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henry & elizabeth
sheridan family


Nothing is known about this family except that they apparently settled somewhere in Wisconsin prior to coming to Minnesota. No information is available about Henry Sr. or Elizabeth and it is possible that they never came to America.


James (1822-1905) m. Ellen Kearns ( ), buried St. Johns Burnsville MN
Henry (1835-1871) m. Rose McCluskey ( ), buried St. Johns Burnsville MN
John (1834- ) m  Mary Maloney (1865), possible burial at DeGraff MN
??? ( - ) m. E. Carr ? ( )

There is an Elizabeth Carr buried in DeGraff near John Sheridan. She apparently was born in 1830 and died in 1912. It is possible that this is the sister mentioned in the obituary for James Sheridan (see below).

JAMES SHERIDAN (1822-1905)
ELLEN KEARNS (1833-1911)

Nothing is known about James and his wife prior to 1855 when they apparently settled a farm in.Burnsville Twp. The children listed below were living with James and his wife in the 1880s and they may have actually been the children of Henry Sheridan who died in 1871.


Mary (1863- )
Henry (1865-1921) m. Rose Kearney (1906), buried St. Johns Burnsville MN
Elizabeth (1869- )

James sold the farm and apparently moved to Farmington in 1902. He died in 1905 and there is no indication that he was survived by a wife or children. After his death Ellen moved to Iowa where she resided with relatives until her death on Aug. 8, 1911. Both James and his wife were buried at St. John's in Burnsville. An obituary for James lists Henry and Mrs. Rodney as his nephew and niece. It also lists a brother John and a sister Mrs. Carr. It is possible that the children listed here are actually the children of Henry and Rose (see below). An obituary for Ellen states that she left no children. However, there were two nieces and a nephew in Dubuque Iowa and a brother in law living in DeGraffe MN. Henry also appears to be a nephew ??

HENRY SHERIDAN (1835-1871) Son of Henry Sheridan & Elizabeth ?
ROSE McCLUSKY ( - ) (Parents Unknown)


Elizabeth (1867-1882)
Ellen (1870- )

JOHN SHERIDAN (1834- ) Son of Henry Sheridan & Elizabeth
MARY MALONEY (1842-1886) (Parents Unknown)

John Sheridan apparently came to the United States about 1845 and eventually settled in Burnsville where he and his wife were residing in the mid 1860s. At least six of their children are known to have been born in Burnsville. About 1877 John moved his family to the town of Murdock in western Minnesota.


Henry (1866-1922) m. Margaret (1887) (Buried at DeGraff MN )
James (1868- )
John A. (1869-1922) m. Mary L. ( ) (Buried at DeGraff MN )
Thomas P. (1871- ) m. Ann ?? (Moved to Morris MN ??)
Joseph J. (1874- ) m. Ann Foley (1900) (Moved to DeGraff MN ??)
Mary (1876- ) m. Dennis McCarthy ?? (1897)
Ann (1878- )
Michael (1876- )
Jenny (1884- )

There was a John Sheridan family settled in Swift County around the turn of the century. Moreover, Thomas P. who is thought to have married Ann Foley was residing in Morris MN shortly after about 1900. The children listed after 1878 reflect the assumption that this is in fact the same family. John's wife appears to have died in 1886 and is buried in the catholic cemetery in the town of DeGraff MN. John is also buried there but his marker does not give a date of death. According to his marker, John was a veteran, having served in Co. K 10th Regiment. There was also a Michael Sheridan who died in 1932. He was living with his wife Mary at 733 Armstrong in St.Paul. He is supposedly buried in Burnsville.

HENRY F. SHERIDAN (1865-1921) Son of Henry Sheridan & Rose McClusky
ROSE KEARNEY (1874-1923) Dau.of Peter Kearney & Kate Kearnan

Henry worked as a section foreman for the Northfield & Southern RR.


Esther (1905- )  m. Frank St. John ( )
Rosella (1909- )  m. Harvey Ellis ( )
Mary (1912-1969) m. Don Heger ( ) - buried  St. Johns Burnsville MN

Henry died Aug. 12, 1921 at his home in Savage MN.

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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