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john lenihan &
mary lynch family

JOHN LENIHAN (1812-1881) (Parents Unknown)
MARY LYNCH (1826-1880) (Parents Unknown)

John Lenihan was born somewhere in County Kerry Ireland. It is not known when he came to this country or where he resided prior to his arrival in Minnesota. It is not known when or where John was married. Nothing is known about his wife except that she was also born in Co. Kerry Ireland. She appears to have been related to Timothy Lynch who settled in Lakeville. John apparently had a nephew named Thomas Lynch. John and Mary were known to have arrived in Minnesota some time prior to 1855 and sometime in the mid 1850s the moved to Dakota County where they made a claim of 160 acres in Lakeville Twp.


Bridget M. (1855- ) Michael Roach ? (1875) (St. Paul ??)
Malachi J. (1857-1935) Catherine Derham (1881) All Saints Lakeville MN
Peter (1859 )
John (1861- )
Thomas ? (1864- )
Elizabeth (1864- )
Ellen (1866- )

Sometime in the early 1870s John and his family moved to another farm in section 17 of Empire Twp. where John and Mary remained until their deaths. Both John and Mary are buried in Highland cemetery in Lakeville Minnesota. Their daughter Bridget married Michael Roach and moved into St. Paul. Michael apparently died in 1888 and it is not clear what happened to Bridget after this date.

MALACHI J. LENIHAN (1857-1935) Son of John Lenihan & Mary Lynch

Malachi was born and raised in on his father's farm in Lakeville Twp. and later moved with his family to Empire Twp. Malachi was educated in Lakeville and went on to graduate from St.Paul Collage. After working for a time in notions store in St. Paul he moved to Benson MN where spent nine months in a general merchandise store. In 1880 Malachi returned to the town of Lakeville where he purchased a general store in partnership with Pat Donovan. He was married soon afterward in 1881. He built a new store in 1886 and again in 1900. He also operated a creamery in town from about 1896.


Frank W. (1885-1947) All Saints Lakeville MN
John L. (1893-1988) Josephine P. ( ) All Saints Lakeville MN
James M. (1899-1973) All Saints Lakeville MN
Mary V ( - ) James. C. Fitzgerald (1913) (St. Paul 1915)
(son) ( - )

Malachi eventually became the sole owner of his business and remained in Lakeville most of his life. He also founded the Lakeville Creamery Co.  Both Malachi and his wife are buried in the cemetery of All Saints church in Lakeville Minnesota. Malachi is said to have had a cousin named John Sullivan who was a attorney in Minneapolis and who may have died in 1889.

JOHN L. LENIHAN (1893-1988) Son of  Malachi J. & Catherine Durham

John was born in Lakeville 8-10-1893


Florence ( ) John McHugh
Mary ( ) Milan McCarthy

By 1958 John was living in Edina Minnesota. He died 2-17-1988.

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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