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Ancestors of Mary Tate Anthony


Generation No. 1

1. Mary Tate Anthony, born 06 Feb 1795 in Jasper Co., GA; died 08 Nov 1885 in Calhoun Co., AR. She was the daughter of 2. James Anthony and 3. Nancy Ann Tate. She married (1) Green Berry Talbot 12 Jan 1815 in Morgan Co., GA. He was born 25 Nov 1791 in Wilkes Co., GA, and died 27 Dec 1875 in Calhoun Co., AR. He was the son of William Talbot and Mary Bailey.

Notes for Mary Tate Anthony:

In 1855, Alabama State census, one male >21=Green, one male<21=Matthew Henry. Two females <21 and two >21. There would not have been two daughters under 21 at home. Caroline America was the only female under 21 but she was married to R. W. Tims and is shown in his household. Identity of the two females <21 remains unknown but probably an error in coding since Harriett and Lucy were spinsters and presumably living at home.


1880 Census, Calhoun Co.,AL, page 103C, Jackson
Mary TOLBERT Self W Female W 83 GA Keeping House VA ---
G. T. SIKIS GSon S Male W 22 AL At School GA GA
John SIKIS GSon S Male W 19 AL Farming GA GA


More About Mary Tate Anthony:
Burial: 08 Nov 1885, Ricks Cemetery

Census: 1880, Calhoun Co.,AR, Jackson Township, page 108

Notes for Green Berry Talbot:
1850 Census, Tallapoosa Co.,AL, page 75, Twp 21
Green Talbert 59 M Farmer $1000 GA
Mary Talbert 54 F GA
Lucy Talbert 24 F GA
Elizabeth Talbert 20 F GA
Harriett Talbert 18 F GA
Emily Talbert 18 F GA
Matthew Talbert 13 M AL
Rema Tims 25 M GA
Caroline Tims 15 F GA
1860 Census, Tallapoosa Co.,AL, page 86, Dadeville
Green Talbot 69 M Farmer $1200 $1820 GA
Polly Talbot 67 F GA
Harriett Talbot 30 F GA
1870 Census, Tallapoosa Co.,AL,88, Dadeville
Tolbert, Green 69 M W Farmer $1000 $1000 GA
Tolbert, Mary 66 F W KH GA
Tolbert, Harriett 33 F W Assist GA
{The Census Taker made numerous mistakes on this entry. Green and Mary were actually 10 years older than the listing and Harriett was 39. They were all listed as unable to read or write but I know that to be false because we have copies of letters written by Green Talbot in March 1872 and it is unlikely that he would have acquired that skill after 1870.}


Often referred to as "General". Although, he was born in Wilkes County, Georgia, he lived in Morgan Co.,GA for many years but by 1830, he was living in Meriwether Co.,GA and by 1835, he was living in Chambers Co.,AL. He was the Deacon when the County Line Baptist Church was organized in 1835. Several court records exist to show some of his activities in Chambers County. He moved to Tallapoosa Co.,AL after 1845 and remained there until 1870/1871 when he moved his family to Harrell, AR. He died in December 1875.

He was a splendid person. Many of his daughters named their children in his honor and when their husbands were killed in the Civil War, they came home to live with him. He and Mary Tate raised the Sikes boys because both their parents died when the children were 6 and 4, respectively. He provided a home for his widowed daughters and their children. At the age of 80, he moved from his home of four decades to Arkansas in order to get his widowed children settled near at least three of his other children who had moved there in the 1840's.

More About Green Berry Talbot:

Burial: 27 Dec 1875, Ricks Cemetery

Census 1: 1820, Morgan Co.,GA- page 370

Census 2: 1830, Meriwether Co.,GA-page 150

Census 3: 1840, Chambers Co.,AL-page 206

Census 4: 1850, Tallapoosa Co.,AL-page 075

Census 5: 1860, Tallapoosa Co.,AL-page 086

Census 6: 1870, Tallapoosa Co.,AL-page 088

Marriage Notes for Mary Anthony and Green Talbot:

Marriage Recorded in Record Book 1808-1818 - Page 116-126 - Morgan County, Georgia




Generation No. 2

2. James Anthony, born 18 Dec 1751 in Hanover/Henry Co.,VA; died 1827 in Wilkes Co., GA. He was the son of 4. Joseph Anthony and 5. Elizabeth Clark. He married 3. Nancy Ann Tate 29 Sep 1772 in Bedford Co., VA.

3. Nancy Ann Tate, born 1750 in Campbell Co., VA; died May 1834 in Wilkes Co., GA. She was the daughter of 6. Henry Tate and 7. Sarah (?) Henry.

Notes for James Anthony:

James Anthony was born in Virginia, the sixth child of Joseph and Elizabeth. He married Ann Nancy Tate or Nancy Ann Tate in 1772. Nancy Ann was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Netherland Tate. Henry was on the first list of Enunciation of Allegiance to the Crown prior to the American Revolution.

James served in Stubblefield's Company, 5th Virginia Regiment commanded by Josiah Barker. James renounced allegiance to the Crown and swore allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia on December 31, 1777.

After the death of his father in 1785, James' mother and several of her children migrated to Wilkes County, Georgia. James settled on Fishing Creek and his brothers, Micajah and Joseph, Jr. built a mill nearby. James served as a Justice of the Inferior Court, Wilkes County in 1803.

In 1790, James, with Colonel George Hairston, donated fifty acres of land as a site for the Court House and public buildings where the central part of Martinsville is now located. He died in 1827 and was buried in Wilkes County. His wife followed him in death seven years later and she, too, was buried in Wilkes County.

Marriage Notes for James Anthony and Nancy Tate:

Sep. 29, 1772; James Anthony & Ann Tate, dt Henry; Josiah Carter and John Talbot, Sureties.

Children of James Anthony and Nancy Tate are:

i. Sarah Tate Anthony, born 16 Jan 1774 in Prob Virginia; died 1826 in Prob Wilkes Co.,GA; married Thomas Anderson 12 Mar 1799; born 1772 in VA.

ii. Joseph Anthony, born 01 Apr 1777 in Bedford or Henry Co.,VA; died 20 Aug 1849 in Fayette Co.,GA-Jonesboro; married Mary "Polly" Anderson 1800; born 1780; died 1868.

iii. Henry Tate Anthony, born 12 Dec 1778 in Bedford Co.,VA; died 1861; married Mary Caroline Lovell 03 Dec 1805; born 1781; died 1863.

iv. Elizabeth Anthony, born Abt. 1780 in Bedford Co.,VA; married (1) Burwell/Bernard Binns; married (2) James Pye.

v. James Monroe Anthony, born 16 Apr 1782 in Henry Co.,VA; died 10 Mar 1853 in Forsyth Co.,GA; married (1) Lucy Menzies/Mercer; married (2) Catherine/Elizabeth Blakey; married (3) Nancy (Mealor) Gordon.

Notes for James Monroe Anthony:

A James Anthony with wife, Nancy, was living in Monroe Co.GA in 1850. He listed his occupation as Asst Clerk of Co. Court. He was 68 and Nancy was 60. Reported his birth as SC. May not be the right guy here.

vi. Nancy Tate Anthony, born 28 Dec 1783 in Henry Co, VA; died 17 Oct 1871 in Morgan Co.,GA; married Grant Davis 14 Jul 1808 in Wilkes Co.,GA; born 18 Jul 1785 in Of Bedford Co, VA; died 08 Nov 1834 in Morgan Co, GA.

More About Nancy Tate Anthony:

Burial: Old Davis Burial Ground - Madison, Morgan Co, GA

Census 1: 1870, Morgan Co.,GA, 72, Madison, Living with her widowed daughter, Mary Ann Carter

Census 2: 1820, Morgan Co.,GA, 106, Capt Tolbert's Dist

More About Grant Davis:

Burial: Old Davis Burial Ground - Madison, Morgan Co, GA

vii. Charles Anthony, born Abt. 1786 in Bedford Co.,VA.

viii. Edmund Anthony, born Abt. 1787.

ix. Milton Anthony, born 07 Aug 1789 in Henry or Bedford Co.,GA; died 1839 in Richmond Co.,GA-Augusta; married Nancy Goodwin.

Notes for Milton Anthony:

Milton Anthony founded the Medical College of Georgia. The publication, Memoirs of Georgia - Deceased Physicians, pages 173 - 175, contains the following:

" Eminent as a practitioner of medicine, he was also equally as skilled in gynecology and surgery. He was the first gynecologist to adopt the knee-chest position in uterine luxations. He also perfected the treatment of fractures of the thigh by weight extension -- Such a man must have necessarily been a Christian. He was thoroughly grounded in the doctrines of the Bible, and exhibited their effects in his life. His knowledge was sanctified and his benevolence expanded by his piety. There was one department of morality in which he labored with unabated zeal - that of temperance. Possessing an affectionate disposition and winning manners, he secured the regard of his patients and entered upon the difficult task of conversing with them on eternal things with great success. His labors of love were greatly blessed. His body was interred on the college grounds ..."

From Beverly Barnes Edwards

More About Milton Anthony:

Burial: Medical College of Georgia, Augusta

x. Micajah Anthony, born Abt. 1793 in Bedford Co.,VA; married Julia LNU.

1 xi. Mary Tate Anthony, born 06 Feb 1795 in Jasper Co., GA; died 08 Nov 1885 in Calhoun Co., AR; married Green Berry Talbot 12 Jan 1815 in Morgan Co., GA.


Generation No. 3

4. Joseph Anthony, born 02 May 1713 in Henrico Co., VA; died 23 Nov 1785 in Henrico Co., VA. He was the son of 8. Mark Anthony and 9. Isabella Hart. He married 5. Elizabeth Clark 27 Apr 1741 in Louisa Albermarle orHenry Co.,VA.

5. Elizabeth Clark, born 15 Feb 1719/20 in Louisa Co., VA; died 1820 in Georgia. She was the daughter of 10. Christopher Clark and 11. Penelope Johnston.

Children of Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clark are:

i. Sarah or Sallie Anthony, born 15 Aug 1742; died 13 Feb 1796; married Thomas Cooper 08 Jan 1762 in Bedford Co.,VA.

Marriage Notes for Sarah Anthony and Thomas Cooper:

Jan. 8, 1762; Thomas Cooper & Sarah Anthony; Isham Talbot, Surety; Consent of Joseph Anthony

ii. Christopher Anthony, born 24 Mar 1743/44; died 28 Oct 1815; married (1) Mary Jordan; married (2) Judith Moorman.

iii. Elizabeth Anthony, born 10 Mar 1746/47; died 1803 in Georgia; married William Candler Bet. May - Jun 1761; born Abt. 1736 in Ireland; died 01 Nov 1784 in Georgia.

iv. Penelope Anthony, born 26 Jul 1748; died 26 Jul 1822 in Leesburg, OH; married James Johnson.

v. Joseph Anthony, born 28 Mar 1750; died 02 Sep 1810 in Wilkes Co.,GA; married Ann Elizabeth "Betty" Clark 1777.

2 vi. James Anthony, born 18 Dec 1751 in Hanover/Henry Co.,VA; died 1827 in Wilkes Co., GA; married Nancy Ann Tate 29 Sep 1772 in Bedford Co., VA.

vii. Mary or Mollie Anthony, born 17 Nov 1754; died in Warren Co.,GA; married Josiah Carter 26 Jun 1771 in Bedford Co.,VA.

Marriage Notes for Mary Anthony and Josiah Carter:

Jun. 26, 1771; Josiah Carter & Mary Anthony; Joseph Anthony, Surety.

viii. Charles Anthony, born 10 Mar 1757; died 1757.

ix. Micajah Anthony, born 23 Feb 1759; died 1793 in Georgia.

x. Agnes Anthony, born 07 Mar 1761; married William Churchill Blakey 02 Aug 1780.

xi. Rachel Anthony, born 08 Mar 1763; married James Lane.

xii. Winifred Anthony, born 08 Apr 1765; married (1) Joseph Blakey; born 28 Aug 1762 in Albemarle Co.,VA; died 17 Jan 1800 in Wilkes Co.,GA; married (2) Christopher William Carter.

xiii. Bolling Anthony, born 23 Aug 1769; died 09 Oct 1827; married Nancy Ann Stone.

xiv. Mark Anthony, born 08 Oct 1769; married (1) Sarah Henry Tate; married (2) Elizabeth Stinson.

xv. Judith or Judeth Anthony, born 23 Oct 1771; married (1) William Green/Gruen; married (2) Robert Ware.


6. Henry Tate, born 1725 in New Kent Co.,VA; died 1793. He was the son of 12. Robert Tate and 13. Elizabeth Waddy. He married 7. Sarah (?) Henry.

7. Sarah (?) Henry, born Bef. 1730; died Aft. 1793.

Child of Henry Tate and Sarah Henry is:

3 i. Nancy Ann Tate, born 1750 in Campbell Co., VA; died May 1834 in Wilkes Co., GA; married James Anthony 29 Sep 1772 in Bedford Co., VA.


Generation No. 4

8. Mark Anthony, born Bet. 1657 - 1690 in Genoa, Italy; died Bet. 1716 - 1774 in Hanover Co.,VA. He married 9. Isabella Hart Abt. 1703 in New Kent Co.,VA.

9. Isabella Hart, born 1680 in Surry Co.,VA; died in Hanover Co.,VA.

Children of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart are:

4 i. Joseph Anthony, born 02 May 1713 in Henrico Co., VA; died 23 Nov 1785 in Henrico Co., VA; married Elizabeth Clark 27 Apr 1741 in Louisa Albermarle orHenry Co.,VA.

ii. Mark Anthony, born Abt. 1714.

iii. John Anthony, born Abt. 1716; married Elizabeth Banks.


10. Christopher Clark, born 1681 in Nansemond Co.,VA-Somerton; died 1709. He married 11. Penelope Johnston.

11. Penelope Johnston, born 14 Aug 1684 in New Kent Co.,VA; died 14 Aug 1760 in New Kent Co.,VA.

Child of Christopher Clark and Penelope Johnston is:

5 i. Elizabeth Clark, born 15 Feb 1719/20 in Louisa Co., VA; died 1820 in Georgia; married Joseph Anthony 27 Apr 1741 in Louisa Albermarle orHenry Co.,VA.


12. Robert Tate He married 13. Elizabeth Waddy.

13. Elizabeth Waddy, born Oct 1689.

Child of Robert Tate and Elizabeth Waddy is:

6 i. Henry Tate, born 1725 in New Kent Co.,VA; died 1793; married Sarah (?) Henry.