip to go there. Says Ruth Brown McKey (or McKey) is still living at Farmland, Ind as far as I know. Make slip. Says however to write to Mr L. Gaddis, Pres of the bank at Madoc, Ind. She does not give me the inf she should but says "I have no other information". See page 118 & book 18 p 468. Am writing to L. Gaddis.

page 250

Volney Alaska Gaddis see book 20 p 118 born June 26, 1857, Yardman for Decatur Lumber Co, married Feby 26, 1881 Elizabeth Wolf. He didn't get his father's bible & don't know who did. Have had five children, the first one born in Montezuma, Ind, the next two in Augusta, Ind & the last two in Decatur, Ind. The four youngest children were all married at Decatur, Ills.


Carrie V. Gaddis b Apr 27, 1883 ob Apr 22, 1916
Nellie G. Gaddis b Dec 9, 1886 married June 1, 1915 at Decatur Ills Charles M. Kemplin.
Flossie M. Gaddis b Aug 2, 1889 married June 1, 1910 to Clarke Whittaker.
Bessie M. Gaddis b July 1, 1892 married July 15, 1920 to Earl Reeves
Paul W. Gaddis b Oct 18, 1897 married Nov 1, 1919 to Hazel Mooney.

V21 Page 251 [missing]


page 264

A letter dated June 2, 1927 in answer to mine of Apr 21, from Hiram A. Gaddis Modoc, Ind see book 9 p 208, says his father Elisha P. Gaddis was the son of Wm Gaddis & he had brothers Jonathan & Allen & a number of sisters see book 9 p 208-9 & book 20 p 118-9. One of his father's sisters was Sarah Brown & her daughter Ruth Brown McKee died at Farmland, Ind several years ago. He says to write to Mrs Odel Martin, Greenfield, Ind. I am writing her for her line & also to H.A. for his line.

The following volumes were added November 2001.

VOLUME 12 page 169/170

Oak Hill, July 18, 1924 8 PM Minnie S. Thorndell, in answer to my recent letter to her phoned me last night that the key to the old Methodist Episcopal g.y. was at Lewis Armstead's, so we drove there at 8:50 this morning & got it from Geo Stanard, colored, who has charge of mowing the g.y. Pallini then drove me to the head of Morgantown Street & I was:

AT Old Baptist Church graveyard head of Morgantown St Uniontown Pa July 18, 1924 9:11 AM I commenced at corner of church & worked south along the street back & forth & noted the following:


9. Sacred to the memory of Samuel Cooley died Dec 11, 1840 aged 70 yrs 6 mos 15 days. Tis but at best a narrow bound that heaven allows to men. And pains & sins run through the round of three score years & ten. Elizabeth Cooley, also horizontal half as high, died Jany 31, 1867 aged 87 yrs 8 mos 30 days Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints Psalm 110th 15 (or 45) verse.

10. Levi Gaddis died Aug 9, 1850 aged 26 yrs Sarah Gaddis died July 31, 1819 in 59 yrs (barely possible might be 1849) John Gaddis died Feby 2, 1868 aged 79 yrs 4 mos 27 days Sarah, widow of Robert Gaddis died Dec 25, 1818 (or 1848) aged 93 yrs Ruth, consort of William Gaddis died Apr 6, 1850 aged 41 yrs 4 mos.

11. Jacob Johnston died Aug 6, 1846 aged 70 yrs 3 mos 14 days.


page 171

17. Dennis Springer died Apr 6, 1823 aged 75 (or 73) yrs Elizabeth Springer, wife of Dennis springer Sen died May 24, 1832 aged 75 yrs 27 days Dennis Springer, died Nov 23, 1827 aged 88 yrs etc (fading)
18. Jacob Gaddis born Sept 7? 1778 died Aug 27, 1859 Sarah, wife of Jacob Gaddis died Aug 20, 1887 aged 82 yrs Robert Gaddis died Feby 7, 1834 aged 85 yrs Ansley Gaddis (to right of Robt) died June 2, 1842 aged 29 yrs James Gaddis (to left of Robt & down) died May 23, 1833 aged 22 yrs & just back of these is: V12 Page 172 John Gaddis died Apr 12, 1827 in his 87th yr Hannah Ann Mar---- Gaddis (to John's right) died May 7th 1832 aged 11 or 15 mos & 13 days. James Gaddis (to John's left) died Aug 17? 1843 aged 14 yrs 1 mo 23 days Sarah Gaddis died Jany 7, 1802 aged 50 yrs Anna Gaddis died Mch 29, 1799 aged 17 yrs
19. Jonathan G. Allen died Dec 1, 1867 aged 73 yrs etc Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan G. Allen died Aug 22, 1884 aged 87 yrs 11 mos 4 days James P. Allen died Apr 16, 1841 (or '44) aged 11 yrs 6 mos 7? days
V12 Page 173

22. Priscilla Gaddis (earliest burial found) died Feby 17, 1796 aged 78 yrs
23. Levi Springer died Mch 26, 1823 aged 80 yrs Sarah Springer died Oct 25, 1832 in her 77th yr
V12 Page 192

Mrs Allen has brought out the old bible of David Allen the father of her husband printed & sold by Morgan & Sanxay, Cincinnati O 1833 in which there is one page of records marriages & births as follows:

David Allen & Sutia Ann Kerr married Nov 20, 1824 Wheeling VA. Sutia Ann Kerr Allen (wife of D.A.) died at Warronton, Jefferson Co Ohio July 4, 1825.

David Allen born in Fayette Co Penna July 10, 1796 died Oct 23, 1872 Ann Steel Allen born in Kirkwood (Belmont Co) Ohio Feby 28, 1812 died at Alliance Ohio Nov 3, 1887

David Allen (aged 32) & Ann Steel Kirkwood (aged 16) married Nov 13, 1828 Belmont Co O.
V12 Page 193

7. a son (not named) born Aug 28, 1846 & died on 30th same month - 2 days old.
8. Jonathan Gaddis Allen born July 26, 1847 at Kirkwood
9. Joseph Kirkwood Allen born Apr 30, 1850 at St Clairsville O

V12 Page 194

On a piece of paper yellow with age is written on one side by pencil probably by J. Power Allen the following family tree apparently each Allen being of a succeeding generation: David Allen & Susanna White} John Allen & Mary Power} James Allen & Mary Gaddis, the latter couple having children: David, James & Jonathan, this David being the one noted above as the father of James Power Allen & others. Mrs Allen say her husband J. Power Allen had a cousin still living, viz: Miss Mattie T. Allen 428 Burton Ave, Washington Pa at least that was her address a few years ago.

V12 Page 389

Will Book 1 Page 141, Will of Benjamin Stevens, yeoman of Fay Co gives: To beloved wife Elizabeth 1/2 of R.E. for life, a negro boy, Chas, a negro girl Nell etc.
To son, Harry, 5 shillings
To daughter, Sisson Dorsey 100
To granddaughter Rebecca Dorsey, sorrell mare, Sportly
to daughter Elizabeth Fisher 200 & to hold land he live on, on East side of Peairs Run, until same is paid & then sd land to fall to his son Benj Stevens Jr
To grandson Wm Cullen Stevens, one sorrel colt named Boneparth [sic] also
To son Benjamin Jr after paying above legacies & after death of self & wife, all balance of estate real, personal & mixed except household furniture which is to be divided equally between my four children.
Appoints Benj Jr Exr Dated Jany 28, 1803 Benjamin (his mark) Stevens. Witnessed by Benj Roberts, Elisha Peairs Jr, Benjamin Murphey,

Proven Mch 25, 1814 by Benj Murphey & on Mch 28, 1814 by Benj Roberts before Alexr McClean.
His wife, Elizabeth was a Murphey, see book 6 p 324
His dau, Sisson Dorsey was afterwards Sisson Gaddis see book 6 p 326
His son Harry married Nancy, dau of Elisha Peairs & his wife Elizabeth Jack see book 6 p 325 & book 4 p 257 & had 5 children.
His son Benj M. (Jr) married Sophia, dau of Elisha Peairs & wife Elizabeth Jack see book 4 p 257.

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