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Many individuals have contributed to this data base, this page is set aside to acknowledge their efforts.

The following individuals have submitted new information contained within this update.

Judy Rogers For Vast amounts of information concerning the "Decendants of Alexander William McGilvra".

Judy Rogers for informarion concerning the "Descendants of Parlin P. Palmer"

Judy Rogers for information on "James O. "Mac" McConnaughay" Family.

Judy Rogers for information on "Descendants of William Bradbury family".

Judy Rogers for information on "Descendants of Maxine June McGilvra".

Gail Ray on Ray/Clark family.

James Jackson

Sharon Marks

Becky Mathews Nix

Peter Malinosky

Lolita Cunningham

Albert McGilvra



Mary Lou McKibben nee MacGilvra for much of the McGilvra Database information and Histories.

Linda Sochuk nee Borneman for all her research on the Clark and Wayman lines.

George and Beverly Sirian for research on the DeAngelis and DeFranchesca lines.

Peter Scott Malinosky for additional Database information.

Donna Frank for additional database information.

Tim McGilvra for corrections and updates.

Shane McGilvra for corrections.

Robert and Melinda Salter for their research and updates.

Kellie Jo McGilvra for her extensive research.

Bill DeGarmo for added dates and information.

Brandy Nicole Misquez for added Misquez and Auen Data.

Linda Sochnuk for added Nye and Fuller connections.

Joan E. Mickelsen for added research and Fuller connections.

Mary Lou McKibben (nee MacGilvra) for many new photos.

Carolyn Phillips for her corrections to The Nathan J. Mcgilvra line.

Angela Wynn for her addition to the database.

Judy Rogers for contributing photos from Maxine June McGilvra.

Additional photos added for Scanio, Clark and McGilvra.

Linda Sochnuk for updates on Nye and Pratt lines.

Deb Gunther for corrections and updates on Goodale line.

Additional Shannon line data added.

Betty Pickett for additions to Bane family.

Sharron Marks for additions to Marks family.

Evelyn Carol Jackson for additions to the Lupi family.

Carolyn Gotelli photo of Leslie Grace McGilvra, age 4 yrs.

Evelyn Carol Jackson photo of Fillipo Lupi.

Sharon L. Knoblock, information on Auen and Hazelhoff families.

Judy Rogers, information on McGilvra family.

Steve Scanio, information on Scanio family.

La Naye Hennen, information on McGilvra family.

James Huff, information on Huff family.

Janet Lutes, information on Bowling family.

Donna Hooker, information on McGilvra family descendents.

Sally Healy, information on McGilvra family descendents.

Marlene Bellard, information on McGilvra family descendents.

Barbara Sue Frank, information on McGilvra family descendents.

Karla Jean Morgan, information on McGilvra family descendents.

Judy Rogers, information on McGilvra family.

Steven Scanio, updates on Scanio family.

Cecelia Jean McGilvra, McGilvra birth and death date information.

Carolyn Gotelli, additional photos added.

Dorothy Fetter, information on McGilvra's.

John Richard McGilvra, information on McGilvra's, spouces and children.

Carolyn Hansen Gotelli, information on Woolworth and Hansen lines.

Judy Rogers, extensive census information.

Ralph V. Litchfield for addition to "History" section.

Donna Hooker for additions to Hooker and Cuyler families.

Sharon Naomi Marks for additions to Butterfield, Patterson and Marks families.

Judy Rogers for additional census data on McGilvra family.

Kelly Rodman for additions and corrections to the Rodman line.

Agnes E. Roberts nee Coyle information on Coyle and Roberts families.

Davina Marie McGilvra for added information on descendants of David Russell McGilvra.

Ralph J. Francis for information on descendants of Salvatore Paulo Scanio.

Sandi Lee Craig nee Grant for information on Royal C. Grant family.

Diane Johnson for Biography of Robert O. Shannon.

Judy Rogers for additional McGilvra cencus and Death index data.

Douglas L. McGilvra for information on Judge John J. McGilvra and his family.

Mr. Jean Coston for reseach and copy of obituary of Judge John J. McGilvra.

Karen Lepka for information on Lepka and Sheedy families.

Carmel Rakowiecki nee Zito for information on Zito, Gialombardo and Scaccia families.

Lolita Hogg McGilvra Cunningham for many additions to the George Egbert McGilvra line plus many additional families as well as a great number of additional family photographs.

Gene Edson for additions to the Edson family.

Kali Viker for the Viker family.

Dianne Johnson for additions to the Shannon line.

Oscar Nye for additions to Nye family.

Leanne Stone for additions to Nash and Nye families.

Jeff Karnatz for additions to Karnatz family.

Cecilia Jean McGilvra for many photos of McGilvras and Bruners.

Kenneth Bowling for added information on Bowling family.

Chuck and Sarita Snipes for information on ancestral lines of Lycurgus Cooper and Rosetta McGilvra.

Judy Rogers for additional data on family members.

Robyn King: Information on Moore line.

Judy Rogers: Death notice information on McGilvra line and Birth notice information on McGilvra line.

Kellie Jo McGilvra: Additional information on Moore line.

Michelle Mosby: Information on McConnaughay line.

Julie Eden: Information on Gano line.

Sharon Marks: Information on Marks line.


Darrell T Lowe , Lowe line

Mary Balch, McGilvra line

Robyn King, McGilvra/Moore lines

Betty Lou Wilson, McGilvra, Auen, Frank, Peacock and other lines.

Betty Lou Wilson, added link to her web page on Famil Tree Maker.

Betty Lou Wilson, new photo page with many photos.

Judy Rogers, New info on "Blind John's " first wife Margaret Grant.

Leanne Stone, Nye and Nash lines.

Jan Hulsebos Lankerd, Hulsebos line.

Roberta Brown, Edson line.

Douglas John McGilvra, marriage info.

Mitchell L. McGilvra New Photos and family infrormation on Brennan, Krueger, Boegerhoff, Hoermann, Jaspersen, Nellis and Mc Donough families.

Update from Jan Lankard on Hulsebos family.

Update from Leanne Stone on Barker family.

Douglas L. McGilvra. Photos on Judge John Jay McGilvra family, house and burial locations from Univerisity of Washington Archives.

New family member names obtained from the Old Parish Registers of Scotland by Roy McGilvray.

Two new links added to links page: Search engine for Ellis Island immigration records. A link to information on "The Old Parish Registers of Scotland 1791-1799 and 1845.

Ronald L. Manning Updates on Manning/McGilvra/Turney lines.

Dennis Scacia Updates on Scaccia family.

Sherry Bowling updates on Bowling lines.

Oliver C. McGilvra for new information on his family and descendency from Judge John J. McGilvra.

Jan Knox data on Wayman Line.

Peter Malinosky for information on Samuel Butterfield Line.

Kali Viker for data on Fontiane line.

Milford A. Mellon for information on Crane, Mellon and McGilvra lines.

Evelyn Jackson for information on Lupi line.

Judy Rogers for many varied Obits, Articles and Census data on many different families.

Marvel De Bois Information on McGilvra and DeBois lines as well as photos submittedto her new photo page.

Judy Rogers with additional information on Birth, Death and Marraige information on McGilvra lines.

Barbara Frank information on Frank family.

Don McGilvra with information on his McGilvra family line.

Kali Viker with information on the Viker and Strock family lines.


Photos of Judge John Jay McGilvra and his daughter Caroline McGilvra Burke on the D.McGilvra "New" page.

Photos of a Young Carrie Adella McGilvra and Leroy McGilvra’s Larchwood, Illinois house on the "New" Salter Page.

A large group photo of Arthur George McGilvra, Edith Jeannette Turney McGilvra, George Buell McGilvra, Clarence Turney McGilvra, Alice Ivah McGilvra Sheaf, Egbert Albert MvGilvra, Ethel Rose McGilvra Meyer, Jeanette Avis McGilvra, Ralph Alexander McGilvra and Bessie Edith McGilvra Griffith: submitted by Lolita Cunnugham.

Terry McGilvra: Obituary of Betty Lou McGilvra nee Rulison.

Judy Rogers: Auen family update.

Judy Rogers: Floyd McGilvra update and correction.

Judy Rogers: Article about an American hero Raymond A. Frank in his "Notes" section.

Diane Johnson: Article concerning Larchwood McGilvra house in notes section of Leroy McGilvra.

Michelle Hughes: Update on Simkins family with spelling corrections.

Jera Banks: Update on Banks family.

Jeff Karnatz: Family update.

John McGilvra: Update on his family.

Lucy Mae Good: Update on Edith Alyce McGilvra family tree.

Loretta Allen: Update on her family.

Ann Gilchrest: Information on McEachron family.