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john mccarthy &
mary murphy family

JOHN McCARTHY (1815- ) (Parents Unknown)
MARY MURPHY (1825-1885) (Parents Unknown)

Both John and his wife were born in Ireland and apparently came to this country some time in the 1850s. John and Mary were settled in Millersberg Kentucky by at least 1858 and possibly arrived earlier than this. The family moved to Minnesota some time in the early 1870s, purchasing a farm in Empire Twp. in Dakota Co. MN.


Ellen (1857- ) Charles Moriarty (1890) (No information available)
Charles (1858-1930) Margaret Grady (1890) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Catherine (1859- ) (No information available)
Timothy J.(1860-1929) St. Joseph's Rosemount
Dennis (1862-1932) Mary Sheridan (1897) Calvary Cem. Morris MN
Mary A. (1863-1898) Calvary Cem. Morris MN
Johannah (1865- ) John Boyle ?? (1891) (Moved to St. Paul MN ??)
Daniel (1868-1942) Calvary Cem. Morris MN

John's wife Mary died in 1885 and is buried in Hyland Cemetery in Lakeville MN. It is not known what happened to John after her death but he may have moved to the Morris MN area where a number of his children settled. The date of his death remains unknown.

CHARLES McCARTHY (1859-1930) Son of John McCarthy & Mary Murphy
MARGARET GRADY (1868-1934) Dau. of John Grady & ???

Charles was born in Millersberg Ky. were he spent the first ten years of his life. Some time in the early 1870s he moved to Dakota Co. Minnesota with his parents and lived on a farm in Empire Twp. He was married in 1890 and he and his wife took up a farm in nearby Rosemount Twp.


Carrie (1892- ) Gerald Yong ?? (No information available)
John F. (1893- ) (No information available)
Joseph R. (1895- ) (No information available)
Agnes (1897- ) J. W. Lawler ?? (Moved to Hastings MN ??)
Grace (1899- ) A. J. Doengas ?? (No information available)
Florence (1904- ) G. Thilgan (No information available)
Louis (1905-1981) Margaret ?? St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Harold C. (1906- ) (No information available)

Charles apparently remained in the area for most of his life. He and his wife are both buried at St. Joseph's church in Rosemount MN.

DENNIS McCARTHY (1862-1932) Son of John McCarthy & Mary Murphy
MARY SHERIDAN (1872-1910)  Dau. of John Sheridan & Mary Maloney

Dennis was born in Millersberg Kentucky and moved to Minnesota with his family. He was raised on a farm located in Empire Twp. in Dakota Co. Some time in the late 1800s Dennis moved to Stevens Co. MN and settled near Morris MN. It is not known where he and his wife were married.


Mary A. (1898- )
Daniel (1899- )
Ann (1901- )
John B. (1902- )

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