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patrick mahoney &
mary mccarthy family

PATRICK MAHONEY (1823-1895) (Parents Unknown)
MARY McCARTHY (1826-1910) (Parents Unknown)

Both Patrick and his wife Mary were born somewhere in Ireland but there have as yet been no records to indicate what part of Ireland they came from or where they were married. The first information is that by 1847 they were already married and living in Jamestown Virginia. They appear to have remained in Virginia until 1854 when the came west to Minnesota. One of their children is thought to have died during this trip. Upon their arrival in St. Paul, Patrick looked at settling land located on Ramsey Hill Bluff overlooking the city. Because water was not easily available in this area he decided against this property and instead moved to out to Dakota Co. in the spring of 1855. He ended up settling 160 acres in section 6 of Lakeville Twp. near Crystal Lake.


??? (1847-1854) (died on the prairie ??)
Cornelius (1848- ) Ann Donahue (1873) (Moved to St. Paul ??)
Michael (1850-1931) Margaret Diffley (1877) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Mary A. (1855-1956) James Luby (1879) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
             Patrick Fallan (1908)?
William (1856-1898) Ellen Dawson (1882) All Saints Lakeville MN
Catherine (1858- ) James Gardner (1886) (No information available)
Ellen (1860-1888) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Julia (1865-1945) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Johannah (1865- ) (No information available)
John (1867-1900) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Charles (1868- ) Ada Hurth (1905) (No information available)

Some time in the 1870s Patrick turned the original homestead over to his eldest sons and moved the rest of his family to another farm Empire Twp. Patrick died in 1895 and was buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Rosemount. Shortly after this, Mary moved to St. Paul where she apparently remained until her death in 1910. She was also buried at Rosemount with her husband.

CORNELIUS MAHONEY (1848- ) Son of Patrick Mahoney & Mary McCarthy
ANN DONAHUE (1857-1900)

Very little information is available regarding Cornelius and his family. He was apparently born in Virginia and came west with his family. There is however no record of him ever living in Dakota Co. and only sketchy records of him living in St. Paul. He was married at St. Paul in 1873 but else is known. His wife's background is also unknown at this time.

Patrick (1873-1949) Mary Rowan (1898) Resurrection Cem. Mendota
Margaret (1876- ) George Linnell ?(1897) (No information available)
Mary (1878- ) Christopher Hasslaue ?(1904) ( S. St. Paul 1920)
Ellen (1882- ) William Brady ?(1908) (No information available)
John (1885- ) (No information available)
Cornelius (1888- ) (S. St. Paul 1920)
Thomas (1891- ) (No information available)
Bartley (1893- ) (No information available)
Ann (1900 ) ?? ( S. St. Paul 1920)

Ann appears to have died in 1900. At the time of her death, the family was residing on E. Congress Street on St. Paul's west side. She was survived by her husband. In 1920 some of their children were residing at 209 11th Ave in South St. Paul.

MICHAEL MAHONEY (1850-1931) Son of Patrick Mahoney & Mary McCarthy
MARGARET DIFFLEY (1851-1913) Dau. of William Diffley & Kate Corcoran


James F. (1878- ) Elizabeth Murphy (1904) (Moved to St. Paul ??)
John (1879-1944) Margaret McQuestion (1907) All Saints Lakeville MN
William (1881-1954) Mary Quigley (1907) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Joseph (1883-1917) All Saints Lakeville MN
Charles F. (1885-1959) All Saints Lakeville MN
Catherine (1886-1971) ??? Johnson ( ) All Saints Lakeville MN
Agnes M. (1888-1980) William Green (1913) All Saints Lakeville MN
Margaret (1890- ) A. J. LeMay ?? (No information available)
Michael (1891-1954) All Saints Lakeville MN
Julia (1893-1977) George Donnelly ( ) All Saints Lakeville MN
Thomas (1895-1944) ?? (All Saints Lakeville ??)

WILLIAM MAHONEY (1856-1898) Son of Patrick Mahoney & Mary McCarthy
ELLEN DAWSON (1867-1942) Dau. of James Dawson & Johanna McMullen

William was born in Virginia shortly before his parents left for Minnesota. He was raised on the family farm in Dakota Co. and operated the original family homestead in Lakeville after his father moved to a new farm in Empire Twp. William was married in 1882 to the daughter of another early settler of a near by farm in Lakeville.


Mary (1882-1925) Matthew O'Rourke (1903) Calvary Cem. Lakeville MN
Patrick (1884-1964) All Saints Lakeville MN
Johannah (1885-1952) Robert F. Murphy (1906) All Saints Lakeville MN
Elizabeth (1887-1978) All Saints Lakeville MN
James W. (1889-1925) Edith Franski ??? ( ) All Saints Lakeville MN
Julia D. (1891-1969) All Saints Lakeville MN
Thomas (1892-1944)? (No information available)
Emma (1895- ) Peter Stratzel ( ) (No information available)
Margaret (1898-1976) All Saints Lakeville MN

William died relatively young leaving his wife to raise a large family. he was buried at All Saints church in Lakeville. His wife may have moved into St. Paul where some of here children are known to have been married. Their daughter Emma may have been married to a Mr. T. Harry Scott instead of P Stratzel.

PATRICK MAHONEY (1873-1949) Son of Cornelius Mahoney & Ann Donahue
MARY A. ROWAN (1877-1957) Dau. of William Rowan & Mary Breslin

Patrick appears to have been born March 5, 1874 in St. Paul. He moved to Inver Grove sometime after his marriage. He was engaged in farming. His wife supposedly born in Worthfield MN on Aug 4. 1977


Frank V. (1900-1983) (Unknown) ( ) National Cem. Ft. Snelling
            Jane J. Adams ( )
Ann M. (1902-1989) Edwin Bauer (1924) Resurrection Cem. Mendota
William J.(1904-1980) Rose Blaeser (1930) Resurrection Cem. Mendota
Agnes E. (1905-1986) (St. Joseph's Nun ) (1926)
Mary A. (1906-1972) Clyde Morgan (1930) Resurrection Cem. Mendota
Joseph (1908-1908)
Henry J. (1909-1960) Julia M. Dellwo (1942) Resurrection Cem. Mendota
Veronica G (1911- ) (St. Joseph's Nun) (1933)
Patrick H. (1912-1980) Helen Lothenbach (1941) Resurrection Cem. Mendota
Lawrence (1916-1916)

Patrick died Aug. 25, 1949 in and was buried at Resurrection Cemetery. He was residing at an address on Oakland Ave South St. Paul at the time of his death. Mary died in S. St. Paul on July 29, 1957.

FRANK V. MAHONEY (1900-1983) Son of Patrick Mahoney & Mary Rowan
????? ( )


Elizabeth J. (1927-1980)
Donalee A. (1933- ) James Murray (1950)
Robert J. (1940- ) Gloria Reihm (1962)
Corrine F. (1941- ) Lawrence Kroyes (1959)
Gloria J. (1946- ) Dennis Thompson (1971)

WILLIAM J. MAHONEY (1903-1980) Son of Patrick Mahoney & Mary Rowan
ROSE BLAESER (1907- ) Dau. of William Blaeser & Barbara Tauscheck


Richard J. (1931- ) (Priest) (1958)
Joan P. (1935- ) Frank Pilney (1963)
William J. (1937- ) Patricia Maddan (1963)
Rosemary (1933- ) Robert J. Meyers (1978)

HENRY J. MAHONEY (1908-1960) Son of Patrick Mahoney & Mary Rowan
JULIA M. DELLWO (1914- ) Dau. of James Dellwo & Maggy Carroll


Robert J. (1943- ) Patricia Stadt (1965)
Terrance J (1948- ) Mary Vanderhosh (1976)

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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