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the john mangan &
johannah murphy family 

JOHN MANGAN ( - ) (Parents Unknown)
JOHANNAH MURPHY (1813-1887) (Parents Unknown) 

Nothing is known about John and Johannah except their names and the fact that they are listed as the parents of Thomas Mangan. They were both born somewhere in Ireland and must have come to the United States with their children some time in the late 1840s but there are is no supporting evidence. No information is available regarding John (or possibly Michael ?) but there is some evidence that Johannah may have settled in Minnesota. 


Michael ( - ) (No information available)
Thomas (1835-1913) Marie Byrnes (1857) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN 
John (1838-1902) Honorah Noonan (1877) Calvary Cem. Morris MN 
Bridget (1847-1925) Edward Hyland (1861) St. Joseph's Cem. Rosemount 
Johannah (1852-1914) John Pendy (1872) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN 

It is not positively clear that all of these people were in fact direct children of John and Johannah. There is fairly clear evidence that Thomas and John were brothers and there is also some evidence to support that same relationship with regard to Johannah Pendy. The case for including Bridget Hyland is circumstantial, however, there were contemporary newspaper references that list the Hyland children and the Mangan children as cousins. If  Thomas is a brother of Johannah Pendy, than his mother and possibly his father would have been settled in St. Paul by the 1880s. A Margaret Mangan, wife of Michael died in 1887 and is buried in the Pendy family plot at Calvary cemetery in St. Paul. This Margaret is almost certainly Johannah Pendy's mother. It is not at all clear if this is the same person as Johannah Murphy listed mother of Thomas Mangan. There was also a death record for one Thomas Mangan listed for Rosemount in 1887. He is probably related but his place of burial cannot be located and no other information is at this time available regarding this individual. 

THOMAS MANGAN (1835-1913) Son of John Mangan & Johannah Murphy 
MARIA BYRNES (1838-1911) (Parents Unknown) 

Thomas settled on a farm in Empire Twp. 


John (1857-1873) Highland Cem. Lakeville MN 
Johannah (1859- ) John O'Connor (1881) (Moved to St. Paul MN) 
Ann (1861-1922) John Lowe (1882) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN 
            ??? Connelly ( ) 
Mary (1863-1912) James Cain (1885) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN 
Thomas J. (1865-1937) Mary Radican ( ) (St. Joseph's Rosemount ?) 
Patrick (1866-1942) Bridget Mullery (1907) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN 
Michael E.(1870- ) (No information available) 
Sarah (1872- ) John Ryan ( ) (No information available) 
Catherine (1874- ) Henry Byrnes (1901) (Moved to Montana ??) 
Ellen (1877-1917) John Delaney (1901) (Calvary Cem. St. Paul ??) 
William (1879-1915) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN 
John ( - ) (Moved to Morris MN ?) 

Some time before 1900 Thomas and Mary moved into St. Paul where they resided at 239 Smith Ave. The 1900 Census also lists a John L. Mangan aged 36 but no other record exists. There was a Mrs. John Mangan living in Butte in 1915. She may have been related to Mrs. Fred Ederstien (Ryan) of Rosemount and may have been related to this family. 

JOHN MANGAN (1840-1902) (Son of John Mangan & Johanna Murphy ?)
HONORAH NOONAN (1848-1934) (Parents Unknown) 

Very little information is known about John and Norah except that they both appear to have been born in Ireland and were married in St. Paul in 1877. John was apparently living in Dakota Co. at the time of this marriage and may have resided with the Thomas Mangan family. There is some evidence to suggest that this was a second marriage for John but this is not known for sure. No additional information is available on this family until about 1885 by which time they were located on a farm in Stevens Co. near Morris MN. 


Daniel (1878- ) (No information available) 
Charles (1879-1908) Calvary Cem. Morris MN 
Margaret (1879-1916) Edward Hanrahan (1900) (St. John's Burnsville MN ?) 
Mary (1881- ) (No information available) 
Johannah (1882- ) (No information available) 
Thomas (1884-1952) Calvary Cem. Morris MN 
Honorah (1887-1947) ??? O'Connor ( ) Calvary Cem. Morris MN 
Ellen (1889- ) (No information available) 
Ann (1892- ) (No information available) 
John (1894-1901) Calvary Cem. Morris MN 

John and Nora appear to have remained in the area until their respective deaths. They are both buried at Calvary Cem. in the town of Morris MN. They are known to be related to the Thomas Mangan family from the Rosemount area through visitation reports (local happenings) in the local Dakota Co. paper where they are listed as cousins. One of the daughters was married to Ed Hanrahan who was born in Burnsville MN and moved to Morris MN some time in the 1880s further demonstrating some kind of connection. 

THOMAS J. MANGAN (1865-1937)  Son of Thomas Mangan & Maria Byrnes

Thomas died in at Ancor Hospital on 12-19-1927. 

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at


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