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Welcome to our homepage.  We have had a lot of fun making this page and the associated links and we hope that you will enjoy seeing the things we have posted.  Although genealogy and travel remain one of our major themes, the principal themes of this page and many others that we have done is Blake Connor Stone and Colby Reid Stone, our grandsons. We are always trying to improve our page and the best way to do that is to listen to those who visit it.  Please take a moment to tell us what you think and how we could make the page better.  Send an email to: 

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Our home in North Carolina

Our second passion is genealogy.  Click on one of the highlighted names below for a more complete story of that family line.  If you find a match or an error, please contact us at:
Ann's Ancestors and Relatives Farris' Ancestors and Relatives

Brandon  {VA, TN, AR}
Francis Brandon, born about 1730 and died about 1789,  lived all of his adult life in Halifax County, Virginia.  He married Elinor Richmond about 1755 and together they were successful plantation owners.  He and Elinor were parents to at least 11 children whose descendants have spread across the country and many of them are documented at the link above. 

Womack  {GA, AL, AR}
Current research suggests that the first Womack in North America was William, born about 1610-1620,  who came to Jamestown, Virginia 1630-1640.  Click here to read Don Womack's excellent account of the Womack history.  My line runs the same as Don's for six generations and the link at the top of this picks up my line from Joel W. Womack to me.

Talbot  {England, VA, TN, GA, AL, AR}
Matthew Talbot came to Maryland in British North America about 1720.  He married Mary Williston in 1721in Maryland, subsequently moved to Virginia and died in Bedford County in 1758.  The Talbot webpage contains a comprehensive genealogy as well as numerous biographical sketches about the family.

Johnson (SC, AL, AR)
George Johnson is the first of this line about whom we have definitive data.  He was born in SC and was the father of Lewis Johnson who married Elizabeth Wofford.  They were the parents of four children and by 1860, they were living in Conway Co., AR

Gray {GA, AL, AR}
Henry Gray was born in Georgia in 1814 but by the mid 1830's, he had mirgrated to Alabama and there he met and married Eliza E. Taylor, the oldest daughter of Robert and Sarah Trice Taylor.  Before 1844, he had moved to what was then Clark County, Arkansas.  Click on the Gray name above to read a more complete description of the life of one of Arkansas' true pioneers.

Jordan {VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, AL, AR}
Richard Jordan, born between 1610 and 1625 is presumed to be the ancestor of record.  He migrated to Virginia before 1650 and is believed to have died in Surry County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Reynolds.


Samuel (England, VA, AR)
The Samuel name entered Ann's lineage with the marriage of Sarah Elizabeth Samuel and Larkin Monroe Talbot in 1887 in Calhoun County, AR.  Sarah was the daughter of Fielding Eason and Henrietta Jane Mann Samuel.  Very limited information exists to inform about Fielding and his circumstances that led to Arkansas before 1850. 


Thompson (England, MD, KY, IN, AR}
Robert Thompson, generally referred to as the "Watchmaker" was born in England and migrated to MD, probably as an indentured servant.  After almost 100 years in MD, the Thompson family moved to Nelson County, KY and then to Parke County, IN.  Thompson  line runs from Amy Farris Thompson to William Lent Thompson to Jesse Thompson to Thomas L. Thompson to Thomas Thompson and ultimately to the Watchmaker.

Hearnsberger {Switzerland, VA, GA, AR} Smith {GA, AL, AR}
Mitchell Callaway
Brawner {GA, AL, AR}
Click on the Brawner link above to read a fascinating story about the origins of Tilmon Brawner and the life and times that he and Sarah Higginbotham led.  Their daughter Mary Ellen Brawner married Green Berry Talbot, Jr.
McNew (MD, VA, TN. AL, AR)

Bagwell {SC, IN, AR}William Bagwell accompanied the Martin family on its journey from SC to Indiana in 1820.  He and Elizabeth Martin married the following year.  Click on the link above to read a gripping account of their life and times.

Stanfield {VA, TN, AR}

Matthews (GA, AL)

Chaffin Amy or Anna (LNU) Smith
Taylor {England, VA, NC, GA, AL, AR} Knowles
Neel Brice
Anthony Wofford
Higginbotham {VA, GA, AL, AR} Henderson
Jameson Buckler (MD, KY, IN, AR)


Martin {Ireland, SC, IN, AR}

Although the links above refer to specific families and separate web pages, the entire database can be searched by clicking on:   ABWFWW


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