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the hogan family

THOMAS (1827-1907) Bridget Ryan (1854) St. Peter's Mendota MN
WILLIAM ( - ) Honorah O'Brien ( ) (No information available)

The information included above is uncertain at best. It is thought that Thomas is related to the William and Honorah here noted. This is only because of vague references in early records and there is at this time no hard evidence to support this. William is nonetheless included here in order to provide a lead for further investigation. Nothing is known about William and his wife at this time.

THOMAS HOGAN (1827-1907) (Parents Unknown)
BRIDGET RYAN (1833-1904) Dau. of John Ryan & Mary ???

Thomas is thought to have been born somewhere in Queens County Ireland. He came to the United States in 1848 and worked as a blacksmith in the East prior to his arrival in Minnesota. He was married in Cleveland Ohio in 1854, presumably on his way west. By 1855, he was located in St. Paul MN where he remained until the fall of 1856 when he moved to Dakota County and homesteaded a farm in section 14 of Lebanon Twp. He and his wife may have come to the area with Mary's family. Her parents appear to have also settled a farm in Lebanon Twp. Some time in 1854. By 1860 Thomas moved to another farm in section 27 of Lebanon Twp. were he raised his family. Thomas held several township positions over the years and became a prominent personality in the area.


James (1856-1913) Theresa Gollon (1884) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Mary (1859-1943) John Coffey (1880) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Michael D. (1860-1912) Margaret Farrell (1879) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
            Mary Mullery (1882)
Bridget (1862-1914) Charles Rielly (1886) Calvary Cem. St. Paul MN
Thomas (1864- ) Sarah Kelly (1893) (Moved to Minneapolis ?)
Ellen (1867-1888) St. Peter's Mendota MN
William (1870- ) (No information available)

Thomas and Mary spent most of their lives on the family homestead in Lebanon Twp. They were still living on the farm at the time of their deaths and are both buried at St. Peter's cemetery in Mendota. Ellen died while attending School at Notre Dame of Lourdes in Rochester MN.

JAMES HOGAN (1856-1913) Son of Thomas Hogan & Mary Ryan
THERESA GOLLON (1863- ) Dau. of Frank Gollon & Margaret Greenville


Margaret (1884- )
Thomas (1885- )
James (1887- )

MICHAEL HOGAN (1860-1912) Son of Thomas Hogan & Mary Ryan
MARGARET FARRELL ( -1880) Dau. of Michael Farrell & Catherine Day


Michael (1880-1880) (Highland Cem. Lakeville ?)

MICHAEL HOGAN (1860-1912) Son of Thomas Hogan & Mary Ryan
MARY MULLERY (1861-1927) Dau. of Pat Mullery & Winnifred Finnerty


Mary (1883-1956) Joseph Kelly (1908) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Joseph P. (1884-1924) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
William F. (1886-1975) Mary Walsh ( ) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
John (1890-1890) ??? Sauber ? ( ) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Michael C. (1991-1980) Mary Nilan ( ) St. Joseph's Miesville MN
Irene (1993-1947) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN
Winnefred (1896-1961) St. Joseph's Rosemount MN

Mary resided on the farm in Lebanon until 1923 when she moved to St. Paul. She was residing at 1410 James Ave in St. Paul when she did in Sept 7, 1927.

THOMAS HOGAN (1864- ) Son of Thomas Hogan & Mary Ryan
SARAH KELLY (1869- ) Dau. of Patrick Kelly & Mary McGrath


Arthur F. (1896- )

WILLIAM F. HOGAN (1886-1975) Son of Michael Hogan & Mary Mullery


Gerald (1918- )
Francis W. (1913- ) Frances Cole (1942) ( married in California)
baby ?? (1916-1916)
Robert E. (1920- ) Genevieve Higgins (1951)
William (1927-1927) ?

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of March 1999. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of those buried at the Highland Cemetery. For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at

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