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the michael newell
& mary roddy family

MICHAEL NEWELL ( - ) (Parents Unknown)
MARY RODDY ( - ) (Parents Unknown)

Nothing is known about Michael and Mary except that they were married and presumably died in Ireland. What little information available on these individuals is derived from family tradition, none of which can be verified at this time. The Newell clan appears to have been fairly well established in border region between County Mayo and County Galway near the parish of Kilmaine and the town of Headford. Several of the families that settled in Dakota County Minnesota were known to have come from this same area and many of these families may have had some connection with this family. The Geraghty family in Rosemount is descended from a Newell who was probably related to this Michael. There was another Newell family that settled in the Belle Plain area of Scott County, Minnesota and it is possible that they were also related in some way.


FRANK (1792-1855) Winnifred Duffy ( ) St. Johns Burnsville MN
ANDREW ( - ) (No information available)

Only two children are known from this marriage. However, it is assumed that there were in fact more children for which information is as yet unavailable.

FRANK NEWELL (1792-1855) Son of Michael Newell & Mary Roddy
WINNIFRED DUFFY (1798-1870) (Parents Unknown)

Frank was apparently born in County Galway Ireland. It is not known when they were married but their first known child was born about 1826. Their oldest children are said to have been natives of Ballaghadereen County Mayo, yet by 1839 the family appears to have been moved to somewhere in nearby County Galway. Some time in 1849 or 1850, Frank left Ireland and came to the United States. After spending a short time in the east he and at least six of his children came to Minnesota to settle the newly opened territory. In late 1853 or early 1854 Frank, one of his sons-in-law, and some friends left St. Paul, went down the Minnesota River and disembarked just beyond the Black Dog indian village in what was to become the town of Burnsville. Moving south they all took up claims on the shore of Crystal Lake. They were some of the first settlers in this area.


Stephen (1826-1918) Ann Killallea (1858) Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Mary (1829-1900) Michael Johnston (1853) St. Josephs Rosemount MN
Margaret (1831- ) (No information available)
Michael (1833- ) (No information available)
Edward (1835- ) (No information available)
Honorah (1839-1922) Jeramiah Prendergast (1861) Calvary Cem. St.Paul MN
Frank (1844-1898) Agnes McCue (1881) Calvary Cem. Morris MN
John (1846-1906) Mary A. Dunn (1876) Calvary Cem. St.Paul MN
Ann (1849-1928) John Gibbons (1866) St. Josephs Rosemount MN

Frank died in 1855 shortly after his arrival in Burnsville, his death being the first death recorded in the area. His burial was also the first known Christian burial in St. Johns cemetary, located on the site on an old indian burial sight known as tepee hill overlooking the Credit River Valley. Winnifred remained on the farm settled by her husband until her death in 1870. She was buried next to her husband in St. John the Baptist cemetary.

STEPHEN NEWELL (1833-1918) Son of Frank Newell & Winnefred Duffy
ANN KILLALEA (1839-1900) Dau.of Patrick Killalea & Bridget Ford

Stephen was apparently born and raised in Ballaghadreen Co. Mayo Ireland and came to the United States with his parents about 1850. He was still living with his parents in 1854 when the family settled in Burnsville and helped run the family farm after his father's death. In 1858 he was married to Ann Killalea. Ann was also born in Ireland and also came to the United States in the late 1840s with her family. After spending some time in LaSalle Ill. she apparently came to Minnesota in the mid 1850s along with her Mother. She was apparently living in the home of her brother in law Patrick Hynes at the time of her marriage. Shortly after their marriage Steven was elected as Dakota County sheriff and about 1860, he and his family moved to the city of Hastings.


Frank (1859-1946) Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Mary (1862-1941) (Horsch ??) (Hastings ??)
Edward (1863- ) (No information available)
Ann T. (1864-1955) Guardian Angel Hastings MN
John P. (1866- ) Alice E. ( ) (Moved to Mpls.)
Joseph A. (1868- ) (No information available)
Catherine (1870- ) (No information available)
Stephen (1876-1889) Guardian Angel Hastings MN
Vincent (1879- ) (No information available)

Stephen remained in Hastings after his term as sheriff was completed. He remained active in politics and was later elected as judge. He continued in this capcity until his retirement. His wife Ann died in 1900 and was buried in the cemetary of Guardian Angels (St. Boniface). Stephen remained active until his death in 1918. He was buried next to his wife in Hastings. Little information is as yet available on the children of this marriage.

FRANK NEWELL (1844-1898) Son of Frank Newell & Winnefred Duffy
AGNES C. McCUE (1857-1922) (No information available)

Frank was apparently born somewhere in County Galway. Like his other brothers and sisters, he came to this country with his parents and eventually settled in Burnsville. It appears that Frank was the mainstay of the family farm after his father died and his older brother moved to Hastings. After his mother died in 1870, Frank apparently moved to Hastings and served as deputy sheriff under his brother for several years. He was married in Hastings in 1881. Nothing is known at this time about is wife's backround. Shortly after his marriage, Frank and his wife moved out west to the newly established town of Morris MN where Frank opened a dry goods store.


Louise (1882- ) (No information available)
Agnes F. (1883- ) (No information available)
Florance (1893- ) (No information available)
Margaret (1898- ) (No information avialable)

When Frank arrived in Morris, the town was just beginnig to grow due to the expansion of the Great Northern Railroad and the availability of relatively cheap farm land in vicinity. Morris was the last main stop en route to the newly establish Irish collonies of Clontarf, Donnelly and Graceville and served as a way station for newly arrived Irish immigrants in search of new home. Frank was able to capitalize on this new influx of activity and came to be a fairly prominant and well to due resident of the area. Frank however, died fairly young leaving his wife to raise four daughters, two of whom were under the age of 10. Agnes lived until 1922 and was buried with her husband in the catholic cemetary in Morris. No information is as yet available regarding the children of this marriage. One granddaughter is living in St. Paul at this time.

JOHN E. NEWELL (1846-1898) Son of Frank Newell & Winnefred Duffy
MARY A. DUNN (1857-1945) Dau.of Martin Dunn & Johanna Kennally

John was the youngest son of Frank and Winnifred and was born in Co. Galway a few years before his family came to America. He was still fairly young when he was brought to Minnesota and was living at home when his father died. He remained on the farm helping his mother and older brothers several years before moving to St. Paul some time in the early 1870s. It is not clear where he was living at the time of his marriage in 1876. There is not a lot of information available about his wife's backround. She appears to be the daughter of Martin and Johannah Dunn. it is thought that the Dunns lived for a time in Burnsville and are related to the Kenneally family. The only evidence currently available shows this family as living in St.Paul. In any event, John moved to St. Paul and he and his wife established a thriving business there.


Edward J. (1877-1940) Maude Hillwan (1912) Calvary Cem. St.Paul MN
Martin F. (1880-1930) Calvary Cem. St.Paul MN
Mary A. (1882-1940) Calvary Cem. St.Paul MN
Lauretta (1890-1976) Thomas F. Cummings ( ) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Frank T. (1893-1966) Lauretta Grace (1916) (Moved to Chicago )
Grace (1895-1921) Calvary Cem. St.Paul MN

There is not a lot of information currently available on John or his family. John died in 1906 and his wife lived on until 1945. Both are buried at Calvary Cemetary in St. Paul MN. John's wife was residing at 195 W University Ave. in 1921. The name Newell is not very common in St. Paul and it is assumed that Newell park near the fair grounds is named after John Newell. This has not been confirmed however.

JOHN P. NEWELL (1866- )
JULIA C. (1874- )


Mary E. (1898- )
Walter (1899- )

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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