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Albert & Amy Bennett It's taken many hours to reach this point which, in itself, is only a few small steps along the path. My original plan was to identify my ancestors going back three or four generations. But I didn't and couldn't stop there. When I began to find a few steps back from there, I decided that I would stop when I discovered how each of my ancestors arrived in Australia. This step is largely complete. There are a few "brick walls" like how Mary Doodson or Sarah Jane Hill got to Australia, or when they died or where they're buried.

Another part of my original plan was to only plot my pedigree and disregard their descendants along other lines. That, too, was expanded as I discovered people who I wanted to include for various reasons. From there I considered only a so-called "drop pedigree" where only the siblings of my pedigree line would be included. I'm not there yet, but am on the way, and am happy to expand along known lines.

George & Amy Drury I've found a few convicts among my lot (though I can only lay claim to third settlement offenders), but my interest has been piqued upon hearing that Gascoigne's were associated with William the Conqueror; and that there are many placenames in Ireland that derive from the name Bennett. Added to that are the family stories that we somehow relate to William John Wills (of Burke and Wills infamy) and George William Evans (the surveyor of the early 1800's). Whilst I haven't found anything to support those assertions, I'll continue looking and digging. As an aside, I'd be surprised if there ends up being anything other than a possibly remote connection to George Evans as the James Evans in my pedigree was transported with the third fleet rather than being born in the colony.

As I've investigated my family's origins, there have been some interesting, quirky coincidences. Each of my grandparents died in a "4" year - 1944, '64, '74 and '84. Another thing is that each of my antecedents arrived in Australia from England with the exception of the Bennett's in 1881 and the Drury's in 1845. Both of them emmigrated from Ireland - from Meath and Cavan respectively. They would have lived something like 30 km apart and were Catholic and Episcopalian (again respectively). And so it took them 15,000 km and over 100 years for these near-neighbours to meet and finally get together as my parents. Another fact is that I have no record of any direct descendant ever leaving New South Wales. They congregated here during the 1800's and their descendants have remained ever since.

Feel free to borrow anything from here on the following two provisos. Firstly, whilst I'm reasonably diligent in tracking and recording sources, mistakes do happen and so it is emcumbent upon you to verify the information on this site. Secondly, if you have any information that adds to, confirms, or disproves anything here, send it to me and I'll happily take it on board.

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