Taken from Ritchie and Wood County, WV Newspapers

Xrpts. March 2,1888; March 30, 1888 & Sept 4, 1904 August 5, 1916 Harrisville News August 8, 1916 Harrisville News August 9, 1916 Pennsboro News

The Parkersburg Sentinel Saturday,August 5, 1916 Page 6

(News of) Harrisville

Harrisville, August 5 --Attorney Homer ADAMS and wife, returned home on Monday.They had been at Ocean City, Maryland,for a few days, making the trip in their car. Mrs. M. M. SNYDER was here from Washburn, Sunday, the guest of her son,J. P. SNYDER and family. Mrs. Bert STONE of Pennsboro is critically ill with typhoid fever. Attorney Victor COOPER and little son ZINK, who had been at Webster Springs for ten days, returned to their home the (film torn)last week. Mrs COOPER and their little daughter,Marcella will remain there a few days longer. Clarence HUGHEY, who has employment at Akron, Ohio, is here the guest of friends. Peter SNYDER and son and two daughters, Earl and Misses Blanche and Lucy, and Ross JARVIS, of Weston, were at Washburn the latter part of last week the guests of Mrs. M. M. SNYDER, and were here over Sunday the guests of J. P. SNYDER and family. Thurman HADDOX went to Parkersburg on Tuesday for a few day's stay. Harry WILSON, who has employment at Pennsboro, was here at his home on Tuesday. Harley SNODGRASS and Ernest WILSON of Hazelgreen, went to Fairmont the first of the week, where they expect to secure employment. Mr. and Mrs. P. G. SMITH returned home last Friday. They had been visiting relatives at Belpre and Parkersburg. Rev. W. N. FRASURE, returned home the first of the week. He had been spending a few days at his farm in Doddridge county, and his wife and children, who accompanied him there, expect to remain for several days. Mrs. Laura McKINLEY, of Salem, was here on Thursday of last week the guest of J. N. PIERPOINT and family. Her son, Barnes, who has employment at Columbus, Ohio, was here with her. Leland FIDLER returned home last Saturday. He has been at Morgantown,a student at the University. Conrad MATHENY returned home on Sunday. He had been at Parkersburg for a few day's stay with relatives. Born, on July 28, to Wm. FRANK and wife, nee Miss Dessie COX, at their home in Akron, a son. Charlie LEASBURG went to Fairmont, until Monday of this week with relatives. Miss Mary WEEKLEY, who had been a student at the University at Morgantown, returned home on Monday. Mr and Mrs Ira HEMSWORTH and daughter, Lena, of Hebron, were here Sunday to see G. M. HEMSWORTH. Miss Metta MARTIN, returned last Saturday. She had been visiting Parkersburg friends. Will HALL was here from Parkersburg from Monday until Wednesday the guest of friends. He was en route to Pullman for a few day's stay. James STANLEY, who lives near town, went to Salem on Friday of last week with relatives. Mrs. H. C. WITHERUP and little daughter, Fayne, who had been here for several days the guests of Miss Mary FLANAGAN, returned to their home at Weston, Tuesday. Miss Gertrude MOATS returned home on Tuesday, after a stay of several days at Clarksburg the guest of her aunt, Mrs. John COOKMAN. Little Miss Virginia HARRISON is at West Union, the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. HARRISON. Attorney S. A. POWELL and daughter, Mabel, went to Parkersburg Monday, returning home the following day. Clee WAGNER was here at his home over Sunday. He is a student at Salem College. I. N. COKELEY, who resides south of town, has had an addition built to his residence property. Miss Lottie BOND was here from Salem from Friday of last week until Sunday the guest of F. A. WAGNER and family. Judge H. B. WOODS is at Glenville holding court. Weldon KINNEY, of Williamstown, came here last Friday and remained until Sunday the guest of Andrew DAVISSON and family. Miss Sylvia WAGNER, who is a student at Salem college was here from last Friday until Sunday at her home. Mrs. Charlie JACKSON, who has been here visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs E. L. McDOUGAL was at her home at Salem over Sunday. Mrs. McDOUGAL accompanied her. Harley SHRADER, the twelve year old son of Jacob SHRADER and wife, who live a few miles from town, is ill with typhoid fever. Troy NUTT, of Washburn, who has been critically ill of appendicitis, underwent a surgical operation at his home on Monday, Dr. C. W. REXROAD and Dr. GOFF being the attending physicians. He is getting along nicely.

August 8, 1916
The Parkersburg Sentinel Parkersburg, West Virginia Tuesday, August 8, 1916 [ p8 ]


Harrisville, Aug 8.--Dr. J. R. FLOYD has sold his car to Snyder Bros. and has purchased a horse of Mr. HATFIELD. Sheridan MOATS, who has been in San Francisco, Cal., surveying on a railroad, has gone to Alaska. B. M. SIGLER has been at Cincinnati, Ohio, a few days consulting Dr. SATLER, the eye specialist. He is now spending a few days at Charleston, this state. Mr. SIGLER is deputy county clerk. Miss Ida WOLFE was in town one day last week en route to her home at Mahone. She expects to remain a few weeks. She has been at Parkersburg attending the Mountain State Business College. Little Miss Eugenia COOKMAN, of Clarksburg, is here to remain a few weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew MOATS. Miss Gladys McKINLEY has been spending a few days at Charleston visiting friends. Miss Lena MASON recently visited her uncle, Eber MASON and family at Pennsboro. Porter LEGGETT, who has been employed at Toledo, Ohio for some time, is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. LEGGETT. Miss Clarice LEWIS has returned to this place. She spent the past three weeks visiting friends at Lost Creek, Fairmont and Morgantown. She is employed here as stenographer in Prosecuting Attorney Thos. J. DAVIS' office. Maynard POWELL has gon to Bellaire, Ohio. Miss Ruth COKELEY is here from Fairmont for a two weeks stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. COKELEY. Dr. J. F. HARTMAN of Burnt House, was in town one day recently en route to Webster Springs for a few days stay. Mrs. Andrew RICHARDS and Georgia RICHARDS, of Morgantown, were here last week from Monday until Thursday the guests of Mrs. RICHARDS' parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. COKELEY. The lodge of Maccabees at Washburn had a picnic at that place a few days ago which proved to be a success. There was quite a large attendance and an abundance of good "eatin's". Mrs. W. S. CANTER and son and daughter, Espien and Bera, of Middlebourne, came here last week and with Mr. CANTER have gone to housekeeping in the West End in the S. A. POWELL property, recently purchased from Mrs. Anna WAKE. Mr. CANTER came here a few weeks ago and is employed at the gasoline plant which Hennegan & Hanlon are putting in. Mrs. C. E. RARDIN went to Clarksburg last week to remain several days with relatives. Mrs. Henrietta MILLER has been spending a few days at Smithville with her daughter and her two sons, Mrs. S. H. WESTFALL and James and Frank MILLER. John W. WELCH, of Marietta, Ohio, was here one day last week delivering a carload of Marietta Silo Company's silos, distributed by the Ritchie County Farm Bureau. Cecil COFFIELD and Ray LATTIMER have returned from a trip through Ohio made in Mr. COFFIELD'S car. Mrs. Julia RIDDLE and little daughter of Morgantown have been visiting her father, Willis KEITH, of Stewart's run. Master Charley LOUGH, of Williamstown, is spending a few weeks near this place with his cousins, P. S. LOUGH and Misses Mary and Bernice LOUGH. Master Fred GOODWIN, who recently underwent a surgical operation for appendicitis at the St. Joseph's hospital, Parkersburg, has so far recovered as to be able to be taken to his home at Ellenboro. Mrs. Albert MARSH has returned to her home near Ellenboro. She had been visiting relatives near Roanoke, this state. On Tuesday of last week at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Rev. J. B. RADCLIFF, of Mt. Zion, united in marriage John H. PARKER, of Clevanxdefrise*, and Miss Ella PYLES, of Route 2. [* = typed as is shown in article] Mrs. E. E. GRIFFIN and two children, of Elizabeth, are here visiting her sister, Mrs. O. W. PHILLIPS, and her father, Elijah SMITH and family, on Route 2. Hugh WAGNER and wife and little son, William, of Pittsburg, are here visiting the former's father, E. I. WAGNER, and family. Their other son, Robert, has been here for the past few weeks.

August 9, 1916 The Parkersburg Sentinel Parkersburg West Virginia Wednesday, August 9, 1916 [p8] (News of)


Pennsboro, Aug. 8-- A large number of people, visited the fair grounds Sunday. If the weather is favorable the fair this year promises to be the best ever held. The attractions are more numerous and so many horses are entered that it was necessary to build new stables to accommodate them. The board of advisors of the Clay district road paving business met at the First National Bank here Saturday. Work of construction will begin immediately. Mrs. L. S. SILL, after a long illness at her home here, passed away Saturday evening. She was eighty-four years old and had hosts of friends who mourn her death. She is survived by eight children. The following reside at this place: Mrs. Belle COOPER, Miss Abby, Jane and Angeline SILL and W. F. SILL. The funeral was held at the U. B. Church Monday afternoon, and interment was made in that cemetery. Short addresses were made by the following ministers: Rev. H. S. McCULTY, Rev. Ernest CALDECOTT, Rev. J. M. KNIGHT and E. M. RITTENHOUSE. The many friends of Mrs. Melville SHERWOOD will regret to learn of her death at Washington, D. C., on Saturday last after a short illness. Mrs. SHERWOOD made her home here for several years and was loved by all who knew her. The McGINNIS hotel opened it's doors to the public Monday in time to accommodate the fair crowds. The hotel is large and up-to-date and is a decided improvement to the town, and under the efficient management of Mr. GREER it promises to be a success. Pennsboro people attending the annual Catholic picnic at Cornwallis Saturday were: The Ladies' Cornet Band, Misses Rose and May DOYLE, Mayme FALLEN, Mabel and Dulsa WORSTELL, Mrs. Martin CLEAVER, Mrs. Mary DOYLE, Mrs. Edward SAAS, Miss Bidy COFFEE and Messrs. Bernard FLESHER and Wm. COFFEE. The outing was a success, as usual. Eber MASON, one of the oldest residents of this city, died Monday morning at one o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. D. W. WILCOX, after a long illness. Funeral arrangements are not yet made. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. SPENCER and daughter, Miss Ada, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard DELANO and son, Loring, of Porterfield, were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. John STOOPS and family Sunday.

March 2, 1888 March 30, 1888 Drowning of David GREGG & Death of Etta ZINN Sept 4, 1904 Obit of Benjamin MOATS The Daily State Journal Parkersburg, West Virginia Friday Evening, March 2, 1888 Mrs. Eliza MALEY, probably the oldest person in Ritchie county, died at the home of her son, Thomas MALEY, near Harrisville last Thursday. She was in the 94th year of her age. Her father, Alex SKELTON, came to that part of the country in 1810. James MALEY, her husband, died nearly forty years ago, and she never married again. *************************************************************** The Daily State Journal Parkersburg, West Virginia Friday, March 30, 1888

Drowned in Hughes River.

A special from Harrisville says that David GREGG, a young man about twenty-three years of age, was drowned yesterday in the southern fork of Hughes river, a short distance below Smithville, by falling from a raft. By some mischance, several men were struck by an oar and knocked off into the water, but all succeeded in getting out except GREGG. Owing to the high water, his body had not been recovered last night.

A Sad Occurrence.

Miss Etta ZINN, a prominent young lady of Ritchie county, lately residing near Oxford, died rather suddenly last Monday. She was to have been married yesterday to Mr. Levi HALL, of that county. The prospective bride-groom was summoned, but reached the scene too late to bid a last adieu to her, and is almost distracted with grief. The funeral took place at Oxford.

To Succeed Dr. Isaac Scott.

Dr. W. H. SHARP, of Volcano, has been appointed by Commissioner BLACK to succeed the late Dr. Isaac SCOTT, as a member of the U. S. Pension Board. He was appointed upon the recommendation of Senator FAULKNER. There were numerous applicants. ****************************************************************** The State Journal (daily) Parkersburg, West Virginia Monday Evening, September 4, 1904

Prominent Harrisville Man Died This Morning

Demise of Mr. Benjamin MOATS, the Father of Hon. Frank P. MOATS of this City. He was a Member of One of the Pioneer Families of Ritchie County and An Esteemed Citizen. His Disease Was Neuralgia of the Heart and He Dropped Dead While at His Barn. Had Been Ailing For a Short Time But His Death Was a Surprise to Relatives and Friends. Mr. Benjamin MOATS, one of the leading citizens of Harrisville, and of Ritchie county, dropped dead early this morning. His demise of course startled the town and community. His disease was neuralgia of the heart. He had been somewhat ailing for a week, having had an attack last Monday but seemed to be better. It was not thought he was in any danger of death and his sudden taking off was a complete surprise to his relatives, neighbors and friends generally. Mr. MOATS resided a short distance out of town, on his farm. He got up out of bed as usual this morning and went out to his barn a short distance from his house to attend to some chores and while there fell dead. This was about eight o'clock. The news was at once telephoned in to this city, to his son, Hon. Frank P. MOATS. The latter went out to Harrisville on the first train after hearing of his father's death. Benjamin MOATS was born sixty-six-years ago in Ritchie county. His father Jacob MOATS, was one of the pioneers in that locality. Several brothers, emigrated to Ritchie county along about the year of eighteen-and thirty, and there are now many decendants in Ritchie county. The MOATS and the COKELEY'S families relatives are noted as two of the prominent names in Ritchie and there are many of them, who are all known as honest and sturdy citizens. Mr. MOATS leaves a wife and six children. Of these latter three are sons and three are daughters, Hon. Frank P. MOATS resides in Parkersburg, Homer and Emery, the other two sons in Ritchie county. The three daughters are Mrs. Minnie HOPKINS, residing at Chicago, with her husband; Mrs. Lollie CROW, living near Harrisville, and Jennie who lives near at home. Mr. MOATS had been married twice, his widow being Miss Amanda LOWTHER, of Ritchie county, before she was married to Mr. MOATS. His first wife, who died a number of years ago, was a daughter of Mr. Z. M. PIERPOINT, of Harrisville, also a pioneer of Ritchie county. Her name was Isabel. Two brothers and two sisters also survive the deceased,Andrew MOATS, of Harrisville; George MOATS, of Missouri; Mrs. India GILBERT, wife of G. G. GILBERT, of Williamstown, this county, and Mrs. Jane SIGLER, of Cairo. Benjamin MOATS was one of the sterling citizens of Ritchie county. He was universally esteemed for his sterling worth, his unblemished integrity, his upright life, and beloved for his genial and affectionate disposition and his pure and kindly heart. The name of MOATS in Ritchie county is one synonymous with rugged honesty and devotion to principle and none ever stood higher in this regard than the one who today answered the summons of his Maker and went on to join loved ones who had gone before him, yet leaving many sorrowing hearts behind. Mr. MOATS was a Union Soldier, a farmer, and a member of the M. P. Church at Harrisville. Arrangements for the funeral have not yet been made, but it is likely it will occur Wednesday. Interment, no doubt will be made at Harrisville, in the beautiful city on the hill, where rest many of the relatives of the departed.

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