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john o. gorman & mary quealy family
of dakota and otter tail counties

JOHN O. GORMAN (1817-1882) (Parents Unknown)    
MARY QUEALY (1825-1883) (Parents Unknown)

John and Mary were both natives of Ireland. They were married 25 August 1851 at St. Joseph's Church in Albany, New York per the East Otter Tail County History v.1 (1977). Sons Michael and Daniel were born in Pennsylvania before the family came to Minnesota in about 1856 and settled in Eagan Township. Mary appears to have been either a sister or cousin of Patrick Quealy.  John seems to have been a brother or cousin of Michael, Patrick, Mary and Margaret Gorman Quealy.

A biography for John and Mary's grandson, Willie Murphy, states ". . . John Gorman and Mary Qualy Gorman, who came with a colony from Ireland to southern Minnesota, from there six families moved by ox team to Ottertail County, Minnesota, in 1850-1860. Gorman Township, Ottertail County, was named for John Gorman."


Michael (1853- ) Sarah
Daniel L. (1855- ) Katherine
John (1857- ) (Not listed after 1860)
Catherine (1858- ) Thomas Murphy 1875 (Otter Tail Co.)
Mary (1860- ) (Gorman Twp., Otter Tail Co. 1880)
Margaret  Agnes (1862-1931) marr Michael Durkin (1859-1943) St. Henry's, Perham
David R. (1864-1932)  marr Katherine Bridgeman (1891) St. Henry's, Perham
Richard (1868- ) St. Paul 1910?

In the 1870 census, Catherine seems to be visiting the Catherine Quealy Hoy family in St. Anthony, Minnesota. Visitors to the Patrick Quealy farm included

John O., Michael and Walter Gorman are recorded as founders of Gorman Township, Otter Tail County where John served as the first township commissioner in 1873.   Daughter Catherine and Thomas Murphy farmed in adjacent Hobart Township and moved to North Dakota around 1890.  John O. Gorman and Mary Quealy are buried at St. Henry's in Perham, Minnesota.

John and his sons gave their name as O'Gorman and this was changed in the records to Gorman or with middle initial O. Gorman.  The family was using the name Gorman by the 20th Century.  Early records indicate that John's name was John T. O'Gorman.

Baptism records for children John and Mary

MICHAEL GORMAN (1853 - ) Son of John O. Gorman and Mary Quealy  top
SARAH (1862-1902?) (Parents Unknown) Lake Sybil Cemetery

Michael was born in Pennsylvania and spent his childhood in Eagan.  As a young man, he accompanied his family to Perham, MN.  Michael and his family lived on a farm in Hobart Township, next to Gorman Township, Otter Tail County.


Minnie ( - May 1898)
Leonard (November 1882 - )
Charlotte Amelia (Abt. October 1886 - April 1889) Lake Sybil Cemetery
Agnes G (April 1888 - )
David Raymond (July 1890 - )
Frank (July 1893 - )
Richard (September 1898 - )

Leonard, was born in Montana and and David, was born in Canada or Washington.  In 1898, the Perham Bulletin reported that Michael Gorman had moved to Duluth but the family was in Hobart Township in 1900 when the census was taken. Michael possibly died in 1908 and is buried at the Lake Sybil Cemetery in Ottertail County.  Frank Gorman, 1893-1917, is also listed as a burial  at Lake Sybil Cemetery.

DANIEL L. GORMAN (1854 - ) Son of John O. Gorman and Mary Quealy
KATHARINE (1859 - ) (Parents Unknown)

Like his brother Michael, Daniel was born in Pennsylvania, spent his childhood in Eagan, and migrated to Otter Tail County as a young man.  Daniel and Catherine farmed in Gorman Township until 1907 when Daniel became a rural mail carrier.  In 1907, the couple moved to Perham Township and by 1920, they were living in Perham Village.


Eugene Richard (1880 - ) marr Pearl Ida (1906)
Raymond  (1884- 1976) marr Francis Grace McGraw (1878-1986)
Margaret (1884 - ) married Brandel (Portland,Oregon 1932)
Bernadine (1887 -  1929) (Portland, Oregon 1929)
Boy Gorman (1888 -  Bef. 1900)
Blanche (1895 -  1932) (Portland Oregon 1932)
Daniel Monroe (1898 - ) (Vancouver BC 1932)
Luella (-1932) marr L.J. Sperry

Blanche and Luella tragically died in a gas explosion in April 1932 in Winnipeg. Daniel's obituary published in The Perham Enterprise,  9 Sept 1932 stated: " Mr. Gorman is survived by his wife, three sons and one daughter. The children are Gene Gorman of St. Paul, Mrs. Tolis Brandel of Portland, Ore., Ray Gorman of Wabasha, Minn., and Monroe Gorman of Van Couver, B. C." Daniel is buried at St. Henry's in Perham, Minnesota.

Baptism record for Daniel

CATHERINE GORMAN (1858-1893) Dau of John O. Gorman and Mary Quealy
THOMAS MURPHY  (b 1845 in County Mayo, Ireland)

According to Willie Murphy's biography, "Thomas M. Murphy was born in County Mayo Ireland, November 10, 1845, and came to Long Island, New York with his brother in 1861. An elder sister had migrated in 1852 making her home with an uncle in Indiana. Thomas and John traveled to Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and to Ottertail County, Minnesota, September 1870. Thomas Murphy and Katherine Gorman were married November 5, 1875, they farmed near Frazee, Minnesota. Mr. Murphy worked with the railroad construction crews building the N. P. Railroad.


Marge  (1876-1876) Gorman Township, Ottertail County, Minnesota
William (1879-1940) marr Anna Bertha Riedman (1882-1936)
John (1881 -)
Henry Thomas (1882-1941)  marr Edwina M. (1881-)
Maria G. (1884 -).
Michael Bernard (1886-)
David P. (1888-1890) buried Sacred Heart Cemetery, Potter Township
Emma E. (1891 - 1893) buried Sacred Heart Cemetery, Potter Township
Agnes E. (1892-1893) buried Sacred Heart Cemetery, Potter Township
Richard (1893-1893) buried Sacred Heart Cemetery, Potter Township

Marge and William were born in Minnesota and the other children are believed to have been born in Amenia or Barnes County, North Dakota.   In 1881 the family moved to Amenia, Cass County, North Dakota, and in 1883 to Sanborn, North Dakota."  Catherine is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Potter Township, Barnes, North Dakota.

Baptism record for Catherine

MARGARET AGNES GORMAN (1862-1931) John O. Gorman and Mary Quealy
MICHAEL DURKIN (1859-1943) born England

Michael Durkin was a founder and early postmaster of Luce Village in Otter Tail County where the Durkins operated the general store for several years.  By 1920, the family had moved to Perham.  Margaret and Michael are buried at St. Henry's in Perham, Minnesota.

Grace (1882-1959) marr Matthias J. Smithlin (1878 -1941)
Mary Irene (1884 -1930 ) marr. James Parnell Jones
Blanche (1886 -1968 ) marr (1920) Byron Hompe (-1926) Son of John B. Hompe & Ella E. Nottingham
Georgiana (1888-)
Ralph (1890-)
Catherine (1893 -)
James (1904- ) marr Dorothy M. Schneider

Grace and her husband, Matthias J. Smithlin,  had at least four children and moved to 1920; he was a telegraph operator.  For more on Smithlin, see the Peter Reff Family Tree by Lisa Cordero.  In 1917, Ralph Durkin was in Belgrade, Montana. In 1929, Blanche and Georgia were living in southeast Minneapolis.   On 17 November 1932, the Perham Enterprise reported "Perham friends have received announcements of the marriage of James Durkin, former Perham boy, to Miss Dorothy M. Schneider at Hardin, Montana, on November 10th."

DAVID R. GORMAN (1864 - 1932) Son of John O. Gorman and Mary Quealy
KATHERINE BRIDGEMAN (1867 - 1903) (Parents Unknown)


Richard H. (1892 - 1937) buried Sawtelle National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
Isabel (1894 -1964) Brown (  ) buried Resurrection Cemetery, Mendota
David Arthur (1895 - 1964) buried Sawtelle National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
Catherine (1897 - )
Almira (1898 - 1909)
William J. (1900-1972) buried Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery, KS
John T.
(1900 - 1988?) Lois Louise Souter (Hominy, OK 1977)

David was born in Dakota County and moved to Otter Tail County as a child.  His biography states that he attended school in Rosemount, Minnesota.  By 1889, David was in Tacoma, Washington.  He married Katherine Bridgeman, a native of County Clare Ireland,  in Perham and the young couple returned to "the Pacific Coast" for a few years.  David Arthur Gorman was born in Canada or Washington. The family returned to the Gorman Township farm where David was visited by William Gorman in 1898.  In 1900, the family lived in Minneapolis.    They were living in the Merriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul when Katherine died in 1903. She an David were buried at St. Henry's in Perham. In 1903, David R. Gorman is listed as operating a hotel at 1938 West University in St. Paul.  A bookkeeper  residing at the hotel was "Lula Gorman."

See the David R. Gorman biography and Katie Bridgemen Gorman's obituary.

EUGENE RICHARD GORMAN Son of Daniel L. Gorman & Katherine
PEARL IDA Dau of ??? and Blum


Katherine G. (1907- )
Neil? C. (Abt 1912-)
Irene M. (Abt 1915-)

Katherine was born in Minnesota and the other children were born in Wisconsin.  Eugene worked for a railroad as an engineer and later as a superintendant. For more on Katherine G., see Popp Family Gedcom by Teri Popp.

RAYMOND GORMAN (1884-1976) Son of Daniel L. Gorman & Katherine

Rosemary Katherine Gorman (1915 -1997 ) marr Franklin Spidell (1909-1970)
Blanch Gorman (1927-1928)
Daniel Raymond Gorman (1926-1993)

Raymond was a U.S. postal employee working on trains.  Raymond and Francis lived in Wabasha, Wabasha County, Minnesota.  Daughter Rosemary and her husband, Franklin Spidell, lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For more informaton, see Sajdak - Van Der Wal Family - a gedcom by Ken Sadjak

WILLIAM MURPHY (1879-1940) Son of Catherine Gorman & Thomas Murphy
ANNA BERTHA RIEMAN (1882-1936) Dau of Frederick Riedman and Sophie

Maria (1905-) in North Dakota
Margaret (1906-1914)
Gordon (1913-)
James (1915-)
Frederick "Fred"  (1916-)
Thomas Michael (1916 -1990) (Los Angeles County, California 1990)

See the William "Willie" Murphy biography.  William, Anna , and daughter Margaret are buried at Fairview Cemetery, Sanborn, Barnes, North Dakota.

HENRY THOMAS MURPHY (1882-1941) Son of Catherine Gorman & Thomas Murphy
EDWINA M. - b: 1881 in Wisconsin


Child  (Thomas?) (Aft. 1905 - Bef. 1910)
Mary V. (1908- )
Catherine G. (1916-)

Henry was an insurance agent in Bismarck, ND.  He is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Bismarck  

This family file contains the research notes of Mr. Kevin Geraghty as of 1999  with additional information provided by Shawne FitzGerald.    Special thanks to Karen, Pam Jeans and Shirley Spidell. Mr. Geraghty is researching the families and descendants of the Dakota County Irish.  For more information or to contribute to Mr. Geraghty's research, please send him e-mail at kgerag @

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