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11) GADDIS, S./RAMSEY NEW! - 18 Mar 2003 - Family Group #11 and Family Group #14 have been linked together. A new summary showing both lines as one will be forthcoming. The first record of John Gattis (Geddice/Gaddis) is in Lancaster County, PA(Along with a Samuel who married a Isabelle Ramsey--they along with their sons remained in PA....and changed spelling of last name to Gettys) John whose wife appears to be Sarah moved with Abraham Allen and John Caldwell's family to Orange County, NC. John was probably born in either PA or Norther Ireland about 1735. His children are: Thomas born abt. 1757 (nothing else is known about him) James born November 27, 1759 PA (moved to Lincoln County, TN about 1820) married Mary Ann King 1783 children: Thomas 1781 (married Polly Mason) Hannah 1786 (married Andrew King/the went to Ill.) Charles 1794 (married Annis Tripp 1825) Nathaniel 1801 (married Polly Cate (Mary) 1824) Susan 1816 (married 1st cousin John McCaully Gattis 1834) Alexander born 1761 PA. married Rebecca King child: James Gattis) married Rosannah McCaully Wilson Sept. 1806 children: John McCaully 1807 (married Susan Gattis) William 1809 Betsy 1810 Thomas 1812 (married Malinda Holman) Jane 1813 (married Abel Maddry) Alexander 1818 (became Methodist minister) Samuel 1821 (married Nancy T. Gattis) Margaret (married ? Maddry) Martha born abt. 1763 married John Caldwell 1782 children: Joseph (married Sarah Woody about 1822...moved family to Indiana) another son who married Jane ? Samuel born abt. 1765 died MS abt 1837 married Margaret Allen (moved family to Montgomery County, TN by 1801 then to AL by 1820 then MS by abt 1835) children: Dorman 1796 (never married) Elizabeth 1800 (never married) Allen B. 1802 (married Angelina Kendrick in AL) Samuel 1807 (married Paulina Kendrick (sister of Angelina) in AL then Martha Jane Wrenn in MS) John 1810 (married Nancy Scott) Nancy 1812 (married Cicero Metalbert Neely) John born abt. 1767 (moved to GA, children moved to AL and MS) (at some point he changes spelling of last name to Gaddis) married Elizabeth Connelly 1787 children: James 1789 Sally abt 1791 (maybe Elizabeth) Peace 1795/1805 one is listed on tombstone but other date is listed in application for pension John 1796 Warsham Jefferson 1802 Thomas Connelly 1794 married Susan Blackwood 1809 only one child known Thomas Joseph Taylor Gaddis born 1818 married Elizabeth Lumpkin abt. 1830 (after John's death, she moved to AL and began teaching school) child: John Harrison Gaddis 1835 (this name appears to be same as John born to Elizabeth Connelly and John Gattis/Gattis) William born abt. 1769 married Sarah King 1783 married Angelica Connelly married Rebecca? (she is wife named in his will written 1844 but no record of children.... he mentions children in will but not by name) Isaac born about 1770 (moved with James to Lincoln County, TN) married Patty King children: Jane 1801 (married George Waggoner) William abt. 1803 (married ? Renegar) Elizabeth abt. 1805 (married ? Cashion) Sarah abt. 1807 (married ? Brown) Nancy abt. 1810 (married ? Gatlin) Sophia abt. 1812 married ? George) Martha abt. 1814 married Auben Brady) Polly abt. 1816 ( married Daivd Yarborough) Eliza abt. 1818 (married ? Allen) Julia abt. 1820 (married ? Brady) Isaac 1822 (married Letitia Cashion) James abt 1824 Thomas abt 1826 Jane/Jinnet/ Janet born abt. 1774 married William Morrow (moved to TN with Samuel Gattis) children: Elizabeth George Jane Nancy John James Alexander Sarah born abt. 1775 married Nathaniel King

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