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By Pat and Mary McQuillan

the mary mcquillan family

This is the story of  Mary McQuillan of County Fermanagh and her children and grandchildren as told by Pat and Mary McQuillan in the McQuillans of County Fermanagh: descendents of Mary McQuillan, 1790-1876  © 1973-2000. Used with permission. The book, available at the Minnesota Historical Society, describes Mary McQuillan and eight generations of her descendents in the United States.  For more information on this family, e-mail Pat McQuillan.

Mary and I began tracing the McQuillan family tree in about 1971. During that time, our search has brought us into contact with hundreds of relatives who have enriched our lives. Our original quest was to trace our family back to Ireland. This has met with limited success. Our second objective was to trace all of the descendents of the original family that came from Ireland. 

General Overview Of The Mary Mcquillan Family Tree 

Mary McQuillan came to America from County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland in approximately 1840.  She supposedly came with her husband whose name we assume was James.  We have found no records of any kind on him.  Mary brought with her 6 known children, five sons and one daughter.  She was 50 years old at the time of her arrival in America and her children's ages ranged from 6 to 22 years.  It is possible that, by the time she arrived, some of her children could have preceded her to America.  The earliest record we found was the naturalization record dated July 1844 when her son, John, made application for citizenship.  From 1845 to 1850 there are several land transactions recorded by members of the family.  In the 1850 census, all members of the family, except the eldest son James were living in or around Galena, Illinois.

It appears that this family came directly to the Galena area from Ireland rather than stopping on the east coast for a period of time like many of the early immigrants did.  Living in the Galena area, at this time, was another family of McQuillan's who were also from County Fermanagh which intimates a possible relationship.  There were many other families from County Fermanagh living in and around the Galena area at that time.  The chief occupations were working in the lead mines and farming.

By the year 1850, when the census was taken, Mary age 60, was living with her second eldest son, John age 25, and his wife, Margaret McAloon, age 24, and Mary's only daughter, Jane, age 18.  All lived in Vinegar Hills Township, just north of the town of Galena. The third eldest son, Patrick, was living in Council Hills Township at this time.  He was 25 in 1850 and was living with his young wife, Margaret McGuire, age 17.  The other two children, Bernard, age 21 and Philip F., age 16, were living in the town of Galena.  James the eldest, was missing from the census.  This Census was taken on November 18, 1850. 

All the first family were born in Northern Ireland and presumably in County Fermanagh.

Our Irish Connection 

One of our primary reasons for getting into genealogy was to find out where in Ireland our ancestors came from.  Our search started twenty years ago and as of today it continues. We know as much now as we did after our first six months of searching.  We know our came from County Fermanaugh in Northern Ireland.  County Fermanaugh is located in what is called the lake area of Ireland. It is not a good farming area as the land is very wet and marshy and must be drained in order to farm. Enniskillen  is the county capital and the county has the smallest population in Ireland, about 49,000.  When Ireland had 8 million people in 1840, County Fermanaugh then had only 60,000 people.

We did find that in 1840, when our ancestors left Ireland, there were only three families of McQuillans living in Fermanaugh.

One family lived up near Enniskillen and the other two lived near the town of Newtownbutler.  In 1975 we started to correspond with a Father Patrick McQuillan in the city of Derry, who was from Newtownbutler.  After a considerable amount of research, which led nowhere, we adopted each other as cousins.  Chances are about 30% that we really are related.  We have been to Ireland seven times and some of his family has visited us here in St.  Paul.

There are only two McQuillan families still living in Fermanaugh now, as many left the poor farms after World War II and went to southern Ireland, Belfast, England, Australia, and to the U.S..  Also, after the troubles started in 1969, Catholic s have not had much economic success in Northern Ireland. Only Father Pat's sister and cousin, Fergus McQuillan live in Newtownbutler.  Fergus is a retired teacher and runs a pub called "McQuillan's bar" and is also a county councilman.  Father Pat (in Ireland he is known as father Ignatius, his second name, or Iggy by his relatives) is now the retired president of St. Column’s college in the city of Derry. It is a school of 1500 students from ages 10 to 19.  One of the McQuillans from Newtownbutler via London visited St. Paul in May of 1991.  Alphonse (Alphie) and his wife, Anne, who now live in London spend ten days with the writer.  "Alphie” spells his last name McQuillen, even though his first cousin, Fergus, spells it McQuillan.

The origin of the McQuillan name

The origin of the McQuillan name is like every thing else that's Irish.  It is very confusing and difficult to pin down even the correct spelling.  Let's start first with the spelling.  The most common spelling is McQuillan.  But in 1850, our ancestors spelled it McQuillin and also McQuillen.  We have studied several lines of other McQuillans who spelled it McQuillen or McQuillin changing every generation to a different spelling.  When we were in Ireland, we talked to a very learned McQuillan (one of the few), Mr. Sean McQuillen, of Newbliss in County Monaghan, who has studied the McQuillan name. He said the multiple spellings were due to the suppression of the Catholics during Cromwell's time, 1690 to 1780, when the penal laws were in effect. These laws prohibited the Catholics from attending schools and this resulted In general illiteracy among the Catholics.  The result was that most names were misspelled.  Before 1690, when much of Irish history was written by the four masters, the McQuillan clan of Antrim is mentioned many times and most always spelled Mac Quillin.  Sean also said that many McQuillans ended up with the Mc dropped and just shortened to Quillan. He also said the McCullins and Cullins could also have been McQuillans.

Irish history books tell us the Mac Quillin name goes back to 1315 a.d.  when  the Mac Quillin clan lived and controlled over 1700 acres of land in the northwest corner of County Antrim between the towns of Coleraine and Ballycastle.  They were referred to as the "lords of the route," referring to the route to Scotland.  These original Mac Qullins were usually in a lot of trouble.  They were, like other Irish clans, in a constant state of conflict with their neighbors. Most of the time the MacQuillans were on the losing side. By 1520 their fortunes had gone from bad to worse.  They had control over the castle at Dunluce but soon lost that to the Mac Donnells and Mac Sweeneys.  By 1634, Roderick dhu Mac Quillin died and he was the last "lord of the route."  Dunluce castle is a national monument in Ireland and sits right on the cliffs on the northern coast of Ireland, a place, not to be missed by any McQuillan descendents traveling in Ireland.

After 1634, the clan had fallen apart and many drifted to the south near Belfast and Armagh.  Many retained the Catholic  faith and after the defeat 1690, the Catholics were stripped of all their land and many of Mac Quillins left the counties of Antrim and Armagh and went south to counties Tyrone, Fermanaugh, and Monaghan and down.  These were the penal times, when the spelling of the name became more corrupted and this was probably when our ancestor went to County Fermanaugh, about 1750.

What the history books say about the origin of McQuillan:

  1. "Mac Williams was corrupted into Mac Quillan which finally settled the family name of the adventurous sept of de Borgo."  ("An Irish Legend; or Mac Donnell and the Norman de Burgos" by Alexander M'sparrran, 1829  from the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, volume v,  page 57

  2. "Fitzhowlyn, Lord of Tuscare, which was the original Anglo-Norman name of the Mac Quillins"  (vol.1 page 42, 1853, Ulster Journal of Archaeology

  3. "the Welshmen, know here as the MacQuillins, were brought her by the Byssets from Scotland.” (Ulster Journal of Archaeology,  vol, 1 page 146, 1853.

  4. "the Mac Quillans came originally from Wales in the twelfth century and the name was Mac Lewillyns.”  (Connellan's Annals of the Four Masters

  5. "that the Mac Quillins came from the native Irish 'niall' of the nine hostages.  And later from the Princes of Ulidia and Dalriada in the twelfth to sixteenth century.”  Ulster Journal of Archaeology, vol. viii,   Robert S. Young, Culdaff Co. Donegal).

So there are many theories that Mac Quillins were English, Scottish, Welsh or Celts.  You can take your pick.

*More on the origin of McQuillan:  THE CLAN OF THE MACQUILLINS OF ANTRIM excerpted from The Quillen Family and their Kith and Kin by Adam Fitch Quillen. 

Other American McQuillans

By and large, nearly all the McQuillans in the United States are the offspring of the McQuillans of Northern Ireland. Most of the McQuillans who came from Ireland before 1840 were not Catholic and most of the those McQuillans who came after 1840 were Catholic . This applies to most all Northern Irish coming to America.  There are approximately 900 families of McQuillans living in the United States, or between 2000 to 2500 people.

The earliest family of McQuillans that we have found was one living in Pennsylvania as early as 1779. By 1830, there were many McQuillans in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and out as far as Ohio and Illinois. By 1850, they had spread all across the U.S. as far as California.  In 1985, there were 115 families living in the state of New York; in California 62 families; Pennsylvania 60; Massachusetts had 55, Michigan 45 and so on down the list.  Minnesota had 32,  and Wisconsin 29 families.  Remember these McQuillans are not all Mary McQuillan descendents.  So the name is neither common nor uncommon.

Mobility of the Mary McQuillan Family in America

Our research goes back to the register of deed books in Galena, Illinois with the earliest entries that contained the McQuillan names dating back to 1848.  These were for Patrick and John who purchased land in Jo Daviess County. In the 1850 census, all the family members were enumerated except James.  We have not been able to trace anything further back than that.  As to how they got to Galena, we haven’t found a clue. 

The movement of the family from their original roots in Galena, Illinois deserves some attention.

  • Philip F. (1834) was the first one of the family to leave.  In 1857, he came to St. Paul and built a very successful business in the wholesale groceries.  Only his daughter, Mollie, and son, Philip F. Jr. had children.  Mollie's descendents, the Fitzgerald’s, moved to the east and west coasts and their descendents still live on the east coast and in California and Oregon.

  • John (1821) was the next to leave Galena.  In May of 1865, he moved to a farm that is now in Apple Valley, a suburb of the Twin Cities. 

  • James F. (1854), whose descendents are, for the most part, still in the Twin Cities area. A few now reside in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Washington D.C., and Oregon.

  • John  (1855), like his brother James F.'s descendents, almost all live in the Twin Cities area. A few have moved to Washington, California, Wisconsin, Chicago, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and Florida.

  • Philip (1860), moved to Chippewa Falls, WI in 1893.  His descendents are scattered to the Chicago area, Helena, MT and in Georgia, Washington, Oregon and California, with only one left in Chippewa Falls. 

  • Peter  (1863),  moved to Ladysmith, WI in 1903 and has many, many descendents.  As a whole, most of them  have moved to eastern Wisconsin in the Green Bay, Appleton, Menasha, Shawano areas.  Some have drifted east to Pennsylvania and Georgia.

  • Patrick (1824) was the last family to leave Galena as a family group.  His daughter Anne left after her marriage in about 1887-8 to settle near Gilmore City Iowa.  Her descendents now live in the Fort Dodge and central Iowa area, with a few going to California and the Twin Cities and Chicago, Texas and South Carolina.  Patrick brought the rest of his family to St. Paul in 1889, after selling his farm. His descendents are almost all in the Twin Cities area.

  • Jane (1829), the only girl of the family, married Michael Callaghan and lived on the farm near Galena.  Her descendents still live on the farm and in Galena, and Dubuque, Iowa.  One of this family lives in Champaign, Illinois.

We do not have all the addresses of all the descendents, especially those of the "baby boomers,” who are much more mobile than us older folks.  But we do have about 80 %.  Of those 80%, we have 275 living in the Twin Cities area and another 10 in out-state  Minnesota.  Second is the state of Wisconsin with 192 descendents residing there, mostly in the Green Bay and Appleton areas. Other  states in order are CA. 50, IL. 36, VA. 21, IA. 19.  OR. 12, MI 11, FL. 11, PA. 10, WA. 10, less than ten in CO., DC, GA., OH., OK, KS., MD., MT., NE., NC, NM, NY, SC, TX., VT. - a total of 27 states.  Now we know we may have missed some people and some states, we apologize.

Demography of our McQuillans and Descendents

There are some interesting numerical facts about the Mary McQuillan descendents.  There have been 9 generations here in America, that is, counting Mary and her husband as the first generation and her children as the second generation, although they were all born in Ireland.

There has been a total of 1,065 descendents of which 510 have been males and 555 have been females (52.%) and 1920 descendents were living as of Jan. 1, 1999, which is 87.1%: 

Total # Eldest Youngest

Mary Mcquillan 1870

James McQuillan 1818  P. F. McQuillan 1834
James McQuillan 1851 Lois McQuillan Schweitzer 1878
Anna C. McQuillan 1879 David McQuillan  1907
Cecile McQuillan  1906 [Female] McQuillan 1946
[Male] Zabrowski 1932 [Female] Callahan 1982
[Female] Busse 1955  changing
[Male] Busse 1974  changing
[Male] Busse  1996 changing

The longest lived descendent is Lucille Mary McQuillan Kelly who is 100.1 as of 6/20/2000. 

Odds and Ends

Religion.  When our McQuillans came from Ireland, the whole clan was Catholic  and through the eight generations the majority of the descendents still remain Catholic.  The strange phenomenon is, out of 1063 descendents, there has been only one descendent who has gone into any religious order, and that is Father Dennis Patrick McNeilly, a Jesuit priest. 

War:  The only descendent who has been killed while serving in the military forces was Lawrence Norbert Stangel killed in Viet Nam 1968. 

Twins:  There have been 12 sets of twins born to McQuillan descendents


  • two McQuillan brothers married Murphy sisters 

  • two McQuillan sisters married Kelly brothers 

  • two McQuillan first cousins married Strom brothers

Special Thanks 

Special thanks to all of you who helped us put this book together.  Some who helped a little extra, we would like to mention here:
Anna McQuillan Soucheray  Betty McQuillan Schpak
John Ralph McQuillan Eleanor Lochray Mcneilly
Josephine Mary McQuillan Sandra Johnson Callahan
Elizabeth Nabberfield Courtney Sprague Vaughan
Loretta Kehl Lochray Patricia Sprague Reneau
Dorothy McQuillan Juaire Gretchen Verhyen Wangerin
Frances Rayfield Callahan Colleen McQuillan Noffke
Eileen Donohue Delong Joan Callahan Washburn
Mary Kloman Landeen Kathleen Cowley Pendroy
Catherine Cruise McQuillan       Mary True Dillenburg

first generation of
the mary mcquillan family 

#1. Mary McQuillan (Neason ? )

       Born:  in 1790 in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
        Died:  on February 5, 1876, at the age of 86, 
           at the farm of her son, John in Apple Valley, Minnesota
        Married:   James (?) McQuillan  born possibly  ca 1790 
        Died: some time before 1850.

The first generation consists of Mary and her husband who brought the family from Ireland.  Mary is obviously the hero, who braved the terror of crossing the ocean to America and coming inland to Illinois.  She endured the long cold winters and hot summers of the Minnesota plains.  She could neither read nor write, but she lived to the remarkable age of 86 years.  She instilled in her family the moral value of the Roman Catholic Church.  She is buried at the Highland Cemetery in Lakeville, Minnesota, which is located on Pilot Knob Road about one-quarter of a mile south of 160th Street West.  The grave has a three foot marker and is located in the middle of the cemetery at the top of the hill.  We assume her maiden name was Neason, because there was a John Neason  living with her and her son, John, in 1850.  John Neason also lived with her son Patrick in 1860 and he is mentioned in James' will as "uncle.”  This means he is either Mary's brother, (although he is 22 years younger) or was married to Mary's husband's sister.  He Is listed as a bachelor in the 1860 federal census.

Mary's six children were: 

  #2.  James McQuillan   1818-1863, Ireland
  #3.  John McQuillan    1821-1889, Ireland
  #4.  Patrick Edward McQuillan   1824-1897, Ireland
  #5.  Jane McQuillan   May 17, 1829-1874, Ireland
  #6.  Bernard McQuillan    1829-1859, Ireland
  #7.  Philip Francis McQuillan Sr.   April 4, 1834-1877, Ireland

second generation of
the mary mcquillan family 

#2. James McQuillan

       Born:  1818 In County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
       Died:  October 13 1863, At Age 45, Jo Daviess County, IL.

James was the son of  Mary Neason? McQuillan and ?James McQuillan. He was living with his brother Patrick, at the  time of his death.  James is one we know little of except that he lived most of the time with his brother Patrick on the farm in Elizabeth Township eight miles from Galena.  It is possible that James came from Ireland after the rest of the family, or that he was out west before coming to Galena.  James' will was the most important document we found in our research.  In James' will, he names all his brothers and sister by name which allowed us to put the entire family together.  James was evidently very sick at the time he wrote the will.  We assume James was never married. 

#3. John McQuillan

       Born: 1821 County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
        Died:  October 31, 1889, St. Paul, Minnesota, at age 67. 
            Buried in Highland Cemetery Lakeville, MN 
        Married:  Margaret McAloon  In 1850 In Galena, Illinois.
        Born:  1824, Ireland
        Died: October 31, 1881 in Apple Valley, Minnesota at age 57 years.

John , the son of Mary Neason? McQuillan and ?James McQuillan, came to this country sometime before 1844.  On July 23 of that year, he made application for citizenship.  John lived in Vinegar Hills Township, northwest of Galena, when he first arrived In America.  In 1856, he and his brother, Patrick bought adjacent farms in Elizabeth Township eight miles east of Galena.  He lived there until May, 1865 when he sold his farm to his brother, Patrick, and moved with his family and mother to Apple Valley, Minnesota.  His youngest brother Philip. F. was already living in St. Paul which could have been the reason he Decided to move to Minnesota. He owned 80 acres and the farm was quite hilly and much of it was wooded with a small pond near the farm house.  John raised eight children on a farm which provided them a very scant living.  John sold his farm to his son, John, in 1881 and continued to lived with him.  His son, John, sold the farm in 1887 and both John and his son moved to St. Paul.  John then lived with his sons,  Phillip and Peter, until his death in 1889.  John is interred next to his wife and mother in Highland Cemetery in Lakeville, Minnesota.  There were 8 children from this marriage. 

  #8.  Mary Jane McQuillan   1852-1914, Illinois
  #9.  James Francis McQuillan    April 12, 1854-1927, Illinois
  #10. John McQuillan     September 15, 1855-1926, Illinois
  #11. Alice A. McQuillan    April, 1859-1915, Illinois
  #12. Phillip Lewis McQuillan   December 25, 1861-1915, Illinois
  #13. Peter Marcus  McQuillan  November 25, 1863-1947, Illinois
  #14. Thomas McQuillan   1864-1877, Minnesota
  #15. Sarah McQuillan   1866-1876, Minnesota

4. Patrick McQuillan.

           Born:  In 1824 in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
           Died:  On the 18th Of April, 1897 In St. Paul, MN.
                           He was 73 years old when he died.
           Married: Margaret McGuire  In 1850.
                           Was 17 years old at the time of her marriage.
           Born:  1833, County Fermanagh, Ireland
           Died:  On March 5 1881 at age 47 in Galena. 
                           Buried In St. Michael's Cemetery In Galena.

Patrick is the son of Mary Neason? McQuillan and ?James McQuillan.Patrick worked in the lead mines as a smelter when he first came to America and lived in Council Hills Township north of Galena.  In 1856 he bought a farm in Elizabeth Township, next to his brother John.  When John went to Minnesota in 1865, Patrick purchased John's farm and raised 10 children on it, plus he raised a boy named John Dineen who was very much part of Patrick's family.  In 1889, after his wife's death, Patrick sold the farm and moved with six of his children to St. Paul, MN.  He continued to work as a salesman until the age of 73.  He lived with his three daughters, Mary, Augusta and Lois, until he died.  When Patrick died, his remains were returned to Galena, Illinois and he was buried with his wife in St. Michael's cemetery in Galena.

Patrick and Margaret's children:

   #16. James McQuillan    1851-1905 Illinois
   #17. Mary Ellen McQuillan    August 18, 1855-1919 Illinois
   #18. Anne Elizabeth McQuillan     November, 1858-1925 Illinois
   #18a. John Dineen  (Foster Son)    1860-1934 Illinois
   #19. Phillip Francis McQuillan    February 3, 1860-1925 Illinois
   #20. Jennie McQuillan    April 16, 1862-1868 Illinois
   #21. Aldia McQuillan     1865-1902 Illinois
   #22. Augusta Jennie McQuillan   December, 1867-1953 Illinois
   #23. Edward McQuillan    December 25, 1869-1872 Illinois
   #24. Alphonso Emmett McQuillan   March, 1872-1920 Illinois
   #25. Lois Margaret McQuillan    September 6, 1875-1940 Illinois

#5. Jane McQuillan

            Born: On May 17, 1829 In County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. 
                          (May have been Bernard’s twin.)
            Died:  On April 30, 1874 In Elizabeth Township, Jo Daviess County IL
                           at the age of 45.
            Married: Michael Callaghan on November 20, 1852 at the age of 23.
            Born:  May 12, 1829 In County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
            Died: March 28, 1912 in Galena, Illinois at age 82

Jane was the only daughter of Mary McQuillan and lived with her mother and brothers until she got married.  She and her husband lived in Galena for several years until they purchased a farm in Elizabeth Township, just a few miles from her two brothers’ farms. The marriage produced nine children. Six of the girls died between the ages of 19 and 28.  Jane contracted t.b. and died relatively young.  Michael lived a long life and retired in Galena.  Jane is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in Galena next to her husband.

 Jane And Michael's Children.

   #26. Ellen Josephine Callaghan                       August 24, 1853-1876 Illinois
   #27. Mary Jennie Raymond Callaghan             Dec. 28, 1856-1875 Illinois
   #28. Sarah Ann Callaghan                               March 18, 1858-1879 Illinois
   #29. Laura Genevive Callaghan                        June 16, 1859-1887 Illinois
   #30. Emma Sylvester Callaghan                       March 5, 1861-1883 Illinois
   #31. John Hart Callaghan                                 June 13, 1863-1939 Illinois
   #32. Frank Phillip Callaghan                             January 2, 1865-1934 Illinois
   #33. Elizabeth Laurette Callaghan                    April 19, 1868-1896 Illinois
   #34. Agnes Adelle Callaghan                           February 10, 1869-1924 Illinois

#6. Bernard McQuillan.

      Born:   1829 County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. From
                   what sketchy information we have, it appears
                   that Jane and Bernard may have been twins.
       Died:   June 6, 1859 Hastings, Minnesota at age 30. From
                   the newspaper report which makes him born in 1829.

Bernard, a son of Mary Neason? McQuillan and ?James McQuillan, spent his early youth working in a grocery store in Galena and he lived with his sister Jane and her husband in the early1850s.  He also lived with a Patrick McQuillan from the Apple River, Illinois McQuillan family.  He went to Minnesota in 1858 with Felix or William Mieghan and homesteaded a 160 acres of land in Carmimona Township, Fillmore County.  This was next to the Mieghan homestead. When he died, there were some conflicting newspaper accounts.  One report said he committed suicide in a fit of delirium tremors.  The other report said that he fell off a boat and died in the arms of a friend and relative.  It could be that he was coming or going to his younger brother, Philip’s wedding.  Bernard never married.

#7. Philip Francis McQuillan Sr.

       Born: April 4, 1834, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
        Died:  April 11, 1877 In St. Paul, MN.  At Age 44.
        Married: Louisa E. Allen  about 1859 In Galena, Illinois
        Born: January 13, 1841, In Galena, Illinois
        Died:  June 15, 1913 In St. Paul, Minn.  At Age 74

Philip F., the youngest son of Mary Neason? McQuillan and ?James McQuillan,  was the most successful of the first immigrant family.  He was on his own when he was 16 years old working in a clothing store in Galena from 1850 till 1857.  He then came to St. Paul, Minnesota, and started to work in a wholesale grocery firm.  In two years, he opened up his own wholesale firm and married his Galena sweetheart.  They raised eight children.  His business grew to be the largest grocery business in St. Paul.  He became ill and died at the early age of 44.  He was well respected for his honesty and integrity, and a strong supporter of the Catholic church. His wife, Louisa lived for 36 years after Philip’s death and raised her family of eight children.  Louisa was the daughter of Joseph and Catherine (Mahoney) Allen of Galena.  Her parents moved to St. Paul in 1866 and spent the rest of their lives here.  Philip and Louisa are buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul. 

Philip And Louisa's Children.

   #35. Mary "Mollie" McQuillan              1860-1936 St. Paul, MN.
   #36. Allen McQuillan                           1863-1940 St. Paul, MN.
   #37. Agnes Frances McQuillan             Sept.16, 1865-1866 St. Paul, MN.
   #38. Annabell McQuillan                      1866-1963 St. Paul, MN.
   #39. Clara McQuillan                           1868-1911 St. Paul, MN.
   #40. Josephine McQuillan                     June 30, 1871-1872 St. Paul, MN.
   #41. John F. McQuillan                        September 30, 1872-1874 St. Paul, MN.
   #42. Philip Francis McQuillan Jr.          May 30, 1877-1938  St. Paul, MN.

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 McQuillan surname list, 9 generations, 1790-2000

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