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These message boards replaced the old GenConnect Boards.

Links to the G*DD*S related boards

The following links take you to the Message Boards at RootsWeb/Ancestry that combined the GenConnect messages from RootsWeb with the messages left on the website posting boards.

You may link to the Message Boards from here for posting information or viewing posts previously made. Postings made on these boards are left there for eternity and are available for anyone accessing the RootsWeb/Ancestry message boards via the internet. This is as opposed to posting a query on the GADDIS-L mail list, where the message is only seen by subscribers of the mail list. Currently, the GADDIS-L mail list is the only mail list the Gaddis message board is gatewayed to. I'm not sure if the other message boards will be gatewayed to any of the lists or not. If you have a preference one way or the other, I would love to hear from you.

For Message Board Rules, Message Board Frequently Asked Questions and Message Board Help, you may click on the link at the bottom of the pages.

When you post a query on the boards, remember to check under "Classification" the type of query it is. Query, Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Immigration, Lookup, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension or Will. You may also add attachments to the postings on the boards. Follow the instructions from the link below your message.

Click on the links below to be taken directly to that spellings message board. If you see other spelling variations that could be on our list, feel free to contact me.

The Message Boards

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